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Full text of "Memories of gospel triumphs among the Jews during the Victorian era"

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■n mumn nw irrijni. 

Hit Qod's Ifir* ttt tbv ^ tlhi iAiIe a^a. 

Aim iltm iliutidiai VAOWiIi^ In Uir rTnuAtv f 


A^ llio LaHaciDTc of ttioAc who jli'o bijjiuvil 
iu HUUiuii i^ uiwpflakiilily firmt 4.'itlim' 
for poTKl nr for ovil, w« uri»li it wbts (Kwdblo 
for Her UAJcaty to Hay to tho Lordii nnd 
fSoaUnncn cf tbo Ooxoxnonn : — 

" It IK my h«iLrt*[i dwirH uiid ^ifajer tuf^oJ* 
thni the i>1oae of tay r^igu mn) 1« «»1«1irAM 

Jtwh and C^ciitile nouls; that lill &y 
Okmliju) riul>}M^|j>, luvi hM otlier CliriHttniiM 

Our CAi-iic*t i1n«in> m Utai l^iiitinit^ 
iKroughuNt tlic t'nttnl Ki&j>ilo(D und liU 
oth*r fctiuK mjolj bnn^tlttTAUivof tli« Jaw 
tivin lh<< Ixii^k^ouncl to ttio ficct : tl^M l.icy 
woulil ptfuwit r^f^ in that loving tlti^igbtA 
uaUprHjrvrfutvQbrtH; llmLtlic.v huuM iuMTtibc) 
limn r,hMr Jiiinfii»rt, '' We «re not ^inrnM 
ol tho <>c»i|Xkl of t liriftt* fur it iii lh« pov«r of 
Cod unto wiNfttbn to Tiic Jnvt nntn ^nd 
ivIm lo tlti> (rm»k>" We lUluk t/aiU woviM l>e 

II, II, IT. 

Kvimvtl flmij|ikA[r>n fur tha hhIiiaM J«vi; 

Ai;(l— nrili unminilhil nf |hi> fi*<]it»c «tin»ii. 

Gal vOU HL" ixijtl IW1- ii|iuTi eutb'* tbchurt llutmnf * 

throtifdicitit th«A wrrlil, vmild bogiEi from nr'W 
io UB6 ihil tlic muknv in their ]«wi>r tn lud 
tb«J0tt>< %o<'nUIST, for HUmK forth f4i' 
i>vB nk«>^ for our tn^v, imd for Ihr wnHirH 
itvfcft, inuuDUch lu tlioj nro to bo tlio liofioun^ 
ilvitniinoutd in iIk liand of tho Divitki> S|>iHD 
{n briniiii^ nil ^I'lwtif iuuUu?iidoiu iiitu clii* 
^r«at FnChn-V KiTigdMii, in ord«<r t^jLl Hit 
wiJlt whkih w lifElkl ftnJ ^tiieh ui bi-j-t« nmy 
he itoc on vuih a» it i* 'lone in Hraren.** 

jk in*>miirhl worthy of l-'hivtmw in 0<rcv7 
put of our (jcl*»bt* anJ of UritAiaV iiobl*»t 
»i>vrroit;;u n uM^iiimul tlint would x'ittiir 
ii|ciTi hvv Vimv liko ihn morning ntfir u]hiii 
tlxo foTv|i«i^f of th(* sky, Ihe pl«lj*e (^ 

bri;>HtcQiiij(, lironi]<iniui: dn j ; ii luemoi'ial 
ibnE wuiiM liDhi^d tbn (?inii»^ ^tf the i^lori' 
(1US JiiH^t'f] rif A ra^4nnraic>d und ivjoldng 

^^^^ ^ 



'-X \^( 


A^^S \ H 



^^^^^^^^^^k ~~^^^^^^^^^ 





^C 1 

■ 1 





Memories of Gosi'el Tkiumfhs 




sscjutTAftv OF mt. bHnisH socm-rv m>h the jtwi ami* ijhtor or rut jsi^nu N£XAi.ik 

^itb 250 portraits an& 3U net rations. 




lOHN SNOW & Ca* 9. ivr Laxi. PAteftHOsnai Kov, 

■ »94- 

•.J { ■< " . 




Friends <>r the British Society fim the Jews, 


TniA JritlLEE YOLrilE 




Tu OUR Heavenly Father, 






Fim Tkaee. 


IN Bending forth this Jubilee Tolume we have to ezpreas our regret that its publication 
has been so long del&yed, on the ODe bBud through illae«8 and abaorhiug secretarial 
And editcoial dutiee, and on the other hand, from causes which it was not in our power to 

We are aony also that for want of apace wo have been obliged to give portrait* of 
preachen and missionaries without sketches, and crush out articles and illustrations 
enough to fill a volume equal in size to this, Tben» once more, the Uvea and labours of 
such representatives of the Society as the Revs. John Gill, M.D., Josiah Miller, M.A., 
Robert Grant Brown, Principal McAll, &c. ; and such spiritual E4ons as the Rev. 
Abraham Ben Oliel, and hb brother, the Rev. Maxwell Ben Ottel, Dr. Bchulhof, 
Dr. Benzion, Mr. J. B, I^aarus, Mr. C. D. Joseph, of Jerusalem, and the Revs. 
John Wilkinson, and James Adler, of the Hildmay Mi^on, would take more than 
one volume to do them justice ; and yet we have only been able to insert a brief account 
of the work of the last two named. 

Many year« ago Mr. Wilkinson wrote to the office for copieu of the Annual Reports, 
JtwUk Heralds, lectures, sermons, Ac., which the Society had published, A parcel of 
these was sent to htm in due oourse, which he studied diligently, and afterwards, in his 
own way, reproduced in the discharge of hLs difficult iind important double task as the 
Society's able and earnest Missionary and Deputation. The Ji^bilee volume contains 
some fine specimens ot these erirly liter,»ry products of the Society ; it also includes many 
striking incidents of Jewish conversion, and all (he telling arguments in favour of Jewish 
Missions. In fulfilling our task as editor^ om^ aim has been for (he glory of God and the 
good of His people I^rai^l, to make the book an impressive and inspiring record of the 
Brttbh Society's Jewish Mission work ; and we entertain the conviction that we have 
succeeded. The book proves that the London and British Societies are the illustrioua 
mothers of modem Missions to Israel. In a word, our Jubilee volume is a storehouse of 
interesting and instructive facts and figures, arguments and illustrations, adapted alike to the 
aged and the young, which unmistakably show that the work of Jewish evangelization during 
the last 50 years has been ho rich in spiritual results that it deserves and demands from 
the members of the C-hristiiLn Church a million-fold more support than it has yet i-ecetved. 

Again, in perusing tlie book, we would affectionately ask all our ipaders to bear in 
mind, and carry along with them to the end, the following important considerations : — 

(1.) That the golden sheaves pi^ent^ in it are only a few taken from ten 
thousand reaped by our faithful missionaries in our home and foreign fields during the 
past half-century. 

(3.) Not long ago, an eminent adentiat stated that *^ Two-thirdH of the vAja emitted 
by the aun fail to ai-oaae in the eye the sense of vision. The rays exist, but the visual 
organs requisite for their trenslation into light do not exiet^ And so from tliis region of 
darkness and mystery wbioh Bnrroand» us rays may now be darting which require but the 
development of the proper intellectual organs to translate them into knowledge, as 
far Burpaseing ours lu ours aurpaaaee that of the wallowing reptilei^ which once held 
poeaeesion of this planet." Even w> it should not be forgotten that the results of our 
woi^ are necessarily far more concealed than revealed. Sir Humphrey Davy, when 
oomplimented on the discoverice he had made, sud, " Yes, I have miade many dt^coveiieii, 
but the greatest discovery I ever made was Michael Faraday." &o, too, what a discovery 
Barnabas made when he found Saul of Tarsus, the Jew ; and what a signiiicant act was 
his when he took him by the hand and spoke a good word on his behalf ! Buch ho^ been, 
and such is, the mission of the British Society. Even now there may be trophies of the 
Society about to show themselves \ men fiUed with an irrestrainable enthusiasm for Christ 
and BoulS| men all aglow with the white heat of Christian love and Chriritian conved'ation, 
men like lUbinowitz and Lichtenstein who, as tools in the Lord's basket, are handle 
upward — ready to Kta hand — for the accomplishment of wonders of grace unprecedented 
in the history of the Church, for the realization of — 

"Soenea nirpaHiDg fable, and jet true ! — 
ScfiDM of AAcompliihad bliu, which who cui *e«. 
Though but m diituit proapect, and not fael 
Hii Boul nEmhed with fantutc of the jof 1 " 

(3.) Astronomers inform us that the heavenly bodies, with moon revolving round 
planet, and planet round aun, in obedience to some mighty cosmical force, are all moving 
forward century by century, in one direction, to a deSnite point in apace. Even so, the 
speculations of philosophy, the discoveries of science, the achievements of art, the march 
of armies^ the preservation of the Jews amid unspeakable persecutions, the pmpagation of 
the Gospel among them, these and similar events, under Divine propultiions, consciotisly 
or unconsciously, to the agents themselves, are all moving forwai'd to a fiied period, 
even the time when every one of the prophecies concerning Israel's glor\' and joy 
shaU be fulfilled. 

The unparalleled sufleringa of the D^it"Dff "The Ancient P<<iple," litei^ly, " 7V« 
Et^Ha^ing People" have a bright as well as a dark side- The stars of faith and hope 
have never entirely set in Israel's sky ; and they have always burned brightly in the deep, 
dreadful night of persecution. The darker the night of sorrow grew> the brighter the 
promised stars shone through. So will it be till, with lessening ray, they uj^her in 
millennial day> 

" There are times,^'aaid Benjamin Franklin, ^' when an artist can scarcely distinguish 
between a ri^ng and a setting sun." Happily, this is not our position in regard to 
Ohristianity. Tho^c who are best acquainted with its progress among Israers sons and 
daughters are firmly pereoaded that Christianity is not a setting but a rising sun, and 
that solely on account of this, there is a golden future for them, and through them for the 
world. Nothing can be more certain than that which ia past. Jufit as sure, then, as the 
events which happened yesterday, the supreme mission of the Jewish nation, namely, the 

Prefab. xflL 

erangelixatioTi of humanity, will be realized by and by, through faith in a crucified, living, 
loving, coming Chriat. If it be absolutely oertain that the children of Israel have 
experienced Aufiennge ineTpreeeibly aevere, it ib no leea certain that they will sing for joy 
the " song of Moaee and the Lamb " on Uount Zion, and all the nations round about will 
sing with them. 

Let us then liHten to all the voices in Holy Scripture^ and from the variona Mission 
Fields, at home and abroad, summoning us to gi^eater sympathy, prayerful ness, liberality, 
and exertion ; telling us, as with trumpet tongue, that the reasons for maintaining and 
extending the operationa of the British Society never before were so strong as they are at 
the present moment ; that it is our solemn duty, and our unspeakable privilege, to increase 
the number of our mtEtdonary staff, inaemuch as thereby we shall be helping to bring 
nearer the period "when Israel shall blossom and hud and fill the face of the world 
with fruit." 

(4.) In finot it is our growing conviction that the time will soon come when we shall 
Bee the plants and trees, the flowers and fi-uits of our beloved Society in the full sweetnees 
and perfection, the unspeakable grandeurs and glories of tho eternal aiunmer made by the 
presence of Jesus in the Qelds of Heaven. 

Man's life here is like a nun-drap upon the bought among ten thousand of its 
epai-kliug kindred; any moment it may fall and disappc'nr. tfuildcn us the coming of a 
flhower, as tbe twinkling of an eye, att our splendid opportunities may be gone for ever. 
Whnt i& done for Jew^ and €!enttlev{ by cnch of uh should be done c^uickly and with both 
hondSf earnestly. 

For your own soke, then, dear readers — for Israel's sake —for the world's sflke — ^above 
all for Christ's sake, who died for i»4 all, do somethijig at onoej pray^ give, work, and 
thereby you will hasten the advent of His day and share in its indescribable beauty 
brii^htnees and bliss— 

*M*at 'tf llw Jark. th* cirx'linR Hphrn? 
|h romuliiag unwaril tu thu tight ; 
We Hw uDt yL't the full day bore, 
Hut wu do BBB tho {Kkling night. 
Apd iiojie that lights bur fjb1cl«Ha firw, 
And faith, that rihiri«H a heavenly will, 
And luvQ, tbntcuunge re-inki^Tbd, 
'Hmo htu-B bavfl been ib^fre lu atjll. 
lAok backwuti, bow much has been vnn ! 
1,00k roundT how much ii yet to win f 
The wutcbcfl of the night are done ; 
The watches of the 6m.j bcfin-" 


9e, C-itRAT RuuELii AnuEET, Smvtar^ tmd EdttoT. 

BLOoHftBiritt :4u[7jinB, LonDOif, W.C, 

vintolsoriheIews,and Signs 
otlhe ConiiDg "SDininer." 


>f i^J^i^ 

-p 'tc'D 03*? inp 

DPH n^i'T'' inov n'^*?;/'^ 
-cj pi ;rpn 211? ^3 

^0 ^:?o DS*? inpi 

DnK 0"*;;"^ nnov n^*7;n 
*DJ 1D1 :ppn nnp o 

:nn2S Kin anp-^D 

-7M1 n:Kni i:3iDpn 
iffHD : rtiz-n ^^y 

iy^n 2np ^D DDi'Dia 

joHh XV. I. TDl^n *2K1 



»»>CrerV-Tl.f Snmrt> ™ »unJj^ 

Ojfi*I~>-'Ut]i<iKFii lit AJ<'Ai4Ji K:iinily, 
■ikI Ihifl Iaii-iI* ^uiii-f^r— TtiiT Mavtlnjc 

«nllcb irT Lto wiuaiuu— Tlic: rnnj' 
il*vt> AdilrvH -Thd 'l<xrTt4>j'ji Ac- 
mmrt of ihti *Mini\i"i£ '»< tlk« E^ocivtja 
ttid Aufbuiikry o( attj jran gruiil 
vurL— AililntAH hf Ur. >'>mliiiil[i, |>r, 

WltlUu Wklt^u CWK-^f NtwY^jik— 
L«tict fnox iJf. Kdir^^cjJ Letlct* frvm 


SKiUlOlf 3T MR. lUCllKOE ... 

inr, IMBI-K 15 JAroiir* WBtL ... 

A>U»i:w IluNA»£ 


HjoLKv iE>:iL^'iit:rjL 


rfR, iiniD>:K thk British 

ANi» I»HS KKSl>h;iW'iN AND 

i^i;SKJEAr SKi'ltl^TAUV-llriol 
SU'^I* bj Kin llji't>i<:T. Il?v. \V C. 
V'M^^T^Ai .iftfxv] fur iL*^ Ji-wii vLii.'h 

Uttt far IS:*— A NaliJiilri i^T ^ 
^HTfCtfj'a Lrttdfe -Tvo LflUiiri ta 
Ik* ToUJC i^U'^E iu ihi^ KilM'tr ttf 
t^ JittuX lir^d, ^'ti WhAt tu* bf«ii 

9^foiimUiy « „, 

Mhilftrr. kt.- A 7Si#oirii«t .■! hi* 
Ltirt' lA ItlLiIf «.< iIjc^ I=LrtfijJ. ^lk^l*^J 

tkJD u' J<4tbl>'^^i\ij ftljiliihl fruLii Ilia 
Kwh, *Tfc» Noff -T-^i-uiiHt fl-wi"— 
!%» OMIIDliltM'a lia>o|iiCi(4l <4 &Jia- 
|«Uj^ wtlb Mrw. S<iiig*<j(i rhr OAautun 
«l htf HvtatiFfi liHth Hipi tTEinat- 
Ukv Ut*, Itie B«T7t i.f Kiji HiKMB tn 







l^-() rKOMISHST SEaUBft^ OF 
iHAtnbiir, IXD, 

•taf< -A Uit Fvnodm --- ,.« .». 

lV^.-. (hr Klrat, T'n-iiirT on t^utf of tlifl 

KEV. FHANriS At'OlTSTfrt OiX, 
r),D-, IJ. n,. nn "ThfF .Vntioriiil ChanC' 

IW.V. THOMAS AlK'UBti. A,U„ D.D., 

on "IhtS i>U]rL'r-URI i>C ll» J<W1 " ^. 

"Thif PTfBBa Cimliiij-ii "f Om Jc*i" 

RCV. J. C- BritNS. A.M,, V.V^. w 

th* -law* ' 

RKV. JOHX UARHia IJ.I>., on "TTw 
Gliipry whjflb will rMinin-l li Gail tcvrm 
III' Cfvinmiunirl Ihe J>m'^ „. 

Htfubw* cit OmiLJiiNttv, ... -» 

."^lOXAltlRS ^ ri.i Umv. K ruijtj- 

SuUtt^'a Il*liiii4 niriiidtu FlAynr 
ruiuii. ^nimbxl in \i^4Si It Mr- Htr 
lulaflll jinil Mr. I'iuvIiI^^h Mr> PatvIa/ii 
ii*Hii Anth'T — A« tbr l'ri»L'T|ial M Iha 
Siirl'tyV .U'WivU Miui^ui Ccjljatti'- 'A> 
VcaitiD^ hur'p<<riiirr<ri4tt'iii nf tbn Midii>u 
8tabiLiii4 llii TnUuii'ni« Ui SlimiuU' 
aii« at Hume uiU Abrvwl A* Mw- 
■iooAnr Id Vica]ji4— Tyi-icuL iium^ 
frum liii Juiirtitl— ^A iU^iutrkAbl* Fftc-^ 
-^AtlhHSiijvnnr^iirleikl '4 lb it FSnfwlf'it 
tlomc At l^ytvD — HLh Uoath Uupd Uiv 
iiitUuuii'jjUl DUi'v <■' ilfii Oiuvcniait 
at Jkw$. {2.) Hr, |fti:'» K\rnTAU, 
MAOchjBttr— Uw 6p4 RffrU hniltioo- 
nmmt Tb* Mlory of lFb> Lir* r^^^A 

ni rtiiiirnt*— Tb* IJf^, Cuiirtnu'in ouJ 
B*plijra ul li, -Thrrv TypimJ Fitrt^t* 
ffuQj Mr- Nft|j|juL~> J<>iiTfuti--l1b r>v 

|iartTi[c^ a^il ^a .,. -^> ... ..* 

(lK!fRRAL I>IiS(:Rri1T)V OK THK 


RKT. PHILIP JAFFft-HU wrly lUf— 
LhI tij liiit Eiigtawl— Martini! »itli 


>SV— 112 





two ChHettnn lodieB— Converi^d vbcn 
reading the Now TvHtameiit— Kngigwl 
u iL MuiuiiDBry — In the Society *hC^II^ 
— Siirfinbcig. bin rrin^'iisU JdittHLMiL 
Field — CnHH uf CuaTetHiun i A Jew 
ConTcrted tiroiigli u L-wt Bible — A 
Jew^H ConvendDiif l^cnwcutiim kiiJ 
jdwugiiitioti — Mr, Jnflij'b triiiuipbuut 
l>epBrturc 'JOl— 208 

Briti«li Suciety tJio Mutticr of tho 
N»:^herljin'! t'ocitty — IjOtfern from Dr. 
CH|Ad<««— liitrrcirtin^ Iiu'uliiitt rvJiit'vl 
liy Ur. CipwloBe 209—211 


OF A JfcW 211—214 

HAKT.— Ku Jewish hi id Ucutitu 
IXncuDt — Hill M(im:i^^aiii] Motto— Hia 
Fir«t uul Lurt. SuTvictM fur tho Si>ciety 
— £1,0U0 the r««ult of h\A lut 
OWtr— His ChrifltL-in Oath-ilidty—Hi* 
Ijtbuura un liehnlf <'[ O^ntromv^i Jcwh 
ikiid OcntL^eH-^- Hiri ^uililui JUnvMi ,iiul 
DofttL — RvtuEiiirti-euLUi of Sir CulUo}; 
K*n1]ey» by A. J. Anmld, Eni\., Uiq 
OeDOTftl bi^uTctHry of thv KvRU^elicHl 



THE Hun. and rev. UAPTIST KUEL 
— HiH coiiiiTXtion witlj tlii^ llritiHli 
HiKiuty- NotiM iif bin AiUlrvHrt at the 
Tenth Ad iiuaI Meetmi^ 2:f3^!I26 

REV. W. M. RUNT[Ni!, Ibe HritiiJi 
Souiuty'n Thi]-*! lEun. Siroititftry — His 
EnHy iJjtyB Jiml diiwi'siitii — I'ht kind- 
iiHwuf TliDinnH F4Ui]Li:r--Mr. lAiiutiii(r'A 
Holne and MiiiL&try in ILwknt-j^A 
Ftirtiuit of bim fu ;\ JUikIpI llnirer — Hi^ 
t^ecrvtariiLl Cunlieiii^n witli tlio Kvmi- 
geiii.-ul Alluinw and thu Kritidh Si>ci(.-ty 
— His ]'"yv fTf Uiiujb Aniuinlri — Hin 
WlI and Llurnifur— ][ir« T'l'ih-vEiil I>ep&r- 
tiire — HLi Fatbur, 1 It. JilU-k Itunluig, H 
Mtmlfr oi i 'ipniinittAi' — Tbitc Kxtr^urtK 
fromMr. lluHiiiigW !'«etk!fll WmtIih ... 220—231 

THOMAS FAHWriU. l'>|,-lliH Rinh 
and Biiyltoikl— In llw Kiitbrr'n Frk-tury 
— His !*fc<Uhl Hirlh- lliw t'hri^tinn 
Activity— Tliy hjlitofn Tribntu— Mr. 
FHTmufH InUn'etft hi tbo UritiAh SoLiirty 
— Hbi Lut I>«y>i *nd DoHth JIJl— 235 

JEWIf<H HERALD— Kt^y. lliiJumi 
Alhutt, l.L.l>.— Earijc^tA of Hik Futni-e 
Con-tr -Cu-pMHtur— l*iwt'>r in Lnuibcth 
—In tho I'nifiw-*T'« t'liiiir' -Tho Sit- 
viiie bt^ ivuilirrvil thi; SudiFty bh 
I'nachar, TutiJi', nrid K<1l1<>t of the 
Jrirhh /ii-rrfiti — Rtiii«mH wby wc nbnuUI 
Svfik fuT the l'untf<.<niJMn of the Jcwa ^.^ 2^ — 210 

— Mr. Viney'H Inter**! in (he Httcjeiy^ 
(^otiing iJAHHSgefl of hift IiAetitTU ott 
"The *'hftnu--tmfltJ™ of tbe Juwinh 
WtTiHl" -Hifl Letter i*> tin* Editor c"i&' 
tainijig Touching Heferen™* to Two 
Vuung JtttHH E|iAtdD uut Hovhon — 

Mr. HCTfthon'fl Lottw to Mr. VUwy — 
t^hetch <if Ur. ]lenh^pa'4 IJfv and 
Labour*— Hia Rirlb^ PhreutiiCtf, mnd 
t'ini Home — A Wiindurur ond Penni- 
Ie« on bin Way to Jeroiulbm — Aix 
vuimplv of real BiX'thiTboud — In 
iteyrouU Ji^niHAlem^ and Lunduu— A 
UnkbT of TvAh for MiAUunarieii and 
Miiiintifrn-^HLrt '* Tn»:yiuiv* of the Tal- 
mud"— Tbo Tidinud under the Figun- 
of A UridL>— The TeEa)ilL> Ilmtniyi:<L iimd 
Foxes walking on YSi'U, rc:i«mii Ut 
Rejiucring — Mr. Hpndiriu'tf peaceful 
Uei^irtun; ^41— 240 

REV. HENRY AlJ.ON,n.D,—(>fKciidly 
f»nDect«l with tlie Sfjtiety froin 1846, 
until hiH iloiith in 181^:^— His powerful 
and toutliing Apiieil to the Jew*< ... aJP — 263 

REV. JOHN ALDIS'-On UioLi*tof Uio 
Bocii-tyV (lf1ic«rv .'w KiT]y an 1S46 - Hiri 
Sl«uch lit tho Nincti!untlL Annn^ 
Meutiiig, lirld in Ai-n\, 18^2— Two 
Tuucbinf; Leltc™ wntten by Hini Ui 
the ijecretary in 1^02-^ 2ri4 ^ 267 

I>R. <.:01XVER— Ah a jiruTnlHinf; Sindent 
uul a itui;{:in^Ful M!tnAt4.«t— EtiH (jift 
of Forty-tfliB Hyninji ti* Uie Kuiiety — 
IliTii: ot tbt-niitri M fidr Sam]ih- <if ibc 
Tolk-ution. .I.\MP>; MoNT^oMKRV, 
Cbrittinn .hnnnali'-t, aiHl Poet — 11 IM 
(.'itnvrr^iim--HL' >>tiiiiflli' "\ Hi"i«-'lf — 
HiH jtreH4'Ut i-f Four llvtiinr*- 1 Hitd in 
bi" Sl«qi, on tW Wtih ■>{ Ai-ril, l^fhl .,. 257—261 

- Rt:\. Ilf. Siuitli, "f Foptar -R»"v, 
KK-b^d HaniJLiou. LL.r>., D.n.. ..f 
Invi'flv— Ri'v. .fminv Hamilton, M-A.^ "f 
R^'oiit S^inori'. London 2C2- -■2ft4 

JOHNLKIFrniLn, IkD.— Th.-tnnnns 
|)uint»< in Hiw Sfiiiitual Hihlory^Hia 
Laiit ])ayH llirt Karly Inli-renl in thi; 
SiK:iety--HiB Sjio^ib'at the F-nrlh 
Annuid Mvetm^'r,, 2*54—271 

FOB THE YOTFKO— Till" Prayi^r c>f a 
Hi'lir<-w Riiy wh<i l>'i-.iiiu' a MiHi'innary 
u\ th,- ToiliKh S-NiH,s, iswl ... .., 371 

ARIES. {}.\ Rov'-U. !■'. SinwAHT^— 
HiH Laic >n It iu l^»ttenlaiii— Tbn« 
lnl4in!<<ling Caiusri — TouL'bin^ lnfi<lenta 
of Ormv«rri]iiii in and lli-ewien, 
{2.) Mr. iXniKH'fl Ci'nvi»rBion — Hio 
laboiire anccebiful &t Hitmv and AhTiia<i 
— In LyonH-InlcTCMtiuB Cn^- of h ivn- 
vert«<l Inlidel — In MarM^iliisn* be wa* 
tbe nieniiK L»f iL'julinK niiuiy tn riinel, 
«nd aimmg tlii-ni th^ Auut.uf Sir .Mohf* 
Montdii'rc -'Hw r^t-iry -i Her life jtro' 
|mrt<I liy 11" f'tf ]>uft]iratv»n nt Mr. 
(?itlii*ji'ic itHiuHHt — Two Ulern tn Her 
N<i>how— Thv prrfaoiT t^i Upr Will. 
(5.) Mr. WiM.rAw Mannimi, Miiwioiniry 
in I'oleetine, iJi47— Ilia Sitdrty- Mmt 
Fridtfl in Palentine— I'Qinting out to ft 
RahUi the ^mly way i-f Peiiw—A 
Jew in JmfpA 1«l to l.^riat— Chriniian 
convcnHti'mBwit]iaR>»i in quiet 4|>iitH 



kn*\wit CLiiit lo Jovt In klm TKouii- 
luEi*- Liiiny Mitl HurUuc ili Uu 

OunumiH— AMdi-Hit bcjtLiii in Uo/' 

NfOAt tl<tll WlV^ll ^"l[cl*— W*inut**li 
,W*«lu1 liiqtilrrr* <li>nnff hud jrutr 

3fi«diiu ftff iha ftnt tiitiA ymr% i-i \U 
«lU#hin- 271^-401 

l>r. Bwiwll, Dr. ^^OAm. uid Dr. 
Arvtiv , -. BCl-^[)7 

A PISABLE F0& T9E TOITNO ... 8O7-900 

— tUv- K E. <^J(ir*n*[L, i»f Wtirtomiwig, 

Bb lUrth uiil «rl> Tninint;— Cnnfvit^ 
Ufftutvr* -Jib Uvnwo Hia MniHioji 

Omvirt— Pt^*a O^Muu to .stqLT^fiLit 

—A Bnvw TvUD£ J<jm«*— bK^<l«nu of 
JifvUi Oomnzv^au— TtvliiJionUil i« Hi. 

OiiUim |irBViii<-Motii Si>iniuftl l1il[> 
dmof tM H[Hri<¥if A l)/4Lf uh! IliJititi 
Jtfviiti VWvil?— Tbicv liitru^u fruiD 
LbUil J4>uii4nl-'llu TAbojIijl DiMUij- 

J H. n*d, 111* 4'oUi|>iLbJ.iD iu LaWu-,.. 100-^^ 

Vb'iLLUH UtliWHlEl;- tlu t'M'ty li<Aur- 

of katf i'^fviilii— J 'kUmu I'V'iJijil Vp'ubI^ 
lE^ U^viiHljr <BLihk*L Fnvikfurt, Kb 

1a«I UtftfL iV ) ^Ir. J4UEA ltiiL3- 

na -III* Hirtj MU— t%rtii»w»iiiii unl 
lUpUfliu— lliD nkMiurL iij IW4 ^1- 
tnLfrf Ui» ktbJ im'iuiUK'LiLry B*LAtiUih»1 

T\w*it}'-i*in" V*»r(--Mijir Cmivflrt*— 
A SUkkinj; [mttFiovnif I r|niki-<»<iii1nli»t, 
iZ^) KtfT- Jauki Louiri -Bom Iq tlii 
AoofHt OjiinttJ <if T jIjuhI — l>iiiicl«J t^r 
Bl^^uHt'-'Tlieu id (.^UriH— Tbw, *lUr 
A gwceiirfb] Coun* of TnkingaUiv 
»v^if'*Cv\l^^. HBi u* Nortb AirU 
^KU Wuk ill Al^mM— At tli^^ KiuniHc 
in tlb» Pui< KiliiliitiHiii in \Kii^, viypt 
hovllttjflxitnl :il>00^ SfM TmtftDip.'tiCf 

— An (Jnilk*!) iHi'l » Kiiptiw A Mi* 
^sxor/ MiuUni Ell till* Fi' ri'iiity^K l^*]^[0 
— A nniiitMir »l Um riaiEEYJk— If^nriiiff 
ihACUici^-'ThiilMwijf ft Hiili] lAhlLUir 
tu did v^M'EUXIg (J ■i^luul.Ai:^ M'hL^U 

to Pngnr-Hk L«i Di.p-11»> i^4MMi 
Uui it u t— Pr. Uhmt m'v Sdnuuent I Tb« 
DoBoanHfB liitliTtiUun vtd Hui[ilUl, 


MS »eo 

ul hv <'4iwr V ft WwlfTKfe Hudalin- ... 

fOE TBS rVna-Mi. tUrU^^'i A4 
itrwoa iLc Jtw* ... ... 

n^ TRZ t01TltO-H.j» biddfllitB or 

l'ijuviUKuiu--Tbn Ci'iivvniuB uid DhUi 
of « O&nitiKD JffWti A J-wi*h l^j 
4!!!aimrt«d by » Iilti,« B-x * OoJlwtor 
furtiv Swintj ■ A HtffjrpwOtUtd lavtog 
JtMU* — C<qiV4^rBiuu fciid <;hrulljui t^war 
'if Mr, Hi^nnum 1J«b«MD ioil Bjtt, 
IiAuliiif 1-liwUi 351—^; 


Wpi^^htLEiiiiiH Jnlm Hkot^, M[j» Hi=«d* 
hiMMT-t Dnviil EiSWin, Jtiliii Bi]j>->Ei. Jt 
Mill q] HI Fit -if tlifr X^Hwk AuxUUrjfi w 
uHlBhr<lm lllfiO ^, IA7, aU 

— It-v, Wiinani Anliiit, M A.— Rnv. 
lUdl^ UfnKjbrll— Itutf. lUi^ Vr'nnJ' 
kw, au ;iW"m 

l\ J'ltK MI-SSUlX riCI.Il— (I.I Itov 
JaitJi Wiuunius, LoiLiion » iVo 
iutiinsUug Cvta — A Juh Ayityg in 

ExtruU ftxroi hit Jfliinulit - flu p^mL 
Wvk: TUa Mutonh Tbv Mwormk 
•dat t> Vlnnnfc hj « <ju<vn'* Mnttoa^ 
[PT^Mr, SalkiiKiu'* i-i PiKiH^iimi wlih 

O.} K«>. Iu^Li &uraik>» — SkrUh 
uThU Lifv— iliH ffalim VenuLsaf fJw 
" ^liilorimptj- td tb« PW of HiJirirtioli " 
^HU'L>ouiAtioit «i "I'^n^im I>mI" 
MbfeilDikuyliiVtiniU' HLitHtbrfvNaV 

TwUiuvrit imiAiwl §ar, unl Itm tiiii 'il, 

FliMl Sun'tojcii cf it Hvt V> tL« Sfctt- 
titry Tkc fivcroUrjr'i «iiM<Wul rlf*iit 
IQ bcurv itH Publimliijb -T«titrM>nM 
1.1 it> Worth— Hr™-JBiu«.AJi«r,iiflJi* 
MiMlnoj MlidnD. rmn .if Mr ftclkil^ 
■uqV ^|iifIiLul CbUdno, yL) 11^, BL 
I^Uvu^A^floUrtiiJUiifniiH Ilia Joih-imI* 
AuA LvUtFa-Hu K>irl^ 1^, Counr- 
v<fo. atu\ LtA^Mt* b ft Uwdoiuiy — 
Mji«riuioii* uf Cafiv«moii* .,. ,,. .iSS'^LflO 


uiiToisaa , ... svd. a«i 

CUJS!Jl!:oft"rilK JITRJI.ICI^ ^, .., l#l— 4<HJ 

MilRRPaAtKltW.VM'KlH-'OltlaJtABL Wl 

ftB, FIIHHT AXt> rilLJFi:»*.iB VA 
liOTTA Ur- FfltfL* !U|-li.Ui Thr 
J^VJiy Af tb<' Ciift .J Ji Hluliiuj; t^ n (-wr 

CLUg Jvs --Twn liLt'itLhTiM ffo'u Mr. 
lAiA't Jffiirad ... -. 4dl— MS 

DB. UCKBnaraTtl. 3i*t>u^ U tU«l«r. 

RC?. B, r. JACOUt. MIB4. axu KTHH 
JAI.H>Bt, KuiiinlfBTg — HtvaL tnmt 
rfoli^l* Mill M W Qiri*i— Tor U* 




Yinuig: Touching llehth-bed of a 
Hebrew Christian Chilli 
GKEKN— (.Intiiif the Sociut^'s Hi^ritiuil 
ftmm in Victuria — A StJ«cunan uf hia 

KKV. H. PHILIP, M-D.. D.D„ fgrmflrly 
Hsdical Mianfmuy iu Pn]«Btiuar niul 
ihvii Id Italy— ^rvLKK and Sewing 
Clueeii in the GhetW of Kume— f or 
tk»TMuag: A Jewijihgirlin lh«Ohfltti* 
who YaA founil Ji^hiih— JewH unit 
JewMMB in tho Ghetto c<'nF«wiLg their 
Ime to Chriat — A Jowimh dying oa nhe 
beld the hand uf Dr. PLihiv-Hia own 
DBporture »> .. ->> 

MR. NEUMANN, formerl J the tiiastet of a 
luge Bchiid] in the DuiuhiAti ProvineeHf 
afterwarrU and atill n, faithful Kinionarj 
in Hamburg — A SpvcLiaen of hia 
methiril : C'Unversatiiin with a Jnw un 
thti Incatnatiun — A Uoul Winner 


DR. k MllS. ZUC'KKRKANUL. Hu-t- 
chuk; KEV.L. &Hl{8.R0SKNJtKBQ, 
Adrianuple .» ■-- ... >'■ 

Hib Life and Work — liiterutting Anec 
dote^Hla Laat Wurdn ... ^ 

fonaerlj a auccfttaful MinHJanary iu 
Botuahany, RmiiuaniA, nftt^rh'uilH uml 
now in Lnudcm ... 

REV. LEON ZUCKER, Mimuonnry m 


TDA THX YOUlfO Tite Stnry -.,( tlie 

WiTkuniouK firjihJinrt. M*'it — A young 

Converts grKiteHt tml ... 

WICZ» Drts-lcii MR. E, WKTSH, 
Pre«bui7(; REV. tl A. SCH(»N- 
ViflDlHL ... ,H 

Tnanf^Poeiu : Thu ha^ipy DnLth vf 

MRS. FRlEDltERflER, Hirmiiigbam ; 
HESSKL LEVINSOHN, Mauchi'Mtt^r,., 

FIRST INMATKB— The Death of Mr. 
Phih'pKin, aged 0G 

CALTHROr, M.A., tJio Friend and 
Sjiiritujil Teacher of the iDmateii 

rOE TEE YOnSO— The Ktory uf tJie 
Fallen Leaf 



405, 10G 

407, 40S 


420, 431 
421— 4M4 


U*, 42& 

i2tj, 127 


436— 43» 


441, 442 




LONDON (wEth iKirtnit ol the Donor) 43!>, 440 

AND OPENED— Our Meilical MiiHion 
fur the Jewii, the tint of the kincl erit&b' 
liBhed iu Loiiduu (n-ith juHtnit of the 
prvient Suiieriatendeut) 

—The Voice i.f the Chick -Fut-dmile u( 
a poetcAjil mut by Mr. Spurgeon con- 
cent ing the Clock— The Clock □U'l the 
&4iciety comnieiidcil by Mr >S]>Mrgeoti... 

Yt«tn EdwanlH, E*^., ami Rev. Juhn 
Diudop, the Sot^rety'K TVairtiimr and 
Secrelaiy, gjifaeut at lU LuaiiguratLou in 
Kiflchiuew- The Pnniblii of the Whcifl 
given Ui Mr. Dunlup at the clune of 
the Conferenoti ... 

FUOHWEIN, our Mi-wiimariea in 
Wilnn, RuHQu ... 


U. J. K MAP OF RUSSIA, ahu^s-iug 
Pale of Jouiali Settlement 

ymrs n Valueil Friend of lUe H'niety, 
and the CliLiiriuaii ipf <riir Fimt Jubllt^e 
MetitingH at Eset^r Hali— HiK En-e^leiit 
luul 1iiH|iiriiig AcUlrififl, atid The Citn- 
eluding Piuum^"- -i hU line AddrtTj fo 
thu mwubcrt of the Y'.M.C.A. nt the 
begiiming of the Jubilee Veur, 1^94 - 


J. HILKS HITCHENS, D.D-. Mii.iaier 
of Kuj]eHt<m S<|iiare Clmrili - A 
Simiwifkfl I'imiclier, Ij-dturiT. nial 
WriTw (if RiHik* — Extrjiot from hiH Addrrt<ii at ihe Jubilee 
Moctiii^^inMay, 1NH3 4.^4— 4fl(f 



REV. JAMES H. RIGO. 1>.D., a Vah.eil 

Hon. Si-eretiiry mid Vi w Prtvidi-nt ... 4fi3 


Committee, the laic Rev, wuiiHui 

Tykr. aU 4fin 

RKV. W. L. ROSEDAl.E. LL.D.. » 
Model Men^Lpcr uf Committee and n 
Reiffwieutative Vice-l'rrtiideut ... ... 4TjO 

DR. J. E. NEIlMAN, the Society's 

S{^tiia] Son aniL Tr^-iuurtr ... ^^- 461^4*14 

F. YEATS EliW.YRDS, Kf^, Acting 
TreitaUTer 4«4— J<i"i 

RKV. JOHN DCNiAiP, Setivlary ,.. lUti, 4ii7 








KABIiJ I^~ 18111. wbLh mmuiiH Uu- 
ui4wered up tu cLilt --- ■■■ ,-- 

YEAR, ]e[t2 


F. W, Bro*ii» M.A., of Cliftmi 




470- i72 

472. IT:I 



FOB THS TOVSQ- Little Samli auJ 
iJttIf! Inauc ' '•■ ■■- 

UEPUTIKS— Uovi. iViin^iJ SUTuberfi 
and li'aiu: Ui^intfuhu ... >.< 





A Ji'mLEE <;iioi:r ofwchkeiih 

— Tlic iiwt four Jnlilt'J !■» "ur Stuff... 

by tliu l*n3SuI«Dt 


JEWS: A Fo^-iu 


485-" iBfi 





gUmoiics of 6o5^tl Criamiibs ;imong t^c |ctos. 


NOVKMBElfi \\ 1^2. 

A SPECIAL MTvicv* ih <vijTicotinn mth th» 
Jubilev <jf lit DnlUli Bocittv w** Md 
(HI ^iiih>)ri> fv^ijljtj^, Nc^imlA^i' Gtli, 1 8'32, in 

Thtrt wftft a vnry larco jind ottontivo 
otragnffkl'i^ti. The j^ii^Jichcr woa the It?)-. 
W, J,Adii[u>i, M-A., JJ.('.L„ nml ImIi^ Krctor 
of All Siuit*", Ddiv'hwtcr, iliit uuliji^t'l wjw, 
■'John U*o iJiiptMl"* McdfB^u to Cliritt," o* 
nstpnlvil in MtitUirfr li, 3-^. Frvin iIjhI 
t«tt l)r Adjkiutf (l*liv>fn<cl Uji^ rifllr>wiii^ 

tJie <J[*l]f of CbtifltiiUiH to inUitvt tboi£uwlvr« 
in Ibif wptl-bejug i>f thi^ Jt^winlj pru^ilu. 

The Sermon. 
. [i vi^ ft glnil cIa}' m Ijtntctl vthon th« 
triiiiip»t, «j:iun(itujc loud And lonj;, frt^m lh« 
Tnjipl", iJrtJctaiinM^ tliAt ihn yon r of Juhiirti 
hod il*wTn*iL Th" tMiml'wrvftiit jind tli»* 
Cftptirr hi-ftod to ho f nv : thv jifbiciii (tooi^ 

■lUuilii^ wcf^i f urgciltru ; uliriuUtl iaiirri- 
tan^na rrttri'ni<il to tlirir origjiittl |ii>«i'f>^om ; 
aryj thu \-vvy hmd hu^l re-at. 

But * rinUii Jvilnli-fj wiM tbt hand. A 
Jubiliw u-IjecIi bijoiilil rvaub bij^lier. heiiI 
|iotiot[ml«<t«o{i«r,Anit »<m1)mr* a vA>iLly wider 
ran^ And nobler oi\\fr of ble-^nig- One 
wbacb frliould not ouJy Allect tbi^ i^lAtiotm 
Ix-tuit^it Qi»n find iDAiL but hetwftij triRn 
nmtCiiiiJ, Nrir nboiild it bo for nr^e nation 
only, but fur tliA who]« hiimnn race. 

ror, b^ynad a dmibfi, iW dHlvcrfLn^t^ wbii^U 
tbn Oiiqwl hriTLX>^ in tbn ^Inibb-Jtt iind thit 
i;rfttt4at thing known on (*iu-th : {(Iflddor 
Uijut tlber^oiTof the krk* svhich riron lu it 
tijn^H : ^iiLtleT Umu thr iLpunul lliglit cf 
tji# «ilflU', art iA-t1h unl^itK-yckg^ |:h;i.- if. Mmtit 

opoo tmith Ikuitin^ duitu thv^ufb ihv ^nUe 

njur ; tho burmonf^Ht ahiI tlie m^lodiw oF fbo 
founUinrt and tbo nTdiifiUi* of it^avuti : tko 
p,wCT't murmurs of iho fttiTOuis uf ilm rivtsr 
wliii^li iiiMk(*H ^'l-id LbM City tif O^it. 

It wiu fiUini! lluil H** wrli<* t^an:*- lo ^tTi>Ct 
ihiadvlivpnhnvvHboidd<i(jiurii'\^4'j.<Hi>i ministry 
in Um ymr of Jnbilet*. A» .J[i^ i^Jid in Ibe 
ftyiiA^i^ie rif NftRAivr.b tb« ('l Srii^i- 
tiire, Ue oould Any of it for tbfi £i'tt lime, 
"TbindAy bt thU Smi^Uin^ fulJillfd. TIih 
8pLi-i1' td thfT Ixml Cfiid iJi ii|fijzi Mu; ln-TJitiMt 
thv Ij>rd hutb Anoinlt-Hl Mc* t4> |~rn^L-l] fjcxid 
iiibuKK unto tho dook ; Ho bbth iwnt Mu to 
hind up th<i brokcti-h«Lrt«d; t» proclajDL 
bbcrly tci Uik- ui|itiviv. and ibo upruiu^of 
the piiiion to Ibcm tliut an bciiiitd : to pro- 
dnim i\w iLi.<<vptablo year of titc- J>j(il," 

But bow wrtfl il, it luiiy by aflkwj, that 
hborlly nftfr Uhh prooitHniHlion. Jfdia tho 
Biiptitit, Hin grtvil f'»w-rnnTi*'r, Apiiwiivd lo 
doubt tho Sin'joiir'» nii^r-icin f Tho <|ii*M- 
tioii ih 411 JuijiorliKii ymv, iiui^iiiUi'}] ah jt bna 
AtTiiiCtdvl thf ACtjmlinn of tbA J«in^, ath! 
pn<viiji'Ag«d ihnm in tb«ir rajvction of Uie 
Miwiwih'^liili of Jc^«^i]*. 

Ni>w, in thti fii>t |j1u»^ it ix jUI hut impoft^ 
Hiblo that Jobii conld Iulvo jixhrd tiiiis^jiirstion 
«"itli rofor^noD to nay mispnnff" *if bi* own. 
Hi* motbci', ICtixabeth, nne awasc of tho 
iiU|<<nmtuiiLl LbaniL-tr]- cjf tbt< hut iaui'ji birth, 
nni.! Jn^hu, miii^b of whtbo boylioi-id vnn pixib- 
abl^ iipr?nt in tht* cotupnoy of Uhrbit, could 
not buve bpcn ipiutnotuf UiL-uiybt^ry wldcU 
i»ii4l]i\>TidH.l Him. MoriKiTf'r, hh tht> Uriid 
drtkvv D«Ar for Lh« SAvionr to «nt«r it]ion IIU 
pablitr i;tiui»-t«7, n l>ivtrio itnpnlM hAd <i^nio 
npon JcbJi* and bo v^4»ot) forth iift Hth foi«- 
nmrrr to prnpn™ Hik way. In thi* rapndty 
ho hfld pomtod Him oot Ui tho pooplc lU tho 
J^uftb of tJuil, wlio should liiko wK-ny the nin 
i)f thiT fforUI. Hi' liLid bom* t<totimoiiy lo 
Him aji on<i intinitdy giisiii<r thAtL hmii^lf, 
of w'hohc incicnH> thciu ahouEd bi» nn rmJ^ 
«sd«t Hiahnpti^m i;t the Jordnu hod nM'n 

Mfnwri^ iif Gci^d Triumphs am<hk^ th^ J&tm, 

bcavMi oponcd, nnd hciivd tJi« Divine voice 
{*i[H]nimiiiH IHm to W lUo Ai^omtinL Ottr, 

Thi- rutkoniil ouutrliuimi, Uiurvforo. u tlint 
JOI11/0 qiiestiiou wbi iirjfa [)ijI for blA cwo 
fjitisfjirliui], bti6 Pitlit^r fut' tliu bvuciit tif biH 

Bat tiow, it luny U U4ik«ii, cune fA^/ thijJ4 
to oiiWuiiiL iIoiiUa Hb to ihu MowiJiLnhip of 
C])^l^t ? Tlte HDi«wt>r UiM ill Uin difApiioini- 
liTtont th*^ felt ITJ r^»niD^ Xa tho rorcin|r of 
'^Tho Knijidf»ni," John hud ftumiiionod tha 
people lo irjHiiiti liotftn»p ' the Kijik^Wj of 
HniiVHU vju ar hiuid/* A:* thuii^ft Uc- tiai) 
Hud : "Thti HjfhtbCtiK K>i^R i" i^t^i^r But 
you ar<!< not prvpnrcd to niotivu Hiid. Brvnk 
oJ' itour niiA hy ri^htL-njii»ti«n f^ir ILu will 
mtl HftiLr^. HiK fmi ik iti Hih hjiuil, iifid He 
will tlii'^Mt^ily £itii'g«t HiA flt)i>i- *Q(1 hittti up 
tbo rJwi*V wjth »infiiii>ni'liiibl'* lire, Tlivtn* 
vtin\h^ I'rliwu- hit)*i<iEiotio(i, butAlUiMiff 
thft .T*»i™, Inrrning with f^ipnctntiau, who hiul 
Ifoen fl'ntptiin^ for thia IdnpJoni for «iiituric»j 
nijil *lio M'-'io ncjw ryxtrcH/ iookin^ for itii 
iiJimiMlmloi iitciaifiAtiitioit, tUvy luuid Imiv 
Hnitiiloil lib' tlif^ hXnst of 11 Injingwlv htiiI rut 
febu'thrj^ iiH th(> *hoek of an ^Lrthrjiiukv, ^or 
vita it John only who hiid pn.TtcltL^i tho nMr 
nd^-cEit uf the kln^duui. ^Vheti Juhu was 
■il^prvil tlic 8nvioiir )nni«t>lf mndi^ thf itamei 
nnaoutit'vmuiit. Tbt> people wt<i-etoii»Wil, And 
(hu whole inudwA^ luuved. And imw, .rohi), 
jiihl HK tlie ^i-eHt «v*^iir» M^mAil Ui tm ftt Imnd, 
wux i-AMt mfio prUon, nnd biy rAptivc in 
Hon>ifH foi-t^'OMi ot JiIiiohfrnLf. [f Jocun b»d 
Kiiklljr vomo to M^ thr cfiptivca frne. nnd to 
op*»n th» prUnti ilimix ^rhy diil Ho not 
doilivor tliK OW& tVrrc rtinner? Ttioy hiti» 
indct^d. bcMird the Hjivionr'a vonJrou^ wonlH, 
nod ^t*L'lJ HiA mi^'hl; wol'k^ hxil wbvte wa« 
thr kirigfhmi ? Wimt hl^nx xtiir*» Mier-f Ihrt-t 
Tit wnx hfynit tt> " liiiLid Dp th(t Talwroju'lA 
of I>'LVid which wiiH fulloii di>wri i'' and that 
iLu " Ia'iiI t^ud w]i> nlfljut to ipivo lUiu tho 
Throne <iF ]li^ fnth<T Dflvid * *' 

AndtK> thoy 00 to Jobu, nii ho ky^ uoUtary 
fl»d depre»ed, in Jlorod^ii dnnp^n It'll him 
thidr dtmbtrt und fiNirn, aud nnrgmt, * Wluit 
if wo hiivoniUtjikpiithc t^hjirHrtrr^^F Mj^ntiihh'K 
uiHion T 1* Jo<uK rvnlly iTk' M^hihIi who 
is to rOHtorv tht ki:jgdoin to ItrnK^I i " 

" Go tu iliui)" Miyi JoLu, *';iud l«ll lliiu 
of thft <*xpivfflr,frinrt <if th» |t»>cpln and of your 
own dir'iipiiointmfiiit, ftnd liuim fivim Hinowu 
liirt wjiHlipr lie !« the M&:**iftii or no. Aidt 
lliEii pljijtily, 'Alt ThuM Ifn who ithoidd 
onm<>, or U>ok M"p for nnoiher t ' " 

ilov iioar tlie Jewish people wetp at 

this tiuA to tlio rv-Cfi^iibliMhcumt of thoir 
Ani^ipjtt dominion, And thru iiiiw^l it ws hy li 
h*ir'fi-br»Adth, it in Inmprtfthlo to ivititi'n]- 
pkto. lint it in no p«rC <jf my plan Xc dwull 
upon thfbt, The Hnvioiir. in illn r*ply. tioca 
not nScr ia the tcuiijKiriLt kin^dum. hat 
i»p«ikk only of th^ moit.' ii|iintu&l dft^ignti rif 
Hia conking, cmd of tho pi-oofj^ of Hia 
MmeiahHbip tti ^LVral. And it ifl to tlitM 1 
winh now tti dmw ycmr Artt-nLiou- 

Joht/'i dificijdt* rriAT hn ptgiiMftd Ac rcpiv- 
^fintinK thn Jowi^h nntton nt lor^e^ Tho 
iItw* aify Htill ji^kinjjc ihr ipicfttion^ "^^Ait 
Thoii Tin thutukmld cimi-, or do wii hxik for 
liDothi'r?" Cbrutcndoin but nmtwurrd th^t 
ilUQiition in tho nliinafltivc, ami a mi^bty 
(jbmcli. which ha* cxbttd for -\UiL* jvtvn^ 
eulij^hterrirw the iiAlioiiA tuA pttTii^niig tliHiu 
iiitfi her ^ild, hi vfttiAli^Ml with tho c-rpd^nUHU 
of JiwitH UlinMt. But thv JttwiHh ]>A4>itJtfi HtitI 
withlwld ihvU- fjiilh, h i* thi- ^iwiaI work 
of TihiH Hnd klndivd SoriPtif*, m th** namr nf 
tho univ«r>n] nmrch, to tji'^^o upon tho Jfwk 
the plftiina of Jo*n(i. And it mny Lc wl\ fov 
u* Gciililu 4*bnBtian» to embnict nu opjun- 
tiinity ItkiT the pntviit for coii^iiitt'iiTtj; briw 
woi^hty And KLi^FJmit tbow^ crvfluiitiHU htv^ 
nnd how solid nttf thi^ fouinhitiouH on which 
uur fAith i» built. Awl, bUv, it uuiy Ur well 
for tho h«uolit of oiirdtMir ht^Jin«n (brflthi>ii 
hrnovfoptt in 11 tnior mi*\ noblor *pnAt») of 
the Huiiw ijF Isiwb v^ho ni^ thij« njffht to bo 
eHhrlled nttH'U^ ihw iliwljdrj* of Ji>iii*, to |iiu«i 
i*nd€ir reviflw th^ cUimfi of tho rrophot of 

Tiie SttvtiMir Appealed to ]lie« wordn And to 
Hu wni'k*. "<r[i jind show Jolin ngniti thn 
thin|{H whieh ye do Aeirr Aiid «fr," Let uh 
tJ»™ eonffldei* iirat tho uttvrAUOOo of Jeau* 
ChrihtpUDd mniV 


1. Tfte Claim 0/ l'nit>^aat Donanwn. — - 
Prophwy foi'Htohl tblfl of Mewuli, Diui, vii. 
U, J4. Th» Kntlter proKJi^ed it. F». ii. 6, 
Tho fcAviour thcrtjforo iiwortcd it. John 
xii. 32. "I. if I be Itfro*! up from tho 
eiLrtlu will draw h1] iiiptl unto Mi^h" Ami 
iuLn>4>d JAtfily Af l«r tha AicffuMon thiMnniA^jn^ 
tlnim bejnui Co bo juctiHod. I'he dcnoctLdAnt 
of ShvU] Aidjdiied the moa of Jnphet. Hofo 
U A dfl«H*ndAnl of the* Uoiish of Ifii-uel in 
whom roprowntntiv*.'* of all thtt ruoee of th« 
<«rth biive found nnd odurod thtirKiog. Ho 
bA* bri;t Iftfore i!ih ihrouo the vsthetio 6OI11* 
of t^rcece, who in Hi^ t.'iti*of »giiomi<iy bnvu 


2%d JtiiiiUs Meetings of titt BritUk SocUty* 


dnxHiued ft g\ory vrhidi nonn of tlioir matt 
Kiftad Brtifttii cnuM Hi-nh Da^fnrn lliptfififptra 
navD botr^ij thv citucfiH <if impvriikl tU>iuc, 
lUkd wbon. io Uio ruin of tbnt empire, brir- 
tmrous mas buuttJ furtli fi-uui tliu fiirufT 

dme Mor* a MnjCAty d wlurli thoy JtaJ 
iMTfir dreamed. He rVsHrairifil tho WntAlity 
of lli0^m<l1u AjV>*H, nil ATI. ill Ihd lEcimtwHEti^, 
tliii ftntinnity whicii m*»n hmJ n* liiufv^vftukfl 
intciuiiiisl Uicir mmd^. Ho took tioM of 
tlt<^ Luthf^m »(j>i I^LlwrL»l>f tlin ^kc. And in 

nirus nnd Krilor. N^iriou und PiiwruT, 
wul oth^ ct«at »ii|b, dcvirtod their ^cniiui to 
Cbnal Kiid tlicir feJW-iupD. And [ici il is 
to-dHT. H(> U ili^iriug bll nitrn unto Him. 
Atniif a in«c*iJf«M h»il af critfriHrn, imJ iimltrr 
t1i4- full ^ljui» i.f tbo doutm Ji^bt, thut 
8ub1uiii* t^Jicuio hthudh <h1iii]> Uiwi-ii[j|U9ilK've 
«]1 hiiiuai* con«»pT.iram and iiifoiUnf ^'iindfliir, 
UDftpproftchid and Tmnppn:>n«bnbi«. Thn lutla 
chila bom ii'; ttothlolioin U thv |fi't>ut loadt^t^ 
of humaij tbi^u^ht, of ULmjnii mili^qjiiiu-, ixnd 
of liumiiii prDgiim Hik iiiitTir u iiThiva nil 
otb«ni tbo gr?fki«rrt. It EB hpokoii iu i^vory 
WicuAgc, and is oiialiritkcd in i\w Biu^r«l 
reuiw> uf lii(> bwij-t> uf uiyriudti. who wiiiilJ 
^liMJly lny down lh«ir \iv^ for HE« lImi- 
niuDv. KvuQ tbua» who Luvv wiihlii^ld Irvmi 
iltm iW bumo^ of Divinity, hiive uck^on- 
ladMfit tltAi H» Arid IIh ]ilctii>4 LH wiiiiliy ThU 
wImcI th<i MiOTitTH of [iiii^'»rj(Al«mpii^ " fUul, 
thvn, vpori Thy Tbronrr, U thnu ^'ictt'iifjiiA 
One ; for fium ]i(riivcfoT'Lh, 1wlw«vji Thru 
luid God mm will no lon^^r dutin^iinh.*' 
— Ituum, " Vio do JcsuS 

And li»o trininpha of tho prmt and of tho 
pimcttt urcf A Auni iilcdge of vhs futuTiT. 
■< Ha Nnnui Hhntl f'lidiirt*, ,^i.\ P>. Ixitii, IT. 
It i» IniO th^rt- Lii w b«<^ AZt>KnrdvrBwbo haro 
#iBMil nbUDivvr^J (<iripjrt?, Hvit UicyfoU|:bt 
lb by furw of vruin. lievULined it tta n rigbL 

2, f^i* CZflim /*> iinpitfl ('fyjiintfrttio't.- If 
wo tould only idiAkA oft thn dDailftniiig foi^^e 
of fftHkilifir word^, wo hhonld b« Awed by tbo 
M<ir# of jCi'vntLew rnti>oy<-d in vncU woi^Ik ha 
tb«pv "f'omo unto .V*, nil yo thflt ato w<*ftry 
ttAdl)««vylndc4i and t will pivryon r4*t, " and 
ftbonld ttci Ibat 1WO wprv lij^tcnius to a Ilt-tni; 
■ucb dflutjver Wore, and i]i.-v<?iMnc'i',ii|niki'in 
tiaman tmigimge. And murk tlic {wt^Tiliiinty 
of Uio promi^o. Not aa olhvr tf^uLrhoniiind 
|}|liK^o|'li«D4 linrc nidi '^ Tnkc (Comfort nnd 
ronhvlAtimi fKini hiiHj xiid hk1i t.niibnitiid 
fcUtb OTiiwiJonitioiifl/" but, "Tkk*" comfort 
from J/f- " '' V wi[l Kh-<iyon r*.^." Vou hK^-o 
ilw ^fttt, Uiv in:iiLiri:«f, tbt? iutuntcfiUble 

fnct thAt JtoiiA f!hj-Ut 'Z^hMt oonaoito thv 
troubW hvnrtji of mm. \\« bftv^ tbft tflld- 
moDV of tho poor j\iid ri(»(^y, the oppTfnmxi 
And thi^ jtlUktoil itk nil ngr^ eiu^e tho >vnrdM 
vjvia utijin^]. thnl .li-=niJ* has dona and !■ 
doing whut pronhcfEV dccltLrHl Mefifiiab would 
do : *' lip fliinll bind np tho broken -h«irlcd." 

3, Hit clfiim to Jorgit>e m'n*-- "That yo 
ni^y know tlml the Son of ftfrm lintli powi<r 
oi\ purth lo fortfS''^»in«/' Tbiw i* w-lira Ho 
Aiiid of HiiT^lf: find thnt loo it] imint^diattf 
t-oLJtii-ai^iii ^vttb tbe»ttfiitliti^ viiquirv. '*Wbo 
^nih forgive sins bnt I'iod nnly * " No onfl 
4)V«r nppe«red on«Euthvho daroi] to jtdvAnco 
va trcmendoiiH n rlaim a. cUim wbic^h t.ho 
inward coiirtdoiiEi]esi< of millioi^is in uilin 
I'Miro and tmnqmltty of mind hnn ht^impBd 
nK nbsolnlely true — for "tLo blood of Jcwuu 
I'hrisl olonCDQth from all ein," U tho testi- 
mony of HfuU 41 very whero dtrllwrvd from itd 
galling IroniliLge. 

i. Strr u thit all.- Not only d"(?» J«ki)« 
0^41- HtnijvLf H4 A >-piritiul d«livrret' from 
iiiwmit jiiid piw4'iit niiw^ry, liiil Ho ilhi« 
Inn^iiriitrw nniioiini'^n^ :i niorp iny>^l<TionN 
poorer ^ Ho foi-otoiU an nntbority nnd 
domiTLion tat^ndin;; iiito iho future world. 
In kngiiA4?o whioh nn^tt hnvo »,t.ftrtlcd Hi« 
bvArani nnd to vtbicb ccrtviinly ttiv)' woro 
unncciirtoEDod. Ho doptorod, '* Mnny will aay 
unto Mt ill tlioL djiii. Uuii, Ivoid. \v\yv wo 
nut. propbi^HiMFl in Thy nanu* I And in Thy 
iiftun* \\vivv tiiMi om J.^viln f And in Thy 
njiai« dono mrmy »ondi.irfuL worki^ f And 
tbvu ttltl 1 p[xifvw nnto them. I uuvur kii^iv 
ynn^ dfijiHvt from Mp, yfi rhAt woi-k iniqidty." 
Aow bar« ii< ao AAnaLnption of pow«r und 
Anthnrity ao Au^uAt lui to bn inoomputiblo 
with the TiuiitAtioim of buniAnlty. (Umrly 
Hn t«>nth«« thnt Hi* powrr u not houndnd 
by earth and tiuie nnd 14ii toicbing lA 
in pcrrc^t haroniny witb and indoud id tbo 
nectardiry uruAJi uf HU mMnvlloirB lifp And 
dentb, Hin ri*HHNr»"riinri And vlorioii^ AATi^n' 
Bion. Tbat " lieforfl Hnu nbonld WgAtU-r&d 
nil nntion^" U in kiK'pin*: wilb tbo ^ito of 

Iirt*'«iiiin>>iirj p<rwL*r ruid gloiy lo vliicK He 
iiu RjaHin*W, 

&, 7y*ff//rt*m «/CoJA*i(J.— Aff«d JXA wo Att> 
by tltfi ronthciciLnnmt of tn^jmly And gi«ot- 
n*"M pfti-tainina l*» Om- ubo diiinif* to be the 
fiitiiru Jnd^ of lunnkind. u« bHvi> t>ot y4<t 
rcnfhod tho summit <d lii" ^isitdfWA nrit 
until wo bi-itr Him jLViwtioy; nn Ab^^bitA* 
c*]nAlity with (W. " I Hud my K:ith<*r mo 
oAc</' '^ t Am Alplm oni^ (imo^jk, tbp 1>p|nn- 
ning And tbi> tndiniEi wbich ib And whidi 
w^s And vhirb i« r.o v*^l«i tb*^ ATuiigbly/^ 

MrmarifM of ffos/W THumphi 

thtf Jmm^ 

1 am AWftTO tliAt t1)«<i1f^«in» ilr-av ft i|Ut[nC' 
tjon bot««>on Divinity %uii Doitv, {Lti<J tli« 
luvortion KAslmcn irndo (n* hy TIt. Wondt, 
thii iDn:(>t ri'r^iiiL i>f Ovrnmit wrilfis on ttili^ 
Kubjwt, in hJM uci'k <ni "Tho l«»ciiinir ■>* 
Jwiw") thnt ll« did not olriim iJcity. Trtio, 
H* njay liot li4VO used the woid, but II« 

Sen>uii'ud and mndu 11. i;roiiiihl (.if their con 

HLppntrMMrH imlj) h mjf.Ti» niiuTn lllinHptf ih^l. 
That Jwi>i Uii^ht thiht Uv UAH tli« S<>n oF 
God in It pr^-ctniiivnt orhko and i-tood in 
a nonr aiii] iiiLii|iir^ ivlatifriihliiii with thfi 
CtorlhfHul cnnnoih bo driupd if )li>. woi-di 
nra to ba justly iDtorpn'tcd, 

II, Ti» miiMitie f-iURAr.TKR nr IEI« 

I . lu tmmalahiiitif. He ulono of nil 
Teiich«l« atd iVopliot* forotold tliO por- 
|)etiittl diiraliitfu attil nbidiiig <'ti»trru'lrr i>f Hi* 
I^LkohThg, StAiidriLg oaftdaym vi#iv of tlio 
Tvmftio, Ho (V'i)triu4t4.-d it« tojnprimry eK- 
UU^hCO with thn iiljiiliii^; iiAiuii> uf Hia uuu 
wonU — " IfoAvi'ii juid f»Hj)i nhall piw mwhv 
htil My wonli sbnll not poai jiwny." And 
yet it iiT^tHfU-kQblo thnt whoii M« uMnrxil 
thi^ pnidkd'ion mid ft»r Jjmiiy ytJSU'H Hfltr. nuU 
mil- *\f Hi* i^'urdfi wns wHctpii down* Tlii^y 
wtr* ojily ccin tided to ttio tmnnory <jr » l<rw 
poor ramnlo in?n. who hiirdly iijjJei>t0<KL 
tUrm, If tU(? thiiiiL of Diuiilctiitn to burn 
tiji rilt till- UhriHr'inn fwolctn hiid boon tvallwdf 
immwliati^ly ii«v/ oopii^n would hi^vo bocn 
vrittorii UlUmi frmu thi* Illt^mori«l ckiid hmrUi 
uf «i;iuritl<j/* lliuiihjiuilfl of bvlic'ver^ wlio ImJ 
prnwrnwl tb*Tn Jinci*iily ns their grwilv^t 
wirthly tmosuro, Thp t<iiu^}iiii^ i.d C'}irvMt, 
prowl vc- 1 1 in foi^r littTo fnu'l lKH>k>, hnH 
U^uiiu'* tliL- j^biiDiu bnirAgn nf Min^wUiij^ 
geiiomtioaii of nini}kiiid, u'ho will pruwrvo it 
€0 loof; Hi man rJinll conbinud on tho mu-th ; 
untiT it hoM lAn^ht ita Wt Iivmjiii nrid 
LuiifejTvd iU IhmI biweiiig tui iimnkind. 

3. /u ahiifinff in/h^pfe. — Voa mny «iY 
pttrhnpn Uiat in tlurt rviivtimi prtsrrVEition 
of tho noortlod l-cnoiuitc oF C^hririt, thoitf i^ 
Dothiiiff vmy n^iiHi'kubhi nr iK'L^iiliiir to 
Hiznnlf, Tho wi-itinffi^ of nthor 1o4i(1iti>i, 
roobt, nhiloflo[>hoi-s» iJin Hvuit-i^i ixnd Llio 
PliitOfi nave betn prt*»Hirvod lou tiwi luivu 
or«m* dnwn t/y 114 fnirn nndflnt tim<iH rtiid mi^ 
now thtf ttimmon pro|»erty of mikiikind. And 
it nmy Iw (L*k*H| in whut. [fc|nN:lB \\or* the 

SrvoorvBtJon of the l«rtchinj^ of Jtwnh CbriHt 
iflier from CbBt of othem ? J reply in thi^ 

— thitt tinlEk^ nil oih«i*H, th» t«aching of 
JiwtiH OliriKt \n iinohanirinjf in tho Ltnthoiiiy 
it IJCMOMM ovi^t- tho mindh of in«n. In 
evriy Ann and in r'vniy dimo Euid in nvary 
tnoB, HugoRpol oKam^B ■, nmrvellouH pownr 
and charm; rule* the ftjnwien^o, Aubjiigatcs 
the will. And uptitates the hcvi. Tho 
hlifilE vhidi 1-ntilmnti.i] the' heansw of the 
J^ird Li» exclniin. '^ Nwi-r jiinn «TULk« liku 
thin Man," hiu falli*n tipon the vt hoV huinmi 
roiv, and wlijlp Moh&tuoit-tl tujd nuddhn 
r^fiiwk »nly fti IhtAJr Liivii iiTHiif^liAlu dt-4-ipW 
ftnd havf no Dioaui^ for rMnkind at iiugOf 
thi> childmti of tihoin and of dnphf^th And of 
Iliini — thi* i>\nv And UiO 8«xQn^ — ^ihe Gojidjui 
nml thct I^tiri, In {M)tindnv niillioDK IJKtirri to 
Jvu* ftf to (^ui< wh'.i opcnk* with Authority 
MiJ &tf A teacher >oiit from Uod, Why 10 

3. TA^ trrigiuntit^/ f^f flU tmrhinff. — Tn 
throe short wntonoiv vthut «ublicne \iown Ho 
jfim <*f tho Oodhttfid f <jod itt Iovo> Cod is 
li^hin (lud ht a spintt 

\\^At Tahiti Ha iitiimpa upon thp humnn 
Mnh Hi4 thrilling and nimnhwttrod ohnlL^ngo 
iiEUA down thn *^ci*> "Whati iji ei uimi 
pm(lt.r^| if ho nhftll gftin tin-' wholft world and 
kfco hilt own H^ttl, cr whiLt Hhall a m&Q ^vu in 
csohiLnRt? for hifi •oul 'i " 

Whiil Wjbuty itiid Micrcdncu docw U« h&n|f 
iiicinnd thn hmw of ii^friticv iind childhood t 
" -Sutfor tliL> littto children to ^oiii« unto Mo, 
tsnd forbid thtm not. for rjf anch i* tho 
KiiiKdoni of iitu^ru ! '' 

With wluit vwduui He iiifH9»««l the tni« 
vjjii« of •jutU; poc»c«Bion«- Jiutn-aoe th« 
r<-ply to the man in Luke ^.i *Dd the 

phihWu whtoh fulh^weil. 

If) gtinaml, wit^i rt^mrd Ln the t**4ohing of 
JwiiH rhrwti 1 fmrh«^ly throw out tiiii 
i^hiilli-nico : Wht-ivi rW niU yirn lind a. 
t4'urhlit|r to HurpuM it t Nn>, wlu-nt rliw 
will voii fln.1 a twichinir to pomi*™ vith it t 
Think of the Sprmon on tho Mount 1 Think 
uf tho PflTfthlto ! iMn yon i]npro%'e upon 
the hflfluty, Lhe [hiUiob, the w^ltmnity, the 
4»l0iincniHi of t-hv Hknih|«v of the Good 
Kttmnrit'iii or i\\v Frodipil Mcinl It you 
wnnlqd to ^It^r ihi- tvckchiu)^ of Jtfiint ChriflU 
\vli>>ii> wcjtd<l voii fif^iii ? " HI<*Ai^] tii*H l.hf* 
pni'o in h«ui> f"r they nhnll see <Iod." 
Would yi>n idtfir Uinb ? ^' Hi^ yo therefore 
prrfm-tn vwu n» yinxi-^ Talhvv whidi ij* tii 
Uwi^'fln U jwi'fivt," Wiinld you lownr thnt 
in^|rtrin^ Li(l*-ranoe1 Siiroly Hia wordt nro 
buruing, hviii^, jttmuUtingi lifo-giviu^ vi^<id;<, 
imd if ■hi' ti?jii!bin^ of J&ijjji^ f^^hribt luuld ba 
klt)itM ovit ftom the memory of mmikind. 

Tkt JvMiUt Mtditiff^ oj tht Briti^ Hocltt^, 


ift» lixatti mnn !<1ialT knp m nti \\Att^ micI 
ilir- li.inpijo "P thi.1 iltiMih *ht»tl Jiin^t *"tjo 
Uid ^ow Jubn a^iii, tlio things ytt lio 

rfi-- jiiintrif* —It iiiHjr In* ui-'fct ifi former tiujd 
ti» irmrli Atr^Avi ^'o^ Iniit trpon thMii hv 
e%'iiluri(.'ttt <i tlie trutli cf Chmtinnity, to the 
t]»'jk'l0L% of thA priof «]iJc'h juiFui Irtim tLtt 
♦ijhjwt infttt<'i' tint] tcdthiiig of t.lin (i»*|H»l. 

ej^iiiiiawM of 

4Tid th* tro- 

at ntnk*:. F<>r 
(-it.hi^r Jnua 
Christ «h'l ritop 

Onxv of N«4n, 
a ri 4 t n t h n 

[iiiwi^iiMt of llio 
iiiiriiirK^^K Jiiiil 
tUi' riinll.Jhidn 
wliirh folUtn-^bd, 

iiNtn,! Ml/unto 
tiii'n iiri*'," or 
I!o iliJ tiot. 
Ktthcr lit did 
^<l 111 LliugmvH 
of IjuanMrtihfl 
en," '* LiUAniK, 
rouke forLli/'or 
H« tltd r\t.U 
If Hfl riii fior, 
llipii ]tij4 vrhaLo 

]«Ktnr*> ; ihw 
Sn t«|>ttr<l«<1 .f T ^^^^1^ ^^ vain. 

wttow dftrk *ky flxrfa nn«d idnr^ a« iliit}', 
lo\c, faith. |M£iloii, ot«itinl Hfo, would set to 

Ul. rut STCPEXDOV* wonhM nc WHOLruiir. 

Lm me walk, til a It^jietTi nre divtiLKvl :irid tli** 
daaf hi«r, Lh« d^cul iltp fniihid up." Long 
f AisiliarLty 

witb tlkC inAT- 

ralbtis ca'A^ 
logTW bluntM 
our [umd* to 
EMry iTiitinplm 
i)v«ir tliv forrtfi 
of n a t u re, 
WiUiuirL xiiy 

jibniit tli^^niii- 
dcur <'f HtH 
oJHo*, or llio 
di^itj of Bw 
niktaro, 9v ibo 
greatnrAit or 
diffiniltyof thr 

Wiin utoiit to 
qofk. ho pro- 
rvoix wUli inli 
riil«<.*w t<> (lilt 
U>tb« |iroof bin 

Hot alMH^ Hw 
stn pondo UN 
ifforlu bif 'Xtio 
lu fnniiliar Ui 

ftml the At«cr 
of lliv mipt 


biUt An ^nt«TViX alnuut inferior Ut tht« hjilo 
wkieb nnfirdoa tho fei«At m(»n of our own 
clajr. kJio an> jt4 utiwroihy to atc>of dowr 
And ttolooH thn Utchet of ihv ju^dala of 

InipvrtJUit, for if Jt»uA bad wruu<hl iio 
lindeift. Iiow iHtuH llv hnv? dairned to Iw 
MMfwiiLhr **Tb3- dmd tntin sbnll liv^" 
Tb«a i^ ^j«i of th« blind r^hn1l bo 0|x*iifH], 
«X)il ib« mrs ol thi.> dnif ^Uitll lu uuAtojiped ; 

/fi/f if fff fliit. thtn Hp fii}Alb-d Ihe tin>dirl*d 
iLcU of UcA-mK^nnil H« vu tbnt wbicb th<M« 
luiraclci Tvciv wroujfht to ^luvc. 

4. T*ih« luriTf rj^iAf ./rref thut Um uiintc)w» 
wi'i-o jiioiu fiTi'id* w riwily brought In *n 
inu?. X«ct tbe Jowii pro^Luoo th« ^vid«n04 
tbnt Olid «rotc with Ilia own hiu^d iho 
Tabl«e of tb<« Iav nod ili!<liviiTvd lliatin to 
Muhw on ^irwi, imd w« will mit a]on|piid» of 
XliiA «vid*Miofl Ihu proofs tbftt God niU«d 
Ju^uA fmm lb(T Ucud. Lijt ihe Jew? give uh 

MeMorifB of Gospel Trifivijths anions the /4»< 

tiirnviilmirif of Uif> rriirli of the jLingiiifjoont 
mirjM^lfti by M*ib™ whirh it i^i iuu*rte*l wer* 
tbo moAUji of tho dcEivornnoo of tbeir fothort 
from Ejfypl, *n(l wc will iHJinjly tho cvideu*^Q 
which n»tuhlmhH*t ho minvdm irf J(»uiiCbiTHt 
And w& aru trilling to C-ilI in kJ iiujjiii^'i t4> 
ilocilo thp^tiofiU<>iiii«tutho nitJo onwbioh tlk« 
^mitmt amo^i&t of evitleuoe liiM. aqj of t.hi.^ 
grwitlighlHiiritMirmng who nfe mrt OiOiriMuitW 
to &\tht^r filth : unil w© li«v» imt the shadow 
of n doubt tt» 10 what th4> 4i.<citHion -v^W ho, 
thftt lbcT« \A not uioi« coiivinuiiitf |>i(>of (ov 
nnflthiin thft oT,lior atijI nW\ thjitth*' minidp* 
of Chrut CLFO more gloriomi than thoto of 
Moi€» wider in thoir vnnjic : UiWcr m thdr 
lovo; taont MLj^mHraut in thi^ir tmcliin^; 
n.j:ipf*k.1oc1 to H higher riTftlm of thciii^'ht ; Hiid 
wroagLt for u. Divmcr purjHWu, Iwoauw* Tij>on 
thiiir tnith dept^nda the truo ealvjition i^f 

Will thffif ho niOfO dwLnictJvn in thdr 
critJtiHnti tlinn ItoriHM f Ar« thf<y iuui-p 
c*impnli»nt than bo tfl dpddn th« f|it«jrtfon of 
th« ikuthontidtvof thoOo«|H-bi? Sc^tptic fm 
ho ivA#, with poiikon in hi* i^oldcc ifohlot to 
pouriiitiJ the HwmsL ruid puru wine of thn 
UhrutiiiD vtfTity, lu^ ypt wan ovcr^rultfd to 
wmdor it one preot MtTiop. Ilo«ompdlc4 
Kuiope, by tht fiUEo of bifl goniua and tlio 
brilliiiiuy ijf hm Ittugiiiigi-. toliidrn iim*<? iinu'i* 
to ihv Kkiry of \\\^ umrvi?)lou« iind Tinriiullrd 
Jif«. Hc< t^roilil tho CJ«e of men oiicr motv to 
th« i:iu»» oil Cnlvniy nnd laii^t^ to ^itim Um 
rfK^klMwnfiAti of thfi Gormnr crllirUrn U'hii-h 
hail dflnonncod the I if m|if In nji noltniAtvh'idili^, 
iLni] thn i-tory of .U^HUh an a. myth- It i» not 
tiH) viiMvh tit my tlint lU'nati Iiha M^tth^l tliJM 
c|ii(wU(ii] for j^'ticmtion* l<* otmn*, nnd 
triumphant^' dL-f?ntvd tljc dnrin^' attonipt to 
dpfltroy the f«itb in tbo f-lorioun rcvolition of 
<>otl ; mul fur this^ Iiia iwi>villijig tctttiinony Ui 
th» HuhHtJiiiliril m^iirwry of thd(!o«q)«1 history 
1V0 mdv ivoll be Uiankfiii, for MOptioiBm huii 
utWifd Ltci Ukft w<j|id, and t^at vrord ia 

In rjnnHiiiaifin, lot inn nay to onr hr&thr^n 
of tho KouMCf of [flmciL who Aro iiow to Ijo 
iwlniittfil |iy iSiiptiiini iuto the C1]<»rth of 
("lod, go In your pNiplr, and tho sj'nuffnp^p, 
find 1*11 them whiit. II ^*lorioiiK Jtodoom^r you 
MveCoiJCid ; eay tothf^n, AVd hnvo found II im 
irf" vWp I\1oach in llxaJ^WA.nd thi? IVoj^irtA 
did wn'ttv Mciy you In* fjiittifnl to Him 
ovon unto tli^alli* t)iiit y*.iM ixiiLy n-i7Dive fi-om 
Him n cum'n of hfv. 

To nil thia i.'ou(:iegutioa let tnegivoLhd 

void of oxhoj-Uitit^n. L#t thin ailorahU 
Jt»<feemcr b« mor^ and mori' \\\» ]oy of your 
hie i tell oot abroad Uv* wondf^'iiK Ioto, Hw 
laijchty nets of grixct, lift Him un in Iho 
■Mtimntiun of all Aiuurul yon ^ di^vnd His 
honour Lnd rDaintnin Ilia rjiuAo; nnd, nbivvtt 
nlL Khc>«' forth Ku prMiMd by a holy and ood* 
Bidtcnt life- 

The Horitty whi^h now appcalw for yoor 
iiup|H>rlh>iKh«fjn|rreiitlyhomonr«l in bringing 
into tho fold of UwOoo-iShophordrory ninny 
nf Uio»catLt*t-rHlali<?«pof lKi^k«1. It ia worthy 
of your Hympnthy. I my thin with a wuli' 
ijenofi bom of knowlodgp. TliroujjEh y-wir 
jirnvorA nnci nncoumffomoDt. it bLall yei ba 
iii^ti iniicntai in tnming inare<fcnDginultitiii(M 
of tho i-hildisfn of iKratfl to the Ixu-d tlwr 

BcipUttiD of A J«wUb F&mlly, and tho 
Lords Supp«r. 

Aft^r the wrciii^n, ihi? iift^toi', who ifl alto 
thfl friviiidnnt of thrt Britijth Soi*ii-ty for Llio 
J«WM, tho JUv. Dr. J. Ifilofl Hitt^^n^ 
hftptijicil fi«xi Jewish concert* to tb<*Cbri*itiftn 
roli|fion, vi/-, JoM?p}) UibufU, Abi^U Oib»on 
(hii wife), nnd thmr fnmily, HHiwh, Dnviil. 
iind DiniLh. Tho adult c^ndidatM nndihly 
n^foiidcd to j>«Ynd quntiom* a« t» tlicir 
vohmtrtry iJLtbmirefiori ami Iihji rtft^ltp nccrp- 
tonoo of Chi^ist. Tbt-y wwr* than hnplbnci 
with wiittr from thi* Uiv<ir Jordan. Ttio 
oniinanMoT lhoIrt>rd'»8iipi'«r ihonfcillowcd. 
The Kvvh. IV, AflMTriii, Dr Hilf.^ Hitclicnw, li. 
U. i,', K^d*r, nnii Paul J, Turnunnd uv^k 
p«brt i& tl;<> w>rvioe, Tho 4rc<i of tbo (^htiroh 
wiiH miod vfith Commuiiicatita. 


Thft Jubilee Mtwtinjc wna hold on Mondny 
ffvoninji, Novrmbi^r "th, in ljow*r K^t^r 
lloll. Thi^twtt-rniiNi prwidcnt of Ui^ Sodnty, 
tho licv. J. HLIm liitchriu, U.D., nbly 
»ri:upi4<d the chair* nud iti Liri oprning 
nihln"iF( jmvf- n hpleuilid keynote to tho 
ino<>tri)^, Mr, Henry EvauH, the or^niiit pind 
choir- Hi aat-^r connctrted with onr ^rfHldcufa 
diuirh, and ini-iJib^)" of his I'lioir, icndrand 
iwexrellent servioe by leadiiLg uh Ifi Mcrvd 

Thft me^tin^ ^^h begun by ^tnifiDg the 
fnlliiwiiLf^ btJiutifLil hynm, whi<'h was wntt^vi 
for th« ocCAjnon by a long tried and valued 



T}if JuhU'tf, MMtiiisfn nf tfie BrltiKk SoeirbjM 

In viuuf dajt mf y^irv, 

l£cAurd fivmi AlLorn lu "Jiorp- 
Xdv ailinf* nrlflna, tint diu-k^ning plaudt 

(jlad'i vijoa (atuurvil Uuid. 
TWr Toa Jtou» liulory »■ tfwe, 
l^Tioing t^ fiiiii* their w^try fa«t 
IkiiaBtli tFitf i-TiiM ■>f Him nrliuM* Tmmf 

Oj«n Uidr bliminJ tyt*. 
W» flunk iTw*, hani, for 4]uiul*ii"d «»], 

Tliair vjrniiullir u> irn^vr, 

Vllb tbt 1»0ll|4HJi||| JfHllt fflt 

IViT larul'a WHbcLirrJiijE fbi>V[>, 
Willi Him in |iilj wurb^ 

Villi t^i^vniJii )fij' our Juliil«\ 

Wd cvlabniU ludjiy. 
Fur Utbbil HM Uw. t:«[rcnfuii ^ft«, 

Ttaphiw ?bjr lEFHv JUiJ*^ , 
W* pnu* Tbo*, OiTor of *TI ipjL>iij 

Y«r pldbl viUi tuuraje* }v.l(| 
FvlDliMnt of Thj F^nici'tnt plvil)^ 

Etj |iro|i1iet4Hn fon^FuM 

OtxtA S(iirtts T£i£in<iiMil Tivm ut^iro 

Tu tifiT^J t>urv Cliriattj lijclii, 
Ob ! llMh (hg iriilb on l[cL[i^w iriintUt 

Put 4«uMlaf UioLiutiU If fli^lit, 
Cmw dfMiil AT HUfvihinfi, uIdi or ilorm, 

Onvutl Dur motto b«. 
Oar nJljiuff vruchvord. ttvirp ami df»r, 

" Pflr CLrUb aiwl Vktorv ' 

ic. T-H. 

The iter. K, S. ai>liffe. B.A. (bittt of 
BriAtol. HOW of Lfiniliffi). nfff-nvl iHiim^tit. 
pniyiw, nn^l tho lt*v. 'l\ Wifjl^y, »ctctni-v 
ml MAXkCrbeeUr, r«a<l impru^jvely tb<r S7tn 

Tbo Preeident'A Addrees. 

tlie Jabil06 of the ■' DHtuh Siwjety fnr tho 
Pro|W^tion of the Oo«pol ninonx iho J^ws," 
VUtf yoHrv a|Eo, Mronvl dcront men !iko 
Ridlry Hej'MW) (tJie fHtW uf tliE' pri«piit 
I^^l riij>tio«11or), Dr. An'Lrvw Itoimi', And 
RobMt M*CkAVDtt, felt tbnt naiwiUiftLimlin^ 
mU tho •flbrto DUiule on U«iiii]f of tbi> Jcn-a. 
eiKMiicli uii# not \»\njS <luiit* for ii nit'& of 
MOftls to lifiQouiwI of (loiJ. ^>oii November 
7Ui, 1842, thU Socioly wn« efiUMi^biHl. to bts 
mrted CD |iurtly uaUeuoULitukli^iiiJ liim. 

Now » JiiliiW m A fcAtivixl of J«wi#h 
origin, Mou* vns dtrtvUsi hy Gud ti.> iiTthct 
L Iftw that thoTo should bo not only a ?*nb- 
b*ticAl JCAT, but thnt nt the und of »vpry 
HTeDth ^blmtiml yunc tlienj hhoiJil be * 
voUmin unwn of rwl iiik4 T«>Joi<-Lng knnwn >i« 
xho Jubilee, Appropriiituiff thU tdaa/wo in 
modem timm bftve hafJ foAttvuI^; at tbo oxpi- 
nilioti of fifty vHiwof n. monHrchV i<-*igrj. n 
m»Ti'« life, ft iJhFifitun minUlin-'* nirofr', 
ttjid u wocioty"*! hwlory. 

A» thtf Hocirty M for tho bcDofitJcf tho 
JpwM, T want, f*ir n. mimitc dt twu, to u»rjy 
yoiir tlioii^htsi ba«k to tbie Jpwihli Jnlitlnd, 
and doduco from it ono w two pructicni 

Fimt tba Jtrltit<w ye«r Htnong llio Ji™-* 
of old wns to Jhj line of r^airin*/. It wiu 
proclfLtm^ bya FlouruL ol tnnapdlA through 
out tlit^ laud. Ilsjipy grMtuipi bctntcn 
in«u HJid mwu pfiWRlW, TJui nlnvii* ivrre 
fro«d, ^t'IkiuIa warp worn, and fw^ivH 
ftiDuBenMntA Abonndcvl. Now wo wktiL 
thU tTnbilw y^'jir of onr tioricty tu bo 
ono of rojmciiig, W* do not ni<wt li^w 
with icCooniy npintfl imd <lowiiort»t fniwn, 
W« aro filftd. We nic j^tufuL Wo m-a 
f™«. Far th« (in*t- timn for loi-^ «« 
m6vt drliv^rtd from ihll t^he ^lE^i^omfrirt arid 
acnoynaco coTtn-d bj- tbut uglj- I in I** word 
— debt. Wo rcjaico lo- night tbit thw Sorinly 
w)m m'^r fciundod, Wi* i*<ini<v <tvvv (h« 
gnMt thiihgi it ha* AiX'omptiiihed. Worpjoico 
ttt vfJkJit ih now bein^; doii«, nnd tfao noblo 
bftnd of men now nt work. Wo rejoice at tho 
prmpH^. of HtH'ing iHtill gn^ttn' thiogH tlitui 
thtwA. lodiKid, wo w Twuly to Witt our 
JuhiUtf with a oioof, toud voioo^ ond a Itopth 
fcil. fin|ip/ heart. 

Thnn, «woiiclly» th«t yi*r of .TTjbjl<*** vrn\ 
ODo o^ v*«/, Tfco Jcwn WL-r* not t*» wow iwr 
reap, nor pithor thrar ^upw. Hv thcro 114 il 
ptsniio m which we wish thm \vi\i- \v \k ?l y*rar 
of rwt -Tiof ib»^ rml of iii-liUiui^, in^rTivky, 
mid indifrt?r't>iKV, but tli*^ nut rjf coiti|ilM?00(^y, 
conGdvficv, rfimvifi^i'at.ioii» ,kiii! ho|4 — Ihorr^vt 
of th» fuitb in thiT uii<^hmiji;tti]if pii^EiiitH^ Eu^d 
lid^hty of God- In tha pns* nf Gionrcw tliprv 
lA, or thoTD UMvl to bo, ft atoit with tho wordii, 
" It««t and be tUnkfui/' It WM not mU<fiiit'd 
thnt thrr who ru!ci>ptrd thu rLcli^itu nliould 
ntianin for ovvi tbi«r?. hitt thiil (l-iMy hhodlil 
phUf^e, review thw way. and braot* tln'li)-.\'lrw 
up for a rene^vt^l etiott tht^n^iEh tliv |uk^n. 
J«iil vt, ni' *vy. I<«t thiH yfAr tjeorn»<rf i«Kifii), 
coiilidiiL^' rnvitwul of OoiI'a goodnoHft t<k IIU 

peoplo. ^nd to iih »M ft i<xK^L<«ty, whiob »hftll kftd 

jVrfiwriVt of Oo9)if^ Triutaphs nynmifl tA4 Jetifit, 

briAg nt^n Us Ubriift, W(» htiv twt fi-om 

pKllfimi')':ih!U«lir 1111(1 tLC^IciM ^^\ilTW ; let 1LA 

"ntttin th»r^irit,;i»4lwnil iHiiit^iillyfoi-limi," 

JJut thirflly, tlio JijbiIo« ywir wanl^bepuc 
nf nrjtititiCrW- llotiM* tiuO Umt* wtitr tu Iw 
reflUiitil tn Ihoir rightful fkWnws, Wa wart 
thlH JttbiJvo your io W ong of i-OAlttiitiotip 
Bv^ry now nnd tliou ymi aco iel our ilaily 

inon^v." (in rtiiLnltng uhii^h ynn flr^d thntAomo 
pttnon, whi>u> TiJim(» iu pven, biu iiont to th^ 

^hnncollor of tlii> Ej[cLi.H]urr a oertain sum of 

beron? into tlw Trwwtn'V of the pountiy. 
Now, ir pi-oftiitftiflk' (^"hnntian in«ji uid 
woTQL^n iffill IcmIc l>ft<k over tli«ir piwV, »uil 
tlitfiLi LiTi^k at tlL«ir ii|jli};Enrjioit4 to thi< <Ia%v, 
Oiey Wi{\ frfid Uipy hnv** kinn** littlft, ppi'hajifl 
nothfn^, for Ixniul, Hunk i^t t\iO>c xvohiiiirntL 
pooplu, yrhxtn- Kialoiy mn* liko a ijoMpn 
ttD-nnit thn^iif^h iJiif Lnn^k'd nkrili nf mory 
nuticiir>i lifn; lliink rvf Uii*ir oontrihuUon* to 
lilcnktuiv, art, hn^nro, imil potitin; think 
ihtkt fn>m Lhrm cftm* oijr Huly lWiriiu«', 
iLQii thruu^h thr^ni t--fiirtH nur liiHiik ^if UxikH : 
ainJ llii?n think •'whut return hnv(i 1 diikI*? C" 
Tuk* thL' [luui into the predncL-' of tht> crtu*- 
of JoAviM, ThpTB calctikT^-, ftK ill C'lirinl's 
p»rw&(M-, nhnl ynti fiwn, ami let thi>b« the 
year of i-^itiitioa— iho Jubilee. 

^it*, (Jhruit, the yojDp Jew, lovol Ht" 
JcvtiaIi bi^lhrtfiL Ho Bought their a>n\'ci7don 
fir^t. He Vjhl Hi> iliM'tpLpH 1o Iwgin nt 
J«niuloin. PfUv, <»ntni«ted with the Uotpcl 
kcryn, opfTTLc-d the Jooi-H to hhv KiDgdom of 

Driven fir»t to tbr Jentt. Yen, <.■h^i^t'B 
h^rirt whlH MTt ujton thn we1t'ltfiEii|j <.r Ifk 
nu"*, tttitl »n WW who wi«h to \<t\[ow His 
cxAui|>l« hd tDflilTcrcnt. Wlieii Itntov of 
8i:ottiAb fniuo (livih he vinliod bU hdai^t to be 
l|jt«nvi] ill Ibe huly ncpiik-hE'r^ nt JmijHnlAni. 
Doii((l(Ui, liU hr&Ti> wfttTioi- fiCTX'uiit, |>[nnsrl 
tho Ur-nvt in », <-n>^kol and M*ti out with thc 
procu^M-i ivVtc, llriiijtC aluKi^l uvnvnmii hy thi^ 
Mtn>n* rwh*i iwiftu-d thi<nigh ISnoiiii, ht^took I ho 
vDnkett from bonpnth hi-i jjivrmtJit nnd thivw 
it iiuioHp tbci inoii wlio w«.*i-e opjxeiug liiut, 
tthuuULi)^ that wIlciii tin- b^irt iif Brutvi tteni, 
iL Ihni^liiH woiiM foJbw, RhnJI not thia spirit 
lir<* UA f Tho lioart of Lliri'*t wrnt out tf> 
HJft Jowinh brethren. Uo yonniod for Iheir 
iiilvutii>u. 8hiitl nut irrv frilh>n' iTim ' li^t 
im Itflgin fjvTil^^hT^ mid nmkc< Uiix Jubiloo y^^nr 

TIj*- Itev. J, Bunion, ^*'* StfCwtAiy, gflw 

tho foUonirig <ltft>pJy intorcabuitf ftcooiukt of 

tho foundinj; of tho ^ocwiy, iAit a vivid 
fiuumnr^- of Hk 5u ye^n grand work i— 


All that I <Ati do tliii^ t!\'i'ii it]^' in tu 
Hi^li^ tur^i or threo ;:oldoil thrmdv out of 
iht' oiit«idti frii)^ of thin vn/tl toibjoct, axit\ 
*ot U'furp jou Kuno of th»^ Fon*niiin*i>, 
Foiinijrti:*, nnd li foiv of th<' firnt i*nd iHxt 
Fruit* of th» Bntub Soflw-ty. Tho flrtt 
thr»id w tbo work uf JoiK<jfb Siunaol C\ K 
Firj', who KTftji At univ tint Fotmdor of tfar 
l>3udon HticJfity, »nd one nf tlin FomrunnH** 
of tb* BrUich Socioty. TJia pcoond thrvod in 
tho MicBLOit of lufjniiy into the atJitt* of the 
Jywsin rAtntinnruidotlHT Uindii. umb-rUkeii 
hy lit. \\\iU-V. of Ahprd«*n, l>r. K^-irh. <»f 
^l. Vyrvit^ Kolwtt M-Choyne. ol' Dnndai*, 
U[ji1 Atnlitw Bon.ii', of Lkjllficr. Th<^ tbinl 
ihi^jicj ih ihu cuuv*;i^iun und cuOnM^mtiirii tA 
Ridley HiLiiii l^i^n(4;h(^l], nbo vila ta tbc 
lirili^t So^'i4>ly hit ihjit Mr. Fr^y wa* Ig tho 
lx>nduii Socirtv* Lkiid ^juiutbiujg more. 

Tho First Thread. 

Jowfpb Hanuol U. F. Frcy was born on 
fteptomk*r ^Ut, lin, in MnynstDckltcim, 
neitr KitziogoR, in FtiLnt^nui, C^i-rinnTiy. 
Their yfvrt.' rH-vcrAl link« m the chimin irf Jiif« 
ixiut~QrBion nud (ftppmitiou for hb ^^rwit woa^k 
iLiiHiJkj! hi^ brethren. 

L HJA iinHe iiwi ^mbtAced ChrintijuUty 
And hod livod nnd died i\ (liristlari. 

2. ni> iiUU*t'» de]ivenuj(« fixiiu d<^iiU)> ID 
RHHWnr Ui t]\f\ fnrvnrit uupplinttionH of Jiim 
piQiu fnthor, lajidn ii «i«]p ttoprc^vion upon 
him when a (io>', nnd cnntinur^l to inllurnL'c 
hiiu piiHrrfuUy i^vhtj whim he hud betyjoie, 
like Mnriwin, cm old dz«f ipl^ Hi* ttny-i' "Oi>ti 
of my hifltem, npod alxiut fivi' yc'Jini, ufl^r *n 
illiit^Mt uf n fr.w dft)^* wri;« fuLifjd nr^clinie 
ulLh dL<4itli- My fhllii^r, ^\iv wilh Lh^j in bih 
htiidy, 01' plii'^ of dmntii^n, h^itig rrift^'m<-d of 
It, Kiuipfy nplifyl, * All li* w*ll,' »nJ rcmniniid 
undisturVnl Alwul t«o humn iiftenFflrd* 
my HJhlAi- WHJi fciuud itevtil. My fAtl^crr (ni 
hoing immAdihtely mi^dn ACipninTrd with tl1t^ 
fact, mid * I t^ill coeqo and t-aa hf-r/ AUmt 
four honiii niU^r thii^, whiint all the fnmily 
and friitndu wmw In ti*n dm-pi-sl dUttiws iny 
4oar fiithpr «ntcrod the nwm, hppn^iched 
the bc*i, touchwl the child's hftnd» lUid »aid 
■ My bolovrd diiu|(ht«. bov tui> yun ? ' To 
onr greni fintonjpihmr'i}!, nt tbjii. inoiueuli 
tht> child opeiitHl bvr i.^'v«t wLiob bad boon 

S&F Jtthif^ Mffilntii^ of thr HrUUh SocvHji* 

My>ithrr jifrjuliwli^ivrfn^-hNl.niii] I hftv* riflt 
ytt tivn iDfonuwl of hor loath. U, how 
gr»»t U tiM power of pmy<:r ! Lord incnvuM 
XLy f«ibh, Aiid ^v9 liio iL giWLter {lorlian nf 
Um lliiHt of pniy«V v\f\ i4ii|>p1i<-ntk>ti/' 

3. WtLon ho Wju l^nviiig humu at the uf^ 
«f twenty one, Uic ffti-ow*U wurdBof Iiib pxUy 
falL«r siuk i]r«p into Ijifi JloaiI. lie iJeHixRiUf 
tliH >H^tf1lt^ thnut — **On tha day of my <le- 

little WH\ out of the towfi, mid nt th» niotiiet^t 
of putid^ he InuJ bi.4 hkikJi* t]i>on myltfiiul to 

Tii« vonk lio 
utada UMi of 
w«ru thni 
do*p1y itn- 
pnwnl on my 
mim], a [III tvUl 

ei^tvii by me. 
TJujy if,.r» 
IbiM : ^ ' Tlie 

Aq^oI of tl;« 

1 4:iveiiant bo 
with the*; 
liltti^ itid I 
thick Ibat h* 
■divided t9 the 

who ApprhMHl 

to Iht- gwtri' 
archa A lira- 
hmrir lansc, 
nnd .tRrnb; 
llcat ppnho to 

AI 094:4 Ullt of 

tijii Ik-ry liLLah ; 
th&t gnvp Ui 
ianivl t^ku I A a' 
fi'Dm Atoui^t 

tiuihi; and of 

lliEjj'eif t*id, ' Behold, I serid an aogd beforo 
Um<^ to kftp thv« ill th^ wny, luid lohHn^ 
the# liiUk lli^ |i]iu>t whidi 1 hiwti liiYiyaiiViX. 
B«s«rv of Him, «nd obov Efiti vairo ; provoke 
Uim uot, for fl* iptti tir>| particn tftfttr 
rrdiuyrvjutof k« . ,/<jr J/j/ jViimc u in //im'' 
XptithnrdidT ttioncnnauvp wh&t I tion firmly 
b«l]>ir*y ^., thftt thiit very Acgel Jeho\Tih is 
JcMU of NozATtrth, Who, in tlic> fiUnos of 
time, w»H boru at Itelhlthf^uj, Ji«l *Jii Mtuot 
CnlvMTy to »(oni» for our hiiim ; mw «^in for 
om* iottitiCAtioEt ; fur owr Jivttih ht thv n|*Jit 
^uia of UoJ to moke intcrcveiuu for ua. ;iud 

Brr. napEur ». u't^acr?** 

who uill coiU"ft|!aiu (to icijm overtLe cwth a 
thoiuuinfMniTij, ivnci jndgb tlv* uUoU' world 
in rijfbtooiisTiQi"." 

^, In jToirLj: from JUmhur^ trt Sohw^no, 
Ilh muL niid bml flon;~«J4fttiuM with a Jewidh 
tMoh^r. who hail foiiTid ChHh-ln^ luid wu* 
deli^'hicd to pvD A reibnoii of tliw hop*) thut 
wfL« btiTtting id tiu noiil hk« n hIiu-- Jtu took 
m>t hiH liihie and iwvi» " IV'liohl, the day* 
rtjnifi.iwith the IjiH.tliftt I will make a. hi^w 
covonai^t witJi the hoxme of Ij»r«til, *nd with 
tha huiine of J"diLh. not tttvordit*!- Xa iho 
rovpiirtiit thnt 1 mod* with llirii- fathen* in 

the rliiy tlmt 1 
took them by 
tb« hand to 
hriii^i ihem out 
of the \ii\n\ nf 

Ktryr'' whioh 

My covtrifitit 
thi') Ijiukr. n\ 
thcngli 1 weiA 
a Jiiiol^LiLd \rt 
tht'iti, with thr 
l^inl - hntr Lhtn 
whnll ht» tfi' 
O'jvonant thnt 
] will dnkc 
with tha hiiiLHi 
of I Iran I : 
After those 
dayi(> >airh the 
l^rd, 1 will 
wnlp My Ihw 
in lh<"iV iti wird 
par t F»r jiu d' 
wi-jte it in tholr 
heiivtn : mid 
will ha ihpir 
QtH], and tliey 
al^nlt ho My 
people* " Vou 
pcropi%-er enid 
hv, " tlmt 1\m 
(covenant of 
cto^monie* KJiouId l>e ttiouwded by uncitfaei' 
anil lettrrtoiMihn^^ It i» evident, tlier-efore. 
thai the firtriii^rliHK, which 
were tlieUft^ of nil fithori*oi>morii«j, be w^^Ua* 
jDi-iiriaicnki thci placo wtinro tboy wvr« to bo 
olTi^tTil up. are Irritli no more i thct rjrw 
ooTiinantinUKthavi*lx<(^i ratified, nndlhinwna 
donci vhon Jam* diud on the erom uil^ the 
vri! ol iho l^Jnpjf^ ^"^ rvut fn>m the top to 
the UUtcnn," TJiin pnrt of Hciipture which 
liad h(V'n rn' \\r'A\^hl Iwfor** Mr KreyVnotiw 
for tho hnt titav, and rtud and exjjlainad 
with tbu accent of Uhrivtian oouvivtioD, 


M«mf>rm of Goapsl Trinrnphfi amofttj ihf */^«, 

important turning poitil* in hifl lifo. 

a, Ifift mwiiti^ with tlio Itcv. Dr. lUupt 
til WUmiu-, to wliLiiu lie ^VCTit woi^kly for 
itiflLruntimt, nliAi-() Ui^ haw for thi? drvt timo 
in hi» lift n copj" of tl;t >V*w 'IiKtjLinc<Dt. Ati<i 
wh«iv bycompanniir t^i<> Mttwionic titviphtci« 
«l the Old Tf.l<nji.Mit will llitf fullilujciit. 
nocinTuI jn that New T**tJi.mftnt, li.» wuh 
vontk rnnvin(*«iJ that Jmiiii in tha Vitn^i. 

pive bxui ft Ivttar of rcctmiujiiadiiiLou to thn 
Rev, Mp. fTorT,um, ihi* Ijiithurun pulcr, of 
Kow Brondonhiirg, Mr. t'oi-tum ^howcd him 
fitvnt IninJnw** ftuppli^fi hw tcmpcrriil wnjiti*, 
KAVchim ChtUtuHt iiivitructiu:! twWiiwi4?k<Bt 
ff Titftli bnptiioH him on tlj* Sth '-if M«v, 1 llifi, 
mill ^ikv« bim, acror^lTijf to t.ll^< tTuxtom t^ 
0**r!nAiiy Vp-hon rxJawiw ^mptitfil, in** iiii(u«». 
Th<? rinnio* wiH"<.^ ("IjilHtiiiii FmhiTicIt f'Wy ; 
r^hritftiATi, M tnJu'iLlc tho ruli^'ion htt hud 
ombmui^l ; Firtlrris-k, whif)i moniHi rich in 
pcocct Uj «xpr««o hif* i^i^J wifthcn for him ; 
and thrt mirntiuw I'ttj. wlrk'h im-iiiin Orr, to 
rvmind liimxif ihA t^n t <kf the H^naton pnvioLM 
OQ Ihfl ovcvii^n ; ''Anil vo fihnll hitow tbo 
truth, and tUn tiiitli tdinll lunk^ yon /rvf" 
'^ If the Hon. tliPiT-ftir**, nha\\ maliA yoiiyrAr, 
ye ahull bvjr^r indcod/' 

T. Hu lavotln^r with Mtvuri^. MiVhnrhri 
And ThcirmonH two r-xpoii'.^itu^i di*ci|jlws *V*' 
U><)k him hy thn hniirt luid pointnd oul la him 
t\i9 iif« ihftt ttboLiJd be livih] by tbMC who 
call tbCiouelvvB Uhristiium. 

S. Od Saturdny, Ju»o >2Dd. 37^9, lio 
irrivHt at Rortin, whMr«, «* in oth^r plaiwv, 
ho 44kntad hia iivm^ 114 k vliovmakor, ftnd 
nh^ro ho woji It^l to fint^r thi> MinxioDtiry 
CVriDiuoiy' thcn^) in onlur tti \m Liiliikhi] for 
mWion work- In Juno, T>^L)| , whilst hn wfu 
Ui9V9. tht* Dirtctonof J'A" Lt/Tidon Mifitiot*/tr</ 
Scd^i^ hiit\ writtoci for thriNi niLubiiiuitv 10 
b« 4»i>*tB.]itfl to I>j\ VumW KoMip in Afdi-n. 
Th» thMH> hwtT»n»n t^hown, nftvi- I'tij-iioiit 

Srayer by tht Suptiridtondtiit, the* lifrv. Mr. 
ftciiicki\ wc*r(' Ui^tbOT* Pilin, Ulhricht. and 
Kroy, who li'ft llHrlin f<ir Ijumlon (»ii tlit Ilth 
of July^ ISOl. Uu Tne*Uy, Se[rl*»rn)iMp IStb, 
bhoy ivochoi (Si^tv'M:^riH|. Mi^n^Tiri, P^ilm nrid 
Ulbrioht vein n\UtWi*\ xn pn'Vi.-M tt» I^nidoii 
wuoii M(l<?r thrir iiniVfll, but Mr, J^vy vnvt 
oblip^l to wnit bohiod for two d*y* until ft 
pM«|Jtirt wn-i forwn.i'doJ. Ttiu* detniiiorl «inl 
uniiGlv lo Bpc^JLk A woiiJ of Kncllih, hn foil 
BJUCh i]eprt<M(<i). Eti thi* cvc-nirxg hp prnyiit 
Vftry Aurni^HtLv for giiidmioo, jVhc»ut two 
o'clock e,m., he b&d the fDllowin^ fitrildii^ 
dreua, vrLii:h Imd mtich Uidu withdcUuiniuitig 

hLa future ^h«ro and work, ftrd whinh wha 
ftft«rw&rd» htcnilly fulGllod. 

"Drum.— I rwul hi a pnpcr, thnt tliv twa 
hrvthiuti, l^*lm kiiil Ulbticlit, it* vtv^l n* ijiyM^f, 
nniii tir |i[V4cl> ill L<mdMii ; thuL bljv Jutfii in 
] ui ticuliiT wviv Tin 4 ieiomC AlT^cUtinBtci nutiLncT) 
Eiintod to tho dixi^iii'iu wliich I ^110 to dttlivor, 
Tlio nppf^iiitcd (Lhy nfiproAchi'd , ivii inrnmriMi 
t'rnwd i'»1lootv(l( Mid I wai^ onnhlvd t^i prv^oh ta 
tltoro with j-n'fht frvqnhmL m^id to lilt up my 
Ti>icQ Uko n trunifwt. T tbou^^ht that ihe nf!cct 
of ti^iii dtucniine wu, tKa( 1 wrui itftctrwATcbi 
<lMirtfiI tii*tiay in L-Htdofi, tt' vrt^^c^b hi>Ui lc> Jvwh 
uiiii ClinHtmim : t't alLti^h 1 rcplmi thiht I cimld 
ri"t psfiftiUv pi*rl *vith my Wr brtthron, Palm 
imd ULbrii^ht, i\ml \vt thiMti ijo aU'Tio : but that 
if tht* rlifHitr.irr woidd vcmti fVtT *i""pthor miMi'm- 
i»ry, I'l ■i'*mm|>ntav tb^mo hrpthrvii, I w^uld 0"n- 
aont : und vjtb'wbioh Um diro-'Torr h«vinj| 
compUod, J ruHoWod l^ ronijiiii in Kiiglimd."" 

Tbe Dirtctom of 7*A4 Lyin-hjn JHuwrutrif 
Siiri^ty d^iilf^l ibnt Mr, Frf>y j^hontd mmnln 
in Riiglft&d And litbo^ir auionji^ hifl br«thT«n. 
But M ho know tiothiniE of the Eafrli^^ I(u^- 

IfiiJilCn, Ihny mftolvf^ tbnt hf hhoiild tt natit 
to tho Mifwiofijiry Rflmirary in (JospDrt iindi-r 
the caro of th« UcV. iJiivid Uortio, in whoso 
churrh wpi hnil tho plcitMiiv of ploiidinj; tho 
clmnui of tbf Ih'if.L^b Soi-irty vjinf* ymn ofg^- 
Thi*n». itud*?!' l\utt TK»hl# Tutor, Mr Frv<y wha 
truiiiuJ and t]lul^5lll•bly t'qmppod f<jr hw lifw 
work. In Miiy» 1805, he loft doipwrt to 
bi'gfn bip Ihtioiii^i JiUKiTig Iil?i Kn'lhn^n in 
l-ondou, ntidtr tb*' rtiiMphvhof tbe l>ir*<tor« 
<ff yAr Ltfndan Miwienar^ 'S^fcirt'/. On July 
CtL, l>^Ofi, Mt their rwuMt, bo lx%-nn wi^kly 
bv'tuT-fl* nt tho Rflv, Mr, BfiU'R rhj4|w1, Jpwry 
Street. Ald^i^t-^H wbidiwskfi nttdndad by num- 
bers of J^wn, *omo of whom worn blc«vd, on^ 
by (Thrifltiftn mixttAtAi-:^, tmoiiif whom wiw tho 
Vi<tipnLb1o John Ni^wlon. who wil-i v^on 
bhtlicd in Kvrt. At tbU tiiec Mr. Pmy wu 
the only i^wpcl pnuLchvr in tbo world to bid 
owij btrtlitt^tj. Thr* difiiL^iJJty of linduig em- 
]ilr>ymrtnr, for, HrH[ dt^penHJngi timiprM-hl n^Uef 
to n^tol^ i?oriVArN« (miiK^ii fi\Avh fritHrtoTi Jim^'ii^ 
!<iin<.'<^f lb'* DinTlorw, tlmt ititslto tb* r^iiC"^ 

iiJttioii nf Mr. Fii't» luirl Ut luH fiirmutinn, 

nlonp uiiU others, of rb* /^nttim Santiy Jor 
i'ramatinif Vhriiiumifif arnAinjiit th* J*%r»^' 
whicb woA hogiin on ibi^ Ith uf Au^tihtt ISOtl. 
With n cvjmmittfp tmnpnspd of ClirUtijiriJA nf 
difl^vnt cvan^'plicnl dotiopu nation*. Tbjtt 
coiuiu:tti>e puicbfucd tbo Irrifc of the French 
IVoiMtaiit t'horeht flitimt<Kl at tho comer of 
Chi] It'll Htr<*pt 11 nd Itru'k Imu', Spitalliiitldfti, 
hnd rfdl*d it " Tho Jl^wb' Cbnpi.*!.'' Tboro 
Mr. Frt'y l"t-i:^n tL Ivoture *biob ottnmtod 
birgu oungrr^tionfi, .imoiig wbuui w^rvfiTini 


JTtd JubiUt Midin^ of the British Socldif. 


tiro to Uir«e iLandi^l Jeva, & ooDKidcTabU 
ntimbi'r of whom |»iil»llr']y iVj;if«o<«?.i OhtUt 
by hnjilkm, H<^n> Again tht* ilillifnlty at 
fin4iii|{ ^mploymont for tho ooi]v<<rU «<iHiaod 
ftloKBt LnBuiinouiiUM«, ITem, ii\na. ihriollicr 
prubli^iu prnutl for (tolntion, which <'nhnin' 
fttcil in Lbo volunLiry vtthdrnwiU of all the 
?<iMiooiifarQiuiU from the mf.titutjcii, and it*. 
rTCoiisttTn:tiun od a Church vS Kn^fbiiti buia, 
nvbwn the Ht^v. lAtwa Wny t>lr(>[riy1 forwjird 
ftod i^ve JIU.OOO, bj wbi'c-h th« dnbt, wbidi 
thro»t<i3od its oxtmcticm, brcamc^ & MMii^^beil 
(lUnutiLy, niif] whii.'b L&iil ibtt Fouudaliou of 

its fllT,1irA EfAhiNly (tnrj tUf^r>«i(H. 

Thit f^hnrijtr'^ 1™ ^1^ ^'> Mr. Kr«r'H ti^parft' 
iioD fivm tb« Booiety vtliidi liv inil beeii tbe 
mcAiM of Uinaing, aiiiJ wblcb be ti>viD£ly 
ckIIuI h» Dvn i?hi]d — a cbiLd whi^h he 
rwvvr c<au«il to pmy for, and in wIk*o grow- 
in* prwiperily ho gifratlj n^joiLTil. 

Diitiiig hift [iiiioynftraof miiainnflryliilionre 
Iwr^, lip hnd pi<«iii?ho(l tho GoEpol to hU 
bffvtbren tkod advomtcd t.Uc cinims of Jewish 
minBioM Ihrou^b atl |uLrtf< of Kngljui^i 
WhW, ScritlnTiii nnd )rv\niu]. with lile&fd 
fiSABCdl And a|tiriti.THl rMulU. 

Jitor thiN 4;(xl bmi A gn-atwoik for Ilia 
iVrrftnl lo dii i» Aiueric^i, whi^iv fur u tiiut:' 
Im wbm tbo flble ami f*it.)>fid prmior of n 
Pr«nbirUq'iaii <"hiH"cli in Now Yoi'k. and 
A-fWrimrdit f<f Ikptl^it Ci^mxibm in Ncwnrk 
Mill 3i(j^ f^iitjf ; wh^-rv hfi u'lkH lU^ iii^nriH of 
foandinf^ ni\i] fQ*t«"iii;f 7Vi/ Am^rtatn .SV^rj^/y 
for Mfiiiifrattn^ tJi« V^'i^tiifn <yf' if^t Jeur^ ; 
wborc from Km Arrival in IgKt i,li }^^7, hv 
Iuk] beeo prjvita^nr) ta trnvnl upwnrtlA of 
mXOOn mi\^ iind pivai^h five thoutAnd ono 
bundled Hnd forty evvc^n ticior^ with gctcd 
gHMU^ib f L>r tb« 4;ouviciiijn tbnt buridivdi* of 
aoob hud b«i>rL HjtirilixHlly and pm-iiiMfmntly 

Ponajt thd lajai niniiL aoTiths of bis tife. 
a« br whm ^^klltin^ tbruu^rh lbt> vallr-y ciF djirk 
shaflnv. hr> wiu nomftlimM in tirLh|ti'jiknUM 
.bodily pain, and yt^t ha ooilEiI «xrU]irt wjtb 
'-fiiul, *'Oo:l bnth not ffLvcn mu the "^jiirit of 
feaj*, but of i^^wrr, nuJ i.jf hivir Hii-1 iif ii 
■Dund miiid." !!>' mnih> rhr» i«mark aipiitv 
aocl ii^n. ''3Iy Jowuih kjrcthpn hrtvo oft^in 
a&id tb&t I wju h byp-icrite. find that t .''bould 
ll9%«r dt« A Cbmtirtn : imtf tc^uft tAfmtitknow 
t^t t^ ttifirt tnUtakfti." A ft-whour* Soforo 
Kin d«fttb bi» w&» AKk«d» ^' Am the nkkw stUE 
bnjCblbvfon* y^u?" "Oyos. / have nevrr 
And a douhl^^ ^mtw Jifltr UlU he wJtH nski<d 
in r«*g>rd to bi)^ Ktniidin^ in UhHHt iind biH 
|ienw LD the proai>eotof di>ftth, Addbo nipliod^ 

" Hm O my "fnil, lUj 1jt1"1 rcpow, 
If J*«n* u fi-iiTtwr thinif ; 
Vol duib Litolr. that U«t kF f-nv, 
rail broUi H uiilwu im Di^be " 

ThiiK, With linn forstin^f in tho Rock of 
Aj^, with not A cltmd ftbovo, iiot n f<jiir 
withiu, til ppi'ffxit piiHce, J. 6- ChriattAn 
Prwli-rifik Fi-ny lUWfTnlfld tn f.b> sUrduuipd. 
mitny-miinflionod Citv of Uloiy^ more thim ft 
coiiqufrori tbroiLj£b illm tbnt lorcd bim iind 
gftvo UioiM^lf for tiim, 

Tbe Second Thrnnd. 

Mr.niid Mrfi.Wof>drr>whiiilr-iip]nfrinj(How, 
by the jud orf the Uivtiia l^ipiiit, a nwoct hoiii* 
fiojii wliicb then? wont ii|] fervent bcli<>rinc 
prnyer» And wenii oitb n»UiU^g ptnctiuril 
syniimthy on Iwhnff of God** [incieut luid 
overUfitiuff ptiople, for about ftrty ywrn*, 

Mr- Woodrow nas tha author of n »obd 
Ixmk cm UTit'id^llnl prophuLy. IL w^fc hfl 
whostirrod up thv Gpnerril Aftu^mhly of tho 
Cbm-oh of Hoothfcud to *fini forth a dftpiita- 
tion io inijuirr into ih^ luiiditio^) of the Jcwh 
in PitlirHin*! «uil oLli«ir UndM, lie was tho 
writer" 'if ihi* juhiiimbl** iiddrpt* whiob Iha 
Uoudcnl AMi*-iiibly riik>pltHl iw Iheir letter lo 
tbultT.||t^ And i|jiui:iiU'r« uf AUj&hnm. rvuttrr^l 
Uimnphoiit, the wnrfd^ whii'h wiw Imn^lnlwl 
LUlO ^evdr.kl lAn^iiitgVH and eironUtod nmnng 
tho JowB \i\ miinyhindi*,iivoahy Mr*. Woodrow 
bMi*Of, in tplti> of luT v'idowhuoil. tho 
iuHrmitiiv of n^, nnd th» fiitigiif^ jiit^h^ti^l 
by lon« jouniflyiJ in foi-pign coiin'rn— . 
' Tlw deputotiou wnt forth by tho U^^noral 
Awrmbly iu 183^, i^ouMBtfld uf l*r, Bliwk, 
Dr. K^tth. Robi'rt Ml.*b*yne» and Andmw 
BoQur. Mr, Wiwdroitf w^a un^blo to go 
through tl]n«». 

HoWct M'Ch^yne wmi the iiitlcumvnt uf 
lioirig J* (Cruat woi'lc for Oflflin Dnndiw. Kvfq 
hia look in thii pulpit liP4d Uxt to thoodvntioD 
*A Kjuln. Au>l jrt bU btaltb bf:!«nni« au 
impaivmi that hn woa obli^i^l to witbdnw 
from hv pidpU nad h« flopk, H* v^nt to 
hjji old homc! in K.linbiirf:b| with 1 hi^ pil litr of 
cloud JLnd llrfl ROLiig l>rfot^* i\» a iZ^Lldini;, 
gitarding, and gl;idd4iu[ng lighi'. Ttirr iiiu^t 
niomuutoitH n^ulttf oftHi hnn]c upoti tli« 
slendpro*t tbrmd?»i th^Lb Moil, Ihc Aliuif^'bty 
Mnktfr. Mi>ver. und MtoUu' uf tlio t."uittfn% 
nifty hftvft all ihi* plory, <^i]r vtMionililtf 
fn^nd, l»r, Andrew Itonar. tn bi" hf««t.ifrtl 
M<iniiiir of M'Cboyri''. ffi^'Cfl one of ih-.iHU 
ihiHidA lu thrt fol!owinii jJuumgD ;— " llo 
(MH'h<>yn(») wwi ulilt hoping for, nnd 
mibmijtaivuly nuking from thw \j>t^. tpwdy^ 
mtoratiQu to bitt pooplo in Dmidoc, 


3ffn}iot'if* of GoBp^i Triitmpha /rmoii^ tt* Jmrx, 

■nd i^f^nofliAlly vMiilin^ to theiu lOi'opivtio 
tliut brcuiht'H Ihr true p4Ator'ji n>ii1: when 
one day, iw h« »»« valkin^ nitli Dr. CVlhJ' 
Tihli.ront'FT^tTig r>T]||i0 UiMoti to Ixriu?! which 
liju) lately be*n reaolved on, an iJm ooomc*! 
miiidtfDiy aamtfM iv Dr. OnmllLih, Ho 
wJecJ Mr. M'C1h»j^9 wlml lie m^ulcJ think of 

filled witli yj)" Hn.l wohdrr. HU iiiwltiThI 
frietidr* biffbly apj-ro^-wl of liio j«rcjKte«l, ■« 
WinK likolV U> «>ijdiic« very muoL U> tho 
rvniovnJ of hlH tf>m jildntd, -tbec4lm,ttaiul;, 
exoit&inent <»( anch a journey ftwing liV«Iy tn 
realoro the torio of tiia wjiolt wnstitution/* 
It vtbA BOW buii]t ill upcn M'Ch*yn*'» bcnrt 

Amthirr t/ "l^^rmttrr of A Miaian U> tA( /m." - Mennfir and iTtttarh* 0/ A«. Aot^/t V. tf'CA^Mr" 

tuoa ftvn Inboiir', by ^ing abruiul lo 
BMIdv MnoDlil inquirio* into the rtato oF 
laniBlf " Th« idwi thus migctntod k-d to nil 
thn nftitr mmilU of l,ho Mi«iinn tJ IniiiMry. 
Mr. M'Choyuo fouad biiuitolf aW nt one* 
Oftllf"i t' <Airy Hvlvntion to ihc Jc«h m hi- 

tlmt 1i» uughl tu n->pf)iid b^ what 1i« wm 
oOTiviiK**! wftH a l>ivino odl 10 him to arbw 
n&d vtKit thu iluJy Lmid on UiliiUf cf ttio 
JfWa, But aatnc of bia jjouplo could not boU' 
Ihe thnmfljt <*f pin'tuig with their belovwl. 
[itL^Uu-, and tb^) did HlLthuycQuldtoporvmdtt 
birii n-ii, tu gn. Jt w^jli hjutpd thnt ibu iKiul- 
u\m^ work tki huiuu wtiuld U; Uiudond d h«' 

Thf JnbiUfi Me0^i'agB of the British Sooioj;. 





loft thoQii Biit Af (cr lie had tho oosuranci* 
th^i hot lifolouj^ ft'JtiDil. All drew Boniir 
would Amjanimny him, noUiing riniM uiovli 
him frnin hm [mr^vMn, TU^y wvnt, mul it 
Wnn Hbilo they ^I'pn* a^my om ih\l ijii'v'itwi of 
love to tlio Jcwii, llmt ji icvivnl Wi>t furtli 
ill KilKjlb ■iiJ in Mr, M^f^pynp'ii <''hnrrh, 
Diinxl««, tho blr*w(J oftcptB of whii^h will not 
UtftiUy Icno^n iintiJ Utc book* oro cipcnod m 
the ^SKai Hereafter. 

In Mr- Mf*b«yr«*"* TVniA Pufiorol I-etttr^ 

hffftdAj Alril <ff»turi, BtVtduu ui I'm » in, 

Octotnif Ifitli. Itl31», ik'i-f* arr two or tbce 
word p(ti4ji«H uliLf'b ^Low lIielE. aDIk'tbup am 
indniM In th4> t^AiAki^tJi* r>f Orxrh i»hoi(«(t 
iMiktdiotioQA ; lljflt Hm t^jkili>i^4>bt nK>n!ii>t 
o(l«n oomo to lia >»ii^il»n Lindct Ibo wiri^'a of 

HERE |» 0>C tJr rilBSt IHtl RErt. 

" Frwm tbf* J«j »*• (rft ^yjiO till «e iiuui< 
to M<i[int l4»hjinon, for riorA Th^^ik Iwn 
foofitb* w« WT« «on«ta»lly jonmayirig from 

(hWe to ]kliu:n, linnj* tti triito, without tho 
[Uiiry uf A cbdii or a Ih^^I. In thi^i ctriitui- 
<tAiii!w^ with my ivrik Ijorfy, nnd titular a 
burning *un, yon taiut not wotidcr at my 
ulence. At tbc foot of Moutxl fJnrutc] I 
br^l^uuiLP Iflitfr lu ;n'U, nin! iipiiii iciAifchd of 
tlii!> >^ uf (.iaIIIoo I bvpnn utiothor. but 
n«ith<.'r tii'X i f;«t lininficd. \a\i^ rf aLI, 
U-fui« Imvifin; i\iv lluly LtLiji]. I »tt ujKiji ji 
iImv fill vrrititijc fn >oti, but Hixl liml ii&ntbpr 
tmuin f or i»« to limm. Hf> U{<J lu* doun 
Dud^f ft bi)ri\ixi|r fu^Vf, biiii^tt)^ luo to tb« 
vwy jfftle* t^r ilratl, IiiJeed, my tlvm |ir(Ji>K 
I ft«l Uk« ^.ri^nn'^T vbom 1h« T^rd Jiwiir 
miud froLn tic tomh. 1 fml lika o!i« unt a 
•oeotid tiopc wilb ihc nicfHnfco <if iinlvntion, 
boi^oftk it mun- fnlin^ly hihI iiit>rT* fiiilhfully 
lo yovr lusrti«, nn orm ifihti^r pyt^ Lnd Itnlicd 
illtoUkftOt*Tnal«or](L In all our tPiindM-iisf^ 

Em hiiv<t bctn with iJio by ni^^lit find by day, 
vvTfHXit^vt lujujiiiifielK Ijiiu] bnjuvbl you 
D> nij r^mi>mbraMv, htH-htiA^* ^vi^f y hn*ha T«t1lH 
of JfiMiiA UhriJit mill }\\in fiiirillKiL in lb<' 
wiMornon*, In Jotn^Mtl-ni, lb-* f^ of 
GaUIi**!, xt Kiiiyrnn, ■■(] \^v^ llUrk Hi^i, trii l|j« 
Dviubr.yon ifi.T« Ijqmi nil with m4, I have, 
day A&d m^-Lt, uneuuiEixly bid your oiMk 
befotv (f<^. ll bort txy^Ti cue of [iiy chjirf 
dMuJortH. Ibat t^ujufii T i'oulil not |iTtUtf^li 
to you, rior I'Oiiit* to yon, I couli y^t pray (or 
xQtx. FvriiHim 1 lu^iy obtam vxoifs for you in 
tkia ««>. (liAn I Lvulil bavtj doiiv by my 
{Nfitonnl wri'ir»i «riiiiTigti-i» Another joy to 
nw baa b««o, ihiii I ki^ow nil of you ivho 
pny, pr^y fcr oo. ThiH Iia« b«vu h lamp 

to mo in monf (t dcirk hour. Ood btwt 
i^oadorfully ii^i'twHrr^fiil ij»- ihroiigJi ynur 
jimyeni. In the iiouth of tbe )IoIy Ijiod 
wc wvr« dairy cxpoMid toiha filncun, Every 
ni^ht wt< btard the wuil of tbn moumors iJtiiiJg 
alutjt lliti ftlrudU nf JnniiuJrin ; yiil HO plagiie 
fame ii«ir our divrlliti^' " 

"Of tbir Holy lAml Icfiii onlyhny, like th« 
Qutwn of >4b^bH, ' t-liAt tliu bnlf was not tcdd 
ute.' I xhiUJ Always vtH^kon it oni^ of tho 
tfroatfwt tciuponvl blmmgnof my iol, tl.iil I 
li»vv be<^ii Ivd Uy wAuJtu- o^^i?r JU mciiuit.QiiiKf 
*-ith my RlWft ti» my hrtud— Ui i-it by itn 
wolU, and to io(<ibtuto iifuoog il« ruined 
cibie*. Nota lanjrio duy did i*e »puoit thero 
withmit nudlDjc. in t\i^ \x\\\\ ilwlf, iha mttut 
wciRdrHol tmiMv cff Ood'« an^- tnd of 
HiH lovc^ f^crvctnJ timoi W4> w<4it to tho 
Mimnbof Olivu, to tbo (iunlcik of Gtttli^- 
uiuitf, to tile Vool Iff SiliBUn, uml Ui f-he 
vjllNCfA of tb^Umny. nmi t^very ttoxLo HMin«d to 
rjH<ak of tho lovi* (4^ l»od ta runnom, Thmi 
p]jK(«MTr* iJitdKiblv \T-iy little ■Itinrd fnjin 
^vl]At they HL^r^ In ihv dnyn wlifii Jvhik 
1jib#rnac|pd ninoiig m^n, 3it>d 1h«v nil Hsemod 
to tuy, * Hoi"chy porroiTo wo Un> lovt of Ood, 
bvcAUMt Il« Uid down Ilift life for u^.' " 

Wbpn Th-. BIncV, Dr Ki^ith, Kobart 
M*f^lioyiio and Anitmw Dom^i- rtitiiriivdt they 
bad a tXovy to tHIwbirb htiivexl tliKrhrifttinn 
bi-nrl of firf^nt BnUiIij and Iri'biiid lo \\A 
t»ry Tieptbu. 

lu 1^11, Mr^ M'Uhf^yoo vi«itcd Ireland on 
behalf of ImneK He wnti ot\ the yiliitfoiin on 
the ^Twit day uf iho uukm of tbo IHah 
Pp<*byl*rirtn SyiKidM, During hii visit h^ 
plciik-d lh« otUM^ of iho Jews ftxim various 
pu]piti4, and n« ibfJ rv#uU uf bia Appeals 
:« iitHtoorial w^ piV^iit^l ill. th« tittiiij; of 
the rirfif. AuHpinblv, fmindfui on vhirh tbey 
M^rit fcrlbt in l>vL'i, \h.\ir firvt httti.* compDhy 
oi inif«ionni-ioi* lu »w\i. tli^ to«t phivp of Llie 
HoiiTT of Turofl, 

Dr. Btnck'f ffiU from th« back of bis 
cnmeii and bit foar that b« wonid tiot bo 
nblo to endiUL* tim fnii{;tJti of a jcjiiinoy into 
(lalilet*, Inl hmi nnd bin fellow trn-inllfT, T)r, 
Keith, to ivtiufi hcjme by Cbnt^taDtinoplo 
jwd the DrtDolie. and lo vuit Vienna nu*\ 
Pwtik Jn Pe^lh Dr Keitli wnji wizal wllh 
All llhiMK whb*h i^wtiniri^ vittil thr-y muda 
the imjwrtJint diM^veiy that tb^ro wai* iv 
wide iwt op«n \\\ HiJuiTiiry for >i O^j^ptsl 
Miv^ioii lo Lho JiTU^. So, nhvu t<atlit]hiiLism 
on hi^balf of Thrall moi avalumAd, u >t had 
iiovcr been before, by aucb diACOUTKa aa 


Meiturrta of fiim}id Triinnpftn nmimr^ Mn ,ffriim. 

Dr. Buimr &ui1 Mr, M'OtioyiLA do1h«r^, n 
ApMTJQien of whh'h will be foiiaiJ oii pagA 30, 
il \viw r«K)iK'vil in iK^^iii n Mittion, not in 
lUrtfttiiin but m EluDjeAty. uvt iii JrtiiHilDia 
bill' ill pMth, Thiri nnlnr ipf^ilvi^ thi^HtAiiip 
of i\ia Divkfio npj-rovjkl in gtoiioLi« if^iilU. 
T^cn wr-nt forin t*:^ labour amoDjE tlid 
Jonii in Pr'tli. Dr. Dimoan, Mr. Siitittit »ijil 
spotiiklly thv Hfrv. W. WingnVr, vha ia KtiU 
lirin^p fljtp*! *t4- nn-f who i* nn honourwj 
iDcinbi-rof tliP JJritioh Solely* Committee. 
Mr Wiiif^ntowiis tht lutviriff ciT Lho nonvcr- 
hif>nnf th*' Sni^Mr fmnriy. At t-her-vlrbrntjon 
of the J"i»iil\»* I'll l*n' Fn* Chiirfllirf SL>j(lotid 
JiftU'jnh Ml>*M>ii, lioTil ihl tlir ovi^tiinit of iLq 
i*r,h iif M*»y, lft»^9. Hr, ^\Ai\r khi.I : '^ T 
T4>mcTnltAr thi« liivi SiHJiirty wrvip™ \\M in 
tho hotfll frr Ihct Kii^Lieh rcsiJiiiita nt F<vth, 
vhcu Dr, Dudt'ftH and Mr. Wmith Hfif^ J/r, 
Wffjj;fl£ff f2'p'tMi\tlp4^ ifi^ SrrtjUurr-i. TKo 
>^ub^'qu«<Qt luivtin^;*. butii in Eu^liidi and in 
GLTmtiD, ntv JiHiuctly iii tny roooJIvc^tioik, so 
Diiii|t]v and ovitnturdly itnnltrAdivr. but w> MX 
ft li^hl hiitl jxivivi', liriii^iri^' ihi* inunKigt? ^jf 
tbvlot'Mof God (O ^iHg^C Iihl4ll^l«.'^ 

sfniM^ rn eovimtm with my dr^r /ndirr, tAfti 
taorv iho7\ #iirfy ,¥'"" '^'''i **"'' '"V "I'^'^'^j "Jy 
firtOh^p^ 'iTtd thrn: mtUrr, / f-'at tntpCUtri intn 
t/if. Itrt'j nttme *>/ ovr ^■or•fi^ant UinL TbiLL 
(jfiy «>biii<-« forth in my uicmory ntiovri nil 
Oth«t duyic of my Ilfv— b duy of iiitoQAO 
fiolt^mnily, nu »i'ti.-«t piNKv^. unrl mcH cbiMlikij 
Of^unmrvi of tb« hjt'if of Ouil in Cliriet JiwUfi, 
u'hj'^h IhimihI all tbti iiiMrnhfrii of my fimiity 
tn tk jv^u niul dr^ur timtv-" 

In fi l^ttf^p by tlio iat(» Pr. iJrfilffloli, 
tli^iv i<« JUi iL{i|ir4]jJiLAl4r Jtiiil triui4tiriij npjili- 
pfltion of ft t#aiitkf([| imftffv of Sc^ripture li> 
tho Snptkir fiunily at tLt lirft-fruit* of tbe 
Frcr 4'buich Jcwwh Miasion in JIuda-lWth, 
Dr hvViiiwh pays:— "BiidiirtiiithMKJWwl in 
o »lnlcii>^ wiiy ihnt tbvro ii4 n rMnriant in 
lAtudl iKVOrdiujz tu tliu r>li>clion of ^rtncie — ii 
reaiQArt uccottJini^ to th« proiniM of ii^ian^fi 
Kwtor«r: 'T will Uy Ui» foiiuilulioit witb 


Our van«rablfi futhor, Mr. Win|ni1«, who 
C«T« hiiceolf to t\\f- vTiJi-k iLii^on^ fhrn^l 
fn \%X\j (ind will* luu Iwrii dnvnifld in ir, for 
tipwu'dii of fifty ycor*i, rcin^rdA tho Ui-itibh 
Society flfi t\io child cif the i'prtth Mituiion. 

Ill IM43. Mr M'Ohoyi;c jHiia a m\t 4o 
T'on'ton, nTid iviix iin^iertt lit tho fornuki^ion of 
tha British Soc'ivty. 

Un iho firvt pi|^> of the fiftit Minute i^ouk 
uf the Sucitjtj, no ifiiJ L— 


LoMwif. -VvifflOfl- Tth. IWSl 
A mdiitiii^ naHLvl hy j^ItvuUr wh* IuiUI. 

iiav. Ur, lJrHi>», Q^obi^jr 

th'. FunriHitH, 8topn«y, 

Dr, Hifn>K%«>T, Hi^hhuiy Collogo. 

Jon* C.'tTUiinro^ fiYiiwn f^^nrt. 

JamhC. 1)i:k«(ii, t»nfb>n W*U. 

Wm. VnsiiK. nrpnt.f(*Tii. 

RiDLKY Hkhhi-ii»:li. UTington. 

PirrrR t^RiUKR, lMm^Un\. 

J,tviu ll««it,Tfuc, KAeHriT. ^-piHrp, 
Miimrn. (iKti. YoMit 

Wit. Hauilti-ih. 
Alkx. (<ri>LGHi'iK, Junr. 

jLt|.H|iA WlUIOIf, 

Jmist Ixkw, 

FlLM< L. WoLlaKTOjr. 

Jfrrtrn FiuAKK. 
Dr. A. P. SiBiffiKT. 

With thu l^tv. Wvx. FlvU, Alnow, anil n«v. 
R'ibt, M. M'Cho)-ne, DuntTon. vijii^irfl. 

T>r Biirflbit' boin^f nilfi^t! to thi> c-hair, IJ&fl 

Tlini priiy**!- wft« mcihi follfiwcd by pmc- 
tioui, lovin^jf Mymfnitby, f*r it nn.-* thifiu|:li 
Mr. M't.lioyiin. Dr, Aij4ri«i% nuj Dr HotnTiim 
Bnmir, fbiit th*' Unit donfttion of £500 nuna 
(o hiiTid, which wnubl^l the t'ununittoo to 
hvgUi 0|x^r4tioiui. 

Thi Third Thread, 

Tbo thinl IbTCttd wv Knr] iii tbo connuinoii 
nud lULnintiy of Uiv Itcv. Kidli-y Ilornchnlh 
Riillflj HpnirUflll wftH liOTH lit iSlnclno, a 
MnLtU townaboul tbii'ty KngJiHh uill(?4diatiLnt 
fmm lliomT in PoljincJ. Aii in tbt cnai* of 
Mr Frciy. tbriv went o^iuiy linlo which l#i] 
to tho convnmon, iind to thi> inirji-try of Mr. 
ilwTSL'hcIl, loth nmonf; Jows imd (J^ntilmn 

I. Tho |!iont laAOn c£ rvvcrctic^ for fiod 
and Hli Wonl. which ho Ifinnird from both 
bi^ fiither and icothur. anil hvr parting 
wonld to htiD wbtfu h« loft bin homo to 
btfcoiud n Htudcnt ut tbe Berlio fnivrraty. 
)!«■ s»yh : '* Sh<T diuip^d uih in hn arm*, uid 
Hftid to ma. ' If yot] walk in the v-Ay^ of Ood, 
v« uc tftini to mw>t oithnr in thin world or in 
thfi woi-ld to come; but if yon dej^Hrt from 
tlir Kriyn cf (IcmI, nm\ for^ci llin Iawht (»vH 
Kihikll follow Vdii cvttti in thin wcrld, nnd w« 
fthall novcr mwt —novcr— either in thu 
world oi^ in tbe world to come/ '* 

a. Tho M.vorid fh^Mter of linkn mny bn 
VAid ttk Ix^ hiK K^ti^JiKt vinit to London, wbon 
Ito Jodfff<] with iL i'h^^tiAIl Luiullndy n'bo 
ii^uioiialruttd »ilh luui for ruadiji^ lud LuukA; 


Tiif JiAitts M0Ui^$ of At BrUitk Sacittj/* 


wbo uorard liiu wiib tlifi ent^ of a UivUtg 
xatAhtr whon hft wm wriou^ty ill : wlio pnt 
hut li(Ld bcicikii tn Iho tirn tLo b(<4t phio^ for 
them — ^vbo, Worn he left, jnv»*rited to Kim 
a Nt>4- T«diiiui'"t, which In* th»^w nshle 
wiiKont kirikriigjkt fT» niu\ ^vo biED n letter 

T.hi* fii>*t. lime. ITo *ftjK " T *tlpj imt, ' 

Tvcid ' T hftV4) no onn U> hcklp nj^i, niul J djkie 
ni»t a(i]>n^fich Tt^c^, for 1 am faulty ; holpt 
oh liBlp 011^; foi' (li« jwike of my UtK^' 
A^TraJiAun, wJio wiir* willing to olT<?r ii]> hi« 
soil I*ii*ie. h«ve merry upon bjo, nnd im|iutu 
biH rJghteouBtLttH u&to me.' iJut there ivha 

arr. fraiiAM inmuTs. 

him frtia dAi^airr nn<l infljilr^l htm uilh 

S- THp ncwM'E tii<' Jv^ih <»f his Movi-i! 
nuiLlm-, whoM ti?m|4irni»< ri> liiu ho iviufim' 
bar«vt vith tho dn^jwAt ffrnlittida and 

4^ AUfT thvil \\fuivy t,tTok<^^ fiJid thinkiikc 
6f Ha unfiiitn(v«, hn \imyt\ rKtempntv fur 

uu aaavi«r fram OoJ — uo pHuctt to my 
wmiihdad spirit/' 

y Hft *ny»: "Ontt uiofttiug I went to 
fiiii^hiuw uTi artido in ft tXiop, hltlrj kccu-ing 
ilijtt iitxl Itju] thav Ktnivd tjii fijr ujm tha 
' (wnrl nf prtwl ]iri(>o/ wHfh Ilfl waft ftboul 
to ^ivo mo 'withoiiit monoy Mjid witltottt 
pricr/ ThoATtirk I ]]iircbaH<] wim wtii|T]i«>il 
up in u haf uf tliu UiU<.s which i^nt,*iiiL«d n 


M^Ttiorir* of fii>9itd TriumjJm mjurtuf tht JiyfB* 

|bOrUoQ of ttw Mvrinpn on thf n:i<*nnt'. Tiie 
ahopfewpar vrw, probably, an tDliiit^I, vtko 

IlioiiKfit the iliblc nwrcljVft^bo (mvt'^j: fcHJt 
Gi^t oivi^rulcU tli<] triil for K^Myl. jS> I wiu- 
VA Iking homo, my rrvi^ ffUnc«6 on Uio 
%voi'dji : ' Iflowc"! lu-o I hey thrtt mauin> tor 
tlicy aIuII bn coml'oittil.* Thin nrrcpiwl my 
H.tU'ntinn, HwJ I nsiil Uip who!*- imfK^gH aiUj 

''' ]{|m«I aiv tlio iHx>r iiiftjiirlt, for Ihcin 
b tUa kin^Juu of IiwiTtfn. Llfitiwd ah* ilii:^ 

thai iiiurirri, for i\\vy h}imII Ix* ninirort^^. 
Bl^HMtd Aii» tha [itttoh, for tli«iy Hhiill iiihent 
the eATl!). Bkj*i(ftl fir^ 'ln^y whiclt A*> 

th»y hhnll bn Atliv]. 11lt>A^ nrv thfi v>rcJ- 
fiil, for thoy hbnll ohinin lo^rcy. Blri*'^ 
(tin tlio jmro in bc^H, for thry *biili >oft Uod. 
Tlliown] «iv the pcjii:<'-uin.kor», for iliey hliull 
bo oilIIckI tliD e^ltililrpu of <*'jt\. Itliwod m-u 
Ihcy which orv pt-i-Wruttil fco' rf|^h(«oujim!«i' 
Mikt. for tbcint iii the kiugJomof bco^eiu' 
(M^tU V. 3— ID.) 

*'] wa» nuchALniolc with t lid •MtimniU 
coDbnmcd In lhi»< iMUMt^ uttd f^t very 
dnii'oiiK to F<e« tlie uook of wbirh It irna ^ 
jHirLidri] 1 hnxl no ]iW whnt Uiolc it ^ai*, 
nvx'iT bttvinff hoan n X«w Tnitftiii»&t. A fpw 
(IjiyH iiftor, Uo<l dinvtod my foout<:^ to tJio 

ft tiopy of tbo Ntfw Tnd^mffnt. Iin|ipll«iil hy 
curioHityi I took it up, noii in turnin>f ovi>r 
tio Wra& b>ho!d tbc tvtj pAnifiKr- tlmt Imd 
intvinntoil me m inurb. I i ui uiiHltauily 
borrowod it, itnd fx*^n lu i>«(l it with gr«*^ 
nTidiiy^ At &^t X fvlt ^|tiit& b«ULhlf<iT*df 
nnd in'ui ivo tbork«d by tli^ Li^jtu^tAiit rccitr- 
rtmce uf the [iniu« uf Ji»ti>. ibuV 1 rtr|ifiiLi?Jly 
rjikitlio (mok aufty. At l*>n^i.h I di^t^iTij)iii*i| 
to rOJid >l through, Whi>n I cwva^ to tbo 
Iweaty iLiid ehftptfrr of tho jrwjj*! vf 
Mhlthvw, 1 wiw UAljjijiiihi^ lit tli(t full dM< 
tloaure of tbo rmlutt) of Fharu'iixm con- 
liiinod in it; 4ind Uhri«*tV IkDjoDtatiou ovtr 
Jv('ii»*lcii!k in the cctii'1uditi)f part ^ * Ji?i u- 
Rnlem, Jtnii«i1eui, tliou that IuUvhL tlio 
prophetii. iiud i^ttri^t Mihtii vlitr^Ii ur« M*iit 
unlno tht*, how t>ft(.'U woidrl I 1i/lv>" pLlh<-rcd 
thy I'hitdivii (otEt'tht^r. vww an Ji htu 
giitheri'th ht^r rhlfk-itiM iimlei- htir wJn^^ Hiid 
w utTidd viot ! ' iilV^icted me cr&n to lottrH. 
In i^udiitjif tlic iLCL'ouDt of the rnidliicinrf tlio 
iu(*ekij«pi4 jitjd Jiivn of (T«»iis of NfljiAivlh 
UMtortii-bnl inn; avul th^ ii^inl hiiii'ml tiumi- 
ft»Mt<fd iigAiiitt biiu by tho fru'sd; iiml ruler* 
iu I«'acl,c3tcitotl wtthm nio a frchn^- of com 

{muiock fur bioi. ruid of indignitLion ^giin^t 
LLn murderers l^ut 1 did nut m>< yet «ve ariv 

i-onniKtfon bvtwwn the t^iffvringft of J««ui 
and my lutu, . . . Wore i U> relate the 
imfiiinwionA iriAde en ue by tbi^ -riLmmn 
[loitioni* of thn gwjwU wii'l i-iit-tlft*, It icoold 
rmthor bo a comawiLtHry on th«» N«w T«*LtA- 
mctkt. tbati A vtotoineGb tondo to my tKTithron 
iLocordiiijf to tho flonb, of l^bit vvay lu wljicit 
U«l Iffll uii- 1[> bnliHVH in Jmibb of Nniamtb, 
Tlio more 1 viumtitud into tho truth of 
Chrittijinity, the laore did tho ijuf^ttiou 
apjicnr to be nikrii"**'t;d inlu ct dOiuJl foajiinm ; 
Ji^irf< (if Niuuki'4'(b W4X 'vtber the promiMMl 
MeJN«h, OP acL inijt«).l<jT mid deteirM. Tho 
X«v ToaCiuoofit (rt either n mvvlatioii from 
Oodt or ui Inveiitlou of lytii^' arj<l wiL-kwl 
mon. Aftor mntiiro ilf>hhi>miioii, \ wil4 
forocd tocotooto tho ooncluHion tW Jcmis 
U the Maa»iAh, «ibd Ihnt the Now TmUmeul 
bv o-iuftlly uith tho Old, tho Win^I i.f ih^h 

^^ But thiA i>m«i(?t-ioti, v> fiir from bringing 
peooe MiXlk it, HM^mod iit firwl to iticroa** tbo 
trouble of niy iKtuI tenfuld, AM tbt liati^l 
AiiJ pnrjudii;e with whirh I luid hi*nn 
Afriihtom^kd to vi^w fbritliiknitv. in«tv4kd of 
hm\^ f-wXtAn^A, w^ro rekindUnl in full vigour; 
«nd n)y hr«rt kbriiAk ivitb iivenii4.iLi frum 
that vhic-b my undcnHtAJuljng whm fully ooii' 
vincvd wm lruc_ I will not dw»>Jl long on 
my «bato cf mind Jit thia |Ani>l ; thoHO who 
bnro npc-jicncod it, ii«c^ ^iiX> li> be tuM iU 
iiii^^rjikh ; nnci C'> thuK4* who hii\'#^ mV/, T,ho 
hccoi^nt u-oidd buunint^Uigihlc-, ' WhAt nuim 
knfJW'cth the tbingu of a man, «it*' llif* hpirtb 
(]f mmi that is inhio) V' 'Thi^huirl knowoUi 
iUowii JritterneWs' 

"Ufie dfcy I oiixt tiiyMjr npon tho ground, 
ftnd wopt bitterly Wforp tht? Lord, uitiv^tinie 
llhii to givtH Lue t^ioi?, I ImHitdgbi Him 
thnt llo noidd giv«i me to ft^d whjit Paul 
cxpcrionemi wlion ho luid : * BoiTijc i'lfltifiod 
by foith, wo haVi> \>isMXi wuh Clwd thitjuifh 
oi^r liord Jmujt Chi'LAt,' (Rom, v. \.) \a>^ 
did I eoiitinuo myiiiipphcration ; remomberiiijf 
that UtijahT when od Cnnnol, mi\X Mven 
timoA befor« h« rfrc^ived tho (Lnnwvr to liis 
prayer; hut Htlll no jwaoii CAmn. SiiddiMily 
th(«e woi-dA of Jeeuit eiim<^ into my mind; 
' Hitlicrto yv iinve n«kf^d nothing in my 
Jijvuie.' (John Avi. 24.) 1 cannot dcsvriliii 
lh<r rflliictiLmw T fidl (ji prny in the name of 
J«o.-Uji ; jtmlyiTt I ft*w h"w meonAiBtent wiw 
thin n^luctamv, with the bclit-f Ihwt noif^thit 
Hnvionr of tho world. Tlie htniu^lu vf thttt 
moment rjtn never ito forgot,t*<n. At tr^tigtb 
I Vp-iiH ennbled toerj-ont^ * Lord, J b<liur« 
that J^u& is the Uv^iah^ tbo EtKWiLiei-, and 
King of Iiracl. who wii^ woonded for our 
truDngreflnoEket and bruised ft»r our iciquitiM ; 

Tlif Jiift-Ufi' MrfihvjH itf Ihf. BrititiK Snrifly. 


for RU ulVo hftv^ mnrf/ upon >nt* and giT» 
mo pe*««." No Hocnitrr lud J offoriKl thU 
pnjtr tliAn coy biinicn iviui icmovvd ; tLo 
]wac9 of Ood that pudcth oil undeiiHtBndisif 
«[nt«Ti>d into my ■oul; I Wt that I wn* 
redeemed from dntniclioti, that <>Qd Ior«d 
mc that Chii%t Jwid ditd for tuc, unj WTwlitd 
mt* frvui &]l tny 3Uifi iti Hit< own bluxl ; (IijiIh 
Ifuillyand hitilnl tM L iviiti \ty iiaUn^, I v^hm 
now ^jiu^jliud frvuly l»y priU'f , ihi-o'igh th<t 
miraipiiou tliitb lA m CLrut Ji^aiiJi-' 

SiJoli [* Mr. irfliBclroir* own aocoimt 
of the x-cntily of tUai dmii^c vhU^h 
^iveH tiiu- Mir. a vnlrio and out Ji>flth Ji 
glory; tbiit duir^'H, wliioh k^il to tho 
jitirfoi'murcu uf dwdK tlicU ntill kupH thv 
tniisic of life and ii4'i>;ki1i!]L tlir hnrTTicinira of 
Kuruit)^ bv ftU'l br, bo ]»iilJn'ly fwufL'wi.^l 
Chritit Ely briptiHin ; mu] h-Ii.Iie^ii^Ii Uii> nnWh 
ofth*t«i\^tt hrotigtit ibwit tbo Hwftit c(irft> 
of iKViie of but n^UttLvtv in X'olancI, hci liatl 
hfUT^iiid^^ tbt' ^rvht jrjy u1' Inuliug to tljit 
SftVinnr fli'fl of )ii» own hnnb*iM. mir of 
trhom wo* an honoured dcputiition of tljc 
Briti'h Sod^tT, the Kcr. Lant* ll<>j-Mrbeil. 
■nd niiothcr, tie Itm', U. A, Hei'scLflJ, hji« 
been for mnuy u^wfn nt\ kIiJa anrl faifbfnl 
miixiAti-r of ibv ^c*5jwl* in IjiiuIoo- 

It but been citia aaiJ tLrkt it takcA h 
Uioiiwiid jwaiiiln L> ('(riiM^H H jHVk. W«i]|. 
Huvr imioh rJirl H OMt. to f^iiivoil theta »X 
brotbvnl Sothinif. And vrhftt bnA bcoQ 
tbe g^iiii to tliD Cliiistiftii Church? Injiniie. 
F«r he wb^> t.unw u, iJiinffr finm tJir priin- of 
Km wft^ h^hlh uchiovut ■ mTim^ib thut will 
IaM vhen the proudcut roominipctii o£ ^^rth 
linw fnUeil away like n garland in tb« ^nal 

Aiior thnt (7tipiti|^ iiimfi th4> Jir^iichAr of 
pcoiw ami tbE t>fnnni:r 4>F »r^bi.'iuw of tiAoful- 
iKn fur tbo ^\oiy of (^lutt arjiJ llio ^oud of 
Tm*'!. 11^ Hr,jii-tpf! (n ]M\ " A Jf^Tw' 
ji^n^volffiit t'ufiit, with Iho liow of it]l0viat' 
ins iho i^ijQcnnara uf dettititto forci^ Jcw-ii, 
Mid ^Wta^ itudi uid to bnticTirri; Jcwa aa iLr 
mMm lit euTijmniid niigbt render [nactir- 
L-abW." Ho tK>gitii,aJid>, II Hoit]« for ChnKtinn 
JfjiViiT or Jew who dreirvd iik^tniot.ion in t}ie 
'CBtrixtJaii rrli^iun* wbiirli " liml ntJfX^frrdoi.l 
bojOcd th^ uohC TdUlgiilrLtk «r3rji«>clAtionfl of i(H 

» Th* K*'. I*. A- H»T«UII «iv«:— -Hi,l|<iy H. 
H«tw-hrt^ nw rh* f<'irrlh M « IniiLiiV rif ■^vn]vL^ VIK, 
e^ii ih>D* KHil IR'i '1ihris;hli'n, iD'\ titr Vw Clir mi^tLi ■>! 
iNbUnr flvif ImithM" Ut HHiit ; tbfiioi«niliow»of luif 
tlKVUtcd tr<itliiin ItuTi- nlwt brcouiu 1.'|iri*tMiu>. J tbi 
the jouBj^ JSd niiljr funivipg i[i4>Enb(i|' tf tlifl 

pramofflTc." TJion <!Amti ihfl BitablJuhmont 
of tbo Biitirh Kocioty in 1^12, not in <ip]>oiii- 
tioQ to the LoniioQ t^ncirt^, whicli vaa thon 
doing a tpxxl nroi'k on Cliuirli lintu, but to 
employ ng^ntv vhich tbe London ti^oj-ioty'i 
ComiiiiUci- oaidd not oii^izv, und toct'oupy 
fields wbicb i}ity wtro unable lo touch, nnd 
liLv tbt rtriiibinitig ntotu jn NatnrcT tu hriu^ 
l^g^tbii-r tb« r«iiiiijning roro«<« whioh wvn 
fi^Mtlprod, vh^n Mr. ^^ Ivft f-ar An^«ricn, 
And, iadcfi], iO]calh«rChi)htl«n« Lif ull E\«n' 
^chnil flpiiomiiiHtliinM itiIh otih )^-mul I'liEfy, 
thnt would piiy, ***d gi\'Vf nud work with 
untirinj; Hovotion fc^i ttif^ ppimnal andCom- 
poral rtvU'Wins of iMacl, in liflrrocmy with 
till" priiii^ildf, '*Spn-*LdoHt Ibit ihundi'T intu 
itH MvumI lont-H, and it t>rcunkiw u lulliib}' 
for cbiidii-Dt but F«?ud tt forth in on«? quick 
l^il Ahd th« royftl Hound idxnM ziiuvt; tbo 


At th4i lirtit nL<i«fiii|{ of onnroittAn alrvndv 
rnfiin^id la, tbc fw^-t n>f:»1iitinn wah Bni>^^ by 
ihfi JtiTii-. ilidb-y ntdhtbidl, wrouilwl by tbo 
Htfv. Dr. Cummir^, and rardwl nnnnj^ 
mouhly : — 

"Tl^at II fi(*eu»ty bu fotii»>b ti» hv calW Tiia 
UhiTiAU Soi iCTT roa tua l*uor4«4Tiow or nia 
Go»irEL mo:m iuk JtwK." 

Utlior i-(^A>!MtiotL^ ri)jlc)Wod|Riich $*> 1^ 

"That lluH Si^rioty i?i>njirt nf CliriBlidni of 
ovangwiinil rrincitilo* inttii>^toil in the !*ropagii* 
tinri fpf Uiu tirmjK*! mnoii^j Uir Ji?w>- 

Thji( thi* im»n< iiiiimKlialH liKid of Uii> Hth^intya 
iiTKiffttiiiTiji ho lA>itihin. mill tluT Ih^k*"^ li'VriiA nt 
tni» Viiiti^cl Kinijdtjni. 

Tliut this Sociirty shall luaiiitnln n frjundly 
i:nrrwi|ritjitLvii'.-i< mid cj-oiwrntuiii wllh Hw 
CIluiHi i>r8i'i'llii]idV MiivioiL Ut Llio Ji-wh. 

Thill tUii AnBii^uttioii ecii^UidJy itiviti4} thiT 004 
opbiAtioii \A idl kiTjdvi:d hiatili^tii'nii, 

That All iiFimud auhrKjiifiLiun of toit hIiIIUuub 
oiiEtiftiti)U< iiLiir(k1ii.^rFliit>; HEiil A dotuitii'J] <d Eve 
^I'tjiidii, itK«iiihfi:fiLii|> Eui Viff-'* 

At th« ViTHi pubtiu meeting licld irk IH^, it 

"Thai vhilo dixi|jly afrapathuini; with tJiO 
Jbiwifth pDOpl« m thu uripikrjdkdurl Hiifr»<nrii^ It* 
whiih, m coiiii^quaikpu ol Ihmr r*j(uitictii i,f thu 
Mwflinhn thijy h.\v« Ihwti HiihjtKiJ'd, Ihw S-i^jfty 
joyfuHv r'i*i-tv"|'lalt*aH in ttio prodiutiona of 
it'ily Writ, mid m thu iiipk* f^f the timciB, thu 
KtvjH-ojit'h '^l a l^n^btor porinil in tluiir hmT-<^ry, 
wWii. o'lnhiillv iTf'.'Kintf H\in »h I^uAt ?iiivhmr 
u"i^ Kinjr, Ihi'v »h:<l! richly imrtlfipntc hi ihi- 
hIvwiiifEHof n-flfMipllrtn: undthn rtnc^otynipfiiita 
jC U^ \\f thi^ ni^ciAf mid I'ttcmn iliity i>f llII 
{ihnntiflni itrdimmmly Ifi tM-<>iii-rjii<» (or pro* 
n>*'tii'i5 Un* Kniritn^l wi'lfjiri" *-t iirHi'l." 


M^nwrte^ V Oo»pd Trixcmph^ amovg tXe i/««9. 

ftRV- BETlZJT U. BKMrillll.r. 

At the nAtt public moctm^, hM in It^ll, 
n iTT^iltitLoit WiuvpHf«ied cJi|i^Y?«j[ij{nt>iji:jw'uuil 
iTiili^niifiiiti ar. tlin i-nmllitv iTiH[r1fHl d& tlia 
Jew* in Huuin, mil lii<iLrtfclt hjmpiLthy witli 

Uon» «f rhi* (-iiiihIhi-* noi^fjitri key'Ti£iti>'« wM<^h 

CV«l fl^lW, clc^uvr. njjcl tn'nv Uit'lo^lzuiu, au 
ihbt iLioiiJvmiln of ('hdhlirLUh of iill di^itimirm' 
tiirmfi hn^W bflpnn ^rtwn hy tijom, rhcarftjlly 
nud iLboriJIy, to *tipport Joninh MU^iorh. 
To thi»c kfjr-notttt of aymjiftthy, hopfi utul 
iluty, wo woulJ juld unu iiioro —the kny-noUi 
oE [invili!^ : for w^ r«f^n1 it noL n^aly oi^ om^ 
Bolomit diily« but o^r uiifiptiiiktkblp frrivilogQ, 
vait4f<lly Aiid ivj(b nil onr iiii^bt, Ui ^i%v Lhi^ 
fIi~iH|iiAl Ut Llifn Ji»w^. M^y thtto? roiirnfitrmlid 
kny-nntu hn upotNiily >tnn"k dftnp ilown in 
tbc^ hcmrlii of nW Chri^tinnn, rio Unit, im Ibo 
Jentifticuowattinctiii^cwido-flpmtd liliU^utimt, 
jind mtBri»tiiii? fiolib* nm ™n*Unt,ly l^hia; 
prf|>nrv<l foi' thu ro<N5|^iun ul tlto gocrl koulI, 
thrro uiuy I'V tcittiux)&itn{;. duiin^ ihirt 
Jubilw yi:*fbrH iikmii^ sullJcicJit to mintaJri 
imMy JiiiiT iltitihti* ur avmi trrbl*^ our pi^MCQt 
MiHMtOTint-y urAitV. 
Tho ^i>t Kf port of Ibe Oomtuibtoe in wi 

inierOt^\ng rvcord of tlio bcKinniQic <'^ t]i« 
tvtirk. To tfiicrito llio btbt 9Lyi[j[iiitliuii of 
tiodV pMpU ctt htlMi of the* .Tcw«, tba 
Soraoty iTi^tttuiod piV^ noMtitki-n, wh«T« 
<4jDcat hupplicA,tion« itere o0crea for tJie 
CTinvtrsbn of iMHtl; iitkdiwui«dlhmie!ivpry 
hqJ Huluequcnt iniLlicAtion of a o»im» of 
loctiirM,by«iniui-iitim]iih1«T«,on lbo}u«tray, 
cvtidjtici[}> »nd pii>*j>i.xl» of the* J#vv^ Th* 
prcijH^j- wnrk or Ihit ^-J^ty wjut vi^miiHly 
nmi*ii'tAJi0n ift dilTttionl dirfurtion*, iiodwr tho 
l^nidJiij; iJcn^UF* of Hri-^htLl, vlia« inton^t 
i«nju]jv<l Luinbal«l till LUi?ciu«cof hU rviixbly 
llh; w]\vti III' iw-niliKi t-jlht New Jt-rtiH(]r«m, 
in p^iy^t |>oiio«» triumphing m i.'hniit. 

J^nrtum dcrr^ly ii'idrnwl to tbe Jew, on 
pubjvcta of hpH-jal iiitet«Tili to liiiu. vrorn 
d»»Uv»4rtO in Irfindun. An mlit;ori *4 ihv Sow 
Th.tatnfht, iind n i>Am[iti1i>t fXkntHihiri^ tbo 
priiLCiTud McrttiiiDic prvF^l^ctrii^ won* )>*iied in 
£l«bt«-w. An H^km.»vfn3)fiiji--ijt wua uitkdu 
iif thn liJiflTiiJify nf r-hi> Church uf SreitUnd, 
by prtMFiitiojr the Jtwi*h Uctnmiti-w of llio 
V'tvc i-'biirch with 1,0nt» ^picv of the \ntt>pr 
piiUicutiun, And lastly, thr four minqoimry 
agpnte f^mployeil by thn Society rafkort^d 


Ttit only Svn-iiing Brvikrr 0/ iht Jffn: Hidtj^ fftrm^U 

The Jnfiifet .lfe<hiff» of tJifJ British Sfidcttf* 


Tlio I3^W(n;f inU'i'o-t j^motitf Coil's ppoplo 

BVisr niklju^'ng nyjuiiailiy with run] 1ic*]p in 
thm work of tK« >ioi-i4i1y, hibvo i'iikIiIi^L tlio 

iumI pmynr in l.bflj- worn VM>^im, an-l, 

CklM bo to God, with tho mtn<i hl»M^ 

A Qltmcn at Fifty Yearv. 

Wc oiin DO nioit? nicoMii'o thi> proffrP^a of 
tbe 8o(?icty's work in » ymr Itinii wv vsil 
DMuinv the growih of n plnrit in <i dny. T^t 
IM, tli^rvfcn*, Luke ii f;[E>Uf<o nt tlLv> work of 
tbo lul liivlf-Mntni'ir, llii? |i]»f:iev in 
8der:c«, In art, in intlu&liy, in muiAJr*. aud in 
JVwvfiruf, liJU \tv*-ii ltiijtr'err<lt*nlr-tl fliinn^ l)in 
rvign iii xlxa ^ii«>frti (Clwl Almighty biww 
facV", and &1I Tif>Ar aiv\ Ai^tr to }icr, Iodj£ mny 
nbo liTc), Tin* Viulotiiui iij:w t" iwl wuly 
tlw «^ of Mnflnrn, hut nf Missions '^■'[i 
to Jown nnd GputilcK, Tlio i^upoii'ti tflihor 
w&a ii loi'pr nt tho Jcwn, nv-d tun l/u^t lifty 
)^cat?i uF fjAtiifnitl jin'siwniy Imvo invii inti- 
mately pontip^rkc] with fitly yimt\ ciYovt fe»r 
tb* U<mj>oinl nnd ^|llnt1lJLl vv]] hviu^ of 
Go()V ^incirnE' |ivoii]i.-. All tli« (■iMiiriitH cut 
of wtii'b tlit< lEfitiiKli 8i>ciety aiip wuililuiht^ij 
Wttt 9vi\r» forvw wh*ri fnir (.jii^t-n f»-^»Ti to 
r«i^; ftnd MtbdK>0(«ty vom furaK-l iu 1^42, 
it amy bo i-«tfarded •« ock- cf l]ii> fhire«i^ aiuI 
nioit rrnJEftiiof Tili<^ iiitMormiy piiHhirU <*t 
tbd Vu^irmii en. A^ a tiny tyiark hi»ix)mfi4 
a X^vul dro, And ^^ jittlr^cil a mightv fm^'xt, 
•o tLin Sxicty, Huiall in it^ bp^i^itin^, Lin 
griMEi ulowly. \nii fiiiivly, in Ntrpn>;:lJi ftml 
iwtfulntn diirhiL' nnu'ly t!kt> wholu of tbo 
Quicca'a tcip^- tifty yi^oTd ago it kx^ji^n nit^i 
oni&»(prut; anJ tirvw tbi>rraix«ui liuuii^rindiii 
for^iyij bin*!* — 'Jl [inwinuHriw^ *nil u pt'Ht 
many vi>]iirktiiry ^LPv&ntuifitH. 

Tin' iiHXimc iliinn^ [1*1 lli>( jcnr'* vxint' 
raw WH» ouly £^'J1, jnrlnciinjc Uic* nublv ^itl 
tt XAOD from tho Hftripml A-i#mHy nf tli** 
Clinrcb oJ N^citUnX Thi> nxfiipU during tbo 
Jubftlao yo^r bid fn\v to bn the luoAt djrrnnjf 
of any Mncc Ihu tindcty wih fuimrd. 

Tlin Arn wbii^b w>a bindli^l Tti\ ytuirv ngo, 
bv ibo Hnnd ol God, burnn m tlm bowm of 
ibe British aoci^^by m bri^-htly tbis Jubileo 
day na iL did i\ir*a, tuilviiiiin,lfLiv\i\i^ nil Ltn^ 
OffortA of it4 d*idii>l<rl frWH AHt) jMvr.^ndr'd 
ftiMi^ U> e:(ttn|(iLtRb it- It in no foviil river 
Uk« (tus £S^, in KcotUnd, which t« now only 
» frVgDient of ju fv^rmt^r i;iv»lii«w> ; hut 
nttbcET llk« tbo Clyd« And ilir< Thnmoi m tboii' 
bcowficoni prcfrr«fl tawardu the\. The 

Society in iinw hwiltliior, wcjiltliii-r. wj^ri", 
inciro LkCKi'r^^iviT, Jiinn |XTi>*ini>iv'r nn\\ |>i<t>4f- 
trririff thdti it hj\f< \ttvti nt at^V ff^flnor [mriorl 
of itH hifftory- Tboro n^vcr va^ n t.iiaL* whoa 
it WAM mor* spiritu^Jly pro^rons nnd 
fiimuuinUy Auuudur than it in nt the prosoiitp 

Tbori> rtrtf ramt* r«frlM nc*t i^TivmMy known, 
wliirb yii^'bt to ba widely uri'nUl*^!, Foi 
iiiHtaru^, ii ih not v^iifraUy kriuwn Mint th« 
ItflV- Dr. ninbliiire, of tha RHtit-h Mnj^»um 
and Anthor oF thi» "Mn/Aoi-Ah;" tho kto 
Itor. Iaaiic Sa1kii]u>iit th^i Biititb t^nL^irtT*A 
Miwcinnry, and niithor iif thii Jli'hevw Nuw 
TpttnmoQt: lb« Rot. John Wilkiiwonr 
Dinctor of the Mildtuay Mirmon to the 
JoWK. aiii otbrri tthuUL we iiiJjulit njun^ 
wvw trrtiri^l iu thi* itrititk Sttrit^'.^'n Sfittifny 
4'Mf*yf- It U nof ^tTK^i-ntly kn'>wTi tbflt ih« 
ft»vlkin«0[i ' ■inflVurf Tfiibniw X<^w To-tjimcnt- 
WM prvimird for i\m fuimuitU^ of thtr 
Ilpitihh ftiicipty. tbnt t>in i3ivT, sprHnii'iis d( it 
WDfo Htnt by ihu Into Mr Snlkinoon tc th« 
|nnr!iit Kocretftrv: Umt thn work wna oflVti*-! 
by bini liirt to tbu tWiniittct of 77c firitUk 
ni\'l Fofujn ItthU Sorh.ij/, Vkho d*vlitii?fl tt, 
UK thoy fvlt i>oiind to do n.\\ in thf^ir i-nr^p 
to cii^.iiLAte tLii hploiidiii <«fIitiou of tho New 
Ti<ptiLuit<]it prtL|iiLrr>d b>' LhvbilH Iir. Dv^llttRck; 
t.hiit- f,h^ KefTr^fftry t\\ft\ citlV^Tflil k to thfl 
UoRiiTiittco ->f '1%!^ 7'riftitfirvttk HihU -Wiriy, 
ti^ilff/'ti titifH^y nn<l vMi/ut jirif^t &ad tJi«y 
iifivpLnl It. Sii that nnft of thn Ann^t infttrn- 
mantA nt prcvvnt in th*> hAndft 4if JirAiih 
M!u9-inxiArios vnt nndm- tlwl ftirniKhwl by 
our belovod Sociflj. It oiiRht a1«i to bo 
wiiU'ly kruiwn thnt Lydiu Moiil-ifiorn llm 
nunt <jf ^tr Mom» MoutaEiore. wka hrdu^hl 
to r, knowloli^ of tbr? Truth thrcriiBh ODf* of 
Lht' duvutird mwiutmrii^ of tho Biitufb 

Brief Summ&ry of B«sult>. 

It biMi bnon 5itiiti*d, on ^mcid nutbcirity, tbnt 
thoro nn> a.UiJlJ Hc^brnw Thn^tiaii* in BoHiu, 
And 'A,*}*)i) in Uivat Itntnin nnd irrlnnd- 
ThttTi Avo ivy Ji?wi»l] fnuiilite &niun^ nn bcrv 
who havit not. At ItMHt, oii« rt*lHtivi* u-ho U a 
c»oiivwt U> ('liTirtiitnity, S<>m« jflMrs ft^ a 
Utibi-K'iv-Ch rial inn PrAVOr TTnion wm fc4inod 
in [j>Eidon> wbkli bji^ uivin il* tgJI bunilcvdn 
of TUfinlwTs, includlnif rttiidnnldof iMvinity, 
J.rLy MuuioiiAri<4i, nnd Miniatvn of tho 
CiocipoL Br«nch tJnionit hftve been tvi^h- 
hAhch] in Fmnnr, Qcnnany, ItoutnoniA, 
Huivkn. S^wudon. Tnrkpy, PHfc<4l\n«, nnd in 
th<- >'orthorn and Kouth«m f>Uitvhof Ammcu, 


Jtleniorifv ef (lospd Triyimpft^ among the Jvu^* 

It hftfl nbnlwen AtAtVflp by ihodv nho hnvc 

1.50C Jawk l«nvn iho SynngngiiA fnr Xhf 
l_TiatffU of Cbriht cv**Fy yofii'. Prof<«*<3r 
Tlioluvk *' aiEiiii> tbnt Encm- Jcw» have beoit 
i^tJiivti'U-'l to \ 'hri*t (hirinfi tli» ptvuumt 
^rituiy, thuii during Xhv whol4 of tho 
Ubrj«tukii m-ji pirvioiin.*' Tho cntinuLto ik 
l)i*b within the a^uturj^ wid wjiwimily 
(hiring the VitrtoriHii prn, whiHi in ihp era of 
miw^ono-ry <'Xt4.nMnii, lUOJlHtl J«wi«li fOiLlft 
ha^o txN^iL bi'ouichti to riiriMt, lliciHO arf 

fhJit llm BHl.iHh ^i>Hnt,y hnn hmm rvin of the 

ifvtf*t«it of tho Cbriintimj foron* whiob hav^ 

CODlnbulcd to thMt KTUEld KtiuIU. 

Thin Jubilci; liny, tJmrfrfopc, oiiifht Ui bn a 
ilty ill wliirli we jthoiitil tuill ii|n(i nl] thnt U 
within iiH Hnd ftiound n>, to umto in H>api 
of ihAiik^A^Jvin^, anUiPins of pr&iHl^ to that 
God yf\\*j hH« bwu i-it^wuiug ua vwi^' tiny tor 
flO Tftft]"*, with loving kirn1n<^awt s-Tiil (ond^r 

VS^ibh luch rcvk^onA for 4lr<i|>o>t jriAlltd^^r 
for tho pijt ftihJ tho pi'iisf-iit, ftml thi* Hurmt 
imd bHghtatt hopa ffir iho futiiTo. InL uji thtQ 
vvDum^', in tho Aitroaptli oi tlio L^i-d, m^ko it 
neir atirt, WliiJ* the Jubilw tnuupet is 
wmndin^. It* ouv movniiii'nt In?. Kumrttrd! 
l^omnrd ! thnt wu mny hiu&1cu» if pcsciblo, 
tho ix>mjnf of L'hrint our King m Um jji^iJtt 
IKiwer and glory, 

" I'lmtitnl r MiMh 1 ThoTrutTi ihnll uiumpTt, 
And tha Idiil ' K'u^l' ^' druHHttf^ 
TLvu ibr Jimt mhiiEl r*<JKti ^ir^vor, 
And tLr r.Hxl'Mmi *h*ll bf <T"v»"aioJ, 
Whnrt Ili< hf« bJ'^'t »ulriL-d Ih^j ground* 
'Vham tliall Tymiln full for t>\vr, 
brfhad^il (liw|i wilii jpiifl aricl ihkui"; 

Tbcii ' atvrf LtiH.^ i]ij;Ut U. i'J^rit 
I41JVD HhAll iiitu; wifh fl^iff uufurtrd :^ 
*Gcdhv Liftwl n\* Hid r«»p1t* r 

AddrcGB by Dr. Nctimiua. 

Dr Nouiuftn, Uio ^wd«ty'« Tr«*Mirwv 
Qwko A« foIlovTH ou tLo tapiritiin] ini.^Jtntng of 

Ihtt juhiW. I consider tbip ^ulbcnti^ bo 
hftFe in it morft of a dewkfionnl rhftt^apt^r 
than th&t of A fcijtW or lii^^l oil«, nnJ, 
tboi'cforcif 1 would Hiy a. fc^r wikiil^ i^^rdibif 
tbu-^ our jubiTcTQt vhtidi mtiy lutvii a pjucIutilI 

111 tho Sffriptuftt of tho old di^ponHXlion 
the rcikJiiy of A horcftfter i^ vxot «> fiiiwnly 

N«Torth«]«w. by tbo ud of ibfciTi^noe, b>i:<Ii 
Ij^'ht \% tbriiwii iijjon LkiJit ^ niaL fftcl* »v9i) in 
tho aid, l^mi thnl do ii^(*iikn1o upon knan 
thodiityof LakUifE dj^intnco of tho tbort- 
[im of hiJi life bore, CAD only become ia- 
Vi*llxj?fut whnti tliJii. lifp ii (HiniudeiTd to b<» 
only pr«|iikrii^iry. W<» rnui of aevcn day*, 
of HVvon wubkc^ of 4UVVD yOATV, u&d twvon 
liom Kvea y«ttTB» It is t^' w> fibwrvisd Uuit 
th<4 Itrhl bi^-»4x dfiy> m\\\ tbif n^veoth is 
Nthhftth, but th» noooiid :ji bot liv tiviM iix, 
but novcn tiinr^ wvirn wcpvIim (fubboths fai- 
dudoil}, and m>, Uk«wiM\ wtt buK tjg 
yi^nrxH Jind tbr Aa^nnth yivtr in i«hhAth. But 
It i*i<inty ttt tho inndof ureti titoo* s>v«n 
ya&rv tbut jubiltc vriu [jnM^Lumcd. Thi* 
t^ouDtia^ of pcl^tiotl^ of «uj- appointwl tijue 
in thia life \a nlhided U> by ihw Pwliaiat 
wb^n he iir*y»d, "ik) tMcib uk \t> iiumbor 
ntii' d«yi4 tlint w« may npply our h^uxrto noto 
v^iNduoL," TiuA jiibJm, whu'h wv tvlebrste, 
IK A tit nrnnJifon tn mflivl. iip^in rhe dnvfi^ 
woakA and yanr& thnt bavo ^n« nnd [nu^d, 
to c<maiJor how wo hftTo *porit our oidiiijii-y 
dnyn, what irw- wr imvt iimib- of privilit|»i*d 
diy*H dnyii that h*vi» brimght with tiiem 
.piioiol mara««, uid bATD boon to ii« truoiuid 
b/Lt^iml KLbbnthtf. 

The Itifv. J. li Brtrruuboyh. M.A.. tbit 
Fciundor of tho '' II»«biTw Cbrittinn iVnyftr 
UDiorL,"nn'4 Mr. F. V^ilfi Kdw^in^i^. our Into 
TiPiiniiixT. lifted u» by |3niy«x Ui tho Gntcs 
of Hf^ni^ti. 

BpMCh of Rov, Dr. Admns. 

I ivm doputod by my friend, tho !(ov. D. 
A^ iUi-BohEll, of JJdxtan, to cxprtw u> Hm 
\\\t^ln\^ liiN dtf^p re^i>«l. )\x, being nnnble ta 
In« {>rv*<^tit \\« IK, irri fortui^JkMy, KuflL^n^ 
from a nfvoix* nttat^k of l»r(incbiti«. Now, 
fi)r EUAuy rt^i^oiji!!, it wuuld hnw bwp agnw- 
iibln t/) iLii all u> liAvn hjui Mr. FTArw^hfill 
nmcng uji 011 IhU iiiti<^r<vting oocnjdon. For, 
ill tho Amt p]aoo« hi^ bui takpii a Ufo-lca^ 
niiJ pioutiofil intiOi'vt^t 'm tho work of tliu 
Koeii^ty. Ite bohitLg> tu fL fimity, all dt 
whom hfti'o hijon or ari>, disUnguiiJhod mom- 
bcfn of the Jlon«3 of irtfni^l, And bi.ibinthcr, 
the late Itev. Ridley lleracliell. Wi^ orie cif 
tTm hoT^onr-wl founder* of \\\t> Krif i"h Siwieiy, 
Nor iH thiH Ail, for Mr^ }K<rM<h4*U>i immo u 
iiwoiuJLt4M i^rith r. rmum'IgjlUo M^rk, For 

rui»tt* thmi -iri yrji['>i, ill juldibii^ri to tlii* jmh- 
f orftfA of n, IflT'gd Tj*ndon congregation, 3lr. 
J|4]i>ehc<U woti entfngod in f^rculntin^ tho 
S«tiptrirc:S wpocinlly the New Tortnnjwit, 
aiuc}|]|f our BriUnh aeamen ut huinn nikij 

fhf. Juh'dct. Mfielin^;* u/ the Brttuh SociH^^ 



■liroad. Pbrtblii piirpon he hiu vLdUd miiTLy 
Uodti, wid«T0OiiO manj Ubotu-«, and ii(i0«ml 
DMny pnviUjoDfv tkad it wna svliil? trn^Y^lliui; 
to 4Uoml « meetj.!!^ iu Wh\I» fur Uti^ f^utlir-r- 
matmot thUnbjitpt tTiat* he rjin^hT. ttii> <<otii- 
phlnt frcEQ whioh h^ im nov nulT^riEi^, Now 
all thin. HE) iho wt>rk of a-h honoortd Hebrew 
OVrurtlJUi, ic i# Willi fi'i- UK Iv i-viiii^]|[b*<r mul 
to be thmnkfal for^ <in an ocofti4on blcA thn 

Oh II^ niy limt npftcninfirc on the [jlut- 
form uJ UiB EJritwli ScM-H-ty I jlih plinsi'tl U> 

1 am pfti-iicuJjU'ly uLad to evh? prwoot nomnny 
nrpra«ntAtiT*e of Hiv vent-rMt* l/Mi^oti 
Sodaly with wJiLch I woa rit 4>ri4i time 
cifltflniJy HiniiaetPi}, With ttic* D>i>Aionjiri0<A 
«f tbAt !^ociat.v I h4vi> a rtry clixt kiiuw- 
bdgv, wad not Jk fow of t.ln»ro ^te valu^rl 
friciub^ It i» not Uvi miii^b t/i my of rhftni 
UiM Vb&y ni« men of IcnmiDiq^ of ability, of 
pi*ty, and of untjrinp enorify : men l^fom 
vfaom no Jew can AtAnd in contivj^ctrty, 
And 1 uboiiM like Ui jmy my hnmbtr LtibiiTn 
of nv|i««tfit1 iipitrcdjition of tliose luifi 
vMUunfff of j^w ^^cii-ty with whom 1 bi»ro 
bnd thn |irm]«^v of bvooiuiiif^ [U.v|\iiiijiti<d. 
1 vould vontur* in wy *if tht* fnSthfnl 
hbouran of iho U^o SwictioK ibut 1 

t A loM whifh To *iditjjru laoet, tbeil' 

For tbaii' work ur i^hi'ir ilrvoLion T^i \l, 

crd Jioiw Ut refill' mare f Artiviilnrly to tb«^ 

t ttodf. A IciiL^ prnnod of time in 

roqatred iu orilcr to jii^lito fntrly of tJi* 
luvgntbof Ally Hpiritiml ttrrrk, A jiiHlp* 
t«*r iii, tlT«r^oiv, n fuvoumb]^ opportumty 
lor pftMoui; oor work tindct rovicw. And ir* 
lookio^ bnck ovrr tht? period daring which 
%lih mci«t> hiLH Wen carrying on itft oprrii' 
tioiw Abd cnmpurbii^ thi> religionK nttitndo cf 
tbft Jffwuih (i^riplo townvdH Uhrifltintiity nt 
Um eoiDaiciiCffErki*iit of thnt pf^ii^ witli thstr 
■ttitraU tiMlny, wn wc li iiinr?Al1on>i i^ViHTt^ 
for ttt^ better. Tho proj^rAu biut biH'n 
fraafkfo/* tantAmtf^ATr, ftnd uiiut.Tfai. I wontd 
tfmphoiUA oanh of thnw dlv<l^^i|ltivu U'uun, 
LpC UK Iin4 Icol( nt tho (frowth of xhf 
rawlt for which wo thi* doy tUniik Gwl. 
In tho taiH^ou to JmhuI, you wiEl not, ili In 
fr«qia«ntly tbi* i.'tt>tv in uiL-^iutiiLry ncirk ninoh}r 
Utt h^athm. nif^t with *TiiiT*r>i{>ti» in any 
krfio i^uiubonL rhi> mto of tbv Ji*w b 
peculiar Anlquitr diflfi>ivrit from thai o( nny 
otfaor p9o|>lQ nuioit|f i^bom the Cliunb of Hmi 
fialkbniivig, inufnucb ui tl-iPV ore hIiv(u]v 
pw w OM lJ of A limnc i^vohttioa, 1o which 
tboy very hAtuinlly ind tociAvioiiftly clinn:^ 
HoatoTcq; such mv»lT,itiidinoTHi nonvrrsions 

vfiiitJ not l>e h} Ljirniony with dlsiloct pro- 
photiu uitiui&tionfl upon tlmt very mbjoot, 
" Yt* ehalJ U- 1,-ftthei-cd on* by ones yo 
chilJivii of Innol/' Abd j^iD, *' I wijl taiCB 
Tiiii two of a fAii^ily findnnn nf a Hty and vlll 
Dnngyou to Zion.*' ft U JiQportnnt to notica 
thi^ civtEioiy ordci'cd pccaliaHty of Jcwiih 
miwim^ATy vrork, mi that viv may ni>t ba 
ftiM^pointiMl li Wfi do not twe thn«* rcunltrt 
whik^h dtnko ono in otbirr misjion fir>tdit. A 
more Dmrvclbufl choni^ in predicted oon- 
ceniinj,* Iwuvl thaii of any vtUvr pwplv* 
vhen ^^A Dhfion «hiv]l be horn fn & dftyi" 
but tli« time in itot yet- 

Furtbu'i the advaui'^fuf Clirintuuitty u-nn- 
denmble, 1 ilo not mf«Ti thut thi^re uiv urrt 
thoM* who dniiibt of tbo pro^nut^ vhic^h 
Chmtijhnity ia mnkinjf Aiuon^the J&w& Ittit 
thoAr doiibtorv are ni>b found anions the Jevn 
tbc^niMdviu- Thny an» tbo hi^t jiidgcNi at tlin 
inrondii whith Chrintinnity is mflkingictho 
Gjnaifo^uo. And it would ba eu^y for mc to 
prodiioo tlieir evideacf*H and that, too, in a form 
the Mio?it uneif-c^|>(iriiifLble. Jewinh K^ibbiH in 
tboir H^'momi imd Jl'uIh}! rdiCiir^ in tijvir 
n<*Ti'wpcnnni AJ'ft ortTywhcre loudly oomidniri- 
itj|.' (if iLr defritioTt of many vi llitiir [iHjpte, 
jtnd rftfly)n^Tbi>ii- f«^t-P4w t/> mpot t,h<» aggrfua- 
HPe eHijrtii nf tb^ >jii>«iooary- 

And, llnully, tho advunoa of Cfaruftiunity 
kH utLivei>iLkl, ft ia twt, of mnrM*, unlfono, 
hm froni no niiaairii tt*tion in thpiw « cry of 
loilnro. And tbiit is truo not only of tlio 
l^cjLt ci>nti'CA of Jcwi-ih popiilutioi^ both in 
onr own wmutry nnd ubma*!, but nil alimg 
the lino. On borhsr landv^ in romutu aitd 
ttomi mvilucd pirtf, whuro tbo lo&ply nuiB- 
Monarj IB kt^irpiiii; wiitdi and ^*uard over the 
ChrifithLn ciinip, ibi^ro \n beard tlie <Ty, " th« 
uiOToing (*ome<b." Nighttnay liit«^i«i]e,bnt 
the duy ie At hand. 

It 10 on iTiterwlLii^ fact that the AttenUon 
nf the iTfiwihh mmmiinity labAtng (nrrpiawnifly 
drawn l<j\vards our A&i;ivOTi«u-y Mo«tioffa. 
Notv, rnero than oror, vro notion tno 
atti^LulaiJix- of Jews at thn miMionary 
mi>atiiigft of oitr Tarimiit loml nwiciitlioTitL 
ThiB watchfal]i«ni over our work tt Buruly 
an itidioition rliAt tb;ht work i« cou^idurod 
woi'lhy uf then attention. An mstiUK'e of 
wbht 1 n'frf-r torAiuenndArmyown experience 
A fi>w wH'\ii' -^tp. i WM4 lUputation to « town 
in thr norlb of ICiijf]i\nd. where tb*n> U on 
JuijHirtanfj Jowivli commimity. Tho puldio 
TOfffttiTip wn* InrKoly aTlcr*df^d, an*i t T"wo|f- 
nifind tho prcjvnoo, aji [ tlion^ht nnd my 
fwrmidc proved to Ijecorei^t^ of many J«wi>. 
Tnwiinbi tho dcHi of thn nihc^trngj a <ntd vtom 


Meiwiricit <*/ ^loitpt^ Tritiiiiphi 'litiotiff Ute »/ffu«. 

hAQtlcfi up to me on Uic platfono. I hiv at 
oniv llmt It ifi-A* fi Ji-wi?i|i iiamt', niii], turriing 
to a c^vr^yn^uii uf the ton,-u h'ho haI mvr iqt, 
1 ObkvJ if Jko bn^w tdc uamu. Hv Niid, 
"Ttiri; 111? i» iL piuus (mil ti<ni'nuil Jew/' Hrf 
wn«i invL[«irl on bi Mip jilntfor'cn, iinil In thn 
|irtif«.nuf> avhI Uuari&g of m^ny of tlii^ 
rkUtlioiL^o wtij> romji[ii<U iH^liimJ, I tuid wiUi 
liini rv irLtJnt iiit«irwUrix eimj iiiijiortaiit. dm- 
ciiwion- Among tlMT VHrioii* poiiitu which 
camo under rovi^w, it may tcitliea to montion 
Olio- " [ hnKo liitcnod/' mid tho .fcwith 
(ft^ui^tf-ULim 'to ywur spi'ith »ith gn'iiL 
fMt<'H'KT-, nnd I nuy *ay Iho Hniin>of my oo- 
nligLCitLiBE* wkci are b(>r«, 1, for C'liis «Il> iii^>t' 
blftuie yovi Qenlik C.'IiriHtii«n» ft^r w^kin^ to 
win lUH J4»w« to thn 1 liiiHiHti fH^lir It U 
<'lnarly ymjr diity ti> do )« in fifcrt^iciiwfl fii 
ttj« <oi!»Qiand of yoQi- IUfUTi-.1<tr. Jlut J wUli 
to put [icfoi'e yftM <ii)« fa<^t which yo^t will 
admit Ui La* tniu^ ikul guvn to uk -Imvi tlm 
tEUHIc^ik tLad CDDJiniMiJon l** ho Hit vittiuvov 
in tlic worlds ' Vu are my v^itncwa. uith 
ihn htftyi <■{ Uuatd/ NoA%. 1 ^uLmit. can it 
1w rifr}il (in ^our imrt t.^) Mmitti'^ mi *>\Y\vi* 
wJiiHi ^ou yonis«!T«ifa it^lioit <l<x\ gAVv U> o«ir 
fitthor^ T Aiid not only to nwiumo tJi^t ofl'uio 
£ji riifvrriK^ to lljr wuilij, l>ul uUu m 
rnf^rnni'fl tii Uin 'wltnivjA<' thfitnmtvnfL f " T 
r^lisd, '* VoiLr objnction 14 ptAitHild^i but 1 
think I can g^vo to it a ■uitihF'u^ry nDHwr. 
1 wIiTitt* ht ihn SuMvai v%U.iiiiy thfit Ocn\ did 
(«r<^.iiTiTc ycair nution il< Hit vritnmHH in 
tho world- Uut L make tW ndmiwion with 
■oiToWi iniifloiuoli Ud it constrnjiis uic tu put, 
for your tlioo^hlful utid i^udid i-unnidrrutionH 
oJit- or two ijuwifSofi* in i«fen.«(iiv to your 
vritfiteK l>^arin|f, I wnut U* Ictiow whoiv^ 
and bow, juuil to wlioui, n-wl of ivbvui you 
J^WK HIV Ihiavuix' witn*** ? TIi(<to U h 
h*«thcTi world eryin^ out for Jijflit — tti*t 
li^ht w^t^h you pivifofii to havo. I hiLvo y«t 
to IcikiTi thtit cithnr India, or C'liii;ii, <>r 
Jftjuin. or AfriLTi hnvi? hivtrd iiiiy w^U^t*K ffji- 
God wni ovit From tho »yiin^o|[ijiK Wliy do 
you not following; the uxaaiplo of \i» 
CbrifltiMib— >«wk to r^riU^'litvii th«*a dnik 
nutioiir* vith th4> tnii) knowlHli^s of (iod J 
ft EH iTi vHLTi for you Miirl tt M>if'<«indumrin' 
ticn, to h<MJai of yotjr t.xjiu^ Appointed by Cod 
Ut ho lli:^ wjIir'Mu.ih, wlij]« if^u aiv uukkiui^ 
no Hll^ir^ h) fidtil ynnr 1ii,t!'l> ^t)nimih«iioti. 
Aiiil to Wi'9 tJio oft*LO i>f thiJ htVLtlt^ii, litok 
itt (.'liti><tcnukiin. A* £*0TMlHlont .|(^iv*s yon 
Diiihl; IwtievH tLjit wv ('hmliAni^iirii in di^ully 
error- N*iy, we iin* nvim ffuilty of idnlfttry, 
for wo ai*e wopfihippin;^ lis di\-ino Ono whom 
you baLi«\c to have been only u luuit, Kovt', 

why do you riot, m a religiooi prople, ACek, 
in nn orgiLTibod nnd i<nrnpit wny. to rvt'lium 
im f rom rur error f I ivpotit tlwt I haw 
twn.*v h<<iLrd of nay dirvct t-tibrt on tho piiit 
of the eyuAu^j^oe to win over eithtT thu 
hnkthAik or trrjH>t1f.iri world to thJit pimfaTt^r 
wliifih It uyonrbwkMtthnt youihiona [lOfHUA." 
Ho rrph'oJt '* Tho ti-iitli to wkicJi we down 
Kra Mwptdiilty U^u'in^ witnr^A ia tho unity of 
God- ATkd our tritnoM though ■ititnt ht n 
■oIptdh prots*t (v^B-iutt tho f oJylhwBin* of tbo 
hcAthcEi nud the IViunc liod of tho 
('hrinlLiiUK" 1 replird, '' Tilt world ip hnidly 
likely L> N* oviviHrti--I hy rk mi*rt- "Jiil^int" 
witnc«4. It vbilt iitvHl >Hxioi«tlLtnf: much Eoon 
vil.'cjroufl than tImU You niuift Jmitultf yotir 
own |hi^i]dipu aittl ■ cry hluud Ani] qnn» not/ 
Mf^i'povar, tho MohsmnindnnK bottit tItAtthAy 
on lipoeiftJIy AppoiEitod aji wttnaww for tho 
' unity of God, and yon afd ODiy, thcrtforc, 
p1udn>?yoiU'«i<1viVi oun ]v\-e\ wiUi tht'Ui in tliiK 
nmMiT. I iTiUHt remind you further of whni» 
iw^ A miirj of tunnuDg you luiifit know full 
^vll. tbfll your foivriitk«rp bt-lioYnl in tho 
d<H'triTif< of tho Trinity. V<ni moden^ J^wn 
\iH\o d^^imrld-d from tliv AnH'lit fAlth. Th^ 
Hohfti- ritnLrly toAcho^ tho I>mnity of tho 
MomnU utul \i\vf 1'j'inity of tli9 ttodurwh" 

" W# ImrA donn Kom^^thirji mcirri," rrpliad 
thik J«iw, " thnik htmr Ailput witnou, for you 
will ruln^iit thfLt w«. Jnwn hftvcs tcivon to tho 
woild thoOMT«t«nkniitWf-rJptui'w,'' I wkkU 
'■ Tru*, God iuxjiirad holy mon nmong your 
fjithora to wnta Lliu T'DVohitiun nticHllftt boolc 
wo havo rvctivoi from you iuid all honour bo 
to yoo tor rL KoL, oltvi'vei. it wup f iujii ooD' 
v^itxl, lif^lknnn^, und I hrintinn Jcwa thnt wo 
r«i>>kV(>d thmo JvTiplorw, Th^Mft w*ro Uio 
iiiflt rvovtfrla l*» llo-Chi ihtUn f*itli «nd th«y 
liiouji^ht thi^Hti 8iTjpCoro* \jiUi tho (lii'tiitinii 
f'hiiivh with Un>ni and fnun thf^m wo havo 
roooi^'chl thoin. Hut now ns thon, your 
riatioik itfi nuch, i^ doin^E E;othing to d.preB4 
LliiTiu^hont tho woHd th(w« ftt:ri|iturw< wliicb 
you holiovo oontAin the utily ini&pii'vd revda- 
tion oftlw truoQodaud tho way of ftO0«pt- 
wio«with Uifu.*' 

1 Hni Fturf Ihnt nnrli friendly dbv.:i]i««ioiL9 
tint ptviduetivfl of muoh gooih bol th^gonod^t 
nttJtudo uf tbo JowiaU comuk unity con vtaoat 
inx uiuiv ikud moiv tluLt tho o{>eu door now 
ni*i Irtfoiw !.lift Oiitrrh id Gml mny nnthnnptia 
Lon^» Thirt tH 4itu|>hAtE(Tally tho ilny of oppor- 
tuiuty, Tho JrwR iiro ovorywhoit* UM^oming 
Inrtvuixin^d^ rt!>tLivt» in^ilura^^enivc miicdoi)' 
ru-y elTfii-t. Inflntfti with the id«L of their 
own tyici«<l mt>«ioiiT thoy cannot hixK'fc Iwiii^ 
thoui-iclvcA tlie ohjoctd of mioaiomu'y luUour. 

th€ Jubii€G Mfftiiitga vf U\€ Brttiaii. iSodeiff, 


paltlicitl iriJIuonosAiid sucUkt^leva' 
tiOB'tMto tt#t]- hnliannl pHi^ by pliM^ni; 
thadi mion and mor* un «ti wi^intity u-itli thr* 
KUtima ftnuMtg vrhom ihry 4vrA\, unii the 

•ad 4onrt miMwr^, fail lo qiiftncVi r-lifl ft*plm- 
tioivc whiob hunt fttliiiri t.h<iiii— ^U Umd to 
tMtTOw Uio &dU and «)juH<'n Uic tiinfr for the 
C^irinlni] RiuvifJiiATv. Wu luit pixibitUy on 
ttia«T»rjf • oorviJint Mirrh a* thtr Church of 
God ban flavor yet HitnDu^d. Tho J«wh 
v«r« tbc ftvrliot ami tic bittorut foei of 
Ibr Cbn-tlJiLEi faitb- Thi-y iA-i1l be iLd IhxI 
tbhd iQOKt formid&blo ji.ntJi^itHt'^ Fur tlkji 
«t^U|fIl^ lb«y ato tbMiiiifrlv«« |>r«pjii-iii|iE, 
Wilfih* Chincb of Cud pivfwiiv lw> ? Ahk« 1 
tb«Tti afti"^ liul f pvr nigii^ ■>{ ibiH, Our iiLtM' 
nionftry «'^'l^U«ui %/» liT%*\ f\fi> but niiw^rnly 
•upporUnJ nnd vfbftC Hii)kpi>rt in rwvxvad m 
got WlIIi mu-^iuiijjC diGiL-ijlr]y, |j«i lik Atilvo 
and ptny Arid dntArmirti thnt It ulud) bn 
otb«rvUo. Lot u* b» mora ftuihful to oar 
Kcdccmor and tlioira until tlmt hour ahnil 
conu when fU f-lmll luty Ui IniM^L, "Anw, 
tfain^ fiir thy l.j^hi iri a)mu and (Jis gl^^fy "^ 
Ui* Lord in ruun upon tb«t\" 

Dr. Adamif pro|K>4vil tbc folluwtn^ rcAoIu- 
tioQ, wlLiL'b thoa twuiuloJ by Uxo H«v. Anroji 
BtornWr^. 8upport«4l by tb» Kev. Wm. 
Wftlton Ol&rkf and uiiu.iutaoxit.]y carriwl 7 ~ 

"TTiat tbi* tawtm^ Lbicki Abmgbty 
Oivt for t1i« romiiiLicm, ninvowfuJ 
rai'ivi', and prau^nt wun^k cJ Iho 
BrilMb 8oL'tcly for Uic Jt^v^d; it 
wfcn»tf*lly Oi'iunitf luK Ibv SwifLy io 
thfl gi^M>fOiih iiilnrt^l ittid fluli[iiirt' 
<tt llio l-bn^lLrtn rhiiirbvf] ntut 
oxpr*M«r:« Horrow All)] tiidi|:iiHUu[iHC' 

in RTiuda, nud bpii'tfilt fcynipiiiby 
wttb tbc itnhappy Ru9oron.^' 

Spoeoh of Rev. Aaron Sternberg 

Mr. f'hnJrmaii and riiriKtitiTi frii*n*AB, — I 
d««an it a ^jfr*!! privil*^* «*f be fK»nuitl4jd t-^ 
i(ai>d \v9rv otj tUtt oc^nK^kiu of our jubiloti 
ntvothiK in Hxi-Un' ^;d^ Hud I tvv\ cim^ 
■trainad la n^npinttilntf* f,1i^ Soeretai^ on bU 
woodcrfuJ Akou-b ti f.ho Jiu^^iy aud proj^ivaA 
of the Dfilifih S.irrtty. A fiieuJ Niid to 
ne: "I only kijow nf ta-o lufln who» 
TV|ioria bftvo bw-n n) profotiiidly iiitAnuting 
Unt fvoplf first UfltoQcd to thnm and oftor- 
wards r«u! tpbem with a-vitiity, Tho tmn aaa 
th« lat» Hvv. I^r. Mumly Btiioi't, CDfivunor 
of tba Jawiah Cr>muLiitvt) of tlio tVcQ Ubiindi 
of tfootlajkdt and tb< ^Ihta Li tlko IUt. Jolm 

Daiilop. the Swratary of tlie BdtisJi Society 
for ihtt Proim^toiJ of tht* UuhjwI uindti^tha 
Jawri-" (Cli^rri.) Altticnffti mir ^Sarrtitary 
Juia i^vott 118 ^ muny auiviti>rly ivport4, year 
iLfk<T yiMr ([ Hp«<i\ from kiii^>v1i<il^t*V tbia 
ovnnin^. T ihiTjk b(> \inA jhiirpAupjl htm^t^lf, 
(ApidadiD^} Mr, St^rntiorg h^nd^d to ttio 
Ohatrtnan a XIO nr>to cretin:- toil to bi^ caro 
by a Iculy whoA4T iiau^ii tvoji uot^ivtn. Mr. 
Sti?rti1)cn-g'F( worrU on tbt^ imKpi^nkJibFo huI1#T> 
ings of JawxKb man. women, and abUdicdi tn 
Hiiaia wvTcT TOtouchini; thut the roporten 
ftLt;p)iJrd tukiti|i; uoLtii ntid httt t>]ii.<bu.itii-d' 

'i'liNMi^b hin kindntvt4. w« «n* ;:1mi1 Irt Ijo 
abl* tt> ijiv** our rc^n^fcrn hi^ IranaUtloii oftlur 
pfitliotJC PnldiTJt* of tliOyiiiiiii: ituwiniL Jvvmn 
Viha apjHmi-HiJ tti tfi<i pLrlunfrii^iji* diWf^ irf her 
^Jiiintry^ juid wb(]u> IkuaiitJfiil M^Tripbt'tly, Ain- 
i?ority, aiid uyinpathy wnxi all li(^irtM. la 
iiitJ>J<lucins boi, lii^ biid, abfi LkiI nviditf] ab 
M(j*p<iw» imd thoTij^b nii^ioim Xin ntmjtlon* hnr 
mtuiical BtniiUM ni !4t, I'otenburg, w^^coxn^ 

E*Uvd to loavo Ktiaiia. ^ibo Amvod m 
iif.']iiii<l in an ujtJmiuit^d (-oitditiivi. luid 
wiLM Khr.'ltMtfil niid ouvd fot bv MiK .Stj'rn-' 

Mtt. MTKH-NUICncl'li -nUKKt.HtlrliY or TItK 

Ak a Riimiftu Jaw^k^, 1 HNut in ttio 
ir^tciti^t of txij nontmiiif und umict-^d I'^^oplu*, 
TIjo h^orll^ uf Jm^tiniab itulv filty tie ii|i|ibKd 
to vt nt thiJi ticin — "All h*ij' pftopit' hi^b, 
thoy Hwk bi-oad. U it iii>tlii(i^ to yon nli ya 
tltnt [uvu by ? Itcbold and ace. u thi^ra any 
wimm Uku unto my mirrawr' Thtiiwfnl 
iind biii]ininlin)|» sjgbta u-hioh I buvo wit- 
nvB«d, di^pivm«<l tny Kpirili^ and, for n time, 
my htulth ^utin-'ly ^aw way. Ob> if 1 voxiliX 
oiilv appn:<n'H tmr own Omr, wfw in tho 
fatJi«i- of ni^rly imn btinifr\>d mdlioiv* of 
paoploi 1 woiiidfullat hiri fo^it nad imfUoro 
bimto^Uit llii^ J«winb (ulIv' (jf mrl'LU'mftTil. 
Ha a^nld tlnTi Im mnvinirid at th** r^^lainity 
that bati ovartakDPCk tbow of my nuti'-n who, 
in his nama, bavo been memloHily Jr^privod 
of tilcir hoiHwi in the int<rri<-Ti' uf Hujwja. aijd 
Kent lo thi- piJrMidy nwrrnw-'lFHj \n\t\ wbcm 
obIy di^MiBv iind dr^itli ar^ avrmttn^ tb(>m. 

lamboldtbat Kuwia n>itM ftu^ily iL«om'- 
tnudhle twenty moiv iiiilliuiiH of J»v«. if 
Ibey vi*rw filltm^l Ui wttto in at\j f'ltli^r |iai'G 
of Ibo "iijpmv Wbat crinm bav« vro <om- 
in;tt«d tbaC tbo {■oiwao'l arrows of p«r«0- 
uutlcni ai^ hofTfii-i^d to pirq^cn ua <rn rvin^ aliIo 
hy 1I1C Drmntmiint of vprdal lawv i^[nin>it us t 
\Va am toyaJ (ub)«ctd. In our iiynfLjfO|piQa 
yte prayfri'vo^tly orory mbbath for bkmaga 


MmtOTMB of (hrpfl TrliimjJiM avtmit) Ott JmcM. 

from On High to dsMvt^d ufwn tho CtkF And 
hi* oxftktod iraporial family. WhoD onr 
itatiTe Itoid ii in alQiction, wc jtorrow. 
When ttii> p?tjplu an nafTaiag, wv vuAiir 
with thooi. Our JouciiH hoarta mtlt in pity 
for thoso Btiiokcn bj famine ; mid ovon tho 
yKwrOflt of UP bnv« sent aoioo litttb ti^kcD of 

It ii^ not trii4\ nA hll^^g^tl by oi^dal 
Himji, thut Uio tixjjjlci hflU) ii»^ I knovr 
thft^, fLft A f-titi]i]c tli«y <1o not iiHto ua< ^IfVDV 
may (lAH|4Jin tiM^ ]«,« u miilt of tho «iiw|ilJrTriitl 
IflWB Jimetod agftinst tw, cnTtsinH chn poopla 
U> look iif on u;i lu^ a kind of PoriaJu^ on 
outonatA, that oufiht to bo dc^puicd. 

A JK>v]?ia MAivEx'n PiiAVKU roil nicn cxir. 

Our FalL«r, whu uit Ou Hi^'li. muy tl 
plmfe Th«« to KXiide iiud Uil wEth Tliy fight 

Ui any li ffofid word for my peoplo, Th^nk 
you for Wipinj^ awny muny ft tjemx from U>e 
cyca of tboao who camo broken -h*Arte<l for 
icfugc Ut yiJiir *A^rvd Mid bunpitAlila AbuMe. 
Mfty GoJ richly rewHin] yovi. (Ap])UiiAj4k) 

Tho UiiAJitMAX atatcid that the Board of 
the SrH.-iL<t.y liud wiit it ItatUit uf tisiUVUHUtiULie 

iLiid «iitT**ty to th(?Ci»r, IhtI had Twiwri im 
mponaop Ho o«L1i.nI att^'ntioti to J^iuab i1iz.» 
«4i #5. 2G| EUf iudiciiliii^ lUt> divtoc iutou- 
tioDit ci>Tii>«rniEi^ Uiw favoured p«o]ile> 

During tlio piv>rrtvi4 of i\n^ moHing, A 
t**]«gnkiu wiui rvo4^L>wl fiimi the CitiaDauui- 
riinu' C\iMi nAfifmhli^l In CfiHiit CQiiirth, 
Tedding;to(i, of whit^h tliv R«7- E. Thoodoro 
HitdiciiM U Mi]li^t<u-, ox|irc«rqxig ifood wUhn 
for tb»i HocJiily ami ivjoJdiigii ovor ilA pivt 

WhiU tho oplltf^ion wo* boiikj; token, t)ie 

■irV- X. Mt%)IHtlM. 

&ml X/>ve, tb« iioiu'b of the nuin tu ivto»e 
bntLilh »L« tbo IJVi4 oiLiI hapjjinfi'u of ny 
floi'rowful and iinbjippy brothren and nwlnr*, 
iijid oE tho poov aiul ^ciA Slaadun*. Ucar 
tlntvDiily leather, hi? plcofed to give him t^ 
nwliM." hi[ninc)rmDi.ip* rmi|HJii!iibiliiy ah in tho 
light of th^ Di\y of J nil^nien^ nuA for^iw 
huu the vrtoTigv Hnd cTUC^Itien committt^i in 
bi» aauiv, nliu j^W uf ffubjt'i^t to lh» King 
of kin^^ Ajiier. 

Tb^i^ ih a pivifiEiH? mndD hy (ir^d JUmwif^ 
Sb4^ uiiM<id it in Hohrav; in Kn^linb it h'. 
" I Will bU-M thfMn thj^t bleM thw, and vut^w 
bfm thnt <'niMTl-h tb™; und in tliiw? nhall all 
faaii1i«nf tho (Mti-thh(^ Uorvk^L^' Euitua wil] 
yot bo bloffvd :f tho twk'* to BIlyu my jKwr 

T clit not kUiliI fiiTi* To iut.-nw niiyont^, but 

my huart b)«*i^ l^'ir t.lio wrv^riyw rkine to uh 
booauflo ivti tu-o Jv^^'A, unj 1 unk you kindly 

followtDg hjmn, which wm biun^it by the 
Sti*rot«ry fTcm VlD^rtf^ wnn »»i&g ^"ith grtftt 

ll.iil III Jmimlpin * 
IlitlJ Uj JariMtlfem - 
Atimt friim thf v1l« of nviuniii;^ ntul tluif, 
fl«t Lip thq tiirfin? a«^i>> 

IVpF'^'^ tij'r" tli4 wrcy lor ])«■ mJ I'liv King. 
l.iifU( tivfH WJMI i|i-H£.<IbU, |<'vir mh\ Tufwkaii, 

^^jw Uiv iiuii? bBflt«i» (ur tl>iT< I'j Jiw^kvii 

A* u Ijriil; wldi bfl' j<w»cl* ili^ UioMlj wJijrood 

TrUlTipilt uf Jubilif, 

Hctiinit nvr-r lunil nnrl ha ; 
T\w yenr of JehovAli jLivr-|jtarl dnvt ElDU ; 

Lvl iiut tlir? SiiieUi kni|i WV. 

t^f, licit thn Voitli ^** hlnck i 
lanwl i* ivwliiiiK y^hir nid lin^iinp Uliiihi; 

Kiplinum M»\ ,liiiUU «TiiiJ1 cuiiiu inu-lt ^>Zii>i), 
Aud wue bJ tiiu UiitLuD LJut lUns lo vi-\n^ 

Th* JiiMlee Meelttt/ja 0/ the Britiak So<^Utjj. 


Fat OB hvr nia drm. 
And l^Xim nuntm Iwdr^itk 8li4ATn'« pUb, 

Aiebal L'iDft firth bar nuh dunivni ^fpAo i 

Thm LoH u ttLf Sh«pli*H no turm «u WUl Ills*. 

JELoo t|jc Joy «Dil tba links cf aU luUiriii, 

HAwt lUTV&UK jAniua. 


Itainm thf dt^ iiffvt}L^«|fnuiH( King. 

Citj «f nflhUuuAHw, 

K u niLii vr m'Hin fji thm, 

Ol-jr; vihiiivA Dvcif tsTtnni. 

0>k1 nuiikii" I'U cIvntJIiuji pluw 

N-jw vritU ^iflchivtli no*. 
M411 irvm hli 00*0^ JMth li rtloMML 
tUJutoD tluQ iritli 2kn loil <pm4 Uie gbd 


Jlf^^ionV* rt/ {iMjid Trivmphe itwon<) (A* Jerf*- 

TQl All crmttja flliun 11*11 Um !Un|; of kiufli I 
J«nu4l0ii] LnLunphu F linuuniM nl^L 

IT. a. ff. 

iUdrcDS of "Rev. Wm. WiUtoD Clark, 
of N«w Yorlc. 

We hHV6 Jiwt linUMjiL^cl, wiUi irrwttH l»tpivrt, 

to An ft(Yt>iiT*t of tho woE'lc in |jnncli~kn, niw) I 
JuLVo Ih^Oti Mkod V> KpfiAk n£ ttj(i work in New 
York, aiiil to fot bofoio >im Mutitt of the bent 
wiyrpi ot |pn4in/ the Jnw* to (Christ- AIkmiI 
tvclr^ yaan n^o a Ilcbnv i-'farutiitn (.'hiiii.<h 
WAa orfcnniuxl m >'ow York City, uimlor thi* 
(fcUi^DU'ta uf ujftjiy of fflir lauliw-p; dtij.njnec. 
^jfv. Jattih KrvAltumn, » c<mviM-tvi| HnTtbJ, 

fmthfuUy in Cbo Ijuildm^ tip uf l-nJV kiri|f- 
iloui iiiiiuitf: ILi^ uiiOAfii |if'i)j>Tc- S<-rviivta 
Am \nt\'\ *'Vtny I>)tHr«^ Dny afu) during tJie 
w«4k, intl ;i goodly numbor of oDnTtrilA Unv^ 
hoaa hA\>t^i^a nn^ otiiuiUotl uito tho oommu- 
liioji of t\w tJliui^lk. 

Jtut thi> nKnA rAuiiu-kbUf* wiirk hmt 1k?4>q 
dooo itt the W*»l ii(k' by n folLih Jow, by 
nam© II«rmAn[i WareittW'iiiicH Thie ifovotiKl 
mull hn» nuuha ItuuM-tu-buuMj vuiUitluu f^^ 
t«o yvnrv., utid it i» no niuvitnrnoii thhi^ b) 
r>c« TOO or mori^ ut biBO^rvicvv. Uv«r I'i.UIJU 
copies of ike SftlkicEiou Uvbt^w Nrw Tea- 
tAiik«nL hbvo htvu riirulHT^L through kL>- 
i-9btt<, ntid it ia MtiiJuit»<t thflt fully 5U,>»4iU 
Jfftr^huT^lUbvovdtobia prmcLiiitt, lUv.Dr. 
^■buifllfi' auya; "Tb« lftrg«binAlOftudi<iic<B 
thul. (liU i-ify flfVnf'Lin niv nnw to h(» ijv^n 
liHli'iitni; Lt) titii, And not for a Ihouaand 
yOni-)4 h[bt tJijd tJiovvti huoh favour to oixc 
pitbiohiuM to thu Jdw>/' nnd he fuitk^rili?- 
dnrtv thiit *' thu J!^ tko tiLiwt iinjuji-iJUkt VJrk 
far thc^ Ji^vA in tho wliolo wcirkL" 

In tht^ *iskt of God thv-rv are thnr diuMe 
nf ittopU' tJiU Jbw, the G>ulil<*, uiid the 
CliiiL'rh (I Cor. 10— 3'J), All S<'rij.ti(» in 
ttddrvMod to Diiu ur niicrlb«r <ii tbt- thrtfv> 
olmijfii llie OM IWtam^^nt ui for tlu> Jsit, 
Ibe N«w lW<[Aiu4*rit in fof Mia Ckiiroh. vhile 
mmt* iHii-lior of wich T«*^ineiit \* tot' tlie 

Thi ^Tvtti bulk of tlie Biblo ii« for or liboiit 
Lha Jev4. The frr^ntp blmdn^ in tke Otd 
TeatuDvnt Are lor God'i Ancient 040 [tic 
AJid, BtriLiip? to Hjiy, tlukt mnflt Chnr^tifkna, 
fAilmg Ui ^kjipi'irpLiAte tlie «]iintuAl bliuajjiga 
of the New Te^^Lntiiriit, WAtit. ta jibwirh the 
tomporui WessmifH of thto I'Jd T^tiiniPiit^ 
whicb were not promifiocl to thom. They 
ve williikg lo ouiiuodo uW thu cunuiij^ tu 

l1>a J«w)s IniU llif^y wAiit aI) blm bkTuiikfft for 

But how to Kflfh the Jew ts tb» ^m*ttotj 
before tin. The brvl vrny, cuhI only vIEtctuAl 
WBy« to «riD him to (.'hnst. in lu thtm kin* 
froiiibuomSi-riptuf«alhAli J«NU«rif Nuiirvith 
urufi their pivuiBcd Uswiult, lh« Son of 
l>ttYjd, this Son of AlrAhMD- Sp**k not 
ML fipit of the (.1irL<t iif thA Govficlj^ 
or of the £pi«Uei, but ft tha <']iivi 
in Uio Old T«*tAm«it. Thm viu the th««w 
of pAid And tb^ tViAiiift of Apolto^. For 
ihrAA Siihbnrh dftVA Paul, in the ^vnuffogw 
rvAAonod "ith tho Jow» out of lli* SrriptiirM, 
»howin^ tliAi Jonui wu Ihu rhn<4^ And 
Apolbrt iLLJ)(htiiy <un*iti<cid tbein jf tti« 
utm4» truth- ThU hah iIih th^'iij^ of tJmt 
hlofvod intoi'i'jew Oil till* irtnd to KmriAnM 
hetwct-D our Loixl mid tlio t*o diftdploA. 
i4UaL wvpk 1 Niw iJi thp NfttiotiAl G Jlcry <k 
larg* 4iid b*>Aiitifi)l jiiri.iiro of Uun fjumnm 
iottrvitrw. Ooti could Almost h<ur tlm 
UMt*V " «3rp04a<liriff unto thctn in a.]\ th« 
Scrlplurvfi the ^hinir* miiccruiDg HiniFprlf," 

1. Tfi/i /vAM* <y J/inff^jr.— In Itminun H« L* 
tho ^^ of tbo WotOAEi. In Kx<xJoi« H« itt 
tho PAtiovcr IaihU in Lc^it^t-un Ho in the 
Hijfh Pri«*t. In Nuuibeir th^ Bock 
smitlAn *nd the Swjiwit nplifu*d. In 
Deuteronomy the Prophet Lki^ vuu> MoM^i. 

2. Th/i ProiihfiA. — In lutinh. Ho le tbo 
BrAficb, tho KiiHL^ii, vhe t'hikl, tli« Son, 
tho Maii of SorrowH, th* Reds^mar, Ami tbfl 
ixnder of Ilia pw>pli*. U\ KrwkifiJ lie in 
tiitf SbT?pht»rd M\'\ Lhc Pliint of Iffliiown. 
Til ]>iiiLifil Wv* ifl OiP Mr^nh> thti Priiuw^ 
In Joul |[« iri tho Jiopoof Jlin Poiiple. In 
Mimh H^ i* thu Kuka' ^n iinkcL In 
JIjil'^ai Htn iH Uio thWrv of All KAtionb* 
In MAWki II0 ti; thi^ 4^(111 of KJght*:t>iitiTi^«. 

3. 7/^ J'iitliufi, iiere Je^n« ja d«^|Trib«<| 
AS llo Ijovd''' Aiiomted^ the yoii of *^d, the 
fUii^phRnl, Lhu l^i-d of HmtOi aud thu Ktcig 
of Glory. 

In TrovorbA He ie Ui« I^rjend t^t utidroth 
olowr that* a brother. In lb** l*Miticiw Ho 
bi tho H«» of HIiAi-on, th*f LHyof theVAlley, 
th« L'hii'ftMd amoiij; Ten IhonAflin^H nnd iho 
One iiltopAtiPr lovoiy. Well mAy tbo Mut«r 
Emy. iW/r/* the ftoi'iptnre«, for they atc they 
th«t U^liiy of Me, Tti the Obi Twlament 
vK'v TViul of }h^ Aoflbririfrf^ Ilia I'tukjou, Hih 
di-VLlI), Hij4 bnriAt, Hi* rcMirreotiou, ujid Hut 


He i^ tbo Holy One, th*i Wiftlom of God, 
thw Word of Uod. the IfodeomL^r, MediAtor, 
Advi>OJite, MeviiAh, the Kin^; of Kiii^ ftnd 
lMn\ of LfiitiK If WIS look fur Jvbiu in tLe 

'The Ju-ltiUt: Afettin/j» of ttit Britisk ^vci^t)/. 


Olfl Tfttbjtm^nt weiTtU^d Him- Lctun tokr 
one iiii|tr«»Mi(»jt hri4ir ntiotWr of H(h \it\v\y 
fuM, and th« King HiniA«1f will aUnd out 
in alt Hw t>?]LUty. 

Id riiuj^VoLKriuoenlttblialimeiLt^iuBoaloD, 
a vuiit«r wjut t^howri a lar^A riumbpr of AtJinm 
from which went pro<luu^ th« famr>iiii pic- 
turoA of thui ronowTkcd «ibutlio> It took over 
twcmtj itDprvMuniLBt fniiu nji Diuiiy ytoniw to 
coui[]JMh & pwttirtf. No Miigli^ itnno wouM 
glv* WIT uioa of what th» jjortrait in tiftxiro 
w»* U> ba. liut ocic itDprrdrpLon after another 
would ^Jtxluoe LIlb duuivd muU, jiiTwtEiting 
bh*t blpTictmg of ^^lodnikg viut mntHitosK ui- 
piw«ion for ivhLoh thi^ iietabljulimcnt n'lu 

Aad M IrC a MJeo<»*L<«i t>t iuijitrwiioim 
of •T«vu« ChrUt tw ulcun fi>3ii) tkje Ijt^, Um 
Propboliff und the I^Almn, and v<j wilt Wt1^1 
1o«xcliiim aji wc *«o llim Uftnd u[» cm Uto 
Cnn, iTrfiT Amnct^ fOM /J/^^/j, B-*liold tha Mrtn, 
hvhcild ih* tlo^l. Then wiU th« T^i.bolioviQ^ 
J«v bo iifd tj *T>' out with joy iiruf»cnltabl«, 
■■ Wo tiBvcfotitid llim of wiiumMimiyiMwlUw 
piOjkhHA kUil t«r]t^. JtwuH of XucnrHth, tlm 
Son of J«M-ph. "—fVhtrr$), 

Thiv niomoTftLIu rii<H!ting won moit a|»|iro- 
pnatoly cloAcd njlli iLo Ikunilogy, 

Letter from Dr. Edmond, 

1 wnn much olilignl by your lotttT 
iiformJDg mo of tJio (Uf^tin^ of 3roiir Bntiiih 
"^flbeic^'y t<> U« bold thU «v<Tniii|fi and iiiTJ^ng 
my |.imi?Lice, 1 JiJid limjriid fj> artMvr it by 
pfrnoiLhl n|i|>«]knHrLe^*, bul I fed llmt I muat 
forego Liirtt wili^fjfccti^n* Jj*l mo nay. thi'tv- 
fcvt% ifi ii\\^ futiu, that [ wiLi o.u:oc<diiig]y 
gnktllivt] Ut If^ni frtiui ynw ttiat lii ^vtiry 
rMtDCTTt your Hoci<'ly kit at prtm^ut |»rf>*jMi'0[»n 
Huq hojh?fuL And miiy wi^ nut wi\y that tho 
cttUH which you uiieI iiUk^i- nwwxTiliviiB havw 
ftt Leart U in a Impd-fid hoitrt Siii'^ily rnhn 
MAt^rit tkJMf lire roddiining ti>ttj*nJii mora.^ 
Boiiev^ in*. Your* very tndy. Jobs Ei)M0N1>. 


Loiters f^-om Two of tha rir*t 

'34, Albiojj Ho4T>, iS. ll^ursTiCM), 

Dttm Mr. T>irti.tiv, 

I Aiu ftoiry I hav0 Qot bcctj well 
•uougb to aiiawei' yotti- note xtoiter. 

1 wu prvBpQt at oiJtt of Um liiwt public 

mcptiiigi of th* Brltbh Uocie^ ta iTHS, It 
wjt^ hiT-ld HtC'iuieii (^.'hapcfh Vv. Huniilton, 
l)r. I^if^NId, nnd many olh^r ix<li>bmt0d 
uiiiuHt^n" and h'j4^iid»i of th<* Jvw* w^iro 
lii'tAi'iit. My »ynj|>nUjy f(>r th« tatlvr wub 
lint amnim] by 1)\p pmarhing of tUt* R«v. J. 
Dfinbam. at St. Miur4o-Strand, and whiin 1 
afterwards joiaod the (liurcli At Utihi^a 
ChniH^I. I did all in my jKiwor to ijtiiuM Dr. 
IjFtfctiild to taire nn intefnsiLt in thnm. It 
wotiUt bu too loiig a itciiy to tdl yoa how I 
did tkiis, bnt I vo far imc.^M»diHl» that I had 
Ukfl plm^uiv of Litudiii^ 1u hiui XA a» my 
rf>riT.rlbiiilmL tA thn fiinilM nf Uit^ Society 
bttloro It wan bnuii^ht l£t lh«* noticv of tho 

Chlic- biJibd tiuio aft^^cwuriUH 1 liad to 
\t* fVavicn 4?hfiprl, and T tbi'ii M^TttrrMlnd 
tha niini*Ji.ry of R(»i', Rjilluy Jlei^i^hfll. 
Whilo thop», I Mna glad lo loam tlml an 
ikiixiliiLry of the UHti^h Sucioty had Urnu 
ntoUJHhfsd Ht Cruvtn, — ffelu^voain.dMr Mr. 
l^unlop, v»ry fiiniT^iivIy yuui>i, As!f£ NHtruAK. 
tM^ -1 hhoutd have likod lo h&vv luid 
hjcjtv ikbout Ui» Roy. J^ Donham, 3 In 
tvniJifr refv)-i»nc«i* t<i Uw J«w» ai^d to liieir 
<Miiol trotitmant byO<*ntilEk natuiMA, wt<r^Dio«t 
touch ibg. i oftou wiah coiiooDfomuBb 
minijilciTt wouJd man> fic*quQitVly du thv 
Miunft. ^^^^ 

llKJ, HktXTos H«x, S,W, 

DKAttCnTiJsTHK Kbiknd.— AnU.iHuiotilli'a 
Jlcmid hafi to-day bvcti rend aud ii;t«r«Bb 
Ii^ciwued, flympatby i« Afrtdi excited. Btfing 

ft Mihfimher and woflcer In oarhar daTH in 
a BOiJiW degr^ for the Jciu^ from I d4i2, 1 faal 
it a pleasure tc fend for tho i-titif^f of tho 
faniiAhing Jews all I can ip^ro, Many 
pre-tfing I<ILS«^ arf o<mrtlAntly (<oniin^ ^vfora 
tbe eyi'. iJut prjyor ant^^ndc and provailn. 
To it tliL'fv ii no limits. ** A*k whll^ yo will 
and zi ^hjtlt \n^ doiUN fm" Jmui^' aakf^ ! " 1 hQ 
tli*> JfffM if^rtdd T.hi'nngh f.b»* A^iTtibftry 
c<}nUtM^t«d WLth tli^ iiliAjW I iH^h^ni^ U> hor«- - 
Trinity OoTijiroj.-nli'^hnl Cbft|^(ih Tb<J Jurjuary 
iLiimliiir will Im IcioLod for im i^itrt tiiUirvht- 
ing. In \^'X1. at thfl Soeiftty'* hoiiii>, Tllack* 
fiiai'A J<oad. Mr. aiid ilrt, yoTigo foi-mod a 
IndW commitlwi of whleh, whiln it contirmod 
or tin d*(iir MrK Vongn wjuh micidnnly caUtnl 
honjt. 1 WHH a Lnvmbi^r Moct who thui Vt-ar^ 
umtcd probnbiy havu I'olJuwocJ in tho train to 
glory, and 1 vxpoct imtiarally to be called 
vhoilly. t«iii^ now ?^5 y^ixm of ago. I hops 
much b^lp in mori^v, Stv., will roaoh yoti in 
thoBO trying tlayft.—VouTBfiiithfuIlyiCHJJlW' 
son SlUKP. 

Umnorim of Gospd TYmTtiphg among the J0W9, 


RETURKINO U^ liuUWea flock ou M 
Maivh, in good ht^aXth, hut miinh 
^^hiLUjitnd, ho ral4;4}ii, noxt oponiQ^, at hw 
pruyrr- meeting, what thinjfA ht liodno^ii nnd 
nMtnl- Duriii^ tlio noat twolvn dny» Xm was 
to bo fouiul gcuDg out ftnd in amMig Kin 
pcGpb, filling up, an hjn mnnncr wnn, every 
liich of ticcc- But ho h™l b«?n much 
vriNiki^rivd by IjIk iJiu'4NUfiti^ vxMii.ioiu irhriEi in 
tlitL north, un4 00 vhi* more Uutn onliriHrily 
oipiihwl Uk Ih^j t/i^hii" fijvur tlutt wiui tlwri 
imjVbDin^ In hi« piLuvUp w%«ivl amen of 
wbErli III* vUiunl in hivk unfiLioiblEiLl M-hf.o. 

On Habbftth, the &th, lio pr«Mch«d throa 
dnw* ; and two iliiyn aft<T, I find hiin 
wnlins ^ ^^ father ^ '* All di>mmtu: ii^atlij^i^ 
^em lik* H pliu"icl Ktnvitn — I tnirt not with- 
out itA TcrtiLiieing itLdursnoe. Nothiaif U 
tDon> impnmnj; tbun tbc domoHtJa altrxr, 
whoTi we tnmo tu it fui- & iluily Hiippty of wnl 
nourinhuieiit." Tn the ]*u.i wft pvt ylan*.'iM 
into hirf KuuJ'4 ifruMh. Hih fiuitly it4>witlnTis 
WQTo full of hft? and full of ^ladm^M to tho 
Will, IiidtH-J) liL*^ very uiHurier in rffiidiii^ 
tho fhiij'ter ranimrli^ yoti of n msr i«>Hri^ 
hitu th<- wLud« for TiL<«c4fl of tiTio i;o)u, und 
f[vm uUejh to timtf tuA4i»^ uji to yuu wliAt ho 
■li-li^hlthl 111 h:ivn f<nL»i]. 

Qii Sabbath, lh» 1 2th, ha pivnch«d upon 
Hcibv ix. 15 in tlic. t'orauoan^ and Hn^rn. ix. 
«*, 23. in iho aftoru^iou. with mirrun luihii 
lAh^tnnLty: ami it witt ohwrv^il^ )uiiii tlicn 
and on othar Intc CKvauonK, he Kpoko with 
poGaliar atrcnirtb upon ihu wjirervijjiily of 
Goii. Thesu wtrr lu» Inat diBCOuraca to lu» 
pooplb in St. PpK'tV Thur. Hnrrift ^^v^^iiiikf^ 
ho went down to Bi-oii^jhty Kwrry, ocd 
prvfichod upon Twi'Lh l:c- f ; *' ArUu, nlunc:," 
cXc^ II vhha ihti l^t tiuie he wa>< to W va- 
g)Lg^ direotty in prof^aimiiLg ('hrldl I0 itiii* 
nont ; oitd on ho bogaii bin mmifitry villi fouU 
for hii^ hiiij« M it appears thai hU hutt diM- 
i^ourvrfi li^d in it raiding quiver U< Himit, iind 
that rathor from the holin«i it broatheil 
than frfm tho ^isdoin of iu w<>rd*. Aftor 
\il^ clcftth, a nolo waa found unopoQpJ, whicli 
hiul ltti-]L ■Ur'iiL to liicu 111 thu oiitirnfi nf th'i 
folloivitig wwk. whvit h^ hy in tli^ tHiur. 
It run thmi : ^* I liopu yen will [vintuiL n 
ntraii^t for uddi-^wiuc to you n t«w liii«, 
1 bokrd you i^reucJi inA tuibbatU eveiiin^i 

a.ud it |/luu0ttd Oud to blttM that avrmon to 
lay luaL^ It woa not w mii^h what jrau 
■trtitil, 04 your manuorof i^pnakinjr that atruck 
tan. 1 aftn luyoua Iromtty in bohn«M thivt 
I EiAtHr wiW UdoroL You aW ^laid umcthiug 
in your prayer tlint atruek mo T*ry tnuoli. 
It wax ■ F'Aflit -tftou'oiE iArti vie topit That.' 
Oh, Kir. what wEiuld 1 give that I could rmj 
to Eity bh*WMHl Hitvioiirn * Tlii.nj knuitAnt thut 

1 loi^tt Tboo !" '' 

SvJii c^xtiiinfc ho h«]d n niot^tifii; in St. 
iVi^r's. witJi the view of un.TtiLWii^ bu 

t>«fiplM frih ndlivting in Imhulf nf th» Fivn 
'rotuhtiug ChnrvU, — (fn* d]>jruption ol tho 
l^uhlUbioont b«in^ cow iiiovitiLbk. li« 
»pok* v«7 furveutly ; htuI ofur iho aiwting 
fftlt f<hill«l und uuwf'll- Ncut morning ho 
fait that bo wntfiU; but went uut in Ihu 
Afternoon ta tho tnarriaitoof two of hiA tiwslc, 
Hr Huifinod, howevw, to antidpato a Bprioun 
nltack, for, on hit wny l^omOp he inait^^ «iJiRL«h 
nrruti^^mofit^ «odui«otcd vitb hii^ viniifleriiU 
work, and left a mcosage at Or. GibBon** 
houH. iijdEiiig him (o oouie and pwH Liiii. Kti 
IwbvA'vd that ho hiul Ukon the fever, anil U 
vu,v H>. Tliot nifftit h« lay dovrn upon iho 
l*«l tr-JUi which h« vma never Uj risi\ He 
MHrkH lir.rJ<4^ Init m1i]U'LlH«-i1 Umi he ajiiirtf- 
hvnd'Hl dan^>r, 

tin WixiiuAiny, hi* veud iio thought that 
he woiiM Ufiver h*vo »*'<*n thr morning, bo 
fnlt BO qniti liT^ikon, and had (pt no ^Iw^p ; 
Imt aft*JwaniB addiMt, " Shall tro recuivi» 
jfood at tho hand of liic lyird.and nhfiJl wo 
not rcwdvc <TviI nXn3 i '* He Hpcmt'd rioudod 
in Hiflrit, ofton rep^tatinf; irutrh psioMigM on-* 
** My mointuro vt tunud into the drouoht of 
ffummt^r ;"*- -*' My hones wax old, throusri tny 
roai'in^' a.\\ day long-'' It wuj» with iJitlli'LiLty 
Ihat III* wa* ahl^ to ipeak a f^w word^ with 
hit jtAniHtiinli Mr, Oiithtfrar In tho fonv 
uooii. Mr, Millor. of Wnlliu^lowD, found hint 
oppnwjiiH] wilJi (>xI'roiii« |ui(ii in Uls lioul. 
Aniong^t othw thii^ft they coti»**T?*e<l tipoii 
P*. i-x3»vi. On coming lo the litii vt«i>*>, Mr. 
M'Ubeyno wid hn would give him a divi^oii 

of it, 1. H'A^if it MotPfd — *'lVwiiuJK M*<lh'' 

2 7%f ffliftnyiflT- of totetjig if— '*Oo^i\t forth 
and wecpetb" He dwelt iijfon " toftfjr>'M/' 
ami then HLitl.'^ Miuut^ti) should ^u futtb at 
ditimea." 3. rA« yrfitC—" Shall doubLLt«« 

Tfii Lout Dfiifn of Mr. M'Chey7i4, 


oriin^ apiin with n>joirirtg. ' Mr. Miltc^r 
puiinl^ to Lhnnrftftufi/of ;t ; Mr. M'Clitfyno 

with him, Mr- Miller rrpuiled Mntl, li- 58, 
Dpot^ which Mr. M'Ch^yiie cUi^f-ed liin handfl 
tdth grtftt €*BmcHlrtnfe AsLe bei^tuti woiu?, 
y* mvdiail utIf^ii(lHUtJ< forliKiln him t-> h* 
virit«d, OtEfv or Iwii'u hit ofiked for mo, hqcI 
■mui heoH lo opealc of ** A'm^m/' as if tho 
fciWWMitionB of his Uliieea i\xere wvru ra.-&ll«I 
b)^ Ua burning tetvt amr. I wkk not at 
IhAC tim^ awar^ of hE« duigor, e^n ihe 
iDTiionr of \i hail TH>t rrsch^cl hh. 

NpAt ibfty, ho ctriiT.iiiiint hunk Lji bu^y hiliI 

iliiil^ \\W nh£*iir, ihfr liin^ vht^n lii4|tf<npt(»inAt 

i\\a\x uMiftI ovoran^ pmyc^' minting, whdn 

IiT iiHjii«ili?ii lo be left ftltine fof Imlf un ^lO^ir. 

ho 0XclAim(*^l, wjtli Li joyful vciirv, '* Hy lOiil 
is c*tf«poii OK » bitxl out of the oDiirc cf tho 
foitlrr; tht' iiaai-« id brokvn, and 1 am 

bfvrpi>k4f irwitril y^ar^, Kvi>r nfur h*» whs 
obaprv^d to l>f hnj^py ■ "^^' **' '^"[jpT-tiino 
LhitL «vi*iiU)^, wh^ii tAkiiijz a litile n^riWi- 
tu>^it, )lp ^avi* tlifiiikA, " \'i\f ht,i^iijj^H iri Uit» 
liDiik Lif ivftiknp<i*—f*sr light in thn tinip of 
dnrhonv for joy in thi? tiiiio of sorrow 
fvr itfiifoTtici: UE> m a11 otu^ tribulAtiou^, (Lai. 
v» may bn ahlti m mmfnrt thoM» that nm In 
uiy troabJo, by tho comfort whorowith »« 
oiir?>cl''« Arc ccrofortL'il by Ciod." 

On SeihltfLth. uliuu ciut? t^Kpifwcil a wbh 
thkt he bnd b<<4*n libW f/i f^ forth ru nAnal 
to [Hfttph. hci ri>ptitd. ^' My thou^Eitd nrc not 
yo^r tboiJifbl*!!. iieithrr jirp Mv wnys your 
wmyx. buJLh iht* Jjit^X : '* aciJ ucIUinJ. " ] ant 
pr«ftchivtte the wrmon tijat Owl would bftve 

Oil Txi««dAj (tlie Sifit). Lia bUW ivp«alv<l 
to Ilia w/vva\ hycnn't. Tbn IahEh wr^nl^ lie 
HmuiI, «nd thn !n«E hfl wttniad to iiruloratAnd, 
w«ri« Ui(i«« ol l.Vrvpcr'ii bynm, '* ^(iiciiim?* 

Uw Utflll mnpHMv tiio Clirixtmii a/i- ll« J>t[jl^(« " 

Atul tlum the fii-linutn rjimf< im. 

At oan itiOi?. duriitff tbn dL^linum, ho miid 
to hi» ntfcndunt, " Mind the Uxt (1 C!or- 3Cv, 
BS) ; 'Be ntwidfoal, unmovwibk*, nlwty* 
nbiMiiicling in thv work of tbi* Ijord/ " dw«ll- 
iue with tniuih vtii|>li*uiH ou tho liiat ^Intusc, 
*'/<>ra#i7i«JcA <w yd knovt; that j/our tahour u 
Wfi in ram in '/« Lord." At jiitoUivr liiijn 
h* iiHiim*il u> U^^•] hJm^^Ef ivmon^ UIm hiv( lirftii, 
and Mtkd, " 1 don't think canoh i>t |H>lifTy tn 
rliiiirh oQLirtt ; um, I Imt" it. birl. Til (ell 
yrrii vlnkt 1 likr. fuithfii1ni'A> Irj fh;ii^ nml u 
holy i*itlk/" UU viiicx% vhif^h had b«*ii 
wcuk bcfrin) brcniiic vtrr Atfonx now; and 

iifti-n wiLA ho h<mrd upoiikinfc t<3 or praying 
for btft ]>rople- *' You inu«t bo ftniOc«nod m 
lime* or yoti vill Iw Awiikcnnd ia rivm'InAting 
lOTincmt, to ynuri*tpmnl onnfitjdon-" ■* Ymi 
may «oon ifct monway, buttbnt will notMVd 
yriur «iili>.'' Then lie pniVfid. *'Thi* pniiih, 
|j>rd. thi* jiPoplttH this whcj« pbu-nf At 
nnotliw iiim\ " Do it ThyM.'lf. l^^d, for Tliy 
wciLk norrAnt." And nCAtu, ni if prnyLng for 
tho HLjiitb, *' lluly FtttliFi, kvvp through 
Thiiiu own iiaiij«« lliou} whon^ Thou hnnt 
given m«,'* 

Thutt 1i« ccntijiiK^d roout leen^nilly t^rr^'n^'od, 
vrlilla the ilelii Juiu iH^ted, vdlLer Ljl prH,ver \^v 
Tn pvftArhln^ Ir hiA pi>op|p, nnd nlwnvi^ ftpjm- 
rctntly in hJippy frnmo. till tho mornm^c of 
Satni-dAj. the 2&lh. On that TOfn-ninff. while 
hu kind mntirjil Jkttemhutt, Dr, {jiloun.attxHl 
by, ho liftnl up biv hiindiL iix if in tbr n.Uitudri 
of pronoundn^ tho hlmsinij, and thon witdt 
duwji. Not A gi-onn or a sigh. Wtonly u 
[^uii'er uf th« lip, utid bin kjuI woa ni rtut- 

An he wnf vtthjiot to fre>piOi)t nickn^iMH, it 
WRH not till wiitiin H-mu 6ay^ i>1 hiH d(4Ath 
ihnt bei'iouB nlnruj wh# ^'iici*lly fHf. And 
h»iiieti the MHihe niiUH wUli iiwfuf Hiiddi-nn^w» 
up«n na nil, Ttint miiia >Lft4>i-noor]. whilA 
|<ii.iluu^nU ffrr 8iibbjjtli ilut.i<'j<, thi* tidinjc^ 
itticbevi me, 1 hfteUiiiciI doi* n, tlnjui^b M-An:c 
knowing why T w^nt, lUu pfiriplo wfr»> that 
f^vf^niiig inM (t^othtr in tho chinch, flmlhtich 
ft H^io of Mil row hiu- not of(«n hwn nit- 
nnNvd in Scotbiiid, It wila like tlw wm-pinif 
for King Josjnh- llniidmlit wi<n-th^Tif ; th» 
lower pftit of Ihc ebTircb v(u. full ; and none 
ftmonp them wrmcd nblo to contftin thtnr 
Nimivr. JCvi^ry limrL Hviued huotiug wrlli 

r"ef, fto tluit (ho w4vpinu unit tb** rrii-< ro«ld 
hotinl Jifiir oH'. TIii< Loni hnd in^wb 
wvemly wrjvindi<<l tli-? ^<coplp whorii Uv fiJid 
bproi^tio [Nrt-uiijirly favoured; nnd in^w, by 
thiit Awfut liimke of Hk hn-nd, wn« fixing 
dea>CT in theit untU s\\ that Ilia a-i^rvant- 
had Hpokun i» Ibe d^yn of hih j4xi]llHr 

WhaiH'Vor tltc nevfi <4 hiis il»pArlura ciuncv 
(-voT^ ChriAtinn eount^nancft vrna daik«ncd 
with sindnt'im, IWlmn* never -nnn ihodimUi 
of one, whoKO wbcla ooi'n|HLTiriEi hud ht«n 
pTiML0bin^' tbo «voriaHting Gt^pt^b nwtv felt 
by all th* ruintu ^f Otd in ScolUn^l. N-at a 
few ]klw> of oitr PrVBbyieriuu I'lvthiviri in 
In^lnjii] f*»lT tb"* hlhw to th* rei-y hwirt, H* 
hinim^lf ii#i>d to rtMv, ^< livo m aa to lio 
niiwtd > " nnd non* tbttt HAv tli« tonr* ihAt 
wer>*Hbei] ovr^r hi^ dittth wuuld Lavh tlouht^ 
tliAt his own lifn bn*T hci*t\ whAl. ho rnntn- 
mondod to othpnu Jle hud not coiofJetod 


MimorifM of GttMjie! TrinntfJii' ttnimi^ thf Jtnvf. 

mora tliAD Lw«s(^'Dine yMrtt *)t9Xi G<.il took 

Or ih^ ihiy of 1im tiuiuvl, battiut'BB wan 
quite If UF^poiiilH^ iti tlit^ p«tUI) TIh» Mtr>yrf*, 
And Dvnry window, from the hoii^ to the 
i;mvc. nvtiro cruftilcd ivlth thoM who felt Ihut 
A piiiictt iii Ihfjid hnJ fa|]4?ii . Ajjd txi»ii/ j« 
ciiri'lru lumi frit n sr^T^^t ftWti rrwp ovpr hln 
liBnl(*iii<d Boul lubv out hiaojc on the solcma 

lib Lomb muj' bo wt<n on tin- patliwnir iit 
th* «orth'W*t ivjrnvr of St. I't-tt^r* burying- 
jfra^iml. ilu biiK eouii t't iX\f " ijiuuutjtin of 
ttjrrh ritid (Kit lull of f rn [ihkoc«riw, till iht^ 
day Vi[riik ui;d liie ^Lndi^wp IIpp nw*>." Ilih 
wni-k wjts linliihcilT Hw h.*ftveiily I'mlit*!* 
hikd not nnctKcT pliiiil. for tiim to wiitor, ikCn< 
fuinihcr viztr fcrr hint to ttniu ; ctiid tho 
ttftviour whu «> lovnd Ijiiu w** u-mlJiiif Ui 
grr«t htm wUb Hi* own wolcoiiio : " Wol) 
diMiL\ ^ckI jind fnitlifitl Honmjtt : cnivr tliou 
intc ihcf joy of tiir Lord." 

tiul wliul la tilt vuii?» tu UH? Han Uim 
bttAfi wilt 111 ^he Mn)ke of wi-htli, nr t^he 
r#buki> <jf lovol " Hln wny in i*i tho ww, 
ftad hln jNiCh in tli* Nrriitti wH-ivn-, >kud Hi» 
f notiitpAiM »ri< iinl< kiinwri-" Oiilv LbU iimoh 
wo piiu oWrly »», that nothmjf wn* mord 
Attcd lo loavo hirt ohumetor «uid t'XjLinple 
iiii]jjT-Mifi1 iiii viii' i^iiiiiMithiniK'^ for rv»r thjtrj 
hln t'ijriy dp*lh- Thr^rp miffht I>p eu%-j' while 
ho U^-ed ; thoro in (lotio now, Thor© might 
havo bocuMmo of tbo youthful nttrnrtivcii™* 
of liif* griic44 lost hiul ln> liv*^ many yiiHf* ; 
rhiK (TiLnnrit lji< iin|dkired now. It MH<m* im If 
tJiu Lord h;td ntnu^k Uiv flcjwi>r fr-c>m itM i^.i*iri, 
erv ftny of tW cvtoura httd ItJpt Ibuir brii^lLt 
huQ, or dtiy loal Itn frA^miiop. 


A ^Wmwi PffftrhM hit fhf taU Hwr, Ha}t*rt M. 

M'CJit^nr, .Vfl»*w/j^r I7th. IM.I'J, a/t^r 

rff timing ft^m a Mmntn to IHb 

"To Ihs J*iw Artt."— Kam, i- llL 

MOST propb arc vihjunod uf tlio Ooii)wi] 
nf i'hi'L'il, T/iB Mpitre zire firJaitruvd of 
it, brwuiiw it priUpt mmi lo liffliftvo, nt^d not l« 
arjjim : tfm trf^i *\r*^ h^bnai"?*! of il, bconiire 
it bringH oil into otic bwly ; U^ rich aro 
k«hiiiui-d iif i^ if it 11^ t*> iH' hftd witlimit 
mouthy xnii withnut jiriro : rA# cj^ry nri< 
ftflhauH^d of il, bu-nuw thi*y tWr it xnll 
dratroy »\\ ihvir inirth ; nud p-tv Hk* >i<iod 
ne-WK of ih^ ^(iirioiiH 8cj|i uf Ood }m>iii|£ 

come into thv woild n tuivly foa* l««t binntrf, 
in dcBpiwd, unoLred for— iD«fi are b^h&iuird 
of it. \Vbr> mx' not iiehDjQnJ of it? A litlio 
rotnpany, thtm* whcw hMulh tho 8pirit of 
UctI hrM( Couoh^, Thi'y VL>nr nlJ Jjk« tl>o 
HOrld, Ahd of it ; tjtit Jlr AwAkoned lb«iii to 
tit^ thi*ir bin ;iud miM-i^y. luad tLjit ChH*t 
*lonft wj»fi n Tt\\tgt\ nnd nnw lh*y cry, 
^' Nona but Chri**— No[io but Chntt \ God 
forhkd thnt I should ^\o\y nave in the CrOM 
of CUHflt." flu h prrcioUA to their btfari — 
>Io livn th^ro- -lloiMcifi^ii on thvir 1m- — H« 
ifi prnuMl in their f«iiiily -tbf^y woold f&ii) 
pi-oclniiu l]uu to all th« world. They bftV9 
frit in llwir owD t:<i(MrrietKV Lhiit \\w Ou»pr1 
ih th» [iTivtft't' of rioil ontA Rulrjiltrm, lo U)* 
Jk>K ,l)ivl, and ilIao to iht^ Urvfik, D«nr 
frtoniiH, i* thi* yoiir rx|ierbni^? Hava ymi 
rm--ivnl tht rji^^JtrT, not iu wcii^ only, hut in 

(N>WDr ? Itnii tho poAvr of God b^cn put 
orth tipoii your fiotil nlong wirh tbv word? 
Tbtii thip word IB y^mtv, — 1 am not Ofd^aiaed 
uf tb*i (iy»pvl of t'hript. 

OnM pecLiliArity m thiri «titt«in«nt I witih 
yoii to tiolicon Ht* jf[ori<-H in th^ Ckwpf I m* 
tho pown- of (h-nl (int.L. WLlvntion, lo th» J<*w 
firvit. fmm nhiith I diiin tliih dooltiEif,— Tftiil 
ih* GotptI ^lfti^t^Id htt ptracAtd jirit U< tin Jfw^^ 

J. lipctmn J'ti/'fraeRt oeiW Infin w%tK £&rm. 
— lloni. iJ, fi— UK 

" Iiidi^iiitJon nnd tha Jit«r flnttK** 
It hi All AA'fut thoujfht that tho Jow will b« 
thr tirst ti>ptnnd iVirvvHid at IhelArof Uod to 
Lh? juJi^rO, \VL(<u tht? grtnt whitv thn>ne ia 
Ht't, HTirl ITi* hir^ ili>wii ii|¥in it fmiii whott« 
(ae« tho b<^Tciit iijiil A^Kh lloo ftWAv— >wh«a 
tho dottd, NEiiall j^nd ffmxt^ Hlnnd before Oo^tf 
und tiic ItPokH arc o)»niinJH juii] tho doEkd arv 
jiiiI^h] oMi of IhiKo fhin^ that aro writtMi 
in thp Ki^tk^, IK ii iirit iictnkibg thoiifcht that 
Irfraot \Hnyjr hhudoi 1t<tTL(.-| — will be tho tirftt 
lo tt»ud in juJ^jir*nt btrforr (tod V 

\Vhan tho Aoii of Mnii hli:iLI tttrafi \u Hit 
^lory, lind nil thohi^ly aii^ol^ with 11 im, when 
Ho ilmll nit upon ttic tJii-rjiiofd lli« jclor^, and 
bf-forn Jlini thiill bo ^ikthoKil rUl uHtimir^. find 
Ho »Jia]| v«|iiintl4> tbc-ni ons from nnolh^r. kh 
d i»h«ph<>n1 dividt'th bi& fchE«p from tho goatii, 

whoF) tho avful Kcntpncx* €cmc6 forth fnMa 
flifi hi-ily li|«» "T>¥jiBti joi'urHKl," — andwfaMi 
thn ^dlty many ihtxU raov^A^vny from beforo 
Uim into oTorlcuiting piinitihiii«iiit, — u it not 
onon^h to make the dkisI. oitTolemntnoDf joiirj 
pnuric uid ronndor, that thv ij^ilijU'itftlfDii and* 
wtKth ^bafl fliMt romti upon tho J«w— i 
thi^^ir fM<:eH wiU i^thor it d<.<<]pDr palot)0>»,A] 
thcjr hvKtle di« within thvm Dwr* tbwi 
i;Lbui> i 

Semtryn h>/ the Oite HfT^ HofufH \f. M^dv^ynt, 


Why b tbU ? hi?c;4i[ip i\ioy hRva hntl 
BQOCiV ll^ht IhiLu Jktiy oth^ p0O[i1i^. God rhoao 
thctn OTtt of ihft vi>rlii U> W Hi* witn*ii»*H 
Kvifiy iiri>pliiH. wiut mmiI nint to th<aa ; urvry 
«v&iigDliRt ttrti Ek|X3*Jtlo bd n mouago for 
tbciu, Mc9>^iah tiamo to th^nn^ llc^ nud. 
•' I ftm rot Msnt b^it to the lost nhccp of Iho 
JImii* i4 Itniil" Th<< wind of (iifJ ih sldL 
iuliirc«3bxl to tb«iii, Tht-y «t.i11 linv« it piii*o 
Al;*! uimilnitvTEitcd in thtir hjuifin ; jut tlio^ 
JmtB Mimf^iJ ju;jittisL nil tbia li^hl^— JMEAiiiftt 
«lI1 Lhix 1civh> " O JKiniHJilmii, J«i iiAtilaiu, 
0)011 ttint IciJlp^ tli« prapb»t<^ nbd stoiuNit 
tijviti ^liirlt am tient, unto LhcKt, havr oftbn 
wi>u|i| 1 \in\v ^nlhvt%i\ th> i-hiMiri^ togother, 
vwn ji> a hen ^ckthori'lli her <'1iir>krn% iiiii]«*r 
bfir wiD>p*, and yn would noil Tlieir tuji 
<yl wmih U fuller thnD ib^t of ether mi-n - 
thi^ii' WH of Hnitli U c3ti,'p(ir. On tlitir very 
fiicw yon uiny tvKd ill evi^ry cliiiie that Uka 
nuw of Uod iif i>v<T ili#in, 

Ik not tUiP rt r»rvw>», Uim, wliy lli« OoFfiol 
^oukl Ijtxl bi:^ pivnchni tu llii* J(-w4f Tliry 
nr» rftidi*' to [loHfth — if* wnah mora ifrnftd^ 
fullt tijuu 'tthoL' moiiH 'J lio cloud cf uidig^ 
antioii niid ivin^h tlml U ^'vrn now Kfttbm&ji: 
nbum tlio Uihi, rtill lavak lU>t u|hiu ihn hrail 
od gtiilty^ ul]|lJ*|>^*y, nnlwltpx-iuK Umel. Anrl 
luKi-o you iiouo of the bowels of L'lii-iai la 
y»ii, Lbdl ymi Hill t^jt I Ufi UiBt to t])(Tiu Uknt 
«r* m vo )tii<! A e£i«*T tik iLTk boapiLil, ih<* 
kind phytimti iniiiH tiinL to thnt bwl wbur» 
Ih* «ck mau Hm who m uuufvt (o dit-. 
Whru a nlup is fliiikinfc'. ami ih** |,*dII!iliI 
HLilorw hfitv Wc- tho ■•.hrJiY* t'<-i huii* th(< hinkiii^ 
«t'W, (fo th*H- iiot ili«1rh out tb* iirtii i>i bolj> 
fintl (-> tlji>i' who ^irr* Kir»<lif*l I« p^nMi 

l>VrU'.*Alh lllU KlltfV ^ Atl<ll frlmll W^l UOL (111 

till* **!«*> fiir Ti.rfl*l i Tho bilk-w* of Ood'n 
ftti^r fti'o ri<Ady lo <ljith Qri^t oior thorn— 
»liftll wc uot Hvk til t'Ling them tii^t to the 
IWk Uiut ilk luKliri' tliMii tliey ? Tli'-ic vuMi 
ift mora diw[jeritU.> tbnu iJiHt at otiun- mca— - 
sJiall yra not bi'itif* bbo 0<khI fkynioiAn to 
Uicm, Who lUone <an brin^heAlib nn^I onr^ 'i 
•—for tbi? ((ub^pel ih tbu powt<r of Utnl unto 
mtlvatioii. to tbe Jmr first, Hmi ilLki to lb« 

I cjiiiiiut livnr fbi« b«vid wIlhottL sjicjikLni^ 
■ ivcinl 1» thi)f-»i 'il ytm tvluh lut* in u hif.unT.iofk 
T*»fy hiuibit' to thnt of IfttTirtl : lo yi^ii who 
have tho Word o/ <>od ill yonr hftmtn. ftuil 
yut HrtT iii]l)ob(^nni; and iin-Nivcil. In miiuy 
nu^HVtii, Kivtf lai^d tuny hi^ rfillod ItniVit u«rniir) 
lunhvl. ^o otlioi- lniu\ bu« it* Sabbotb jm 
Srotlimd luks -no otiirr kud huB the Itibloan 
^CDtlniiJ bas^ — -ii(J other luiid bd» blia Gu^po] 
pnNtcH«d, ft«0 AH ih^ ftiL- WM bi-tMitb<4r fmb am 

Lhf>EtiM«nk from tlwftn»rliuiting KilU, ibpn, 
think for A mamont, you who idt vaxdnt tko 
hluule oi faithful miniAtriv, and yet roina.]n 
itiicoiicvrm'd wad unconvcxied, und nnr rot 
brought TO *ii ufidur tho slitdo of Chmt, 
tbiak how hko your wrath will bt* lo tbo 
unbelieving Jpw f AihJ think, nf»iiiu, of the 
uirt-rvitlKnin ^rua' ot ChrinL, Ibul. tlu* (tivpel 
i* firnt lo yvn. Th» tnnr^ thni yt'Tir i*inB »« 
like H^irlot imd bk^.^ <rnni>h>ni tbo rnot'e in tbo 
Vltvd frr*- to yuii ibiit w»n1iivi i4bj(':i(i>i snow ; 
fi)rtbiiiiHHi.iI] IIEHwnriUi»]i]l |[Lkiiiinihl<4rH,^ 
B«^n III Junmil^ro. 

i. It I* ^'4»' fiofi tt» oarif jirH fot tha Jtvun.— 
]| )H Ihr idiit'f ^lory iind joy (if » aoul to \m 
likt* find. Yon n'trwiiibi*!- thin wbs ihp glopy 
of tbfct condition iit which Ad^m wascnMtcd. 
*■ Let us mftkt ninn in our imnt-c, jLFt*r our 
hk*i»*a*.'* HiH utiderstHndiin^ n-ia without 
■ i^loud. Ht* H»v. in tomo nh^miuv, n^ Ctod 
iK«tb> llin ^^ill UouTil to th<> "iitcti? i'bftnuc>l 
with Cod'fi vilL His alT^^liouA fn^tennl on 
the HIIU0 oljJM'bf wLirb G«k1 jiIpho lo%mt, 
W|ii>t\ ninn fell, n« lifbt all l)d>', nnd NKnun* 
ohildri'n of tho dovil, Jknd n'lt i^hiMri'iik of 
Clod, But nlicn H Imt m\\\ ia hnmieht to 
Cfti'Iht, Ainl i«uoiviir« i\\* Ifoly ribc«t, b»> pula 
off Ibo old msin, And puts on iha n«w man, 
which After God inerotLtcHrLiiyhleoimnoivAnd 
tnic bolIncHi- H i>^ our tijjc joy tu tbtii world 
to he likr fiod. Too many n'st in thr joy of 
bcitip forifiven ; but out truoi^t jcy u; to bo 
lika him- t) i"*** not, bclovipd. till you ar© 
renewed aftrr this ima^, till you partake of 
the Divine nhtur^ I l^iJg for thi* day wht»u 
<Jhrii:Lt. BhiUI appear, juid wo hIihH be fully 
Ukni IliiD) i'A" fiif "hUl 4o« Iliui a4 Ho \a. 

Nuw. wljrit I V ihIi tH.1 iiiF<i>it (i|iun hi |>n9vut 
in, tb:>t w« Nhoidd t# lika Oinl, d-vin in thorn 
thJiL|^ wbii^h Aiv poouhar, \V« tboidd bo 
likf^ Iliru in undpiivtandinjjc, in v ill, in boljuvpe, 
and aImj in Hi* ptrnli'tf afffftvmu. •* Ijovef* 
of God. and cxtfTy one thLit kiVAtb iu born of 
(Jod and knoweth Liod, iU that loveth not, 
kuoweth not God, for ISod ia loxo ; " but tbo 
wbolo Bibia htuiwa ihitt fJod bius a iMniliar 
aff^tion fi>r IkthvI "^'ou rvnn^mlMr whoa 
thr Jrwj^ w('n? in ^^pi, vorcly opprwej by 
bL«ir Utflkma^l^ix Gi^l bi.'4ii'd their cry, hjlcI 
iip[iH]iiVil Tfl* MoM'H. — " T bri^^ M^'ri^ J hai'O 
M«n tli(« all^Hlon of My pnipU, mid 1 Idlvi^ 
hcird thrir ci'v. ftir 1 know tfioir ^^rrr-iwu.'' 

Ajid.i|:HUL,\^hi'uUoi]bji>u£bttbviii IIuvh^U 
tho wiMdiTi^Ks, M4tM*« T'f-lU ibom u'bv Ha did 
It. Ueut, vii, 7 : The X-ord did not tot Hia 
lovo upou you, nor choaw you, bci^aiiMt yo 
were oioPo in nucibpr thnii any p^'^jde, for 
y» W4*r* the fuwMtt of hU pL^opIc, but bccauv* 


Uemorif^ of (jcwjm/ Tn-ifinpht amon^ th^ JefvB, 

tho X^'i) lovod yKM." Strange, mvotcili^, 
movt poonlW bvo t — lie Jorcd bhem bccAiiiw 
H« IhvihI lliam. BI;ou1d wc oot bo tiko Qod in 

Hut. yoa Hiy, God hv Hcot tbom into 
captiTity. Koir, it in tna©, OM ki.ith bo»v- 
l^rvd tbeui iiLto erpry laud — ^Hli« crivduuK 
*»Tia nf Zior>, r*iTn|>nril»l<* to firifl pirtd. luiw 
ftro tl»'>v c^t-fMjiiwl ftj4 <iiirthvn pitohor* ! " 

Uut«rU'b H*>-9 0.h| ftf llnMi '*t U^f left 

Miit^ Imiuvii*, T liavi* loft Mini* hi-i'itii^, I \mw 

£v*Ti Ott dftirfy Mortd of Mf/ tostl into tlio 
Liid <^ her PnemJ™/" It ia Iwwt iliot lu-ael 
u KiT*ii> fov n liltlo moment, mto the btuJ 
of Ifpr cHiimic*, Irtit xl in na tniu tlml they 
urn ftitl tho d^r])' Itvloieil uf Hih •luvij, 
HJioulH ir« ii4>r ^vvi UicDi tbo MizDO pUee ia 
our lieniiA t^'liicL OikI i:U-« th«u in Hia 
JimrtV Hlinll nr U- ii^bumi^l Ut obertHh tliv 
mtDO n n'EK*T-kiii Allied our boavmtlr FiiEhfir 
Hien«]i<»- J mu\\{ vo I>a oHhAiiifiii to be 
uiiltktf cIri w<rrM> riiicl hkn Goi]. in ilii?t 
pfiriilinr lorn fni' crtptiTP ImiirH 

But yon tay, trod h»x t*jif>t tlicm ofi". "IJiith 
Oml CMt aVp-av J|^!*|>CHnplc^whio^l Htl'orefcnowV 
OmL forbid!*' Tbo fthvXts Bible ixriit^kJit'te 
FUCib RJ3 icifsi. Ji?r Kxii. 20: " U Kphi^iJTi] 
my dcnr hoc? ia U^ a pLeiuuit oliil^ { tor 
uaoe X ap^d npiiiitft him, 1 ifo oarnoatlv 
n^mMiilnr him ^ill- TLprefuiv my txjwum 
ftiv trcmbknl for liim : I will ^m-ely liftve 
m^rry il|k>ii him, fAith th« I.ord*'' " 1 will 

plnuL ttomnv'*'!^ iu thvlr onn land M»UiY>dEy, 
wiUi My whiilrt biuiit, iifid with My Hhol^r 
fcoul/* "Zioti «ii(l, Tho LoitI bath foinrLkon 
uji», ttinl til)' Lord h*th foi'ijoiTtn nic. (.'jic 
H Wtiluun/" A'*!. "And so nil Wiii-'i nhall be 
fiivorl, lui it EN writti*ri. Thf^iv abuti cutuu unt 
of Zion the UulivDivr, htkI >-bnll tiii'ii HU'uy 
un^ihnoiw from Jncob." Nt»w tho •simptG 
<|iioiUnn for mch uf yoii is, lind for utir 
bolovod clii-iryh, *hotdd vm hi>t hjijir» wi^h 
Ood in l\iA piKOiiiftr ftft^^tton for Icraol { Jf 
wp Ato fiU<M vith tho Spirit of (lod shc^tild 
wi* not luvu ]u Yl** lov'iv ( rdtouli] n« not ^^ive 
lKni<t1 iitHin \hf> pnlm,>i nf cmr hftdds, Aiid 
reaolt-i.- ttiAt through our morcy tbeyatw may 
obtain mor(!y? 

Inoimnr^tnll th« ruuntriertwdhnv^^ viHitW, 
thii> foot Li ijuitc lemirknM^ ; in Jeod it M^^me 
in miiny pljiom '14 it' Ui*.- only drxir \is^l opvn 
to th(" Uhri^T.inn irii«ionjiry is Tih« dnor of 
pX'WLcJiiTi;: <o till.' J-'W*!, 

Wo p|H"iii H'lti" limo in Tuiicftny, tho frcmt 
HtJLli* in i.Jif witulu or It^ly. Tliitm yo^i tlim 
tMl pi'oiioli llitr Oonpd to Ui9 Bomnn CstlkoUt- 

population. Th« momoiit you g^vo t inutt 
or a Bihlc> il in corriod to tho primt, h&d hy 
tho print Co th« icitvonimcnt, Rnil laim^diaLn 
ponndiniDDt im tha oiruin t«ni]t. Bnt tha 
door it( opon to tho Jou'«v Ifo mftn CAr«c for 
th^ir AOuU; n&ci tharcfore you nuir carry 
the Go»|>ril to them fn-ely. 

7'hf KHTH^ in /A*' mif irt K^*/pt ttnd ia 

Vou dnro not pTwdi tli« Ooapel to llio 
dvJudi^i foilovnnt of Mdl^iuiM ; htif. yiii mar 
■tand in tbo opott iTiAi^kot^pIooaj una prMob 
tho CSospcl to til* J^m^ no man rf>rl>irldin|f 
you. Wo vi»ilcd rvwy town in lhi> WiAy 
iiuul where Jrw* aiv found. 1 n Jurujuvlpm, 
und in Itolirmi, wu nj^ok^ to them oJI tbo 
wordd of thi^ hft'. In Kychnr wc rriL£Oii«d 
with them in tlie ^yndj^u^ur. And ia the open 
th:i7MJU\ hi nr»[fn, ri(. ibe ffiof of C^iTDol, 
wa mat vith th«m iii the f^ymi^g^ie. lo 
Zidon^ uImi, wc dit^coitood fnwiy to thtfttk of 
Jc»i;^ ill Tyre, »i» vi*ilfiij thpoj iu lh« 
v^ngmgiift^ nrd at th<^ Hou>« fif thn Itahhi, 
ond then thoy i«tutncd our ^nuit : for wlw>ti 
wo hnd Uid dowti in the Ichno for the hwt of 
mid-day, they cumc to hh in crowiK Thi* 
HHin^it Itihh^ W44 pn^iuiViL iituI pnAULffd 
aft«r pru«nf^ «x^>UtrL«(l< non^ mukinf; ua 
afr«id. In Ki phot. And Tilvrin^. imd Acre, 
WL* hiid the hku fiverlom. Tbein ia. indend, 
fierfin-t ]tfi«rty in lb** Holy J^ud fo Oflrry Iho 
UoApcl to th* Jowfi, 

lb CotMbJiutinopU, if yon were to prv&vli 
t'l rhfT TurkM, am Hrmtt have tn«cl, hKnl^NTiiiMit. 
in thd contotpw'nco ; but in iho Jnw yon mhV 
ciirry tho nnip«fft. lit Wnllaohia and Mof- 
rbi via» tiie Kmnlieflt attempt to cocivci't n Gnifik 
iviiiild driLW down thu iaittint Vf^ngomini nf 
tfjo holy Mnod, *r»d of tfa*j govcmmont. 
Itiit in ovi.i'y tdiwri yyts wunt fr^ly to tho 
JrWH— IrL Bri(;haL-&tls iti Fuxnny. id JH»y. 
mill \\\ muM)' iL ri'imiti* Walliu'hisn liajiih!Lp 
n'^ b[iok», wichoiit hindriktL«e, tho mWHi^ to 
l^i^nwl. Tho door IA wirU opflO' 

In Auitti'iA, whi.^[>» no uiiwoiAryof ftny 
kind \* n!|{)W4i(l, ictill wo fnimd tho Jfiwa 
wimnp to ho'tr. tn choir tiynnf^iruwi *r<i 
al^vnvfl fmind u Minct<iiiiy open to qji^ jwd 
often when they knew they couhl hiivo II*, tht'y numvnlrd \\\M we hiii.1 bocn 

In PrnH>i]An Pohmd. the dc)Or is iHde open 
to ntmly [>J[l.*"h» Jew>, You darn jiut 
prMi<>h fo thn ponr iCntionaliM KrotMtMiklv. 
V.\f\\ in rrrjtrt^tnnt I'di^hin thuwoiUd AOt bo 
Allowd; but ynn may #poak tho OoMpvl to 
t.ho Ji-w*- Dy the li»w of th* land <iv»iy 
ehurc^h l^ opi^n to an urdiviiml mmivti*r; mnd 

SflTwtJiH hif Uui laU Hfp. Hf^ttrrt M, M'Ch/^e. 



iiXii' cif thi* iTiimintiELriw n»i.iTT>r1 iiii:' tlmt h» 
nfUn pn>hcbeU to 400 or WS Jov-n nnd 
J^vrWM 4t «i tim^H Schooln for JcvJAh 
oUUmtMBlaoulloitril. We vbiti^il Uim 
oT tliPtn, nril hflftnl th*.* rliilJiy-Ti («»^lit ihi* 
IV H J of stlvftticiii by lh<< J{i><Ii-ifmt^L. TwuLvv 
yiMTH A^ tbv Jow8 would not huvo (>Onie 
Dmr n chmch. 

If Uit4BP thingn >M* tfnP, ftud I amifUil lo all 
of jroiT who know thov (Tni(itrii«L if it la not 
— 'if tins pJoor in one dirBTtJfjn ia wlnil, tkiid 
tile dour to latiu-l \t vo niilnly f^pi-zi— ^Oh. di> 
jTin ni>t Think that Or.^d i* wiyicg by Hip 
pnj^doniH* kin well iM by word, ''Go mtfeer 
to tbr ]o?4t fthpcp of th« lioust* of lamel?" 
Do juu think fJjut tbfl rifnirth. knrjwin^j 
thAUi thiniEH, VJEI I141 guiltl«)k \{ \.'it cio not 
obojf tho will ; for thd (io»|i«L w lb« ^-owfT of 
il<A «nto BalTtktIcjn, to tb« J*w first, aud aIw 
to the C4i^k- 

4. jBtf«avutf fA«^ v-'iU ^vt li/% to M< dtad 

I have often thoiLj[bt tbnt a j^dfctiv^ 
l.ntvelhrr, pqwiiT}^ l.hrciii^>L tho oaairttrioA of 
this norlil» RTid </bM?]-vin^ (ho ra<«of larbol 
iiin Ovi^i-y Init'l, mi|;lib b? led t? ^<b^, mcrf^ly 
tbe liffht of hid notiU'rkl tvilmju. thn-t 
t3iftt idn^iiljtr pvi]itA arH fitfAr^rvi^t) far •omv 
^mit purpone m Ihe wc^rM. Thoro in 11 
(nfijrutivr lltniw* u\ i\v^ Jvfr tr.> be tlie uiin- 
nioiifti^ of tbn wciild. Tb<*y b:LV>* n^il fli^L 
peGtitiar nttarhiii«nt lo liotuft flinl wHinlty 
which wn haVi». Thniy f(>»ii tbrtt lh<iy nrv 
outm^tH ill *very Innd. Thoy nro nl>o ii^ni^il 
to ttvirry dime; thf y arw l<i l* found umid 
th9 KTiowA^f Hii-iH)ji^jind boiiPBtb tile burning 
8(in of HiTidcKtim. Thoy are nlio, in tomo 
ni«<k«ure, ibcuij»mt«d with alt the )anguAg« 
of th© world, Hjd! yet Jjarw niw rouinifjo 
hin^^ingi^ — tho lioly toogne, !n which to 
eooaiDUnicnt^ with on« anothei*^ All thoAO 
thingv mi^oit* I slioiild thinV, aug:g;i^»i ih^nt^ 
mi\m to rsvrry inT*il!igi?nt lrfl\eIT<»r aa bo 
pMM*thn3ugh ofhi-r lands. Ji>if n-hat aajff 

Zpcbariijj viJi 13: "It shall oome to poaw, 
tbut M*i ye wcTf' n ciiniA niriong tbo bpiithon, 
O hnrwft of Jiidnh Mxi h["T*j of Iflntol, k> 
will 1 ftftvo you, anil ye ■tbrvl! bo » biT^**<iin;/' 
To ihjH day tlji-y ixw it cui*e amonj^ lL*? 
mitionft, by their imhAli^f — by tlieiV /■ov^toiiji- 
n»E; but th« tiitia irt coiaine: wh^n thi^ 
*h&U bo pa pi:«it a bloseing lu thoy have boon 
a cnr»v. 

Micnh V. 7 : " And t\\v n*mnant of JiuH>b 
hIiaI] b« in tho inidKt of mauy [H^oplo rv a 
d«w fmtn tho Lord, na tho nhovro-n upon thc^ 
^'■Mf th-'itH L'lrnoUl not fin* iii;iii, 111.11' wik]LL<llk 

for th* sona of niPh ." Jii*t lu wp linvn 
found, BtDonjf tho pan-hod bilk cf Jiuico* 
that the oToninjf dow, coming: ?iIctiUy down, 
gjivo lifti tu crk'iTry jjhiEit, luakiiig tho ^ntirvi 
twiipriiig, «ml th»t l^owfrw tn j^tn forth th^-ir 
Hwtwtutt l'ru|;rani^i>, HOirhaU (icinv«ili»ii IatmjjL 
b« when tbcry iconic a^ d«w oti tho doivl, dry 
V Of Id. 

Zct^hdrinb vfJi, '23 : *' In tJiow dnyn it nhftll 
noiDO to poM, ttutt tnik znon idiftll tflko bold, 
out of cill hLrtj;ua|tc9 of the nations, cT«n 
rdijill tik* h<t)i] of tliif ikiri of liim tbul ii 11 
Jew, wixintf. Wo will go wifh ycrn ; for iw 
bavo b:<iirL] thnt Uod in with you." TtuH 
tiiivtr luin bvc^ fiilGllt'd ; biit jm tho WorJ of 
GiA b truft, tbi» in tnio. P^rhaj** j^iijuwrtio 
CQby Hay, "If th« J«wu itra to b^^ tho ^r^Nit 
riii^wionai^of th« vri>rbI,lot nt k^od raiuiomi 
to tbeiu oaly- Wo bnvo got a new li^I^t-— 
Ift iiK i!ii1l Imrk inir mUMciimriiu frivm lndi;i, 
Tbev or* batting thoir prwious livt"< tln»ro 
m lioinp what theJciWfl ^r^to m'tjomplinh," 
I gijm'c to think tli4b any loi^r of Israel 
^bc^ldlI hof«r|wrv^rt tli^^ trulli M t*' uti'iie 
in this w»xy. The Hible iWa not any tnat 
we nnj to i>win;b <f^\ly lo tho Jow, but to tho 
Ji-w liri^t. *' 0<.< and prea<:b thi) GoAp«l to 
nil TiJithna." «aii1 lb** SaHoiir, l^t im oljcy 
His WonI like htlle fbddi'fln. Tho I^i'd *jK*ed 
onr WloTeii n>iwi'>nui'i<u in that biu'ninjf 
oliziin ! TliH I^>r<l jfivo t\\om gixd micvcus, 
and TiG\-ov Ipc ctip ^thariQg doubt civjm thrtr 

|>urc< ii;iitd« u to tli^ir tflorioiu ti»^ld of 
nboLiri All that vrc plend for ui. tbnt m 
M^ndin;; ant miAjuiuiri^v to lb? bi-utbvii wo 
niny not fori^it to bi>gin at. <J^nis«[lftTn, Tf 
Taul bo «ent to lhe> Ui^nld^ l«t P^tor b« 
Mnt to the IwpIt* tril>« U»at aro *iyittoi-<^ 
nhiofid; and 1*1 «f>l. & by-uiriior in your 
hwirtJi 1)0 givpn to thiji ftnum — Irt it not lio 
an ikp[H^ndix ti'> tho othor doi»gv of thoi^hureh^ 
b»it rntiliot liTt there b<i wrilti^n on the foro- 
fmnt of mil' hi^vrii*, (lud mi tho Uiuin-r of 
our bo]orod church, '*To the Jow fir^t^" and 
"Be(rinnins it Jcrurrfilem." 

Lftirtly, Ihcft\ut ikm U a fff^aU rmrarrf, 
"Blev4-Hl IK bo tbiit 1]ltip«i<ifTi tliMS t-ut-HMi] Im 
he thtit ctirHefb tb«,'* *' Pray for the ix^jwo 
of JoruHid^ut; thi.'V -hall prosper that lovft 
ht*r" Wl* Imvt fi.'lt ihi^t iu «jLn' oh u Mxdj^. 
In >:ohip from miintry to rountry we f*lt 
that th<in^ wu Oni> bt^foi-o u* piv|jii]-iug onr 
way. TliQiiich wo havo bod pcriln in the 
nattTs and periln in the wildcrno»» perila 
fmni iiipktin«E, And prriU froiu tlm btvithen, 
Ktill from nil, the l^ord ha^ dvliv«n>d n« ; ami 
if it nlialj pk'iv^ Ood lo itiMt'>Tv tJiir r^^vorod 
ooinpiitiluiut m Lbiii uilmhiui' ui [iviut.* mv\ 


Mmuyries 0/ Qosptl Trinrtipha OtTMnfj Ote JeuM. 

tMfeiy to tbcii- &iixiaii4 fnjntUm, wo kIliUI 
th«i LftTv fofti rt?rtwii to (iny,tliftt In ktrofjiu^ 
III^ Oomiiiaiijui«ut tlicn^ Ir ifnmt rrWjii-cL 

Ttijt yoDT ivmU pIi>lI] W MxrirhiMl nliu, nnd 
cmr (fliLinili Um, if Uiin oAtuo lind tU riffUt 
ploon in y»itr nlfivcioiii. ll wiu wvll stiA by 
one whii h^ut u (Imijt |iIjioi* ill ^uur iiir»<rLiLinB», 
lUkd wEiii IH nmr on hU wny f,o Tn'tEn, chut, nat 
churcli nnuit not only bn «viiE.i^lical, but 
imn^luUn olxo^ if Ao woalJ rApr^-l ib<* 
bliMUii^ ur Utxl. May I not inkt* tUn lUtiwiy 
(if luMtiL^ lo thU «trikin|{ divIarAlJon, 
Unit Wit utiMt tut ouly be cnuijctflJKlic, but 

«viiii;r^1ixtio IK* Uod W1M1M lifii^ iiA la W -nOC 
oiilj dii<(>n(V4fi tba 1i;;lit on rt^ry LutAd, Ijut 
dtH|ini]ki it fil^i Ut thv J»Jvt 

mid.1l of iho ycuxrtt. Iliir wloTa lund «ti4l] 
lie ivfre»h«l ^^Il KiUytU Im* l^ccn. Tho 
fubu-rlj* of [*(ititnn'<.'['*y shn.)! In? swnpt out «r 
mir 4iiiiotuamv the jurnii^ nnd jf^biLivt-H 
of our €hiuT*li bt' turtioH itilc* tbc hnnnrtny 
uf pmk«tf — ni]il uiLi- uwu ouuln bivuiui? Uko 

|ltDiUD>i«>f tht U:v. IL M, U'Cbrjnp.] 


Bt tur L4TC .\Nl>ltnW A. itONjMi, D.l». 

Mtl. BONAK engftgrd n vnry nffiibin 
J*yir to *hirvt him llio itwul lo JiteoVs 
Wt^i, will?. iitttT K'/idin;;; him tbrouf^ti tbf> 
iowui ITATO Iiim in cliarj^ to oikothfir iixaX 
knww Un* |dH»^ Tli«.<y wftit «n1* nl th*' 

f or iioarly two miW, till Uk^ ni-rivDil pt a 
c*owt-vd m<1l« wliit'K iv iajirlc<Ml out by tr«cli' 
tif^L oA tbf} nj^uiombk* [«|wt, U in itnaiA 
iJiAlicly twl<>w l\\v nh'kr poth by which wo 
\\-ii\ tinvMlbil [.ln« dny b^fiM"!*, nl llial [Kiititof 
l|i(t voAd U'biikro w» tiirii#*l fntTii lh»> x^^inmu 
pliiiii iiito tb<> riftn-ow vnlo, U>twi-ifi] Kb^l 

Hlonn tliut curnnt tlir niouth of thfi bnr vault 

Thr. niU<t hi J'tni.'H HVU. 





built rivirr thn witII : jmd Lhnii thrmtLlnK liim- 

^tLt, Bonnr to follow. TiuB ho n^xirdin^ly 
ifid ; nuil in ihc mI u( dwvCt'iidiiJ*;. liU l^Uo 
HHi.'njiinn; from hix l"reHHf-|«H-ki*t Ml intu i)iw 
U'i^lJ> limJ wrk4 >tfJOJi lii^nt pliiji>:iii^' in l)ii> 

-wrtttfr fio" Iwluw, Tlic itfijhk* luiuJo vaiy w^r 
i^ilWuiil Bijj!iif( ilj'it ill I'ouEil [KiC Ih- lu^'Vi-reil^ 

Ovor Uin wMTii motjU: ftpjKuuv to hnvt^ Wn 
<ATOfi>lly I'uihf filial nijkv navn twi^ii orjicitmlly 
tluT 1ixl>!4T whidi ts ofl^'ii fi>uiiil rtiii[iLl thn 
mmitb of Bimt*m wt^lU^ n^i^rdinga rtvting- 
plnco for tbo wmry truvcllcr. Hut tho wt'U 
iL»1F iH cut out of ihc nxk. Ur. Oalhouii. 
who wim hiTP Uu*lj', fouiLiI it Mivum-yiive 
fK^t <Wp, with ten or tw^lvo fo*l of «uU'r. 
Ju nil tlip otlior u'clU and fuDiiCuinn wliicli 
wu «Aw ilk titu viLllt<7 tho wAt^r i« witliin 
ii^n^'h {if l.lii* ItHUil, but in tbiHtm^ tho waiHir 
«4AinA n»v«r to rtna hi^h, Tliia \» ona of tlio 
tlcnr tiviticriWfl lliftt it in rfttlly tl)0 Well *:»f 
JftcoK fi^c At ihih (liLy it wou)(iI K^tjira ^hat 
\t rmulrH ill thif (liiy» uf oiii- T^hhI^ nti 

**a»TAii;ui," "mtaotbimg t* draw witli. fin- 
it wnfl (i<t^>.'** Oa Mixmxit of the ^iVftt 
ileplh, flip w?fcl»»r ttotilil btt [iK^iili/irly ciiil, 
a»d th^ aFHiTcmlioiit. thnt i^oiiULvtiHl Ibih wt^h 
with th<-tr ff^thr[' Jacob no i]i>ubt uirtil> it 
Ut In* highly «il4?i-m(?d. For tlittw ihiwun 
Aithmij^b thert- i^ h )iiil< xtn^mn r-f wjiT^m" Hm^ 
by tbo wi.iit Bido uf tli*> turtli, at Uflifct trto 
SwJiiTijE fiHiiiUiIiiB WLtLiLl tbo v';iLU, Fvud tbp 
fouiitnin KT D^ftm jitwrly a uiiln nt^n^t^r thir 
town, Btill Ihf* [wojilfl rtf th^ l^iwfi very natn- 
rnlJv rcv*Tf*iicoiI fiiid fi^nni^fitftJ Jncob'* 
WfJI, ITiis nrny ui jmtt iwi>»nt Ui tbo 
SnttiuritJiu wrwixiiii cinnitjjf sn fiu- to Jniw 
Wftffp, ov»Q if tin* ooHJwluri* ha iliBPtirar'Jtid 
timt tbo town in fLirinor timtw pxiMidtM mupb 
frtillivr li> lliH nmt tbitiL Il< du«i now. Tho 
imriiitjve itself ntwmti ro imply tJtHt lint ntdl 
wjui HiluAt^ A <iorLHidi>rtLb|it wjiy front 1it« 
towii- Ho wh(i " Iciidfl tbohhndbyjt wiiy 
wlkidi X\\vy Viixiyt, iiot,^ ilirw lb<] woutan ibjhC 
dftjr by tJio iriviniblt* (Yinfji of ^iMrr*, i>nsl nil 
oUiM- foijfitaJD*, lo tlii:i wi>ll whci*o «.hD wtis to 
moot wilh omi who t-:iM hr»r dl thnt ever di* 
diJ' — the Saviour <if thi? worW and. Iht'tittviQtir 
of hwr HowV 

Tbo Romijih hymn HiK>iDttd pooiilinrly ar\- 
prcmvtf when rem^mbord oa tbbt lin-IJwwtd 


CrufiB**!— Tli^n *ct»l inn fr«< : 

Hill iki>Tbi»g i-(i>i i'<\\\i\\ Uvfi ii\v(\y\** w<n-i1< of 
Iho l!^v»iix<^li»t, " Joii!* lhoi<*f<»re bdi>fi 
wi*;M-i«d vitb btH i»umey tut tlu» on the 

Out* ^voohiiTh nftor our \ri*it toSycbflr, Mr 
M"< hcyiip icfcnfrd to the ilibl(* wldeh I \\ua\ 
ddijijHii into Jlic^uL'b \V*dl- We were th**n 
rutin;; fram oiir jU"in*y in iiMi' t^iitH, f^ooa 
aft«r ho {JcimM on jl ii^iif of Iiik lioto-book 
thu- folluffinp fragmonb: — 

M> iJWTi I-jvcJ IJiW'-, tijusl 1 |ur( turm lUw, 
Cmnpa-riiiiii ^rif ni)' fH'iU ^i ^''UtI aqiI «4 i 
Mjkik ('f mj" cmiii^rlit ri>4'1.^rr iif ilbtrnflB, 

U\ ilnrkfvt r^l^tjtn, a fniiTf^Ti r^* my foi.-i ; 
In (^iBrJvmii^ (iRy», J» ilju[ntl(iif luiiny irwni^. 
^V^^| ILml I iwrlinl frum my '{nirl lniiDi?, 
Al ili_s 0"uiiii«i*l» ^T li*r*f| H jr""^ [** fijuiu, 

S<^ fljiull JktZi'ViLL pr>*]H-r t,\\ \\ij way," 

>S[gbinft In \'t^\^ U>t jHiltii'lr*vw* iNiitliri); iliPidr, 

■■Tlic ai.viuw of Thj rJiiKlitj- Tl-^k m nau-,* 
AhiI nljii ^vtf piU'li«l uiir icwif* tu JiLfUb'i liillft, 
rtr thuiightf tii iiHEJifHl liturU SiI«l'' rillt ; 

\^'riAnr'nr w i^Hml-trl Alniint- f hlit^ t<i jcu* 
t'lKjEL thn Mit. whr-Ti' iti'iod fu 4lic|aiit i]iLyii 
Tirf ij'E'vTVti-HtriicIt Smliim- - — 

^vcct }ir<niiHr flf fUfHon jvt Iq Hh I * 

STIiis^toryof t.b^1libU<ir]rTjL(t*b'd WrIlhctH 
uetiOAd UioimiiTdKof tlioyrmugl-i jj-jvo 4Uid 
ootltT^t for tho 7nsvi:Ji Mia-imi ||i.] 

14 V|] Up 

* It iw t p'HTii-^lint fim'>u» .11 

munoiaiJ or thi* HiMv vmro r i ,i 

fntiii thr- NiITfiin M thp Wl^U, m JuEy. lHt;t, Liy Of, 
WllwiD uml bl> falEtJ^-tr^vdlur. wlnj iritiiJnjM a 


i> 2 

ifaindrte of OanjiH Trx^imphs nm/tn/f the Jf^o^- 


i\i& ^4nroHd9&c#^Oa<J, ]>r. Ah4rviA^ 
Boimi-, bmr^ ht paiMd Awity, wju per- 
mittdiil Ut give Uii> but BiilNliiiiif uitii^hfv. u> u 
new ftiifl improvni ivlitinn uf hie Mttmctr n( 
tho Kqv. K. ^l. M^C'li^vriP, wliieh Iim only 
b«sn rwently publinljod, Tlie picfatw ut tbin 
mLMULpArublti i-cliUun b iIuUhI (fiuh^Mw, July. 
I^d3. It. 15 Lh Inr^r type tlmn Uis |>n<viotiB 
ciLitioD ; it Ijoa g<jl /o^njmJlM of >lr. 
M'CtieyTk(*% hitiM-wrftiiu:, tiiid '^n App«KUx 
wtLh iiLiiH-dliiDt tbhliridiml tiifurumtSon. 

At xiio iir^nt nv^iiPMt of fdHn^fi, I>r. 
Ilonar hnJi furawhc^d hJitio intorwhtin^ ivot4i^ 
of the tnotnbcrv of a jncinty wfilijii wua ntllml 

Dr. Bonar, hi» broilwr Ilomttus Mr. 
M*Chwmp, Dr. Sonjorrille, [ind foartwQ 
utiier p^tuJeut^ bvlorign] bo LIil' //jv</fftVn/. 
"Jliey H*^Tt» hII iiTilj-Ticlin;; t.|j# Tlii-HiUigio"! 
C^A4»dH in tliA 1>iviTJtty llrilLp in E^ljnlxir^]}. 
Hml ihihiiif ttio fiitii- »o»4itinH, (hny [uvt un 
thcT fijitiiixlay riioi iiiTLXN "I tmir-|iA«t nix 
n'cli)olc. for" ppfl.y<^i" nntl f^vt^rcihfH \n **vftgwih, 
6:c. OiioiLoof thuie oocuioiifl, Mr, MV-h(>yu<k 
rojul an cMoy on " ljp)iiinou— l(i* RtTUTy 
uiiil AlliiiiioiLh," Ai^ii InLi^r In lifi* lii» " t4|Hikii 
flf hiiQwir u indfbtml to thi^ »:iE>i#ty f^ar 

much cf that dU<*Jp]infi of mmd on Jowi^h 
lit«nlare nstd Scripture goojijinpliy vhtch 
wua Fuuik] lo U< to u^irful in Uiu Miuiciii nf 
Iiwtnfpy in r-h*» Jpwa in nfu-r diiys." 

Dr. BotiHr vi^E-y uiiprvpriiitvly introilnos 

br«tliriin li> tliM follcmin^ uii4'ii*«t(n^ )iur' 
ticuUr* rH|iccling lLtTnhi>Jf nrul Iuh ht^jTlii>r 

''Bpftreit, by the ^ood b:tt)il of (!ixl ii|hiii 
me, unliJnuw. 1892, Vihvn ii^rly <>i^f»py <iiift 
of rb& Pi(rbUH»ti friend* wto formed oup 
morniwtnM^liii^ Unxv p(u/«^ iLwuy, iwd 
b4viji)( liom urf^t^J tu ^ivi- N-^un brtcf uati-4 
111 re^iinl to <<nib r^f ^hi«i« fnemU, I thjtll Try 
to do n> vary biinfly. tHkin^ i*iwb in nipU^ 
bfitionl w^r, Atl I r>4v>) to viy ot' uiv^elf 
mny be oukily iitnUnb lk>m iu 1^10. Buru 
iijfain Miiil fully brou^kit to I'hntt in lA^Q. 
Studied Difinity undi-T Or. Ctmlm^rn nml 
l>r, \V'clffli, icuLchor* t wJU tto^rr forj<<1. 
LkpnoiHi hy Jojburj^h PiTwhyti'iy, iiiid 
lK)y>iii<<il for I'i^liuwik them ws Tah- 
tiitunry. utul thun, during two yofir*, in Dv. 
0&iiJb»ih'« fULritth, hi Cjmn'ge'oi, i*klitibiii'|£]i, 

l^.'i^'. W. ni. on tbo mMnioii of icqiifi? i^ 

Pidi : n, .Lii,I thi- J<<wi]i |.^39. Oil r(*liim' 

hi/. <- I loi !ny mimiipy in the* Frw ("hun-h 

ftt Collam till iho yoiir IttiO. cmd ibon 
rrmovf^I to Ula.i^w. Wa^ Modei-pttor of tbo 
Frwa Chuirh CJtiurml Aiwembly at il» tDeot- 
ing ifi Glhi^nw Jn lS7f*. H Kt^^iriM ntrtnga 
that Buoh ri miuiidnr vt Mr. M^CIicynt'ft 
rtlioiiM b« liDi^ihwl in Koviui jfi-nns wli|]« liia 
lilo^rvjihfr bH>i jihhvmL hj>i juhilw. Biil tii« 
lAiTtS'ti • t\\rmghui ui-o not enr thoit^hU-' 
JoIlii tbo Bflfitb-t in tix motttlm fullijlbid )ila 
ix)iirRn OM il;u [v^jpliot whom tbo MuMrr 
diwlfin^l Ui hnro Uxm grtNxttrr thiin nil thi» 
pri'pbeU vi\io wc^Dt bo^»tv him : wbllo to 
Joljti tbe Apwtte Kxiy yeiira wore? pt^eb for 

" 1 . ilttnttlut fitmar. D.I). Born in IfiOS, 
H« wiw oribilnfti tf* tb* iiiinUtry in 1837- 
A(li*rA pr<<|mnitr»n' nfni*i>ii of u^ir^On work 
ijt Ijeilb, iirnli'r Dr, J»([Uf.u Lewip, K«lvj Wtt« 
ilin (Ir^r. itnTriit nf lii^ lulioEirt; fiTiii very -tr»ii 
ibt^ l^ird g:iv'<i hLiii miiny hjiiU ior bu4 bii^*, 
Thoii* it w-L* liowroti* hin*Arli™i |ivtim>s *i»J 
I bi-liiTM- it waiH Uit'iii\ in lh« vri'ii.iii;; ft liyiiiiiH 
for Lh" yoimp in the S^bbuTb Bflvml, iKaI bn 
^wor»pori34 tbo (pft with which tho Lor<l hud 
mdovfl him> AnJ tbciv. too ^ the 'Kelno 
TrucrTa.' aciiJ iimuy uf bimnmi izeitfiil liooki^wnnt 
wriltwn. Hi? n?rii*m«) Ni Lbe Trw* Church, 
Unuiyv, }£>^inbiir^h, m \\\v yyv^r 18^53. lEo 
wHf* Moik'rxtor of ttw* Fnw Cbnirli Cvuptiil 
AHHitinbly in 1?^^^, utid wrL>- nlilc* ('> (.vmitimo 
fkU biH nKMAl wi>rk till two VAnm bftforv hi« 
doHtJi, wbit^b Utak plaM^ 3itt July, 184^, 
Oiip icmmi;kjnctei-iRUi! of hU mtaifilry wiu 
bis imwi^^rii*"! wiling; fortb ot thit b]<*ji>»il 
ho|«j -'f the Lord'* Preini|li»i»ii«l Conitng, 
but wen more, tbo UtspeE i» ita iiiiDpl]4^tyt 
fiilui"Hr*H fltiil fifwDew,— lu bifl pmichinv, In 
hiV iv'nlirig"» nml in liU byTiin^. ^ Brlievn 
lib') hii\' Mil ' ilciW wny of |)Wiix<,' hftvo 
bttiit much ovrned of Uod. On ibo day of hia 
(uiiim'hI Lu tbv CnipftivAlvi v^biircbjiinl, a 
yoiiTi^ pi>ni!Rm«n tiuinily tn\t\ T/> mft ; ' Ii 
WAA »boiit flight ycmi-M niro I wiu l«ii to Kt«t 
iu (.'brint a* i read }~oiir brother'* hynn,— - 

" E Ihhp lh* vcTdft of loiv*. 
I p^it fi|><n The Miml ; 
I mfnt |,|i«i:it|;lil,]r Hb-Tiniv, 

Aul 1 luvvH |>iww talth OcHt,^* 

Jijh: ./. Ihmlop'i^ THlnite to tftf: Mmwyry of Dr, A 



During 1890, tho Her. 11. Ct!. Mi^?n, 
Ptini-iiKil cif Hitili.7 UitLl, CikaLbiiiijic^ lijttl iIki 
isr^x^l pnrili-iEtuhf ht'iHnji Dr. Boniir Bpenfe in 

Imbho, luid U%\k in priviitc, Tlio itopivfuiun 
ufl wHp that, ln' " ^t-*in oni? of ihr vt-iy sunniortt 
CliriBtittiun Ilo Imil tfVi^r lutpt. aiiJ t^ut of tlitr 
viiw:." WJiisn |,hi? i^i»jivl of liui intelletrtHiU 
Aii*i phyiu»il Tii^-our wo* r«fviTotl to, ht re- 

'^3('riptura KtVTJ thiLt Itjti-JtilUl v»a ^ very 
B^fod man, fivon foiiiHnra y9tiv% ti\d; ho I 
loiow by Odd'* Woni that I am a tciv ifcgwl 
mvi. but I ilai/t f<!r] it a bit." 

The luwrint mornl Wcirmityand thnbighiwt 

Hon nu» uiic<oD<4^i>iiB that ihitTUjfh tdu h\s lud 

Ifnt bia el.i-crti^b. 31i»c:<4 waa uiiCuUfldouit, 
b^)!it llii'Di'gb OMuitiiKiktri A'irli (luU urj tb« 

I>r- BoTiM' v/ofi iinooii^cLouA of phy^t^ul 
ilrv%y am] ilM«oliLtii)^i, Wauhi* tic t«ji» lilleil 
wit'}i E^i* brif/btm*-tft of iho fflorv ai Hfiil, by 
ouzititiiutlh' iookin;^ into tba fa<« of Jwua n> 
lic< bohL4J ii iH tbf |jurfui:i miritif of tbn Hiblfr, 

DIL'fl I.AOT TWO triTCftB TO wn. ;>uWfcor. 

Ifc BOom« only ye«t«n3fty hlqc« our vener- 
itblt* frifiid |»lsmhI lili[t>ii^ii i\w pr«w tluit 
bnautiful A'litJon of ihi^ iiuiuorlMl '* Mvmoir," 
Aod po&iWil tliOH<* tw*> l.>i'i»Jy b*t^>r<i, wijjoh [l 
VMOO from within say^ uivo hei'> ju fiilh «a 
liJA »iii]i]erif tnumphiLul' ileiuiriiirti biLH iri' 
voatail c^very Wdril of llitm with a nev pithofl 
iLtjJ power whiL^h w& novf moat docpty foci 
but *>annot ©ij^rcs* : — 

"Gr_woowf, 2ftiA Ocfoher, 1852, 

" r>K*iii Mr. Di NUii-, — Hud 1 ^)ecn Jibl*?, I 
»bi>iil(l hatffi rwkouMl it Ji (fieut piiniegij to 
btf flt the Jubilee ftU'Otiii^ of your Jt^wijth 
Hocicty. Ilul I fnii- I rvatil iju( tiaiIt<[-LiLke 
tJi> juiimoy in T-ninkm n\. I.Ms fiwwnn ; toi\ 
thentgh I Atill divide th<k ncrik of th« miiLiJili-y 
with my oo[W;^o, ] do lu^t toko on band 
r;iLtt» wtvicu. And fnrtbciri t MtbtjxH^ my 
vuk<»< woiikl not ut nil ba KU«h luwriiild pno-ch 
fth Ex^t«r lliill iiiii.liuDtN\ U[to rojuon for my 
evlla>4^u<nbLpvtuiUiDuni]i]u(tjoikablc faet that 
luy c<)iucrt*f;?tiiuu Mi tlu luwiti?^ »F my vnirr, 

"Wh-it mfUijMrijiH yivi full rip by your 
nfforcinco to Kolmit M'L'iK^no in 1^112* 
H<>w >io lovivi Ii*niol I r oflMi felt tr-bukcd 
by tbe tone of biri piuyfix in ijc-ir bKhnlf - 
icnch yiaiming onrQftiitnwiti when pleading 
tritb God for thi»u, jtnd niich ftlTc:K;ti<>nfhti.* 

bufur« bin ftfUow Chrintionfi- Who i« it of 
out wcrtMj pooU that pinj^« a^ bo nouJd 

" Hqm loug alud] Juoh'j nApHiijt f rov* 
Th# «ul -U4pvi>iinn o^ ThjlflVcl 
Ari«, (J (iod. dod 1*< Thy gnr^ 
Sllcil il* kI") Uw»> cm JhoijIiV nifi. 
lUmtvn thf IniijC L<>«l., JiaitUnKl l4ll(T, 
And otll thciu Li> ihvii luTJvv Uud. 

" Did you iLutluQ ibU t^ipk tbe drnth of bU 
('Idpr brutliM- tin' la*t of thw faaiily! riiit 
Gjd"*W!i)-KiLPo notour ways; thoono bt<itbi:M' 
iH tiikt*u uwAy in his thiitietb ycai'.ard the 
utlier ill Lis pighl,)-Bit*i!ond. But the (lod of 
Wafll bflM CTrriwJ ori HU work mii r%"ollu july , 
even vfhfxi th^w* wit** calluJ nwuy wbopo 
sickle KH'iJir^d the tbarpwit nud whuMs utm 
K<>vm&i Ibu Kliiiri^^i'M fur futtliri^ down the 
fic»bU tb"l Wi*nft •■ whitfl niifl n^i'ly to 
buTvcBt." ifeLiL'VD mo, d&iv Brvthir, yo»m 
truir in Him " Whoss wo am imd \Vljom »« 

''Glatoow, 18^ *Vop.. 1B93, 

*'U7 DBAIL Mil. Ui-HIjOI',— TW4 lrn0 

iipver ■ vi?ry ifooil likenuu' of R, M*Chf<yii*», 



but it wuh 

Tho vuclojvd it nA gtHid 
tokon ftf tor hifl duath. 

'' Ab tt> mywjlf, I fftncy tho one T ouoIom 
will ntfi've your pnrpow ilk well a* any other, 
Vou nn> welcomo bo both. I only bopo thoj 
w»U bo of u»»* to ycm. - VouTtt truly, doftr 
llitithor, Amiukw a. Doh^u," 

Wo have bevn favoiirod with tho fallowing 
mo«t inl^rwtiu^ a<^ount of Dr Jtoi^ntV lji>it 
hour,*, by bih lUtij^htvr :— 

''My fathvr Aixmicii to tji^ in hi^ utiml 
bisillb on Wrdnoiday (Decemhtfr "^'Mb), 
Hud vin^ttid far Kan<* bouirt in t)m 
nftcruooij. In th'^ evtmng bo li-^iV {mii. in 
liii wuekly p['u,M'i'-mat>tEri^. wbtin many 
notineii tli« i-prnwfin^stoof his tTnyew* Noxt 
iitoi-nin^ \t*f JLwoko vrttb u chill ond wnji iJI 
ali cfjiy. th»iit;]i w^^ilid not (tf^l lAavixn^ixhonl 
biiii. On Fi'iJay ho »»m no lic*t,t»»r, ami eon- 
Liniied T,o gE^)w i^r^diiatty xviMiker nil d«y, 
tiTiking voiy i<apidty aft<^r ft>vitn o'cWk. Jlii 
miud wat cWr and ful] of bi^ mni^h-lovoil 
wurk. III th" mcimiiiii hn apokfl ctf hi^wtm] 
tliin;(s to be atxvndtad to on th(* (Hiintng 
^bbiLth. n&d ir-moniborc'd thai a n*llt<'(.iMi 
foi Uio Jewish Mi»40ii »u* tfl> W ijik^'ri Uiab 
day. Hi- oft^'ii put bin hntid to hli^ head, hut 

• Ffff tlitf tikeom rffr«m4 to, ■>• put p. 



}f*^morit« of G^wptt Trin7nph« amcv^ ih« J>w#. 

whon wMijJjt'd liim if ho woto Kiifl^triDf^r ha 
BifciJ : *Nt>» only \trr\ (iird-' Alwilt six 
v'olock lie iwllrj iif* nil Uft'Hlicr fur fjniiilv 
worship. W» n>ng iln» "JSrtl PoiIid. mid 
Jic> J4>iu<sl II) it hn in> nKitiilJy ■111!. Tlfi-n our 
brot}jvr-iii-J*iv tvud Pdalm C«> Aiid wii4 
jufrl VkuiuIuk ^ I'ruy wbon iLy fHt]ii.-r 
fnldtid hifc hanclU, anil hroko out int-i a piayi^r 
in A cl«(irf djf4t,iiki-t vnico: * UJi, [jotd, llioii 
art aur Boi^tc and nnr di^f<Tiir4T.' Tttcii 
fulburMl ti:mf(T»,i<-n of mh nnil jUTijt'r foi" 
nrtvptiincv tlircku^h Uia m«HU of f h« grvat 
InUtvcwor, nith n committul of iiij a\\ to Ibc 
ly>rd'f!* tare for iho wminf; tii^lit- Tltii bo 
liadu iLh mch * ^kuil ixi^lii/ Hu ii(*r«r nud 
*^ood'W.' Il4> iJjrl ticil >if<'iii t'> know L« 
^^HHtUin;^, and w did nut i|iiiiilc i>f it lobtEU. 
Jyiviii^ or dyiii^ \iM whb bbt< Iford'fiw Aa ou« 
wriil*! ; — - 

"'ITfi UM )n thfl tinrk vnll«^r and did 
net knew it. It vtm nrit bo much that Ckvi 
wfiii v^th him, ft^ ihat (i<Hl Jtmihc^n onowith 
him tbU 1oii|; ijiiir, iLTid Mi^LiUjr'dliin] iv^uully 
lit «ll titTic>.« U'ithoirt ili'itiirliiinor^ iind tirrdi^d 
no «p4*nHL ^elII lit itn ^mvrpi'n^y/ 

'^rcr a tiriic lii,4 wc-aki:i.'hH unci [-MtUnftlcw 
wi'r* wry jfr^mL. Uiuu Iw ^j'l^w umiv quit-l, 
and Uy girnrty ti«<filhiijg ^twjiy liu liftf. At 
hiilf-|Hi'?t \va o'olnok til* ckiiwd hu oyo^^ and 
(Cfintly ■ fell Helw].i* in JwuS) tfu j^nlly. thut 
wp tmrdlv kriHU' ^hi'ij lift* v,iv* ^rtit»-. A hKik 
i^ h(*;iiirifnl jT*i[i*'(', ithnokt. of df<|i^hl|Hr1 htiv- 
rti»-tid i^n hiri iaty^, ii^if hu hud ^tidiit'idy 
ujjc}i]>i-i:tcd]y foLtnd liimwlf in Um^ 
piT'spn™ (if hi* 1>ird and Hjivlonr, jiiid hml 
h«kit1 thv> wolwmo "Como ' from th» ltp>< of 
lliin viiUi WhomhehadwtktkniAlh.hi^iuiycaL'iS 
and NV'hi* now ' rvcoivcd him ijito Kltu-y-* 

*Thi<rv n» UmDMor, GihS^B^jLlI ii>«t4Tke«i 
StrLn/^if. tliuu^Un in ividrln bLova ; 
Uu who 111 HiH ml HbiU] gTHt Ehtv» 
ilrnitj» t.liPii with 1 Nv/C-turnrrn tntfc' '* 

Wliu t^iul itudM diJH loitc'Iiin^ nurrnlivi^ 
of y>r. Rnnnr'n last. Iimir*, will riOt *»^('laiiu 
" I-ct mo dir th*- d«atb of U» rigblfoim, 
and let my InH Odd b« liJto Li«." DvjilU ! 
lb him thciv wii no dfinth [ 

" Cfui tbnt iriAE) Tw iliurl 
WlkOn 3iiiritu4l iikKiiorioe b itUl u|it^iL |i]« kind f 
IIb livetia elLirj j ami liiv t[HukiiiK ^luoL 
fifti mor* of Uft cbjLD lull liM bruibiiig ni'nilili." 

"Moro of hfo/" Yoh; all round nud all 
through, Mpiu^ni^d hy l]ji> li:;:L™(, atniuhiid, 
noihy y^iiv, hnthy hn'iii^ lhiiTi,brhl>i^ fAi^lfn^ 

and <i^*d', hi* vns a ionig, tuMim? hf«. 

In fp^trofi. n"t (n A^uipa ■in ■ iltnJ. 

Wc kbuuM v^yUbl lime Tjy bcnf t'bUrulB- -Ug 

Ad WO bxik bftok upcra his, ftnd then 
forxviuti ttiid upwALrU, we 9p«9 

*" LifftB nm vr«ll nLii, 

tii«'»«fOwn aulJ wun.' 

Dr, Andn-vr Bunni'tdrj^irLnni wsjiaFrame- 
lation, on jurvniiion ! It Imd Ioh to do With 
tlic divrk pn^Qitilry of dmib tind tLc funeml 
thitn vrjth thi* njf<liih^ Avhwlb rmd ihe (jntno 
injf foolAl*-|iA n rhf>f harinUatifl hora>^4rf l^r<>. 
It roDiinih* ;iH of '-nr J^Jiviour*- wor*l* lo Hm 
iliaciplm, " 1 >i^c<Tnd lo My Father juid yuuf 
Fathrr, lo My Ciinl and >OLir G<jd.*' It wh« 
th« CdiwaiH, iipitFard joitm^T of immoitttl^ 
iinint^rrLtf^lndt °^'"^ hroad&nio^, br]ffht4aiinf( 
Lift* in KtfBrnal IJ^ht. 

And no nnv A v()i«v iwnnUir thufi Apn^o^i 
lut«, ooTOo* to tiJi fn>m Iho hd^ht* of glory : 

" J 4f]intf in tliu litifal i^r luy Oinl 
IIm likfi>i>a alitiniH tny bnm, 

'rSft>' i!n^4jii»|-.iii.-i rir i\i>\t.]i my (Mi hBTf irnd, 
Auii I «ii(ii la fli'ij ucw. 

Vo ktelk niifl thriJlJng uniii, 

K^ wt^rl ch»k vh«nh vao frv^mmi imr 
BiOi f'^llii-i iku'l lofT iu rit«Jn, 

" ] !h»vt fniLii^ i-l\H j<iv «if H*#T*tt, 

I nin iinri nf r.rj«< Anifiil tnmi; 
Ti> iia^ Um'l a I'ruMu uf sulil Ja flir'a, 

Al>lJ A h«(i !■ in U>,V ItnlK^ 
J hiV* Icrtrnpd thi* "irt*;; th<-y *i"S, 

Wburii Jc^'iiv liAtli KH>| fji«, 
An'l tl^ gWiijuB u'i)[i 4tT Mhv'ii niv nog 

U'lth 1113' nnw Ihihi md'xlj. 

* Tfo «1>i. no inHpiTp oa jnin. 

±Wb hi toj biHipy ki"iu« : 
Uy fpiftt^ hJL Ocd, IU7 dtfiilil* all «lbhir 

Hy Lour of iriamph oumi^ 
O fhiiod* ur loy murUl f^tm, 

Tbu Lnitlwl ini Ihr Iruoi, 
Yrf Hn< lA'nlkliicr jtTJll In a vtllff uf tunw 

Dul I ^rail l" wvltnuim yntj. 

" Du I fiaAaX : Ob. ui)\ 

For mmjiiri^V j;H.Jilon iihiiil 
^iqI] Uin^L mv hduK Ipo tfatt hAM^ bvJuw 

'I'ill lbi>y mn'i itnil Ltimh 4(ftilk, 
|->i'1l ltnh'l> <4.rrinK fr^<l ln^lfht, 

Add Iiivv'j o[iii:Uiu Ilmuff 
Fl^t^H friwly iluwa Iiku n liii^r ui Ufllit 

Tu (In: fvi tH fmni ivbinli 1 mmri, 

" Dv )ri>ii tDi>i^tn ivhd LDuthor tiAf 

Shianif ant frubt Clia ^UttdHng iiky 
i>u p>Li W4vp ii'lHrii tItH rnqin; mio* n w 

Afiii Iho uMinua at cvinfllcc dlc^ t 
TliPEi H-liy HhiiuM yuia tAn rmtdovn* 

Anil j^'iir hn»fU ijc *"ic[^ liv'u, 
Ftir wn^tllpF n«in m tb^ -lnviaurV utiiwa, 


B«', S~ fhtiifitjitt Triftiilr hi ihf Mtmrrrjf rif Th. Amh^r B^nt**. 





Mcmorm *>/ Gospel Trmmpltn av^on^ tKt /««■ 


Ih^ipn /rn'ii 114 •fiinirtifi/r mnnoir wrUlen bg hi* ^iw/ktfr. t^HiI priuttJ /if j"if*ir t'f^.httiivrt^ 

(]Tit« ill PnjRaiin liinLory. Napoleon 
wrm mi th*? ht^i^Lt fif lii» jxrvrr, aiid all 
Uerin.tny vuh 111 liU fn'l. Aftfi' t-li^ biillli* 
<if J«nii th« Forlifi«<l to^r^v of fiuwiuD 
PoUiid woro jphTTMi>nvd by Fit*hch «)]tfior* ; 

V^'ittXtt NnpoUioii put bifl army inTfl winter 
<|imrtDn, th» onvniry were po*Ud in tho 
townn nii<l villPWcs nlonp the v* lie)' of the 
YbiuU, from rUinn to tbt> UoiLic, tho 
*uppiiiP»< fi"" Un«»» tn»ojn ttiug wxtj^rtod frcnu 
tho inbabitiintA ot tbo cKvupioil dudric-U* 
ThuH it W)>|Hm^ thftt in th« epring of 1807 

«r[iAU town nbaat thiriy t^kglibh r»iM fi'oni 
Thcinit And lituaUni in <hr> iiik(b4 <»f n ruml 
dbtil'iui. At the a}t|irorioh of t^u^ fcit^ifCli 
HiiJiy tlj4i ifiTViter jmt of thn InhtiliiLjiiiU uf 
tha iniittJI lowm and vilU^pi; fled for wcurity 
lo th<j libii^n t4>wijp; foi^ property, ot^d. 
iLdood, life, w«<ro iwni^cciy nola iii U^e moic 
rumatd duttmiit, htxl Uiv^ unmrlLliHl «Tiita cif 
thft country r^nd^iixJ ooiumunioHtiun iitmott 
imfooaiblei trviin bcbwbAu ptrtuon ftt no ^rcAt 

Itk Stivi^liio, lit thi* limit t'^ w1iif<li wr nifi*ir, 
0aly four J«wiRU fAiuilifihi r^mdhi^Hr, JLitrl otio 
oF thorn WM that of Juilbh of Stri^cljio, jl« |i<- 
WH» do^ga&bfd, in uivfn\Unvv vtitli LLt> 
kndont cuHtom whit^h provAilM) ovt^n up 1^ 
tliftt period nmong tbo Jew*, of u^ng only 
tho fimt tiftioL*. la thoi^priug of Ifi07 Jud^Pi 
wim Rliiont from home, J^jiving ^'ono to 
Wjhtvuw oil Inwntvw^ ond bin ivtiirii wnt «> 
muob iliflnyod hy thi> difficiiity i>f truvollini;, 
that hifl wtto vk-wt \i&yi ill II 0t&te of tho utmuit 
uniiely BA to htfr liusliuiid'a tefvljr. All tlit) 
iulMNtarkM of th« little tovrt, ind«4^l. w«rv 
ill IviTor for th«ii' Hvoa iind pro|iort>, for tbv 
(ioldi«rt hjuHishud * InrjfD cAmp-tliv jij Ihu 
•tw*!*, h' doftt |imiiinity Ia Uji' hLMjtvyi, and 
fliUiorftecideiil.iilly or bydcuiffn* encnori'liiJl 
wtat fipod into the vL*ry room irlitrc Judab';* 
wifn wjtt* lying, vrhicli not unly dpfllroj<il 
much of <]]u funiiliire. hui. lu^ttuilly ictnirk 
the waU oktt to ihv htvd of her bod. Iti 

livHrvirhtUrA lif^'biaUi^ tut [k 

ijuriliiikl tiniu uf Hr. 

ituiih tryiu^ u[i€uuiAiancfii lioi tlilrd von, 
Hiiiin, of wlirvw iiitfif nl lif«t vtp pnqvH' to give 
iL vvi^ hhot ftkotch, wa* bora on thv Tth oF 
Apr if 

Bin KARi.T viMii:nixn4 ntou itinm^ 

Tmined up mo«t mt^Fully and d«voutly in 
&II tho £tKr«d obv«rvHi]Ce« »f tho synnfcc^pio, 
uuJ uc<-uetoiN«l Vj luiuiflw with tho Joriiih 
^ikit^ntA jind otlttT gUufitK who wriv fiv«ly 
4«loomMl to huktathorii tabloovery ^ibU^tb- 
day, youDj: Unim at clovon y«m of ii|fu 
ojirriiiil inlii nxocuUon n bold piojptt fat w 

yoUEif( n «bild, cb&nirtvnuUr i?i ^h cif iho 

□mir^ bud cnttTpriv) which JiMiTiguudiod 
him tbtx»ugh lif«. Hittitix iHit hu> bcort or» 
beiii^ n nibbj. be di'tvrimiiTiHJ lo loiivo hU 
fH.lh«<r'A boiiK^ »nd ii«vi>l itlonoTon rA.bliini(?&L 
whoot at n irriiui ^ii^uinoo, thL> fnuo of which 
tiad roocb^i idUj; aiid it i* remorkablo that 
from Chlft tiitk^ bo wa:i navrr oi'tiivly dvpeu' 
doiit on hiA pujrcnU. Goirtg on foot the 
ffi'pfttor pfli't of tlio wuy, rv<»pivin|| tb** tio^ii- 
tntlily wliidi ill thijq* dayn i*wi alwayn frwly 
luvdMiid toD^-vry tnivHItr by Jpwinb fnuiiliwi, 
and on ono oO(^iUkU^& invin^ n b:Liid of robbotm 
and diverting thtir nUcfitton from tho littlo 
Atuck of juouc^ he cikmnJ by Mikin|f OtiO of 
tbi>m f<ri' ri pitu*!:* uf hnwd, ha rvtwhiHl Ilia dfnb 
tiiiiitioit.itnJ hihong iritnxli)c«d hiuuwlf to 
the piwidiitjLT mbbi a* i^ftf^iivtii^ of ns, Dtig^tifit- 
uieiiL l*j Umih ibiiw ]itnjjmige^ — Ilrbrvw, 
normally nnd Polish — he beoime in^iAllad 
iiiH^cwihh houMilold u tutor to two littlo 
pupiU. Umt bo dipont two ycttiv, rutd, aft«r 
raLuL-iiirtif for a time Ut hbt fiithoj^i dvrollins, 
|:irt><<nc<dud, nt fourtHrn ytiirv of ii|^, to Pfot«r- 
kowo TroboiinUki, the loniict abode of iiiu 
^niidfathcr llillel, Ut pbic» bimMlf uniler 
RabLi] Aurun. one of the hm.'1 kumru as the 
Cbaifidini, who ^^atxk fund lind in ovory 
l^iictuTO, ini^voryirtcryii'yxnbcibcid, ulU^noU, 
Of rubiilibtic^Jti uitniiLnjfH" MO tljAt th<iy 
hpintiiHti/ti tilt- wbiilu Hiblit, Tvo ytwrc 
pnmcid jn tJiuikmd of htiidycndi^ in a uvrro 
illtkwd broii^fht on by tbo iirxhciiltUyehAractor 
tif (Ijt Nvii^hboiu'buodp iiud Wdiii|£ him ouo* 
Hjffliti to hJA ]*[ir#nl.'j' iwtf. Wr n«L find 
bim oiLL«:jiintiirin^ tho itrnngo inlluenc^eB of 
I'liiv^^ity iifc* nt Ik^i'lin, aud thc^u nbout 
1^:!a, KtiirtiLi^on fuot for llumbuif;, ntnilk of 

Jn-tn4tmts in thf Li/t of R«v. Hldl-ey Hatm UeratMl, 




Bitw« but iwntriviiig, wboc hu fMt w«r« 
too 9,oxe forfuttLvr prugrea*. to mrviuc vfith 
ft voitit-n*^ wild was coDveyioi; a 1w\v :iikI 
^ntlitmftn tn Hntnhtii-ff. for n M4Kt on Ihp 
box, pi'ovidcd the niii^<ciit K\i Uic Liitr wiui 
□btuiiti. ThU led to n n»jiki^rMUiL>ii vrilli 
Ibb gentium jin, ITnrr Hdinir, wJio uii* « 
plamd with tim ihal li« inviu»d him to XAkiH 
A iMt inBido the c*rririre, ontci-Uiiicd him at 
ILuiiburg, |U[d hLi faiv u> EiitfUiul. aud ipiw 
iiiLiTHhit'lioTiH Ui KFTi'irml of \\U i^cquAiiit- 
in J^uJorj. nad, amotLLr Lho riMt, uuo to 
Duko (if WvUiii^ti^u, vrLich it diMa net 
AppMr thill ILiLJii f^SLir UM-d, 

Troni rrnmhiir^, nfifr * iwvpii dnyi* 
Vii)>Agv, h« ro^ohcd x\vot V.u\^\\-i\\ ru«lreij>oUb, 
which Willi uftcrwitidii U' Wcon^f hir^ homfi 
lUxtX Iho Aphi![-ii of hihih'VOI'Hl UlH>iir>. Afti^r 
IhJH h« in iipiiu irk n^rlin nnt] th<ni in Pnrin, 
where, while living u ^y oiid thoii^ht]«» 
lifu, he WA5 thrown into rioep jjri^f ihroiigh 
UmJeulU of hb helmiid muUwr. uud this, 
fji^t,h<tr wild n Ht*ound lUoMa^todtOn [KiVvr- 
ful uwakoiiirv of coiidt^itiDOe. K^criiDU to 
ihU p^Tiiwl, h*; Nip. *' I had u<> pliii^f* DOr 
m'ax. T i-i>iild ui^v with 'Tnb, ' Tlie ftrrowA i.if 
thf* Almighty itra within md, th« |ioi80ik 
whoTfeoE drinkcth tjp my Apirtt.' " 


Tn hU apMl.MAl dUtni^A hi^ Anu^Ht lielr 
froii; b ItoniiHh fir^jhti^jop ; >vrid although 
neither tim prc-lntc noi n Jitiiiii^iMJi^ 1«y 
luembor of tluf orJitr of Jouiti, U) whom h^ 
wjw trniiftforrpd for ininlriictiiin, had liuiwodfld 
in brini^'in^ any poaeo to hio trouhlcd *oiil, 
th*» fi^ci ihnt he had become an iiiquiioi' into 
CLnsViamty at onc« ttwakeiivid thif hitirn'tl 
An^»r in \i\* i^lfLtivM) and h(Lv«rcd hitn frcm 
oil furtb<>r mfiOti6 of tviii|M>n;l nTippoit. Unti 
jkrtomoon, ftfber wnlkin^' About tht UhnuiEM 
Klyirfies iM dm|inir, n<it haviriikj \i%Kt<v<\ f'nwl all 
day, ha I'etiiincd to hU toilpn^ u» Mftt*k for 
■omcthio^ tt^at he ixtuld <'\<;hAM|fD for a bib 
of braid, wjjen hiJt ryv li^htfd \i\w)m h [vtter 
whksh be hnd long agc> brought fmrn Ijondrrii. 
by his formar landlady to a 
ktiun woman whu kept ii wnjifn ttthli* 
[iii^'hoiiF^o ill l^u'ih. Making \\*v uf 
tiiU aa hirt inlnKhiction. h^^ wn.s kindly 
wi»Wm«il, r«K:nu.l from d^rur, nnd liilod 
with Olu'lHli'tn ^x'atr knd hope. Thin pvrhnpn 
UA> the ui^ht' wlit'ij hr> v>t\j\ lod tit pi'^^y in 
thp rLflmn <if Jflftiib, mid vhi^n Mii< H^ht ftnin 
on hiffh brokn in njion \i\i\ r^nl, llv wad 
Iiovr HtJ^liifly i'ixiJniiin»nd"d Ui fltvk a Imiu? iu 
l^nglni^d, ivXvX vkhtt^ imrtdcriiiif LIih i|MfhUiiii 
Low hi' wflfc to obtiiin iha m*>afi>" i4 goitting 

thwa he rotvfivod fruia hiJt gcncrauit hcat^M a 
prcaont of 2S0 franc*, with Jotlcra from wmo 
of hifi fellow- b(ML['dorp> by dolit^nn^' which 
he mdfle thr^ m^|iiui rrtanra of Avverul 
ChriKtiuii pvrrioiiB in Englftnd, Ainoii^ whom 
w^v^ ilunnali Mora. (It* dwircJ now the 
rompuniuuNkiir iiud tjinpnthy vi tlioM wlio 
\i\t& hlmoelf, <Wired lo f<iHow Jmiiji Hhrnt. 
For UiM piirpo^ hi> MOUf^ht luid ifiinod ad' 
miAMon intL>an ini^tUutioG whiHi hai^ icccntLy 
Uvn (^tahliH^ii^I for thr r^i^ipr.f^m of Jewish 
oi>nvr»rt* and inqmroiv m l.Dndoii, tMndntltd 
by Mr. Ei-minim Bimon^a Chrifltion Jovr.onii 
undtr tbo anpcriutendeococf acoramitteo, <rf 
whidi the hblicip t?f r-i>niion wm* a inemln-r. 
|[i«r« he* gayv hluiMulf to th« uliidv <'f 'he 
Ni>A' 'Juetiun^tit Mpecinlly, aod nt thii K»uii* 
time, ruvorjici^ tv Ralbinii: law, coTiti'ji>LiUi] 
Ui hlH jiwn nmiiiii^iiHtK'4* by mnriiiH.] Inlnnir. 
Altboogh he now expprieNtvd fiplrUoAl ivKt 
and joy, iho ononiy^ an mi^ht ho o:ipc^tcd, 
did noti for^thim , aiLd lit»foiTn?i- aMnciat^n 
Wi'pp wiptirapBd %l hi* fnnuikiop th*irwny» 
that one felbw actually curnod abont a loaded 
pistol for 40vci-al dayf», and wntdiod for an 
ojjpoiiutiity lo take hi* lifiv Jiut thit did 
not frighten hiin, and on Ibr I iLh of April, 
I43(.>, bo wii« baptiRcd in ^t. Jamt-r'«, Wevst- 
mii^fit^r, by ih*t lacn Bishop of l^oridon, with 
eleiien otlitr inmate* of tha Home, and took 
Ihh nsioe of Hldk'V from one of kix itpoai«or», 
tho Jtov, H6£iry Ccdbui-no Ki'llt^y, nNslor of 
K&mblnion, BvicUh. Friends nt CiJftou, to 
wluMii Biihcy had hei-n iotr^jflncerl hy Dr. 
Grey, BUhnp of Dath Hiid WaII^ nnd of 
wiiopc fanulicA ho had hoi^>ni<T an objtyirt in 
j^^nt ndouiatLon thiuvijih bU tnte^t^ticiK ^x- 
pwiLinnfi nf thu Serlntiircw, iirgnd him to Ukn 
ordors in tho KitAblidhed Chnrch: bat con- 
(wientioiia objectiooei wtood in his way, iind, 
it]decd» iho jK'riJoiia iiiduiTK* of the eidlc- 
iTjent iTito Ihi* niidnt i»f wbtch he hm^ been 
thrown wamijil him thrit. for the jiri*«<'nt at 
Ittast, Hrt'lut^toD wFLi wb&t he nodded. Ho 
thi:?rvfuii< letunieJ Lrj Lho iiiHlilutiuu iu 
T/>rjdnTi, nuumn} bU fntraer hnmhlA oppiipn- 
tiona^, flnd rxKitod himMf Mi a Turioty of 
y/iwyn Foi- thr gooni of fiix Jewish hj'etbri'n. 

l:i K<iEJteiiLl>4T. 1B,1I, Mr. I|i»nu-h&ll waj4 
mnrriwl !c Miss Mowbray, the danghter of* 
meirhanl m Leith. a young lady whose 
fricndahip he had made nt Mine meetings 
ofU^ii attended Ijy Kdwjuvl Irving for jvullng 
»nd coTiv^TiuififWiKon the Scriptures, and who 
fcr twu-dod-l-wi-oly ycurn »aa the truthful, 
WLM. mA Io\ t[i^ (xanpuniun of all Inn 
rhfiiiervd hinUiry of toil and p^df-di-TiiftJ, 
frrt'ly devoting ^v'&ry power of h*?r highly' 


Memoriiui of fhtjyel Ti-htnt^Jts amon^ ihf Jmn* 

cncv^ and idiiictatrnt of \xvr fOul, to tlii.< 
f ivuli object ^'bich bi< had uetitiMb aL litNirl— 
Ihr* glory i>f l^hriht in Llit> ynlvalinn of 

In th» ii«iKiruw yeare wv Cui] Mr- Ilcr' 
ftfhoU voking V'lMtAMkh n fiom<k fcn^ Javl-a 
in WooJwioh, 'whcir^. in n year and q luUf. be 
rpccivcd moic tbnnjilittndtY^],vtbo«f toin|xinLl 
iinct ^pLrttlu1 hjuiIa hr did Iii> lnvit Ui nujiply. 
bi« vift? not only [ifUrifC n^ a miMoiinry 
ik(riOb;^~tb(<Qif And often roidirif; nndtilplnining 
the Urbicv Hiblo lo them, but many n lime 
jii'i-jvii-iii^ llicii' im'JiU with \»nr uwn bniid"- 
Sucb un iAnd«rtAkiug bji LKih niiturally b;- 
vdlT«<l hcAV^ eu«, ftiiJ ioaiotimr*< it k^ap uII 
hbc ixiitM dir (41 Mi^titlii tbe iiiuid "F bor 
liiitdHiTtil uiLd>>r bih iLtixii<Ui«< Til t\u» of liih 
motnfiiitH ot dopmuiriM , bowAVor, ha uaa 
frhccrrd in a v^rry ntiifijlikr wny. Hi* 
Altcntii;ni wo* ftirr>t«^d by h t'tpi^iii^ lotind vX 
thu tvindnw, and vAU'v tbix hnr3 Ix^m hivctjiI 
time* ropuatod, ho o|*ncd tho window to 
BMcrUin the CAUM, wbcii n friichtctiixl little 
bkd flciw tu ubd ii1itfbto<] oin hid l;niid. " Thin 
i« & inp«M4j;e from iXty\," bj< iifiid to hiniHelf \ 
"yt tirp of moiv vulin> tbcin many ^^^o^fow^^,*' 
and »o fmdi hi>|ii? apran^ up in hl» beavt' 

It wiif« jiItouI thih Uim\ t^Ki, ibut ii Hrbii^w 
letter wHU<»H liy Mm. IturKE^holl l« h*-!' 
Uthor-iii luw nt Htiw^^liio, ojjCTiod thu wny ft* 
!4 b«[ij»y Trt^iicibnlii?Ti iH.'lwpt'ii bet biiMiaad 
liiid hi>i .IttwUli rtibtlJv»K. wbiHi li^d tit hih 
visiting thw »-vtiji^ogiu>>* in ft Urjji- iinml*)' o| 
rontiiicntAl Li^wms piH-AcbiTi|r tlt«< <.7oE-pi1 to 
nmny hmidietU of bin bi'iTtbion, nud jtf loi - 
wnrtifi pnhliKbin|[ hi* ■* Brief SkotoJi of the 

Tbft yi^r l'^;!* wa^ kpimiTh m n buiiibki 
dwflllitiff nt C'jundnn Town, iind ««.• n time 
of hard ntrugirtc fur n inaintenan™. But 
wbilir he worked inJciatijjablr os a tencher, 
ffiving Ti?MO[LH in Hi-bri'w tu»{ Ot<rmjiii. bf- 
(tid not ruinx hi« ^ffiirt* foi' Ibe HAK'iLlion of 
muIb. in Ottobti' <if tbfit veAT. ii'i »rrotis — 
** l^d Loiti hn» gtiHioLifily »jM!tjetl fl wny vf 
(i>U>fiilhi>i4J fur m^. 1 biivf* tbp iimik nf a htrgA 
inbtnti fachool, m a \*^r\ jH-or, dtrtv, nnd b>w 
flituiiti"!!, *heriT T 4X|k)iiihI tiio 9ci-i|»tun"n 
twIi^T »i, work. [ liiid ynhlTclHy ii|iWAiiiA uf 
(ifty pprtoTit, marjj vorkm*n nnd wovV- 
womon, (Uid ftt*o twu or tbr** Iridiw with 
lliio trimmed boniiots ! '* In Janum^ H*35, 
hn bjtd an i>IT«r tit iwtinme ibn mi n inter <if % 

congrt^emhn In ^ootJand, hut bttllpTlng ih«t 
Uw CJilT froni tfoil at pr(«<TLt wiu to the wcTk 
vf thi* Eviint^liht. mid not to tlio pn*tcint4?. 
tbniiji>b lhi> Apjioiiitmr7Lt pmiaiAed ovi^ry 
pr(upe<!t of tifo-long TOtnfort, be deolineil it. 
Not many montlLi aftorwardnf bowerer, lie 
took n tentporary en^nKf^m^nt ui a home 
niipAionary in tb« Utile villa^' uf Lej^h. uvom- 
Uio iDoLiUi of tb*- Tli»iJi*", wbi>i^ manj tt 
happy Ohrietiftn in aft/^rjiivV" blf«*Myl Gontor 
baviug Vieen bit»ii|ibt ouL of dHr4ctii^M into 
injirvr^llniiH b^bl. UiroLi^h bit fvithfiil »nd 
Mikifjiti intiiihtry, and whoiu in the Utt^' 
yi^jLiii »f hiM bf<! ho i-Dceivod many a perly 
Kti dvlij^btf^l cbildifUt tCAcboirv nnd i>tberH, 
wbrim hn invir.ffil far ii liutidhy out of ibe 
tmoko and tcU cf Lundon life* 

Wbcii a (Tiir^ie w&h appointed to I^-'i^b, 
Mr. ncii>che]| left fct Itramplvn. in Hunt' 
ingdoiivliire, inotbci" Htl U- ri[i**i(rimiy ^»Lh>«i, 
supporl4yt hy LmJy UJmii Sj^rrov^ b«t cht- 
rying with him. *• a i»i\'of <J tbo kive b*- luid 
won, a Itible* hiid rm.^kei'lxif'k, piiivbttiv^l by 
the i^nny Milit*T»]iUons of TtJfl 6iJierii»jn, 
In two yoani iho ARuiKh nature of tbe mi 
in thih n^ii:iibourhood oblij^*'! him, " by dib 
ftiTtl. prayivr Ari<] lut^itAtitrn." tu teek ^tinn 
diriiftion no to n&oihor nhode. Tbiih \w wii« 
Ifiiidi^d to i'ound«n^ Uoil Oifkp<il, in l^>th- 
bnry, wln'ic iu^ tK^^ou to pir^i in Decrmf^r, 
1S3S, Tbr-n* t-hi' *' Riit»Lw," i»k MHiie |ii^>iiiif 
eallod tiim, uiced to xtand nirb n hmftll ]iock4>t 
itible ii) band, ond with a Myln-uitiilyt *ita - 
pHcity, fiiiti tyirnestiiet^which fi**idovery *ijo 
in th« i1tnM'ty'i'ro>^d(4il [iIjiiVh d^Ui^-Trad nbAt 
L^vetyoiiir felt to \x Uio n»l Woni of Life- 

Tif8 DRrmili 

Amon^ hi* hi*ftiTr»« wk*[* iiiHiiy Ji^w** end 
thi^y not only ojimo to listi»n wlien lie 
luviitibed, but they bt<»rflllv lic*ieRpd hk 
d [Kir. find would nuldj foi bt^ iximini? outfe 
to a«k ivLU.'f in lUf^W fKtvin-iy^ Within oix 
month* p^-trtonft wwii «int lo him fn*m tVm* 
fitftniinopJt, Bm'Liir<«Jt. Etcrlin. iind Biu'lo, 
wbully or ^Hitrly jH'iihili?»» betiiileB uvwiIm 
nho f<mnd Ih^ir wny to him ii' i thou 1 1 wing 
■^ut. To Hiich nik extent ■»■-"« he l«Aked in 
Uii^ wu) tbnt be wJd. -'nu^ life of & ptaifih 
nrUi^r, IniTiirinnd with the nddilioiiAl duty nf 
findiiiif fnndu foi' relief. T nm nnnblo to 
erjduve loonier ; bL'oJlh, vnei-^jy nrd ipirituat 
uH^fuliirs* mupfct i*ink oiidor it if continued." 
But though thp ri\fr-tji?t»'<l lulwurer uiterei! 
th* ery of dictiw, be did not inniit hb* vxer- 
tiona in l^^X. aft-ir a iceond tour of 
rvnn^p^Jhutliou nuion^ b)Le OoatiaentzU Jewv, 


InciderUs iu U*^ lAft of lU^. HifUetf H%d 



by mcuiiA of wliich, in fonr jtiiiu'k, atvcu 
JitriK-iiUjnK tiiul bMrn cnnhlAl t/i protund to 
AiiK-noju. ond tVii'ty to return tothi? Cou' 
tiiiiiLt - fic^«i]ty-flvQ wcnpzufitidt^ iu buflinnv^ 
Kuil (ittiily b^h) cv<:v{\vA ctimiuI uM. AboiiL 
lihtk wTTiA niiiii Mr Mtfkn<i-!i4^H r\|H>ntHln Hoim'. 
vhcrv, tit tha iMntTxvi of tim4>, hmnlrwlH of 
lwlii*v iii|; and mf|[ilriEij7 Jrtw* w^ij-c »'*lcoiii^] 
mill aiiUiil botlj iiTUjjtoi'Hily jliiiI »Hpii'itrtJftU>', 
ikiii.1 ihrii followed tho Hith nf vhit " Brltli^h 
Sooivty for tht* Propopvfjon of Uio Oospol 
AiBOi^); ^t|t* J«W9^" ill tho Boolcb Chun^h, 
Bfigttit Hijiuire, uii thr "tU of Nw4j:iU'r, 
1H42; itnd h« oorilinitoi U> be JU iUv'>U>d 
friend to the Irut ilnyv of biM lifts N{> mnn 
•Tn Wit (III itfl c<jmiuLtLw whuintt i^uiiiiMiTfi 
VftTd naoci^ valii^rl fir wlniHt* Afitivi* "^rvire 
WAIL more fttitlifnl nml nurixiiitt^ri^ IhHii luts 
In M.ay, 1^14f .-iFu^r nitnrnin^ from it vint 

to PdlcriUliG. Ml. IlrrAclii.!]! IjlirU^llL <yii\ Ui« 

ilr»l mEiiitmr of Tht Yoirr t>f Ijirttr-X, a, |M»Hodi- 
rnl inU&ded to uprve as d moiium of tnutunl 
OomiaTmicntion bctvrocn JowUh cctivorto, »Cid 
A« ibirir iiniinl Untinony to tho i;rcui mr 
(llual tnitTitt tif 1.'hn%tihnhy In thu oindntrT. 
of tdiA irit^rvHting iciiiruut iliirin^ lU ^T^MirK- 
of four vr^ftrH. lit^ (viitc'r waj* coiifrt-iintly Aid".'il 
by the iintiriii^ Imiid aii^ ey(« cj] Mr?, llur- 
tfhnll : frir ti^r. only dJd *>very iitiviitwrlpt 
piuK thmii^b hfir lijiiid^ Wfi^i'Oi It whA 0ont to 
IW j>r*tNx lint A\t: liitd t<i rvji'l ftUmt thiilny 
JewiVhh pililii'jiliorm wvi^y iiiuuLli, iiiont of 
th^in in CfDi-mnn. 

tr, w:u tn thy mwl^'t <^r \\\*^i^ u>\U\\\M> Mr, 
Hi-iKi-hvU ni*d hi"VKC4>IIviit Mi^ife rt>.irt>o furry red 
liy n tokrn t]j»t lKe!r iiTiite^l virortf for tbt» 
goiid of iMiitil HAi>i ijot iu V3(I[|. Sixty 
■■ tnftmborN frf thp lioiiue of Ixxiu>] who 
(wlivTOit iJi tbo l^rd JtbiTtii (-'brint au thdii' 
Mcwniah iJii4 Saviour" liad iuhicrittd to 
pn-pvijl liieir rrimid JUid lnHii-fmrlor with il 
biiKl^mtr KJblo Tti I'ijfht liitiniirt^««» und <hu 
lMldr«t« iicoorn pany ing it bar-u Mpiotmt^x 
wbidi wvira dutvd i'rviii nil t\\v oivillLrHl cuun- 
trf(t*»>f Uh» wtn^ld. Tfit* ninru' VHIT (IM.I) in 
whlrh h^ r^^^tVA] thin t-sipr^'miou of to^'A, 
Mr- Hi^T«ch«]l t<h>k jl jourM-:y tli<i ^hrl^^ 
vitif> cf Amfirira, wbt^lv. nl Mili «iitnii^t 
r«K|iLn(t of tho Aninrit*an SooiPty fnr Ani»dmr' 
fttinfj the Condition of thoJew*^ho rtirrpd 
op a *id« hud fervent intnrcst on ftchnlf of 
larih-l In April, lft33, Ikt had ri*m(fvt<d 
fnim FonndrtV Hull to Chtulwell StrtfPl 
Cha{i*], l.ii]ti]^*tCD. whioh h^ thought off^nul 
li good fi«1d for work, nft b^fni; in n poor uiid 

thickly popnkted n^inhlmurhood. It vvub ftt 
thii ojMuiEig .lenii-'f- ill Lhatplni^ptlmt tbr* lttn\ 
Thnrnm Binnoy |>r«u-]iL*il liS;* orlelmit^rl di»» 
<oi]iw> oil ** Uonvc'itMitioLu Ck^rir^d Kr>ra<<0Ei' 
fomiity,'"itt]dttirr<:*foreix vojii-b Mr, l[<*rM'W( 
uifi'tPd uii liLA mUiintry. until tlie jdjicv wiu m 
EruyiiivordmiTly rrrnvdivl, tbai it Jiflfjinifl iiww*- 
mry tiUbiiilt"! 0'nliii'fr"iTiwiit> Th it, ho wovw, 
wii> itiipii;4t]Mf^ tbn <:hnpi*l Iji^hue loo clo*ely 
Kitii-iiundi^l wirli huiihiw. junl UuTonly iilu^nia- 
tivfl vnii Jj:* Hppk for a n»w mt^, niid lo bnilJ, 
(.>ao day, wboii in tlio wost of Ixindon. Mr. 
J|i*i'M?bii[l TioLifrd tliFit ft Ijii^tr I ivory stable, in 
U MLtmtinn wMj'Ii wxnnml all hn ronid dtf^ 
foropjK»rtunitio*of nsufulnoi*, wiwto U'stildn 
iliB tirsi step wim to ■* tell Coil." and very 
Hxmaflcnnu^EibittrriciEid. Sir I'ulling Ertidlry 
Kiirdiey, ^ti[i«n>nn]y offi-rwl to pitM'iiiT t1i« 
rmiwrty. Un Ih* ^l\\ of Apnl» \M\ thft 
Imindft lion -stone of Tnnity Cbftficl wiv* laid, 
iiniid ii vjiaL ixuicourM' of dtf^^ply'Jllt^ull^*t*d 
ApfirtJktor« : and oii a hrf^bt ?klay dny in 
jr^'lG tha building woh o)>frnod for wcrvhip, 
l>r- I^ifchlld pti'ai;liitf^ in tho uioirkinf:, and 
tho Win. ThtiiiMA Jtliiiji^y in the o^tning, 
(''onnaebnl with ChiK odifiiv iht^ro tprriTi^ nji 
a Homo for Jou-t . a Sunday ^hool, villi 
miiiy bundrcd> of ohildim. which Ifcamw 
iLndr-rUiHflHpi'i'itjtcndriHWiif Mr Habut^ihou* 
a. poweT for good nmong tliL* vata. UiAMeA 
t)mt crowd thn rcpoii nt tb(< (JnAt 
Westvni , tLud ctliiT lu^titutiuLiFi "f a Mmi- 
larly twii«vult<rit ami Kvaii^idit^l i-banictw- 
Wvte foi' twvnty yoiirK Mr, Horwlirll 
wrouj-bt inct'vnutly nUi'^riK Jewn and 
Q«utL\^, intviit tiptin Uii.' ^io<] cif tt\\ 
whnm ba ponld wnfh, Thft llrst wvun 
flimun#r« hardly bintiffht & rioud upon hii« 
Imppy ftnd earuoKt life, but in tho ftiitiifnn of 
IftiiJ a U'lribh" jfmf WMl him. IIlthiyhI 
tif hi* dofirly lovoil tvifo, ho wrot<- to liiri 
children, " Tt> l.-<< iwoaruttnt fitxn t«tic*h n 

boE>om fiiiMid, coiinnullaE, iziddis f^x^rapUiy 
t'briKtiiLU. jLEid Mii'h iL. di^voli^l ttifv, j» h^rd 
to J»wir And oh. m_v darliiijLr Hilldr^n, how 
to Iw lioth fatlK^r and iuotJi<»r to tht'in ia 
diJlicull iiulvvd > And nv^ 1 iwy that Eny 
^iniE.Tmr^ Imvc^ Itiht a nicdbpr, and iJio piwr 
J«wii hiivt' loA^t a mothnr En Urnol f AhiJt F 
for nft, alad ! tl l-or-d, my trinl is hittL't-nos* 
itM^lf. but Thou wilt ftwi>it«n it, 3«i. Thou 
dtwt already i^nahlrr mo U> fnd tiiL' p**ju;b 
which piMHbb %\\ nndon.lJiTjdmg, I '•irrow 
not as those vho h'LVo no hoftc-" 

For M.III1D luonvhft nftiT thU Ufriibh? blow, 
Mr, Hvivtibtdl kept. ^Li^jidJIy iit wurh, but it 
«ooa boeainv vvid^nt that hv &Md»d v**l and 
rocrwlion> With !iim, however, rt#l oaly 


MinnMri,f9 of Go»pel Triuvtph* <m0ng Hit Jlffos, 

OA wo flnii him, wh^n a wiim doUTminod that 
ho «haulil go u^%\i\ to Pnlfihtiiiti, Blopyinf^ on 
bin way to Phim, inviliiifiE Ui liU JinM t.hf< 
nott i»m(«t patirntM, thv MoiMriti-, 
Gmtidpiorrc, and others, &nd lajirtj^ tKifi>r<T 
t'btfin B, proposal to hj^tro ;» inoi^tinif i^f 
ProUfllunU to otynriiA'^ b(i iifKH-iutlcm for thn 
diHti'iUrtLC>ii (>( tmcU, and fur [irciiiithi nif \u 
dijfoi'oiil InnifuAji^. piTiiilnr to otio th^t he 
liuJ WL <>li foul iu E]i|:ljinJ ici I8jl. An it 
vri^ AjciHtcUd LhAt Lh*^T'H wtnilrl hif » grcqit 
^thonn^ of p11 iuitL(irt& a I the Kn>»i^ti 
Kxhihjtion of 1^55. the pLiui w»ii wtrll 
ivccitvd. And mcoAm^^ >«<irv iJikviu lu (viri'> 
it uutr, r**:^ uii>H ill JiH'HMilfiii- Thfli'fl h*> 
bold a niwt.Lik}* at th» hoiu*? of iho bi>.hop 
to twiiffidrr iho fftwiibilJty of o^UblUhiH^ a 
mvJcl fAiiu aiid n^cult^jml schrtil for the 
liAri^lll. Iff iXEiivirrtMl Jv^TH. iiud \i^ Ui'ed tu 
MO tht> «diam*> fully rtutLi£^. 

Ic 1^55 Mr H<»nubf<ll haa mairiod to 
MiM PiilJoi^ MnitUuil. who uimutereJ bi lii^ 
romfori nnH hAppincf^ ivith tbe t«ii<Ttfrwt 
do^'otion to tho end of Uiii lifit- But thies 
lATOA tiQ r^AHon lo him fot' »t^y ii^lnxfttioti of 
hid DCtiti^toiDcd IaUoiil'b. Aiid no v/^ find hi*n 
tbroDgh th» rouuiiiiing i^'iw yeftrA of hiii 
oourto, ffoiu^oiifitil]ihuu...^fitittftii(l holding; 
forth tip Word of lifo both toJi*w»Aud 
l(4<ijtilc4f At houiif iitid nbnHid. 

lltS LXrr tIAVli ftl'EHT IN' Ttl« iTVlSItBetB or TUB 

iiiiiTiAit joriinY. 

HU lut dn^fi of [LL'tivc Inbour in thin 
world wet>! nwiiL iu the wir»"ift> of th" rtritinh 
SoHfttjr for tJi« Jowa, A* ■(ton «■ Ilnly was 
llbOTAtMl hti^ thoughts Lunivd to thtr otaU of 
tho J«VA ill UiAt cifunti7 ; ntid After a 
joumEiy than) At tbo «nd of 11S1)(J. ht> iiiiTiN>d 
tho ntJibliiihmcFnt of n Mjt<fliiiri At [j^ghoru, 
thi:* i-Hidonca of many icfliiontml Jowik 
ThLi MuuioEi w&s jpTAtly j>ro*pcT(r»l , auJ hi 
ll^oa \m a^uiii trftv^iUnii in Ir-Aly fr>r r.bp 
purpoia of ftrmctricg, if p3«iM<?« u Mijuion 
lo tiM Jcwf in cHbur Jht^o towns. ThiA noh 
iu fncb tli0 clow vf his miDiFiCn^ gu rArih, 
for un hi« wa/ hotnu hi> wiin utW^kiMf vitb 
fntid illntHw. 

tiiii uurr woniMi, 

No nnt0A wnro tolcAii durinff hia illniv^ 
of miy of tho thin;-i ho Boid. Wc have iu*ly 
iFiLLiuirfOi'nrm, iiftoiVAnU put down in 
wHliti^H by il[frHn.'()1 intimlH^rii of tho fninily, 
wliioh iLrp h«ro given junt a« thoy wi^ra 
i-ooeivod : — 

"Owing lo hiB Uidily wenkntw> ha wriui 

iinftbK Juriftg Ih* Ift*l fpw wtx'k" of iiin 
Mtm, to (xnivuTi^ for any loripth <if tiiu^ and 
wr 8rj little 4kppL-ohoiid«d tbi* wd blow, thut 
wi' tlid riot tn>iMnr^ up what ho tuudt no w 
^boiild ha™ donu, wmd <w oniy hAvo for*- 
hrtin wimt «7i* t*fon! nt. Tbo Unt word* ol 
jiflrt^Lioii Aiid intflti^itcu iir« vtry pmcimi^. 
tiiitbi mam t,tiuii tluf ^i^nei-nl Juip^eviioD 
romflinf. That wliich lo ma *wm#d ihn 
ifrpit chiiriH-toriHUo ot bin htitWt nii|fbl \h> 
Imil. ficpci-ibrii b/ th^r woni*. ' Perfect Poftcc/ 
He bAd ivt ApjuiTi'iil ULhh t<> ili^purU und yet 
no tiLnckini^ fi'oui tho Eiimmoni : ntid Lu 
ofCou tlumkod Clod timt ho tru able to fc«l 
t^iiL'h tH>rf«i.-t 30iiui«OOD« lEi the Divine will 
m-]wting him. 1>iiHitff hw whole ilhnt«*». 
iovn to tb« liut ni^bt of Li^ lifo. lie ftlwAya, 
lofmu tTitiriiJir to bod, miffiirwi \i\ pniyor 
with MiiJi mentbnB of hin fumily a* w*rt» 
I irtboiit ; And mup* ihnn one tii u** n-i^uLi^ml 
that thoM prayort frftemvd to bdcomo more 
chiMlike nnd truBtfnl. oft«n but very fow 
wurd?^ Aiiil yet expiTh»ivu nf tho most perfect 
i.'Oriti'Uiir« in C,<\^. Hi« (KkU^fregntion/aft Tbt- 
AM I rt'Ui<*[iitiei% WAD r«ror ft;ir|^tt«n. end in 
tli« bi-t ju-Ayi-r I over hconl hiui oter, only 
two drty>< tATfori-hihikwUi, ooioof hU pvtilLOtit 
vcoA, thJLt if het wph Hpniv-d. It nii^ht bo to tall 
|]i> iHopIc oticp men- ol the love of ChHst. 
Aiui tboujth all th<i*o ntleranrt* wow but 
whAt hni] bmii nutunil lu him forywiuis yet 
thora Hociod to bo A more int^nwi t^untion 
thnn ever of Clod's prtwenoo and Rlory. He 
would At liiutvt, after Iviiii: hiDj; Mlmt, Qttor 
itn vjak.itiUtii.wi of tbimkH^'i^viu^, or of prayer : 
Aiid laltflrry >\v i]»*<l to hko to dt in th« 
twil)*:bl, w h* fcAicJ, v*iry cjtprewiv&ty, tnlking 
iti Qui) , beciLirhe lie *i»iuiod to feel that h» 
HliiMl timt hoiT*r thAn firniAl jiriiy*-r^jiw-t t« 
HTt Anrl rooh/o th() Umnv prvipiu>v Aod tliAii 
■peak to Qod, like Moaw, ha u mi^n ^pcftkolh 
to a friend- tho uttemucool iLie hMrt, ffoi&ic 
forth to Xkv Fithor B<lt it wonld prtwitn n 
filw iinprwtdon if 1 were Dot to add Ihtt, uc 
throiifh hiflUfe. «> too in \\\i^ bittnr daya, bo 
dIJ liot ridiihively n> vunijfy liin thoughts, 
hiiE h» bar! to th^ IhAt a dwp intvrttvt in tho 
thLn^ around him ; ftnd on tht? day Motl> ho 
di>'d hi-i brtd all the wowa rood out to htna. 
And whnr» T naiw hliu on the picvioii* 8ntur» 
dtty, having boon Abwonl fcr vix w«»k*, hfl 
madcr nic loll him of all my dciingw, amt 
inc^niinJ wiUi a* tnucli loving iotiijvsl a» 
i<v<*r hifw I Imd gtit on; urid Im i*Mjih^ too, 
with all hij" old ftpprK'idtion. at wlmt wa* 
amnKing and ploamiij; in thw Hlory. Ho wan 
full of kindly inturwt in the <i)iJGoniEi ol the 
TuAny friends whu relied upon hiAadxiock lb 

IncUlvntM in Otf Li/'* o/ Rav. Rhllty Htiiiti Bfrachdt 


wft* fL gTMt plMviire to Ilmq to bo bt BrigTitctn, 
Attd bo lockked froni hid bod At tbo ^mit 
oxpum of MM* Uid ttun cututfitiii! J ^luitignt 
It und DoClni^ ttll Lhe cliiirtiWH, A friuinl Khh 
toM m» nQC0 hU d«ntb, tMt oii^ (Uy, ivluLa 
thej wcra lodkiEyr *t iho ma, f^hi^ i^pcnUxl 
the t«3ity* Alt tliy wnvcii mid thy biUi>WA mxi 
gone over nut," on whirb ht» immmliJLli'ly 
ropTiiHl, ' Kot rcmnnbor, it i» '' fAjy wivv«/' 
ftQd *'riv btllow*i" tbat U tbn ciimfort of 
El ; ub ' if it were any one olac'a ! ' " 

Oni- rif hill f'fittbM*, So sMyiiig gtxiiUbyp or\ 
one otvimion M pKoao J a bopo Uiut Jl1^ would 
>00b U lioiUr. *' I >\\q\\ be better/' bo 
re|»Ui»J. " bitl not brniiv 1 biLvq pliu.'ieit luyself 
In th«» ftrmii of my lo\irig F^thM^ whir lins 
fad mo And kept mndunrfc nU my ('iL^idhxu^ 
AOd hfltf bound mc tip in IlLi cv^rWtiiig 
cDTOULnt in Chrut." 

Another member of the family «iya; — 
"^ What btruuk mo most of all wiu bia grttit 
iiuniility- On one occnAkou v\ir>i\ bo wan 
(old Lbiil lilt cvii^ivgaiiuu bad m^L t,u uE&r 
pr»yvr for hia ri^oovwry, ]»« t>)tolhiftied, ' Who 
hu I, lx>rd, tb:xt Tliy |}i>or4i> ^lould tliuH 
plcivd witb Tb«o for my poor, uitwurUiy lifn? 
Unt «inai it in ho, j^intit, ToirLl, ff it b« Thy 
will, that I niny bo ihimmI tip qjRutn in nnt-Atir 
to thtir pmyoi^ Ihftt they he n<jt diMJOuiniictl. 
Not niy will, but Tbiiii^, O \mc\{, Ijc diinrr/ 
lln hftd often [>ri:-vioiTF]y pmynd for piklictnrc. 
Bod for relief from ^ni^iirinjr, but thiei wtut 
the firvt tiiQu IbiLt [ bnd bciird uiiyUiiu^ Uko 
li petition ft-ir i^wwry." 

"(iT^imr ibHukfiTliH'wi for Gi>d'« mfvHM, 
nnd fttt ifit«ti*(' t»tbj--Ltbti <>f HI4 lcv«, wero 
ntoiAobpionttUo in jdt )u« wordA d»rirjk' buf 
il1ii«M,"bU3o(««itiiiiouyorou«of lLini:]jildi>u(. 
" Ma onoft miii tnO m*^ ■ If off*r I prcAitb n^ain 
I will t«|l tto pcoplo morooE Ibo loToof Ood. 
It in not tbo doctrine of election or any athcrr 
dootnnc—- «a a dwrtnne — Umi ifjviw me cocn- 
fOTt ttov : but U> Icnow tbi^t Ck*i in uiy 
iTAthor. 1 r4vt Hiinply on thi? Lovo oE Uod ; 
that 18 itlL tny rr1ij£;ion now.* A friend on<* 
da;r n^murLvd tu hiiu tbjib il uitiKb bv >« 
conf ort t<7 tiim tottunk of the gA<Hl he hj4il 
boon t^O ni«aao of 4ijtnj{. and addod, mcn- 
l^onin^ by daoio ono Thi> hnd t»cii coriwi-tAi) 
Tindvr bin tMuibiag many yiuLr> tAfmi', jind 
vbo b»d slnco beioi tho maanii of brining 
tbo IruUi to othen, * You miut bo h&ppy in 

hiving bwn tbo nutans of "a convcraion, 

cvDii if be wer<:« th^ only 1 rt&* He wvt<nil 
tilBOt nllbd^d to tliipf ftftvjWanJh, Hiiylng, 
'TkiiflUBo oonMbktiL>n to t\%\\ Ut o^urH^ I 

Am UlOoklut if Ci^hI bM tlln'To iilC erf Honie nny 

III iho vorld : but I havii uu p1tfh>>iini in 

dvAllinff upon thifl. To know thut Uoil is 
cay Kot>t(<r, und JmliiI Uhrint my 8iiT>our, 
lOifi JJ9 my comfort now/ At di^nviil tiuiM 
wbuti T wjui witli biiii be i^pokv of vHrbiifl 
ioddoiLta in hU anrly lifn, and ali^aya with 
an oxolomation of tliAnk«|fLviit)C Far Ood'v 
movctftd d<iilJni(iL with him. A foitui^bb 
brtfom hi* ileiitli. Hbim I wa** at, BriKhton, \w 
r««d and piMyud wiib ua u uhuuI btforo 
ii3tiH[i^ to re'^t. Tbibt oironing he t^hoto kv 
fAvuuritc iirahii, Ibc t^vuly'tLird. und tiirrn 
he fuirl ' ' ll. j« w4ituWf id Ui Icitt hM^k hiiiI 
ae^ \nfv litnra^ly tmv it m that i^miilno*^ iLnd 
niorcy bn^'o follo\vt>il' mo all tho day^ of \\\y 
life — '»i>nditifu] I Evrry ""Uip bii* ln.vii (ntrty- 
Uflffoi'o r km^w tho lx»rii l|i« ki^pi mo frtjni 
falling. What dangoi^ Ho hns pi-^cnod mo 
from prcdpipca on the brink of which 1 
*t4Mjd really tci plmi^-L- down -h\xi \hi pro- 
Vtftftrf-'l uie. I nbonM hnxt.' made thipwiwk 
ovor a.i\d over aj/nin if lio bad not Hu^ed 
in« — in Irviiij;;';) tun«, and ut otber perioda/ 
llw wiftf rtfuinrktsd l^ LiiUt ' It ia li grVHt 
tt|(ui<0mg you havv hMd on yonr nay,' xo 
which ho i:|nickly ropLiod, ' H9 bold mo> 1 
did not do it myMrlf. GoodnoM ai)d caorey ! 
Vdii can't Mt yotiiwilf u> bnllovo tbin^to 
rv^ovt upon it nu a icuik^yoa muiit rcolito it 
as yon iock bnck upon your lifo. I mIibII 
aIn'ayH lio tljaukful for thin iItno«^ -If God 
niJ-4H uie up iipiiin t i\in.\\ nlwnyii rMJtdoathnt 
I hav4» (laitHd tliroiif^b it. I ennnct alwiin 
think; ponietiiiLQA 1 fcoldtiH and •itiipid;etiU 
I bav« gliuLp»««. Al nitjbl ubeu I lie awake, 
ornil Lip jiiiil lofik inti> thi> fin*, 1 fool i-vry 


Th*i.- At r^^.^^ t batpntii*nw> wflB haviog her 
^it-tlvrt >VL.M-k, tlittti tb<« BUlTeriij^ oiitf mi^ht 
bwoini* pprfpict iiriH «ntira, wanting nothing. 

-Unthotithof Marchr \^H^ my fathor 
went to Br'i^hton, with tbo hope that tho 
MB-bj-Qcutv inijfht ejicrt ft tjenuAcinl inniH-nu» 
npr^n bin henltb' Tbiv hopij vm not reabzcd, 
but ho wu* much moro ohoorfnl during bia 
Bwjourn there, nnd thoroughly onjoyrd tbo 
bright dmr aluiUfLibnte, oiid di«lighU-d to 
wAtoJi, aa b« (*0(^d do frotu hi^ b«d, tho 
varyinff aupoot^of tho 'ov«r-ohiinging e«a.' " 

At boiniT hv Krul not Ithod to refiiM t» 
»i«fi many kind fiii^rLdfi who nam# to fr:(pm>»i 
thttir nymptithy Jind lovo ; whil« otbam ha 
wishod tu ci>nvciMo isith, trosijnjt that God 
woidd blou to their muU the few wordji 
itUvtvt] by him in ids wuakninH. And thiw 
hOKOrnvLimi^x yot wooriod buyond hi^Hlreugtb. 
i{(it at Kn^bton ho voB ablo to bo muro 
<[uti*t, Aiid pvfildom tvtw uuyyne oxeept tho 
niAmkwi-t^ «if hiK own fjiinily, wlurrta he always 





. y^ 



N ' / ^V 

BT r-f^^ ■ 

^DSmB^^^^^^^ ^ 





" .y. "J 

J*> UJ Vt .toy THf 



SSEctf -^B^^^^^ 




Tnchl^Ht^ in Oie Lift of [tev, HiiUe;^ liaftn Ila-^ckdl, 


Diiily li" vcojn Ircm hi* Uvi. an^l int up in iin 
ftnuohftir in bU bi'droom ; only onco ho 
vcnturcfl to it sittitix itjom on another fl^^or, 
nnil lie vt'ju itul .iblv tu iv}k3!iL the utb'?ui[rrN 
VftrjT IJUlHrhjirj^fe iL'M obd>n/ivl in hih ocin- 
ihLiofi iiiilil tbe evi^niai^ of thi.-< I3(h Aj>rtl. 
Aflor |)r<k)'iiip; n^ iijhiiiiI, witti his wifu, wJh- 

ta wnXk n fnw acrips lo th** h«il, but fflll tn tVio 
Attempt. Hq fEot lip Ajiaid iiiLmodintoly, 
nnd nucr(i(-dA]. thonich witEi aociic ilifli^iiltyi 
in iini]|-f<7i-in;r. Hi^ hnTnl niirl orio niil» wcivv 
h^ CO nipt Hinted, bontimiiwl, but ho [iil^mhI i^ 
quiui iLigbt. and contimiod in tbr -uimu «ta.tL* 
Lill u^Miib tlirrfd uVlock vn tbr itf t<>r]ioon of 
Ibo follnwbi^' i]:ty. 'IVrj of hiri limlhi'ix lnul 
gplW txi Hrightini thut <\ty tt> vHit litm. In 
H|>lt<> <if tb<) «iiKit<^i''K i>roliibit[«i|i, bt> irmthKii 
or tf^ltiic tlii^iti fui' :t b*w Ttniiit1jO>s il-^ wriL il> 
nnn *if his cbililivn whii hmi jirnvj^il at- tbo 
nunn lim**, Soun after tbi«o o'clock iti tbo 
ttfliprnoon Uc ivoa Mndilmly hwbim! with 
i^Atrcine oj^piT^Mtini of linMUiini;, wliicb h? 
n<r(igt]]u*i| lift the Miiiiitionn Ui (1p[ULrt^ Bui 

ho WlUt pVlfuClly hL-lf p'JKH'MflMl, llioiigh 
Inbuiirmg ?otuly for 1>rL<atNt Ami U>I<! Iilk 
iIttu^1iU>L' Lhibl lie wna Oyiu^ ; lit^ iliteclod btrr 
wham fd) IItiiL ftnmnthlikg lihe thnii^ht 
luigbt i«bi>v0 bun, ^0\r\ i^jiftUnrwtli'i har tho 
WAi-nlii^ bi> liiLd had tn tii>^ atUt^k of tln^ 
|hrevioim id^bD. Hh etliLii^hI t<lio iliftn-M iff 
chcKP who »ioi)il Tiftflr, IcnT'kin^ un thfl i;iif!#r 
log tbpy *\HiId do nothing to nljpvipilfl, arid 
ffugipvitoj, inoi'f fijiiiHiTiitly for their nati:* 
fniTtiDii ibnu hiM own. Lbiit wllw of tboui 
ibLrttld f*lrb lJj(- Jortor : for at norm ha Ibst 
ffcntleuiJbik arrived, ^m ui^ontOil lum wilb tb(i 
vtoiiIa, '* I rtm dyitij^/' iltr pi^v an i-uipb^iLic 
w*w»nu wh«a in Um tniihl of hiKjtlnj^'^Iw for 
brt^tli \t wnji rftinnrkMl. <* f toil it n^^ur yon " 
In iiii>rfly thi* ii^ny viw rLOt long pi-otnLrtvd ; 
£u nboiib Unt«-iiiuu'toL'n uf Jiti botir the 
jimthin^ Uxynini nwm nuA niort' cjniuL^ 
till n-t four o'clock it camod, und Lhu huppy 
rpint VM Act froc- 


"Mv DKin HhiL, gjLwnnHwow.— Vou hftv© 
aaIchI nifl to writrt foi" thn miimoir of ynur 
doar fftth^F any of my rominitcwnoM <4 him 
whieb may bo liolpful in you in tiio |i[t>Afirtiit 
but ^d tuk your love to him hna pi-ompted, 
uMu'hJHi H >*}uinNf by M 1*4. llt^i^'bdl nnd 
eveiy moinlwr of j-oTir fmnily. I bnvo i\w 
gnuturt HiitinftictLOii in tri mi plying' with tbt^ 
n^iicnLi fot yuu knukv huw )iii;g Jiud Low 

inbimatoly wo wnr*: ikCpLiIntAil the bjippy 
diiyc r «ptmt (imh-r btii rocif whiiri, ytnr Aftor 
year* I ppwichod for bim in thi> cbrkpt^l : th« 
I'rankTicv* of our iutorcturwi, find the oppor 
UinitJin whit'U I hnd in family find in public 
life : ill hftiii"* of sorrow und of j^iy, nl Ibc 
lifdH^dti EUid whon irj.i>dbn;£ tuj^'cth^rf oE 
knowiii;; Uini tlii>ruiijj;h1y in pvcry pUaaeot 
bin innfc rtrid niit^r life; nnd \mn' Kiticerw 
Win my rft^nd for him. And y*il, iw I c-ill 
to n^mambranro thcNn pn><t y«aii4, ihori> itr« 
fREv incldonti I imn i^ncord whioh aro Ukvly 
U» iTitc^ifct iiny bnyor»i Ibii cireli? of bU mom 
imini^iliiLtu friend*. 1 imh no donbl gi/i* « 
full [Lt^ooant, for oxrvmple, 'jt our JL^umuy in 
)b4T to IVnminu I'vlnud, u'brn be vMituI 
C^ft^piki 'Liid PoKt. wbiim ] iLr^L iTieC in h\< 
boiiv<>; hut lliiit niLrrjUiive waj^ pubbhlit^d hy 
mo in tiviwiflif^tt i'hfiMefi,tU'n\, uhd ^bui- 
uvtT inlf iTwl it \iiv\ wiU d^irii'l'd iimir fixmi 
piibliotlmij from |>nr4oniil frvftnt*. Knr«>ubl 
1 tmnl mvi4olf :ia iw?i>rdm^ what, I doubt inhU 
yoti will Imvo dooo inoro t'OTTwLjy incidonV' 
I hfLVo beunl fn>in htui fit diJJbjvnt tiui«n 
rciffiutlin^ bi« own Itfi^ whfc^b in mnTi)' wnyn 
wiLi Ko ratnarkabU. Vut iboiv iLJ-e a fvw 
imprewioiis of hb cbftmowr And Wrtvs nuhdo 
upon izic that I miistfbrieQy iudiivtLe. 

" [{lit viu ^*^ry iifinM-it^ in bU rv^hgfntiit rrai- 
vicUonrs uHthout any prut4>ni>u or Jin alom of 
FdnAticLjm, liit Hiinplct divoui, irntbful. 

'* N»T*r wftj* th«ire n mom loving ^fiuajly 
niin,' Hii loiw forbi« childr-^n, hiw oin>ii- 
DTTv* nnd rriLnhiium V> tlivm. lil^ tinfiiibtit; 
■ympfLtby with ibnin in i\\\ tbitt miild HfTt^ct 
tboir good nnd happintw*, from the von«!t 
triple up in tbo mo>t mcmcnt>Ufi emieonis of 
tb*«r otenml nt^U-lH-iEi^; — all voa m} niiftf- 
ft^i-ifMlly r<Ml And htuirty^ cfiudniting tbi^ 
unilimriiy of tbe futher with tbv ^iffnHiiim 
und j^yi>Li4 fi.diiv^*iihip of t]iiy (loiupjud^xi, (i4 
I iiuvi- ni^vvt- wnsa auipjt>eijil uikI vviy avlduiu 


<< Your fatbitr vo* aIjjo a loynl mitn in hiA 
frimiUbipci. He conki ln^ tvlimi oti At aII 
tiiniv for |p;nutni^ rvymptiLhy, wilie atuixud. 
■md fornctivc vinidnni in hidnin^ uny fnond 
in traubic. Uo had ndnilrfiblv t^K-t iu 
mtn^ging itny d«licute or diiiitKilt bnnincru. 
Arising ftuDi hiH ^ckhI hmifh!. kno*Ji<dgu cf 
mnnkiniK und wunn ^ynijiiLrlii*^, t hml Uiit 
boat onpurti.initiw f»r iifjiiirifig tliOHk^ iinil 
otbi*r rtmilftr tniitfl in our jOTirmry to PijImhI 
Hlrejwly idbidM Ui. ITnubl (v/oi-^ki mid r<iht. 
writ** trt yon, T tfitA Jw«nrod tb«y wnuld 
gmiuf uLly nrcrd all ho liAd dona for tliom, not 
\>n\j Ab tij« tiuio of our viitlt, but Uiforc And 


Mamanet of (Jo^d J'ritimphs among thfi JctC9^ 

(!4*^j>1v intvr«<tirig portiuii cf ycrar memoir. 
coulJ it be tbvtv ioIlI in liow maoy vayt ho 
oiiue mUi txiEEUK't, witli Guti'ii work tLruii^'li 
living nipn in *vi»ry |i!*rl of th* CftfiTiiiPut, in 
how nnHny wAyH he* iQlUwcc^d it bv per«oiul 
intorooiino with aII pArti«0|4iU rmaK»,nT]d nil 
c mditioR* of men. Thn ivprirt, ^niilil iL lid 
fuminh*!, M any otio of ihn primto parti*»* 
or n>nvcf>^'^Moni. Fuch *■ I huvc riltdntoii jn 
LoDdon, Pjit% or Berlin, kohIU iHuHrAt« 
hin t-AtliuIic.' Hintimniloi a»d iiiftiiiMioif- 

"Thert- i** i*nf>[Ui-r i»fiini, m hU t'?uiriU"t#r 
wliidL 1 luiifft infnUon, iLciti^ti I (vaX Utnl I 
am tAkin^iijiluir umch uf your viihtfiLrTo pj.mi'e* 
iiMi} lliKt i»t hui Fffiltiii; UiHHi'iU hm ' b]-t>i,hn^i) 
ac<nriiiiig to th« flflB^ ' — thi> Juv* Y*iu 
knov that 1 did r>ot Agree wilh bim in K>m« 
of liU viovrn regardiEig the futuio of Ihrnol- 
Biit I iLuvcr know n 'ChriTalnu Jow' who 
hjiii HUth n genuine love of tho* H*bro« Jow/ 
with II iU'»x* oo[k4tant <Iwiro tor hin ^oml, nr n 
mon cIi&rjtJi.blv. ^ti^rou-t, djiviiljuii« fot-tiu^ 
t4:iw»rdH biirk- I linve rinm* Tlmn imrt' Imil 
The moan^ of tfkicuijjE th#ir ftn^Jir^ Uiwurdk 
hiiu both At homo lujd abrotvt, aiilI hikVi.^ b<v>ti 
deligiitei] U( :?«c liow thoitiirjzhly JewSh n,ji|ri«- 
rbti^t hnd trNsfi**! him. I sbitll Tievar forjjet, 
ft supper 'pnrty in I*bflon lo xvbioh we weie 
both invited as piicatn^ whcrci ail pj-ot^nt, 
iiicluUirtg aoiiie of hi?; nvru IlvaJv^t n?lativn», 
wm-L'J'^^tt ill rdigian wn well n.4 bloocl. I 
ciirvhilty tkoliLViJ. nttd innrkcO viUi peculiar 
plwAUic, bow he yna ivpccttd uid IiJaounnJ, 

alJ how DJiidi IL ftJI^ti^ Rift Uflieddng a 

Mf^ht on thoHiiuiic:ti>rnf hiith hCzB md tilMD. 
1 remember al«a^ vhen oUUn^ up tho Rtino, 
in vinicr, a. fow jcnr* n^o, rUofie with our 
(vmuioii frinptl 8a|»hiranJothi?i>. bow & Jea', 
\wh»'n w* uieotiontN] your fivlhfy'f unine. miii 
u^kifd if bo kn^w Liin, npriv»*d> in ib9 
itick^t livoty iiuuuivr, hij< ro^ptrt And affocitoa 
fnr him, tleclnHui; him to V<« a ^nod nod kind 

'- Thct Wt tiron [ Aiw your futbi-r vw the 
i^i^lji Wfoic IcaviiLf tendon tn rot^it for 
Fultvtiiio, I founJ him nbno vith hi» prvvuEib 
<T«vifU'd jind roocli-totvil wifo. Let m9 bera 
wy in puring thai I onfy o&w yxntr door 
u](jLb«r (>&oc<t Aitd that 1 know h^r clu^y 
fmru }'i)iir cjwit memoir of ber. I fouBQi 
vout' fhtb^r bMil^ir Ihno T hhd njiiiclfttUdt 
itnd r^lLod bim on what I r<ikLlly thouj^ht wms 
u df^jiondcncy a> lo b» hcftllb. |-«t»uttinx 
fniui hi* hm(i wmknr-n*- Wo nfwntn ■auxujiJ, 
u vory ploMJiDi, und I bopo pivfitablo ornw 
iufi toi^thc-r, nud ttc talk about uy jonrtMj, 
connr^otiug UiV prtnpwle with lus ttti-u^jweU, 
HO niUF«d hiui up that I fully etj>i:t'[r?<l bo 
uYuild r«i'"v«r, A-nd did noit AttMih th» »oIiuui. 
ii]«^kiitn|^ I ui)|fhtotlierwieo bftvvdoiMi to 
hi?^l nonlh wu\\ whidi hv» ignited inui dm^I 
' r«n>wi'll T ■ ho Kild, 'ynii urn going to thoj 
Old K^iid I Aiik gC'itrg to thtt Now Jai-tMalolo,, 
nEid, tlmiik (lodi 1 go without tho MightMli 
uociALnuhi^ or fitnrm, but in porfi-ct poncvA 
Tbero ho i«, and thorn mny wp m^tt wil 
htiD. — I rvmuin, }xtur« Al!^ctionAtoiy, 

'N. JJaclsod." 

Tm tSSrr FAtUl, VVT TH» IHUOhTAl. rtLOUH llCUn nil lll« WAT. 

The firUi^h Society'^ i'^rsl t'h4Kirrn(^n itnd fiT§t Two iVcrc^ccnw. 




AT tJie [ireliniirtiii'V inwtiTig, lit^cl mi 

Soflkli Oliuivb. ilepcul f5quik]x\ iho R^v. Dr. 
&urder. uf [Lk4:kiLc>, vttts mlUnI to ilio chair, 
Tlif* R(.w. K. M. M'<.hm'ne o|ieiwHl tin* tii«*vt' 
iiig \K\t\i i)j-kj'4?i-. Un« oF tlio riwoiutioiia 
wiifl miiV[.»4 by tln> Rtr, Dr. H«iiif^tH>n, iif 
Ili^btur^ CV>L]i.H|£«, a\it\ «ili> L,v l]jff Ituv. 

Rci^iTiit H(|imrft. Dr. Ili>mlciiw)u nru\ Mr. 
HuiuilUir ^crc iLiitiiiinii^u^ly rm|ii(4T«il (^ >u^t 

fcjrr, Iml by tht* rhuirmnn, th^ It**v. Br. 
tnirJpi'. UcliovitLf; thnt frni- ivadctr« 

vroiiM lik« lo know ^amtthuig ^tltout tbe 
Britiiih SuoifLy't lirtii L'LiiriUHik uiiJ lii^t Iwo 
hivnorHiy *ikT'>e:»H»i», wr« liiii'ti ilom* uit^i wi* 
OOnU ftii<1 «i»o<i'<<HkHi ill olitikiuiiif; iUVuntUi 
bnfenuitifiii ill rr^'^knl tL> liuvr tljF,f livi^i), Li>w 

whon their work wm- acoomplinl^ftJ, liow 1h*y 
pjuocdftway m pcrfL:;ct ponc^tnuitinfriii Jrfiui*. 

The Firet CbalrmiUL 

Honry Fomtor Riininrbti^anAt nrory early 

Je^oT littviiigsiirh u fnllLcinuGiiorfffl Riinl^ri 
thvBut-horot *'Tho VjUaffo Soi-moiu:," ontiof 
t\v» ffniDdt^rflttf (iic Loiifion MirviioEuiiy 8L>cJ(^t> 
and llitf vliiet" vii^iimioj' ol" thi- lt<'li;!ioii*t 
Tnwt Six-inly, ti is true tlml Mr. BiinkVu 
IpO numvi'Oiih puLho 4rkj^Lgi'lJL4*rit4 did iiot 
AJUow hiiT) UtHCt iu« U Tiriv-uU* ttituj^ in binowii 
fikniily; tmt llonry nii> ^*jwl '*{ rvHiJin^, a.iid 
hnd nliiiTnlrinro nf ^tviti Ikrokt (it hiinij, al- 
IhotijTb no i;r4i«l riimbcir of such oii ivi mot* 
|pc«iit diiya have bf«n cxpi^e«ly pi*|tftii;J kfr 
the yiiuu^. Ufmcy'fl [mu'i-[*U. inor*HJviT, wetn 
flhr uiori^ vjirvfiil ttiuii Miiitf r<wii rthiciriim 
Mrsoait »1'L% Lhut thi^ir tuiblo tidk flbould W iht 
MMt iuij<H'uoii(* ev«-ii ivlicji Jkob cxpj^e»ly 
Mri'iutjK Tlieir LuLit wu-i tiul im)y tu iibfltikiii 
from iha iiu* nf wtirdu of 4t>iilif ful |)n>prLut\% 
bat alto Uk avoid thv iutrodin-ttdii of sticU 
Uipjcsk mn, though iiinoo<'nt, wcrtr iKjb Ol W 
the nuv of chililivii ami yntith. ltlaMii>1«^ 

l^iL^'UEL^e iijiil ^ijuJ cuiuluct uij tliv pmi vt 
juKt-val^ ate to c^jEMnm. what <ti?i^', >^rc rnki, 
i^iioit Aji\ aui «iirtbtiit)C ni^e to |>kiit*< ^nd 
liuwei-^, tLf* lieui>ilciAl v6\K't«of wbicli cir^ nob 
tijti Ihm« rf<]Ll '-u itccDunt of ihfiir bfring im- 

tlcnr-^ ha» rccordiyi in Ilip diAry Ewmc ro- 
collocitiiiiM of i iiaLj ncUonii iTo«ivcd in lu» 
bnyhwHl. tfb" mother wrm u [iiinJ ilnir4'iLiliLat 
of tk« pjuu^ftnd b«i»>volc-nt Jolin MjLchiij,Qno 
ot tliE; ivto thdUtAEhl of iho j'liar lOCl^, It U 
bt*liuvnj timt in vfvviy ftUCcrtBhive ^-ocu^niLitm 
Juriijg tho foUoB'ing ii*v tefLlitri<'s uiiKEikj; 
Ihv wcmiftn iif tJitf tujuily ivfi*'ri]Llh', ttj(r huth 
^liidh ''dv't'll tii^fb" in Afr. 5lu(liin vna 
ijiiiuili'^t. lii'iiry ^|>i.'n]le> (iifafTin^iLimuUfnud 
iJ^nd^r 4>ai'unj|Tivk> willi \i'htt<h hlA moihor 
hpokc tc> lilm alKiut lt<^ii and tlL« Saviour, 
lie Kkyh. " My liCAt't. I Imlli-vo. wnn ofkn 
iii*'(iiy lAHirlu'd ; lutt wiintJuM' by Mmpntliy 
wirh bor fooliiiHi^, or by tliu jfinob of Gal, 1 
VfWDot venture to dptixminc,"' Jlc nJoo ro' 
coi^U th(^ [^xitlttd opinion bo ontciti^iTiPti of 
thr wintly L-lmr«t!tar of lnjtli hin pnrrtit*, Jinil 
wtnto* thut hu UELrly trnpniaiotiii of robgioii 
iii;d of ivli^oii-i people wotyi nil fii^'ourn1>1& to 
bis bvet intvtffitft. aa ho r«iy tuilMnWy. wfiilr 
II (OifM. rr^jtrd«d Mh rwrHnliHiiHfHirhpeciiiJvnn 
of ChriHlimiH gi>norAlly. 

U«hty alftn m^ntloiu a ivintrkAMy «o]«mn 
hour vvbirb lim f jUltt>r t^pont with \un\ in Im 
EioyLo»>d. n* wiyj*, ''In lli* tvfinin)c uf 
NoverijlK'T '^7. ]'^'A, wImmi t oumpbiLiMl my 
tanthywir, my fnthor convcmsod w-itb mo in 
bijt library vwy nuriouriLy, iind nrip?d inc, if 1 
i!onld do it« Uk oo-kc a »lcmri dediaitcon of 
myitfilf Ut [jud. litJil Lu do it by ii writttn ducn- 
mvnt. I rvtivi't^i dvtply on ttiin iid^u'ij, nnd 
cnHtv^voLitdi with i^rni.<[ft pruycr. ti) iw^mini* 
my uvrn bmrt. villi n vjeur Ui nM-vrtaiu 
w}nilli"r I wiin fid(y pnT|iJLJt*il for '>'» Mfk*iun 
ftu nH. Tho r#«iiJt woji that i>n Iho I4tb nf 
tlio folkjwinK Koontb, lTt>3, I wintt> ami 
u^nt^ » frbnrt pAjiOi-. «ind my fitthcr. v^'uh 
Tiitn^b ><rdo[nnity, Ki|Cniii) It im n WEtnau«. :Lnd 
wroto vilbin tho ciivi'lope tho follo^nrf 
^CT-da: '■ Tho4*udijf*d wriv> writU'n by Henry 
l<''in>ti'r Hunlcr. imJ ha dtiliktKl tl^ niu wi 
DwH?(ub^i- I'lj in Ti»y (ibniry, iht^i hv bjul 


Jf«niorMP c/ Gofipd Triumph* amoTig ike Jctm^ 

linMrlty, mi i\a mei and dfwa. Mny hU 
review of it in yriAi« to c^on^ ftBorfi hiEn 
plewnu^J Oixl fojrl^id il fj^ould be a witruwt 
n^nlni't him ; And if nvf»r hrt Nbdild dn|iiirb 
fiom it, mAVAniuhtofthupiLprT botbtmt»nM 
£>t' brinffing luBi Im^k u^roin ! GooTgo JluH«ir, 

Somo fif onr ividi'm may Armemfier lh;tt 
tb^^^Odd Fliiitp DoJdnd^ rw»ifiiui-rdb yoiLfig 
I'hn-.tiniui «o t^ ucfc. Tbu wrillrri bnvinff 
kri'jwn Uv^tiry Furetor UittrW trvm liifivliJlil- 
iiofhl lo hlHilvAtli, dofmA^t, rtcfit tA^iprnw bU 

/t/^. WLaIi iiiwnjtl iifiiotiofjts dt^ErM, ntid 
mntivvs cohJitilntn hii intrnnr^bunu'b-T, miild 
onrtAmly bo known only lo tho Oinniftdflnt. 

iVrtioiw who dcxilinc prcparirifi mich n doc- 
iiinciLt will do vrU to UK^itiic v tit-thar tlirlr 
cbJK'tirtu ugnitifit it ii fnuiuTwl on itn Rp|*«»ftr- 
ui^ L-^ Utrm iucv>tnpuLtbJo with the [.'hnstinn 
FiyBt^LU, or biHTiuws uj fiHst. tbfV hAvc not 
Uieii liroii^bi to^dmEHiun tu ffLviKirnrgivinif 
tMr b«4ii« to Oodr rf thin t>4> thi> cAtiA tnxb 
tboca. furoJy thoif pcrHonol piftty i^, t^^ t'Hy th» 
iMJct, Ttry quMtiotiablOi 

AlHTTit the tinn Tiwt mnntinnnd, n Uttif* 
irti^tdvnt o(<c?uri*Qd» whii?h» thou^b in it*clf 
invml, wrui imlicaiivo of cUi^-juTtrr. llfrnry 
nz^djt youTiKci' biinl.hi^i', LhcHJj|;]i noiit^mlly very 
Ijocd fHrridh, niu^ dny h^id n qiicinttl, ftttcl th« 
youtigor, bom^vorv njigry. stnick hie brother 
in tho ia<^ ; but the ol»oi-i-ablo (irvuindtAtLCO 
to »hiclt vf caU Lbt httriLtiuii of our juvptiilo 
r«4ul(.<tH 1h, tlikt th^ i<Mcr hnrllit^i', tbmifrli the 
vtnjn^r of tbu tnu, <jl4 not ivtLUij th^ lilow, 
but cont«ttt«d hiitJMlf With giviujc n friiTiidly 
ihimouJtlon. Thi^ yt^in^r hrotbirr ii«v»rr 
lorgnt tibiH, And th«r^> iti mjiun to holtav:> that 
ho wui tbo ^lotl^r lor it* 



Good tchoolH iu Cowontry nt tlmt timo 
woi'o vory iwarc*; but in oiddibioH to vkh^t 
f«uld b» Ittunieil in iitf'oiiiiuun Kf^hool, Htmry 
obtoiiKid vjtnu Vblufiblu oIjuuh^uiI luiowlvd^ 
iTDin Mr. Brookot n iiiiiiiji(<^r of t)]o Eat>nT>- 
|l0h«l Ohiutbi Jit OovcEttry, aud a good 
M.4io1iLr, In hill T.uvAlfth y^nr, Henry lixuirikA 
JL boaiilef in thi* K'iiool of the H**v, J<fbn 
Byit\ ftt Huoktioy. Whilcj tber**, Mr. Kyro 
r*vdgiM\] hi^ t4:hool !'<■ lln^ Itxv, {'IlaiIc'' Hm^lc ; 
but notthcT of thew geiiti^iuen «'«* noiuftUy 
H laiolica' in the aohool, The j^^tnixl tiunhorn 
wrin Ml. Wolb Mr-KiUgihbon,"iid MonsieiU' 
Buct, H Frtiich iWugw. Mr- Wolla vmn 

nriic-h Htlwdieil !'> bU diligout ptjpH, itod took 
grfttt [Htinn with hUn. 

So tfhtrong wEui tloniy^* dwin^ to |ipun 
kuawlcdite, K» crumin^iD^ ivm bU progrceu 
ftt Khool, arid m good wu hU gennml oin- 
duot, that mntxy pnronti wttuM huvo d*cm«d 
it proper that bo shoiUd have sptmt a yoAJ- OT 
two moie j^t (lOlDD coUege-likpfftbool ; co that 
in i^Ke bii Khoulil aftc^r thnt timi:^ ftpjWHr to 
bt) II Kitit^Uv cnrKliibilv for tb« CbrivtiHri 
iiiiciLfttry, \io luif^bt hv tbo lHrtt«T pn*|>aind 
for I'jiWiij^ii lbeoEo|;u'jil ajl](<|fi-. Ilisfntkcr, 
however, ftwmi Ir \\n\o hji*n nf opirdrn tliftt, 
lUh iL UIL4 iiot iLTLhkitIv ho nii^ht niUr all 
erit<ir on oomin^rmiiij ]ilc» it would bt> wcU for 
h)iii r.o pnrpant tuv ](~ Aaxudio^y, hat wjm 
nrtifkdtonwbuliwkletlrtTi. vbottebiwiaoiBiUy 
fhittlyin NattiTkRhnm and tHtrtlyin Jjxt^tm, 

llo woji &vt kicittod in >tottia^uuci, wbcf« 

hn nttREided t\w mioi^t^y o| Mr. AJliott, 
fiktliM^ of the Entv Dr. Alliott, mrvl of Mr. 
AlJiott, of itodfoni, Aft^^r & vrlule hM 
wrvicfd wuv m^uiivd in Loudoi), fLnd bo 
tht'it tiH'imie a lueTiibur of t^Kf chundi nt lIi^ 
W<»igb-b*«i^ OhHjinl. of which Mr. CUyl«ai, 
bUTkii^r, v<iuf. uiin\at4^r. Ab^ut tbw tiai« lio 
wuh bi^io^hv to % ftill d«cUii>n, not^ only 
fni- M'rvfnjf Otjd, hnf., if |tiB4iihb% for fli^rvin^f 
him in the Chnstmn minittn- ; iu)d thfC thi 
fitUjcr >^tv<i hiA full ctiiii4-nt Uutt ho fthoLild 
iihli^T <>u H coiiivi of 9L(udy, 

Air, If. DTinlcr wu for Kom«timciREtiidi^nt 
ID llaxtoQ Acodomy. aftorwhrdt callod JliRli- 
bury (.'<»lb|ro. In 1801, in t^ompnny »ith 
bijk two fri^T|]d^, C^^or^jo I'nyno iuu\ J^fwph 
Kli'tolior, ho wi*nl to GIvigow. Thoh* <\^%r 
CriviKia oocupiMl tbt* fAm« lfHJ|^it^f niid woiv 
laittiuftUy lUK^ful to viie nnotliFr. Thcv tfoon 
bcvftme a^uHiril^I. mtl mJy wiih Mr. Ewini; 
und Mr (afloi^ntrdH ]>i-,} Wjniltan. ImtwiUk 
n^voml other L"hriHl]«n |Hit>*oort, at who^e 
huube* diiw w«re wuk^mo riiuiidn b« ofteu a^ 
they mnid find time tn cnW. Thdr niniie 
u»uftl phu:^ of wondup, ospodally in the 
momiEi^ of the l^rd'n Payt wo^ the htr^o 
Tjibeiiifudo in which Mjh Kwini; preocheil, 
wlioBD Oriontid ond BiblloaJ knowledgie, in 
connortion with hto lovo of the Go«pol, pon- 
dialed hin BcLbbnih montini; WtuitA on tho 
4)lil Tot(Lin<»nL jtvcoliiuty iiifitructivti und 
iMlifying- Atthv U'ruiinution cif I hrM vcwiorw 
ovary ouo of the 1btv« took tho dcttrvo ^ 
M A*, anil in nuhwqut^nt yvura th« dSplocm 
of D.D. wnn ihimI- U* rvery onu. 


Mr, BiirdtT, nftor fim^hin^ hw MtudW 
Oliirt^ow^nH-t'ptHl tui invil*tiuii t0 4i tutorfil 


Tjftfl Brithh Socift^'s Firat Cttoirifian* 



nt WyixiouilJy, which he rrru^fTiud iit tho 
expimtion w ctiie jear. He nfUtuarda 
bocHmc njwiMjiMi xv iho Htv. KrunuH FaEniprp 
nl Hiirtnpy, niui -.tiWr th* cluHtb of Mr 

jMitu l)r- Bmili.'!- ojuti-jvinl U» liml Uaiw Ur 
tiike (Jbft in thA'>i'ship At Highhiii^' ; ^iit. 
« Iciifji.h 'inoiiiml Jt n((ht fn iv<ti^ii tlmt 
iniporUtiit woi'k. th^kt hn iniglit urcuic morti 

Boul of tnim, Tb«i« topit* uocoiiJini-ty wt*iv 
pcumineiil, both lit hut pt-oru.-liiiif|E hikI tu h'w 
jirhj-pr>, uniJ tin* riHult in wmv ttwauati-ts 
<.vnv«pouJt<d with the ©nbi-t*i nuule, Tlio 
diurth in 8u TI*ri(UM' 8ijiuiie WM *»* '*ft WoJd 
wliicli tliTi Lord hjcl blf^«?>ei.l.^' 

[tift kIaa, ».t/ length " iTiou nf hitbirTkrw 
*irjitThn^ up," And oCvaMiori«'L 4ofjt rogi'ct Ixith 
(C> tli'^ piLhtC^l 'trid til thi^ fl^>ck- 

Tlint.i> i'i)i-iiinji!jUici>, lit oimui^'ll^^li wilL luk 

AJT^'^ UKNTJT FiicuLTcn tiunrjEn, U.D. 

Pr. Hunlcf t«t oTit cii hie tvurk on h^^ht 
|)rincipliv.. ll«dpLi^riQirmt, nftvrthe exumpJe 
of huly Fbul. U> ^' ki]i>w TiLitliiukf utJJiju^ Ihv 

JiorvOVCT, Ik* hiiil H <I«t')> tsiiLVtutiou of Uii* 

vvft imporuuw of thi^ ucik <if ih* HoW 

8ptnt, boLli fitr Llin ciiutiupiiwrntiJiL nt\i\ thr 

nuhitiriij cC th« tmiy Chn^tun life in tho 

udvanood cle;^^ iriditr<Hl hlin to FMOgH Ufl 

cbnr^o, jJier n |jik>ioi:jhhip of about forty 

rutnsr or j;i,000. 

Joy anU HOii'ow fin? uftoii cItiM* I'^Mnpaiiioaa 
in litiniAti 1ifj^; H.rKl thv tointiJiiutiuu i^E jor 
and wrrow dianctenx«<l the meeting flf 

R y 


Mmtmiu ^ 6oep«2 TrwviitU ujtwnjf ths JtWB. 

Dr. Bunltfi^H fnenili at TTiuiknuj, wheu, on 
{Nimplcilinj; t\w Tilth yivir (it hih lif?. hTid hU>tit 
tht» 4(lth of bb mjfiiittr^, h« Mid to theiq 
/Virvvw/i, nad rM«ivod rrozu tliem. witli t1i«iir 

nf £l,ril»0, whft^h wnfi nni th* Iflw Tniiiml on 
account of tbo bob^volort piurpciw to whir^h, 
at hift roqtmft, tlic intcnjrtof iao lucncy vat 

Dn Burclor wu* lAvntirnl with ^■rmrnll^ 
good btttltll, tud with a lai-^ii feharo of 

BomMtia hEkp|m;«B« olthoiigb n*» nr&Ag^r t? 
uuxtt^Ly uail grid. 

in tb<.' rvnr ii^W \n^ ummi.*'! Aiic, tbu 
rlJnt iJttuiililM <iF Juttepli HBttlcJiollv. Esq*, 
of HuU-lmiu HoiJ^ Ni/w Crovh, Lcnicloii, a 
h4y u'ho siiHUiiiwl througli life a t>owi>il»ni 

il«HtL, '' I luitT ji fontMU* of tbtt fdicity of 
hmTon-" f^he* wns tftki^n frntn hni'sntrowitiic 
biuband and fiLmily ac i-nrly ■■ in 1S3T, 

lolVLlli; A dAUffhtCT lllkd thi» KiniL 

Ilk till? Yftir lfiJ3 IVi Uwrdor mtinieJ 
Mmy. ttii* uliln^ dnu^ht.Hr 'ir thi* Hi'v. J. 
Tn.yiBr,<if Whillij)^*^ Woro(*-li*r-*lnr*, h tmioii 
iu wliii'h (he irhi^Ui fiituJy ri'jfiiof J ; wnd 

£ii'ii|K>Kiuu]iLi1y did Lliv\ ^) iu[Mitlii£e wilb ihe 
uxbhM^f iin f Km not'MAtoFi rjf h^r dwth, whivh 
took pUvi^ m 10Dtf< 


Ill imo tiwpvct I>r. FEiii-dHr'k iEJ('iiriifuIt)ii<>, 
iiftai' Iho doBtJt of thiH oxoellaut jw^u. whh 
intV4l.rr lliAn it hud Ijonn «ri«E^ hb- Ki^t 
Ifftiinivfaui^nt. On llio form<*i "ci-fliinii otn* or 
morc^cf Ikif^obiMn^n v-nrr^ wJTb bim ; whiin^i*, 
in tbo Uttirr ousff, thoy woro all luimUy 
At a diitano"^, und ho ocrnwxjiicntly folt thw 
Militude thtf tnure dwply. Bunidm ihio. on 
th« furTfii'r (HTJiAiini, iirf^iit bimlnnH aLliriCHt 
dady uUi|»<d him to J«ave< hi« Holitury twna ; 
yphvnrtij^, in iho httl4*r. be wft* much aIoiiul 

But nUi^t H. whilts \m wry ju<UriLjUFly 
A<^'i>pf«id l\w invitAt^MTi <\i hl^ Aliii^bt u>]) nr^ 
HaU^HmHi wh<^T<> h^ WLU4 a^iii in thn oiidht 

vi (t fibimly^ ^'^ ^'^'^ ititillAlioci }LrnTii1i-Iltrxily 

hint (Juuikfully ivTiiJtiiKNl. Lmtil inllnd up to 
lb« "hmijw not Timdo vHth hflniiu-"* 

On N'/vciiilxT 27» Ifset, thc! riii-yon which 
111.' i;omplt't«l hir* 3l(*t ynar. tJin family cotJ- 
j>r»t.iiiul4Hi hitu <m iiiJi }ii-ii1i,hfn1 npEHiiLrniice 
and 0Diit.inu>s1 iLclivity ; but t1ic> ond wuv tlien 
ncai\ Vciy FOiiirtly ^ilU'i' that d<iy In.' l*t«uio 
H-riuualy UEiHvll i uud thou^t. by tbu UwMaj: 
of Gixl "11 Ibi* TiuHTiM l>r Mj(.t'h<<ll ivoorii' 
uu*iid«4, be vu<» or- twici^ piutiikUy ruUi«d« on 

the yrhoW tin lUnav bec%iii« more (Jirttl 
in^. Kjt W V1I4 merr'Jfti]Tydi-;i]t wtib. H0 
eiilttirad very little bodily |win» anil^tAbiB 
Km wut word 10 reUtivM Al u diMlanoe* km 
iidu<) wjm uiitUiudnJ. Tic* b^d ui-t iHiLy 
hahitiially pfsro, btitofWm jrjy, Andtomnlirom 
vtiBt ini^ht tilmu^ ba eatUd "joy luuponk- 
ftblc imd full of glory/* 

Il« woA (bitnkful to Ilia »□> bi» ibiugbtcr- 
in-Inw» iind biK irrnnd-drtu^hrt^r, for Xhf4v un* 
lailini^ orv nud ntti^ition ; biiF, aboTO «1], 
wnd ho thMikful to the Oitcr of 4»II ^^ood. tor 
the b1n«{n^« uf a loii)f lifv uiid ibi* bupH uf 
ttTerJhHrning 1if«i. f](» aImI ntrly rrn the 


TH£ §riK8 nKSCRimON OF 1110 rJLTHER 

H. H- DurdDF, Km|,, «bo vnli^had hk 
fftUxpr'* \Mi hoxav. wrote: "Mv duu- 
ffftliVT ^«iiA (Uily coiiOnixl to Uui roooi about 
rit wmlcs- Hi? did rufl npinirto HtiflVr paiJi, 
axcept frc*iu wonkiie»?<, u^l^1ri)i lit tiuiei wbm 
vcn' RT«Lt. Durinp^ Tb>> Irut f«v dbV^ and 
uif:hta (»ppriii11j)> he vM itMitiiiuaHy 
pnii 111,/ "A'hi fn-ijiK^uUy heanl hioi Mny, 
*'Ah' i< i< JI Ikt>1, uihon will Iho Hiron^ 
hv cipvCi T " Aiid, " JohiiH, Jmu% ham in«rfy 
oD iiif^!" TLtu, '* After (ho vr^rfar* clU 
civjU'ti,'' whu'b lip rvpnaiod fi^v^raJ timnii wii-h 
li kjiid of i>|iLti)tLvo oonlid[*nco. Onc« bo nwA 
tip in his bed ; Vk' wmi looking; upvnrdis and 
t1ii< HXjtrriwicin id bi» fooe vrui inojib bmuliful 
AA ha nxi'kitnod wtth ^rent aimefttiUMi nnd 
uikotLoniblc joy, *^ I eve Uim t J«eiuw ivy 
$Aviour And <iod 1 " On tbo Wwlnwdny bo 
hMtmnl inwnAibk*. ui' nwirly tt\ but few ttxan 
piiin- Hilt kind inediir«.1 ailritidHnt* Dr, 
VlitcbcIlpWJhd with Lim until it o'clock. He 
did nol aF^>air tu Lave moved, iwil ibotto 
who wtttdiwl bim with Mirmwinjf hMirU, 
hvard only a gniiCb* «i;zb fu hii: vpjrit loft bia 
body, and then tho Tbrono hi^ ao lonifod to 
behold WFL4 uiivnil^xl, in all it4 kIoi^. and tbi» 
Hai/lonrho no much Icivi'd. aiij so faitbfiLHy 
ht^n^d, wo doubt not, nuL>ivi.*d hiui int0 4f%xV' 

|lUtliu)r TMt." , 


4 LUTtrilB, ax THA HKV' H- F- IkVKDUR, iLtlL, OP 

lUm-lu nL ^% 31, 
fVfr n« ffr in iirnu ;pi'f i&'ii't rvl MUmi 
flint 'I^W i>/>C(|i"[<^ "UtVy ^i^ii-/A AAftf 

cAfvu^A yi>W nc'i^y fi^^ tf^iu 'Jmy 'i^irn nun-y/* 

Ij' thoMi to wbom the priwnt lecture i« 
LuhbcHit*!! s\ure luWunn^ umlcr vul^^ar prc- 
jiidioe£ Again^ tb^.* Jewish pi^opJp, 1 njigbj 

Tlui Brituih Sfuri^tfrt Pimi Ofiidrtttitn. 




tbeir kindly fooling and UinipfiiAiit i^yizipn- 
thkCB, in favour of tlii^ uaiion s^hwh luw too 
of tell 1»ta Ut^iiUil with (uiit'niii|>t. ftadi 
jnwjiidiww, howuvcr, pivvalunt ah th<>y still 
flr», 1 will not Linpulo to tto juaODbly of 
ChmLiaii fn«Dclrt now ccnTcaod. ThdAco- 
ciAtionv of Liiiru^^ti with Uiit ruidiml iiiiJ 
intOTAAtinff |iwp1i<» wliicli nrv ohvrinhod in 
your mindj*, ixiy lirvtlirun, ort- o«th, 1 tryst, 
Oil are miffjEMtoJ bj & fttiiiiluir acqiuuuluiiiM 
nibh tli« MumbH orftnlMi. In iIkhh rAJrliful 
reourdji you tracD thn ori^m of thti' pt«oiiliar 
jiOoplo to the lamtl ivnownoil oi nl) tljc 
palrinrchN ^'tlic fj'ioiid vf OtkK" Llie fHtlicr 
of tJn* fiiilhfTil. You find thflir history 
upriNinling ovvt il period approaebinp u <lurii 
twjii of fijur thoiiftiind yc^", <inibr(wLair thp 
most nigual nJiJ ^Ui^wndouh of DiTUH" intor- 
jMhitinriH, Hdil ifiiniltid^ ill lU ntiujilii n 
glorioLiv ftU'joi.'HMon of prophi^to, litBUinauH, 
and pcH^tf, yiiricd not witb imnginary but 
wkb irvn.1 it»pirAtiun, acid Iwuiiu^ lliviv \nti- 
dictivn tofittmony to Hilii who in th^ fntneoii 
of tho tiiao arcAO out of tli« fttom of Johv* 
Kfid tho root of pAvid, wlicwe jjaoio Ih 
" Woncicrfiil, Ci}iuiJ«<klor, tfie Miglity God, 
thtf Fnthrr of th« itvefla^tin^ 4tGe, th« PritLCO 
of l-ttioi " 

Dark, hoin^vcj; Ami drNiry luia bofu for 
many ]i^*?(, nnd u vHII, thii cunditi'>n of thU 
■in^kilu' people. Ditfporaed th*y etil) nix* 
over almo^ u\l countHc0,dvrelliik|{. t^ a i^rcat 
df-gcTv. " *loufl, mid not n*ckcjued lUDong the 
nhtioriH '' : I^Hkkiiigftill 4-tih vfim utid dL*ln>iv« 
hc^pe for thv* ik^K-vut of Mcwiiih the Prinii^ ; 
rtubrbng l\in HirriyiuTitB of thv Old TMlnment 
wiUl « VLnl iip<JLi iLvii- lULudH. hud dupiiiu 
thttir t>y«A (igiLm4t r.h» h^ht And ovid^cc^ o? 
tbn kIoHoijh Oujp4~'L 

J^, ihoix, i^iitr pray^Ti continuftUy aocf^ui] 
up toth« OihI of Abr>i.hAUir UjAtthv vnil iiiny 
bo rvmovod, und that tbpy taay diAooiti and 
ftcktiowlodxo Jlun vhom thdir fiitbor* crm^- 
fic«J to be tbeh' Ijord and Cbrint- May thr 
Ucwsed Spirit uf truth and ^-ivir^i now nnahin 
vu to <']v4rEy pcrc*«i\'o, nnd d<^ly to f«ol 
" our obhj^atiofLfl to labour for tho convoiriioo 
of th« JewAn" Thikt v-o mxky tak^ tint the 
TowHtt, vmI' thh wiilwt ^roiinrl^ |r^ mv 
•ndaavoitr to AxhJhit : 

llfnt, Thrt obtigfltion'^ to labour for tho 
oonvfiiTLioiJ of th« JuvTH, Of c£ j'firC u/ eA« 

**Uo yo into all thr worJii," mid our 
AMfiudvag FUviotir, '* atiil fmvioh thti (to).|»l 
Ui ^Torj ci-oitunv" T* thriv itiiy iutiumUoLi 
whkfa would AUthuHiio un to appdnd to this 

crjuimtiaicn tho lifDitiikj; and interdicting 
word*, "with tho oxcoptiou trf tho Jow» J " 
It U truf tltat tliny rcjcctod and crucifinl tho 
I^>rd of Glctry- ]^jt arc wo under tho juunful 
iii^nmi[ty of ixjiic'ludiQgf that m coiiie4ii<^iit\4 
of their oiiormoun and atrooioufi ffuilt^ iu-j^ 
ave vstc\i*h*d frucu thftt commiwion of 
^iiiM mid lueivy f ^o far frtJUi ibc b?(ist 
WtitiAtKrn to piu« u w^ntLUioe tjf ^xduxion 
wu*! the <iiHJi|jffcBNiODato 8aviour, thwt, Uifom 
Hv loftoitr wdHd, IlooxprcMly enjoined upon 
TTJMaihkNiW, UiHh reji^utjinrw lUid ivmiwlmtof 
idDH thotild be preaohed in Hiii nftma amoDjf 
all nntian^* l>e^nniii2 at Jerunklcia; " and 
hon d)AtiRt:t[yuu]conuclIy thi^apovtlrvi Einclor- 
■luid tlwir tAril'ii intention lit midlfieiilly 
apjwrent from tbe reoordu of t]u> duy of 
Pentvoost. Ttios^ intrepid witnnwH of tbo 
j-f>^ur]«clio]] and iLKTiiTiiou of tliFir Loi\1 did 
uitt hM>4tTjit4i, iiidr^nl. tu Huirf^ iiiiori Uui 
>nhaUtant# of JeruHnlem tho awful gudi of 
liAviQfi: criit^ifiAd and vbiln Davids Hcio and 
Ixad ; ycttvhtiii prii^k«d iu tbuir hitiii-1<»< willi 

Kingi-nt anguith, thay «icUiraad, " Mon and 
^othrodT what fthall wo do J The apontlo 
Peter Aaid to them, Hopont and bt^haptiicd, 
ovury one of you. in tlui name of .loeiun 
Christ, for l\u* ivminion of ninv and yo nhaH 
ruo«i\^< thi* f^ilt of tiio Holy Uhoet ; tor tlio 
pnraiiao U untc yoti and U) your ohiUlrcn. 
TIli^u thi^y tbut gliully n-ix< HU Wiu'il 
wt^rti baptixoit : amd tUo Mime dny tLer« wcr^ 
nJdod iiEito ttH.nn about tbrw thivudLud fOiiU. 
Aud tbuy t.xJL^tiuai») Kti:fidfaAtly in tho 
jipwtJft'H dortririM amiI fi>I](>w*hip/' Tfiim 
(^iiimonr'Ad tha (Jhri«tiau Ukurou, forui^d, 
not in piut, hut altogother of Jeteufn <^ti 
tforU. Whjtt n ^brioiis bc^fiuiiiii^ 4t JvniNi- 
lotti ; tn thf* joy of tho haartof mir ftm.hronpni 
licd^oinor ! Una there evor been |ioijr«d out 
upon the (JtntUt ivoild auch an efiijaion of 
iho Holy Hpirit oa wjut tbun iiourad out at 
Jwnifw^leui on thu «wd of Abratiaui ? 

And what wna nfterwartb the oonduet of 
that Bjnbhmador of Chiifrt., who may hn pn>- 
noiini^ Lln« jprvutHit uf UiDupoeillis, in n.'^gjkri 
to thu abiKiilunce of hiu ruvohLtiona, tlw 
oxtent of hiH tabouns juicl thu fipiiwdour of hiH 
lriuiopb» 7 Altbou^'h tho fkpmtli? cf tho 
OnUiiir^, yfly whitfMVrtr hi« opfiiiHl bin in^rii- 
mi&uen, ho took liiu Ration Jir9t lu a ayna- 
X^jfUC of tho ilewH, if a HyMn|^)i*]ii.^ wji» (■> \io 
found, and aftTiviiidh ruldrutfriil hliiiHtilf to 
tho (ifiutiln, HoK'^ tbtm, mv hi^^ttbivrj, in 
tfiir authority, atul our ouoourngenii'nt to 
proa^h the Go*pol to the Jew*. Can you 
duulit that ill tbua fulfllting the cummis^n 
of bi8 Tj>iiI, thaa|iOBtlo Paul acted undar a 


M/TJwri^ of GoffH Ti'l'\crnph* timontt tkf Jetiv^ 

«troii2 eenw of obl^tionl {Jnn you ilt^uU 
wb«»t£«T Uioobliptioii vrbidi rf«it«J ;ipf»ii fiim 
nwtA aim upon ujrt Anc! It iSyf* ApwiU^ nJm- 
\ng^ at tho ponvi>r»inii erf Uio Jfi^r*, l»gnn llif»ir 

thejiAtnr pmnd oLjrcT. ^l Im'^ul "itr LiU'Uiit 
in itiitnin, unil in Lhn vory lii*"rt of Brilnin — 
oitr cin-n f*n^n1 iiicTrDpcliic ( An> not thci Jew* 
in Eik^latkd a fijiD|nn<*nt pui of the ^ubjci^ 
ijF mil- own L-mm^T? Do they not pnjfcn 
itlli'H^ULtw toliw ni'ili'thf'n^wnf Ain> Uhij not 
tiUbti-ibutore to BntmuH WfAU)i tvnd prud- 
poriij? As follow-Miibjwtc. do wo riot owe 
thnu mucb ^pamI-wILI} Uu CIuMml [jHii- 
dplM, do Wi> noT' nva r^hprn nnr hiviTH ni^d 
kindoHt wialiOAf our boot oiui kdndnAt «(Tort« 
to briiiK them to Uio iAiih of Uhrint, that tbttj 
umr ht* ** fL^llovriti/rrifl with the Mthitit iind 
nf tfif* hniiivholiJ nf GoiU btjilt on th« foimila- 
tion ot tb ITU pout lot (ttiil pn)photii* J4Hmi UbriKt 
BhDAelf l:i«iii^ tlw cbivf fN>nier-»tan«-'' 

W« iitliiiil, WL< ft^l. WL* uuL unitvr the 
nhli^arJrid r^o upfiri r.^ii rki«|>n1 lit r,)ie ht<iiilu^T( ; 
but con wo maiiiUktn ttny conFtu?1«riuy of 
jJtinHpIo nr cnDdiirli or MUiini^t uny jn^tifi- 
cntinn of GiiiiifhcKi AilliiT lii>r<jrv CKhI or 
ln'Tiiin* tniin. if viy lulmit not, if wb r«l nfit, 
iti icDrfi m onctiuftl dc<>;ir-e, tiiL^ oMi^ftlion to 
latwiir for the convcj^Joii tif i ^lo Jown ! 

Ij't tjjii dir<*t ydiii' thonpjhta 

?Jvcondly, To tho dt^bt wo o«n> to tha J«wit, 
forthtthmgUttMcUvtcuttrtalvM have mvuW 

T^iiM-i^ VttA Mlnblihtird with ih<'tr ffrtut 

Eirogi^tiltor Ih VOVaiULTit, in whirh wv onrwlvi*, 
F |kfiTiAhiT|v of tbo tnifi faitli, Ari? <T»mpr<?" 
bvriiLcdH *'^f/'niilJvhovahtoAbtubjiuj. 
"■h-iH nil nftHnrifl )i^ btv>twil " *' fJ*. tlii*n.^ 
nr^^uH tbo ftpoAtlci, " thoy vho ixri* of tMth 
ore bIcAmd wJtb fnilhfiil AbrHbiiUi/' «bi\ 
in a spiritUAl rvMU«\^n diwi|>iiftrHAi] *' tli^ fjLtbrr 
of iTit ntl : " ruid tbiijt " tho bliKvin^ of Abm- 
liiiin comM on ni» Gcntilm, tbroufch J^Kott 
Obriflt, thut wo mAV rpptivo the proini«e of 
tbiH Spii'il tbitJUgli fjiithn liiiiig tbr rldUlri'n 
nf iiod, by f»ith in Chnid Jwiui. And if 
(71iin»^\ tboii anb wf? AbmhcDu** aocd, nnd 
biti]4 Accoi^iiijE U' tbo piimiiM?/' 

Niiw, fMiirtiilni', ilwxr bn*thn-i]. nndi*r «tbjit 
nn AtnoMrit of oUlfjpiLiOTi wi> h^ ; vhul n dt^bt 
<jf ifrutitiiiio wi* OW-* !<► t}if< lirfn*: r^rrmenld- 
tivi-s uf i/iriV }i[i(riHiTb:il a.(k\'k('H^. iiml, in 
thi* «*nsn i^splniniM^l, of m/.r ««•«, l^n wf* bf 
univilUiitj lo admit tho oblijpitirjJi, "i' tii»iviij- 
-rioun of nny i^ow of jjrtititml<^, imtn^llih(jj <o 
hOQjy kiudly uitd prjufir-iil djii^esifdoit ? Huw 
rjiturul find bow lo^^^|y was th» fophng 
fivimwd by Duvid, when, iho Lord hftring 

d4'bvvr«cl JiiiA frritn tli* baud of tu» oaomioi^ 
tie wid, " 1* chore yvi miy of tlie bouw of 
HaoI, l)]nt 1 nifty HhniP biRi klMdncdB for 
Joitbf.han'ii i^ka T ' Oii(ibt wo not thoji to 
foftl iQwanb tbo boiuw cf Israel, in thiB Ui^h 
iLiy of their advcmitT ^uid dtprcvciun V ^H 

Aim! chi^iv in lui Litei-wt in oLir fuLh^r 
Abi'Lilinni triiiofa i>von hiii own dvWMi<Unt< do 
not feci, wbich it is otir hoftlt'^fr dfliiro and 
ptnyLT i.\uit tliey HiairfottliJUideireiifori with 
nn intoiiKity <if vmtii iid*- Hnil dellglit «iirpu»- 
Hingonrown, Jli-Mr th** lioni^innt jipotftio, 
ponrinie tml bi* b<>*rt'* dfVDro '* fop liui 
brvtbivijp hv* kuiuukon, HCixirtlinjE to tlio 
UmIi ; who," Kftirl bp, " nro TirflcHli** ; ('► 
whom pertain llin ndoptioij nod ibo filoty 
And tViv covrriiAntit, Anil tbo ffiTinf; of the law 
Aitd Uj» promiiieii . wbiBo Am the fAtbr?iii ; 
ufid of whtim, w( pun^wrtiing tbi- flt«h, Chrint 
ouac. who ia ovi-r bU, Goi biflwtvi for «vor." 
Yen ; it wn;< tbo crcwninif >:lorj c^ th& Jewi^b 
litttuWi tlmt fnmi tliL-cn. ha tu Jlta bumuA 
nAtim>, ttprang t.b*> inn^ M<**ii«h, '^thfl *p«I 
of tbo woniftn/' Iho K>n of liftiid, Who, 
Ml to lliA Divine nAlin-v ia, *' God ot«q: aII, 
blfMMil fi>r <>ii<itiion> " Aa Mit-b^ mny thn 
honiw of Jjkpoh bo pi'i'parrxi to mn*ii'0 ITini, 
to tiMut in Itim, nnd to cbt^y Him ! And \i, 
ill hcaveci, luuni:^ icdr^mi:!!] by Ulk prvciowi 
blond *irg A srnif nf i*csti»lJe pmirui nnd 
ardent lovo, tranwondiiiff thrit whieb oron 
undnAhkjc HraFiliA uplift to Ilu honcFur, 
whnt nivid bo tbo love and ^mtiUde of 
ndtvnivil V^nolitm f If wh t*i^ntile» t'lnim, 
by Ttahon of tbo humanity of tbo &(in of QtuX, 
A nociror HttiniLy^ to Him than »n|^b f»n 
boMLti. wLNt uiu»t be tbt- lljnlliiL)^ nOAmeMM uf 
i\\^ tribfti <^f Idra*! — i4 t.hft frriln* of ifudoh t 

And think, my Utrthr^n, how moeh wo 
i^w^ tbo<n on tli^ xcore of Divino roveUtion. 
Of MciwK Lt w Aud l*y Acopheo, " Horvtvivcd 
tba livoTy oriielw to jpro unto lu: : '* And frtim 
tbo days of Momw 6} tbo dayit of M.aUohi, 
'* lldy men of Qot\ npakc nnd wrot^ na i\voy 
werc^ mi>vwl by lUk Holy Uhmt." " All 
Smptiir* WHS pvi^ by innpiTJitlon *"f l!od.*' 
J[ow ixin]imi»& iJion iH tho dobt of pntitiiidD 
wtiiob we owe to the wntvir uf th^ holy 
volrrini^, who frtiUifnlly iliHcb^T^l tXtftt lii^h 
und iVLr^red triiAt T Think ^bat wo uw^ to 
the lEMpirod hiAotriAii of tlio r-j-i^itnn, of tho 
fii-«l tLtt» of tho iTorld. &nd of i.lio proniulfln- 
tion of tbn boTy law * Whnt do wi* not own 
to tho iuoomjwrAlilo pEnlmijit trf I^nu-l for 
thono Ktng» fir Zidn which, with mai^clloun 
AdA|>t»tioli, ii»*vt evejy Ghnx](jtful feuUng uf 
thp bojirr. nnd ohn-r ii^ on, in cvi*ry stnge td 
our oarthly pilgrimogo, Aud wiJl 

The Britiek Soci4jf*9 First Vhmrmtnu 


obMktc or forRott^n, cv«n ]\inonK U^« new 
w>ug!» uf ilu3 Now JcniMiJiNiL t Wimt Oo Hf 
not OV0 t(j llic* viiblimo Isniah fnn- tho gr^pol 
of tb« UIJ T(HtAUk«nt; to tho diLuntlaui 
DaiiicI, llifi EidJi great-ty^ 1>clo\'ed of Jloarcn. 
hIio wuH eDlruflUnl uitL ihe liiim^^IihI tvU of 
fiitiim i|iwti(i(wi; ftfii to tlie otUtsr holy 
mviphfitd wl^o w^iy Jif>tioitn>J u witDVAMH lot 
OtHl, to bcflc thoir 0i)CC(«>ntv«i t».*ntimoax to tlic 
ai»prancli <jf Tlhn wbir, ail I<»i)gth» «iHie< to l« 

"• li^ht to Hghtait tlio CsDtlli^, And th« 
glory of liifl |>wipln Istncl," 

And hnv« not thn Je^iMh pBi>[>1ft t^n llt^ 
fjulhful iMFiisi'n'Kf^iw fkt\A gtmrdkrs tif tli*' 
Old T<**tiim**nt Soriptiirw? '■ iTnio tbom." 
aayn the aiKwtlc, " wnre Pomtnitlc^l the 
ormlw cjI OckI." Do^ the apa^tle iuniuiiMo 
U)^ ?<1igliteH^ i1oii^>t at U) th^ tidelily of tbuii' 
tnitv<TniA4tOD '{ Koith«r ^Jovit bo nor liiv 
LE>rd> Tb« Biiviour llimffolf gives lii» 
MiLction unit Eiutburily Ui tlw buoka of 
8rrintnrft whii^b liiul lv*»n ivo*iJvivl ititritliA 
Joviih cnnoh, and whwb w»>i\» r«ul b,V Htm- 
jBStf n.tii:l ilwftpohtWiu tlitf vnnonAWyjtfi^fopiO* 
of tilt Jc»H. "Tin** All* tim woT^ltf," naiil 
JHt^v, *'wliii'h T irpAlcn imlo yoii, ibnt till 
tluDK* muit bo fultUod which worn writ1«m 
xa tho Iftw of Mcr^p.i, anci in tb** pri>pli«!j*. nrni 
in ibo Pwtlnw, cuTn'prtimK i"^" *' tirjin^i Ibfl 
Scriptrirw; for in thoiik yo ttink yo hnvo 
ct^rriiil tifo ; and Ihfre mv thcj- y^Xxwh testify 
of uie," Ilijw greut Miin w tbe oMiguUmi 
(tnd^r wMcb wi- jicl* liiid to Un» Jh*-LhM |wTOpl(* 
for |]T'«H«l'^'llLg i.iid tmniiEiittiiigr in nil Iboir 
})iarity ivml ^L^MutiiciictB, thi.' Ivoka of in^pira- 

Ar\A fin wa not owe tA th«in xtill mora than 
even thisj Wni^ not th« apottUs ni our 
I^iH and Saviour of th© J«viab rifttiOiiT Do 
y-n not ttwti to tUnm nnJ t(> thi- evanj^i^lb^tH. 
ttM ihci [K-ritniTi tjf tho Holy ^irit, thn hook* 
of Ihe Nff-w 1c«tftmoiit, cniitnimnii tho full 
and ontii't* convoy 4uc:n of tbi* gloiioa* tJatpel 
of th*- unit* of iknX, ruic] (bw cuniplotHP rt'vda- 
tfoti r>f HiK iTiind and will J Do wt? not t>w" 
to them, i»nd<.T tho iijTOUry (jf the J Inly Spirit, 
tl^O <»(<iblit]i]i]Mit luid propELj-utiijii of 
Cbn^tJArtll.y in Uw worM f HJid »kru wh nof* 
UitiD initobt^l tA them foi' i:iui' chiir(Oj(^> our 
pHviIcj{f:<, Aii<I our hojHiH of imujorf.ftbt.T t 

DiJt biivf f^biiHtijinH nrtwl U>w!iul* tl»» 
Jowi^b p«ip]p iindAr A grnii>fiil imprpiulon of 
th« bencfitji thtry hnv^ i^Co^ivm! f Hoir Wii'i 
it duH&g ninny of tbo n^t^ wWtch atv pant I 
Ccnli^iry nftcr centory I lie J«w? wore 
4>|iprn0«4l, pfvriertitA]^ nnil hnrn»ie<) hy c^vory 
form of fl-jcflction, outrago und burbai-ity. 
EuglADtJ, France, Qerm&ay, Italy, Spctin, 

PDttujpU, and many other counti-i^ havo 
bcQD tbi> iccnc of tbt^ir pr&tiTwti-n] ^infTorEDipi. 
Do wo not owo to ihimi, thim, ampl^^ I'^nnpfn- 
mtion fot< injuiiLHt lo pvnt if nnd how ctiii w^ 
attvmpt tbftt irt^mpenputi'in » Hlioi^iitly ur 
iivulliibly, jut by tnJwivoitririg to bnrij: Ihi'Ui 
Into Uie ^ikl nf tb« good ShtphpnI. WIm 
givt^th to Hi£ ahi^frp «t«ri3flJ lift. And Who ImM 
wiiii of III* flwk, ''Tln.iy fJuill ncivor jk-j-mL, 
nrftlit*!- Hhttll Huy onij plm-k tbem twit of My 

L«t mn plAce brf[>ro yon - 

Thirdly, Iho nhligfttion to Inhc-m for tho 
mnvTT-sion iif ibn Jctwh, nriMinif frcim our 
purmaricn oflh^ ffwiH trftu^h they tire cimtrfit^- 
ittg irij theW rejectttut tf Vkrx^^ We nri' Jili^v 
to tH« daimn of tho hKitben. Wcpity tbeii' 
igni.>nini*p, thoir muti'lu^dntw*. urd tlnMT 
guilt. i:^^*ri thor, «-Uirniji llio upoHtl->, nr« 
"Tiitbout I'Xco**, bwurini»tbiiy W(?tlyok Mifl 
diar^'pird Uie evidtfinv^of Jvhovjiirfi puwii'i 
nnd Godhnad, which an* v^nihlp on tbt> fnrr 
of natnm, and tbtiA wilfidiy rijoot tho ti^ht 
t.hi*y havfi. On thji» jjciuimd th<T apwtle 
iMii>rli\ that *'a;4 ninny iu Imvi^ MJtnrd with- 
out: Inw/' ilmt is, witbaut thtt ivrjtton Inw. 
*< fhall |Htmb n^ilhout |[kw;" hat-in^ utmit-d 
ii^nUiJ^t the law of thfir omi conscifiice, and 

rhriri>wn h™rl., nml bjiving I'allpn fttr^boit 
oven of tht^ir owndvfiv'tivo ctAiubii'd, STk^iiM 
rot. thc-iL, our i^ojiilJflmioii be pliit Tnort^ 
|rowi.-i fully moved by il LT^Jilvinplutioii of the 
fc'Firfu! rt-*|ifinfiibilUy "f llM^Jruipih ii?vtu*n ? 
Oh, tbiit Vii^.y W'Xild OatHuW, arid Iba^ i« 
ouiBulrw might cotifii^liir uiuro *loojdy and 
fveliii^ly tbiT )M.df;iuu uud bpiilL-blirrui^ wiodn 
of tibe vf'iJ^rnMe Simron, wh'-n laklr^ up 
the infant J««tnt \\\ faUarmn, bo »ait1, "Bo- 
bold tbiA cIliM ia wt for Uic fall and HninK 
A|£ain of irtany in THnid; and for a ai^i 
which chilli bo HpoliPti ngainrt; that th^ 
thoiTffhtA of many ticart* may bo roviadwL" 
'^ KvCTj Jew when Christ hlicic" aaya on 
iwrnt*^ wH*i-r. "hnd th^ n-ltermitivif pla4ml 
boforo biin, lo fnll by iinladief . or to x\m hv 
fnitb. And whcrcvtir Uluixt i^ preaohea, 
thu MJuv iveult follow?, aa to evi>ry irjtti- 
viibial. liet no one Huii[Mit«>, wbeth<<r J^w or 
GenUle.tbat beoan r«j*»ol ihoffoapol tbrdiigh 
infUwiity, or neglect il Ihftnifh nidtfTeroncc, 
aind iiiujuiii jriy-Apou^Ihlo. Iln thnt will not 
riiut IhTfmgh Tho a|)poiiit«d IIrtl«Tiiier, luii-it 
foil uadoi- His liontonoa aa a judgD," Nfl^vr 
ha* Ibi^i'fi boftii such a Uwt of the monU 
ht<ifr* of Ihit hi-ai't of limn, ch' ef Ihn rtjiiikt of 
(jh(idir<[i4v or ilinalwclicmiw to GihT, ju< thtf 
roMption or tho rojoction of tbv Lord Jairiu 


MruMTi^n of Otut^ Trluinplat rtmcr/iy the Jt^wn, 

Whnt Ajv^ 4>- to think (if Ltw luimil Htibte 
oT iho int&ilol umcrig otirM>1v0i(, who hibif 
never fitiuUe<l with <uhrofiil itlt«ntJon, witl^ 
■oriousnitH uf luiud, nn^l with h<rii««tj of 
purpmc, tli« oiiu-lw nf flnd 1 And Kvhat Tinut 
vd tiiinlc of thc^ moiiU »itnli> cf Any onA of 
tho JotntfJ) nfitioii* who ^icui nnv^r rruUiroJ on 
ilir iiludy <rf t.hc New ToMt^racutt Eirvrr cajto- 
fiillj ocuiiimnwl it with thr SrHptiirM of thi* 
Old TivtiiTO'^iit, Dvvcr enriiMtiy impJoi^ of 
the G<k1 (if Abraham, thL« U^ht And (^lidiincp 
of Hid prumiw*) Spiiiti. tc difl|xd frujii hit 
mind fill dftrktiAHK. i\j\*\ eri^vr-, nn(I pr^Jiulico, 
finil U\ Iwu) Lim into ult Lntth f Citr wv rv- 
pi-cju our foiLfH Lliiil tUJiny tA ihem nn- 
ncglmiltniC ;klL4j^ttiitr lliir iiiiwi** (if iiiKl.rut-- 
uioa mid efinvtt^ioo whioh Ool has plfti:*d 
vithiii tfa«ii- roach ; and thnt thoj- nro ^cxiiLd- 
iuff thar ditir> in wilful ijfnoi fiiic^ cii the 
chunu^t^r uiid dfkiiit^ of Chrutfjkiiity, juniiUt 
th^ hhiyti of liglit u'hich i» tbiown ni-ound 
tiie<m bvoiu' isvye IWt&mcntT onr runctuariv* 
KOd thp living' pjuvniple of thcnibanndN who 
reHecl in thi^[i' \{t\\y chhvxkfiv-r uml uiu^ful 
LivM th^ li^hl of till- ^i«p*>l of ChrUt. 

!■ it nrtt th* dict*Ll4i trf Chrintiun muroy ; i# 
it not thf imiJcrfttivo rftin*ii-<Mrj«iit "f Chria' 
tinn Imni'iTjh'Urt', that wn should findAiirmir 
with bloiidod kindrivm ntk<l futhfulfxa^ I13 
piit thoni into ptMAowioti of Ihci infiWA whicli 
(te do)ibr>nitaIv ofit«triiiiii iff \\w^\\- m^\Hn\M- 
HXKty and thoir piilt, and li> pU™ beforo 
th&ui moiit penuiLii^'Dly th« claims of ' tho 
tni<> Kvdc<.tUL^r of Inniel 'i 

FrtJinhly, Tlit^ obligjifbn nrixiitg cut of tht 
f^Mr^MUfV «/" (/«• j'frpty^s of Ood^ to britt^ thf- 
y«i<TMA jfVjiU iHfo M^ chti-nh of' Cftriti. 

1 itiu fully nwiiiH thiLl ill Ih not. \n prwlic- 
tjont of tho fiitnro, t.ha.t Wit nr» tiHUaiUy to 
jiDok n guide to duty or a dii^-t<iry t-f con 
duct^ Orcr xnnny ot thoiu t^iei*^ in iiitvti- 
binunlly thrown it veil of obifinrity, nne 
ob]«ot oF which may bo to jii-aTaat arij 
fl^^Ducy on tln> |Mirt of miui, with an rjiprw* 
dmf^ to impuio thck itcooinpIiAhijii>nrr. 
Disolofturvti, Itowevtti; of lh« ptirpoHv of God 
IDa.jr bo ^vmi with to niudi rlohmow, vid 
BOfty bft so obvioo*ty iril«rvfovi*ti with inti- 
SUhtionvof our duty, aa to h« vri^vntly d<]- 
Hgtiftd for onr pnti'tif^il ^tiiiniir4> iind v-ti- 
covTB-i^omQUt^ Sttch, if I luiAtaki* Dcit> am 
tho rDVolatiaiw which atvi fivoii ui? of tlit< 
futuiv hiAtory And dnntiuii^A of thi^ Jt^Hh.ntid 
^ftpwinJly of thi'it- (Vinvnrvion to thft 
Chriutinri fuith, Hnd tboir full portid^ifttiou 
of tho »pzritn;J privilcf^c^ which wo outx'lvcvi 
«)ujuj. Such o^pHLtv to mo to Uci Uin 

clmrurUfr of the ptrdiiilioiiH And amuhli 
^iTcn iM by iIm> HjioMtle PAiiHn hi* RpiitlAto 
fho ftoniAnft. In tliv I'-hnptAj- from which 
wit t^jt it tnkmi, b4 thuF writo*: ** I aaj 
Lhpn, hftVP thfly jtht* Jowi»h pKipln) Htum- 
bind thnt lh*y should (utlcily Atid finaUy) 
foil T God foa-bid ; but nUbor tbrou^ thdr 
FaLI ulvfitdoi) i> (vme unto Oxt Oentuc*, for 
li) pravi]k4» th«in tfi j^uloupy. Kuw Ef tha 
fiiU cf ihsni bo Ihv richttd of the wcrld, 
ntid thu dimimtdklni; of thorn tho Hobo* of 
Ibtf Gculilrv ; tiow iuikIj luon* th«<ir fitli»<«« I 
, , For \f r,hn rM^irig nWAy of thmn Im tbft 
r»iN>EK^]bng of thn wtarLdn what idiitl] tbo r«- 
i?oiviiijr of ilj^Tin I^Ot ^^^ lif<^ from tho doAd V " 
SLdI it iiov ^ivo A nciw aidmAtion and <b 
^lorioiut rovivAl to tlu> G«Dti^o Church t Tbo 
ApcMtlts aftonwd* umH*, thAt ^'bliodnou 
ia jiart id tiAppcnod to ImcJ, until tho fal' 
ncfw uf thu Geotiln be oomo in ; nud no all 
tttruol «hAl1 be «jiT«d A» r«n»<«tr]iing iho 
^uttpol. tbtj' Atw cqi«miM for your *Ak« ; but 
AH touohing th*- «]«ction, thoy Atv btJov«il for 
th« fHtlMra' AJtkvK Fur thi* ^IftA Aiid m\\- 
in^of Ood AFA without ropimtAnrw, For aa 
ro ill limM pAit hAvo not holiowd Ood, y«t 
tuiTC now ontAiupd oioicy throug'i tbeir lut' 
boliof; m'pn whAtn thiw* [il«o no* not bn- 
liovod, that thioucb your uuurry thcfj aUo 
mAj ohtAin mercy, 

NoWp without attf-mptiiifi to plun^ into 
tho ilrpthn of ihiii intorwliiig »uh;«4, h v 
jiD|>crtAnt lo DbH!rvo» thut iBomi> gT<ii< priun< 
ploi mid rKiiiio powTifuIly impfiMiug motivoB 
uru htire avjiruMTiiLod by tho A|ioHtli\ at tuivinf; 
H direi^ Murifiu mi tho ooTivf>i-HJnn rif tlio 
Jvw«, 1 Will endivnour Lo Ktiil« thoEn wttJi 
dovtriOv And (xiucih^ul'vi*- 

Thi* liiTli i>i, iliAt lliti full Aiid rejfrtioii of 
thft Jonibh pnoplft, in corispquoticA of Ihrtr 
mihtiliAf, itni iLoithor tdlulf to aa to ib vol to 
without 4Mv«ptiou thi>r\ntii-i] nation ;norjir4(j/, 
HI im to nxclndt tho piut|inct uf ihuir onu^ 
vorvion to Chrirt. 

3. Thoir rvjixition of tho Oovp^l, in th« first 
Afaof Chrirtionity.And their pcraocution ol 
itA pmpA^t^M-pi, WHS itvMTTdt<it friT \l* ttiorv 
rA[>id <>3ct^D«jon among tho Gc«MiI«is m> IbAl 
thi^ vrvjr^ guintra by llm kw of tho Jomk 

3. A mtifv vf tb« It^iii'GlA tbiui rrooivvd 
ubftnld nrgo nT*Titilfl lK*lii»v**i-w, on prmi'tpl™ of 
j^Aniiin^klh-uHVoloiLC^ ajxi] iiu^uoibutit ^fi^'^itudoT 
to ouilc/i^x-ur lo iiiiprkH, their mo^ va1u<xI 
|irivih*|iit9i Ut Uio JmUim fmiii nhidj tlicy nc^t: 
origin jilh- dorivrtJ- 

i. Such rtii iiltcmjkt^ in*t<Hid of being ri><ioa- 
An' And iKipoloKt, doa iho «ind^i>~>n of Lbo 
Divino will, thu uuuiutugBuitintuf Uio l>i*iiid 

The Brltlah Sodeti/a First CA<tff*inan« 


purpiwe, and the BoBar^DcD of ultimate tmo' 

£k, A^thdbtiitdntiuot' IkLiiuilhjLciu.'viir been 

tothl ill itfl oxtoiiti Au urjcd iiot tlofur uu- 
HtL^uj|il« ni llieir ixjiiYemou, OB if^ fur UiC 

parLiAl auooottt. In tLc ri<'iiver«iL)& of indi- 
vi<Iuft]jt,]iAviDglvrl>iviiieierAC(3bMYt ftlrcnrij, 
m numerauA ioAtauiTft^, airlift iuihI, 

6, Tha mrtvemon oftheJew^ nst nution, 
to the fnith of (.'hrietH ia to be otTccted^ lU mwn 
na the fulncsei of tbo Gontilu u brou^bt into 
ihoOUun^h- A»il htin* Uit nut c>lmrv». Uml 
wo Nhoulil ^luni Ekgniavt (Mag^'i'ntvd tvutictriK 
of tb<t oxtcnt or tUnt pnfiim ittji y liiEnuw 
vhichmi^t induce UA boplooait At t4ic> rumotf^ 

fK^H^y that ewti ilnniig iln* iiiillwrtniiiui itj^^U. 
U»#7ihWj»*Jl>"liitionof the wi^rl"! vili Untruly 
oonT«rt«J u* Ota! ? If tlut -LipiHftiT.kj. iio 

nnd timici' whfll dreumfctftucft*, couM uripw 
that ftwful outbrc^Uc of wiokodncM which will 
trtaoatd tlii; [ailleimiua^, Jut ii^cliHiHy r^ut fuHb 
in thf* LwfTitU't.h chTiptiTr of Iho Bijuk of f lii? 
lttfvi>liitionf li in Mioufzh, I cOncuiv«t ^'> ^^^P" 
|>o«e thnt tht' mnM of tiio prcplc* duriti^ tho 
uiiUBiuiiuiu, u'iL Iw tT«l ChiitftUna. If» tL«u, 
pvpn dnhnj^thninillAniiJittii. "ffiHfiilfitfvuofthv 
t!«iitilew" «-ill rot cotmi-l oidusivvlj of r^nl 
Chnebiunjf, tiivi<.^Ei l^^^a oiti vo Aiip^i!Hi %\\ni 

floch ifc'ill 1h* till* i-jijm iWun' [,I]f t:«»miN*ii»c"T' 

in»nt of t,hnl: hhftjiy ]u>i-ioiI. In th« siMinsoi, 
tboii, iritA^nd^ by tht^ itLh^atlo, will not ''the 
fulnoiw of tht Cuiitilu \<y \tv^\.\^\\i ifi," when 
ChHi*ti«nity r<hii!l hiivo ln^rn fully iul.rniliuiHl 
into v\'v-ty IiLnd, in iU piii-ily niid In ili pjWi^i^ 
and whcD, by tho amplo cH'tiivion cf tbo Holy 
tipillti Ujultitu J«i ahaX\ hiivo bctotue obodieJi.l 
to thufattli uf ChriKtT 

7. Jt iip(>o]irK tobt> X\\9 d««ign of GchI, thnt 
tiirougb ttie u^^ncy of ttio (tentilc ohvmOi, Hie 
aucieut pn7pl« ^liDuL] \m uoQveiUKf Uf CLrisU 
" As ye hiivo fibtAiDe<l meivy," Buya th(i 
ii|M»l1« ill our text, *' through their unbalief, 
OTCti Fio luhvo thet« iLot believed, ttiat thcoti^fb 
your in«rcy they ultu may ti^Uiin iiiisivy," 
Don rjot thJH plainly intimntr, timt liy th* 

CBt morcy of God your iastruajootaUty in to 
ruspEoyod, and tab« nrodcrcd au^caoful iQ 
tlw ooiivBrsLon uf Lha Jcwh ? V<wn y^w doiirn, 
tbafi, dtttr bnH.hren, or 4<y-mi coiioHve of » 
ffi«Mt«r enoounigoiui^t or u murv pou-orfuJ 
)iu:0Q^t4» to truterou th(^ IhtwurA mf Tiii>i bl««- 
?a4il and l>eriL^iiaiir> uinli-rUkirL;^ ? "Jiv y%' 
ukOroiful, ev^ri ni^ ynnr FctUii^i' in hoiv^n ih 
oioro-iftil.'* l^iiuk vbat uj^rty towfti'd^ CIki 
Mtfd of AUulutiu Hv luiut Iavu ill stot^ biuw 

lU hu phcol upon i-Mord promiaeA nicb •• 
v)n>w wlitcli *ir^ reftd in th^ jmijiheclw of 
Zephnn&h: ** I will ponr upon tho honio of 
Duvid artd iipori th(* inhftbitojit« of JoiiiAftiiiin 
thif ^^iiit of^^im^ uiid of butrpliuJLtioii ; and 
thtiy nhnll U>nk iipnrL Ma wliom thoy biVfi 

!»L#rc«Kir nnd fJtnll moUT^ ai orici qiouruoth for 
ds only uin, and oliaLl be to bittArnaifif od oqu 
that l-« ill ljitt«r]it»n for \xu> iJmt-Uuni, In 
thjtt djiy thurr utmll \n* i\ fuuntiiin o]x<n«<l to 
tha hoiuo of DikV] J, Aud to tLu Lnhubttonli oC 
JeTLualcm, for sin «nd for uacloannoiB. Thuy 
Sh^iall tbil un My JiHiUH and 1 willhtvir thfTiD* 
1 will liny, HSuMy jw^ilj?, unci thtA^ihuUwiy, 
Tho l^rd iH ii»y Uoil," L«t Ume glorifUH 
cifl'iiMioD ■>f ih'i Holy S|jinf tJ>k« plauv, aiif) 
liov; trl^hV-ttiHpinii^ njUHl^ W \.\\t* Nv-ulr^i T Aad 
who cnn ct-iimntPthc oilioiaat im^ti'uniAntftlity 
'li thi' it>j\Mti\Gi\ Jow9» ia t.[»ojr tvirn, jii pro- 
mutiny vfii\, vitnl, #piiit(iaE rrhjfittii nuictrig 
thn rii^ntik'j" lbHU»[«*lvi». ! " Wl^nt ihnll th« 
ciQToct bL\'' ulcs ^hv iipu«U«, " but lifu from 


Such, ELS it appwim to me, nj* kjiu? of Uje 
mwt NikdtD^ ui]d «i<-rtil nhlig^btimui lunler 
uhif'h ir l>«c^iui>a tht? iu;pi^iutivi> dtrty <'\ aII 
Chrintiunbi and ail ChrixtLm <J'hiiK'hvt<i to 
pi'uy tfru'i)»itly, nnd to laliuur dUi^ully, ftjr 
the rrf>in"i»rHifjr rJ tha Jawa. 

An* th«y not cLr iui|>ortJLi^t nnd iiktM'Aiting 
pai't of tbu bumnn fnuiily. u.\ «i«ry divuiion 
I if whiHi the R«iiT««merH iM>m minion 
^xtenjf a 1 

Do wn not owo tbam a hoji'n' fiJid iiiipaii 
di^bls fi>i" tbo bon«fit# wlii^li wi? iiftvi? roocivoii 
frnm thtdi natron 7 

Ouffbt not our compa.*^ion X^ b» deeply 
moved by tho pornuoiiiixi which wo feci of the 
jfuill tht^y ar«3 iyjutiojjting by thoir rtfjevlUai 
of ChriKt f 

And hiw nut C^hI Uiinniif «ainD:o]i4Hl abd 
DllCotirrk^('i.l iiD tu jLim ut tbtir oonv4>nsiuii, by 
thi? purpuBMt whitib He Linn diadluHtsl. liud b/ 
tZi0 pn>miiw4 I'H-onlnl in HU Wnrd X 

Ajid nuw^ IkiJoi;^ brathi^n, ought nob nil 
th<v» ooiiHidfirHtioni* to U>\\ witti t<n«binod 
Add reKiMtlww fiuift, on our ncjjkH^ioukit(«<> of 
ndpftble n*>gWl ! TJiiT** may, pmbfthly, 1» 
\mi vpry fiff of ij*; porhap* thcia may not 
bo any, wbo» onfodtinining thcDnaolvu by tho 
prinniplfH wind] I liitve now luld down, arii) 
mpportijil by tho Word of God, eiin Iny thvir 
hiuid upun thi-'ir hvnrt. undimyf ^' Vt^riiy, / 
am not jjviiJty QOiiccriUHg my brotln*r." 
Ought w<* ]ii"(. tJj humble oiiT^ndveH ln^hnw 
God, uiiiL with grief and kclf'«bH*»-iuHiiT, tn 
uijknowl<KiL'v our cid[vtblo omi^ion and 
uogltHit uf iu(;tuubvub luid iin|wiuLivt> dutiM, 


M^morifM of Qca^pd TrlnmpJu rtmcnjf ths /«uw. 

tOWAiVU onr 1)r«t1iT«b of the hoiiM of f«net V 
L«t, thon, tlio fmlnrul forucioujurion of pnxl 
n^giuvuce ur^ r« now u> jironipti to iLboml, 
to H|(i:«ni]ii| HHii in pntyt^rfiil Aiirliorisi, u> 
pn^tDOto an objfKct no momftDloujt lii lUi^lf, to 
occordAnt with the utll of (Ic4« unil ju> (vibik 
1jLto<l to hriikg rviiof to our owu f<i]f-u|jl:iiiiiil' 

If wu v<>r« ooDMricu' of owinj; n d«bt 
idiioh hrkil Imk-d bn^ "■ipuid and ^r^n unno- 
kitoivledgnJ, iruuU rit'l tlic ihuughl of iu 
unMAJttri^ HO^timLilHT ifitk preu licuvfly nnd 
•evenly ui>on oitr mintiK j What thpD 
t^oulU u« Ibo vrorldupi '?f t1i<; Iji-nrt uic! tb« 
ilu<ab<a uf tli4 ix'UK'kiii.v tu tvf^Hnl lo tba 
JftWft t Ifp^^UTJiiifycAiitrihiitwiMfTi fliiiipoit 
of EniftooaAritw Co t\n*<m liixvtj iKinu iliio from 
IU, Qvor ftineo wn hjivn IulcI tbe n^|K>[iMlMlitifH 
aHuh^ nut of jnupiTfE'/ or JiiroDJ<^ h^ it iint 
our inoumlioDt duty to ip^tiiro into tho oxtout 
of our obligation, t^nd Ut nrt under tho ean- 
Tictioik thiit wo ftre ilecplj in ftri'ftvm f 
Bh<Kild nul, thih llmii-^lit tWI wilL piiwf^Triil 
offtut Oil tlkL< oo»«^u>i)c«* und on thi> ootitribu- 
tiona cf ttu> i^fflt;tiit ; and f<hoiiM it not 
ouci«tntm tli(?ui tv pour inU> tlio tiva»urj i^f 
ttifi SiK'ii-ty fur wlii['N I iictw jkl»4u1. i>|TfnTijiEM 
whii-ti liwLr rionjA pro[>rirLKiri t^j llitf i>«timHt^ 
of |«Bt 4n4 UaioilW i:iiuiAt(tonF4 ? 

1 fvjuiiv tJuit t.Iit^ bfif^is of rill ^tlicIi^iLt 
co-op«>rAl ion in thin ^;ood work lifth ^ihim 
rcoiHLtly luiil in n unioit of Chrir^tiitnu mtd i^f 
Ohri^tJiin uiiiu»t«EV, Ijruily Atbachtxl to tlio 
^rMM'l oMiittiulh of (Mir ttta^l My fiklth. 

Fr«lin^ thjit wo are ono in our glorioiau 
and e;calt^ii Saviour, lot im take ja>Wo And 
doUght in ihe thought, that m the one Ample 
foM of iLe uiii* {;nmt rtiitl f^uod Shp|!}it-ii1. 
''thero iM D^itlivr Lti'VcLk hot J«w, ovnmm- 
ciiiJun nor uncircuinciMiou, bond nor frrv, bvit 
Obn&t IB all 0.11*1 iu nil," And ituvr. t(-< tlio 
Vivi^l siitil gtiiHmm njiiiifi of llirii wbch bnml 
UB and guv" Elimu'If fcir iii4 ; to th« Fallicr of 
mcrt'io^ tlitT Uir«^L- ti the utifponkahitt i^itt ^ 
and lo UiO Holy Spirit, tlifi Sjim'till<jv liO 
oqitfll lionoiirnnd jflory nniJ pow^r, now and 

tor oviar. Amoii, 

The First Secretaries. 


EI*niV.<*r H»-iidiJrtCin was Imrn in the 
f-tty of nu(ifMnnlini>, in Fifi«bir«, tm 
Xov«n»bffr l^th, 1TK4, He wiis brought 
Dp in a j£0'Jly botno, and wtM oai^Iy lod to 
fivo bimiolf to tbo Saviour Acd His CAii^- 
Ycnith in t3jo sn.'wn whiTO the win 1 tnkR^on 

tb« ftntjut hcuvonlj tijQt«, 4£hI ioomii to 
iio-l bi*-l- Tlifa «M ppe-«nineutly tUo 
with yuun^ I[^(ler«ocu ao Itw aeqoel 


Iu KdiubtirffK b^ labonkvil diligf^utly 
(>cnii<^ion witb llao rbnrrli tiM<ii^t t 
l«#tornl fillip of tliv Her. Johb Ai 
nnd 03 oOUapnt voro bU fvoujotul 
d*ii>rEi<*iJ, Ihnt bo Bvc rvcoramondcd to I 
nolit^p cf Jlowrs, Ilaldooo, iindrT vt 
aujv]ni:iB be wna provkln! with tho ooUe 
titillon lliftt wju ntqaiHt^ to proTnoto I 
uvopf exUniftiTO oBufulnoa. ^Vlnlu (>ur>iui 
hi8 MkidiM U*s brcuno Oicquttintc^fl n-itli 
I^ltlT<twn, Alio WBJi to be lils muipiiiit 
tbrough many ytmn of ChrintLnn mtvI 
and biji friend l]irOu|£hont Ihii miinu af 
lomiT life. 

tn Au^iiht, 1A0I>. tli^ two Hi^rr ordai 
lo miiuiiinitnr non-ico in India, ■n4 
o«><lcd on tbior rcnt^t WJ CVupi^ 
wn* only in I)ai;bb or otbcr ftin*[|:n 
Ihnt Kngliib miwinnitHm cuiild at ibal ti 
obtiiin H |iiiwiL-i> to ib« Britinh pOMaKioti* 
lliu l^M. Tb'-!r ]Dl4<iiUoii of pi oa w/aU i 
ilwir v./y*(pMi> Amu wiH%bowevpri fruxtrat 
ii(i>- liii»lt7Liji^>l¥'ln^ rii1a>r|H>h|Hl nU^^r hitiiT.I 
to detain them in Xoi't^jam Eiirojio. ir 
willing lo Uit« tlmr u mo, nnd Lp;tii-i>ti 
wlion tbty Miw a Ko-cnlM (litUtimL ti 
wholly givt?ti lo all ntannor cf Jtpiriti 
idolatry, t boy pat forth active «iJTort* in ai 
vulating tmctd aminn^'xt tho ]]nnH, a:* 
AA in piYiuhin^f to Ibn Kii^ltib 4t Co|jciiha 
unci KUinotv. Tho grvitl de«Utntian 
Sonpturv WM tbo next tbiiig ilmt a 
thf^ir att<Tnlioci. On Una stibjt?ct tb^ «n 
iiLt4> vormiiKiEidfrout* witli Uj« tiriii^i h 
Forftipj Ttihlt* J^iiHy, Tlw Jm.titntJon *v 
tbon compiraL:valy i^i itii iiLfAncy, but « 
altmdj' in n poAitioti Ui n«|ri.ind to tb< 
]ip|Rfil, Miul di)i|HMtHl to nnvpt »L% iU a^ 
tho m(*n wboni Providonoo bod tbun 
forlb to propapD tbo way. 

'Itp Wifcra in which Ddunnrk bcmmo I 
voK'ihI with Kiigliiiicl tin tim uiit< band, a 
8wdc«ji ijti tht* iithi^rt Eiftvn rotiiTdHt Ihe 
tfn>«i^ fLtid iitip<H|i>d tb<^ plniiAof the lilviuiT 
but) vr^tb an i>Epja| ntJiOiint of (inj(]i^€« an^ 
nf Jinal. thiy Hncvn^lnl [n tLLrnitig tn<ag 
appnrput hindranoas into ovontitnl ftiHh« 
An4?oA of tboir work. Dr. HondorME 
waitiniftinie at Gottcnbcri;, it<->, wiu u 
Wl^ iiiii.fmiii^h iL*( it fliitahU^I hini to porffl 
biK noqiuiintanco witb tho Siuinii:)Avi< 
Langooiew, to pumiic liU-itudy of tbo uHxtiMi 
bolt, UEid to tuperiutriid tlir? prvcA^worli f 

VAiioMA «d1iionRof ihfi HiM&. 

Tfa British SocifitifS Firat T^ro Sitcret^rit*. 


111 ihv ytvir 18M h& proo<iixli>d tn Ic«La)k<), 

tiuvdlickif hvtn cU»t]-icL to diittrict with tLo 
Word of life, itnrl wrfloomi^fi, Xo iiito bU own 
■word*, " BA itn miffi^l frcim heavini." He then 
vinitod iHAoy of t}i<> tliief loitai m l>cnmArk. 
w«ti[k|[ on till? ^It^tiiUiritH Ixjifi uf inliti -tUkL« 
ttnil nf thH ffiiirt^li, vtitli n vIl^w tn') fli«> 
foi-malion of HibLo AuJtilianve, ia vrhioh 

Ciar, ictumcd homo to rt«ok a uc^v com- 
tnission, indiifi^rrtit whithor it wa/- iti the 
Biltli? OL' thi^ miiidiaiijuj Acrvift, am] vhiidhtr 
it wfra Xtt the i^ldt of j^iberr;!. i>r smong th« 
pnf*udua of Chitut, n} long da hia MosMr'* 
It^nom- cvLiUI tp? fiTiliMiKt'd l<y him. Thia 

WHH ill the JVH.1' lt^2S. Hllll tilltf vwt\ vi ft 

Anortwirir tn hi- llogtiA^ j>Iaoa. to cmln Th* 


KfT. KHXKK^IL UHJlMllHllV^ I>^I>- 


fttt^tnpt he in«t wltU itltimnto ^iicoewi. 
Hufliia wnji tho tioxl hujd wIiicIl (»Rk7ii[jin1 
him in ''biblicaJ rw-mrchw. " That mighty 
ompro b6 tmrorwd, |Ki.-*"iTn* from Fotom 
burg and Mmcow. ur-wcurl thmugh the 
Crimeuu luid tVuicjuiiiui t^rriiurioa, Ut 
A^Unohuri nnd TlUih. 

Aft«r lii» ruturn to >^t> lVteivhiii*ff, tbo 
impeniLl Favouj' baviiii; Ikk'Ti nitiulrawu from 
tJi» 8owetjf, Dr H-, ^ndiiig tlirit thi-n- wuh 
no work for biai to do in th« city of the 

spcody AppoiDttnont to that pMt, nnd hu 
hiibnoqucEui ivuhiviiI witli tlie^HtiiiltintK in t-1in 
Mwiun CViUegu thnti tvttnhlLilitsd at Jfoxton. 
I n 1 t43ll ho woA lEivibod to occupy a jdmibxv 
an J ypb wider a|>hi?r©, in icfurcixm Ut 
tit(id«uU fi>i- Lbu iciiiiifiLry iit huinit. Of 
Highbury CoH«g<i h« whh tUBolugicul tutor 
for nioeteen yvan. Thd tebtimonLfta ot^ 
iFwpect aud Bffertioci, ravior9iic« Mid jjiati- 
^iidi>, (^nlerlAJnxd i.<rwiM^I>^ him bjr Ltia many 
who thus puBwl 6«q»aUi hw mfluoDWi Ahoir 


Mem&i'i*4i of Gc»p$l Triumphs avu>ng the Jeim. 

thftl iim lirmnw** wu Attomprrrnl with kinil- 
iktws III* lew Ihnn liin chumctvcUtit^ iftmUi^ 
DMfi HhH iii.vjj(]jpn[iEeil bv nn Tinn>mprvmiAiiig 
jwldeTOTiPfl tiF truth, rwtaudo, and tidoUly, 

iiifl Sal^lwitli? in tJn^ mtanwliile wore well 
fHli^d WLiL jin-Hchitig uri^]Lj{c<QjHuL#. of Inn 
thnw ill tiko iIav IHh li-iKitn^ ttmi:* in lli<» 
wwk ht' cl«vot*d to liiithtuxhip ; utid iw his 
**icotand" and h»>i *' Bw*(iricli«* in EloflMn " 
had \ntTae wilnruA uf hifi ** jonrnHvjn^ 
oftwi," flo hia " IjHTtnrM an Irtj>ir:»T-it>n," hi» 
")M*iim of tho CJrtmt Myi.t*ry of Uofili- 
noft^" und ti-i rftrici;^ Ctimiu'^nlini** on tliu 
Pi-^>t/}i«*, rttiiiiiii [L* n Diirnuiriiil of hiji 
Ihfiolnoiftit nnd oriticul liibounL 

Dr, HtnderBi^D ir^ndciw! mriiJuablo norvioo 
to the BritUli Stmbty fixmt iU hcgiiuiLna iu 
\M2. Tl Wh« h(* w)m arrftnged lh<» first 
conrm nf l»otnn>»"lo vrhi'sh hv himsolf •o 
nbly oo&trLUited, and which in^Dt «o far iv 
(oin ovur bhu iDt^UieuLiL bytutMlhy of thv 
ChrisitUn rnrnTnuniTj. It wah he who ^r^ 
piu<vd tho first ropcrtu And App^^U tvhich 
wt^ro priEiUd at tlio i-^giifvib of thu Ci>umjitt«ff 
* vribb IV vicjw to awukiTn thrci»Khriut tlie 
CtiiiTtrhw a ffiH^fH-c int^rwt in the fitTfitim' 
itAiU"*^ bnd claLu^d of the •ieKendanU of 
Ahralt^tm*' To his ppn tta jxt iixdchtcd n\ao 

foi' "BuiipLunil Ht'l-viium" fmm Uie Old 
1^wrd4rn«ttl^ hIJ jvinting to thu Mu^nh, 
which ViVT4f piibLinhtcl ill iiobrcw, Ui-rmikn, 
Dntolj, JLikd Eugtiah) utid ^hitrli tkuvt hueu 
a meiLiih of ^nnl bluming Lo TnHTiy J«wi*ih 

The t^tlot^b ol hin dcvottoo to tho otiiHt* of 
Jewish «vjL<i^eli ATI Lion wt HifULiiuiy Bocf^bHry 
tif the British RociniHy cAnnnt hf* mnnaiimd. 

Fr-)!!! the hoiLT of hi* tumndor to Chrint, 
whyn II Itkd, hia iifo hod been ^pQat in many 
wnyn for tli« g<jod of uthvrsi- 

Wlnjri wu n-view hm wjrk il« hq n^^int of 
the Bihie 8<Kri«ty, av !^ tiiblioeil ooiomuntator, 
AS an ov»n;;«licJit piMlor and prtMcher. lui a 
friend of thif lUTi^tuu» Tnut ^uuit^y. nnJ ha 
Hononiry Secrflt*ry of thw llrittfch 8<wii*ty 
for the J«w.>if from IS-1 ij until lit^ H>LO«nd^ to 
the upper rtrknctnAry Tory oivrly on tlw* 
Sabhath moniiGg of Mjiy Ifith, ]A5fl, wn fwl 
foriHtminud t4J dtdaim ; As '* a biirninf^iind 
tL ifitiiLtng li^bt," ho w(M the iniitrumt^nt of 
Divine hriji^lil'Titw and b]i» to many tiouK 

IIuw did he dioT '^Mora Lliuu ii vasii- 
qiiiiror F4htfvig}i Hini thjtt Invikl him." Onn 
star of Ood's Wonl li^;litt>il \i\t tlu* viilloy 
with ihc biilliuncy nf 4 mm. In Apu* of 
the UilHctilby of f^ptHM^Ii^ thtuui^h the enfeeble- 
nanL of piiruly^fi^ hi3 wiu able to make bia 
d«ftr oau undoratond tb« eourcQ of hia 

prac0 And ioy< He said A^in aiicl Afain: 
*^Ootl iH th« Htrength ol ray btttrt and my 
poEtion tat wvr" 

Ur, Hcnutunion'i loctura on "Tbo Cott- 
^-c^nio^ of the Jnwi," which we lY^pvoduco^ 
wui Forth blm niipinmcT iibjact of the 
Kritish hnicivty^ and oLight to ba rtftd ami 
KtuJiod by eVL^ty Christian. 

4 Ue^Cm ST rri« hrv, js. HumtatMi, D^Ch, or 

•luf ^fitr Mai f «u la^rMbi^ / »vir m^va aiy 

^r(^>vH / {lid Wr lArf ff^rwA ^ «|r jnidt. /t 

fur hifcfl / a/vLifrip d^iiuf Jl«4, / dt-^mHtlf 
fr*itimf*r &ifli tf4/f fXtrr/oft nijr ^ftMit aw 
trmifii^l fif Affn / idlJ/ wnrdf kam murrf ^pn 
Aim, juiU tA4 l^fiL" 

In wUati?in»r ligbl ms view Iho Jcwtah 
people: — whi«ther wf* r^jnnl the pacTuli&r 
ivLat&on in which lh»y Htood to Jahovali ; 
whoth&r wo contot]ii>]at<t bhoir ooanoclflon 
with ibe iiiLrvduciiuii of the OhritflWa 
nmnomy ; or, whHth«>r wt» lukt* lrti'» rtwi- 
0iil«rat]on tboir euhM^^uvnt bintory and thoir 
fiitnni flMtUiyi wf> cnniiot fjLiI to b& p«(i^ 
LrAtodvithf««»lininiof inlt-niv inUrtiittoQ tbnir 
behalf. ppnrttitorin* of the niHt fttioiflnt 
birttorical and rflUiCioa^ i^sM-nU; oaewflrt'iUoi's 
of holy> ^Joi and jiuib ffiwi. nnd ol ptopiM* 
dw which. Uifiugh Irouii'tidoufi iutnAityaf 
thmr b<«uring< iifuii 11i<.'iTi40lvm, an* bi^ wifh 
the mwft brilhant hupvv for thi> human 
Ta Hilly ; witiivAves of tbo unity* hoUiiesrv 
jiihUi>% tii^ny. an*! otlii^r 8ijhhmv alUibotes 
nf Lhn Diilty ; ohJootJi of onnliniK^nt Bup9^ 
natiii'Al intcrpoaitioit ; obwrviTA of an apprv- 
pria^ typicAl ccrfomoniid ; nnd« ejtAinpltfvt <if 
mj^al Divinit witribiiiu-n — tij«y sstmA forth 
ooii*pi(*aoiiitly to view m the very wntro of 
ibf5 wurld a pbiktiH. the li^ht of which vraa 
rQie(.-tod uQ the gloom ^rf eurixjunding p^J' 
tliaitiin. 4U{K<niUtio]], And idulatry. Whita 
Uk* fidiit li)j:hi of nabiii^ ami thd |;Iifuinor- 
injE^ of trndiiioa only t«X)(^«d to r4.'nd<*r tbe 
i]ai'kno»iij wLioh tho Pa/ruj [mtioua ari^ «ii- 
viilopuii mon^ juil|jjibl«, thft ir^hrftw>4 nnji^wt 
the glorious miuiifc^ttLtiocu ol Goi a^ tboir 
Hun and tihicld -iilI'LirvLLnif thoin all ikflodful 
jnnlruutioii. and lujun-diii^ to Umu hia omm- 
[HibHTit pinln^bion uml bliming. Wo Ktildj 

Uittir Iftwa^ ukd w« r«oogiiuo in Uum tba 

The SritUk Socut^^t FiTti Two S^cr6tari<». 




irnud ontlinc* of moml oblif^iou. luii] tlio 
wivly'Aclnplol fon^thiulijkwirig^ of ht*ttif<r 
thin^ U> tfcme. Wo ctiuil th«- Piialiiuof 
tfic tnri?«l ningor oF Ifli'mO, uiid our heiiLria 
ihril] wiili 4*j!(|iiL>iit>tf tU-li^liL Wv- (lerfiw* ibtf 

|ii43Liri -iiL^i-ai^^-ir. nt\i\ iat^om^ fHiA>i^iH^»<t of h 
liv>dv <-f Irko HOiiuiiivI ptnc?lini,l wi»<Iom. Wr* 
thii iii^ojiIluU, ami fuliihJ'iT Lli<r Diviti« 
tioiu^ which f^rifLoiinci**! thmtifrh thoi^n 
o]y men tho Icittunet of i^tntoit nnd oropirei", 
ftj£« brfoi« ttiFV cam^ iuto cxiBt'tncr. nnd 
«v|4S'iiLUy till? bli^-M^i jiiivtiiL. llie tiivdiuUTiiU 
«-rirlc. hTiil iht> K|tMU(iULl kingdouk ut tliif gri^ut 

flur if»t*Mtfl, Abmhftro, Ui* proffftullor of 
i\iw mr-Vf, vro-f (uiiMiitulCfl ihp ialtMv of tho 
fiutliful fiiim amnng all iiriliirnh^ by tliii 
jirtiiniNi of Him iii whinn hn liplicrvfid ; ** it 
lit wriltt^n : " 1 \Mvt» timdo (hM a fttth«r of 
tiitkny nalionp," (U*n. i*ii, 5 : Itoro, iv, 17.) 
Ji»nA of Niu:an:«Lb, our Divius Lord oud 
Htivioiir, i\w Aiitli'jr hi>i1 Kiiiiik1ii«r of our 
futh> L>ri whoKA ntiXy tnenlx uiid mvdiatiou 
mi liiipnid li*i' oU-i-Tuil lifoi nne Bfr lo biB 

h*» iu^]«lwl ](» pnt|m^^1^ H(fc Gospel, were 
«]J JvwKh Tlifi atamb«i« of ih<? (^hurclurt 
of Judm. wliich were in Cliiiat, wvi^ mndtf 
aJmit '. iTiduMVidy of tli^ tiAiim |iiHj|ilf, 
Ihott mn J» littU doiil>l ihftt, at. fimt, 
II ^prcKkt pix-^ix hrtL<»li of thosD originnlly for- 
nui:i£ tht chuivhc-a in other ccuutiita wore 

To till* f*ri Ui»tChn)^ti&nity wnforiginnlly 
foDiiJrtJ. |H"Ott»LML*(|. und propiif^ntcd by Jewf, 

WifUc'itniUy ilintifrti- Yt^l it ih Ivycmd nil 
<h>uri-iu1irtton- A mimhov of i>r«diMi> Jpunnh 
witriOHKv^ mt^ of >Titi>^ityjLiii1 diMinteronUvl- 
iiw, rfLiniT fcirvTonl m JciimiIvul. th*> uioti'O' 
poUft <if LhiT natici), nnd htililly rhnlli^ngnl 
their oont4TmpornriiH, \v)uj woix> privy ttj tTn» 
tmnABC^ntfi to ii [k-niiLl uf ti^oir nvormnrjtA 
n»p«Tlitig the birtli,Ufp,*Wtb, iiiidnss-iirnM- 
ticrn nf Jmuh. Tlitir olMlli<tif<i.i wim nnt 
BOi««iptf>d. On tb« ooiirrnry, nu luknowMij- 
mtTDl wjiJ4 mnde hy Llto rUtjJiti^Jriti. that tho 
uilnK'lvJi urifLi>;ht hy tbij iijioBlles. iti \ifoot uf 
UiHp diririfl mmniiBJmi, oftiild not yh**Tilb*d 
tu t^ucstton. And wliut ws^ tLu> eoitKtHjmjuvi.*? 
Xot i^iily did many myrjhkilh iruoui ^I'^xuCh' 
Aoi* ill. 20) of tbii Ji^WBi Nilicvo, Init .i 
|[reiit tniiltitudo ovdd of tlic^ priwU btMnioe 
ob«lient to tho fmtb. From Judtia tho 
H'-biuw i.*on™rt*raniftl tbeGinpel ijjtuotber 

UiuK by the inliEibitanU oT which it wui 

iiiiTir:i(?t?ii ; UDd it h\v* miuft down to iih« 
i>ra«»iti»g th« most iacoiit«Mt)bli< proofs o£ 
ita Jowi^h oriffin, in tho tdiomaUc dtrurturo 
itt iu lHii^>iHj^«r nud ill tliT* [wculLircikAt of 

Itfi doin.riiLM nni iriHtifiri^niia If vef flf9 
C.hniidAaiiT wo b«To unqnt^snouaMy b^xninip 
Aiiclii in-'-tnunontAllyt ihKtiijch iho ti^st inioidti* 
hiid miKHUuipi of JcwN tiiAttiJ»uni(Q uiiid 
rrnMitiingK^ in whi^h no ilaw, »itti(ir in paint 
of jnUfHty or of logic, hui over boon 


Atid. tht>u|;b llici ^vail body of the. npi^iun 
hHVi* tfr ilMKdjiyn>Ji*<"i<'d Him. in whom nueh 
BiiMtLtiidt* uf th(>ir tir«thr0fi formerly 
U-li«vt>J, oud ill vrht>m tb«y bftve tAn^dit uh 
to llelifix^ oji Llik' mdy Mi^>^in}i ; nnd luivit^ in 
C'>i]stu|UpnMi, horn <»icpntrial«d, nnd Auhjwt«d 
to tho mowt ftwful cfklamitinA ; tboy \iavo, 
nnrcTtholrv*, served, by their jirrArivntiun of 
tbfiir iftcntl biH>k», Lnd by tlurir vory 
otpfiritnii^o of thr tni«moi» whioli wr dvplon, 
to throw aTUunit tbit onufit of Chrifitiamty 4 
wilH of dpfr:]i;e wbioli ihiy boldwb atlrfK-'lut of 
liitTilt'Jity \uKVt- imi'fi" InH'ix »h\t' lo over- 

WIm3, Ihat u* convflrMitit with tlie hiBtoiy 
of tlift huiiijiij itiix^ bull fiiuHt Iiti struck with 
jwloriishm*^nr- n.^ tbn pprfpfrly ahfipinloiw 
uonditioQ of th« jAwUh pi^li>H Wbik* fh« 
vi-li>l>ntt*d nation:^ of anticimty — Um 
Awyrinn*. tho BjibyloninEiK, PiTi>iHn«, 
tbp Romnn.*, fho Onrlhpij^iniiins tb^ Rgyp- 
liiuis, tho Goth*, iitid othoi%, hrivo nil in 
thpu- turn disiipppartd from ihu tbpatr<i of 
the world, tbu JvwB F^titl roiufliiL nn disTtnrt 
ux ever ; H [wci|]b> ilwellJng b\oiiv nnioiig tho 
QHtK)ii«. tor novHy oi^hlwii otnturiw th^y 
hiive be«TL ill n t^lnlft cf -rAilT* frtim tht^r 
<i:nin[Hvy, nnd diii[>vr>e.l <;vpr (h*» fnw tif the 
oHi-lh —>ut a ItJng, wiilmut a rptitrft] 
K[ovnriim«nt, witliotit tomtj:^ri;U poMio«4Mioii# ; 
itiidt whiit is Qjoj'e, without ti>Dtplo. witlioiiti 
pmphMt., wiT.bfiot priwt, without nltjir, 
wiiboiit »iiimticr-; the objcctv of uuivorail 
oxocrutiozi nnd ftCOJ-n ; afflictud, oppit«9Cd, 
robl»d» trji'LurL-d, mjd nHbjwtrd to every 
npi-oiw r>f cniolty wbiofi tin* tiendinQ 
dvprnvjty of tnan voiitd »LV«iit, Liook ut 
Jridiyi otf/f.*t. Kibold Jior f^till vittini; uudor 
lihe pJihu'lms vviib irnv bnnd >bii-kly rtiL;liii' 
ing *fvpr hor kiioc, whilo with tbft nt.lipf Mha 
flfippOT'tJi her drooping hood, und t^vitn lit^p 
wrcjiup pye.-v — the very luuijfO of irnon,v>]ahb* 
grief. Listen t^j hirr pluiLt : *' Ih tt iiotliing 
toyoii,Al9 yc thut jiOiH hy t Ituboidt nnd 
fane if tbo<ro bu any lorrovv liko uuto my 
Borrow, which U dono unto mc, wborowith 



Mcnwriee ^ Go9pd IViumpha amon^ the Jetce. 

Ujts Lord luilli ikfllu^tiNl wo in tb« dnj uf liu 

Ami »n? Ill(.> Jfw- njAiLjrn tf> rrainin in 

Ih JutJuL'a \mi-\r iiti^vriu Ih.^ Inh^^u Jvwti fioui 
t^n vf^lLowii t Is it rit>v4»i- in'^rp rn lv» t.iin>>i1 tJt 

1* no moliomtion to Uiko pW-c in tlii-ij^ iijrjai- 
tionf Ik tW p<-[ial M^ur.riKif eh-vit Ui Iki 
rovanwH tv the* inELlwliL^ion nf limvi^ii 
nwot- to bft I'oiiovwl f Aru Ihvv todrA); oni 
Ihdr proBfTot ucflcttlpd ntid uubnfpr raUt- 
«iLCtf ull Oia villi uf liJtuD? Are tLitrn? ti» 
b1i?teingv in vtore ityr tlievr] ? U thn^> no 
jiofHiQDJioimiij^ th^m.tbjit. tIjiEi Lonl n-tlL lio 
tbvuL goud At t\mv Utt«r i*Hi]? Hiktli lie 
oi** tliem €ir for cvht t TJk«*% hi) iii-^tT-jjiwi^ 
Atv mmttoiiH vbich muHt Unich tlw lAiid^nreiht 
oborUft of ovory iluUluui lioart, und whiclj 
Cbrifilmn sympathy and Jovv mant eiutiivitl> 
(1i«4T-n to* niuwt^rftl iu fnvoqi-cif ihat 
nnciotit, nnr) mict' pHs-ilc^t^^ but row nijiik 
And HiifioriTtK jitcpliN I'bi^ iLOSWrT, ho^vavnr> 
lauf<t dT^jn-iid ii|Jon tho i-r»jJ_v to lie ^ivrii to 
btLolhiT (jiifwliim. rf> , 1'|hjii wh^r (^itiditiiii 
ii a i?liiiiJgA ill tUvir riKunit-.Uniw* to im 
ovpwtul ' N<>w, t,li*> only rfl|iK' *'liidi tli(* 
Scripttiitv* i^arntJC iin I'j uiiik» i" lliin . ch^ir 
cortnrrkm m f/^.r/ WhilR tlipy nuitinn** in 
Hn urioonv*rU'<l Ktut**. i\wy mii^l ih«vii«I>K' 
iviikttin uiMrr tlio fHJwn (if tlji* AluutrlUy, 
While fih^y wnik ixiiiU-Hry Ui iTim, llri will, 
luvoHing In IIU Hiialtrrnblp doi-lnntion, 
vftlk oonlinry to Ihoin. Acid tbu trin^ mo 
to til" eiilij^ct of tlie jirpftont Icpturc :— THK 

nwvKRHioN or Till: Jkwis in dj^vunHLug whidt 


SearruU^ — T mhiu. «t^te tiik ohixinum 


griTATiosa nrtvWTrn vrrii i-ra ocnmnKNrs: 
L ifi tha Unit pliiN, I Jim Ui Kxpl-^tv 

WHAT Vn liKDKnrfTAND llV Till: rnHVKilMLiS 
iff TJIK Jl-.Wll- 

'r'Jiiit llii* [>liriuw rrquiro* aijilnn^tinti, and 
tluit it JH hiplily imtioitnTit w* nhoijld poK*M* 
cIcHT und doiiiuto idwin upon tlie nubji'it, all 
muitt Im »Wll|'L-^vbLla^1 fjiuiJliiLr willi thi^fuiTt, 
thnt it tK vi*HW.»i| in <|i»!Vr(*iit li^bti by 
diQi'i-F'tit ntirid", Htrc'irliTig h« thvir b^tbiti;^ of 
tbuugbl tkie b\m\'i^\ lUid furiurd bv tlii?tt' 
roilgioiH LimiitixiiiiJh. or by tbi* pcrliik-iil and 
aocilAl r«]nt]i)Jia wbiirb they T€9pef;tiv«ty 
bUAtAinn To pi^vent a.\\ mi^ccncofitioa or 
Eaihtftk^, 1 obnei ve~ 

1. Thftt by the oxvtnaon cf tbtr JewK 
v'o do not uniVi'ivtdiijd a |iolrtinil or imlioiHl 
ivf<uniTiitii>Q, otibvr in thMT pro««ct dut- 
pi'mioo. or on l\*mt n>«tfrr«lkiii to I^ftt«at]Ike- 
rh&l iLv uif-ioWi^ of tbv Hrbr^w uumiuiiuily, 
Mi^MtkirLg at Ebpm ^prifrrally, r«tf|utrp Uk oa 
c^lnvAtAii Lii tha hm](t of hOCt«tj c*nn>t 
Admit of H iSriubt. Wlmt^vtr ojui.'iptioix* 
njkiht> anil wu rrjoico to kiitiw tlii;l bhi'ro ttv 
pplondid oxfvptionft 'irduidmiK w^to, in 
point ot iateiloctn&l cidlui-i?, blu&dnoB cS 
mn^niitir^ lUid rttjp©ct*biiity of <:haniic4«r, 
mny i'uittp<^tc hilIi jhu^I of thow whu pruf«&, 
nn^l mil (bi*m-^lv*8 r brief. i II nn : y^. tr, U un- 
ik'ni^OjU tliHt llii^ criu>1 und fth»&eful laook- 
tM-i«fs tljfi jk'riuviiiiA oiipTmnionai i^nd tliA looK- 
prutrju't^d jN*nioi-ijlion to wliich on ft |wi>nl« 
thoy hiKVa bM»ix nipfupd, tc^tJipr vitli th» 
prculLnr laodm of obtAUuutf tho mcKtw of 
>u]hiiLt«ncit to ivliicb thoy nnvc boon com- 
{uAM to Jmvo rtvaiirtBv bjin? eirrt«l « tiiort. 
unhappy infttioiic* both upon thair OTitwmrd 
caAnDOHand upon iUtf t*>n*,- and UvIihieh of 
thnir iuiulIsh Add lo vrkith tbe «flt^ vi tbo 
[lutrila^ mid rrHmjriii^ hi.Ltilti<ii with wbkrb, ftv 
<li>i<tip]w vi tbA 1';iliiiiid, th^ Uavf ]>*t*t\ eqotv 
Ml- kw owMpieiU Siirh lA piirtioiitairly tbo 
i.'H>#^ ill PoEiLrid iLUi) otbffr ovuutrivA <mi tho 
r-iinliii^rit of Kiirojm as wpU mj( in thn Rntitv 
^vbi>r« tbo rigbtfi lA mvn, ah nn^onWi^ of 
civU BtK'Wty, Ai* *1«Mi*J to UioiD, And wL«tv 
Ibo opjirfviAivo yi>kft of rfthbinics] inuil«nkhnv> 
JH niMl mvopoly foK, To olrrAto Lh«m t^ 
iUmr propnr mnlc cu dtuvpn uid in owcy 
HiLy to ftd^vjHDce thcjr ciril impri^veiiicEitt «ro 
not only nbjnHx at tliif lii^bwL iimbiliLiri uitb 
uiAuy of tliMiiHi?l\-M. but tirti regAhii^il bj 
non;c of our own «tat«Hnk«n h« iaaU«tf¥ of 
ivri-iMlativc wUdliLtIo nnd ctiActin^uti 

Now. wiUirnJt flit » momt'ot db^piitlii^ iIm 
iilxhiiH rifjlit fit «V0ry Tcnuilito TA tti» fall 
onjnyiuonl ihf a11 civil pririlti^fM, in odHattCOi 
Willi lii« relbw'vitjxoiip, or txiriti'iiibitfi tbat li 
S» tiivc onr duty l-ownrd« tbflm, ha inu n^l^h- 
Uiiiiv, hviTLg In tho midiAi of uh, to do all that 
li(i* itt (\\\T power to improve their outwartl 
»nd AiA-ml mndiUoit, yvt I umy bi^ iK-nnitU>il 
to t^iqiii'iu nty Wrrn AnJ hoiintt ojtiriction, 
foundKl upoi^ tbu loinbi^ of thv Divin* 
i^oiiiduct towaid^ Llieiu, :i4 rt'uordnl in thOT 
own tVripturtv, hlvI vxhibJli**] iii tlivii- snlita^ 
qut*tit biBUTy, ihnt no ftimplntft prdrtioftt 
omiLticiputiuii oHti l^jfttimntdy li» fO(p#ct4^4l by 
them, or i-im jK»«iUy bn cflVrotid by othetnioii 
Uieir lii^hjilf. wbilu tb« i.-a\i^e contintif^- lo 
wbidi t,b9ir bajiUhment from pAl«tiiio i« to 
be litti'i butod. 

Bill Anppoatng their extenuti condition 

Tkt British Societ/s Fir^t TtUQ Stcr^Uyriu. 




w^ra to bo ectireiy ehAnjied ; 4iippo«iDe t\\f*y 
vreiQ to b« lilACcd ID every rofpwt ii|XfU tTio 
AHine fouttn^ Willi t1i» n^tivti InhKl^iihntj^ of 
|}ta roimtriM in which thc^ si^Joum ; oi' wvn 
»uppo«utLt; tVicm E.o bo (vui-iod buck to CAiuuLik 
itM^lf. ikJid (lul tti poMPvioii of nvi?)'/ hiivi\ik' 
t«lffl whirh lliQ rfpiUinition of Ihnir forffilrfNl 
icibontafxcn Ini^h^ nnbrd — mch n chiXQ^, 
thou^-h thi> only conrenJan ^J'Cfl wbicli tho 
f^reftt body uf tlitt uhLidii auiitiiiii(t\ wuvild 
full irlinitt-ly hbortor wbutwu uiiilMHiamJ hy 
tho toriu. W4* Utiievi*, tbnl wi^ro thuy t^ 
enjov nil coiic«4vub1o worldly httppiiioV) tntb- 
oul beiui^ tlie »ub;ei'(« ul Ib^l cuiiwniiui] 
whbOi Ai> ^i^ntnm [tlftl^ tlif>v wnuld ^illl Iw in 

tht* ^11 of t>1l,t.4rrfiaM, MlA ifl L])i' brtfijA of 

inLt|(jity, To 11^ tlir f^mphatJi^ LjhUiftjnt:« of 
Zi^jiltfLi : *' In ihn fiibitnct i>f tlimi- jitiAInunry 
xhfv wijiild ttill h' LD riruits." (Job IX- 22.» 

Z. A^piin : By thu ponvpxtion of thu 
J^WhiTodonot untlcratjml i^ pbiic«ipbicftl 
HiniiiicI|i»U'i<m. r^UL^b ha tliiil <'it]]ti.-mp|jiC4Ml by 
Mnii«i Mi«nj.I^twribM anil iiiiLiiy of hif fidiool. 
Tjtw! n\ tbo s'i>ki', iiit<l *I)>^'Upt«J with tho 
ttUiilMijtii^^ <f rU^^I-iuJKUi, niLil. adiiEiLljiug 
initi lii4 iiiiml ihi^iEillhffTirviif d^il-titi rk-jprRitl 
notion i> w}itc-lk bnd Iwtrtmfi piwailt^tit hi 
Franco And Koi-raniiy, that rliilorujphnr 
ndv^Aik^'^L pi ii]iiipli\h which not ciiily *\%*)^M. iIlit 
fmmrUnoti« nf llin Tnhnnd, hut Mmck nf r,hn 
root <rf fill vAvoaled iftli^icn. Having hoAD 
vHltcD in 1 diicnt uud rchnnl f^lylo, hui 
vxjrkx crcntfxi nuirjijtf bin Jolvi^h bjiTfbiwn a 
tuvlif for th« GprmiLTt litt^rntinn of thr dny^ 
in c^uliixuting whiL'h, numbon of thom im- 
bittrd tbfi priitciplr» of Intirlelity, itud ulti- 
iluiUity Hint duwu iiilo ii ^Uviv of |jiir'u I>t-Ltim- 
F'rOEii Uiih Hi'Krxtl h|n-»ri;^ m tlEvbiion of thv 
lUhniw |pi^!plo, wJiij w*T<> iKirit yo oblitornting 
lb* rrIji:"i*iA itfi'dfiinitie* "if tbi^r nnnwiliiiil 
i-ii'*kL but whit^ ^h>Ji^ wiUi t[it« ilrotfi uf 
human trudilira^p, Ihmw ftwfiy thn mt^joiu 
niotiU Hf JJivino 'IVitth : invjilidutin^ Iho 
nuthooty «if Scnpi^rxTo: tvuA. by bi-in^Jti^ 
P^-tryibin^r (o th(* tiist of wbut Ihoy culled 
r«UM3o, r»JM<tod oi' vx[>1amed nwAy wluitevor 
Kirpiuiaud tboir comprchoartiotL^ or whatever 
tliey ooiild iHit ittluj* Ui tli« ojJorEition of 
mere NHlurnT uitiw^. On midi un <nnpLni'i|Hi' 
lion HH ihiH ^^'t< oiiiDUt coDp^tulutv tlkvm ; 
Buch ooQvoTBKtii wt* cftiitiot bul dwply dpploic^, 
■!» «C cnico PubveimivT^ uf 4JI ibnL is iwiwiLuilly 
mlifpout in IbA Old T^NlAini'Tir. rhtU^ ond 

Cnxiiiciivrt of iLiiivitisAl H<:i^EilmiMiEi \\fi(\ un 

3. NiJT by tbfl amvanaijn of tbt^JowMdo 
wnmnati tho nvtimptinn nithnr of a p**t*udo- 
TOtiooal, or ot a i^uporutiUoiui liyvtuu of 

Chrijitijuuty, By ombi-ocinff \hQ fonn^r they 
wmdd bc'0>mu po««nw>d of littlo rko thmi % 
niiiji^m K'lii^XEKT t'{ pure ni'^Ativtm^ jknd thuM 
plocr tharn«4]lv(W in a piwilifin nliki* hmililo to 
tho loffifction of nioooH (ind tho iruo dignity 
jiod clnictiK of tho McBdWih : bv i^unf^tiLlerinji 
ibi'inHHivtv t4] tho UttiTr, tJuiy ^-cnilrj Ui 
hrouji^bt into il brmda^ to ti'iLdilinn und 
iiJtfb^w, fnbli<if and fntHt-liocHl^r (Murciily IvM 
fuiiljab AEid dtftNLoiu^ tluin liboHi t«ii^bt lU 
t1i4< Tiiluiud, 4)r imjioMHt miuti rhi-ui }»y t^m 
ikiir.hi>Hty of lb* rubbiiui, &> fur fptun wiidi- 
iri|: toiwti tht*iw«t«ntyof AbrAbum ivMfiddu^ 
tbriuMtlvwi to iiny «uch iijM4>iiih> ive ujnktf it 
nmttar of Mimoftt nrjiyAi- rn Hod tbftt f.h»>y 
mny ba f^rOMirvm from thnir p*rmiciotiA 
infiuoon?, and thut thi<y imty »uibnu-4' uud 
buK] itolLdiiK but vrhiLl briuv l\\n uii<i(|uivtjc!ii1 
vt-ntiip of DiviTU' TriiTh, nnd hut n bl«uid 
toi^donijy lo Hiticttfy n^id un? their M>u|ja. 

4. Mor«ivpr, by Oic 4!ijnvo™on of thi^ JewA 
wti uudi-mtuiid iuiNieitbiijg vtny din'i«ivnL fiimi 
K nnni-ty KpH-niativi^ r*c*»|)T um rif thiiiJoetrino 
0I UhnKt, VVt.>r<i nothing tuorf- tlitm tbU m- 
tfudtid ^y \h** Ivriu, il >vcK»ld Iw ojin^Mim- 
tivMy tv nifttUnof vnry *nMilI nunnpnt. wht^Hwr 
A Jaw l)(H<i4m0 oonvArt«d or iH^t. II m 
tniCt thprc< would bo an avviditiKK^ iif bhf> 
nwfal bWpheajInt Khicli ru-M iinlulfclvd iu 
wb»>n thn iiiUprAh1» fubrji^ilrm, thi? TMotk 
JtjJiiL U boLn^raad; tbar« would b^ i^ dtr<- 
ourding ot tho prejudice which fo fatally 
bluid and eiudave tlie JnwUh mtnil ; chnr^ 
would bb & xy^t'MiinfktT hnrmofitdii^ with T.h« 
m!«d of the riverw helming mikjority of pro- 
firuijii; ClirifltLUUn : — but, jb» a. nubjccl of thri 
mutul ^yQriiiiiv»ui< of (jud, bbu ixiD^>*rL wouUI 
b«i in iLO rlf^n^i^ tifinfifitHrS hy hiH IcdowKhI^d, 
iiinn« thATi niidtitiidi* of Ci^ntde* whcj avow 
thi>u- bpli^f iu Chri^^ijinity. aiilI titv preptu'ud 
itcLtirnUily Iai [U'o^xAjnd, Aiid JiMy to dt-ftnd 
ir.jL >i0Vprnl doctrinax, but havA ni^v^r f«tt thdir 
pmctiHit intiucnoo, nor ntf^inod to the 
slighTHcet diMovory of their »piritnttj t^Aoel- 
leiire und bounty. LJj^ht thi-y pnu<cvM, bnt 

it is of tbui dcwripUon rMp(*eUii|r which 
our SftTiouT doL'loros ; *' if the liffht tbAt i» 
in the? be tkrkuvn, bow );ni4t \a lliut dArk< 
u«m1^ Tlit<y luLve no tipiritujil pr^rn'ption, 
no «Aving A|i|]r(di«nuou of Divjnu Tmtb. 
Tbfry bolfrui; Uf & cIium of which the npootlo 
»<jw;Lkh whi?u ht» wiyh: '*Thi« iihturzil mun 
i*(*iv*T.h imt ibn tbinp* rf tliA Spirit of 
(rOil ; fortJiAy nra fooljhhiiiiMi Ukbini ; nt^ithor 
CUD bt^ kuow hhi^nit liecauM they Aie ^pint- 
iiAlly dM»rued/' To true cojii^nJon tliU 
npiritnal diaarrnrnpnt is indispensably T\e(^^- 
uuy. Itc bbben^^ <^im be couipon^ited by no 


MeotOfiM o/ (rvtryrl TriMHtph^ arnmiff the t/nr^. 

fnli*llBrtur(] cuTJc^ptionji, hon^vra hHjcht; hy 
no <»rthodoi7, howpvor ictnct and ■ovpt*?. 

b. ihx<* tsor* : by tko ronvornon of tho 
Jrwu. vio c\i> not UE)i)<nvtaud n lucre bdoption 
of thv t'hrirtiaii tiam« und ptufnttiuu^ A 

or ft Fa|;i^n mny do, ffi>m low tirA H>rilJ'J 
tnuliv«i. lid nifty hftT« ho o>riJiicV4>l hiinH«lf 
Ainnii^ hU bi^llii^n^ n» ATitiroly to Imvv for- 
fciUifl tlioiT TOiil'Jd'nM'- llnfnny hnxf bnix>mft 
an tiutcwit fnin thoir fooicty, lOid thui hfivo 

wav ttciaiig rhHhtiAEnk; or, li« niAjr bttnl^ 
ImaUhI bv tb<> ooiuidemtioD of vovM ap«dftl 
lifCUDinjy ftJnwtA^^ra. which he i<vpt«tit to 
»4H?tirH hy iirofwKiiig hw Wlief in the GteppL 
And li» loM' vilh^l icmkf h vi^ry H(KH't4iaM 
|a«funum; " nM, hy practul^if U|i»ii t1i» 

i:reilnUiy of th'**** I" wb'fui Uo jip|>lie«> h« 
may ^iiiaii^ L^ie ubjiH^L wliich hv Tiiu ill view, 
Int^tAnc^HE liAVi* hipAH knnWTi of Jutnt who 
tiAvCi icpfAt«<illy hiibmjltod 1o hftptimn — ■ 
IwtHkijifi th4in)MJ>^(« to dift'orDDt and dittADt 
t^lficm, in wViic.}! Uif^y i(n4t;iiicU Htvy nould 
rv&l bp di.'twlwlt nnfl ohtfttmnfl in «wh cniin' 
li>CjnARi Mid Hiipport Iroiti tho follouvrB of 
(Tlirial. W<irp auch the roiivrrtt mliom tr* 
wUhflil ui TiiukL', iheiv wuulU hv no Inok, if 
wi- oiilv UM out to t.hf^rai the «ihtjd>rp iiiihir»>' 
riicula^ AjcninKt aJl %hv «rta and vcJiomtn of 
siM'h hiillowhcArtcd pitl^ndens it bebovra 
L'hnHtiiinJi i^i^r To 1i6 vij^jjjinlTy njion lliuir 
Ifuai'tt, and ucv«t ior n iimrni>nt ui liM^n ut 
luiy pro|}OfAUon tli<- pnrt of Ltfa^JiU* pro- 
fw!ii^' rijriiftutiiljr nhnui (h^ bavrt raoKm 
to Mivncct ol hypcrrifcy av doiihlfi'drBliniT- 
N(> UriW or Lur0< »<iioii1d bo boM oui to imduoo 
l\w Ji^w* ixt d/4»iiTn<f the CbrutioD name ; on 
th<i c^Ttitciiry, ull npiilJouiU idiould he fnith- 
fxiUy u-arri»l of tho folly of »iip{HMi|ig ihnt, 
ffod]i£i<-<'V 14 to bo rogurdt^d (jt^ly i« it aiv.y bo 
Mibvirriont Ui worldly Ruin; -jr thnt. by 
iQitktMg n profi?uit.iii of tbv IkisiwL tbey v^ill 
itkfnllilily bc?IU»r lh**lr HrwniMrftT»j-fls in hfe. 
Entirely i-t'uouiKnrjg n\l micib noUoiiri of 
ctJiivTwon, ai rpiniimftDt ly Iho Woi^ of 
Cod and riiiikoitH Ui i.hir moljIs of llun** whit 
chorifcb thotn. 1 pi'opwd to k-ut^^ whsrpin 
thfit <t-inv*M*ion M«lly <xJiui»il*» lo thiJ oxpiv 
ritrif^T of whic^h it U our hcartA' d»iro nnd 

Iimjer lo Ood tiio cbildnm uf Jnnib may )hi 

1 obKtvc, llvn, Ihiit Iij tbo wnvM*iou of 
th<* Jpw. wo iiiidojt't.itid Mfitntifllly iht rumo 
tbinj^ thikt It int4fiuliHl M'hf*ii wv njiKtk vi t.hi^ 
con*"»*r>iu»n of lh(j i^k'ntil^i^ — namely, :ho 
Mrintiial fhan^t iiiJ|>)iod in ttimtiijf froiA 
flIarVnrtv ui lighl, «n>i fivJ&i tlit* jiuwur of 

^ton unto Cod- Tot wlmlKWr cinrtim- 
»tantinl (liflerfriMH niftv oi.}u>rvif«> vxMt 
b«tvt«n tbvu, Ihoiv «airic no diMen-iK« 
na it rwpeoU th«r moral rektiona to ihe 
Hi»t lli|eli. J»WM and Ovaitiiia ara fttOEe by 
iintni'p in A fltaiii nf r«»beJlJon agntiut Uw 
holy and rightdOtit ^t'«ntDoni. Th<7 
clKfriiJi pHiicipleA which aro cubrenai^ of 
uU moml nrdnr and hAppIiiBWt. Not onVjr 
nnt ihc^y dwiitiitnof Invp to Tlod «nd fjood- 
tioB, but Ibtiy ore filled with pontic h&tr^ 
of bolitifA, as ""■^g in lJiiu> or in any of 
bitf onatuntt with wliuni thny am btougbc 
into oontact, Tliv\- delight in tbe pactum 
and MijoriDeDtD of Ktn, und ainve, aa OQUch 
ni> poMohlf, to lirr viitboutiJod in tltf> v<>r)d. 
Tlihy am uiiiverwilTy under the mniroUing 
int1n»n(« of Kupremo Ht|f-h)PH. or a Aiittv-ntf 
ivpiTil to tho ifratiflcati'Xi of Uiotr deprmT«d 
taatw ar«d ffolins*- Now, oonvnnBon in- 
vnUw a nmiplor^ chants in all Ihoao 
rotpoctiL Tho cabjovl of it, whether Jow or 
(rcintilp, throw* do^ii Ihc amu* of his boa^ 
tility. and Aubmit«> nWinllvH (iiuotifHlly, nnd 
(iiiiriodiriunuKy to thv nutb<^rity of God, 
He ti'hn[(fvT¥ the nlfuctions of bii^ hoart Frcon 
eoiiblr and einfLil objn'tA. on wbiob t1»o^ 
baiil lieen BupiTiuely tixnli lo >|rl^utnh, ha T-ho 
ttroAt Kxeniplar of f^piritnal eioellptirOf a&d 
th(.> only adtmiute, becaujv the tmly aatiefr- 
inif |>i^H.ioii of tbi? immoirtalsoul. 

0<iiiver>^iori in h tnrnin^'^tuint in a man's 
axibt«nre. Till li^ Tftichex it^ the- whole of 
Lia lifo proooada in 4n Libi'jiuUiUH, downward 
counv. Ho r«nO««««intiinial]y furtht^r iinil 
fiirtJiflr from th» *min»o itf lif*. and bt«i««ij. 
n«w: and, with itwcUtjiain^ rantdity, a|q>ix>xi 
niAloi tho rTffiona of i^tc-niul d«>th. Hid 
Ifnilb ia vvety flipiiiicnt accumLilalinff, and hw 
Im hi Ik of oKinal l.iirpittidf< )ii<c<onia mom an<1 
itKin- nbdnnito. At t<ori\Tn«ioD, on tha otbor 
hand, ht> tto^u^ in thv coui-h ho ^laa L^^ii 

fmrfauitii; : rv<\<lla ^ ith boii-ur fnmi the yawn- 
ng guilt at hU fpet ; Iwiiineh wnhiblv of ih» 
atifloliiU tn»jx^jrity id et'm^liiiiig around him 
to which be may e]iii|r; diito^vem that tbcttt 
in no refu^ fio* hiuL i-xoept iik (he ujerry of 
that (>0fl whom bo ha>< pltftbipd and eon- 
tcmncd , and m tho i:act-oitn of di>ep hiimiliJL 
tion and powerful rmoiiona of ^lenileniiikl 
Kfnuw, hT' ™rrH'*tly iuiplLTri«v und jL[radnijaly 
ohtjinm for^ivvnpK^ 1 limugh the Tpcdiatiogi of 
Ih* Kwlwuacr. Hi- bM<omcti a now orcaturo 
in Chi IM JmiiA; old thin^^^ ate poarcd avruy ; 
Wboldrflll Ihinx'^Tire btx'iiziiiMu'W. Hntknc-tltnl 
to hit- ollKTidHl Maki-r And Judp;. and att- 
jfiyinii tlui othoui'iotirtly rtwti'rativi* inttticncof 
of tho Holy S[>irilt Uo txiiuiuitiiotn a new Iiftt 

Thr. finAUh t^tirtdy'^ Fimt Ttiti -V^rrWfvr^w- 


htkp Kiiih-]l. \iv lit* nor for til nrnlkM witli Goil. 
Ifi« o<>iivi.'nuliou I* in boavtm. llo vuU fciR 
niri>cl.LOiin uimu tliiap» whJ<*h nrtt aborts 
Tljrilu<r hifl TxH^ltipp tniJ- lib fruit in liiito 
hulit^wos hinl thh i^riit I'vi^rtjiMfifig llfK 

t>f tha luktiii'd of Ol<> I'^/ivi^r-tioiL of Ihd 
c*bi¥iw prtiplfT, iiH wHl iw ijf i!jo innriDor iu 

ftii atTnctiriff unci iiii;|,nicr-ivfl ill m hi ml J on 
in 11j<* wordfL of iho ti^xt, The* l;kri^ijflp>, ^oii 
porccivCf in ilcffCE-iplivt^ of ^tvi\i n^ixtiLnal 
trvnWn, i>r thn MU'-n^isu of <i*Hi|> i^mlly Hll^^*w, 
Hpri^^irL)^ froiti roBvicttonii of tli# intrmsii! 
iiijtli;^iil^ of ihi*ir etiili, Vxtiois <jX xhe 
jer««tuo« of tkin piilt tfacjr f]ifWovcr id tho 
wiTiity uf lie puuwlimL-ut viUi wiiu-li. iin a 
|inAp)4i, t)u-y LiEivo T)M»ii viftitc<i. Mikd tii thi^ii' 
indomitiiOlct p^TfpuvvraiK'O in lU^ tyvil wtiich 
tiH^ iWvrJi iKJVru ujxjQ limm lii4.^ itiflictiuii-* 

Ephnvim bouifmniit^ luiTiKc^^lf IJihh ; Tkon 

1lA>^ fil^tAtlATll llll\ Mini I WllM t'llUHt.tfXl], JLA a 

Ikjck uiiiLri'Linldiimt lij l.ltr jirrkiT," N<'i mti 

coiK'oivn i\t nnj'tluTi^ inctrfi riowi*rlt[Hv 

fcwiutoi UioptM'flt* upoTi tiu^ir miTiclfi^HiidTby 

* blcmin^ of the lloJy Kj>irit., IlmJ Ui tJicic 

ii**itirTii, " \Vki»t urliHjtmtt* rauw oiiD bo 
iL^igntHl tVir inir lo[ig-iirotriurti?d and iiii 
ewnpiwi chnftti»nw>nt ) Our fftUnM*» wlio 
4vttf fiiLully Iff iihilatt?'— lliD gn^ktHMt crimn 
thtfV o>i;]cl jiOf0LibJy rriTDniit ngairiid Uod, 
HA thi.'ir Kmtf imd L*iw|ps'er -vttr\.' only 
piiiiiAhenl wilU rt Lvi|jtivily in Bultjloit uf 
ntniTity yoai"*!' i\«]|irtn:irn'"^ ; hut, thuiigh wi* 
li4v« ovi*r titicfi ent«i<t]iiiiMil Uiv iitnuiKt' 
n3)liorrorjco of iiloletntvil hnv** riol»K:t}LTwn^i]ti 

nthcr tifLtifiELs, jot t)ir ciikptivity iti whicli W*i 
lit pii'ticiil LH^ ium lafite'i iBC-ro than ll\ti-and 
IwL-nty tiniifi MVtnty. What t-jin that criuio 
be, vriijcli uur «ijii»tun* t'omxiiituni, iiuJ i»f 
wliirb. t.'» f-kiM (twy, v.-i\ biivr* not tupcnti:''!. 
<h4l iW tjJinU <if l^t- Lcird LaH Lnm, aiuE r^il] 
lio*, Yvi Kciiivily ti|-un ;im? WLitwwr it i*, it 
uiUht !•' »-Jim' iurt iw iJwJ uf jl uhj^L nlrutioiia 
ek»mrtJT, wIupIi tht>y \tii^'^^at.i^ntt•^\ licfon* our 
di^Krivion au not or dnixl in tli^t jippiTivnl 
ajf wlticb wo Imrc fiiiEiii>7uli|y iioii-^jntod, Aiiil 
tkc^Hijtlifif whicli wohjLVi; rrlmtinnt^ly rofiiHiiJ 
to [winowKvJgL*," 

Now it tttiisi bt> ft>n%-inciDffly t^iJont to 
oTTTT Jew wto inijKirtinlly i^id* titv hUtoi-y 
*>f bu liulW, thnl tlH'rc Ik not Jiry onn 
palJjc f'P ri'ilE'iiiul ii(rt uf tli^Jr fatlior« boforo 
ih« <l<»tftK'tiuti of thu pocond tcmpk^ by 
thn Koriinnp, from ivliit'li (H-richl all their 
0:duitiicIiA tiifl ikli-d, to whidi tiny iiriiv 

p(-nviv<i')ngly find irmBl* punJiiJIy givrii thdi- 

JldbtHjou, i.«xoi>pt llirf Pi-iiCTlixifjti 4*1 tbo inTH> 
(Wut Ji<4Uf( of Naz^Ltctli, Wilb tbti^ ^(iiKy 
&ut tbej' stand juiciimO in tbe JLimiila vf ibo 
Wi"*rldr Xiir i»rt* thcro wriiittJig l<«!JiijijriN*t 
3n lh"?ir owtj writ*?!-^ wf^iicb p> L4>miWliiti1i:itfl 
tko diATvo. In tlie 'JVilmtxtu' tm<-1, nititlc-l 
" YuEJi'i/^ ril. 1), v\j\^ 2. ibf i|ui>[iuji in ii'^Xuni : 
"Why wftj* Uio »4i.<'iiod t.*)iipKi ilwtiijyi'd ? " 
Olio of iJiA |hi-inci|)Lk1 n^iiHT'h Ajotij^iirii iii the* 
nn^vci' i\ Din nb»Jl? ^3BO: "On ftcooiint 
iif t/u fmlrful v.'ithuiU (Mk«,'' Noft it will In* 
n^collwtoi ibjit tlii" w tfiu vpry ohiirno 
brought by oni- Kaviuura^Lini't hU fmcmit'b - 
tloBPofLw uwn rjalioti— in tlic oi^itynlntb 
pNilui, II iivlIjji wbit'li Alwnetni lumu'lf 
niliniu to b« pmphHtJ^HJ of thu Mfj<uinb r 
"Tlipy bfttod luo witLout u niiiBo." O>tlon 
ilatber, in h\>^ *^ Fiiitli of tln' Fiilbi^is'* 
iiiUb-K of Ifjililti 8i.rloLiion Mun>^luui> thaU 
Kjwjtkin^ (if Aha t>rjini>« of tbi> J'hwu, bn >^id, 
" Tho Prophot AmriB montior* f* foiii'tb 
eriiKO —of M'lliiii: Urn Ju^t Onr for >ilv<'(-, fui' 
which wft hiiVf Imnn in imr rapUvIty^ Tt 
niaiiifObLly rippc-arj* lo tpo, thnt foi' M^lhng 
tlittt Jti>l. On* w<* aro jnrtly ptinUbcfl, ll i» 
now t>rjf] thouniLJtLl ytius und murr. Juw\ nil 
thbi timo wo hnvi> nnulo no gooif huinl nf it 
umung tbo UcnIilrB, nnr j« tbt^rt.- nity bkrsJi- 
hooij of our ovoraiiy more tumint: tc Road, 
Oil, my (roil ! 1 jLui nfniiJ [fsL tlic Ji^tH 
whom tlio UbrinliixriA woi-«yji b» tliv Juat 

OtH' wo Ould for HilVLT." 

TIjnl n disouvery of tb« ffuWi conh'ricVd 1-y 
UiIh iier:i]'k»ith ,irt will 1>o iIiit pt-inclpftl fimhu 
of ibo iieniK-riinclin^ jLfriof in whifh tho Jt'W% 
will iinhilifi^ wln'U oonvorl<Nl lo CW, wp aro 
rxjiicwly Lrmj;:lil, Z*t;h. xii- 10 -H, WKnt 
n Mvnc thnt uill Ik1^ whnn i \n*y Hlmll thiii Ih« 
ncim tinivoiwUly bowajltn^ Jln'ji rorntnrt 
towanln Ihctr b|w<».'J KeJ**(^uJor ! 1 riatLyul of 
mirtiiu^" at, tn- tiuuin^ ayniv wilb contempt 
fn>m Him »* lb*' TtUni. tn- fViii-irSml Orio, 
ti^hokl tlinu biimblii nt lin' foot of Htia oiatu 1 
With their niyi]*"! <'yv inlv-iiK-ly fist-d upon 
Ibu piLfceJ MiTV^lidu woinuW for their 
1 i-niisjji'***Hions,ftnd biiiitt^i for tboir mii|nitu^'*. 
Ihoir ((n<rf will bo ijoi^nrtut — tbi^ir latoL-ntu 
til. o>* loud A Tul Iiii i:*? ting. They will bitt^-^ly 
iiipit^m^h tbomfti^lLL-t for tbcir UioJiKiM ivnd 
obdurcury* thuir impeniti*ni'B nnd jirih**bHr: 
rtDii bo utterly confonndud nt tbu purt wbicb 
they hfivo ftctcch When tho Kpirit ijf t-ixl 
hhnll I'lnLVULH' tlieiu i^ ain, Ux^jiuw tboy 
hniv Dot bvlievt<d in JoflOA, i^U thnh< oEhnr 
iniqnitiwi will ha uborhiwl in tho 3^ W-"** 
lAc /rfflif tniiis^r''4A'<iff of ci-orifyins thf^ L-'tJ 
of (ilin-v. Mow yiritifujlj inr their firling* 



M^i^tyrir* of 04>»)Md TriMiftij;^^ 'itiii>;»7 




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^t^ ^^H^l 1 ^^^^^^H P^H^^^B 

iH ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^B^p<k^ ^^k 

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LJ^^^^^^^^^I ^^ ^^^^^^^^H 

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^^■7 ^^^^^^M^^^K ' ^^^^^1 

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[Vw 'VM^^SitJBiiif/f^^^if*^- ~^3^k 

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j^VPv^^b r~" '^'*^3B^ tpA tlLi . ^""^^^H^^^^^H 




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^^BiiH^^^PIi^^^lHtS^^^^flH^I^^H?^Bt Ktr~~- jH^^^^V ^k "'^k' ~^— ^^^^^^^1 

^EV^H^Bk^H VV^^^^U '^£4' ^F ' 

j/jB/mmV^B^K^ ^^Ih^^^Vi 

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jjfflHIfi ^r-^,;==-^ - j5|^^ 

^S^^^^hK — ~^~-^ 

^^BffSaiS^^St' i^V^3^^^?^^V^ 

7~TMJ^hY;y-^ ^ -^ i J ""T tf^C^M 

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Ik J 1^1 ' JJ^^^ ™ ^^~^— "^"^^B&^^^^ilH^j 




^^^^^' X&C0i]?r«A --^Zi; "^ 




IttOUTllY lltaiLTlSf*] I!f eiiTB.— iiyKlJ iV, 




7Ar J^ritUh Society''' Fir^ T^'o Secrtf^iri^. 


kliUilirO ill Uie biii^iuLgi* ipF KiihniJui : 

iUl«r that I wnH ii^hU'iic^lotl, i Hiiiijtu 

\wu my xli\jih . I vx^ mlniuiviit vi^ii^ 

ciitjfniiixEb^l, IrmiiHt f illi >K^ar flin 

tptfimrit oi )iiy yocitb!" llo iJinot.a iipDrL 

thiffii n nD">5t t-jiprwffv^-o tokrti ot tlic 

ijr wif indif^juCiou, i>f vhich lie wjwcon< 

liriu, Bi^ tlin HtAt>> rtf tiTiUilii^f in vhich he 

It alM* d^flcTTOe our Dotic*^, thnt, nfnud 
ladt mSur uil. lun oouvci^jun mi;j;lit not bp 
CmiwI f(ecUtriM,nniT mij^ht inpr*<ly huiv npi-img 
InW u iii3riiv t^ t>«i-^Lfu^ from I'liiiiinJimoat. 
BpbmiKi rann>t!y i^ny* f^r thi' < ximiw of 
CMnrvtiii^' ^""^i fnm* llm iln-^i nii»\ii;LfUTi 

VkOACinifiotf'iil |iD*POrof (-oil onutdthriroujthlv 
|ffodikct* ibo ttktirijTf, licd in>pii'i^ him y/lt\i 
•a]itvtii4t liiTTT til fjffll Hiid iUsvhiiyak **Tiirii 
U»(i iis<^, imd I idmll Iv turm!il ; foi- choti 

WLm ihc Joms dJiall hnvi? bpcomr? tho 
mfi^tftit of tliiH l)iviiie hw\ Knvittg i<]iiin^*i*. 
ill no Liingi^r Lnub t^^ ihi> mmU >jt' 
■ — T to circuinL'tffKiu, or to uny ut th« 
hhiK« |>rm-nbe^ ^^thv niMmiF* for 

lajjj; tJicir own rif litwmpUM^ ILpv will 

iwr n'3Mi""0("dH<lY ijifm iI]b [■j^'liitimn- 

i;i'*1, vbicli w liy frtifh of Jt-ttiK 

niit<> tUl, AI14) u|»>]i nil lliciri tliAt 

Tlivv will IJU limj^i dniiv iiOiir l<j 

-H^tli tlvk ifii'tJili. Kiul l:nrtnllr hiiu uith 

1|»^ vrhiU thmr h^^ui^j^ im* (a^- froTTi 

'VUt thi'T vill iroi->h]f> tlir. rjvtliiT iu 

IftlM Jll lllltli, Tlt*->' AJl.-lil In' ihv i-lV' 

iD, w*iipb uordiip God in th* apirit, 
tH>|o»co in Clin*t J»u*, und hnvo vta can 
in U» d«t, Tlioy *hull lin a holy 
ll^-- invs of ri){l^tt.-uiiMii-Ns tuin^iiiK fnrtb 
lo tho pniTpii.4 and j^lory cf God. 
I wcMikl unly odd, thai.. n1lliou}i-li, on ynu 
invt liftvp pfrcvlvpfi from tht di^rtOuptioD I 
tuhfv j^ivu uf cii]m-i>iuji^ il mttiit tirui^wimly 
ttfi rmt^r* U> |i*mioiifil. »>., ii luiirft- ht- 

It ^hni w^ 'jiMk ».if llm Jewh, wy trfcr tcf 
it priiii]i> In Uirt ii|^ri'^Lil*i, nr ffi tlic ffrAnl 

W (^ Hi" imti-TI, JU4 <'CL|LI>il'lil]|^' ol iiiili- 

«iji> fthidl luiw IliUA Inicrj coiivdrUid, 

Uicludl:' li>Jt » IVMfllt Ijt^J'U Uud H CUU- 

; unl A mrkr* rfjunant, flccoidiii^ 

Lion of ;rnu!r% At wj^j^ tha ('ik>i4> in 

b( tkc» nfCiMK->^ but tbo \iitt i»Lilti- 



L Aud linv I uWr^T. tlint ciur fint 
ffirrHTid k tVi<» jtc/mihiiii^ of iTs nrfiin'pnwL 
To ikcinib thiA iiiny u|ip««r to bo law, And^ 
indocil,fi1C^>ei^lboriinnn\'^vmry ^mird, Wbo, 
it luAy Ihi lukeil, fur ti niuiunil iloubu of JU 
|KSMtbj|itjr ¥ To thiB I reply \ Tlie Jrw* 'JOt 
cnly doubt, thoy flbu:ilxil«ty dony Jt. Thftt, 
in tlie kttd^ day, they nbnll Hn bronfht tO 
repL-Gtiuicw on uromnt of tlicir idiu in 
^nerftl, tUoj^ r«adi]y fldmit : but. Ihni tliey 
idjall CT^r b« convinocd of ttic divfnily ^ 
J««ua, r>r br induced to ai^knoirWg« Jlim M 
(liiH |ii\tmi-4f>l M«!MUAb, nnd tc trtjcit in IUh 
Infill); itjHin tbi* rro»t for tJic iwrtloti cl thiir 
wiirt, iin.1 idorift wKicb thty iill*|fr tbi.*y novw 
i»iL ndniit. Ufiun bbu ^niiid tuEnJi]^-l.iCiint« 
t^tv^Mtji tlLfiiLi iiml (.'hnHtiiiiivt, i\\^\ <vi)ihidpr 
Uicmfli^U'oii iiiLpntgnftMv. No Hi'^imiAntrf vun 
cvir m<fVi> Uicm ; no inolivtM ovot' itidnto )t 
clmu^ii uf iJiii>d. And, ijni|ni.>ttt)iiJvUy, nu 
otii* ttbo wftfloti u|>cin tho portinndty wiUi 
wiiioh, ikE n f)oopL>, they hold out n^camRt All 
nttcmpld to pi'DTirul u|ron fchcmi to ccibmce 
the Uo?«pid of ('Iirip4^ bub rouiit adinit tho 
JiixTiiv* of lb« nppai«ntly liimh Inngiugo of 

LtlthtT, '* tftM. J\iAet\ ktTA isi »Uf<^k. ttciHy VtMH, 

U'l/d h'lrttt."^ Indeed, one of tlicm tonam 
Ijuh Ih^ii iicEinitted byu Jtwmh mbbi bhikBelf 
to hv appropmt»ly dttifioriptix'u of tho J^winh 
mind, in r^crence to tb« truth jib it \f\ in 
Jcrpufi. Ar^ninff wKb ib^ lule Mr. Tlioipr, 
i^r ItriHl,!]], bt> pmii(<<il Uy tliM liHulh, Htid 
wjml, ■' Air. Thotjrt*, do yon *o<> thftt fcton»r 
Tlio liro will iiat m«lt it; vratci will not 
*li**^olv* \\j. Snub i> \t\\v lii'in t uf V* JtK." 

And what \% by tha Jt*wv th*niwlvi*« 
n^rinfrd nit impofidbln, lioomft by many pro 
fuuinf: UhiiAttJui[i to be vio^cd in ncmly the 
Nuno lijflit. Von no Mwiicr broach tlm 3<ab- 
jpL*t of tlio convcndoo «f tiod'n »noi«nt 
puFpIo, tikan yon oro citlior ni«t with tho 
tiubiiQvd (itxtwnt, To ttll you tt« truth wo 
bavo no grvut fnilh in niiy *uch vvwiii :" or 
y'^11 ftK gruvvly told thftt it do« not come 
i^ttbm X\m mngo of pOMlblo oceutT«nooe, 

Nuw v-# III onou fnkiaUy ^dmit, that, 
^^HS^irifC th«i tinbj<>i-t nmi^ly oji it mattar of 
buinnn aitnttfUidn^Tiffwinif tt \\a that vrhicdi 
n tniin ttmy «fri>c:t in himKfll', oi' nhioh cno 
uiAJi may oSivt in nnothor, vro »bou]d 
(^rtftlnly consddirr tliA i*Pint of ihv Jvu-* tn bo 
d«ApomC4 beyond all totacdy. With man it 


Tho h»rt of B Jpw ia nitvck, ibioi}, inw, donl 

F -i 


MfTntyrif» i>/ GtwpcJ. Trirfrnpfm fim^nfl tt# /mix. 

iJ imposMblD. No ckpeiulJciijMipf IhIiit lutlnitil 
niiml : iii> fiMvo of nytti* imir-iil miLmn ; im 
ikri^iiiiifiitii, hciwoi'cr p'jworfiil ; no [irooU, 
JiowF\(T i!on*itidiip 1 no eKiqui-ikoc, fowL-ver 
(Imlin^ijiiJit?^, CKU (nixliiLv tlint mitiiiO 
fhftTif^ <if IhmiH. wliif'h U t-^sentinl to crn- 

lor^ Clint tliOUjfh ** trllh mcii ttiis v* ifiipm^ 
ihibi^ : v/itU (U'ti jlH tliJiiL'h »rv jviwiltlf/' 
Whnt jj«hh tlio I^ird by thrt moiitli of tlie 
prophot V *' ]{oho1if 1 (uii tli« l^nl : ijt Dinnt 
an^'tKin^ too hurd for m« t ^^ T^L tlip 1joli««> 
«f Innwl bn luLnl-himrtu) il» thny mftj — Im 
ft tliut Uit i>toiit> tonliK-ti thonibbi oaiii|)aro<l 
tho JL<wir:;ti lit'tirt if itrt Iittf4t emblem, hnth 
nut Ood PKprinnlv piomLiod - "^ A now hnut 
aIno wilt f giti^ viJU, (tiu) H ni.'W ^|lt^t witl T 
^itl within you; Anit I will Uikit ti*uy tho 
•T^NV muxroiit of your II^pIi, and 1 will 
icivc ynii nil liom-tcf l]»<L." {Efok. uuvi. 
tit.) Tlir>Ti^h, an it r»Mj](i<^A iriAii. Ihfi Iiti)i-<« 
of Jnmb in mcumblo, and hi^ woimil grinvoiiH ; 
yot, " 1 B-nll iiwtor<> hmltl) niito tin"-, iunl I 
will IkW thtv qF ih> wotmiK ^>tiih Lliu l^uil/* 
(Jwr KXi. rj. 17.) Tho iipflnloUe wrApoiiv 
t;Y« f^till vhHt iUiyf waru -^' t»ot oavnut/ and 
OOiutsiuoiklJy wtMik and incSciont, " but 
migbly Ujuxi^cIj i^'ud to i|jt< puilin;^ down of 
HtmnghoIdH ; <n>^[ikg d^tivn ftDh|^iuiit.ioDF( lutd 
«v«rY high thing Ihnt i>xELlt4:th itself ii;^in*t 
ilio Knowlt'd^ 4>f GtKit und bringing iiitu 
mjitlvitv nvory tJiim^UlH Uj Uie obfffii*ii(* of 
Chmt." (2 Cor, x. 3— Oj Wb-it tb* Lk»|«l. 
in tho hand of ih9 >-lT>irit (^iroctL^l iti thu 
npwitclic nfic, it mity^'tleothtiEI. Jf tbuuml]d^ 
iLni) ttna uf tliouwtnilh £if *\nvA vifm Mibliml 
by it then, vhy may tliounnnd* flnJ tun* <if 
^ouHandFi not bo ttubJucd by it htill ? Tli^ 
lA>ni'fi ut'ui in not (diortcntd tbnt it rtirinot 
M«vv, imr iH Hii* hji hi<nvy tbiit it cnrjnnt 
liftftr, " f!od in abl« to gruff thtm in ngriin." 
{Kiim. xi. ja> 

2. Dut I |Niw on to iiutioi iuiulber i^Ljiid 
cin whidi w« hiwft o(»r lm|M*'i of tlip oonrer* 
Aon of tbo JoVA-^iViorviftihUrij/. It eh not 
morolv pondblc ; it in in a. h[(fli J^ifri'o prob- 
Able. Now thi* pnilmbifiLy imiy l)e Inft^nvil— ' 

11.) Frijfii till' ji nil logy af th* litviTi^ con- 
rbiot towHrdH UiV Jiru'ii in ovQry prvH of Tiboii' 
frnmor history. Did the I-onl permit tbeni 
Uihi} e]]>iUvnl mill op|iruvi-d in K^'lit? It 
WW T.lmt Hn iiiiylit In* ijlonfu-d ljy re^^cadng 
tln^m fi'om tbn giiuji lA ite tynint king, l.^id 
ho Ifrtd l.liriiii TLtuftit for forty yenri^ in tbe 
wrt-Uii bowling' licsi-rt uf A rnbirt. f It wuh to 
tniiii tbmii for the Gnjoyiueni <kf ihft ri.'Hl in 
r'lkiiimn- iJid bo frin[m?iit[y hiifUr tln'ui K* 
U' buiiuiHcd by the rhillhiiKen. Ui,} liUiivhiUh, 

lln> Arooritcji. tho J^yri^n*. and olb«i- i:dgb 
lioiiTihg imtion?<T |l witn to m^iiTi ni4<in 
ti-iim Ihoir t-nrthly objtt^tx of HtCJU-Jimont. n^- 
chuin tbvtn fii^m thviridcilatroiiHCVininliiinrW, 
iLiid InicL liwui U) <^Wv0 ki Ibu Htri>ilLk|j luu] 
fMr rtf iWJr f'loit. I>U1 11^ ji^HkH tbx kiii^ 
of Awyrut aihI l^kbylofi to nirry thiio AWHy 
Uxtvt tlioir fatlir^r-lAricI, >hijd lorntt^ t^irm m It 
laikd of gmv^Tii iiiLi^iM? It WMA Umt Ho 
might pftwruiilly euro tbflra of tbrfr pituio- 
ncffi to idolntry, nnd touch thom. in nl[ 
coming time, tf> Afknckwloign no Uod but 
flimwlf- In idl tbi^ jHiinful i]i»|iii()ruUji4ui 
with wbiob Tlo \-i«iUvl t\wm Hu lud uv«r a 
I^TOCiuiu vnJ in \tL>w. Ilia ultimate tliou^to 
tovrnrrlB tbriu hftvc alu-n^fa hccn tlicu^ta of 

|i«ho(v Hii<l nut of »vil. ti> ^\^ thera an uo- 
(-upwleri end. Ha™ w» not, UMVvfor«s 
c^try oMitmn to horn tlint xuoh in HU ptirpoM 
ro4p«L-l^n£ thini rtd] ? The *«i-y fit«t of tooir 
wondnrfiil prt«iv.uion jimid uU thn •n'nihi- 
Intiiig fllQmt'ntu of th4-ir prount ^itfptfiwn^ 
on^hi to go foj* in sdlufyiiig lu timt '■ tt««v 
iff litfjur'* in Uicii' <nd/' (Jcr. xi»» 17.1 Aa 
tbn I^H-il h»th 1>]~onghi nil (iLin ml tipun 
thviu, iind yvt miKULtiiM tVm miiJi-r it. u it 
nol that Hi' inny btin^ Miton ihvta all tbc 
guml vrliiuh Li> hfid I'loiuiwd Ihtuu f 

("J.J A^in ■ Wo dfliivo nnr bojio* pw^wrt- 
iiig tbo coQX'orrita ol itit> Jc^-a from thtf 
|>rMt<nt Attitude of tbt' CbriAtiiin Church in 
inljition to that ixfoplir. Flou mu^h iuon* 
oln^t'ly hnvit rhrirtHnnJ" Iwon brought into 
kMiitat^t with thom ! Hgw intu^h l:i)r>nloib^ 
biut bi^» (kcqniii^d cJ I heir uambor, tlic 
cHmtH™ wh*rr [hi*y \iv*\ t.hi* sfcis into 
tvhirh tbuy ajy diviilri]. Uimr |irc-judiCD>^ 
olukli^'iv of opitLJott, JiitL;^iago» litrmturc, Jfc.^! 
How Jni]iLit4.-ly it] ^vovy puiiil ijf tjL-w hn^-f.- 
!.hB rhviiinKtMiuv"* irf Uioir minliTi<m lit*(.ii 
Juv04tipiti?i3 [ EimUiHil rtf Iv^in^ utiv tim^vr 
tboobji4'l- ill' iiikivi<ihjil ri('gk<^ <Jii chv fKirt 
uf CliJ'intinoN ihoy mit nr/w ivgni'^lni nilli 
dpnp find b\'<ily roin ndactntf nn, j\ fj>iHlw 
txkniwrrt liiu 1xH<n EtimkATioil on 1h^ tMduklf. 
Tbtiy »!'(> not imw looked u|4rn ita a Mvfd* 
iIiHiiitcHl to [iL'ipL'tiiul lilinJnnji nnd itlniunu^ 
of bonvt ; or, nn iK'ing iMtynnd tbi*inl1n<»ncciof 
tbcHio nioiiift to th« 1IW of wbic^h Uod haih 
promjacfl hirt hicfuing; but Wt-wing thtm in 
IhL* li^bt ikf fulluw-rinuc^r^. invoKrd in guilt, 
rtnd 'iUnrlhi^ in ti^d of thw juirvi^l AHlvKtion. 
LliriMtLnim un* ^rixiovis thkith-'ir f<i't ahuvild 
bi? dirix:ttd into tho iriy ■>f lite- Hi-ni^ tb« 
K]HV'ml and fHrviiitj [irnynm bi whit*h lht»j 
liiivo li^i^n [-xi'itfid lo t'njf^gii' on their own 
iH^twdl; liffiic-^ tho iT^liviiUnil oJToiIh whi^h 
hu^i.1 In^iTji iiuule foi dJil'LiniJitf aiuiMJg oilil 

Tlu /IriHfA &}ciity's FlrHi IW StLreltirieK 


tiiu LJjiIjt of Lii>- r><H{iol Jlfttoi* lite 

r>i-[iiji.iitM( of iSocietif*^ hnviii^ fur thfii- i»J)j»Mit 

till' coJivoTKiciti of JhTfkoI t^i <!<wi. Of tli*«o 

tiiu oldcEit and pjati iTXln^tiS^iC iti it?* 'rjHtnt' 

liijiLi, L'om|HWDii of mflmlrEirK nf iIh* Clnrivh v»f 

'■'ri^jlinir.l, vnppui-tij at tin* |>rMimt timo 

ijjiwru>l4 uf filty mimionnricw and tmtmU in 

iJiffBr^rit i^rtfl of t!ii* vorld. Dy tnauui of 

ilN Auiitfimt^ Hr'iiic>li Socii^lUh. nrtil Awo- 

(?iAtinnw it> H]m<^Kr. i-vt-ry pui-t of Knclnctt, an 

OSEtpaAivt* i\iti*revl ici lK<tk»lt'cif Ihti Jews hart 

beini t^MuItid . iiti<) uinjtj ihousiLud pvUlioiiH 

lUily tutf^Liiid tji fliA ihi-ikii^ of (CTHce foir the 

DinQQ blt4b4[i^ iipoiL JhtixoK Not hm n lpm 

4o;;roo of inl<'i"<*t W^<^u c^xt^^tixl in tlic ClnnTli 

of Smtljtail. Nil HNmor wnt mi iijtpfiil inicl^ 

to tbi* ijrmjknthuw of hpi- mi^nilwi-s, thmi it 

von uisUntly mpoit'ivil la; ni^l » kcaI kiuI a 

libefvlity liave Loi-u di:ifiU>-cd wliioh rvitiiTO 

h ilBlenmuntioii ihjit, if in llml divisimi of 

till' iHlnnt Init. 1iit1i< (.'trntpnrnlix-oly had 

previoiialv- Iji^'U d<mi% tbv ivpnini?h dhtkil now 

TO wijHii n^^^^>, nnj noblp i^ETovta iniid** in 

|tn«inTtihi; tli" f»i[irimii nliJHrl. Tin' ruimi^tinK 

»U4'ndivu4^« njion thp Ift-ttirfvi ctolLvvri^] tl|iOu 

Ibo&nbjont ttiwy txlnn \w iMiwcil in |if(jEil i.>f 

A mvivml ouiivriii f»r Itio '^klviitjrjn uf iJit^ 

nrnl of Jni^h, mid ]f.ntU om to ArjTii^lpai,n rhn 

oii-opoTntiiin :ind vnp^xirt of mftny Engh^jh 

Chiiftima-'- whi» Kftvr nnt liiflifrtfi lip<>n iiai- 

turk^ il; lUr InMii-vnlrltt (lliLlr-l'tltkifi^. 

'And Jim liM T.lic*<rt mo^'onii*ntf^ in tht* f 'hiivr-li 
of God lo b« rt'ffiii'dc-il nn vuioimn*' nnd 
ctiioKjriciO 'f llii^ ilo t'lrilod Hi[» pcsr.pli >«> 
^einanlly to LTi<.|itir^ of Hiiu Mnicrniinjc thisi 
thiry, Hiid will Ui^ Tiot lir«t«u tti thinr 
Hhpph(*»tiiiliii f Una ilf niJHiM] hrdy nnd 
pptnliuj 03C|ic<:Utli<iiiJ!i wtiich L« dcx-ti not 
irttwid ui Tiiltll 'J Do IIIh >4>>rvHiiU iitktf 
plitniaim in thu frtonpt* of Zi«jn, Ami frtvonr 
tlw dart tliorcof ? nnd ni-e v,-& iiol tiiii^ht To 
i^ieard ihui OA n toh^n Lhitt tliii tiiite to 
fnvimr 7km. \*h\. tluii, ilie itst*^ it* nmir ( 
(tV ni 13, 1-^) [inHlfi^drfiwn tht^ liLiutA 
of IK) muTiy thuiuiiLivtn to^nnlA Juilali'n 
dCittrmi oii^p. jtnd 9rLcoLjj^gi>l tfiem to 
|"?'i»*<ii-*»r*' i'l lliM lilw^ml lliirip* whiVh Uivy 
Im^v iJC'vUihI (iir tlii.'ir j^io'l, 'Li^d well 111* li'jivi.* 
Ihtihi lo ironiTludo tlmt th*\v Iinvw tut'roly 
\tfrti h|i]uki> irf llu'ii'oivtk kindliiij!, uiid tlhul 
tlip iMiif i"if nil f.lii^ir flifflNiloiih will lifl thai 
thoy ujukI liii djifwu in iJio Mtrnfw of din- 
rt^poititmcmt I Woi Jam tu-t rhttf-iiaiii tho 
jiW- N*i. UtUit^iIh vr will LJijink Hoil, Liiid 

Lk« LM^nU^^p IIL-IVIltuttHl tllElt Oflf lllbollF llluill 

>x< in vuifi in (ho har^, mid tbut en dtio 
tiui(< viu piludl ru'ip. if wl^ ffiint piot. 

(^). Pui^iLti]'. u(-' Itiiil ill the huria>i] uf 

F'iki* Ji^'^iiJi Wrji'M ft^tfilf iiuinr^iuiiM jdii^rjcmiHitJi 
ivhirfj portend a appwly iinrl importniit 
i-ovoltititjii hi th^iir LTJix^ttmfl^nccWT and tunny 
nliidj pi.iiELl t^ tli^ii' cunTci^on (u tlif' giund 
i'V"nt Iti wlJcii flipj' Jjiny Jm cxpm'lfMl to tnr- 
mirmtft I hnvo iiliHitdy ndvoftcd to tlio 
opinion^ broftohod tiy Mo«w M*ndul™obo, 
Xow, without in thr Irast rttmctinff irliat I 
iirnT iidvntic^hil r('ff|HTT.[itg thi' rnfiiMity in 
wliic^ii, in mniiy iT^^t'iiJCVK, t1)Mt> opiiiioiiv 
tfviiLLNj, I boli«ve it tiiJiy cfrnliiK^iitly bo 
hMftied tintt, in aiiollier iniiiil uf vit'w, Liie 
|ni|H>|HEm given liy tlml onFAlim-lfid phi1ri4ijitH<i- 
U> tlio ULli^tn of i'lM >J(>wi£h tircthr^r \Mi>t \hfi>ii 
^uv?diict]v« of c<iDHPfLnoncJ^ wliiob L^anmot ho 
<^int«ni|i1iited witlicHit Ntti^fat^tjon, Uilli ua it 
rmsppcfrfj tln> Rood whi^^h hft^ lOi'pndy baon 
oxpariiTitciHi, and tJiQ mora rxtenAivo bonoliU nuiy yet hp expected to iu?ci-uo fiom it. 
Nfit mily hjivh tho tmmHielh af mbbinind 
aulhorjty luvri biiml Kxiind^ir, thu almunl 
fnl>l« ol ih(T Taltnnd ^ivt^n t<i iJio winds, and 
tim tvil of Mipt^Atition reut in twain ; bul by 
iminy tin* (^xclurtivv clJiiniH of M(»<^ nml th« 
jiri-iphi^u li»ve Ij^^m ndmittAil, a (|p(ti(i for 
inMLortiTril Aiid t'(>U>£ioiii) iniprovflnK'iit biu 
^H-en ('[viitf>il, ATid ^tiidl&i tui* ^rriiiji puL-fliiod 
wliicb miuil jiiove highly fHVoiira.l»li* Uy th<' 
intPH^u of trnth Mrid n^ililHoumr**;. Thfl 
voi'v <ii>pohUifln whi(-h iii mode by tiio 
nii-nibiw'h tit the M mJiooI ricilm to nioiiT 
«xt4<iuW1 ini|i]iry : nnd if wiuit in now goitijt 
foi-\vnrd nmoiif* thd Joa-n in thiji m(<lTicpulijt 
nnd u\ muny citici of Uvnuany only oonlmu* 
ltd cuui'tv, tliern Li'in hv m> duuht l1m.1i the 
in:i2»rw%ion pr^nbn^J will ww lon^ bp f&ll 
M:i\>uub the vrhi>t« Hebrei^ ixjnimnnitv. 

It nn ivmurkiiblv foiLltirc in th» ni«tory 
i»F thi^ (iecip1<<, thiit within thn lant twenty 
ymre» tl;*ir attontion hmv hrron Hpwially 
dmvn to the* Mndv of thn prophociM. No 
loTigtrr intimidatoii by thn interdict of tho 
lubhinsif thny cyiliiiluti? the pr^^pl»*liL■ ihtHucIh: 
and tindin^ timt miHt nf tht*NV |WnVxl" huve 
pxpirod. nuuiv of thorn hnw bi.^*T) ot^ndiK!tod 
lo the ooncriiFion that thu MrMiLdj n^ubt 
<*itlii'r Lrivi* rthvaily ■nHiie, oi- thut Him jidvimt 
jM jimt Ht band. I >iiMkti4lleu| with Ihik piifft,, 
thi<y tiK tluMi' oyov ij\U-i\t*^\y tyit l.^i^iunmcidiuto 
fiitiice— <utvfiilly wiitrhin^f rwvy npnntcinf 
ftVHor, iiJiA pmyini; udth ^"xtfr rjLrnrjil.npj« 
tban ov^ir th«t tin* Lovd would tinn npain 
tho rtiplJvity «f JrU'ob. 

AimtbiM pnjihhdn/ fiiituiv it- pi<.-«;i]iti] iu 
thn diniiikiition of thi* jLiirient prejiidicM 
nhich thv Jowii hav*i CM^ntLnuod to cbcrisb 
[Hpiinr*t tliv onm'^ nnd rcli^j-ion of Jmufl. 
Wiiik' the jjitut inaJDi-ily nra hlill as muoh ua 

Tkf Brititdi S'mtiij'H f^ni Tn^y ^Hi't/iriat. 


iiuualM<n uho lijiro *|jf»k<^ii lUti;^ i^fT, m^d 
ijol oiil; iJu not ot>)(i(l Uit Ijtit iTVifii oiJort 
cimm^ition with tiLiikT.iaTi* upon nibjorU 
oonneottfd vrtiL ivii^on. M*ii»y of thiim 
!i>.U*ii with C3vn<ljd nltciJtiiHi to "^vUiit mny W 
mJviiiicril rtTijpvtirUjt^ urir R^'JiM-uici-. miil 
.manire^t n diajHi^itioTi fu «iii^imcm! whotovor 
CAti bo tirrr>vc-J to th<m to bo the Truth of 

Tiif* tf^iiiw ['»!>*< wiU* whu'ii [,im Ji'wn nji^tlj' 
for* ar»i1 Itio itquhiitu<4 witb vhicb tfji-j 
rccLHVtf (ilinMiitii lnM/lc-, nLi<} fujKt'liiily llic 
ttiiVl T*««tdiiA^<il» ai> wril a^ tin- t<Alenl to 
whicb tl]p»» Iwifikfc ii]*f ;ifT.irnlly wnA, ftr» :klw) 
(srcumj-tAnccw whioh Lmqiiro tb« lioi»> lluit 
tbc rlny is not di*t4Dt wjiftn thi> ovMothv "f 
tlir DiviikR BuUiority i>{ tlic UiAfh-l alII ti»< 
(liwDVt>i'4il hy Ih^iiij. vnd tin* ^liiHcuisi ti^UfTiLo 
qS ivd<?U]ptJu[i whioli it rcvuiiljb lio lii^hly 
ii|>|im;iihtTil ami coivliully tiiJiLi-LUT!<J- IiiiKs^iIh 
cw-ry jvtur ih lrrui>:Jit^ uiui'e- uml iiiluu |i> 
It^ht Hip TjU'Th (,h*l. lliwv* iO'h Tniilr-ittmW of 
Jrv* who Imvo hooomt* oormncMxJ of ihc 
M«P«i»hMht|i of JoA-ns am\ who luv imly 
Kiiiilinir flit- wLai ihiry ilf<i>r}i rrtVc>iii'nliTi< 
fip[>nrtriiLili«K cif ivniiinR out iiiid nnUiri|^ an 
opok pmfcritfioci of laith in IUji niimt-. 

AddtoaL! UiofcajTiftiilDintMih— vhut miul 
ipmilj nijmiw t^p hiiftiT. of nvfii^' irin* 
folJowr ttf L'hriRt tli(^ LohI — that wilhm ihi* 
lut forty yule's numy huudroilft uf thv 
diildrm ot' Abmlmm Unvc niTtmlml Miiti^- 
FuTlarT trvidfTU^T (if ^rruiiiip dmiVf^nion to 
God, (hnd uf tli«Ko, iip^vardK cf thirty aro ivt 
iJid fnvt.^iib tinii* iiruphjyr.y) vithcr n« miiii^- 
tere of the G'.mptrl, <jr !i^ mrmioiiiLri» iitiioiii^ 
thc^r hrprhfon !u-n>ii1iii^ U\ tlii< fh^h, 

Whi> unw i^ntt viri\s th>i ntton^l pwttion vf 
JuiUiim, 111- vohlriupkro Um futthvr dmu^iw 
whid) mjiy h|M«dily In* untU'-liiuL^d, wilhii^if. 
pnvrivinii thnt it U inatniiflitliiii *lM»f mid 
wiUioiit ropi.r<tiji;^ it o^ hii^hly fsrohnhlc t}iJLt, 
crt loup, thr loftven wliieh h/m W^un U'\\v 
inttului.t'tt into it will I(viu*n whi^ln 
llili»|i« Uli'l Ixnicl r(*dm!iii]0<]. will cj4(^l>Tiit4< thtt 

ttOB^ <4 AkHt^ Allill tilL< i^lllb '{ 

d. Bill Writij: llitv^t^ pruLnhililiiH. 1 
lloMni U} tliM niTi<iiTi<r?iliiiEki»f t.hi* |»fit ^i^tind 
on ffbh^h our i>X|H>Ltt»l]iJii »f thi- <'jj]ivi«r«ii:rji 
of tllO Jnwi* L4 iMJilti — iw 'tfiW-uU tirrrtnintt/. 
Upon thi* point it wiU I'ldy be iiet^feKiiy iv 
jvoiluoti onn or two of thr mnriy priHiTivp n-nd 
otWODtTAdiiTtfkd t**frtimnui<» of Senjiluni m 
whirh it i* DMcrtpil, itirn^ thov fixnin»^ fciil (<> 
iNmiiwI tim nAM-ut irf 4iv&ry iiiipnijuilicivl 

'Xh» fijnt lo vbicJi 1 wouhi rciijucrt pnir 

iitUntioii La in thui |ii\rlK-f]Enr portion of th^ 
Book ■>f tb<*> Tiuphft -Ti^if-mmli ^hivh txnii^ 

priMtM tlie chii-iii'th ATjd t]iitty-rir>t nhnptcrh^ 
That thfuf phiiptiT^i tirait nf a rwlorfitiou of 
t)]4» Hr<)>nw)i yrt future, aod not of tficir 
itSi^ai'Atioii fmui Jhkbytun, will nppcnr cou- 
(?li]Hivf1y ovidi^aM^inll who will pi vo thnn luj 
AttLmtivo tioruim]. Now, not oiiiy W Ep^mim 
iutroduri^l in our tc3:t an irpviitin^;* nnd t^n- 
ftMEJui; hi^jfiiilt. ivlii-rpupoii tlio lA-iddf^clarp* 
hiK tt-ziiW <^jni|i44(Jou towards hlui, i'o^idii' 
(liu^- with tht afniiiHt* liMtjrAnco, "1 Bill 
butvly li&vc tu^Ky iiium hini, naLth Oto 
Lord: *' Uit »l Lh^ fhiHy-Ci^l vnr*.* Juhufccih 
jimmiirfix In mftk*» 3l imw ciTiiT-mirit with thu 
hiuiMO ai Uvhiil and with tho houiw ol 
Jitdab. " Itoh'ihl, tbr flujii roirc, nitith tht- 
l^jrd. thjil. f will uiaku n m-w cubauuiit with 
thL> hoLicD of l^nio^ niiJ with thi> liouht* ot 
Judah." Tlittt thir^ new (Wwiinut ih th<> 
hCLLiiA v^itli thnt uaUAlly ohIKhI IIh- rwu(]»iit 
cjf ^rmu?, jis nuiiLifwl Sfnu tht tintTirv <»l tli^r 
bk-(Kirh^*h whieli it >woiirp«, Thwn tvra pot 
mor*) tc^ifKiml nn^ixni-i^i^iich nB worn urantcil 
uiidpr the l^ittiic i^j/oruiiit, but •jjiritunl and 
-.'ivin^ Titi-Tfi^M — niviiici iUmiiiuntioii, iruovo- 
UOM of hnnvt, fflidc'h of *in, Bd-:! the cfijoy- 
niniil. i>f Cod ivi an ov-orluHinji^ pui^tion. 
They jtro. ui fact, thudi.itiuBuipJiitiij bK-s*infB 
nf file fSohpnl, whIHi flow %a lite gmliy 
t\tn/tisi\i tho moilialion of thu Sou Cif Tiod. 
To ji ikhrti'ripiitioij in thre^* blwAii^fTK, in all 

tiifir fuliif**, wo*»''>'tiJ"J^'**'0 bci'jnvduiill«d. 
I'ljoy nro rii!t]>mu:4?4 lo itM liy tin? «iiiif»T.™iion 
of tlio Kpiiit. But tln> miihlriJ ot tha cov«i' 
unnt hcTO pvndii'tcd by Jcntiii*ih hivi not yrt 
trtk^ii phicf. Korthi.pH rtilli i*honj h wjx* t<p 
bu m»dc< ur^ f-^priv^ly dn'inird tii hu l/ff 
fiifti^ **/ iirrtui, H'jvt V** houMt f*f JudaJt 
|>]jrH>vH wbicb Hi-e iirif*r ciuptoycd by tbt? 
|)i^i]j1iec>i tLi deF<i|;TmtA luiy but thi? IlthEew 
jiMiiil^. Wbwi th«i npostli* f^iioU-K thv pro- 
phc<7 iu tbi> fdjchtb chapter of hir< Epmtb to 
tbi> lLibit*WR, it ii* not for the p«r|wew vi 
nhi>»inu thnt thn m-w rovenaiit Lad Ht'tuuUy 
hotxn m^ido with fFnibl nrid Judab, but In 
order to prove from thoir own HcnpturM 
that tho old L-Q^-tfuniit wftH nboluhod. Ho 
b-iiiv^ thi^jwriod of thvir Aciiuil inviutiiwint 
H-itb tto hltw^in^of tha tiofljxtl iiDid«tormiii«d, 
Th* Diriiie d«hiraLion by the morith of tho 
pi-upbHUtb¥iref<jitvf"ti""^f"'^"*^'^tb an inlalli- 
\^e. gnAiarUi^n thaf, rht* Jc^wh, an u iiHiiJe, lui? 
yW %{> b<*i:inio Oio AubjcfU of n^w i»v^u«.Tit 
privih'^ri^ HTid iJc*ftinpfi, Tin:* i-imo will 
itsuHHidly jiiTi^H wb'ii <Jod WILL put Hiw lilW 
in Ihi'ir iTJ^^fniT pjirt^s t\\ii\ \\v\\v> \\. itj thrir 

hwuui: whoQlUwiLLbetheuOcni, and th»y 


,tf#»(f>riVjv of fjonpel Trinnijjft* nuiottu iKe Jwte*. 

hIiuIL U> Hih poci|>Li>^ iK\\itx\ tiKiy fiilMX all 
kniJW llini ; ^trhi^ci 1)<t iriu. lorpi« tk^ir 
ittii|iilty n[u1 n^mifmboi' tMr ^in \\i\ iiion*. 

Another rpninrkuNfl pnxlu'tion rnflpwlliiiH 
tlio (?oin'P7»ioii of tiio jrim in coitUmot.! in 
[Wkii'L ixxvi, U4 — 2*^, wliiclx wo ]inv" 
nlrn-^dy in imrl n"cjtrth " For I will r.iko 
fail fi'OJn Eimonj^ tho tivntbcu, (k&d gAthoryi^ 
out of all ccunirit*. iin<t will tn-inj; you into 
your own liiiitl> TIk-u will I nj^-mklo doaii 
xvutcr ij|Kiri yi>u, niiil ^v timll In- rlenTi : fwim 
nil 1ilthiiu>jM, &ni frota olJ yoariJcli. 
irill I cloan^e yon. A ii<*w- h^Art alw will t 
i;iv0 yuu. nriil ft nt^w »<pji-ii will 1 |}iil wilhui 
yon - nnit T will lAkn nwHy inhn k|<^riy )i4Wrt 
out <>( vour dcoh, and I will j^ivi^ you lui 
he*ri 0^ flc*li. And I will put My Spirit 
witliiik yoii, nail cauekt ^nu ti> w^lk iu luy 
^ur-iiu«^ uni y*i nlmll koqi My JTiJgm©Tiu, 
rtiifl d^ tbcm. And yo nJinll dwell iu tlifi 
Iniid thjit I t.'nvc* tu your fathri^it; aivX yt< 
*hjill In? My p<Miplt» *iuJ I will Im viiiir (K>d." 
Hero tliti l»e«rt<nvinHiil <»f <wuvra*t.iiig and 
sanctiljinfc' #rr&oo i» oonnix^vl, tiot witb the 
i^tiirji uf llie Ji>W9 fitiOL Itabyluiip ti»t with 
tJirir iM-io^ ;khI.Ijiii<\| w\l of Aij. cN.iiiiiTru'n, 
und hum^lit arn>tv liiio n diuuili rvUtwnsliip 
to 0*1, whdii the MoMkli uj to t« tliMr 
Priiux' fiT ever. 

I will iinlyadduiw riim ntlier riTY»|iliw<y frxjm 
tho l.'kl TrtjUmontT as ftJfi>riliii|; itn indubit 
iiMi^ ]ni>"f of our piniti»ii, Vtnj will titid it 
ill Htini^ ii)> 4. 5: " Tur*- cliildi'^Ti rtf 
iM'Hfil »Iiil1I nhiilif iiMn^ doLyfi wilUnrir a kiit,ir, 
ikiL<[ without n pnn^o, and wilhoitt it iviiTilirt^i 
iiLLil withiriitikii iiiiiij;^^ jind without AUfipliwl, 
uiid Ai'ilhoiiL leru|jliJin : Afu^rwrird nhnll thn 
Ldiildm^u of U]-»u^| ivi.iii'n, und Hx>k tho IjtAti 
tlu'ir 4:lhI, iLii'l IMvid, Uicir kin^ ; And rthnil 
ft^r Ibe Li.n'd Hud Hjn ^^uuJuvni in tliejAUur 
ibty*,'" Tliv fi'iTiif r "F tlkOM) verwti contiiiiin 
II doi^i' <>f tliA piroDEDHtJiiioiM of tho 
J»m(ilif<v* iTi tiieir pn»-n3i dbp?r*iioii. To iri 
otrhti |itn'ii"l irf tlic^Jr ]ij«|i)j-v i.^n it. mjUi any 
preprioT.y hf* Hjiplii^d ""rimy Imve iii> nvil 
poljiy, oivkiflr iiiiiW cpfffll or primely niU. 
Thoy liftvp fii. f^iLt'M, Ml »*»mflc<^ i jLud mI the 
miiiin lim>\ no idrjlUiiJUA hUitiio, no irim^ft^ 
tir tiitol/iry clr|ti*«- Atid in thU condition 
th^y biLW ljc*ii " mnny dflys, " even oigbttion 
loD^ fi-^turif^a. In the latter v©i>e,« b!**sril 
iwvei^sl of tln-ir rin'iniutjinc'f's is t^vi^n^j^ly 
jiiftdWfld AfU'r llifK protructed niioiniiltui* 
lii^ri^Ml f\\td\ liutv «L»|in4xl, tliov iibiU fiKikic 
i*eoW »lu' t-f^rd tiirir <!i.*l, mid Mf?^r«Llvll tlii-ir 
\\v\\i. l\\r illithLriiiiih dHKi->'iiilaril of DjivmI. 
whiisn lumw. frbifh Mgnilii^* 'HtB Beloved, 
he ti^mtivcly l>oiir«. 

In Adi^tion to thcHA tino<|tiivoonl 
Euoiii(4 fmm tlio Old TcHt^uuent, ia w 
till* cortauity of ikn futuiv rau^rraon of 
Jmr* {% Bfit forth, I mufct ndrort U\ two 
tho New IWtAJDc'iLt, in which it in u* 
pi^iiJTucally liLOgbL. Tbf iir»t of iLcrc 
2 ('nr, iiL 10. Afti-r donrihii^g IL*^ ^t^EA 
ULonl lilindnot* ^.ir tmnlhnn in urbirti U 
DOW &n«, doclunni; that ** own nnt'} tbin ili 

wLtUI HcAra Lfl KVldt Ul9 Vfld IH Ll|101^ ih 

btfiitV' <*»*• AjiOHlI*! I'iKitnihl* wiih it 
fnliir^h OviUihtioi), whfTi 1)ia \iiil hhall h^ 
inovni ** NiJVrrUi^lo^s" !*<' *"?>. '* whi 
ii.'* i,«,p thi? Jowijili I'Voplv, " i-biill tui-n froi 
thn l^rd/W.c. rhft lx>rTl J^jtuHChH^ "1 
vnil idinLl lic tnkon nv^ay '' 

Tho Mimo doctrifie ia tan^bt \t\ tho c< 
limti'il firifnuit-Jit Lif Ibtra^JOKtli' In tlirrliTTin 
rfufcptflrof hiB Kpi*lip Ui tlio KomiLTu: 
lU^umDiit wt jch it 10 itu|uD«lfab for olH 
Bii* f>t Hjphirvticol aill>tl(?ty to turn ui 

rrt>m tUdim^t liud L-uiidii^ii« Iwnriuoti 
thu lubjocL Hu lint >ihijw£rJifttther»j '' 
of tbp Ji'WH M D<>ithor EoImI hot ^aI) 
I — 11; " I Niy tihcntUnlL Qofl OBftnWiiy 1 
£>f<jpVt Ooil forbid Tor I aIho 
t^Tft^Jit^, of th« iwmI of Abrahruu, of 
of It^njnn^ir. G»d hntb noL is^t nwny 
poopk' wJdcb llu forokin'W, VTotjp mrt- wlj 
ih^SoriplnrM ^irJi rif KIl:i«9 buw bp ninket 
int4<n;^>«jjon1'k(Eoda^inr't ]>^iihol, Ajtvinx l*^*^ 
thc>ybAViikillrtiTby|'io|ibcti*,nriildici;rd dwH 
Tliinr ;dtjkr>; jkTid I^ju b'fl iil'->n(>iii]ij tfi<'y>^ 
my lift-. Rut wbnt with tbr [in)tw«r of Ch 
imtc him i J \m\e rtiwri-cd lo Mywlf mvi 
thoiirmud men tvbo bovcr not Irannl the ku 
ty> the iiuo^r? vi jIiuiL Kr«n ^» tbrji at ll 
prL-M^nt tiiiio hl«v> th<^]^ h n rmmnnt ftccofi 
iii^ lo ilic ott^otion of pons A iid if by f>rvic 
Ihr^u it LB no uiot« of wurks : othtfrwM g 
ih no inoi'^^rHce. Hni. if it lif^ol wiirlcK. t 
Im It no tnorifc ffniott: olherwin* vurk in 
mon^ work- Whnttlif^o? IrucI h&tK 
ubtAinrid tbfit whiiJi lii^ iwckcth for; liut 
<^l«>ot.ton Imth ctUninnd it, ani) th« tmX 
blmd^ (nwardinfl n* it « wHttt^n, C!od 
giv^-n thoni the spirit of ulumbor, cyr* 
xXiy*y jkJifiiddnot ^oe, und i»L>tliJittb4.-y rhu 
jicit hnni') ; unto thin dny. And Diivid 
I^t thrir lflb[(' bo uuidu a niftr«, and a 
juid a BtuuibliiijiEbluck, find a 
nnto tbt^m : \vi ibeirvv^^^ bv dAikv 
ibtty iiiuy not fli^ knd liow down thnfr 
nlwiiy. 1 MJty th<n, HAVi>tlHty btumblw] 
UiL-\ '■lnmM frtll f Clod forlnd^ bnt tx 
tbiini^b tbi'ir bill Mdiiitton U mmo uqUj 
IrliiiLilaA, for C-o pi-ovnkit l\\fm to jinlof 
Uo next rcu^uM that their full 

the Britluk Hocid^v Firtii Two A'e^rWrtrtee. 


bank iuto tbo Climrb will be AntnimenM 
tiHiirfit Ui tl)<<^JerttiW 12^15: "Now If tie 
VtW <A t.|i4iii he %\vi* rioheA of tLe world (iml 
tb(i iliioiuEf'binf; of thoin ihi> Hchoft i-if Ibn 
Cti*7iLi]i«, liow atiti'ii iiiuiv tlivti' FeiIii«h< 7 
Fur T tqvtfik fn viiii GmailtK, innHmnrh na T 
nm tb» apo>it[« of tli» ii^rutil^, I miiiniifj' 
laino oMco : if by Any mimni< I mny prcvoko 
to 4*Tnu]j;tiim thi-m vthicJi juv iii> flo^h. iu;iL 
mii(hl *iiTP sntn*' of tl"H*m- Firtf tlw* wintiiig 
li^BT^y ol th«m bo tho iceoHciliufl ol' the 
world, what aIxhEI the recfuiiiB of them l^e, 
but lifr fniTEi the i.Tyiid T' Hb tbeii pn>t-«i 
tbul in tWir r«*lKtivL< cniphftty thvy ttr« •tllll 
holy, or w}.ii4nitoiJ Frum ibun'rd. of llii* wcirM, 
AlkJ iltr«liiii<<l for bhv wfL-viw ol' Doili vci'. JC : 
" For f f the fifwtrniit Iw hi>ly, Lhe him[) in i*l>io 
tioLy '. anil >f lh«i roj^t 'x> lioly, Hf* Are tha 
bmiirhm ;" aulI tlmt.Altiioii^li ri>rtlj(kp[VM>nt 
tlii»y lui^ without r>iji* jiiklti (if the l>i ni^ (Jiiu-ch 
— thftK |>1a™ Iwrinic or^iipifiii hyfJpntiln ^m- 
Kotvn,— yot-onthoirroiiounciniJthciruftWbf 
they (iiril! Im> rdn^lfltaU 17 21 i '* And if 
Mmin of tilt hnuii^htrt hif hrokm oiT, n-nd tln>u, 
bfvitip: II Ai'lif ollrr* tii^^ wiM't ffitiflfid ill AincTiig 
thvuif And with them fmrtiikovt of th? root 
and fAtnc^v of tlit ulivc tnw; bonnt not 
ii^flCLhl tht? WsLndiFb : hut If thou lunf<l. ()iuu 
bwirtwt iiol llie nniX-. biil the mot thw*. 'y\\o^t 
wilt «iy thcii^ Th<-' hmnidi™ wort' brtkt'H <flV 
ihat I mi^ht ho jftiiffed iti, W'eH KHttm**: 
of iiT>lv(i>?r libny v'»'m tii'<»l(i*ri iilT, unc} tK'ni 
HitAriilwht t>y fiDth, tU> imt higfuniiLitfiiTj hnt 
FcAr ; for if Utxl i-jmrml lurt L]jl> nriltirril 
bfJLiJi'tiufc, trLki.T hvnl liv-^t lir ulhcj H]HmT u^'t 
th(w. Bi-hoM thnrnfom Lhn ^ootlni'to und 
novorityof (knJ : on thoiu which f nil, jsn^vrity ; 
hut towflnl ihi«, Kocidntfw, if thou (^ntimic in 
llin I^kkIeuw : cAht*n^i)n^ thou idno nhnll ho 
rut olT. And tlitty nW, if th«y Ahido not in 
uubuli4<f. fthnll hv gmtlvd in ; For Go^J lb al^li* 
to ^iFTthcni m npiiti. Fur if tlioii wert c^t 
out of till? ulivtt Lrt^ck which is wiM liy ntitute. 
nnd wMt grnllWt t^nritf^iy to nHtinitEoTriA 

pXid f>hv«< titH* ; liow luuMx Ui<<r<i fltllLll th4«i=t^ 

which Ik^ Uh* nnttirjil hnmrluM, ho irnifT'd 
ilit<> tliflr ou'u 4iliVi' Iti^M?" To Jimifjvo nil 
douht njvpti tJwi fin^jflct. Fit* fni-thcr dflHiiii»i 
in «acpr»« t«rmfl, timt X\\*> ti!vX<\ of indicuil 
iiinciijdbility ii; whicti tho Ji-wn now rtirr, i* 
only to Im jHii'tml iir limittil iMdnmtiim: it 
iit ouly ifi (TOTitiiiiiu (ill Ik tb'iiloly L'lEtondcd (.-on> 
vorMon of the Ucntik^F^ thuJl hnvo boon 
«llrct«d. AnJ tficEin thi^Hi;rli tkft rt'dproi'Al 
DFtion nf i\\v nn'ififnl tnxunv hJmwn l<^ tlip 
latUii-H tlii^ ^'iit l-ijdy t-1 Xh* Hi.'bivwK Kbj*ll lie 
brooitht to tv HA^ini* |>iLrtfi;i^r(tjc>ii of the \>\t^- 
Mu^> of thv GuH|ii<1. Inn o^?:it :kuLLci|Mtrd by 

IsftiAh £[1 tbd Afh'-nitiUi rhiujter of his 

|rtni<heo[eM) ; '35—32- •■ For I «oiild not, 
bmthivTi, ihut ye AhonM lio Ignni-nnt of Ihm 
tiiyMt^iry, \v¥t y^ ^hoijhi Ih* wim* £q yonr own 
cniiciTitA ; thftl 1jUiidni?\i hi (fjirl ih h:ip{ioiJixI 
trf> FvTfinl, iirtil Xhf fnhtpwi of thp fKrOfniW h(t 
CL^mA in. And «» aLI Kim^^I thftll hc*KQvrd : 
A« it \k written. Thoi^i nhftll pomn LUit t>f Kion 
thi^ Dclimi'cr, Hiid tiIuiII turn nwny ati|iDd1i* 
iLpM Fnjm Jnf^b: for this ii< my cmt*nrtnt 
nnto IhtfiD. whon 1 mIuiU iatkv nvxiiy thc^ir linA. 
AiconcrrniiiK the tfumpel, thry ftt-o cticmiofl 
Fur your NikcA : bin n? toLiHiijig thu vlet'thm. 
they rtre bLduv^nJ F*jr iJio Fiitln'm" cctk*'*!. For 
\\w ifillM And oJiLliTi)* of isvi\ nro with'nit n>- 
[joiLt;ipoe, Foi' >u yv in tiuiiw (jvt liAvt> 
tiot bolievHrl 0(1.1, y#t luil^ miw oh- 
tUntnl ntarcy tlirongh t}i«£i- Ant]4JW : 
ovou AO hrxw Uicm* a1iu> now not \nt- 
\\xy^\\, ihut tlntiu^h yi"ir M\rwy thry aImo 
mny nhtftin m^Tt^y, For fioilbiitJj miiHiidrd 
thi^m a]] in uiiiohnF, that lla might bovo 
mpix'V upon all/' 

With thojitf jJA«iiacsof nwpinHl wrilpi-oftont 
to \\{% wv.\ with wlmf nhiulirw oF oonxtttciiry 
(nn ^Loy Cliristi^LU dvny tliu Fritiiiv L^Mivenioi). 
of the posterity of J^ct^lj? It in m Hourly re*- 
vrnh'cl \i» uTi)' dtK<fi'ine -^f ^t-rL|it.[iri<; ».iv\ coil- 
wx[iu>til!y, ijtiiiiiLndx to U> r«i><>ei^ei1. not av 
A inntti'r of hnaiEkn 'ifK^iriilfitimi^ Iviit ha th« 
Wtini oF th^t (iod who wurkobh efrrctiijjly in 
rdl (fit^ni thAT. f>rli(*vf. 

ill, B^foro <xjn(i]tiiling, \\\*fvi* lUf* tvio 
i|U*'flionw inlimftudy ci>ntit*tUil w>Ui lh«i 
fnlijiH.-t, lo wiiicli I jjiuftti hik'dy i.dvort; 
DAniaty^ whether The cYiiivftralon of Tho Jnwii 
will fakii oluoo bflfopi* ifl' jiftcr thoirirtuiTJlo 
Pu]<^tin*:1 And, nhi*OnT it ih to bo rHwtcd 
by tlm }i1<vuiin^ i>f flodV Holy Bpirit iipun 
thi» nitf* of oTdinnry mpnns ; or by t\w inter- 
■n'piiUjai of ipni^wod mimctibuii o^ncy < 

Tlic pmcticAl lw?iu"ii»g of tho»o quottionv 
u|iou thi< tifToitit of (TliriHtiAiiH la prciiuol« 
(.'hriKtinrdTy nmong the lowl «hee]t iif the 
hoimi< of Jsrool mn^ lie <>hvicni*. t'of, if 
thry i\w not to be Uinui^ht 10 thv kni^wli>iifin 
of th*i tnilh till uftHi- rhnyhbAll hAVi* Iji^nn 
n-Hliii-»ti| to thttii' riivii l:iml, It miiNl. Iip in IL 
i;r«At. nnviMrii'tt fruitU^*i In <'n^^o provioiuly 
ill »oy ntU"iii]»lA Uj rlTuct tliHi' cimrcCMOH. 
8«i^ nmy indopil ht* unwn : kiiowkdjif*' nuiy ho 
incrcAiGod \ nod tliue nrc]innitionii inriy bo 
niiwlo for tlic Futnro ncpomplinijnujnt of tho 
work ; but w* hhfjidd Isi wnnniitol to i^i^itvt. 
no Acttml or immi*diziti*snvinf;Kiiri'eH>i. Ami, 
if thoy to U» uoA^xirt^d by njii'ti^oioiii) 
AiTonoy, tl«'n it wciild bo iinpioi>ly pre* 
!^ulnpfuouH to vt^ntui'e iiitrr tlie ju'uv luu^jhof 

Th€ Brititk ^dds't Frnt Two Stfirttmu. 


Alnlgfat^ OckT, auiI nriMfEBto to aiir A^enqr 

•xartion of llu <mni po^or. 

That Uic Jottii ni! I br rcfftorcid to tbv biKi 

<lf ilMT l^lllt-'nt 1:^ U l|Lll^l](Jll U|XiEL llll.' ill!!' 
«-atfiJr«i<iF wlik'h 1 oinnrtl n^iw injil^r. 1 triJiv, 
bowij^-w, miiK^iy alnf-o my linn ti^:ivictn>u 
tli»t ouch viil nctnivliy Irt." tin' ctv*: — nccr- 
VlcLiilli jirtkiliLVil hy un iiit|>;irliii] ^t^itilv lA 

1Bii% an* imiiiiii^jux intMMtj-t^n which vu tho 
ri'iilf:«i'V lty|iiJLhi^» uiliuifj irf un r-ifithi>Li']it w 
iuif.*frtci*iL"y xriiT^ mutation ; nml«jiiHrmi*ti bv 
llio comtmuod iniitMniloEUi prt*or\'nt ioq of 
that fH>3j>lc in mn utininalffamAtnl ittAU*, antl 
Uifl uujHkMitiiUi^ pf tJjur ublaiHijiB n wttJo- 
Biv[ii m niiy M\t^ t'oiiti r r^' uiitlrr litJivtfn. 

II nciw wu ir^qiiirv vhrit i>|iLiiirti wv uro U> 
bdil n.^|>r(1i»^ tliQ cutler of councvtion 
bvt*eea thuir 4;ijuvtirskrii itud Uii-ir rt:«toi^' 
tion. tUm* ran. I rrmiviv^. U^ no iloii^Ti 1jk;ir^ 
hH to die givAt Ixkdy of tlii> n^iu ii. Uiu tot-nitir 
will pn><^^i* the Uttrr. Stu'h >■ Vhi> oidor 
obtrned in tlm piuitlm y or Miiu^, ii-tiinlcil 
I>0uC, 5t3iT. 1—5, rUt^ prayer of Snlotiion iit 
l\Vi dvMrfilUMi ol tbu ti^mplo firW-'crvsLi upon 
tho unmrr |irinciplc, ] liingv viii. iti-fil. 
Nvr call ^t? diH-uvtr upy iviri^riiity Avlmlevtr 
In ihii* rr'iEimiil i>E tli4* purw^ v/\n]i9 Thv t'litiw 
of il^ i[ini<TtiO[L n-iati]tiE iiL iill its l'r>i^-c- If 
the Jrna Li^i^ bvra cjcpiUriiLtnl , iiiid ^.Ijs- 
|»'r*ni iimitn^ nil iiAliniK Tir thfir ir-jfrtinn 
of lilt* Mi-wmli, It WDiilJ U< t^riliiLi'y l» tti(.< 
kuoviT fii-irinf-ltH 'if thrt l>ix-iini pi<vvi'riim'rLt 
thnC tlir/' .iLi^nlil Iw iifttEiitil Lliiiiiit; llie ctin- 
tiotminf of thrrtr firkpfnlUnrii ttJiA iirilH>llof. 
Bat wp Bfo iiot Inft 1u riu-t oui- i^iicliJhiuLi 
ciihtir upon onAltii^y, nr upm tho»io pafVJijfi^H 
of 8ctip(.ilx(^ m which f.lirir ^^'^U^I'-»Li^m oiilji' 
upvii ihi-Li' rYpriiiAnrp in rmitiht n^ n gcn^rAl 
twvtriiie, Tbi^re nm pnon^^Dii pri'phtftio of 
tiw my 0V(<nt4 in qucr^tiou, ti^ vhieU thr 
Mmho tkrlvr ia cliat'Iy uiiLicifiLiueJ. Tliiiit in 
Jtir. XMXt. ft, Er. U pmlHiHj: "Th*'y %\\ti\] 
ODOi^ *»"i(h weeping, iviiil with M/pphwitiorir- 
will I Joii tlv^ai : "— Ijhi^uji^-p cviilcntly 
ilvBL'riptitri of tXtfi |H<iN('Mif,iHl Hiirrrtw itriil 
ilnvutiotiil ffXflTrin« wiMi whi:'h they MhiOl 
Ei|\>^0i| from thf* j'Intfift <>f ilnur (h»^'».'j>in'n, 
Xbtf OTtl«T U likouJHT ol>A«r\|it| \n v**n*^ 
ld-^*l, m which^ ftftrf^r lin^rihlng thfr ixin- 
ver«ton iind ivpuclnnco of Kphntim, unJ 

mvrcT <if liifl iU}.\. tlje |f]iip]ii t U.ii> ruMir^^?. 
Iiinjwif dinHly fn ivj/rtji*rnlrij Ursrl ■ " Si-i 
UifiO up xinviiiMi'U', njjjkfi Uipo hi^h liarkpi; : 
act tUiiM lit'itrt ImvaM Ihr lijfJinEi}, uvcii 

viTfln of Innel. turn npun Co tfii4« tliy 
ritiM;" ThuK trux Iht^ bmliJing i>f lliv rity 
of J^rukiJom. prwticUvl in the i.^ijdLt.1ii]<^ 
vpiiuw of tl»i> (ihnptvrtiif rt^iri-vvfjliiJ .vi iHiliw 
ijiit-itl u[K.m bhu uinluii;? <jf i]n, 'Svv/ (.'-ovi^imuti 
with Ui<t hi^iiH^ iif Im'uH. LLTiil witit Iho hniihp 
i>f JuiUli, 

At th-> J4rinii> titftCi It doM ap]>CAr froin 
T^!lL>lh UvL [rhjit rnrUiin nifiNih><t-4 uf thr 
I[t>hn>w fiiTiiily will, in Ihnir ixiniiuvorlml 
atiilr, folifkv^ thi^ir Imlioiing brtJthitu lo 
l^iji^il.ini". Ki(nto uf thfjii will \j»iii!y 
(iUj»mpi. t4t tvfitrr^* ihi^v-m]iiv nn*l tW (f'tiijili*- 
wunJiip, ttilb tho vrhnlo uicHlicini iyKti>m 
cotkijix^^rl xriih it- i'lkofl?, however, will> in 
bU piububijity. Ic tow iu imuil*n nu'l "ill 
iit\]y 1h* Kpun^ fi'r tlii^ Mikr itf tlit< n^hf^riiis 
until thvy c*it-lior »hjtll hftvu jwii'ihM nlnng 
vrith tlio Ciudl AiitfchnntJH.u (rrijfi*>l>>i~nry, ct 
luTii L'ljtivei bill from [Jif «rr<ir iif ihtui whjm, 

Si» fai'j thpi^fiir*. jii-fl T.ho ivprptflnrjitiniijJ 

(if SlTlTltVtrt- frittU frHChillJit llit> B1jtwkL|UO|lt 

r(jnvo}>iiciii 4if tlifi >To»s vhitt* on thi< cort 
triify. lluTy ujii^juivonklly Imrh ihu indiit' 
|irn^>li> n«(viad[.y of tmli oonvunuoti in rrttliM' 
to thoir nutionni tv*torfttion. 

With rcflpecl to tbc siopond quirAtioii, 
tt>ui*hing th« uth pi oy an'iit. or iiuii-i^mplvy- 
nwnt of uiirjciiluuv Hf^vtK'v iii vfTB(.<tL]j^* ^hi^ 
RTcat ^voi'k, whib it bocomcf! ma with aII 
bumiEiLy ind ujiKlenly tu Hpuik uf wh&t <toi] 
mjiy. <ir rnny not do. I lUAy lio |Jf-nnittir>l U' 
■Ay tbnt ] (jni lind bofliiu^ m tha Kihli' 
which k4'lri UK to '.v\|)Oi^t lhi> ixnu'V/at of Ihit 
a^' uC uiitavki. Of hu »biu:ilfiut uLit^Kjui i(i|f 
of riiH mflnpuM* nf tht> H»»ly Spfm, ^«th 
n|M)ii JowH !ujd GftiLlttOi in lb# Jritter lUy, wu 
tnoii^ rend; \mi them iijdiic]ic4>« iuv UQvcn' 
rapn'Mi-nteil Hjt o|M-intiiig ijjdi-pcuiU^tiUy uf tbi' 
ti*p t>t mpat\r*. It iF« tlirou^li tfir* ujviry «f 
tho Goutilat that tlto Juw» luv lo i^htAin 
mprry. (Kom. li. 31,) I am nv^mv thM 
liuitv nm iitophocitfi whifh hn^t* Iwvii i>lhiT- 
wiN4 iioutti'iLotl : hut I -mh cotivim^ntl^ Ihnt nn 
i?fir(*fiii <»xinniiJjiU<m. Tipurt fmm nW pnvm' 
ur?ivcJ u|:rinioTiH ntid Ky^t'inftti'^ pwjudiL*™, 
l-hi'y will lie fiiiiiiit ifilhrr Ui ii^fvT to wbiit 
t'"kk plft**** ntidor ihi> ihooprnticnl dispt^nHi- 
tivn. or Ihtit tliAy nrv ojothcd in bigbly 
llj^iiiiitlvf* l]iJx^LiJi]£i.% bfjnfJWiHl from nicw of 
tht> ilUr.lnrtiv** rpjitiin-s. *if f,h*it tKoimmy. 
Tho I'hiircli which tho Saviour Icu'Wl. mtmI 
fi»f' wbJHi ho jfftvo llimw^lf, ^vh*?ihrr iuhJ*' im 
iif .Ji'Avh rtr ncniik'*, is ti» If -jiHt-tJItni fttiil 
Hciiritotl xvJth r.lia tt^'tliitip i>f KKlt^r iit niit 
Wona (Kph. T, 16,) U ih thn ilrwu'Kr. 
wliicb ii " the |«wef of UoJ uiito Mlvitiop, 
Id rvnry rmn ihat bflietrlk ; t« the Jew 


jtfvmotvv fff 0(*9pi^ Ti4ituijih9 nmvrttj Ihr J^u^. 

|ii-»l»jLnr| uIhi> Ia (hn Ctntnk." (Rniir I. lin) 
Kvcti ):i ilto ji|HMrobt? «^ which wan in *« 
diHiiiij£LiUhtsl -A mt\Mi\f\- All i*|CP of orri?Bcl(W, 
Wif- <ir# Elf iiirAn^ wii?i rjil Miiii-iMiih^l, Th^ 
itiijbjLi«a<]oiii a\ ^.'hriAt proiLchtHl ih* LbitLg« 
coiHTj'Dinic tho kic]|;d<iiti of Uod, id ordor 
i\\tX iw^ii miglit bclirvo, otid Wlii^rinifr tuL|:lit 
1m avinI; nnJ mi ititimnlitJii '\> nnywlH-ro 
|[iv«i that (hu or<lLT of ijuti'umcintitlity 

Uiir tilliinutp tvn^duBiun Vhvvi ik, iJuit if 
llie JfiA'n ttiv n^r. I" I* rni(jirw| uMil lliov 
Atv ronvrrtoi], tkiiJ if tliv^' t*w not to Iv om- 
viit«l vmpt l>y iiLiitiiH of tJio G<:<4prli it U 
Ujo dut}* (]f all iihi> iii(< in |*«!vii.i|] \A Ilii» 
1ifiK|]«| Ur (^nfrLbiit^ bv i^vrry iTii>jin>« in ttii<Ii- 
powcr t4iwnrd>' lU pr^f<i>:iili'>ii iiuicxi^ Ihrm, 
ihtk\. tliifV inrty 1>i^i>mri (i4ii|ii(iiiit>H! n tUt Iljiii 
«'|u>i« tlio Hiiliji-H K*i ilH tn.liiuim/, Ehiiil Im 
i^vixl m nim with An cverWtiag fnKution- 
And HiiTvly it i* oixiy ucofwry ftkii'lv to 
bj injf tJii' tiwo of tlfcc out«iwb» of Ixnicl licfori-' 
tilift vinw rf (innLili: tlirUimiui. und dinrtly 
to appcnl ,to i\\ti\x ipiritnJLl MjrmpBthiiw on 
thdr If^holl, in order to cxaito tlint rrity 
whbii tliL" (lufdomblt^ tiivaTUfltfiUo™ of tSit-ii" 
coiLilitiQii d<iiimrid : nnil Id vtxW forth into 
MttlouA aotiinty th^.t ^If-^jKiifiiMtf; litvu 
whi^ tbecont^mpUTu'iiuf tho 1uvi^(.tf f'hiMr 
1A nniitif^itly (^nk-uhileil lo iruipirp. 31vu »nd 
Brollin-ri f hAlf'. II'ih^'u iiMliv riOiofrjf th-' 
ppiiilual (li>(LLt<jli'iii 4>f llkr>>-o wlKrw rc'ji>ction 

K'ith IIji* (i^t-pt'l iif ri4i>iiri]i^Lt|iin. Tfii'V ^irv 
li4iw iii'HhliiiijaT j<H li^t fiiii-r hiivv lH>&iri tur loi- 
(hci I<iaiTwW^- Iff tltfi KiV^i'iir whom l1m1. 
i3u"«|ici] rr^rjitK. J^'l. lAh di* K'}j)it Jiiii^ tii'^ Eo 
nsjim l.honi fitmi pcniii.iim hy fiirnwhing 
Ihom ^ith Iho inoiiiDi of ffmoo. jxi;<l ur^nff 
upon thdu tli«- neccttdtr of Hcirini; ficm tho 
wradi to I'liiijL* t4>lIiiqitlKUij thru fuivrnthnr^ 
rnic-tfiod ntifl «U>V^, ^jiil. who iK cmtli^c) n 
IVmov nud 4L SjLvjoiir for tdgivv n>|toiitiLnoa 
tc* Tun«l nml forifiTTii»w m "iiia. And to 
Hitii \iQ iihciiIjih] all hiniour zLijit f!lniy» 
domiiihm :ind imw^^r, rnw nrid for t*vcr- 


HllKTrH iiT 1>IL Wriii, 

Jimiei- llftinllli'n i-tWDkH Tievfi' lo hitv^ 
luifiM usimkf, h\^ \\}i%ivvi v-uK Uill, but mA 
I'tdlwhrt. unJ MVL>[' tkiiiL hiioii Lt ;:iivo *i^i*- 
diiriTii: hii> |ii)bUc cjii^rr, thiit tliu Jiitellwt iu 
fu inlUMMi 4-XiTrciMn, ^ttA tomfU'liPif, like a. 

TAffHJ iMgt(>» ItofiMtlf-tkt <d tlif? otiHLnicttng 
bjiT* thflt f4>tti>reii it to "iirllr Wo cdiimm' 
timt ilriiiirH H^iujtltoii. from ciu'ly ywms nuJ 
onwiinl, WA* ^ihyMitsEly itiiif int-utnUy iw*r- 
lojLvd. Ita Wiih MiK, »h ;i Ihiy nt doboal ; ilh k 
nltflluit aX ooUcjj^; 4J II J>ti^t-bf^ pntchuQliTig 
i\\e iflfid tidilk|:» L IU n jiii>tor fixcUij^; K\w 

IWlc i uA L> «ni of (?i»tiftjUti(m n-fA]iiii|r with 
Wnnvtd Aiiii milTonnc Aiicft; «> s trlatform 
pjHvtkor; «* a m&n cf wi*o Gounioe], when 
udvioQ w?H ofl«D Knight- \tt aX\ Uiii«t rrhi> 
tiiiTiH^Jjtmifet llEkniih'Ki'h hlmun wore nxhnnvt' 
iritf, llo wiu H dthi^'iithTidmruft'int dttntcitif 
u VnllinriT^ wi-il-^r. h (»*ali'ii& |tT(HDCrt*T of tlko 
\:>iUM' of i'liriMiHii Mi^MMii^ Injlh U^ Jt<H3 ziiid 
(h^Qlili^, mid nifi[)rig ihi> fj'rt-inrwt 'if the luirtd 
of holy Dion whofrti-Tu#f| tirid ii|l*'i-wiii>th Hht 
Uhol uiid fi«tm<d thi> Kvaja'<''>t*^1 A)]i»tHi.v 
]|u wfiik l4k4<ii fii>iu iLh in Uix lifty-lhinl ^iVf. 
Aii'l yt-l, itj(c tLBt i^imfniHtiTaiy briirf ljf«^ 
whut aD atauutit of UKfuliicstf rtUA concon- 
tmted! uid hott Uttio of it, with «11 hw 
uBlurui diilu^Luy of fon-^CTiuiIcin, wjul frvtt 
fiiim Arliv^ MrvinM I Ho u-eut to Ghufitow 
riiif«*ity M8 wirly 88 hia «]4r\-4-bth ymr, 
Hint uiidtTgiadiwtv iHfurs* extv^idinl over 
Hi-i'i-rjil MfltfiliiHa, diiriiif!; wtiirh hi* hnd &■ 
fi^lkiw i^tudihiiCiJ ArohilutU Tint, ihe iftte 
Aivldjiwliiip [»f t"ifcnif*rlMirv, nud Hitllej ** The 
SiK^Tf^iil l^tiideiit/' uli'iw tiu-iiioir *r»» 
w('illi*ii by Dr. Nur-rnftH Mr1ji?ijil. Hht'Xi 
CAmo tho IlivinJiy hiid dna'<4i llUt^trj 
^.1n^^«l:*IN Mii'ti>awivf ytMi>- NvM, hi» itiii;- 
iTElioiL (jn a IJoriiLJriri> of Xhi" I'biiirli ijf 
S:<j<.Li|nl. li [kjuiOiral dmr^ I'M- toiHn timt* in 
th*' f*jiiijti*y» two oir tljri^ v^ii^^ Ei;orc ttM ihtt 
Miiii?t<«i of Itokborougli ChuMdi. ICdiiibm j^h, 
Aud Iht'ii hiti Ij'iiri^laUiJEi tit rlu^ Nuiiniuil 
^O'll^h i'tiurt'lii Hegel) t St|ntin.*, Jxin-Joti, 
wliort- )io i>2ri>rciM*d \%'w minuitri' for twenty- 
Hvi' yent«, Tims ^itli piiuwe iraumid by 
illnrw Hhd cvni-ionnl wjintntr HijoiiriH nitt 
of town Al lh« >4«AMd«-i or oti th>k conltncqitg 
<K)i^«idorAb1y mom chiui a iiuartrt nf n em- 
lury s*A* KpiTiii ill the atxi^v **?ivU:« uf liln 
\tni\, i\x\{\ in dJin>JnH far md vlik^ iJie 
vAVoiir«f &|i»«»ihV imtnf*. 

Ill nodjil And bicitluiJy iiit^iconrvr with 
hipi fmiid* ; iu ilir- rp€f^itiiiii nrul uelt^im^ 
iriveii by him U» uti-ntigi^rn fr-oui ufiir. iQolu4- 
iii^ Anieiii^AD L'briEtiihiid who huA lo\'ei] lutn 
fut hia hritiiigfl Aiid hviruvd at tii^t H^^t to 
biitiuur liiiiL fnr bi;< own nike; ^ut l]ie liuHt nt 
liih riwA iidtk', IU' tbi- ^uwl a1 ibt* 'KunL iif a 
friniid ; At Ijie lurrtm^ v»J Prt^ilrtfUTy or 
BviAid, i:<-nthi ikhI ciiurte<n'H uiuid diiemticn 
of ii|i:tiiori aiiiil ujirm dM^vitroi ; uiiiDii^ l-lu* 
huvAiil> of thiMiiuirrj[K-h>, f"r Ki> ivan jfiMUii- 

Ti*r Hrlfiuft f'wuft^'M Fi'fMt Tim Sfrrrftiri^'A, 


ftwil ^iDon^ llip nriJ<^*eM anil hotanUts, and 

ppJu^i'tf* hr nhimed the virtTii^ which nntl<vir, 
ikii^l llijkt ^-bict"*iiif% ilu;*ti?^ itn-1 roilmni wit, 
which XiaA fTfik Ttvim nil biltrmi^H^ tie wil4 

J<iv.»ii^iiiv(itlj "AOoou Man." fliiti a tnio 

"tfcp Aiiiiil, thn iA\\\r-\ nHfl tlir' hiwtiiiicl," ui 
tho family rtltar Mny tin* (Jr.ii o| iiL] t*on- 
foliitioTi, i-/.mf(irt tlifir T\ojirfc<1 May tii<?y 
ilwcU ivmlimmlly tviimlh U^c Hluiiloiviiig 
iviii^ of tho Almighty ! 

Jotne* Jlnmilton wn3 t!io firet Lciiid«ii 
Minisitrpr. wlio> ffhuft waited on by our oirpl' 


And in hilt d^u fnmily cuidD, wluit a litui- 
IwDii iui«! • fatliLn- WIL1 ihcii< I )lon did liip 
thjtdnfi H» in hiiu ihi? n'tkniLvJ iciingiT (if ihi? 
*~f»ciiiti> JflMUL," un<I how ^ivuirfifitl vii4 iIih 
ii«lii;ion i>f thu <.'j\w thus iJiih(L:.< m their 
Brjrefif Wtf iDoiirii, ritit) ilicUMUid?^ me uiuunj- 
ing aIw vrilii thnt li4<ivuvoi1 rin-tv ; iki %%».%n' 
«m Uiry liwu- tiiJi ^'bvt'rfiil tt/DH^ nn tio c<^iii(« 
btck from |>iibliL' toil, ur ki)t-«L ^^itli lum an 

li-nt mjmiuruirv, Mr. NHpht&li, DnJdrbud xhv 
ifloft uf i^tnbltHhi'tij; nri iinHV-tnHaii i*vuii' 
^L^llt'^il lulmicij; Uj lilt* Jt-Hh, ill wliIi'Li true 

o|>jjmt«, ^11^ tvliu'la tliry Tfi)|:iit Jjid bv Ihcit 
*tjutn"butif*ii* jintl thrir i'rj*j*rT>, if" thi>ii 

n|^>»i It'll 111* vi-»tn for iho r4-]in4^iiULti^ii 
l^kih^riiig of i^miiLi^ht nnd |Eo<)tv Tnrn, 
iiicWdin); iWliri't M'C']ic!yrir, \Tha iii fnitij 


Mniif}rU» *>f trfntprt Triumpha am^fiff tk* Ji^im, 

niid }civo laul Uici fuundntiotui of '' Tlic 
tlritih]* ^xi-ii-tj fi>r Uii» Pn>[HL|:HLMiiMil' ttit> 
Ciocp^l Anting th« J»ci>-" Amdt hia iiutlti- 

f licit ptirit<mt and |iublr4> tTiipLj;ft^uif*Jtt>* l>r. 
lamill'ri -IftvotiJ nmvli limit lr» lliin Stvioly, 
jmil i|i>lt\i7rn] miiny n^wnrfHl addrfSMAs c-ri iu 
IwliiUf. thtitf nuiiTuhrn^ anJ AtronffthaQing it 
in ita «<u^jer of uncfijlnrm. llown#onft<rf 
tlio Jloimrtiry t^^ivUuin frxjiu thir UijfiiLiiing, 
und i^iidtrul vtAAt* myrvw tovr&rrlit the 
0ii|]irg«mvn1 of iu funds and nsoivoovw 

Dr Hamilton's Lost Words. 

"On WcdneEiiftT, i^nJ n^i^ii; Inter in tlio 
wreck, to hirt Liollifir, Mr. Amlir^v lliiiuiECtJii, 
wLn, fiT>Tii t1i«tiiniT of (lis ixmiovnl ir Mnr^aip, 

wish. Ibit KhuiilJ 4« H'lvio'* Iw llioii^lkt umIijI 

or dMhEr^Ltili*, ;i iT;iriihU'r i^f roiiTi" ■t^nfiTUUintion 
oilwr Ihni] lii» oivih rihiiiiJd lakt part; '1 
Kiivo nlwn^/ ho »^, ^ I*>T*ii llitPHj wLo l'>Ted 
rJio Txinl Jiiii*.* Anil tliuf in tlmttli, mm in 
Ijfn, ho tf.flitl4Kl ih»i his iirTtv^Uti for tlio 

foUi^VCTA of Jn^iih >^rLii itrondtrr tluiTi tho 
limiU of his own dmiomiimtJiiTi, 

"On ihif fTwrnini; (if TlimiMUy, ha !4>ok 
ttttTo of UiK toQ-in>hLV. A Wit Mrchu oVJoch, 
ttio boiir <jf t!>o wc*<lclv |)niyor iii^iiiii^, nftw 
iipr>ukinx trmlfily Ui hrs ihiu^^hlni-r. Mr*. 
\ViLJ;i, Mi'iL Ilnmilton ttvid to him tha 
piiTuphniti^ - 

' WLon hi^t) <ba kot^'viilf tern) 4a itEbndii ; ' 

Alid ftf^mnrdf, nt hm rrigiio:*!, thvj Mng 
Mia. C\>UMn9^ Efl-Autifid inii^phiikMu vf (h^ 
living -mirrlji nf S;iiinirl nnthi'rf^knl. \Vh*n 
thi-v rtv:nj]in.l the liLvt v*t«*, ua if lK<» "ftoriifl 
hjni touchi'J a chord to whirJi In' uinat rv 

fot^^ilt^, ytfl dWn«t- - 

"On F^-idny. lit -^if^kv little. TliwsHyttiptoroft 
were rtvidi^niK rl^^^lval.^^l ; and, thcniflh h»* 
9Li11 Wflro th* aaiitt^ pliifid, uitiont Fi«poct, it 
WtM pltiin tliiit h(> wiut miich dbtrctavd. )n 
Hit? evLirtjii^, n»i). Jr;OtH.i], Ihiuu^huiit (linltiy, 
hp tifid hivoTnn u> iiTVkhlrute. titnl «vvn tbo 
oxHfliiju of fjfxiftkii^g for a tVw moniuntn WtM 
ahnfMl xnoi-o thi\n he eoiiM U^oT' 

" Niwl. diij-, SjilHrtUy, mum {o he Jiinlnston 
«mrth- Ir tha iitoi-niri];, nUt^r nn iiflf«tionat4> 
l'Rf<Tivn('j> tck liu Item Jnint^ thrn abtont at 
ituaodi itk tkvtUnJ, aiid whu Lnd hwu wnt 

fur. \iC rpvttiod to lb« tliroction* ho hnjl jiivcn 
erirlier in Lh«t vn*<»k, nwii^otlnK hU fuiirmL 
On hiK hrft'hftr iTir[MiriTig if hf* hnd nry other 
i^imEi L[i;it hn (Jofamd lo oxpiVH, ho wd, *1 
liH\« not. Hn i^ftrtlilv dnHiTv : mj onlj dntrv i« 
nnon to 1)a jfTAUfln)/ lAter Jti thir moru^ 
iik^ hw httfthoT, tiiiT Rikv. W. JIuiniltJ>n, 
arriTod from Kt«ii(<houiw- He woh ahl* to 
mrotiv him with idl hiA cU ufTn-tton, and Co 
«invr*rv> with him at mtvrvAl^ diiT'lng lb« 
day, 'rowikirU tho uircniji^ h« «dd to hlni, 
^ Tbcr« id OD^ lino in that hjrnn whivh W|ci'^'* 
with ''ITio hour of itiy d»*j?LU^mVi* conw!' 
nliich i?xivtlv dewrihfM mv fo<>hn^ nt ihut 

'I Wrv U» iii:rM nfilhaal * teir, 
Sivi fur ihd fiieijili 1 Imv vtflCHr.' 

On itn bmlhnr itiinindinf him nf hif^ FaLhvi-^j* 
fjLviiiJE'ii'^ vmvo wliidi hif fnviQontij rcfinvUHl 
in tho pnlpi^— 

' JtftEifi '. Uu Tittm flf Tfa* flU* 
HMh ATfrpoAvriTiif 'hjinni : 
1 KarcQ woakl (hI llvatL't wid (vnbnci^ 
If Thoii HBrt Lu uiIUD Bfui 1 ' 

hvt it-plii^d, 'N(\ llmd for|[ottcin li; but Uu^ro 
i* no nold rmtinii*c/ 

<* AboQt Um oVIook, ho gr^v rrLpidly vror«a, 
n^Ci^n «omplwning of opprc7«i>~o ti;|j^cnc9«i in 
hui i-hRtE'. T» Idfl linriht-r WilEiutn he mid, 
' Would yoii f**l tny pulns and toll m* if it 
haa 4toppDd, for 1 foci thcit 1 am sinkiiic 
vi*iT titwL ; pi^rhJi^i*. ui it ii ^ttitijj late, it 
might \to w-i'H fi» h*nil f^^r Hr Wj]]ijiin\ for I 
fthixild ii^t Uk* to diifturh him if howorvonoe* 
ill U^V 

^ A 1ill[<^ ufU'r tbiK 111! tuuk an afr««:liLi[uitu 
fflivwoll of hfA d«utT irtfn, Addin^r, * Thfi Ij>i-4l 
blWA yon nnd kcnp you, and h« «vpr with 
yoii 1' Ui which nhff i-irplifd, ' A* 11^ Ik ^tti 
T01I-' A HWffnt unilo of M>3jfnl lifhlA] u]> 
hit: frnintra as ho uid. "And with y*ni!' 
Aftci- a Bihort inton'nl bo clupal iiu hkEidA 
upon hit hrcoct^ myiikfer, * Uoaoi Loi\l Jemu, 


** Aftt'i' tbirt lic» 4poka littl*, nvo to ivcog- 
nir« ifTikti'fully tbi* Uttlo nttontlonfl rr>ndt<ivd 
to him in hjB f.-xtjnnF wiiiknns '^nd to cx- 
prvm liix iiTith'ty that bin d^r Kif^ Hhoiitd 

ivrit hiift'pr llirtxigh b«r loving ^^^•v> of him. 
Jfy<iiid-hy<k lb* jdiiidoMwit irftlhnnkl ; btit vrilb 
ibvui otUhv till* MiLHr^r, mid carrivd away 
nip4 dnitr wrvnnl t'fi hU nwr, nnd hiA rRwnnl.' 
" H« f^II siAl^cp in Jtviiif on 8AbbAtii 
mcrnin^, Nov. 2ith, At n qnnrtor ptOC 

pnDt«d Ivr iHTiTnt* dirtribBtiaiiK 

W*' ItrJfUh Aii?;Wv« Fi'nit 3W* SttrthrM. 


The Olosing Siimiitudc from Dr. 
Amot'a ■' Life of J^tQca Humilloa" 

Ah In tWA k^ to tfjr WuHii t^ ^i.-'li h j^'nnl 

ofirtch tW ^^iiiiiiinil^, ti-^ ot^t-luitA\ ns th^t 
tirii iDAnV wt^ftlth n-tuft-iTif' U'himl (*> »iicfcnMCt 
tW t»L«l« of hin bi-Jv. Wi' wnldi with 
4oi]WftniiL inte^ivt th» m-ollitij^ of « i^i«ivbii*l 
iDtho «piu^|£ . ^-o iuKunnitt in tha ponuuuoon 
of tlu! full Mowu lIuniT ivliLlt? it W^Uii unil 
«^ B4gfa io .-ULitiiL-wi ulioii it> X^^ry dupftrLs^ 

^-roniKl, and dciKs-itthcuiiiiii pWvof foifcty ; 
nn^l wvii m* tnakr llit' ^'Ind iliaouioi'v thrLt iu 

ftjt- i'n'wv>'*i^ U;e fiiiv'""*"' "jf ^^**' rtw* in 
rliill ^viot.T i|iijn> Ijjiit follif*, *li*'ii wo 
ito IciRg^i- tiiok u;ii»ri xh- living' lower. 
An<t i3«^ on itn !«nfy i^Um. 

Dr. Hunilton en ■■ ChriflUon Unioii:^ 

One nf ihn jcmnt. tfiiAi^lK^ fivhin vhtfrb 

cpnii^ iho ItntUli JkKiJt-iy for tho I'l'ojw^n- 

tiiHl t^ tLf l*o^p:^] cimoai^ the Jew*. M-hicli 

ia as tinMwUiiimi lu tJjt- li^'bt. Ll|l^ miii* 
Kbii Lb4f <li?w, i^Af 1irii.«ri l>iiuiiufi.illy ]ii.i( by 
Dr» llamiKon ia tbi? foJlumi]-- pllAWf^^. 
cxtnctcd froic hi* liitlo WOc, '* Th>? J)t*«* of 

^ tk^vun k Ihv nlHhU of iinCty, a>i1 wb(>n 
tlip ei'tht o( unity c^ini^v inti> ii j^jiiI <?r jnt<j n 
clnirrh, licumvUi fri*m uWve. Thf>UoJtjfuHt'r 
lirinpi it iliiU'tL- IiiiimnI if f.u ikjinb. ni-fnitn 
1wfiA4UL TI141 diviwioiijL nf C'hriftUniih »J^ii\^ 
thfit thi-iv \f Mill ujiuN curnnlily ntiiOTi^t 
ttivm, 'Riu luoo.^ VjIUIiU ii t'ijiisliiih ]>. ih^r 

nuttv H4<tjimii will tic* Imt ; zind tho mc>rE> 
■^intUAl b*L*, tilt inorulovmj;nnilfurbg:inng 
nod pcirtvoouricin^ nre you outc to Hnd him. 
And it u witli i'lnutiun {'uiunniULtiirv^ ii^ wiUl 
mditfldiutl llirifctifth*, Wli^n fiu' tidp umil, 
yoii nmv biL\'<> iiotKCit lun yuu iYLiiihlo<l uloug 
the ii:<k", littb pcK>l>i wilh liitli> Ji^hv^ in 
thitBL Ti>lli(> hliniriji in Micb n }} kiI bi>i Um'I- 
d^|itk of *^lt Vftlsr IH all Ihfi nc^iOi f-^r- iJia 
tiaJ4» bvin^. Ilo hut n^i lii^hti)^ nith bi^ 
iitriglbl'D^ir fthiimp in iIit Hiljju'fti^ fKH^U 
though it iD«j bi- mi1y n fntr inrhiv of inicd iliTiilc ihciD. But whi>u iti« rlfiin^' oc^&a 
bi>j^n^ lij lip uvnr thf* mtirgici iif liU lurkirij^- 
plpK'"-, OH" [ifxil jojiw nniiliipi', Ihoir vhHrina 
tcnnnU UR'irt, ii"J. t-y-HiMl-by, in ("Uir^ nf 
(bi-i^r liUli^ |ml4']i n( it-tiirlint^ HTtlvr, iht'y li^t*^ 
Iliit fxviiii'^ limmdlHij- llt^ilfiMiviaLfii iti, Wh^ri 
iU«< tLd*i ti- oiit — ub«]i iv^i^oii a b}\c — tha 
fiiHUral ikrv t^} th> fcJiind ETiHttlatod, livrc n fov 
jtf>d t.hri'o A firw, i^i Oil' liltlfi t'tHitilliig |jihi1a 
thitt vtud t^o IwaHr hnviiig no OnnJlliff nirh 
thoir nf<if{hbciur« of ih^ ni-ljcauini^ puoU, 
cjltjn^ th«m SoJAftritftTtfl, and fAnuyin^ thot 
Ibnir own IJltJt* nimtniirmn indiidu^ nil thnt 
fn"p prrai'iti 111 GnHrs sifilit llipy forgHl T-t 
h Uiue thut tber« Ib u x^rt tiud i>x|j|iij<4vv 
ocrtLD riiin-r^BVcri'y ripjil?, vwi-y ivthu. 
hriiig" il. iij-Mmi— :t. itii^btii'r <<<irunii]rLbiii, 
own tl]4< i\imnrjnioM itf vftlik(i«. wlikb t« Ii^i 
(^ii^Tilt' n\[ Miiipir rJiiiKiiktnljofkM^iinJ l«(«iioVb^ 
tbo ti>«K^ of .-ill ]i4'r|>, l|)ii KhHhtintJA. tho 
*'hvlAt-bm'r* iif nil dfliifiiniimfiiuifi, 1o oninn 
, togoihor, Whon, Irk* a Hiio-I, th** Spirit flow« 
- iotu the (^hurcliov Hmrcli viJl juiu toiihutvh, 
Ami Muut wilt jcfjji |4j sointi, uud all will 
rojiiioo to find tbnl if th(<Er ti(.t.t<< |kxi|k Imva 

SumbCM) it IK nut br tho ibwrchiti^ v^imuipr^ii 
n>nght. tiortht'Cnfltiti^in of cin-thly tiibbwh, 
litib by iLu iiiUm uf tbiiL IjoLit^dtoiaWA wbowf 
gliid ivKt^rs 1/iiirb oeoi'nify, ni;<i in u'kidt^ 
ninplfi di^pth^ tbo mint* in bui>'cn aa v;vi\ im 
tlif* fninU cii uulh hnvu t\>cm 4'iivii|;h to 
raii;j^. W-^ our (.Oinix'hi'K m* llie KlhTnling 
ftOiiU nbiTi|t; thft iHfliob. witii jiri.t i^mm^i of 
tb"*ir (Hn'iili^iri'lifiiiL'Qt Co k<.-i>p ibf f"-* ijjuuitw 
livi^ij iJnniij: Ihi.^ I'bl^-Lidi.- [lonMl of lUo 
fhiifdrii binliiry. lli:i iJiny f^i^m 11 v*»ryliTJlft 
foUowfthij*, thfl Inrjiftat w but little ; y«l ia 
lbi>ro •trndily flowing; id ji tidt^ nf univcrxvl 
bfi> imd kv^. which* nx it )i|V( In »^^iir Lht> 
niiirKin ^' ''^"' litUt pool, will ».tir it* inhnbi- 
iiinUwith nn unwonted vivwdty, Biid ihfln 
let Ibom loow ia tbo Iflrpo rnnjje of thn 
H|jiritB own itJiumuniiJii. Haippy chiirth ! 
fiii'Oii>)C ilo^n iijuirk tho vtmail ? n«nrwt Iho 
rimiif^ ix'(ru.iiV t^dp? ! Jinppy oZiun<h I vlu-wis 
^^ctAri&iiiBm Ahnlt (imt t^ Pt^rpt awny in thin 
{tiulLd:kl.iDn 1/ b>u* iind joy? — wtwjja* wtn- 
iniinbTi ^b^itl I'lr-tbiMkfoH'h hitoihiit,mm«t 
unil hribwt> And yol roof^t voju^ndi^rrMv^ li 
nil cominunicjt^^— <tho LMininniiLon of ihf* Jloly 
fJh*iPt.1 Wmilil fjiCodUifllohiiivhwpr^nnrH!" 


Tft* ihmiiiiidlun of Ihr. Jerai^ 




Ri)iiATiii It, 33) 'i4- 
'^ AT'hrfnrfif fn pari » happmrrj b\ turftt, uttftl the/i'lnau ff l^r fitiiUUw ^k crnur 'n~ dt't to cA' tr^opj 

IN AuhmiUiii|£ ft fi>w Tviijiirk^ ou ttc* 
DiB>Li until '11 uf tlu* J>fVk>, T liiLvn m'W^iI 
tlincit twrt pti)fHi>rf«« not lii>i!jitii» thny ni« tha 
fuhut pivdictioriH ontliJA mumc^ntatjA iiuittci-, 
but brcjiiiiin thry nro onkcitj): tho Ulctt. Wlicn 
yim tfiLV ihiit IsruiO will vrt Im iT«t*ifiMl imd 
cdiivtii'fHci). und ^uoU' ill ftupport of j'our 
p<«itH:iti Uid TttntAincat prf^iliotiijuii, thi'ir 
forLY ia i'ftcii wikIhI u& m* otlitr pretext but 
Imwiw* thf*y«n^ fuuTuI in flip Ulil TrntJiiin^nt, 
aw \( Uie Ul<l TtiMlHliU'iit \VL."i'0 fiol iiH nnthori' 
lAtivo HtH [hi* N<'W' — t.'i- iiK if tLo Ulii worn nil 
fultillr^l :iTLi| GiiifiliTtl ihi* iu^Uul tli^ Ni?v 
Iwj^nn, Hill \aA\ \iijx r.hi> DM Tf<^f,»]iiMir. 
entirely mit of vifu'.iho iloMtiHittititi <^f Uifl 
JiwH iiiiirbt Ik* '<ri(lKi.^»tly pitluMvd from 
wlijtt Cltiiftt nrii] \uM iusyitt^\\ a[Hih1.|i^ Imvt* 
toUl nv l\n'\ Wi» no Mtri|«ni-ftH hiil Ihn 
(jotfx'b] nii<i Kpistle*, it vifliiM W- ixtii'tnoly 
pTubiMo timt the licuH^ of 'Kii^uli hhi>ul<] Ttll 
thrirolil Mut« iLi^uti, iiml uli^jlutjily i^ra'iain 
thiii I'li^y ^hotilil l>4<('iitrio (Iir* coiikfULiitiU* ntjd 
fn^tiLiriKl pLijHlc i't OoJ ont'o mora, 

llovrevrr, I confuH^ thut I hnvf no dcairv 
tliiiM Ff) UHrroHM.hi* liiOi] of pi'ciHii m|it ion nnil 
pnjajf. I wmiil u*r*t] iJi'-^fi N I 'i^' Tilt Allien t 
frniphf^iivi ill tlio li^lit 't^ Uk< UUI. uitil Hll up 
tlii'wi liii>rn nH'i*»|. liinU fit>m tlir fiiupler 
tiifoi-m^tloik nf iMvlifr prHllrtlrmd. 1 woiihl, 
titi tlii^ ono hjiml, Itfum tnrtr'^ fully nJjut 
Cixr.t piir|i'iM^ IN iinil <'it ihn ijtliri', ivonid 
OHCviitriir; thut tlili |iiuim>m^ '\* mil \'-i^Mii\\*:t] 
— in crtlirr wi«-<lv tlint it i* flodV piirpufci* 
utiU. The New ToHtikmont iilluwtmii In 
Iftrarl"* liMt rctHiTi mv cnr^oi-y nnd few, Imt 
it U vtittngh tliJit Um'iv *mr ulluwoui, M ytai 
p*t ji It'lT*!' fr<»fn M fiiL'rul in InJiJi U-Hiiifl 
tKnt lif« pL'opofiOfi {'> t»ko » joLirncy hciiuo, ciTxd 
fbtin^ tilt* \«iy timt- of liin inti:^mltrl dcpjii- 
frinv iJt*ii"riMng [.hi* hjhIh In- inl^'tulH t*> 
|)iirhijci, XXw IfingllL uf f.imi.H uluoh hi* im 
likt'ly Itf) tiiiry iit aiil*Ji » plurt-* nri^l thr 
tin9^rm4 ^vhirh hi; ko[Hu* lu (j-]iii»irt' i^t mucIi 
nnothpi' |il)irv\ nnd tlio f-lmo \v)nm he linpff> 

t'ftUtjt tn miiin uHfLir ki)iidi Uhh cKViirrt^d in 
thp Tijonnwhiloj jifli uoiiUI ntil pxjiwf. Ihtti 
thifi ticejind ]ott»r«hoiiUl i<opcvtt j^ll tho ifotniU 
fjf lU pi'4^hx^<*Mir. It tvuiiM bo iTEKiiJ^li if ho 
iliil HOT- intiiiinlr nny rhiinpi* vi pl/in-tt 
iTonId bb mor^ thitu rih-tni^h it ho luibdo tht 
iDiitt iwiLinl r^fim*ut*v< U' th<^ «nbjoi?t ^ if hp 
Kiid. foi- iiwtiiiKT"," When 1 Uke mj joiitt}p;r 
ItcimtTU'unU.'* ft, "tXK rvvm nn 1 hU'L rmt ; " 
hchMvtvr Hiiifht Un" ulliwic.nj vivulil kn'>« 
l» cKicct hiiii 4tilJ, And vtUni tUv P^\aie, 
mid Ihvijjb, rmd Ji'ivtiii]Lh> »iid KivkLt^l. and 
IhiTiiAl. ami Mifjih. niiti /n^hariAli, immI 
Mftlni*iii; uhHi tho UM TtujUmput U inll »f 

Jiidnh'*- rr^t^>rptti^"ii i\t\i] rtnu<>r*i</n — uf "11 
till* m^-DinpuTiyiui; nIjiiiA anil ^ii1v<hjiiv]lT. 
oflVrU, it iii i-n<jngli fop ii* If I-nkn^ and Vnn}, 
nu<\ Johti — if the Sew TohlAmont piiimoiL 
vrittribf on niiHllii:!' «iT«nd awl a non 
('im*rp*ucTy. do nnt nii^h-ntcdtt ordiJJillirti' lln^ 
prcM.|]i?rJ4in< mf thwr ptvdnMiuoi'it. U ii^ tsnrv 
thjfcn «iou^h. vrLou i find by fnxpii'ul 
ullutiionH ftnd T^xplicit ^intomi^tttiii* tli^t tbry 
ti44nitir> nnd Mim'fiitTi lUi* whii1i« 

A^>Khitiiiiiif trfiiii nil "fH>Oiihktioii*( T^^rdin^ 
tlic* p-An'-il ivht*n, noil tho (ip>rioi(« by wfiicli 
llw i'i-»nlt jfi ti» l«* broui;}it nUml. it ^>ill U* 
Uift oy<jwf of T.liik h'ctin'**\<i Hhon — 

I. 'rhiit thi* Jnw^ nr9 b> b<i mftnt^ Xq 
thf ir CW'ii Irind; itod^ 

II. TLjit thiy nin lo bci corncrt^H]. 

In lithoi- ^v'lrilu, t.hif iT<wt,inaiinn of Ihfi 
JcwK md"d« Ihtii" i^ofctomtion iind con- 

L It L-t (i<]d"« (Ull'pLWo In lV»LrOl(^ til' pTrWK- 
" Ji*rti»jill^m "huM }»* tixuliV-ti dmvn uf ilu- 
l.ti<ntili<tLf tiU l\\v timi*? of iJic* 4.«Qntdi<Tt be 
frilfilU^i ; " in otlifL" wi>i\L<, whan tlw tii*tiUle 
Wmv IK (jnl, Juriix^Lltuii iJiJilt Imt fiuldi^n down 
no rnoii!'. 

Wh«n Jk vTWkt Hly U ovcrtht^iwn, nrid tbc 

Ili7<t iiiilliirrn! 'if >ii>l-i'inv di'i* aiv«y, it i^ 
'■itlin' qiiMy i*ftbiiill. nnd Tf-iM'fupipilT or 



Meinori^t of Gotp*^ Triumpfm iimottg U^ Jtva^ 

fomken nnd torfiott*n- In «tJieT i^M it 
!■ oiily one f^riki^ration which miTbi'*. H k 
DOW dtj ruie <ui thu iiuTM of ItiD i>IJ. the 
conqneror* mhiI ihp r<i]ri'|tii?rvi1 tuiiinlljr iiltnil 
iDoro or If^t top^thvr. nml in fiom* future 
agfi ihvy till' pi^iDiiifiwii^iy ;in(1 t«ji>ii7e in 
4'uiricmru uci a «uil wbicli ni-^ir faUiui'^i 
imitt^Ml u'ich rill*" *Hf)fh<'i-""* h\"i«\. Whiit 
moilorti ItoLitjKii Iji^k ii thv li'n^t t<ih(>(ii'i r.liiii 
thu ijEnuM «;«>*fi in lh«Hlt«n iih«j^» 1ij>« fijir- 
fHtlifix Mi If* lf]i> ItiiLf;* hmiiiiii>r liny, aiv\ 
hiiigliaili mehI vliMnd, and (houCoL) ; or, who 

Xino-v^h ftnd Bnbjifin? And what fncotion 

gFUcrnl imp^mjuTi of thn nipUticbuly. b 
M!fLPA? of ilrvnTinriH vitlLnnt nity TfiiiHi ttf 
t^ivdornvF^, U cvi^r ndEcrl fou-lh nmonf* th« 
limkt'ii r<Jm'u of l*Ahuyiti. iin4 cmpt}^ rArk- 
th'aU <if t'eliH i! WiipTtJ niv tbr pauple wl«o 
hiiv l\\n U^n^iiM-v rt^N< l'> »il flown aiminjt 
Miicii miiM rLUil rfr<is:iiimiijE i^Tobbiiiih of 

tJuir " [ujuMf in Wt mit'i Ihfiii lUMilntoT" 
Wlu>n> arfl th« old Lnh;ilii&[iU f Tttfiy wptb 

||V> IV Tlitt 1VAi]>l>C rULfX, KJUrLVJ^Q J HILE. niLl-ll 1 ILI 

^*u rjM11?UI IDK tn dJlxTaiUTIOV. 

<>ut (if tho riv«i] ^ilNirtiix wbich Itomnlun oi 
NiiiiuL }h.u\ th*< i^lni^^'Eii^ vEoUm V Tho 
dmin of ilpntity m hvoki^n, *rMl tho new 
mro is ch^ftvi wvonvl frum tJio ol.l It on 
thi' olhpr h:mil, no Tii:vr riLy bi' oiillBrpcl to 
iinsn, if th<i •JiiH'k t^h^Hi AVAr-tiirnc'l itfl wiilU 
hiiv^* uliio JU[i*F*iMi iiH ]m(.|ik», lik** thv 
iihuttcrc'cl Frni^noTit* i>f tlio JiviilaEichi.', lli^jr 
floon mdt Liiid nm UaI htt^uih In ibf MTMiim 

b(>Him in whit'ti Tw' *iwnlm»m OiO iAtnh'Ht 
tljrob af piitHiitic l'<vltrrv: ? Wlmt naLi^n 
]itkj'A ilf> |jU{{ritijiigL* Ui thi» iiwjiinpy iiilM of 

not ^KtMrtminnt^, and yet thisy h^m 
Yiini:>lt«iE. Mi>i)f^l in xhtt nntlonB, uid 
mutiifilLy c«inmingl«clf l^tiv ir ivk ptvoipibklo 
which cAn 4laoc4n|K>o tliciu and fciiin^ tlmn 
out tn their ot-iifiiMl <1i^tiucliii-n;i ngiiin. 

Tbi? hoCIMI is llnm^lHtjh; ImiI Un n|lC< f«d« tilttt 

the liouMs U hUp HO no niiui nionnu it* ilMhl- 
ticiiiH Uut (hci-Q in A city wLow (<aB> in (|uito 
^HKuUfli-. i'd|itort<<h r3ivni:e(l, kmit, rai:^ 
iu lb».' fuuiuhLT.ioii,*|infii'oji|*ci,<«i-rii-.i cnpUvO| 
Ha "l»>ii('itt*J (-itizf^tiji *olii in ^lurviy. And 
fiirJmJilon by sororrat pcnftltiun t*j vinit their 
niitive HCtttd npiia ; iJiuu^'b i-i^btjwn lyiiiinHm 
hjivrt ^ukMHHl^ hmI fttmn^'oni «ti1] Imtii it* 

7^ Df^intitiovi ft/ tA« Jeum^ 


hallowM wnL biml dly U htilL tlin inn|rii«t 

of ihatiy iivnvtet. imii LLUnkf*!!* fnim tint a to 
timn {Hiftg-i of u.t Itijvti c-zQOlion iw whon it* 
foil M»H rtfuiit. Kvcr atLiI iviion, nrnl from 
All Uio wiiiiLf uf Lf'^ten Zkni's i^iilml f^hili^rtm 
mmff U> vifcit hi^r, urul with t.^yt^x woi?|ring wirt ' her ^vii|»whoo<L No city y^-an ever 
hcinmjroi.[ tlixis Nine rlec reepivcBinlprini' 
Bgw of fiftWti^m inmx t\w fifiiHtli t'O"*""*" 
Ikm nf its oiitwiJit c&jjiU*. NoQi* Oik<» nfWr 
OMnt\inQ» of dt*<pi'tfi/}ri fiotild »( Uk> dnt onll 

wUb-wiuiiliTin^ r^milv- N*>T>e elw hfwi 
pOKMMiwid Ji hpcU fiMflinent U> Ueiep in x^- 
iDokfft ro|;iord, nnd in the fitco of Mm 
mifllliliMt itidiit<i^ajent&, iU [loupln Mill 
ilixtlrv'i;; ivni) nono but iistAf mn tmw bn rr- 
tutopl^ with |M-fi?cuwly the nana raco whieb 
loft it n^ru'lv two thoiiNiotl yoti^ ano. Thi' 
rvufion uf tliiK nutiitiiLly miifit lie Nm^Ut. tiut 
in JvtriJjuilwii. hilt in tW |tiir|K>M'H 4>f UurL 
"Tor» ftro two fmnilmr tuH". TUit J*^wa 
■till iU*tinfC, arid tu ihc Jt't^fl J^ni'^iltui 
10 (Iviir. WliHt IH UiM f\nn\ mijMt- — |,]l»< 
Dii-ino nviwn for th*>io flintfubr fiii^ < Why, 
yihm ilU oflior flcaitoifil Tmlionfl mix nuA 
t»in>:)o — why is it that, llko niii^litliA in jl 
foriuuin, iji- anilHT ilcmtin^ on thi> mw, tliin 
|iflfijil*, *hjikuii hithi*!- und tliitbiT, atP found, 
'ctfh'r nil tlinr itjminpi and jjmil(liii(f>., 
"Slpniiitc iiml immiM'ibli*? Aud ivliv. n^iJir. 
Uriicn fV»-ij- othi'i' fiiiMikm liiy nfur im ii^i^ 
«f iwn Li fi>rij(ktfiHii !)y iU |*'.iple — why biiH 
JontRnIeiii riitiML f-tron^ iilHoity fcir itj^ outcuat 
pupiiUtldii, tbnl tlic tiLy ivI'iikiw ntiy utbei' 
purumnr-nt ii;1i]iltitAiitH, nn<l Uii^ rtM inlmbi- 
tniiu rafufla any oth^r HoUJeil Jiomo T Why 
tTmc bbGutolouih And mutunlty miuiibin^ fnotj?, 
unlow duel lijtJi imni* |iiit'(iiihi» wit^b l.liti i>\m-^ 
mid writli tliv [Hv^pjo, nr^d nnlAu i,bd |iLTft> 
Aod th«i people ba^^o }a\. uiiuctliin^ to do 
with Qu« another f 

TliiM |ilVMIlil[rlK»Ii hm'imU'M itr uK-^idiitr^ 
cflrtflinT.y wli*'fi we tiiriNuIt tht* Diipo Woi-d of 
proplit*oy ; und, in oitlor not to co&fn^o your 
idcfiA mid oppi-cFH your moinoricfl vritb a. 
luultiliid** of (pitilHlkin's I wtmM by way of 
■pfinturn )bp|o<-t til*- foIVmiiig Ibrfi?: — 

" lo that <Uy tbcKi hliall bii ft root t>f 
JciHQ, which ^hntl M.jiiid fur mi eii^ijfiL iv the 
(ftoj>lr : trfi it '■hsill iihfl fJflTfctnps nf*»t: and 
Hi" lY'it 'huli ln-plorioiifi. And itihull coiiio 
t-> pAw IN ruAT I'Av. that tho hoitl nhnll wr. 
Ih* bfmdn^iiti fcbu .'wond ti nji? tuitxinortbo 
iiiinriAnt of llih propk, which Mhiill bn left, 
fcftm AKHyi'in^ and fiom Epypt, nud from 
PnthroH, uT>d from Cripb, nnd from Elnin, 
nnd fioiji Shiiuir. find fi^riu Jljfumtb. »iid 

fitmi tlie iritttndfl of ihu ton. And ITi- xbrtll 
m^i up Rti i^imi^i for iho nAtioiic. luid vhall 
nf^uinblo the outciutA ut' IdHi^l, &iid gnthor 
Uijfi*lhr<r Tihi! dinperwd of Jtidnh tvoiM t-bti 
four mniH« »^f lhe*ttrlli/' 

" Kcjv I wdl tnk^ yon from uioon)C tho 
lieiibliMii. nnd ^^atbirr you ociL of AiiLoouijIiricA, 
und H'ill Vririi^ yrjit iitif) yi»iii' own lurid. 
Th(^fi will r hpE'KikUi HoAn KnU'V xiiK'U yon, 
and yi> fchHl] l>o<dcau» ; fi-om atl vonr tilthi- 
nc^ jLud fiviix Jill ;oiir iijul^ will 1 ilttatiKi^ 
yon, A nnw hpurt atsn will 1 ^vb ynii, sind 
iL nou' ipirit will i put witbtii yoti; aM 1 
will tftko nwny tho piltrny lictiit out of roiii- 
UvkIi, Tind I will i;[\d youixii bcuui cf ^IciOl 
And I will put My Hpirit within you, nnd 
OLiiK^ vou to wulk lu My cttntntn^, niiii yo 
Hhnll Kv«p My jiidpct'iitBi atid tTo them. 
-Inrf yfsfhitU tfvyeli iii- l/tr 7itml ihut t f/aiY fo 
^fin/rjfti/ttfi/ r\7uf Iff tihrtfl fiit Mif f*"'jii.f. tmd 

■'Th'*i'(.tft»r(^ "hiill Zioii for your nk« La 
plr>wpd jjL a flHld, HEid ■Tr'nit«li*iri hIuiM lnviinii]* 
lii^ps, iiml F-ho inniintain of Ihe bouAi> r44 tha 
Jii^b pldOC!^ of tho foiiwt. lUtt in t}i<* Innt 
dayr> it nluUE coiult to pofcs tlmt iJin mimntviJrL 
of thv. bcHiMP of tho I^iril ftlmll \wi rHlJiMinhffri 
ID tlu.> top cf tbi' mount/kin^, uml it <Uall ho 
rxaktid nbo^-o tho. hill^; nud p<*op]o iboll 
iTow unto it. And mmiy natijUB shall Lv^mo 
Hiid H&y, <.Vi]iki\ Aiid k^t Dh g4i n]i to tlu^ 
iiioEintiiin of thi> Ixtnl, A,nd |i> the hoiiH^ uf 
IlioUodof Jacob; and lU'willTcnohiiHef Ilin 
wiiy^k ami AC will ^"Ik in M\> \mt\\x . fur 


MatiOi-Us of Oorpd Triv-tiv^ .amint^ Uti Jcwn, 

J woiiUI oiUy further niinnrli* tliat nffron- 
oblv to ihtrfic pL'ophHioA, no iifitjon tiim ISerii 
nlIi>Wrt) to M^tdfl in Junimlftm, U bw nil 
ittcinp bcoD '* tr^d'ti^n duwn " of the Gbmtitn : 
btit no aav tot of tho Gi^titilcr. hiia bc^ii 
nllowcH to trtnd ib li>ng tiim* lof^tttm-. It 

Tui'krt of iW Ktlmician iiici.\ iLi* E^^tiau 

will K^irt kn*, liAv*» r^iAt fw Ui0 IT* 
Cit^. Ami |H»>Mifuni| tt nil by Ciima ; hut 
ii^vor ftTiv <<l Oiotjt tidon ablo to luwp it Ittng. 
Ami vrliikL hi t1iHr i<tni|r|i:lf4 for ito c^i*todyi 
^th« Gr»[ilm liAV<* tnnJilnM .rerHnnlcfm tlawttf 
tho porwctitot] poopto who«u it v. awnit tci 
cnlm (unumiec the day vhfin the I^rii hia' 
rtolf [ihAll put them iu pDriM'iiifl] pcwvwiioD. 

IjioiGing lo thi^ prfvwiil bitijj^iitil &ntl 
with«T«Kl aipvc't of ihv coiiiiity, it uiuy Ih^ ft 
tjuwtiurt with sotnr whoUi^r i\ titorftl lywtorii 
tiou tM VaimiuM viwdd bn u blo^odu^ tu 

OAUUJ^ 19 TU UilLI t^SV, 

mliphfl A uocmd ilme^ tlio MAmuUitw, nn^l 
tbi^ Tui-Ii# <»f tho Ottoman mo»." And l>y 
tliU t^'wioltB^ charign cif inrcupiinls, il Iillfi 
Iwcti vupy plainly hiiiT«<l thrit rill wi'iv iii- 
tn»Lvn [xn<J unitrpiiiv> Aiiil tlmC tlio riu;Mli\l 
nviior Iijut nut y«t nppwii-ud; ^o tnurb m>, 
thnt I ^rmitly vrr If It bv not lljti foiivicLioii 
of tlitf pren^rit [>oiih(hihOrA^ I^h^iCIi Krunk UT\d 
Mofnltrtn, ibut tlioy i^ki iIlo iirrriuf t-fintf-'f, 
wttiiit" thrro J*y MiifTi^TAnpo till th<* wviy l*o 
rf'»ily for Uu> rvitMrn i»f U»r flrniTitriil kn'iln, 
UiiHhtlarn* find TnfidH*, Hipiiit* nnd 

Joint. On l)\M. in\t<^\(tn vp ilopm tli* pw>pl« 
thcmiwlt-»* ibir bent Jii<lge«<, and ii thoj 
dwirt? it, it intmt b« » blRw^intc — >^ bltNuanjc 
liiwivimH tli^y iliviirtt it Thn ((iMtition witb 
thi- «xilA iri not nbotliof hb tiutjv* luii or 
liLJi pinro cf lARiAhmniLt be tho fiiirtvft and 
uittHt fruitful, Imt ;ill ihn i^ucdtion if% how 
Jin nhnll gr-t A^JWrf. lliiL iiiJt*jn?iiileiitJy <if 
tilts, Pftlwtiin* bi " ■ gWKlly Uml." It« 
intrinsic maom-M* nre fnr from dl«piciiUo, 
ntiil its imwition, nilntivnly to other laiidh, 
pL^rbA;>« tho most itd^'niirri^>itf< in tlie wui'id. 
^prixid oDl bcnMth a tky vfhoa^ 

jlYtf Df»tinitii<t%t /*/ the Jenfe, 


imutb tiArve^tri lJnkrL0^^'l1 in mot-v vtnmt 
And chilly nliotov, UlIoMiild iiHtnl to In* u Uml 
of f^nit^'tly miLhu: Atid luu^ ]iier». In iLohv 
rogiorift whi'Tv rKi* nir In «lijgc1iJir life lh 
dull, nud m«n ^o thtiir iwm'k ia tdoiit-ri. Km 
in licnllhfiU cliincvt, i»lla-iiLli- i^nn^i-gy ih 
ndutuJnnti And \hv jiniriiii] Mpinttf ovortloM', 
aikI tltt ppodi^rnf i'K««* of iifo unfl |*i*wir 
r0»|ic« in jojon*. ^IjanU nnd T\\rahlo umvo^ 
mouU, in liMpini; and dunfinn, in mctoily 
iuhI nmg- Antl ju>t m ^i^tiii infrr. init umn* 
from SIh Ion;; Tivrrv-tlicnu f^uy old " grnU' 

li<i|v^r«" Hum irvm iU uiorry dnfford* 

a hhiid of b]\-okB oT i^AUr. of fountajno, njul 
Jt'l>r1» llmt M|ii'iii^* rnit <»t' vnl1r>y^ mill tiilbt ; 
a Ilk I Lit of i^'li«»fi liiid li:L]-1o}^f bud vini^ and 
Ti^ trOOP, iind |>>EDi>i;iMmi1cv, a LmiiI <ji oil' 
liUt e uud livn«y.'^ Tli<^ luii^; diHiIuiioiiB }i»ve 
drlAcl Ltp mnn J tif ttA fmintAinK, hlikui^tfl EtA 
viiiftH, u'l'l I'ijt-ily thini^fhj iu li^-tre^ ; Imt 
tho W»4lj11 nuti'n»jrh 111; iho Fni|;niTit diflW 
rif <~^nu«<], ftrid fiUcf Klopk iilKii yii«li]>< iu fat- 
ncbu in CiflChaf^mnrii*, Tin* nitTilna nntivud, 
and moi-D I'lilhlm^ (tmnpiii«« hnva ni^t bomi 
ihblo to cxtci-niiuutc tlic ccdni^ of 1i«lxinoii; 
Kyi^nmciiTu ijniw Ijj tiji* Wtiyvjitln iw Vfliun 

ZutrcllCtllE cbLULbtTCll up to CIttoh IL |;lLTItp«0 of 

tbo illiiftti-ioAu Almtifri^i- ; aoJ th« Arnbiim 


-^t— . 

wsrvr CARMiu 

'Uad, AN you aiuy ^aih^y, ijot'iiii^ro 
frrtm tJio fi-n(HH'iiry rif (oiiiw£>n> an<\ liifupjuit 
nmon^ lu puliiikrokt, tlian Uotn tho nlnm- 
ilnnco of its jKipiiUr roiiLstrcW rvud dnily 
tuiwc, Umti Palutitiu wiut a clitHirful nvd 
lodubriovirA EaiuI. F'ltim Iho mnlrnn nt llie 
walli to th(« wiLtchiuBTi on thu wnlli;. —from 
tbo stnun tliHb t^iahod x^iili eorliul apring, 
to tliQ tliouL wLIlIi duMvl Lliv viiiliLj^. ihure 
V0r« tnkATm Lm«i[iiiviit^l iif l^fo in itK kiiii- 
itMn^<, niiil ifL>'pn'ri.tif<h in itH nir Ai\d 
ptjkiL|w rtotliiti>£ I'H-ii «huw tin* cliui^'b mi?[^ 
iM>l«rniil> thnn lluvt u likinl umw mi vuc-hI 
■thould 1w H) «iUnt [Lcnr. Anri ld^ it whm k 
fa]»brioi]iJ, iJo it wi^ n f«HiJo land. In it«t 
bottvduyit it niw ^' tht' gniiloij iii tho I^nl, 

i^iUlLiM hin Will Iii>ri<r4itkk tLc Torabintk l(k*> 
luV fntlii.'J AUihljuTti wlinn AUfub vUlU<i! biiu 
ftf, Miimrp- Tlio nJinonfl-tni** ficiiErisliLW i^lwig 
the Ji)r<Ui], and likt^ il pyniiuid of ntlvfli- 
doiivta thi'QKiiro of n clotHiJtirt npnng, ftT*n 
ii> when ktn i;lu<l t^igiuil uimoimtw) ho tlio 
yoiilb "f JnJiili the wintw pn^lr, iind it* 
fiiicu-y blcjiwiuu otL bikliofB bmnchftii rfiTnindod 
the aionnrcJi-priNwIiop tbjkt liiK own nlmond- 
tree avouM -uifm Iw flimiuiLti]^, Jei ichi wm 
tin- city of jiiiliu-tTViw in iIia ilnyv of Mcfiea, 
Thi> paliu IwtvTOof Jt*rirb« <«TiwtQi3 tho pnT-h 
of the IViiice ijf Pimocoii tho inily tiiumpb»l 
jinKT^mion tbU wurkl nwr ;fJtvi" liim. -Toik-bu 
IK t\w eiiy ot tkHhii-trf>^ "ill, T[\v int^ 
wb<»*j Uin^vi^if f«lijfcp> ^pnjnd n. mrmpy of 
^ruvn uvur Jei'MKili.'ui t\i ciicIj Fwmt nf 



MiTftioriee of Gwrpd Trlumpk^ anum^ the Jeirw. 

And v\vii thtw? huukbtrr gWic^ tif thi* ftM, 
whii^h iti) gi>t>d1y lunil mn a'unt, Tiiny dill Ix* 
r«4^tgTLU(M|. Sbaran bnn not lo>it itn r«&. aiul 
amonfc ibe liilb of Colik'** jou ttill may 
giptli^r tLe Kii^ieouH niuni'yUi??. ilrttviKUiiil irf 
tlio*j* vGty liup* lo wliif'h the TJiiiiii- Twicher 
point«<J on© Htituniii ovijriinK I'i^'htt^iii htm- 
drcd ycAre A^tT, jvEi'l biulr> isih JJKipli*? *'<vi]- 

tnptiiTV of thr^ .JftlifioTw .>lniir nhich )i|»riiTJg 

of nifilon-i«H)di And vt rewarded wiUi th« 

Ulunl <]«UcJOllB p;-ik|li(70 id tha vrullJ. Tfco 
iiioimtAtn ruigiH 14? the north iiiivfeM^'n^ 
A! whaii tha biilU of llAithan nt>lrxl on ihvir 
tjnppin^ tJDp<WT. A nil th« very lhi«tli*- 

flhnn that r^br^ia plftlnn nre o«|iHmM nf _\i»<lil- 
iD^ ttg^in their hMpt^cir com. I» i-h<*ri>, th^ 
Lci^ liFi'H orjiy tv ttirn Umt captivity liko 
HT.ivAiTih in till' ^itlh.tjjflll tb« chniiniil of 
that liry nnJ fhirkly Inn*! *-ilh thw *tnyun nf 
ifjj 3'otiirtiinj; pi>| mUumi, in cidrr lo rlotlic it 


wL*ii tht loDg-lookoiI fcH' rftinfl hitd i«vivpd 
tlitt itiH^liNiiy and oilier H^tviiUx] flnwf^m. 
KaA«e1^iiUt wan ohAnnod wtth Uil* jajfiiiii:o 
nf PitLo^tino, & tiMvia] circunxwtan<7L\ wt>rv it 
notthiLl n |>ru|FLH-y of uiJiny jl ShWcvt JdwihIi 
homn nn^t riiiikl ilu'»illiri^ jimiv bu HTiFuldoil in 
that tlowor, lUtX whtii v< evonomwnWy ot 
inv nioi-o momirt. lOiudflt i^M ttp rwkltf«ui'hn 
of it* tmiNpUiiy invmli^i'M, aiLi.1 ;tI1 tic nf- 
w>nn'i>h-sf p(]vctt,y uf lU Ht>ji.'t'l rTiltivat*"! >. 
iljO lH>li ^IVOA tiyi]||lt>JLUti of it« oxiilv['>iiit 
fertility^ Tho Wv bovi <»n tbt* »(*'i'i'*'*iM 
ncralcJ^n llin uiflUJcl und llin^e in n luindful 

cni rWTiy fiilu with tliu ftriiti^y unJ ^loriea uf 
iiTi*<X|iwL»^(l MiH'ing. J/*l but tbn wwi of 
Ju.'ob ]>eopU it f\ncf inor^i, ar^ii iu pa^urt* 
will Im> olothffil with llockh, and tl#i vAlLoyit 
will W cnvei-pd over with ooiTk. And vrliibcL 
tlie little hills ^Tiilt nn rvrry Kido, thn p^opla 
that went favth voqting nbr;!! doubtitn* 
Fj+jnin rejoicing. 

Thei's in only otid cjrcmuuitancR mum 
whii'h 1 woiilil mpntioTi in thitt connpid>Mt, 
It it that Ihu gcLigi'Tiphical ponitioii of Prth-^- 
tiiio will muku it now Fm' more important W 
tbn pt!cplL< who puu«B& it ihiui it vTcr vmu 

Tlif Dtnifnation of tftf Jmt^. 

liEffor^, fit\ fx<rLiiirk»b1y sttiintod i» it| tbat it 
t'crmrt IhiT liH'i^^ bct^VHU Iau i^autilioutv, 

^iim ATi^l th« wrwli.1i (if Kump«>^ ^'Shia, anri 
Afncn ciiri(K>Ti«i.til luto Hinglo pointk, ^Alvriinu 

AdcI viiili iAii!. aiiiit/itjf; fficilitktt of niuJirrfl 
inti'rrvniru, nut] thA pm(Uj^i(»iifl ^vt^nt nf 
modcrrrk troftic, it iH not t^iisjy to cdJtimiLto the 
omnmcreiii] ^lUFidciir la ^>hl1ich A kiiifctloiii 
luAT utLiiri. jiTtkiititl ji> it w^n on tlu) voiy 
nji's ol ihi* wh'ilo woi-ld, — ^wilh tU thtcc 
oucitiiicnro iipj'fml oiit lienfuth it* foot, and 
witb tho IW Scft on iiniT lyiln to briii^ it all 
till? v^Mfrii tiiiiMiriv nt\ii t<jttiy lm^^'(■J't^ r>f 
th(> hl^iKt, iLiul iho ModitoitikXLoim ttontiDg iti 
on U»(> oibtr m*i<4 olUJie nkill, ftcd ctilerprisei 

ori^itiul trniiPpiiBbicin they xt^ti n^ndfr n 

Tbcjk' kiiVD wi^jtjg id«iA of sill, f<q^ tbcy ffliicif 
tliat thi< roKth, nrid [jrny^is nud tv^rit uf t\tP 
dmivr O'Lii utane (or iiMiitU nffei-^ to tho 
almighty Muje^ty nud HUtci'ftlHDg Holiocn* 
o( Uud. Am) tbf<y hnv^ ^Mfuig iiictui of 
(}t^ btmwif ; fnr hi* fvmftEing gift of n In-u 
forpvfTiP** w tori inrx^iftciHiit for tbtni l« 
r^o^ivfi It, Hii4 the conrlcflconsion of th* 
i*cti of Ooil ill cijmJNc <lowo uiid *Sy'nig io too 
dWtijft fiir Un*m to Ift'Jit'vt it. ]f tPin .Jhwh 
hml I'i^bt vip^vt of tbu luw ol Uod, of Hin, 
and iliiT t^ftviour, tbcy wviLild hv convrrrted. 
\Vr bMirvi^ Uiut tbn ^pii-it i>t (.KjiI will ifivei 
UiBin i««ioh xivvtit vMt l«ni|j. Kilt wbctbflr 
tbi*jr oonvondon iit ti> |ircooao or nccompany 

vm* .^1 jrtiriii.rv Jini* imrKT jtioK. 

nnd krmwliidifo nf ij^e \Vo«it, For tbt* Mike 
of bi^Wr rndK it M»<'iJiP, tin* jnii|irtto of ikid 
to mnUii tho Jhsly Jj^ntl h mmt <<f iiAtiotkfL; 
nnd by briD^liJ^ tbn fortTA uf tbo OntliTv^i 
to J<*runjiTnJu to «iid blowing of 
^l>rjihmii luijciig tlio lr»ntibfi, 
' il. 1 now pflflrt on to priWD n pomt with- 
out whioii tbo rosUiriiLion of tlic Juws wimbi 
!» u lil<v»,irif,' iii*ith<*r to tliMiisoivw nor t*t 
tho woHi!. 1 jEtiin tJn?ir ponvt-fBion^ 
Tiioi-ft rtti.^ ML.UH* things frotii which tlit 
Johh i|o not lifMil li) Lb t'oiivi-rW^J, t,^/., 
tbfv »ni not idolnl^itis iiiiil d<j in»t neeil lu tn* 
turned fruai tu^ii>:c u^or^hif^. TJh-v jh(- lwlt*r 

tb«II flOTJl« (MlU-hI L']j{ l^iLilLlI^ ill lUU i(?«|^ct. 

But they wro *elf-nj;lil*KnTh, They h«ve 
m™n tdu[i> of G(hI h holy liiw, for tl.oy think 
thftt mth hcatU ikiid ^Au^'- tfUL-itcd by th« 

or fiilliiw thi-iT' rmliinitioFi. oi' luLJini wbrtbfsr 
wnoe <ff them luiiy not lio n^nvortj^l lioftirn 
thu LMwUT-vtion. and Iho nnmindcf aftoi' 
woiil , iind wbit /irtf lo hi^ the aenncito 
AniplifyMi, u'fii-tlipi- Ihtn-n U t*> In? " second 

aMiiiBl upjioiinn^ of tho Son of lii>l 
urohniiil, or *vh';tbi*i' tho work of their 
Ci^tii v<'i'«<i[j is Ut \m couAUEiuiiBtvd ftolflly by 
tho plpntjxnm ontpoiirini; of the WpiHt, 
without TrlioM? ffox'kinp tho lirjdily piorioron 
of tbr t^on uf <toil noM i^rtko litlio LT1lpl'i^^ 
Kioik tin t'oiTU|<L bmimiiity : uijd wUotiKit tho 
tiiiit> irf now fully ooitit ; tb»«H i|U4>j.tioixft 1 
do mit nt piirrotit dinuun, mi liOmo of thiin 
hiiviii^ fvimvd j^o conalutiive jud^rmcnt^ and 
hvc!\ it^^ti (lit n.\\ iif tbt^Eii >oii will Diurtj iv^idily 
i.t>itiv to H dfiLLr lig'ht uEid :<annd foticliifjjon if 
you bo timt fully |Mjr>iindcd of thv ttkct tbAt 



Mmtim 0/ Ootpalr Trinmfh* wiMfV ^'^ J^'^- 

in the formrt- injitnnro, 1 |iT(<fcT|- i|iintiiitf, 

*'Thii*rtith the Irfird of Host*, It liliull 
y«t come to pa*n Ihftt there ^ihall wimo 
jjfojilo, am! tlii? iDbikbitaatn of influy citici»; 
uiid LiiQ iuhuhitauU uf uuu vit\; ^hiill j^ tL> 
(tnoT-hflr, Hiiying, T>«t lu gr3 ppLvdily to pmy 
b«f<'tvi Ihr l^nl, Olid %Q -^vk tlic J^oi^l ot 
Ho^lff ; I rvilL tfu aLnj. Yni^ Umli/ |ihi[<Io 
»iiil hLJ^iiiE iLJLiiLiriK Muilt n.iinv lo wvk ^hl1 
Iaiv) of HnitM in Jt^i-iD^nl^tU. und to piity 
hclotc tho Lord, ThriH i^iiith iLt^ liortl (.if 

thJkt t4Tn men kHjiU Likp 1to1d, out of lill 
TaiiL'unffM o( tho nn&ioriK ■'^'«i »^J»ill tftka 
huld of the iildii of htm thf^t in a Jew, 
m;ruit;. We wiU go witli joii ; for wv. limvp 
L«ard tbAt (!<kI Ih with voit," 

VIO Till. 

" AaJ itiihjiUociuio to paiw in Chnt dAj, 
that 1 will hvi^k Lo dcBti^j/ all tlic liia^mH 
t[uit coiaa iii^niimt Jt-ruMitviu. AiiiJ T will 
|ium upon tW li Hiivid, und upon 
t-[ie ifdi»bitnnt*i of JtruH4ilt>iH, the t<piHt of 
Ki--if»*»ir»iUu[iplimtioiiM; uni! tht^ .<hJill Ifiok 
iit>oii Me whom th*>y han* pi*?n'i"d. [ind tliry 
*Wil Muuni for Him, (ih imo nfiiirin'th for 
hi* oTdyK>ii,uad tihnll bo in hittoniiwB for 
iUin, OM ono thiit ia in hittcnicatf^ for hib lil-sl- 
b<in». In fihiiL d/iy .-«)ui1l thi^jti )tt» n pt^iit 
luoHiiiJnij in JiTUNiTr^n, fu tlio inomrjin|f oi 
Hitihidriminon in tlic vuUoy ckf Mf^-iddnun 
And the kfiil tiliiill mouiti, cvpj-j fimilj 
af^jirt; the runiily of ihe hoijue ijf Tlnviil 
iipjiii, und thfir i*iveH Bjmrt : tin* fitmily of 
ili# JtoiuHf of KuthuiL ikpnH., JtijiJ thdr wivfH 
iipurl; the fnmih iif the ho<i"<? of Li-vi 
iipfti-K and thi-ir »*ivi>. ;(|i^ii't ; the f»tmly tif 
f^himiii i(.|(jirt, iiinl (hoir wiviw Apart ; uLJ tho 

fprnilioit that rauiAjnT ovory fjuoily bpjtrt,AU<l 
thoir wix'oi up&it. In that <Uy then sbiUI 

]>o a fijuuiiiiit upDtitd Ut tb« lioiiAO of Duvul, 
and to the tuh'iljilnriLH of JerLntulenif tor hUi 

^* For I vrouJtt not, bit'tlirciJ^that yc aIiouI-I 
Uf i;L:<ioiaii t. uf thtn mytljery, Itvil ya ^buiild 
iHJivlHrt inyiiitrowr^nmi-^ltH; l.hnt hliiidtiei^ \n 
pnrt i>- lutpfWQ^ Itk JHnu>3, iiiilil thti ful'MM 
(jf tW Ci«iitiV> \>v ixiiKL« ill. Aud Mj ull 
ImiuiI ^hjtU hiT h4\t'i], . , Tlii<>^ ilIh:i hftvn noL 
beticva^, thni throiifth ymir mt*vcv thoy nljki 
niny obtain mcrey. Foe UoJ hrtth concluded 
them aII in unbelief, thnt ho might hjivo 

itut 1 fold that £ would vol b« dotnff 
jufittcc t<o luv HtihJLHTl if 1 vndcd htiv. I 
(loubl not liiiil thoi Jtiws nn la be tha 
fKiHWP««*i-*i uf Pnti^ttiiK- rtHiil tht* |»w>pl« iif 
Ui>l1 ft^Aiii, Thih 14 Iheir iti^.irifttfoT] ; hut 
thiH U not alL \f wan truly Hkid id tho 
itjjviiiujf hvtm-fi. '"Thr .h'vi* ]KrAWt«* iio pi*- 
■ijgndvwi for theHiM'h"i^>i. WhaU»p«r Jm- 
munition nn-l dinlmofiopK th*y ^njov, tboy 
holtl for the worli," So ia it witfi their 
dtrttiniLlioii. frucl hofi gimt thin^ in Mtore 
foi' Nnif*!, for hi* hn< i;(xv<Mi. thia^ in ictoim 
for liU miuilicd. And to uudorstund the 
deHtiniblioTi of tho Jewe 3^u mijnt go back to 
Uiis dti.y of thi'ir oi-igitml W!gttngHticm froro 
Mil* iiHtiou-v, Oitid »«n1l tfOil*H prvituiiio to tho 
I liaTdttivii hbopUi^rd^ ^' in thcu und ia iby mwd 
^liidl ri/f (^ fatitiira v/ iJtn mrt/i hs bltnod.^' 

.A pitimiH^ Hhvftrly incht 1>MLint«0LiHfy fii1Q]l«d 
in thp '' ono " MWd, " thnt u f'hrinC : " till * 
inTiniJRi whoMo lii^hfui, tvi pi-ophocy itmiittt iip^ 
iiii< fnj' from 1>nJiii: (rxlmui^tn] yvL Flxnu 
iMiiitht nnd Z«'h»rinh, find l*J»nl, it i»i vftrv 
phvin thiii l«riicr>i rpitorntton in to ho tin? 
world's e I ovation : tliat Iflnkcrp iTii^theriiij^ 
is, t/jt i-A>h»iidv Hitli tlio winld'fi iji-eni hArv«v<t- 
ho]iii>. Th<^ir tnW wnt h bh<wifi;f to n Ebw of 
our Ui^ntifo fumili>w ; thi<ir rinin^ a^n iu 
tiheir fiihiw* will bi.^ u b!«f«Tifi to tho vholf-, 
Uow il^ umy fnuilut^ it" fiiJU-fiwlof hleHiin^, 
I invriTiot tT'li ; but, witli Hfhls help, mny 
ijfli^r ihn loUowin^ hint* : - 

I. Tho irnlorittioii nnd ocnircrsioh of tho 
jRWh will \ai jhtiikinti (nct^ WtmtJi«r 
ptWtffd in thii iiiorci r^i'iUnnry wnya, or, am U 
PilmtJi-t <H.<rtnio, with mimdo^ intormiufclttil, 
t!io iL>MUt will bo nbtmdEintily i«markalilu. 
H K iioIj p|-ubah]r. Munj i^ tliH JrWH f«ttP«>r 
TLt ihv dei'diit fxjitH'liitinn of tlit'ir hi«throD, 
that tht*y vrtll yi-t bo pliicitc-id ho of old tn 
f'uK'atiJie. Miiny of llk-iu ^unlv ;it tho iduA 
iif B. n'hl*^t':itio:i, !Hiiii]dy ttcraUMf vUi'VV jiro 
t-nch hiiHlianc** in iho way, Vwy woil 

The Df^ti'ttfitwn of Ui/s Jttm* 


AV hen the lYntctmlioix tibkcn jiUns it n ill hi? 
h11 ihc iiion* »nml(^r'f(il. '* Whc*n tlm l^ml 
tvinH thu ci;plmty of Ziou^ ji'ou uill bu liko 
ibc-m tliat tlru^m, Vour ovim muuth •vriiV bo 
lllln] with Uu^hter, uml it vLll (w suid among 
tjifl U<*^tii*»K, TW l/ntl ?mth flohw g:!!*! 
thii>gM tov theiij. " Thu vvi'Ut \a x\mI urobublo, 
Ycm tlo iiiiVi «ktl «>pfct if y^uivi'Ivce, iwd 
diiuiy (WmrilH* lIo iMir. So ft wEIl Iw verj 
ttiirpmmg wliPTt it ilo^M tAhc jilsuf^. A^.ktvt, 
muni A>^ niATij (if the Ji^wh iloiri* u n<nt<>va 
UoD, AHil ciJi^liJRnlly ita MUtv luok fi^iwnrii 11* 
it, tlivy nil witli niir ncroul "li'piwjilfl «m- 
vfmaon, oikI ai^* eoEttiilont tlinl such r. 
iuiUmity ncTcr ofln bof«ll ihcm^ Now, of oil 
prophftic tnithr*. tliiri u the [■knmc:<t B.nd 
|lu>i^ [tOHitiv^ ; MMil when it iIix'H Ifiku phuM- 
^wlwti ov(*r t^io iiM'L* of uiOKt' Kt/Lj^geriiig 

|fr«tttc«iiixiJU]UiiilLoii i^ biijii^JlHboijl — wLi?ii> 
ppahnbly all ut :i Mi^hlt^n. thn world amik l.ltH 

>^MlCt4£j« of tllCt illhnbltiXlllH (if Jfl'lii>AlkitTl 

with |i;h:-ti!riiii|£ <i)^<ik Irmkin^ tjr> tln^ PioiTG<i 
Ojti\ mid >ii^r-> n)! T^Jih^l lu-lujJl} MLVitd, a 
rftttiTt i,t> Ktrnii^n oi'ifit TH*ti:U ho fitilkinji- 
TliD mum^nt the vciil i> ront from Im'ooIV 
oy«s, ttc veil will Ijo rcut fitwn r^ thotuwmd 
prophecita : ttinT, rtad in the ligbt- »f rmlorod 
niwl r«gt'ner»t« Judnh, tbo Woni of Ckjil will 
spurklo ft'ith unwontnl (MH'niWMitioriri, nnd 
like Ji-eii-ojlouivd geian thnt look du^k/ in 
cluiid' light,, iwrvtyy of iIa diu'k nri)-m):K u'JII 
tji'i^hU-n lip iitl» lU <tiviTit<Kt tnitlip. wliert 
tlM« U<ELm lin^ik' t'ortLk fixiiii H^lIl^di, Aii4 it 
U iii4 M> UiiaU tUe [ji'W (.ivj^vtivu »H the ut-w 
Ib^piiUo irhEoh thu Mvniit will ^yvx*. Ir, U 
not Kff much ttiiit it will mvrtdy illLiMLiiiu »r 
fnltU th*' (<ji>phcii'if4, lu ih/il; it will nriv^t 
iAw AUiht ilmlI niutrmtti k\\v fjiithfiil, :iiid hy 
giviuj^' piilpubli* i-mility to tho thinph <(f faitli 
tULike iiEfboliof rii: inifitricticbblc lu it in jil- 
TOftdy incjicuffibk. It hnf- l>ecii mlniii-rtbly 
HhcrWEL ill « n!ceiiLiw*iiy, tlintlWtigliililWoiis 
hur» ^x«i-U4cL ji mwt 'piiekenJug yywar un 
donie^tic l/hrihiiunitv ; nnd tbitt every 
Iriufiipli of the tlospul iihroFid haH piciiiMml 
«i ciirrf4-[iLiiidiii^ viotciry rtt huint. Wh^ii 
OhHril.ftinlom wtt* *tiipianl., whon pi^iicliirk^ 
liiui eooio down to It faw iii->n^-n tMiiiwion 
[a1acci>> whcfi luiliij>l4Tin pimrhiil vvtili nli^-hi 
mpwt^tion U»»t they win* Cri impr-osy; or 
cbiitiffD tboii' hoarci^T miH when h<»jtn*i-M 
b«iara with no intention cf bcinf- irn 
imHCfi or chcu]t;ed. word cotao buuii.- thnl. 
tfai^ (vctipel \Vf\-i provitij< lUr-IF the poff^r 
of Gdd untri> "jikiitioii 'I mo 11 g ttvnfief. 
liidiiiiih, K^rininiaitx. atid South t'ea 
ItiWduib. W'liy aliJiJd il [kut pjwe iL<- 

nftlf the aininc tcr tlto Qioch whick it had 
pitivnl to Mu< hnz'hjLi'inrj ? TJiv <\k\vv^ {^mi 
% now ^iiip^ilKt.% the G{M:[iel ^nt Ji iicw triiil, 
njut the work of eviitjiEt^litrLtion wont on with 
new fiucHiM ill BriLa[ti> If lIiIs wiip the ivIWx 
iTifli.i*TnM> of A fi*w Piipinn ctiiix'ftrlwl. whnl 
would bv tht< i^Ucct c>f likr ei.inwi>uuim nmoii^ 
ttiD Jt'WB? Would it mit Jn* ftfl lif" fn>rn the 
dtvul t« ibe tiHru iin»re dn>iipiii^ ('bimJiifrof 
l.'hri"tr':j'l<irii f Thi* Omjwl bH> jilrmuly 
pnjiiKl ilHjlf tho|»pHfTet Hod avid tbi- wi>jd<^iii 
uf Oo<l uutt' lli(^ Milv^lioii <;f OriitiW, ^aid 
ihnt on a *irno»>wliur- ertfliiii«^ scrtlo. Hut lo 
c-Ainplt'ii- tlta cflJCD, Icit tt prove itv«U tb« [lowur 
nf (!olI nml tho wi,>doin of l<fjd unto the 
hiilvutJOLi Lif tiiu Jrwjt. Thi-y cw citufciv«dly 

the hmilntnbd motit impiiurtjaiblo mntiiijiU 
un wbit^b It had yt^l Iwvil luuii^hi. t^j U^ir. 
AiN<thBy bHynnd itihilhh'nr^^ In tb«> Turnnry 
of (*hckuii"lry hnlf thii i<tibAtuiiob»i tii tiatni'o 
were reckomul inwilwhl^j oifl l<ii-iiiiw> tli*:i"e 
wiui t\\* [ifjwtir ill iiHtiLiii till diK^ilvn tbcni, but 
b<*miifle men \\i^v& i^oi-ntii <if thnt [v>wer, i>i" 
ktiiiw nfri Low li> "pp'y it. And After Uio 
iKicir JLldiyiiiiL^t hitil bvlicui'cd in the iire, 
hrntril hi'i iwrnsu^ Kei'eii tinirw. und pjM'iit nil 
hi^ iicidti rind Ldlcjiliti^ (heiv «till i^^miiim^d In 
|,h>' ali^inbic n ix'k:ii1leM' trni^ wliit'li Imij^'bi'd 
rilalt LioliLlhJui*; ft titer*oiMi- rnrlhy iiMduuiiij 
n caput morCHitin. wbHi worild Mi.^it1i>-r vm- 
pomto. nor tn«lt, ooi'bnm, Kntu- kiiowW^if 
givw. solvtiits iunllLpliod» UEI lUi> inlTin-tuMo 
BUihptuuucb butaiiue vta'y few. ^tiil, buvtuvir, 



.ViniiwM'ff oj fititmtl Trinjtiphs amtntf/ Oir Jri»x 

iih-ij vmild fcty dittt» n thing htu an hnnl urn 
[LiinmniiT, timt, you nught ti » fx m mt^It niiirVlu 
Of frjM (iTjtit irifiEii iv^ makiMLii improuion on 
thflt tlii[i^» Bill llimu ouiufurjaoiia aio uo 

^vhbh ojvii mtJt iiiiii-t>k>, fuun pljituium, aud 
burn tho nJ^nnaDt. In lhi> iiifftncy of 
cvangiTtii: I'lTinC^ «VCJ1 ClirihtiaiiK kvknl 
<hwpond:iiffly on fioiiia *optlnnH»if ili*>ium*ti 
fijiuily; nciil it WJU a ^;iMVo <|u^ttOiL ^itk 
dOmo wbt^tbrr it vim botU^' tv *ilirprit^ 
viuuiIImUii vr iTviiugaUi^it tW-m ; wlu^tU^r cjik^ 
f^Mjihl nhtiuM ha ftrcttchitX to tba Indian*; 
mvl h JiHifu muift, concuifljiif; of Noj-Toctf, nuil 
Hotltiif^it-p, cml ■■(■liine*™,'* wroro ad, onidi^ 
lut iitti-Hj^ fiiit tif Iht^ (jiii^l.iiin, 11 caput 
imirit/'im. I'f wbich iiothint^ c^mli bv nmdvi, 
'I'hi^taii JoHikOTidviicitw, wkkirli wvlx^ UQl*vful 

olfoFlUftll)* iwhiU'd by tlk« pLi-f,m.l «u«w^ of 
Ihu CIon|Krl on *rerr crofttnr* ; |mi'tiM.l, bub 
ntill «mni^lL io t\ww llwt vvvty i^ivittm'tt \h A 
lit subjrt-t far th» floapnl tn lU-t upon , But T 
I'lm quito fiuo iiL »i)mo brc^tl^ivu a Kiiijpicirin 
tlmt thf* ll^tii^w ftul>j«rt. wi!l iiiove i«fii«ttA>iy 
— ihjit tliiTiv LA JL |ii<('iilinr iifijrnLt-tii-jiliiliLy 
about ihu JaVp-. Bo it own wo ; thut tbo Jev-'^ 
heart io tb>? liaviUuit of «U bnutK: thut 
pccufinv hkudjiCH« liaK kiLjj[irii<id huilir Lsinel. 
Thpiv ihcik jMiwof, nil Li;(crEit whifh mii di>wo|t'ti 
tltiw Htuiiy huirt; and jutt nllow that they 
ut-e the mont obkimto t«'oj'l<' in tlif w-orld, 
niid it fMluw^ tbnt nlhni tliv GiHi|>t*| Uua 
jiic>vi«| iti^lf thi' |njiAfr ur(.:<HT,jiii'l flu'WiHiltirn 
Ik! Uini to tl;o iMilvittion of th« JrWK, it Will 

ll* hOCU llrtW <JUl[lipot*nt iff tbo Oc.lBppl Lif 

%rvM\- ill Uio Imihl uf the S|ii]-il vt Lo\r. 
Wlmn fhi" Jowfl [i(fl conv*iHi*i|, it will li*^ il 
roiwt ffiQipikr i^pontj tin* tinwl <ivii|ont^ d' 
the Cwp(!r:« Ilivitio origitnil, nud n lul^Uiy 
imfJuUe tu it* H|irivi]. 

'Z. But, M)CDin]Iyj th» Jewii ftiH» likoly 
tlioui-iylvoii to I'Q moat cnf^r^-tic und otticioiit 
vvjint^plutA. l:>jii>iti [4|hyH (ii. 2, 3), ibat. '^iik 
iht iani ibiy. the Iw-wshftll p) forth mrt <if 
VAo^if mid tbo word ot th» Lf>rd from 
JurnwiJem." And Zcchnrinh wLya, " Mniiy 
(►froplo atid HtruiiK natious nWl ouu»o to tiwW 
tbo T^nl nf lioili* in Ji.'nivi\i^j», and t^J prny 
boforo th* lA>ni . . . Ton wn'c n(Jt of tkll 
|[mf;im)COA of thv nibtionyi fbnll tixki' htAi\ nf 
Ihi* ^ki^t «»r IjiLu Lhuit is ^ Jtw. si\ini:, Wt? 
will^'n ivith ynn ; kn^wit ]|4V|> \fuv\ iKtit Kinf 
irt with you," <vh|. 2'<!, :J:J.) JoruhHfoiEx, hy 
thikt time pofuihly the gvail centie of weulth 
jiud iiillutTici?, will )x.' Lhu vuiiti^o nf tight iiiij 
tviin^jMliMtion; tbp emanating fountain »nd 

tht* cunvL-rging Tiifu.'^, wherut? truth t.\iaM 
Lvni> nud wtiitber iiiipjry Hbull r<-|iAiii : frcim 
which tho Wur^luf tho l^onlf^hitll^fortli, ami 
U) wUich aII tnlm of jimikvnod pei>(ilo rhtM 
go Ti]t — ibifr mteloniiJ'y niM-nk^tnlU nt T-hd 

3, And ft Uilri &nd morf importftnt «Ay in 
wbicb I IreUev? tliJLl. C1iriHli;iuiiy \^Ui yi^tCti 
by tlif i^nv-*rjiotj of th(» Jowk, in which nil 
fikirtiLit^n L>f tho cjiith orfr to bo btiKU>d in 
.VbiaL^ni, in tliut in ibjtt conv^rtf^ nfttlttn 
wn nuiv nkjHvL U> nn- ft rejirndni^Lion of 
t.hridtinnity in it* nobb*t uAd ptipwt ntyli*; 
tbtN f;ivum of iho G'oiEpcl o^ofliplifiwl in* they 
have not been lincc the dji^ wbt-n iho vory 
thii'fi^^t <'hri*tiiiri!* wi-^iT Jr^n. Kuii^bl <*vtT 
to tH> rviDcmbuivd, tbnt wht»Cb«r ht Uio 
pur{>OJ!Hu of xiltfirir'!- 04»nvonvioii of i\M- vx>M, 
VI i*jt the vW^liiLhU uf Ibv t<xt"tinm OhuK.l]« 
tliH tTiHtruruvntiOirA' ninnr iii=<i>dMl U n nomml 
i'itity of Ibi* Kigbwi lyi^o; n living Christianity 
i?o /ull-p-owu, Aud i*^» full-hriflj'tfd, tlutt do 
iiuit] aIuJE di.v|d^ iUaml n'>miibi(hiiil inUtiik« 
it. And in rMulin^ tho pmph«Ki«( T ■■« 
nmrjy jiroc'Fii thiit ro^nc^ula lUortino w to 
pien'iit tho world with ih livin}* opifttle lordly 
wj'itli-ji of Ihii^ [Ii^lintcr fhri^tinaity, TIjo 
|uinuliHii^ htvtiot of pCuC'c nnd h»rniony 
cIclinoat«4T (iti'^ta witJiout v^olono^f tiad 
Hiin-tiiiurh* without pix^fanation ; tho wtfi- 
hhippin^ cont'ouiwi jLiul tilt' ntpt luturutiun, 
. nnd tbo miiiufiutcd prtwoiic!'^ of J<.'tjoviih ; thu 
blf^ndin^' of S^Jibnth rtani'tity with wook-d^y 
ucUvitjTt hutjimk iL pitly uf the niobt oseaILm] 
oitltT. And I hfji^n^'' ^^'*^' '^^ ^^'^^ jmoiinM* 
lH>mtLHi:i of vhnt thi* J^fWi' ttro now — I boli^^'o 

tb/il llit^r 'U'* much itiiklijcn^'^i ""*1 ' '^I'O 
hcfhi^vti L^Ltkt Lhuy urti unl too incirMl, But 1 
ftl-rt bflhpvi* thfttf though pmrythinK whi^h 
pri'jnitjL'o hhM hiiH|ioctod lUid nutlignity 
invented vveie tiur, th*' miii^cU of jfriu^, 
whlrli niftkpN thnin K pntUm to all pwtpU-, 
will only ha tho uioiv nUoriflblo. 1 ito ni»t 
id-op to my tbnt if thoy bo abjvrt, iwiTVcmliou 
hjtd jimdo tbflin »o , nor <lo 1 inlcrpow the 
niinir^ nf Rifuehlm imd Btme/iH nud 
Ni'iimU'r in anvht of thjit "we^ping wutftnc© 
which would ftdjTirli*L' lli<iui lo irmlrio^TBblo 

Je^'i'iulaUcni, Hut 1 full bni-k on tho un- 

{pii"((.mDnb1r> rpit^t Ihnt t\it* finiut Hppcinti^jH 
i'\ ritdtH.<mwl find n<^imnrtit<r hiimamiy whieJi 
imfthvr mrth liut wrr Un im upon hct Mit-fa««L, 
or i-(H"i'ivetl into her hoMitu, iuo the iihtij 
;fhlln'i'k<<l t<h UiHir rutlion* in tin' *rpiilrlm"* of 
J^ii'utd, eho HLiiii^ Uiftt *Locp 111 l'»lMini-. 

1 lio not forget thot thi- Church"* tincoi 
modeh uiid mo&ti btliuuhitin); t^xnuipW iu« 
in^n ^vbo mibwer<--d to the nuiu^ of Jaw, 

Tks Destination 0/ ihe J<m. 


■*^^MS«ir 1^^- 


Menun^fs a/ (So^jd Tnuvijths amatt^ thJ7 J^vt, 

Ami ju«l M hoin tb& ir^ovof^iofL ot tkjmjn- 

to tho flnn ol JoMf praiidng uavipn timac n 
liny, an-l Holicitrng tho lynt fjimiUnr with hm 
iVJit^f4, to A r^ii^uii moTO Hniphio yotf till 
tiia lutKitimij; ]yn> «mlc] i]o nii muir, und hin 
own iim-Q-irtruck hnud tii?mU«'l into itilDOfv : 
*o from the iitititc^l dovoiion iiu4 pliU*;fmiiti« 
pj-niun uf tfUi- Otiililu cIiuivIh:h 1 Itwk for- 
^vunl iiL 1ii)[iri cv i)\v diiy, wlir>ii uihvtr IIhviiIh 
»hiill Iftui tli« i^hfiir. :in«l KwtM^t KiDfjtiis ■! 
I«niv1 vfiuni) the icvy noUi of tlti.^ LhtircliW 
^[itUtttile ; Hill I if wilLuiit lliv tt*ui|>]t« 1kiiii|i, 
nt lt>ftNt xvltlt Hebrfiv fcriniir^ ne ilinll 
iirww«r OiJ« uiicilhAr — PnuMiyo tbo l^ivl, fen' 
Him ini]irej' tii4tii^iUi (cir ovo-i-. 

Ami JdU ux from tfif^ MOtUluttw Ami 
t*ijtion^ ani wnry w-orlHly wiHiom c\f 
iDOitom prtA«hinfff 1 look bacl; wad* 
meixt ftt LliJit nii-tror of mercy, ihal biirHintr 
uiil hliiiiing ti^ht. whuwlf-fiir^fal mid wlf- 

knowing and makmg fioibin^ known hut 
Ckmb^ then cxhautibtiU, shot btdc intc tlutt' 

»uTi Nvhidi hful Ijrinl him At the 6tvli to 
ljH)kih^ nmiiLl oil inir ^InW'WOiiti rij^'fuiPTJl^ 
r<> Ihn lr>uwAnl Mf <ti Hip hf<'1g>^, M\i\ th4>>i 
hri^kinj^ out on rlnrk BHuud, luiil u jArk^'c 
vroild, 1 niEk rmidy to (iicinini, *'Tho Lord 
■pn*J 111 njiotlmr Ji'w likn Binl!" Artd thrni, 
tth^ti I Iwik rT>iitLd on thu Clitus-h of Christ 
oommifaitcd into a thoiiraad fmemnitiiT and 
C1-1T17 day ^LAltv^Ik^ uicifv And OHiro tho 
Htotit' ulifrli itu^ltt to till l\yr* vutth -when T 
tfuTik lLf>w ImIImi iml IfX' 1h« miy arc th« 
pii^riniri, ib^r hi^^thri'D juunLCjin^ to the 
Kami* ]]VLii] vf pt<iia< uml 1uvi:v 1 Iwk Isick 
xvirh wtiafulii(«h t» tha 1f!mii»U ard Johrw of 
lietlar i]/iy>-— who ext'Ttod such hoiJUig md 
lioiiuonUin^ infliiciif^ nu oil tlidr ooorals 
:irid wbciL I think of it an ant- nitiit liknSy 
tonrcc of rhrivtinti iinioTi, I pray r,hf I-ord 
to hAsU'ii ill liu timp thif dayvhoTi Kpbmim 
«hall tio ]aiif:<.T envy Jiidnli, bub froai 
Epliruliii JiEiil Jiiiiiih, cuLLVrrtn] iiiid n»Ui|v), 
fclmll i^nip n nijupntiy, tiik noirn^ ok 




(iwm i^i2 to isei.) 


" ryiHKKK wnro thme voht* difli^rfini?* 
J, lwtnt*>i iiHj ami Ht> it luAy lift ki>ii- 
ctjivod iLiit in boyhooil, [ miir't hjkVi* kiiciwii 
liiiu AA tbv L*]dor, hivjii^ tinil fiv^laij^iri^; ttii* 
youti^cr. To iniT, knowinjr, from my own 
**ipfn-lffTii>e, wilut bumrin ikAtiii-o in, anil 
hMin^ A cdiiHcim^Mivw tbot I gici^tJy bc- 
lifk,v<^d it. iL 11^ liidtM^d n ^oiuIbI' thnt 1 JlI 
Hilt irmiimbnr ft wih^'k* infttuii™ of muwrrjiM^ 
in my drntr bi*ollior thrtivi|jh uLl hifl tinvn. 
But notirttltMtiiiidiiL^ hh% utiujorptiotiublc 
aiottiX tLhuractijv tlivoogh life, ht* loved to 
thmk «f himmlf nf r minfier bav^ hy grna*:. 
it fall tu hiA lot to bi^ At A Acki7r>l m Mjirj;rAt«, 
tiud^r the Itcv. Mr I^vwpi, » D]i|>tifHt 
iuijji«t«i', mid it LM pirMnmod thAt, tliPiti bn 
iw*ivod }iiii roiigbiiJ' biu«. I r<4njNTntri»i- thw 
r«wiii-dH h<> won tht-ro. Whon, in thn y«ai' 
1800, tin* Sunday tkhgul At Ni»w C\nu1. wjia 
Orlgiriftt»ii| tiy WilliaiH F. IJuyd, lie, with my 
rfmir iliipnrtfd kibU'I", ivha urooaR the tir^t 
tcAchciv, Aiid 1 proeuctly bvcAoio lui A^i&Unt 

imrhfli-. Thn iipirit, tlw iiiiifanmly, tbn 
conaft^ucy of my brother in (Jiiit n.-1iitioai, 
oould not hut ha miU'koii, uml iHd fniJtti oF 
Idh luboLir hav<,\ lu muat retuarltiihlt-iiiwlancHi, 
ramainn). pi-ovin^^ thnt whiii )j«> nj^k^il \n the 
luUDO of JoHiUf hv n-icvivHi. h{i>i dMtinrtti^u 
■ucwfiui wodt perbiipH^ iu thoiw v^bo hrvd hcA'^n 
undirr bU enn* in tbi< wboijl, bull wuh »bi>m 
bo Emitiiu«d t'l pn««4'r-vo nn nn^uuiTitnniNk 
nfteTWordrt. No pwinfl, find no cott, woro too 
inucb wi^U hiiD t'> ACCi^mphjih tliiik for how 
many y^uit^ be witfi a dcAoon of iho t^burcli 
At N^w Court, I IcTxavr not I think h« wbji 
KO in th* yonv 1S23, Dr. VVintor knuw how 
to vidhfT him, nnd Kiiccocding minbtem found 
bim ihoir nnraHira^r He ww* uuu wiUi 
whom Uloht couJd hu no vunitnLv-. T(h h^d Mm 
jiidi^niontT but bo kuuw how I0 Appii^fi&to 
the opinions ami inlpntiouj! of otliora, I 
wuA pnwiit with him nt thi» pivhmiciHr/ 
ni4x>tiuL'. iti Dv ][jUDillH.>n'h church in ReguiC 

Bi|umx', with a vioir to tlic formation of tb« 

Thf Fint Gai&rtU Sfcrctary. 



Itritvih S«t^jr for th« lhTt[infiAtiDii of the 
O^BttH-l aiiiim)[ the Jem». Yoiu'!* bi^foii', 

in t)i« Kranffttif^^i .l/nj/n^'n^, con'npondMlCv 
h*-lcl witli h\-itlijii; miiiiritp'm, liiit mjr brothrr 
^Knu iha imt; iiotniih'iU-Liuliii^ hifi t'liAimrU^r- 
i«lif* Jitfiftr'ni'r'. t'> linn}{ rt (i> n |ii'ril?tiofL] 
boivnn; ; ^iiul it hiu^ t>4ii.m ti 011.1111111 l](ipfiiii«i«4 
to v;i|)tiiei](:o hew 4f{!brt«, viVi\k inJi-oJ n^ 
cuuipnjvil vith thx iTiiL^iitiuiltf iLiiil intftr^i, 
of tb«i <ibj«c1, kav« bMH fmcoiirn^e'l by tho 
Uhurch, and ovoi^ aiHl Llomotl <rt UchL 

'* My bn^i^h^rVi piueii^ Uiiipu^li thv V^ll^-y 
wnA «^]l nnil nhmiKiilly rhnru't^HziHl h^ him 
— * I irjilk— r cnitnot nin-' MediisU ndvioi> 
prf^yrntcii thovi-iitdoEother!! thnn the family, 
ntt liu tang aixil gniduiLl dvollno wiut ohojiw- 
t^riicd by \wv^ and oven joy in Uid (loljr 

*On tYid*y,tl«>iethot Aufiurt, I8GT. tiu 
•orihly rviuiLiun pivxc couimiLLml Iti Ibn^'mvo 
in* Krnihl Or<*en (.Vnipt^ry, o1nK# to th» 
rcwtiti^-pUt« (^f I>i8 fn<>Tiii ami piiui|ijmj<m in 

by liU own ilirdrrimi, iki tnn* \vAyoiM\ Uah 
<*ir^l^ of hbi immMlUUt roktU«A nut iiwiu^ 
to ullti^d, th«i htllo rhjLfrol wtu^ lUJotl v^th 
wurfthii'pn'C?, aiiii'iiir vlnjfii W'-iV iiiftTij- iiit^ni' 
ty^^ nT th*» f'ommir.ijfl, with n\\ thp Agwnta 
Ami MWoiiiE-M** »f t)irt Stk^Kv ftLttJoriinl in 
Lviiiii^ii, Html ***vi>i-a] t>tho)- Attflc'liol fi-icnil* 
wlu> luii^ Wmi ib«^tx-lHli> iiL tliH lionJx of 
ChviTcli fallovhhip nni-t I'liTTJrtUn Mympixthy. 
'ni« iwrricDWniifCDilTwlQd by tho lUv.Jamoii 
Rovrluiii of Hcjilcy <;>n-TliaiurA-" 

Thn »i1<imB mfi^red l« by tbu Her. W. 
C YinjTv fn th« foTopoiDg vkotch^ ftpiX'jirtHl 
in the JAtiuiiry tiuiubor tif ttio f 'ouffr^aiionat 
MttynsiAt tvr 19<19| in thv fovm uf & lotij; 
lM>t«r lo tho i<tlil4rrFt. 11ml rt|»|i«nl U> 
Chn*ti«nflt nn b«h^f of th« Ji^wh, tve hiLiI tb>^ 
pkiiBttni of rea4i»jc Ut«iy, in n vcihimi* »f 
tlulJuutiLnl, wlilvh bvbiit(t*J tu Mi\ (Kmii>;i.i 
YoTig^ hiinwlf. At thjt tj>|;t of tb(» J'A^'* 
wb#r* tha l«tt«r bvginH, h^ Imrl put in u 
titlk» jdip of pnpcrt o\'i(t<Tnt1y for futLiro 

In HfiTThing ftmon^f Mr. Vongo't pnppr* 
for d«Cail> cif hi« tifo nnil work^ wo worn 
alfTli|[li<«v| to fimi It manuAGiipt containing tl^ 
vhcilu uf Uint iiiMnw«, riJticUi] '* Thi- Jrivti." 
Hodriy »»"! '■^rmfiftijly wriltofi with hit OM'u 
hnnJ, "igii'^il " Moiiilcr, " nnJ trith pusMif^w 
of H specially trmphiL-iiArJ, im if iTit^mJrO 
for nT|imrf<K'Urtii . Thi^i* |mvvi;;;rw w»i g\^v 
brf«, KA n^ naiiKuU'r thnl tlwy hud hinoh 
lo do with tl:« formafJou of our betoi'cd 

rAMsAom ntOH ms athui. tor tub Jtwa 

To Ute fitiiiora. 

Thi:f ftx^ijvct to vhhirk 1 wrtiuld invito yuur 
atinnnLkin, ia nnit vhirh had o^ipiM iTmny 
anxioiiA momtfDtfl o! my lif^ niiil fi-om tho 
timt tkEuo i bccdp^t^ intoi-E^lQfl In ih«iiuuMion. 
nt>w thirty ycnift miii^% t huve nruliTiiiHt lo 
iviwltlin Striptitroiifmtn u r^rydifTinvnt point 
of view to Ihftt which 1 had pi-ovioiuily bocni 
uccxiabomrii ; vith nicmbci> uf thij Hobrew 
nulion ivn^lanLlj- U-f«m tny pyps, and mfwt- 
in^ thLTti. ru *i'rn*oou mny, at Iho comcria of 
ovt'iy atrwt. 1 &CC tbo ^^>mcIty of (iod cicm- 
plilicd, and 111^ justiua uianifcutiMl in thit 
li]inhii«nt of UiOHU awftil d^nmiciiUionn of 
wnith for tranj^rcHHion cotttainod in UU 
Word, &nd the ooiiMt|uenl dup«r>ian of a 
nuliuu, oit^'v bt<TL»vei) u.ud choM?n ;Lh His 
p^itljar p«)nl». "Rut I ranrot r*fld tbo«& 
T^cnArltabli]! d«)ini4itionA of wratli iIhih vxt^iii- 
pliflol, wilhouL aIhc* tni^iii^ llie |t>viti|E kiml- 
iinxt and meiry <if Omt in th*> niiitML t^vi^n of 
tVjronlcnPii and tl(«*rv«i jtjdgmpntjt Tli* 
Spirit of (iod foiiwhv that 1ii(rr<v vvntd Ih.* a 
doi^-lictlon fi^ra Him law. and a drintL'tiUii^ 
ftiim IliM fMiUin; anil jimrlaimi-il that thfi 
nation,who Hew onco to \tt otntHidviroil in Uu* 
cyca of a\\ nations m* *' u ^'ui. u-i^f, ifn*i 
uwitrattinduijf pnipW in oon*ftnmT(UT of tho 
wiw, and ngbtcdiufi^ and holy stnlntoM ^ivDn 
lo tboni by ciio U*i of thoir fathov. wotild 
bcconif! tbpffcomandoontetnpt of id\ nations" ; 
IV proverb, a by-nonJ, arid n. rrprunx-h of tint 
pt^plv nmon^ wbuiu tli<*y nIioiiIiI bo call ^ 
to ivivW ; yot hiu lic«v«<rni^ton]panJvd every 
ponlcbi^ of ITin i%iiith with inritnlions to 
r«tiim And r«p«nt, mid Mith th« prmniH^uil 
Mbonndin^ mnrry jii^d oocapOMMfon, fixi^oeJing 
ovtn thoir former conditioti- For Ho hn^ 
Hijd that lh».'n *' n«» ihil] (jalbtrr ibedi, wvn 
TtfT** th*y ra>»tp out to tbt» nittmott pai-U of 
liaavon, and bri&g lh«ai into tho bind whiiMi 
thoiT futherii poMttwd, nn<i wilJ inviltiiily 
ihiiEn, anil dci tln^ni good, mio^^ 'Acih r^i^i> 
_/<iMf»'j(.'* Thi*i-o i* no pt^oplp upon parlhT 
t^Kifpforc, ^Kit-U havD mict hpcdu) promijvA. 
and none upon w^ncli ('hn-<inn Intfour tnf^T 
1x1 Ihi^Iuwin] ffitJi more hupn of ■ii]L'j^<?-'ev irud 
will Hiiri'ly work wif.h th^n who wvV. th"ir 
vridfLU'o, Mnd who vrad»nvour to bring bnck 
lliii jiurptcT to A mrnae of tbdr ^epnrtiLrr fn>ui 
Iffm : unil it may lici 1vhiivi-d ibnt tliev ni^ 
at tilt* pi-«H<ri)t \km«, chirfiy wToiiglit njion V>y 
tli(.i fri^d ronf^tMi>f thoiv r«bbU; tbe^tiun^ 
nnd irjiir^ ii^tCM'pivtAtion of iMinh tiii, t>rini[. 


M^nnoriNf of Ooapft TrivmfJw am&ng IIm Jems, 

that ihcy tt^iDKolwi iiro thfl prvrly pi^ioUni^ 
iutlcnni; for the sin* <»f <jtlifr TuttKiti*, It 

l.iipy |HV'>.c»« ijf till.' Kc^ripttiroii of tnitli, 

imilUtlt 1 tt'lmitn lkt<»UF4i cLiotiy OOTillElf^t] to 

blio Pf>ntutf<iich. iltxa not ?uppty a hrii^T 
fouiiilnliuTi VII which (ii«]'«'t n fiu^if rrst riK-tuie, 
A fiving i^i1^liiH> nf i4niilA, tu the ^Wry of C<o<) 
onr ^\iotir, tliAii Ui siny othor p«i>[>]« on Ui« 

Bfiiit Gwitltiiii^n, I would mmiiii:! our 
CbriBtion frioncJji of thenuuviof m]Hc>iy uliicli 
cocifltd unon^t tho Jowfi n-^i'lcrit in ihln 
ccmtitty, cv^n front tho iriAncnce of our own 

^lAtuUi aMil muritd[iul Inwi ; ».hut onL, iu< 
ttmy aI£D hiv. from panKrhinl raiicr, n»d 
Llieif fort not mi^nUo of ii»ptng tho common 
advAittnx'ra of tocji^y, to wbioli, op h boijy. 
Iliey iiTiTpiii-T-ionHlIy ixmtntiiilF. Koi- nn? 
tb(>y hitowtkd, by thi> kwh of tlio InnJ, th4- 
Uw of C>oiI m rt^<^niK'e to tl^c Habb/ith, w 
Afli^iUh day, ihhicli Uify fitl bmuiJ loub&yi-ve, 
and their own rnMtinica! injtiiu'linrw of fm-is 
ELud fHtivniK, to devoto mor'n thATi 2041 o\it of 
tlxc iSfj^l dnr« of the ycM- W tlt^ii iliilly iiioiu- 
loiLitncv. 1 know that inuny nf tlii^i' |i(<o}i](< 
ttw\ it lo bp ft btiE'ilt.*!! lo bo coni]»ollcd to wich 
ubrt<^rv-[MUH)H, liiit. i^vinirmcntiaUidy bo noting, 
nnd not IcJ nvray [>o fomplotnEy iw many 
HUj^iuw in Uiif* uurUr?* dirt iind dttnu*- n* if 

rir urhol^ Mjiil V/4SPO boimd up in its f{ aid, 
mid ruJi, Aro lbt<y nob thou prwisdy tlio 
luters ou whicli Chiittiaii Li^t^evoltu^ce 
tniifbb bupi4 trt mib with iiilinjlv foTTt* f 1 urn 
not flnibitioukof thoiliHlmciivii title of fjumtic 
iLiid ontlni^mht, whidt Ihure te too ttnicli 
ivrutoti 1*1 ln>lii-vf* Imvo IflltU &0 dt'llOlNM-^ld, 
itvpin froTii tbr nHUTimftdohnirof (ifni, on thnsn 
who hnvo pre*umftl to odvooato tjtli a oniiw^- 
" J\''tT/»/«rfr/' I [Jinll rtronirk jirt^isi-U tijo 
Ktuiif U?ing m bc-lii'vinj^ thntof thn Ji^am^ Ut 
be the cnitM* of God nml of truth- AIL thnt 
OCOurB to my iiiind ul tJiuf moniriit in. wlivthtr 
Otti' Dic^sr^iitm^ t>r' i'on(*rrf;Dt[oiLrkl fritMid^ uic 
not lioMiid iiior*' d<?i'plj Ut ctitiwder \*h^'tbei' 
Ui&y hiive iliHch-tt'^t^d tht' idiftmoter of Xhv 
Umx] Saimnirjirt, or nvt» ntiv, or huvi* Wtl, 
jHnii-iin: oil jiml viiju in(^ tbe womidsof their 
ull1i(!t(iil ttmthor, Ihmi^I ; Htid wlMher tbty 
hiLVo cotidiTcicd him lo tha inn, and pledged 
thrruFiulrcii to tho Urciat ilivi-v of nil goo,i, 
tlmt they vonid provide, out of Ihf almnd 
nii(« bt?i[iokv'Hl ontlicm liy thr Cifviof mr-mt^. 
tho>^ ini^iLv noodfid for thoii* diutrvtE£«d 
friond uud nc^i^ltboiii'' 

Kwl I t':tfl lo your recollection, Oeiitio' 
moil, Ihi^ Ix^ni^^itA u'bu-h i lirUlTniiH VnvM 
nc^iV(Kl nl tlio hnjidn of thi* JowjkIi iiulii^tL ; 

thoir only iiod and Siiviour; tbrir Bibto; 
Aiki! thcjv ^!v»k^nnrio1i who linrA proraulgnted 
the giiuv of IJod lo our p«^na ancTslorBl 
Do you iinHgir»-.fivulletnrn,th(itllit A[>iHtl«fv 
or ft{>odtolic men, rout to you wur« 80 0«dC 
without co4t? or tbnt tL« Bcriptnif^ wm» 
trun>ititibeJ f^T }^oiir iiirvriualton without 
«tfieTi>4ti T Ai^ WP nnl. ftUn Irt jif maf#i on of 
thn pi'-ifonut ^podA of tho poopk) of Iriinol^ 
Aiiil >'^ U>JiJ<tit;|; <>uiT<ilvitA AfL bring tUr; Zion 
of tibH whobi rairtli, and |>rfTt4Tndiii^ to the 
;rlon- of boin^ tho moBit onlightancd And 
poliAhcii Llimtinn nation of td(^ hnbitablo 
ijloboif AtwI, n-ftw lUI, trcniieincTi, I would 
ivk, W'lL'it havu wir rluni' fur the Jlf^i9f Lbo 
voiy jwipio W4.« hiiVL> Tobbod and Hpoil^l tnd, 
fut an ovidtTirt* of our ^iiiot-n* npjH^ntttiirt*, like 
ZuuhpUA of old. Uy wliijiu tir^titution uiUBtbo 
mndi*if Notldrig, jind It** Chan n^iUnH^. We 
m;^'ht tiow^ hnvi* \v^n on thi> point of rmiping 
th^i fvint of nny tnbcftii ho^lowrd* had not tho 
pniiriplct of duty Tx^en -^arcifjcXHi in tht^ ^iir- 
i-i>TxiEnr of dii**'ntinp priviEt^^iu, fmin wbudj 
mon;«nt cither to pronoh or prny ofi bcbuU 
nf Ihfl Jew hna bocn deemed a wxiik of Miporo- 

AfltT ri reforcTK** Ui tho f^indon SuriMjr, 
ntid thv volonU^ry witbdriknnl of thv Son- 
conforuriflL memheiM frc4n it, th« wtitcr <oa- 
tjnueH in tho kn^uuj^ both uT pmiw imd* 
ri'pnhjf, tliiv* : — 

Bjt, tidmittin^ oTi^ry iLLBndvhQtit^iKKiH dr* ' 
cumaUinov, woiv tbtr pritidp]» of love on 
whu'h tliA di)M«iitiTix' iiody oEii^irihlly Acted 
jfooit ; nnd 1 would contend thn-t th«v had 
IxiOQ for ycixn* tho niiJn Aiipport of ilut 
Sn-irty ; on r^bnl jftoLind^ ] wuitM nrky bftv^ 
thi*y d'*piirti"! from ihpir fliit Invn, nod cn»t 
out tho djiughlor of Zion lu a wittow or 
woninn foniikcn, Linlon Ihoy cnn pro^T h^t 
[-i»?«nt muiefv and aiv dnapllul to ndjuil^o 
her t>i HiihI HP|inriLtion 'f Alns 1 f!i^nlk>ruon, 
L Ilsu' thut wu urv vnvoktpin^ oin-««lvDf^ ui 
vrvbtL of Diir '^Aii wonting, and foi'i;ct that 
LhuHuiiiv h(ilo\n] wiff of yuuUi m pvrihhijig 
frir Itu^k of romfoi-t. Oh! hIi^ U htill pi-f^^iOQ* 
in tho biij;ht of Cod ; though tho ||[oM Ilua 
Ireoonio dim, and tho line |fold ritanjp>d, »h9 
will shine iu the fnlnra dtiy tii the ref^lefjdoiit 
glory of hor HH^viom-'e rightooiisneis and ia 
tho borbiitooua ^unaent« ^ iVta holinoan. 

It trould be Uy impeocii your general know* 
Led^t^ of M-L'te^l^ifliriLl uH'iui?! to mippoHe yoii 
igTion Lot that th(« MiitbioritLi'ySuoit^ty eubracvtl 
tho Jowiflh piinw UN ono of thiMT objects ii% 
the eiirly Htiv^v of t!it<ir proreedinff-i, luid 
!ipp(jiril4^d ji (riiKHmiiii-ry Ti> Ihht iK*i>pIi^ ; that 
th^y uacritieod tliiA object only in coiiM'lvnti^ 

TV Fir^t Gfin&ral Sf^'^tarif, 

lion of n wpninto Iimtitutinn tn^\ng v^Uih- 
IUliod> Atid t admitr thf^t tlicirc vFcre. ju« tlurre 
may in Atill, nullkimit ^^Liiidri for mich it 
M?pftrAlian ok' ohjt^obt. Ni>r an> thn J^vwn ta ha 
ponHiiiirrcd m tlic tij^bt of bcatbcu. Tho 
rumifiaftliond of Jewish Hoclcty require an 
hIiuijhI mkimw auJ bxcluaive nppliuitidU iiF 
ininil E(. is » qiient-ion tn (w Kludit'd ^r «, 
anil wilhotit du<i aUontiou nut E^itp^Lly UngiMc, 
And coa^t tlwiTfijn* bi- mat in uv*My funn udJ 
Hhape:,cliHm(flr<ui]'Uki\int»v|itrb ['liHKhHhUHik 
«hiirACl«r d]U<9 enter. 1 would uol, hi>\v«\'4ir, 
forego ft duty bec^urw it may tni djltJciLlln, fiji- 
"•uch a« thy dfty w, ni> thy Mn'nt'tli." 
AbiaiiluntH]. hi>WQvrr, ai tliij; i^iiiiAa hiiu ^kumi 
during mnny yvum^ I would (Lfium c«lJ, 
tltrougti your p[L^&4, on tli« worAhipporn of 
ilii» Truu OmI tj aroufio fn)Ui their ntumbonip 
HJiJ riLlly ]i>Eii]r1 thif Htnii'tfinl of the Gi'Otf, 
thiit Lhey any Ufiiry oonviottort nnd tnith 
into til* J^wUh cruup. If they &xii do no 
mont tViiLEk ALilvHiLUt to tliv uul[.)0ht4, anit 
invEtji itj* intrftnehnd poRHMMir* tii tlioip fftstivo 
bo«rd, in tha |]vn^ia|fo oF fonciUdtion Ami 
Ioir«, they will hftvo fuliillrd the ri^htoona 
uijuu<!tiui]Bi cf thiur SfLviiiui', for tfven coru- 
ptwiini \< rlc'iir to TTfa Eovin^ hi^iLrt. Tf ye 
did it, mi|*Jit lio not EHiy to ono c4' tb^&Ct, tm 

to ou-> '}i my kiDHtDc]}, yo did it to Mo ; but 
full fntu^'ht with t,U<i uLttmuI blrJsingB of the 
Of>(|>«l, luid thv cl^olutittion tbiit IUb Woid, 

EtttohoLl itv diHtrihutixli thull uoi roturo to 
in lou], there id uvcry etii^uin^cTlUPfjt to 
procoeil In tUiM nmne^ ^urtily T mights rijipiud 
to the hoTLoumltle nui veuenLble d&iuud of 
mAuy depfki'teti thii^ life, jiuiI of many etill 
Imitg. wb4> wnre L,]ii3 Hiat to JMJvui;rLU< Lhu 
fjidM!, an*] ©r»ter»l n\Kiu it /•on anuiTe — ^r n/m 
-tpirifu. They Jid run well, \Fbftt dotii 
Eiiadorif It mjiy indeed \>a snjd, (ih it hcith 
boon »aid, " If tha Ijai"d would ojien windowM 
iu hMivPt), tbf*u might this thing Iw : " im4 
niiraolOB, ba afurutimo^ luny b^ required, 
Mmna* howovor. are in our hauJa; lot theao 
Gi^t b« tried, Lw^Jiu^t 04>J wuiks by meiLfiK, 
ftni nevnr fniU ro Nass tliy iin-vu "f IIim 
Mirvanu, If report eponk ti^utli, th«re ik 
now a work silently pioi^emJin^ >v!nch may 
■utoniali mid witfrjund the mimlH of ^Hin- 
■ftyen, perhn^is ^'Fi hm mny not hive taken 
plAOu BJncotho ApoBtolio timoa. 


Hifi XiOtterB* 
Ilov muifh vro xaay kuc^w of Ihp nbd, 
tho hcoj't, nnd tbo Itfo of n uinu by lih 
Lettcdv. Thu cnwd, ulkitj-jLatAi-, Fini) (.yiiidntt 

of Chi ]ntkn&lilc« prater And Pnul are ref!cctal 
ill their lettfii^ iid in il number oE poUnlicd 

Whitt a miiw> of aptritiial w«ulth U di* 
clo&cii U^ US in ViiixVe JSpifltlwl In thom wo 
wo shining f-he |inrdpAs gcum of Iovch fiuih, 
Cruat, metkm^wif p^«iL<o, putteiKv-, ttmderntwn, 
lon^-suficritLf;, f-urity, humility, fnitriotirfin, 
phiUnthropy^ tuma^, fwlf-r^Arriliori Lope, 
joy. I \i thpHi we we th* (^Ihiistinn hk ASihn, 
ji f^Jkinlj 11 Sitrvikiil,, u i^tilforcr, fL Suppliant, a 
8tiax»irvi' *^it' (unnyi a Spmtual SoVfroIjin 
JLJ i'4>i'Hl in jotii.-h gf bi^HLiiiy. with pnlm aiii] 
rrnwn, in tho Klnj^dom of Kteinity. 

Couid wo ^-Jtthar togotber uml Bprt^ad out 
bi^foro our rcivdcr* b. few typical bundluB of 
Ml'. Voii^o'p letters Mint to uur ihivoiuil 
MlfiAionnriiw, itnd Uy th# frl^^ndii ^>f J^^winh 
Mifleiond at heme nnd ubruulr wa should lind 
that ho poHcwvil, inoro or Iom^, aTI tlio 
featurm of <Jhrii!ilinn luvfci m <lr-'»i:nl»<K) hy 
Viitil fn till* 1.1th rf^hfiplnflT' of his Kpittln 1« 
thi> L'orintbkiLoa ; fe'itniftA nbrioluti^ly mdii^ 
jiaimEtblo in t\ Christian ^-ontlcmui and in 
thw OBiieml Swrelaiy of tln^ Uritif^h Hi^cioLy 
for the Propft^ation of tho Goipel nujoiig 
the Jews. 

We icgi-ct that we aac only find spnco 
for It few (if thu 1uLt<^r^ at Mr. Yon^ei two 
speoiully uddr^ased to lh*» youtig, oii" to tho 
Editor of the JawiJth Mimlf. i\ furt^ulnv \viiet 
to tbt.* MiMiouarinr^md Ik Ivttcrof Jsy[i]|HLthy to 
Mt-H- Ht^i-nrhf"!! wlnfii nhe oiel with her Brent 



McmorKt ^ Ooap^ Triumphs among the Jffo^H, 



What can IAa }''otiiiij do/itr the Jewii t 

I lun. f^l^d Uiul tbitf uuiuir^^ i» tuU\nvM>d to 
uio by ^uiufj Obrbiliiti^B i fur tlji^ v»tiw uf 
Ivrftef hnj^ much tm-frmtaniA h lothair AT-tfik' 
tion, Aiid itri b«iflt bc^ iincUir God, ractfl oil 
tho cmJ Mid d#Tot<i<iQOd«h of mch rt^ jou nm. 
MjT ^BO-r ymmg frirridi^, you hnw hiihritci 
HtiVid ftji upoCT.fttor*, btit Biiiit »M3W ptiiflr niton 
tho courso of holy cflbrt farthepcod of nculii. 
You will noon rccCTTC from tho dying brniJn 
i)f ytmr futheni tbo UircL nhioli Uitj- bfl^Ti 
borno nv thoy mn. Ymi iriimL \vttT it rtnvrikvrl 
ntid aloft, H will bti^Muu an you ivU^iTLri^ ; 
und wtiru yuu ckna }t7ur oinH^i'* Uo? will 
rulia iijMrthere toHuoo««il)'oiT. T rt^joUt^tluO' 
in fiB«1(iiig lo iinllAt your bftai pancrm on 
beliiLlf of tho Jfiw, 1 hftvo nn tici^ii to niUi- 
diftw yoiit nttviili-iii fiom utbr^i iiVjwU of 
Ohriiwliftii Jinnt'vnli*nr?it nn*l syuipBlhy. Vtiii 
muKt tnko ut. dimiuiaht^d intorwt in iniy onu 
(jood thiiip to whicii your fiithcTH have pivm 
thtir MUKtii^u , y<m mujii, by i^incc, mrryout 
vvery wi-iG pljifL wliicli it vin» imly [n their 
hMirU to ivrcomplUii ; you mtiHt tuud Dtt- 
vory lieLd thty hu^'v ar^wn, And i?joLC(t m tliQ 
bo|w of thtf Miujts liarvnU Bill llitf mun.' uf 
t]l0 -levrft, itTidof tbirir ctMivei'nioii 1o i'>i<1. hjt>i 
TU>t reoeivad ilis di]« mitM of JillvrLtu-in ; nnd 
It is for you, wliuiu Dm Slieplifid uf J^rm-l 
tiiuk Kntlj|*T*<<l into llfpi fuld !n lltr ninniing «if 

CT dnyi, to Uiko If op, Aiiil innbp it p^^'u- 
ly your own. Thn ori^-iii Ami untiquity of 
tho Jovttfh nation, Un'ii^ JiLiij^un^e and cu^ 
tanui, tiisir mnrmxicin with tho grenlj^it 
ompir^H uf t)io world, and tliuir fEin^uLni' 
lirMOrvatioii, oui;ht to nttinct yimthful hludy 
iknd icBHUvii ; itliilf?^ in uJditiiHj in theen^^ 
WKtHl n\X''viiiig Mj'jH'itU iiTt* mud'? til yinir 
fipiritu«l Hyiji|>ftUn<iv4 «nd to your L'tiriMliuu 
oijMittntiorifl, ljy tlio prophociM of God tori' 
ccmin^ tliliui,iujcl HJMrt»iid(rL'l (owanlK tlieiii, 
"lla 3iha\] ilwnl] itloiK^^ and f<\\a\\ not iut 
rwkoncU (unon;^ thfi natjoiui," poioM out 
Isrncl jwi the object of nn nttoiiUc'n irhallcinxod 
bv no tilhur- Aiid " J^lf*^ed '\r> Im that 
bittoiBth Thw*," ifivni, or ought lo p^vct, all tho 
forw of pBrnoniil inten^t to every ihinff that 
AlTcwta tUeir welfare^ 

My dtnr youn^ frieudu, let nut mply in 
yoHr Sm|uiry, finct, by propping ruiothor. 
WJiat oti^ht you to fwl loworda the Jew* i 
Ou^ht Dot your vmuliouii on Atiiounly oui- 
templAtiug them to W thoM- oF dvep iirid hdly 
rwarmcf i Yon feel a niyKtic nwt> lu^ you 
ttujToy tho ivy crowned wnlis of iwiuo vonoi' 

ftbU b^tildinic in which thtj pooplc of CMI 

hftVo oiJOo wiri~r>bipp(.*LL ui' #uiov '^iiMHorOod 
hiui dwelt. Aiilitj^iity giviu f^mliiiCHi. fih* 
low miMif an .itinutivi-Th'tK whi^^h no gno# 
OT iorm of moiL-ra iiit cvt^Ul supply. Vou 
luvtv Uki, thv nUiil* on which >oiir T 
1«Aned ; (knc3 th^^m U no Bibln likn ihiit wh^ 
hju cDDne down to vou through n lon^ 
of pioti» uncftiUy. But whore is thr objeofr 
UvLt CAn MrnipeUii witb tli* nntiou of Linwl 
for •nutiiiityi JkJopo tho pcirlbwt bhitoriwi, 
MoAflii wrcto, and with tb« mwt audBDt of 
i?uipii«i tho licbioVp'fl w«c cmitomporiirji 
1>o wn UoL ij«u nn-uii*nf^r< Ll^ tlic'Ui uIho tta I 
pouplo whom f.iod ohcKO fi-r Hi« rwii — 
whom be iiivi^nod a, loud fortJi«irev««|ji^ia 
puN^cHuoQ^whom 111? him pirwvrvoil ftiaiil th* 
firt? Aud tlio flood— til wbutit Hinuwlf, by ih« 
living VOLC^ And Ihi* bttmiwritinK af (kd, pt^^ 
Ittwtt -whom Hi> fi>d t>y diki^y rairMilo, ftnd 

Suii](:<J by tUv' nj|fbtiy lire— bcforio whom lie 
Wldfii tiM rivnr Jind tlip muv — for wlujin Lh«i " 
Atnit fought iri thoir ooriivH. unil llie Hon nrid 
ni^ioii fttooii Ktill iri tho hmvuun T "rtufi,% lO<\ 
thif ilhotiioiu JLhl of Hi|jB and hu}y uj«d 
whcvo iiiLmw ^innd on ilw puf" of Ih^'ir Liit- 
tory, nnil with whom th« Mo>^l Hiah hdOd 
convomnt ii« " A umi> witlx hiji friond. Hoftd 
Lhuir piH.-lry^ivviHit thvh- l«uiplo, " bwuitifial 
foi' iLLtuiilion. tlK> Joy nf thA wWIa Mtrth " — 
and oa you whiidr:-r Atnoiin x1^ t-uiikA, you wiJL 
Dol trpai tm ^i ]kx>ij!^ iiuwortliy yonr voDorm- 
Uon tho Hi'Htt«rwl tiilwi. i»f fitnud. 

But I Mndd nwviknn iho mnnt ttnidor fMl* 
in^ of your nature. And thozvforo 1 *jtkyo« 
£*/!•« for Ihi-Aolp Thny vuv tho kin--(inc!^, tlk» 
hmtbron of your RjiLluuinHr. Tl w»* & Jow" 
thnt wnH "fiiiror than the modh of ukoiv" 
They wnro tho lips of ft Jew that Sftid, " Von^ 
unto Mc, And I will gi*^ you tvtdk-" "Hwy 
w^^i'n Jiiwiikh l4<A]^ tli&t fvll at tho sravfl m 
l^nnnitf, iinti Jwtt-h mmn Cliftt eofoMod tl 
iMnilin^ itif&ntJ# of JutloA. Jt waa m a Ja 
Umi voiu- !4uv]om'livedftnd0lllTorWi«C9DindL 
mid 'li'^l ; And in thntnAtiim lTf» AKOftnd*d t<» 
LeAVT<ii. Identify tfao Jowinh fiippliont cf 
jour C'bi'i«tijkii nflVction with Him whciBft. 
yoii 4vit4i«<ni t.hrr "nlUiKuthor lovely/^ nAd m)r 
olLiim for yonr lovo will not In* diakllownd. 
All tho ponmon of your Sontitniii* aii4 tb» 
fixt<t proarhorsof th^Gospol wdit Jow^ The 
w^in!* which Irou^-ht jou to a ESuviout'a ftwt 
— thi^ prwcpts whir-h guldi^ your wfty — 
promiBOfl which Kx>the your spirit— thj hi 
thai liftrt this veil *kf fotnnty nnd shown you 
tbti l^uitih in cbe niidrit of thu thiun« urn) r.ho 
couotlena i^ynAdx thrrc — wturo «!! of thft 
iwwplu for when* now 1 iiaIc your lovo ; ilUiI 

Man/yrian of Oo^>d lVi%mp/ts anuytiij ifu Jeua^ 

for whcon olno ooiiM £t beu»k«f1 ivjth wnmch 

Agiiin ^ 1 ii>l; ynnr f^'i'Hjkufnya oinl yonv 
/jVf^V- A inAti of iotty vitoll'^itr fnlUii iiito 
tb& Jifcivpitude of iiKf» mil] Uir iiiilwilith/ of 

poor, ftirKukrh, 'io^piaoii, fnoiidlw*i ; Xha 
iniunba vi llm pooj -iiuLi.-«, ihiii^ wJtliotU aittt 
liim! hftud liJrli>^t*hUej<Ti.Lii-ofip|;i»nt.|piu^ppnt 
to t^ hLi Hpirit ffO in pi>,i..v. nuii l>orTiv to hit 
l£>ndy iP^vo witSjyut »n_r of nil bin fi-'mjcr 
IhvdtU t4> »beJ uvvtv hiui a nia^\v t4.'»r : nutL 
wckiilil mova yoiir pfly ; hut mm* tiuv th><AH 
fanttir«« of diatrtuu nro oomlnio^ii, mi'l tliia 
intcntvt iniTCArtQi], in thn coiiilil^m <>r ffilloni 
oulCAht* foTdjikaiL Itmcl, *' Alton i lu' irmii 
bAth pltiwl, ttiid iiD DHiti will jwvo," No 
uninrfpii-ed appcnl cnn K|mil thnt of Ibo 
P^oph4^t. Ihvtr bim ui be 9i|jr«ik-t of Ziou 
uml ]wv chOitivii : *' BLu wtM^fhrtli itifro In tbif 
nlghl, anil h*ir trtH.m fti^ (in btr ehocfc*: 
niDon^ all h^r lov^rw Hb« lijitb noiiu to ci>m- 
fort hrr/' •* All hci jji^i^Im nji^'b, tlipy Mwk 
hi-RKil ^ tiirjT huva jfivni Llii^ir |ijrri>4:tiit. thiit^ 
fnr numt lo roHciw Uia mill. Kflt%0 3x'ni, 
ftiul ootiKiilw : for I ftDi bciximri vib»," "Tiii- 
eldnu ol Ulc daughter of Zk>u *l(^ iL|xiii lUo 
gniuiiil nml k«*ii niliintN*. , , - TUn vfrgiim 
of Ji^rusalfTii brinj^ (Jowu th*ir biVkdn to lb** 
jfrouad." "Thy pro|j|ictft bjLVi' itocn viiiniukil 
foolinb tbitypj foi' tluTc ^ *iiid llioy b"\<i not 
diwui'ttn^il Uiitii* Tihir|Mity, to titrn iiwny 
Wplivity ' '* H'.'W i» ilic f^oM boccniu dim 1 
Low iff tho n^oflt lino ^'okl chAiigrxl! Tho 
pLw;ioim Hjii» of ZkiEi. L-uuiimrablti tu liuo 
goM, bow ftTo tbpy ^Ti^AiUfAil iiA e&rtb^ri 
bitcborHl" *"TbrtOTCwn m iv,Hvii lr*iM oiir 
noofj: woo unto tin lliAt wo bfLvi* fiinut*ij \ 
For thift oLir hmil la fniiit; fi>r Lbi>*ie tbiiiipi 
our ey*» nn* dim,"" Diar young fpioinU, 
tho hiKk'iy of Miiturio* piurt* nod llwt t.ia.Ut 
<»f tlic Ji*'*^ ut prcwnt, verify tbo ptcluro. 
OiLCO more woiild n vi}|(!i< urrw<t ynu Kittlilr^L 
y(tiir (tHvlk'^r-^, "Ik it nothing to you : nU 
yt* tbnt [i:iMH by i B^biilJ, iin4 wo if thcrv bo 
Hiiy HOtn^w liki- unto ifiy nuituw ^vlikli h* 
dorw iiato m^> wb«r^with tbe l^ml bnt.h 
nflliet.ed me in thfttbiy iJt iliHfiww ungtr/T 
\ im^bt ^0 <'U and t.\n<w yovi bow i^« owe 
A dvbt of ijrttfihiit'', if ii(j(' to (bv Je^^, nt 
ieiu^t on thoir jircoiint — n* tim rin-pfi)l *lr- 
poiitnrie* of tJn> Old iVfitamenl IVripturiv — 
(i£ tbc livinp ftfid ovcrten-pbitig type's f<f tbo 
djurfh of Uod in ovory AgOj and ns rijTiJi<ding 


* Ijinimlmtiutuil, S. II ; il 10. U ; jv, Ij t. llt 

1 1^UHLtiLtioiii 1 13. 

ill tInMJi>ii'!i.'«]w or»P of Ihr idrnnsrflt ♦vidvn**** 
or Ui'' f(jll'i1fii>>]kL of pnipbixiy, <iiid LxiiiW' 
i|tM*tiily t>i ihf truth ot STtpdir**, vrh^vh 
witli ulmoftl ffmpbii? nwumoy dpti'itViM t)n>m 
inlfe^il. ixviri-2,\20. 37. 4D, 6t, ^S: "Tbo 
l^ird Khfill [*A(ue tlin* (o U» sitiiUAn tn-ioi'v 
tbino rn^niion: thou shidt gn nnt. ono wjiy 
nfininojt thom.ondpbult tlt>0^p»n wny« bofor«. 
tbtiTi: uwi hbiiit' Iw n-muved into all tb« 
kiii^'donm of thr mitb. , , , And tiii:m slialt» 
pvpv al DfMDdii}', nx thfl Uind gmpi*l>i in 
dntknm, .uid ttiJHi ^linll not proqur in ihr 
wuyK : and thuu iiliHlt U- only opprev«d «td 
NpoUt'd (>vpmtnrn. And no tinuL Bb&ll Nive 
Ibw, - . - And thou «hnlt bcvunii' nu Afctort- 
i«Urii<-nt, A prov^*l'l^ nnd a bywoid HUiong fill 
itittiinifk wbicEuir thv Ixirdnlvdl l«id Limii 
Tbo Ijit^ KhiUI hritig n naUtm k^intt th^] 
from fftf, Irom tho *?nd oJ tb* i-nrtlj. ^, 

t( incite Uion tSm\l uut' iindi>ii*trijiil. 
And tbo Txinl MialJ B«itt#ir thw MinuTLff' 
nil pt'f'l^lL^t fr"in lht> on« end ol tho mrtU 
«tvn (into ill otWr : iLnd tbcrc tbon rdinlt 
M'l^'i' oLbi/r g^nUt wIiMl n»iUiT-r tboii uor ihy 
fiithwn* hiivp known, nvon wof<l nrid idonv. 
And nmoii;; tliivn nAtionA Hhnll tliiMi lind no 
tuPt^t nritlirr ftluill Uir solo <jf tliy Foot hihVO 
rr*t; lint thr l/irdnlmlf. k"*^ Iti™ lUeitJ a 
ti*nibbii(r honrt, Ami fiuling i*f ♦J'** aftd 
jtouov of mind." 

Ilui IrL \i\ non muiv diit^L'lly. ami undor 
llic» inflru-ncp jkf L^motioii-* lliun Hikrndlwl, 
iiiqnii'c trhatyoungChriiitiun-ictin and onglit 
bo do. 

I, Ijiy Uie piiibjeit of Inbi* J(i*» riqtd 
««rEDimly And iWonily r<^ hi^nrt- If a 
CbH^lLin in to looLe nt all Iwyond tbe 
encWnrr of bin own noiili and ff bo is ralliHl _ 
to N'<»k i^iif Mklwiiion i]f any, til V Ji'W pn^aentAfl 
bimsnlf w a flrut ohjivt, Tbo JewH ■* hfi* not" 
cftfcloff tbnt tboy UiouJd ffiU "finally. Owl 
"U jibk to i^iufl ibcm in iigMn," nnd H« 
will di) it- Tbo firrt ptv4U2bi*t> of the Cliniwl 
wero MUitnniiilod tc be^girj at J**riwal*ini, ami 
Gcjd iii|^fili£od tiiL* U-piiitirii: t.bertt by tho 
convnt^ion of at lenBt Jivtr ttiOOMklicl aouU, 
(kid ire now bringing! tln^ni, Jim TTi* pniniUed, 
"one ly iintj," und " oni» fil rt city and two *if 
A. taiiiily, bo ^ton." 'I'b^i nvjui^olj^ation of 
ibo uoi'ld bmji:w( o\i tbw Mmvri^ion of tbo 
Jow*. HTiil nf tiiiK flViint naT.ii-ffmlly tln-in P*tJ 
i>t" no dniilit, tJii no |Kinion of futuntydow 
th" light «?[" pjT-phwy liortm lo brifi^htly lui it 
doe* on tboir [-i-puvfrr, Tbfj>*riod iuMicum- 
menfod and mnst Iw f nr ndvanued, t1i« ran* 
oluRon of which will hl-v *'all Israel «ffBd." 
la it pcM^blc that tbo ObriHian can bftvo 

Tit.f Firift Gt^nci^nl SBartttmf. 


DOthnig to do with thwl Can tJio rounff 
Uliriettim forget the Juw anil be lilmor^lrra ? 
Carry iKe taihyvrt^ Lhi^n. into yr>ur i'|i»i«t«; 
■prMicI it boforo Uod in jinkyvr ; hv a |>urty 
mtorcfltnl in cri^rjbliLt^^ thai coiit^rue lL« 
Jvwh; nml 1w jlIwu^h rvivljlu plunfl fur tbuui 
in ^our friTiiilijiLr imerconwe wiih fellow- 

?. Fiii'lilier, let iJif> "t;:* y<^ii. n-^ i f-nt of 
yiiur diit^ If J th** <li'w-, r i> n iJ un. i.ii'n<K>ii 
your IciiowtAl^tt of }\ll tlmf. iiitL^'niruJ thf^m. 
No ^tuJy Illicit! to bo tn<nvr LTiUrrovtin^, jkrid 
C^rUiiiily iiuJJC vii[] yirlJ ;i iJHriiT briicll^iol 
mnilt, 1 biKi^VP tJml. if wo pnrKiiml ihh 
cmiwuiy our CliriHiuiiiity would be iitiprotocl ; 
tlio lovity with which pi'^jpbccy w aooit'tiiiH-fl 
Litntod would be Mibdutxl : wi; -ilioiild have 
mora exalted viuut* af i\u* itt^l of TKntclH jmd 
woHhitr and laord (^jinptvht^TiMve AiIaim of 
Uu gOT^niifn-nt : JUi4 wr^j^oiild In^ pi'Opnrod, 
liy bii ijuLgtiU?i]i^il ttd\oc'iu.'y ^r Lbu ulom uf 
tlk*t -r**-*iM. fo put Irt Miiftnp** Hip i^nornnrfi of 
foolish iii«ti, Aiid to ii<lvjL]ii-a SL r-!VU)W iVinr to 
tbv IkbiHi i>f tbo Sui^ of Uiil. 

3. Siimmfpn to tlni miiMi iif Emii^I Uiostf^ 
priTicipli^ whiHi art* iU» ^nrm of rhrittiim 
chfu-ftcl^ir the vory htc of your iMli^n, 

Ijct fijt« to your fipoTi IjOJ'd oi>ii*ti-riin onU 
iiTipn] yii" hf^rc, Ih irvri-y ™nvrri-«l Jhw ft 
«ubjoct if won to llim who m hi>i ri^fbtful 
Hovoroi>riiH A Jcwconvcrti^d iflaQilIiir.triovi» 
proof of the power of your fcuvioui-. That, 
Jew feelH, ^ <!'=> '>th^rcntL, fnr the tyiEivenfioTi 
of liii* hrvtbroii^^ilid tie in f)i)ri1]|iril t^ b*<<M>iTii.\ 
moti? thatt fiDy <it1ii.'i-| uu inntrtiuietjt e?!' icoud 
iu ilu) wuiiib Ih it. thiiLk you. tlm [uind of 
t?hri*t, tlAAt, while rliH pGnxhiii^ mmbtlciri of 
thv heHih^i) jLwuk«7iH yoLir uymp^LtJiy, th« 
J«w ^hoiitil h(i ue^W^ti^l f 

Kxi'ivihoyrriVA, T]it> CHtiMe la vniiiitii[int^t^{ 
with diflk'uhifs — ditH-oiirngemont* avo fio- 
<]un:it]y pT^wntoil ; but Lt hoA ihn tnnciiaa of 
lIvAvon, and t!ie pjomiM* of the (Jlod of 
Alirnhiini for iu si-tui'ity, Ccjiih*. thfii : in 
the tfpirib of Uuih mi^l every opp'^xjlioo, 
nnd In tho rdreu^th uf (>ad you ebriLI 

It i1(?ui;irdri yoHf moral fumrn/jr. Tliruiigh 
iciliflui^iio'* or iniKupprebfliininrt — und, [«r- 
hapt*. MilJ luorv lni-«Ti;^h tlip rnur of 
rt?^riliii^ ciivumslrLJici^ »nd imlividuHlb 
mfirfl Ihftn thn tAnriuinny of God, the wiri' 
T»p«on of iho J*wii ba conlftiiij^liited by aiflny 
profcwin£ ChmtJanN ii.-< iWuiit, tf not 
altii^-rlhtT HiIiiii'iiirEil uiid hupuliw*. My 
dmv youHg fi-icml*, mul tho mintl of God 
ffooottiiinf? Uritcl in Hit; w^itt4^n Word, and 
coijpider ivdl ilin wjiy*, i'our out youi' 

hoarta bciforo lUm, Arm yout^eivoa witii 
holy FoHituJu. Let the keen edtfu of mtiro, 
ruid tLie iduLft of ri(^iruf<i« fall on t1ii> Khii^tdof 
Kcripturul fajtb^ Mtvl thv Inkti-warmnt^Hf of 
the A^ with the Leliui?b uf Balvation. and 
aim iliivctly ai the he^i uf unhelief with 
thn HuFOhlof th» Spirit, (in, And the Lord 
wdl hv> wiUi you, 

Ouiv jnorf. Ivt Ai-,^ iijppli'^ yoii. ItcolifO 
f^i ymij-Hrflvp* thi' -pii'itiml Wlv^rnncM and 
linal c-onvomion at th« Texra J4s k tbin^ 
idllnitoly to bo dctiiW, ami with nil youv 
ttuii'tv yiold lo the expectntioii whidi tlio 
Soriptiini wjirraiits, Indul^ tJ»e ho|io that 
J iicob, though ho lje small, feh nil yt^ urUo; 
that the olive tn<<:. though it ha^ Itc^nMathod 
by the lif-htiiiiiff, f*ha!l yet strike its rcMta 
deeper inUi the earth, und Clmt '* it will 
bloKrtom ajhI bdd, hnd Gil thu whole earth 
withit« fniLt." And anticipate the day when 
it abuli iie Hiid lo yoU| and lu all the fi'leuda 
of iTudrtb : "Sfii^ with ^IiuItiaw forjji^vih, 
imd dboui nmonji; tho ohi«l of th<^ nMionn," 

Oh, foij-ct fo[-ft tjj\>infl(it Lnt4]n'«rnmK dnya 
Hn4 ynai>, pom liy thn MM'i<« uf nvcDtx whli^h 
mrty yet oi?rur, and dwell on tho hnppy si^&ne* 
Vilniidod with IsTneVt n^tonttioii, and of which 
thill i-Mtoration will form DUocf ihobiigbteab 
ppiTiA How fidl will iMt tho py ! how inv- 
jdntibU thti mutual lore! how do*p, how 
ovcvwholminp. howeaitatie the cinotioiiH thiit 
f^bull ctToti^ jkiuund the I^iiib uno» blain I 
Thiit will \tv thejfli/ f/M' /.pnt. Oh, to have 
helpeil it furwuM (■> hnve hli^i^ifod ono child 
of Abraham ] Talk we of sarrilit^ with «iiGh 
IL vii^w Wfui-e uht 111 Huoh n, cjiufiU what Mif- 
ileiiyiii^ fUtiVii. etii\ \)fi tj~io giviLt f 

Btit tho day i*i not jnU The vcrtco of th^ 
Bridr^roonj i^ only linanl in tbi> dtEitonoc. 
I)til] it \H }Mn voice» and the nolo ot jireptu'^i- 
tion mny In* dUeerned : let iiH joyfully hiiil it. 
Yoniig people, wo that yon not only hnvo Iht 
oil in the lamp, but that you ore Avake and 

And ljv*tly , let me uppenl to yonr lUrotiiyn'd 
fcclifb^t. Vou soaiiitirE('6 lovt> to niL<eb *ih ^' v, 
Uttli-biLodwliuwhoni 1-1 the Lord has tuucbed." 
B(? il yo(ir fretpiefit pm[iloy <iii tUof*e iX'iw*ioTi9 
to plead witli Ooii for \\\** fuUilment of Hia 
own pronjifuCfH cono^rnintf the IwiiiKhtoi Jews, 
now iviiohin^ in !iln. Pei h»pfl in aiiHwei to 
ynui- piiiyMN anme wjind&rer may hiy down 
hiM w«apon« of rebellion nt th« oro^^— tomo 
fcoul niayliowuii toChiist — eom-'OTir imtrnged, 
likiT rWiil of Tiuxii^t tti preiu^h the fjtith he 
oneo !al>oured to d«troy- Tlie pmyer of 
youthful Mial will winj: its wny t« tho Angel 
who ittoudi at the *^ goldeu altar," and may 



Jlf«mi>ri« c/ iimpd T-nMmph^ among ike Jews, 

be returned in Utf^unpi ou the b«ailB of tbuM 
who kniTvr llicii nnt. 

Thut }Tnj may i^lwxl in/nirh, ivijiinirtt ynur- 
•e|v<« vritb ^h^ [>it>iLifHT.v? of (i«Kt, jw rcoon^lcJ 
iu liin VToi'd : aijd rvitiemlA^r IIihI Llii'y Hr« ^1 
"jr^ iirtd nmpn in Oirist J««ii« ; A,n4 follow 
oiit tlip ppTL^flT of fuUi, by coolnbntipg ftc- 
oordiDjc to yciur AblEity in aid of ofTorU made 
for tbi» npirltimL i^ocjii of lanii^t- 8l^^Jc 4jiit 
tbou cblldrun of Alirnhnm youiwilvoH Piit 
iho tract or tha Word of t^od mtothrarLarnSjc 
nuUo tbe ym^/V'^ Jovra c»pocial olijtv-U of 
yinir «>1kntudi< uiid pniji-ra ; nnil let, nil yiiur 
*.piriCnnil fiinvHiMAiinn T>y»mnn>iid tht-fI<wfM.'l, 
that by youi- ch*erliil, iTMiKihtvnt, n(fi?iitioiwtU* 
piely.yim utnyt by tW Ili\tiJtr1.iLuiviEi|;, huUIuq 
prvjuLltn*, ^Kclt^ to lioly j>uifo«\v ; wml win 
thfi sotil. 

Poniliv siirhpnwn£i^A«aliko followinf; ftiid 
Avyoii iTicul 1olyu(iri(ifLrt(«|Eii iipin IhmIovihi: 
pr^ytir lo tbn Ood of Ahmtintn. " Vi* thtU-,'* 
ftfl youthful diinnplM, mnko '*iaoiition<^f the 
nmnoof the Lord, ^iva Uim no rtvit till Ho 
(»tah]ih|irin4 till llumixkr- JrtinjNili'm u priiw 
in tKi* mi-th," '* And yt* iJiJiU lie tint^ M«i il 
kiuplciui of pHoflU, nnd rir tioly nutiou. 
Tlievo tir« the vronU whioli thou «hiklt n^Kvik 

Ulltu tlll.^ cLil(ll<Bll Vt iKt'Hl*! '' (Extxl. IIJL. CI). 

" Fop ihnn art ati holy pfonl** init« the f/inj 
thy(.kHJ : th<i LunI thy iro-l luith ohoHtin tli4?o 
to bA » A|)cml |.«o[iIl* uiitfi l[iiu«clf> atjirvu n\\ 

}N1i>|i|a ttLiLt niw ii[ii^E^ tii^ ttu-n iit IIih i-jtrth '* 
^rJc«il.vii,ii)- " And U> nmk*> ^h« Li^h itlmv* 
td\ nritiotih whuli Ho huUi iTiikdt*, in praiKf tind 
in iiJtiuo ikiiil ill litiiii/iii , iiad that thou imvvoAt 
bn nil holy p«>|ilo unin the liinl thy fttKl aa 
H»bjithii(wken''<lJom. xxvL 19). "Oh, thiit 
thi> JHiilvittLC'ii of lEaiiot von oomo out of 
Zioii T wtipii the Ijord hiiup.'th bnt-k iho vup- 
tivity uf hfiH jiffi|i]i», Jacob iiiJudl rt^jniL'*' Jind 
ruriiM rihdii bf ^1HJl " (Pn, liv. 7^- " AwHk<>. 
why Al<^<1pwt Tha^j, U Lord t urieo, wmt ua 
not olT for ov«r . - . Wifi-efure hideBtTbuiL 
Thy fnro and forjjftT.tchf, oiir/»lTMfT.lfiri smil nur 
opprM«ii:<ii " (Ph, xIiVh i;:i, 1'4). '^ Do jfood irj 
'lliy (pod ploAutiro imto ^iou; build Tliou 
tho w*ill* of Jonmn1<qxk " (K, IL If*)- '*T]iou 
*hjtll iiri*», nnd hftVP raorcy upoti Zirm ' for 
Itio time Xc favour hot-j yon, tho wrt tJmo, i» 
(xrme- For Thy aorvAniji take ploaaure in 
Iwr «kiii«v nuil rnviiur t)\v diL-^L tbrriijf. 8u 
thr> heA^h'^n ^hnll fonr the numo of th« T^Mtl, 
Hbil u[t thr kiiip* of thi* oarMi Thy (jfory, 
Wbi^ii IIjc^ lioj'd -djfill Imild up S^iuii llf.< nhuil 
ap^jwir in Hi*gii*ry ■■ (Ph. 4'ii. 13.16). "Sjiv* 
iiM> O Lotti our <.><>•], HTid ui<th«r iih frcnn 
among tho h^nthoii, to pvu tjmuk-f unto Thy 
Wly DAiuff, tiud 1u tria[tr[>h m Th\ pinlflu" 




(Pe. cvi. 47). ''Pnvy for Lbn pWp tf 
JeniMilt^in : tliejHhitll pTT(<jii<r thnt hvnttiitt'* 
(Ph. cvii. d). "Ami mrmy puopto thoU f^O 
ntid Hiiy^ ojini(t yr, And M ua p> up to the 
mrni[Jttuii i>f tliB Iiijnl,tu tliu bouw of tlie 
God of Jjm>h, nnd H^ idll r^nch nt of llu 
wij-*^ and wo wiJI walk in Hiik path*: for 
out of Zjon (diall p> fortb tJw Iaw, and tli9 
Wo]-d uf ih<T Ijord from JrnJMdcmi " (iMLHh 
it. A). ^ Kor the lyird nill hnvn tnoi^ ou 
Jhcob. and wUI yot chooiw Ivruri, nnd vvti 
them ill thrir own Inud ; mid tho gt 
blinll \tv Juiu'.hI with tljL^fi, vjtd Ihu^ 
Ht^ivrt tn th^lnMiM^ nf JrtOfih Andtho 
AhnJI Ub< tbt-in And bniij- thom to'tb'dr 
pLticv; : iiiid tJ^e houM ^-f Inni«l tj^iilt fowna 
tJiein in Ihi^ Injid uf tin' Li.ti^l ffir n-n^nt'ii 
ntid hniiilnmidH ■ avid thny AlIiiiII tnko tb^ia 
cftptiTo&f whou oii|ittvo*i thpy n^r^ ; an<l tlivT 
■dull rule over (hrir op|irt<««<ii» '* (Liuufili 
xiv. I, 2)- ** In Lhnt t)m» «hall the jtrMtiit 
Iw TjToujfhl (into tho Jgordof lu«ti;of a poopi 
M^attrmi iLEkd fc«lcd, and fivm n poopL^ 
UTiiblc ftv^iii their b«gjnning hitiuTti>: a 
tialii^n nit^fnl out ftiul troldrii rindtrr for>t, 
vhik^> Iniii) tho Tiv«iv tmr« ^poilFtl, to tho 
j^iuTO (if tilt* rtfLOie t>f tlK> Lord of bodfl* tbo 
iTiount ^ioii " (ImlaIi xviii. 7). "He tJuiU 
rnn*^ thi«in rhnt mmn ont of Jnciiih t<i tnk^i 
roiit : Ij^m^l fibnll Mi^M+om And (W, mid lill 
tEio fiKv oJ Ibi* iniHh with fruit'* (Ininh 
jtuvii, d). "CvmUn'l }\\ fijoifort yi- My 
p*ioph», mtth your fiocL O Zion, thou (hut 
iiiinpc«:t ^i^ood tidu^^, got Ihno up luto tb^ 
bi^h mmiutiuji ; O Jn^runslem, that liriii;fi*4^ 
(jtxiil lidinp*. lift iiji tby vnin? wir.h stwrpth; 
lift it up. )v* mil rilmid ; i«y unUi tho dtiiHi 
of Judjih, UpIiuUI your Uo<i?" {Jmiah xL 
1, H). '' ThuKHiitb tb4< IjM^i (Jud, Il^mld, I 
Vfi]] lift up Miiiti li»nd Ut Uiu (VnLiInt, nrd 
H^t IIJI My fctaitdsird tc the ]i|H»plc : ntid Xhoy 
phiill Ui-ing thy i^iif^ in th^ir riniif', nnd 
thy dA]i^bUii« »hall W ciuiied upon 
tht'iv rtbonld^rt. And ktnjfs ^hitJI tm iliy 
oiirnog fnthotvv mid tbob queens tb^ 
nur^iu^ motherv: thiy Ahull bow du^u 
to tiiDUL with tbi3ir fa<M> UiwunI t\w ntHli, ^ 
i\iii\ hVk up tbp duKt tif thy frnt : and them J 
K}u4lt know that I am the Lend: for tboy 
aholl nut be ruhiitnud thibt wait for Me" 
(I^iah xliA. 22. 'J^). ** Ftn' thu TuouLiLiinii 
A)\t\\\ ■l4*]w,H., nnd tliH bill* Kbfttn»* r**iiii-vwl; 
bill .My kiiidiii.Hrt »Jmll not dejiarl from tlw<\ 
i».'itJifir' Mhull tbr t'<»vnrintd *if My j'ttKO \m 
I'HUiovHd* hjiilnh lUi- Tjml UiaL huth iti(<rry nn 
thee" (Itmirtl liv. III). "Whfrr*aj* Uiou 
bn&t Uofi fi^rAitki'ii and hnt^vl, *o that no omtft 
>vent UiitJugli ttierrv t ivill nxnkn thoo uii 

Tli€ i^rat Gfiia'ol Secretary^ 


«toitiBl dcdloQCTy, ft jay of iiutny ffannm- 
tlem. . , K Violent*!* almH no niow hn hward 

fJirtK bo no moi^j tl^y li^'l^t byJny; lioibbor 
for IfiightTinu .-^hiill t\w nnunt givi^ IF^bt iinUj 

TETHKmi •tiu>ir:tu orATinrtfia> in tub cut-ncu or tme dolt rcti'louh, 'cur«^i.iw- 

In Iby Unci, wiuiUiig nor tU^^truotion within ihcr ; but tbo I-ord ohrill bo utito tboo au 

tby lionl*m : but tbou hIiiiH cilII wnlK I'VexInfltiiiglifc'bt, auil thi? (LiyMi-I tlij mcmni- 



IScTnoriev «/ Goi^ Triumphs amon^ tt* Jeu-ii* 

20). "AiLil UipirM^L^il iJinllbrf knonn Anionic 

[uti^tli': all that HOD ihom hhiilJ HeknowlcdKo 
them, that tbo)- aic* the *cg4 which tho Lotd 
UUi bluHwd" (luLiflb Ui. D), '' I Jiavu »t 
Wfttotitn^n upon thy wilHw, Jt^iihuleui, 
vrfiich vhaM imvet hokl tLcir |>i>iio.* <lny uor 
Djgbt; y? tli&t umku uiutibiciii gf ih^ Lord, 
keep net HiTt>Ei[^ AtliI l^iiv^ Him t)i> reHC, till 
H^ cvftaUihli, nud liW ne muke JenitJaleiii u 
|>mi!H> ii) bho tnrtb. , . . AtuJ ihi*y «W1 mil 
tfmiu, Th# holy poopU. The ngJi^ai«il <if Ibv 
Ticnv! ; nml thmi nhnlt bo ntllod^ Snij^ht nut^ 
Jl city not forfiokon*' (J^uh Ixii. G, T, J2), 
•■ Oh thnt l^him wouldiit peod tlic bmvonUf 
that Thoit wuuldnt <*:iltko ilowii« tliHl thii 
movinlaiiiH mif^fiT Mow dourn nt Thy pr(«< 
Mltuu" (tKai;ih Ixiv. IV " Kc-joico yu %i'itb 
Jcm^^ciu, ami (hi gl'i^f wil li Itcrt uU yc thnt 
lt»ve Ler ; itr.pion fiji' j^ij witli beJ', all jo llint 
mourn For lu'v. . . . Anil I will not. ji tf^Ti 
iimon^ tboin, niii) I will »wi»\ tUrM> tbHt 
eac&|i*j of tL^TUi Diiii^ llic rmtioiiH, ti> TLir»(hi:«]|j 
Fult ftiiil Ltii3. tl'fit ilniw iIlo Imw, ttj TtilAil^ 
nnd JnvniiH to tbo itlnsAfAi' olT, that );ftvc not 
hcui'ii My fmno, noitliiii- hnvo doon .Myfjlor)- ; 
Atiil tliDV nhjUl doclarc JVly glory among thr: 
denliW" (IfUiuiU Uvi. lU, IS). '-Cui ■■lid 
jiroolhiiu t^Kntf wordfi towjird thi» borth. uad 
Ko.y. HfftiiiTi, thou bttoktibding IajucI, taith 
t\ii> Ixffd H njid I will not *iah*^ MIiio luiger 
Ui full imi^iivoii: for f nta tner^iM, HJiith 
llie IjOi'o. hti'l 1 wif] not ke^ un^r lor 
over, . . . And [ will givo yon pulom fto- 
conling Lu Mii^e LmjI* wbti^li aIla,]! fucd yi^i 
with bnr^wTn)^ nnd iifidePhfjiTubng " (it^^r. 
iii- VJt iii). *' it«iiM tiio daydtvima, r^ith tbo 

IxiI'dtthAt ] wil) VMHi IIJlt«) Dlivlll 4 lijUlltCcrUH 

Hruiali. limI h kiti^ ^bnll m^^ii ^iinl pi'o>pi<i\ 
nrirl «hn11 i^xrciit<» jmlgrufiitrnrirl ^Ei^t.icf in tbn 
oiii*tb. Jn Hi' diLyt Judith iihnll bo ira.ved 
Olid I.Mviol f^fdl d^oll Mkfi^l}', uad thiA i^ IliA 
imiiiL* wtji'ii^b^'k fk' <luil1 b<T ('JilW/*The Loi'd 
our llijEjIit^iiiHiicw" (Ji-r. hkKL 5, ft). " Knr 
I will Hfrctoiu liiHilth iiTito th(i<.s luid 1 will 
boa] t,bi-.o «f UiV woiiudM, tiJLith tku Lord: 
hfniiiso tlify ojklUl tbiv nil oiiloiMt, tiH^iit^^ 
Thin ix Zion, wbnm Tio man mwlteth ftft#r. 
Thuri twith tho Ixird, Hobold, I will biiiij; 
Aput) tho caittivity cf JjicoI/h tcntit. and hnvu 
mm'cy on \d-^ dwrnllixiKphu'o : ami Ihp city 
hIiuM Iv.< hiiildvd upon hir own bonp. nnd the 
pHljim> phall rttmiuri after tho mrktintr thor^of. 
And out of thrm blmU prooml ibank^ffiving 
iiml tJip viiice uf thpni l.linf, nmki* mrTiy^ &ni1 
1 will itidlTipK' thofu. nrid they shull not bu 
r«w ; [ wili ntxo i^'loriry ihcm* iiikd tbcyidkiiil 
mi U* wnuil ■* (Jer, xxx, 17— I9j, '* Fi>r 

tliii^ Miith tbc< l^j^, ^ng with gladiictwi for 
Jnrtib, nnd nhotit Amoiiig thn chtrf of th» 
nutioUK: pubbdh yo, praitt' yp, i»iid my, tj 
Loid, «vn Thy people, the i-o(aiuuitof Ismcl 
. . , llmi-ihe Ward of IJiu Lord. 0}iMiatiut]ts 
anrl iltu'liiro it in tb^ itltw ufni" of!, and *ny, 
Hi> tliJLt ac<a1tor«il li^mol will ffiktbt-r biiu btul 
k«t'p him, Ofi a nhfiphnifl dobb blH fiuok- . . , 
And it Kbiill mm- u> [tfi>^, tbrtt likt^ a^T bnve 
u'Jitf'bed iwvr tbtim, to pUu^k Mp. nnd to brAak 
dovni, lUiit t'> tbrow i)<>n'n» ftrni to dtwtroyT 
:iiu] t^i tidlirt* *o Aill t HHtcb oTcr th«m to 
bitild imdtd pijint,)!i the t^irii . , But 
t1ii> nJinll ba tlia rav^oniiTit thut 1 thflll mako 
with t)iQ hou»c of Ini'iK'l : after ilione dayn> 
Rfcilb ibe IxiiJ, [ will put My Lkw iu their 
inHTird jmrtft, iiud wrir^ it in ttii.<ir ht^Arts, 
i\t\'i will bo their Uc^l, and thay nhnll b« My 
pc«jple. And tliry nbjill tt^LCih iit> luorv ovwy 
luJtD bian(iij:hlKit)i» niidrvtity nnui hit; broUn?r, 
Ksiyitig. Know tbft T/ini ; fr«r tb^y fcbftll all 
kiLOW M«, fnr>ii) :h* U^:i>i of tbvm tinto tli(> 
^nvkt^vt of th^m, AAith tho l^ird ; for t will 
foriEivir their in]i|iMty, and 1 will rfriuemlN^i 
t.liflir tiu no more. Tinus mith iho Txird, 
Which ^voth the mm for a li^bt byduy, nnd 
the ordiitAnea of the moon and of tlie idATA 
for ft li^ht by nigbL. which ilividctb tlie «ua 
when thg wiLVH tbt'nHif ronr: Tho Lord ot 
hfi^ifrU nifiOiLtae : If thotc<iHinnaeu«dopnrt 
fi»m before Me, Hiith th* Loi'd, theo tliOBtcd 
of Innu^l iJwi Fih;il1 cf^imi frntii b(*[ng H Tiatioii 
befotio M.B for ever" (Jer. Ktx. 7, IU, V'H, 
31^ 3<!), *' And J wdl iiuJci* fth ovor- 
huiting covt-iinut with tljprn, thftt 1 wdl not 
r.iirn ftwiiy fi-nm them, tit do thpin pood ; hut 
I will put My foor in thair hwiHs ^^*^^ 
they fiihttli not depart from Mo" (J or. 
x\mL 40), " BrhobI, 1 will bring it htulth 
And can*, iitid l trill c-iiir* thriii. and will 
iwerii unto tliom the nbumliLtKi* of pUHec^iiiid 
truth. And i wilt ai\iac the rnpUvity of 
Judiih iitid Ihu cHpLJiily of Ihiu«1 to return, 
jiTid will build tliwiri, itH nl tbo ^Tfit. At»d St 
BhciEl Ik* to Me II LiLini.' of joy, a pniiMa mid 
An honour beforo nil tbr nations of thi^CArtb, 
whirb Hindi beiir nil tliir ^mn] ihut \ do niitnO 
theiu ■ »nd they B)mll fwrir nnd tremble for 
fill the jj^oodncea and for aJl the pronperiby 
thnt I proeuro unto it. . , . The voico of 
joy, the voire of ^diidmufc, Uia voicu of thn 
bridegroom^ ond the voioo nf thi^ l>nde, tliu 
voice of tbem that idmll itny, l'iTii*o tho 
Loid of Tlofita : for the Lord i^good; for Hi* 
nmi'<y <>ii<binjth for ever ; uml of tbHin iJiHt 
ihnll brini; tho wieriiiutf f)f pr:LiH0 iot^i i tio 
houHL* of tbo l^ki'il. For I will ojhimi- I" r»Tioni 
llifl i:apLlvity of the Und ua nl tbif (ij-fct, tMiLU 


Thf Firit Omtrcd Arrrfrrry, 


tlio Loni" (Jor, xx^i. <J, 7. 9, II), ^'Uy 

Anil TipQu ovQiy high UiJI; yist, M/ ilovk-wu 
»rattt*rii*ii ujVHi all tin* dttia of th« Mirth, and 
1101143 ilid Mrunli or novk &ft<-r tJiOm. . . . 
Ah'J J vfill mnke tht^m .-laiJ llic plocfM roumi 
bUyiil Mjr }iiU ji bfitwiu^ ; nwl I Mill ditjaa 
the 8lu:ivtir t^ n^nifi ilown &ri Na H^tmin ; thnvn 
f^hnJI bo e^iowoTd of b]r'>4'in^" (E^i^k, xxxiv, 
0> 2ti], ** A v*w Utvirt jlIihj vJll T jfivc you, 
Aiki » ii*fw Hpiil. 4(11 I |JLtt H^Uiiii you: imd 
1 will istkit jkwiiy tlxa tlony lioan out of vour 
llonli, and 1 will pivo yow no hcnrt o|' tlwii/' 
(Kftflk. XxiTi, 2<J). " Thou r-lmli <ie»iid nn<l 

cfimu tikff [( HtHjrm> thmi r^hali he likti » di'uil 

to oot'str tlio Inii'A, ihoM. iiml Ml Uiy tirLnd\ 
nnJ munj ])co(ili? uith Uk<ii" (bla^<?k. xjcxviii. 
9). *' t4iu}; DuJ itfjoicB. O iliiiiiuLtvt i>f Ziou : 
for. III, I vinjit*, Hiui I will clw*iTi m tJi^ iriulht 
of tbtro, MiiUi tlia Ixird*' (St^cli. ii. 10). 
'* And it iihiLll como to poM, ttiat an yo woro 
HuiijTW4Hiiioii^ the lii-iittion,0)imtK)ot; Jmljih, 
mid lioii>4e of Unud : an will T Aavn yon, niid 
yc shnll bo a hl^mitiff : foar Dot, b«t lot your 
hand* bo ^tronK* (^^. »"iii. 13). *' And 1 
will poui' u[Mm tho lioti?ii3 cif D^vid. mid ii|H>n 
tli9 inTKLliitjinU or Ji^niNilotn, lUv jtjiii-it of 
i*rnCO and of Mijiplio/tt Lr.ii imd they nhull 
look up«jn Mi: Wbom tin>y imvv pu?rciH!, and 
tkivy hIihII lEioui'ii for hiui. n^ utiii imnjiiiuth 
for ^ii ouly xorip rtnd fliAll M tn bitU^ni^HH 
for liim, U4 uiio UtiiL im m bLtl^trinvw for bU 
litTilUnii, T>t tUuldjLy lh(Tc« ^b:ill K* a jx^Tial 
KJ)>MJi'ihiii|; iri JiiiiiajiIhijj. hh tliH iiiCiurrLiii^ 
of HftdjidrimTncn in tha ^ftlli-y of MegidJon " 
{'Ai-c\i. \V\. HI, 1 1). Ill thrtt duy "'hall thp™ 
Ihi ujri^L tho lit^lb of tho LiJiTioh iiuUiii--'^ liuIpO 
thi' l^rd : nrnHhrt put.* in ilut l/mi'it hoimn 
fhali bo like tbv IkjV'Id Ix^forv Ilic iiltar, Vdii, 
every pet in Jrrufuk-tn and ivi J udah flhall be 
holiimu uiilo Ihv Lurduf liuate , and Jill tWy 
tliht Kiu'rirUc Hhfdl njirn* hiii1 Viiku cf UieTii» 
ikitd hOAt.h« T.hfiviti: nud ili Uint dny thvr^ 
HhAll b« rjo moi-o tlio CiirmitTtiU* m tli^ Itwiso 
or tiju fxii.i of lio*t-" (7^^t:h. xivritK-n). 
" A 11*1 ihn rorinmnl, jif Jucuh lilmll hfl in l,hi* 
AjiiLit of mmiy j^oople an a dew from i\\(^ I-ol^^, 
AH ihe eliowei? upoit tha jEniAn, tlmt ttmieth 
liot for mnii. nor waitttii for tlieHons of men" 
(Miciih V. 7j. ** Wbo is n God like unto 
ThoOf llint pnrdoncth iniijuity, nnd pflf^t'th 
by the triLiiAgre,'^iE>t> of th& remnant of lli.i 
hi'rit,nf;if f ile reLiinetli uol His nnger for 
over, b*<'iinsit Hv duliglilKh in ineroy. H© 
will tiiri) npLLEi, \\n will liivvo (loin ivlhkloii 
upou UB H }l<i v"U HidHEun^ tjiit iNJEjUjtkw ; and 
Thou will LitMi. :iM t.linir nlnn i[it,u Uih dtplhw 
ol tbo ft*a. Thou wjit [)«iforiii tliC' truth to 

JncoUiiindtho niorcyto Alirahaio, which Thon 
hiuit iiwom uoto otiT fnthon from the dtuyn 
of old'' (Mioah viLf U— 2€). "liivthrou, 
my hnrt'a lU^iiis nnd pniyi<ir to Go<l for Iviuol 
iiii. Uiut they mif^lit be lULVod. For I Skut 
tti«m i^ord that Lh?y hflvpn, ^mlof ilod, but 
tioi uocoiJiJif; to kiiowludgu " (KULU, X- I. 2). 

" Now if thft fall of i.tjpiu be ihoHrhtw* of th** 
WiHti, und lh& diiiiihiBliii;^ of tli«in tho nch«A 
vf tljt< f<<<iiti]c«<. how much niiirothi^ir ftj)ii<v«, 
. . . Viw if Uif fw^t.ln^ HKuy 4?f thr^iii \tn lh« 
tacoiiclVing of tb« woild, whnt hhall tho 
rpo'iving of thom b© but lifp fmm tlip dtitd if 
. , . Foi' I would nut. lircLhiwEt, tphitt ye 
hlioiild lie ignorant nf tbi* tuy*tpry, lr,*t yo 
fihould be wifcd in your own coDcuitu; that 
blinducwi in piui i* happened to jBr'iol, \intil 
tht ftiluopa of iheCJtuiil«i lo cumu iiu Atid 
Hit nil lhi-ni.d kKhII K- kilvM : ib« it U wnttt<ri, 
Thoru ishrJI OoiuVi out of 8iou tlio P*>]iveivr, 
»iid vbiiU turn awny mlJ^>dl]^l0Mfl'on1 Jrvoul>. 
. . . For &B yti ill tiuienpH^t have nut belit'vi.41 
Ooilf yiiT, Imvft now obiAhiHi merry thinxigb 
tlictr niilutliof ; Kvon m lmv« thoto Mf^a now 
not IWiwcd ibrit tbi-oujcii your mfin^y thry 
itlHi nijiy obt.riLn mcucy. . , . OthiTilupth of 
tho rJrbiN bEirh of tbo wiKdom uni knnwlolgu 
of Uai \ how UDMVLrcbable are Hia jadpnoiita, 
and 111-1 wAy> [uvt finditi^ out" {ICom, u, 
12, in, 2^ 2il 3[>. 31. nsj. "And not nn 
MoNct, ^vb]ch put n Villi over hi* fntu, that 
tbo childrt^n of J^ra'^l iiould not utoiulfrbitly 
look lo the iW uf lliat wbioli lji aboliff^itx] . 
But Ibfir iTiinds were hiindixl : for nnlil 
tKU diLV ivmajni'th tht* innit vt\i\ uutitk^n 
ixvtikY in thi? r<^n'hMiZ of tlif> old to>lfiniriLt ; 
whioli villi in done awjiy lu Olu'iit. Butt^vftn 
nnto ihU <|Ay, wht^ii Momk im rPAd, thft vail w 
uprjtL th<-ir hMirt. Niir0i'thoto**i whon it flhidl 
turn to tho lx>i^» tho vtdl uLaII bo tAkc^i 
rtwjiy" [2 Cor. iil, 13—16). 


Mn Db*b Yolt*o FRttKiMi—You knowwe 
ai't* vflry fond of remembcning ]nst wordh. 

If any of yoii h*vo ovor loft y*jur fiith«r'a 
lioLidc to ho away for a long time, jou ofton 
thought of thftt in#t IcrtiuK look from your 
nioth<?r'K (tye; and tho hu»t vordiof tluitdk^ir 
fnthor buvu followed you dihy aui lught, 
Btdl mtire imprpMivc ia the orphjin'M n\'-o]' 
iRtitiou of tliu butt udvic*^ of a |jioii>? puiiut 
juBt Wore th<> «iioui*nt wbeo, f^ir tho flr*t 
time, thut orphan felt biiuAolf nlon« in the 

ThoH« of yoT» who un* fnmjlinr with ymir 
f^ow T^etAQUD^ and who bavA learned to 



Mfnurrif^ nj (ituqml TriiimjihH ainonij thm Jmim, 

n^min- t^iA chnnu't^r of ihtt X/ml Jmiu 
C'hnit, c^um if yoM (ujinot jqt lay th^t yuu 
loro Him 40 that ywi wonW lore Uira I for 
jou ^B-ill inA U^ sjifi% nor titif |j>-. nor holy, 
Hiitil vo'« ik>), Imvo liiing Kjioii lliw woiiU, 
±nd, fiincyjJ}^ yijui^ff*lrw, iwrhttjit^ niix^ii;; 
ilwi li«rt«niii|LE Ihtx-iiij!, ImvL* fAHl, " Nuver mnu 
fi|Mk** likti tlup iJiHtj 1 " Ami Unw "f ;<jii 
who, hy lP"fti'fl, huvi' vi>>Ule<< y<Mir yieifcit.a U^ 
Him linv» l>4oii ntruly il^vimtly to 4>xcliiim, 
** It t^ tlifi voicT 4rf luy li0liivi>l;" you havn 
\H^n Mifilii^ to fdlinw in HU f4M)tjttfl|*, ttj 

CBtcll tho tlttcTlUlCO of HiH bourt, BJ^ Ui> 

njovcii throhif^h tlio v&riod tcatiav of ]lii( 
murtiil liihUry, until h\i th« tal* of woo 

-*"' ' ^ 

Thybiindu T wmitnond Wynpirit/'prnclmmed 

tbiLt '* tliu Mhii of 8orro«^«" hnd <xniip]e.t«d 
llio iwcrls of ImuaiLQ redemption, und that from 
tlieiiwfoi LU Ho Wttri to " soc of the trn-vjiil uf 
Hit Kiti) ttiitl lit-iiuti.iIicHl." l\v roMt from the* 
gfAV« - for H iiUb while He* Wiv«o-<l tho 
cliowii f*w of ILifl friciidH by iutiM'courrw 
witL tLutu. mil] Uieu Itr^idii;^' ihniJi oul Lir ii 
HTioI. prtflflMTtrfl hy iiin.Hy a hii.llf"Wi.Hl thooIIw 
tion. Hp wiu [HiHwl inim Uium, uiid a cluu*! 
iT*vivrd Hitn 'mt of tU^ir niulit, Aiid 
niijiiTtjfiib tlid Inlt&tL nuhlpi i-Jiii^hL hy tlii*lr 
liitt*n)infl oFUx w<?t« t.hene: "Let re[»"nt- 
oncv imd nTiuiJstjon of fiio tw> proimliod iit 
My Ikamo AmuTj^ aII nrttiLiun, hrwjinniiuj at 
Jrrr/aalrfin." And why this ftjjw?ifll direction T 

t{n*iiiiiH% jH-rhnjii, tli«r ovrti UmM lipirif^ 
would have toul. tbocu Auywhinv cUty th^ti 
itito tho loidnl or Ji^m^ilt'iu to preach Lhe 

tlospel. iW-nlw*, lun-^iujiN tlirlf own DttLunt] 

f«ietiiigi« WUI1I1I bnvf- wIrhhAhl Mieni from 
lirrt jtrvsonlisu; nows ot iijiToy to U^i>fr« who 
l)]L<) M Jmol^ triMitod tlK^ir Mu^Ur &nfj 
FniTod, 8tUl laoift iin'ImMy, l#aLiih«ik t.lie 
EUvioiir woald Hhow tha Iova of IIU own 
for^Ttnff ho«rt to thoao **wbD with wide 1*4 
huiiLi hibd cnidtiod aod Klniu*^ }Hiii, Ami 
biHniuifl Hu would imtify lo m]1 mnnlcind 
Ihut Hi* ttovfiel, ntwmj»iiii**l by Uip powur 
of liiB Kpiht, mm -ih\v to Hoftvn and chixiijifc} 
tvtn Jewiah b?">tM — hcniia cii]j(ib1o of a 
crtinv HMvcr i^niiioiLi-<*<l by :iiiy otber |vr:i{]I^ 
uiidM* bMiv«n- Yiu^ nml bdCAikA H« wouM 
liAvo inliabitnntii of JiTu^Hatom, oonvort^J 
Mitni^iK <'f AbmbfLui*Ei noctl, to bo the nw^ 
M'li/fflr^ of n^ba^iiK lovii Ui a prrifihi] 
world. {.Sw Iiuinh Ixvi. 19 k 

Vou krjow, my d(<ur fnootU, Ihut the ScrvT 
Nilrnk of which Jnufl "^jitiki? wtls soon itflor 
Inid i» ruiiiK, nml l\i<^ )iriEi]j;hnlLarti dnr«n 
oVHf (he Zi<jn wbeiv Johuvali hud dnvU ; hut 
DoC iiTitil iti J<TtiKil«m uiuJtitotlon hod L<^aj>I 
»LUi] rrir«iiv>/d blii* Oovpcl to llto Mtlviition vf 
ihfiv ttcin\A, HOT' iinr.ll from ZU-m had fp>i>* 
forth nitvij^n^i^ ovov tbo wholn known wi^'td 
to UM " Ibt^ wlory of poju>>" ihroui^h iJio 
bhuxl if l.hi" rim^ifiwl Oiir. Tiw City thuL 
now (wopit* tbo fcitn (rf "the rity rif T^hd 
(Stoikt Kih|j, tlic boituiy ol nil l«iidi»," 
iioiko of itJi nnci^nt trl'>i'io!i. Hrld, t]ioij( 
with Ik Intmhlitjg hfkiul, li}' 11 Muhonniimli 
go^-r-miDDiit. it IK trodilMii iiiidiT fool of t1 
Gont]k<#. Tbo wuth of Ziot; do cpourii. IIat^ 
tliildi-en lit in tho dopl., or wjLaclur around 
■4ii]i'« rnL|;ni(*]it riT ht^r uhIIv to [lour oafeH 
Irilw'K woiiL up, thn tribetof tbv I^nf, unt* 
1|a« t'l^tmi'^iiy uf I«rtt«U togiTS tliAiike utiiv 
1b«i nnnii^ of thn T^rd/' ^M 

Yf>s my dnnr i^lnJdtvn, tho pi^plii liTwJH 
nifltinf't fti^Ri i*v«ry nlhtT, ihcy livtf tLitiorg 
nil iiTtticiiiii ; itif Jrrhrrvjdi hiid Etoid nf llii'iit, 
"Till* poopEr tihjilldwrll ulntii*^ nnd^hnll notli* 
rookoimd amouj; tbo ontioos." You uiiy 
i-oad thoir hintrtjr)- in tlw 1ntiGu<LR<i^ of their 
iojipirt'd WcKr mcirw Lhaii thii* thousmrd 
ymr^ ngo. (lev. xxvi,, 1.>vut. xiviiij. ^M 

Vou miiy li3Eknk tho bt^rt of l<i:>d ooooonticf^H 
tUf-m in t}ie TvTilin^ <d the ProphM*, And 
ill tlio <^iiim- puLonsI iTvontHyoii uiiiy ^iHi^m'tjun 
thy fftoln of tiif ir f dtiirt* c-^mvnmirTn to da 
if thtir lx*<"omi»>f a Ulwwiiiiif to tin? w| 
wurUI. niid of tbcL' m^LorAtion DiiikKl 
wifb the plorifti of Oiiil dny vhnn th* ixii 

T}i« FUd Gta4Tnl Se£9'et/ny. 


lipow thn " liJAiiiy crow^^(l'' <*f nil tho woilJ, 
fin<3 wLt^n *' oil Hii> viuUiiv miil nn IIU Lht^h 
thv nniuu chull K^ roud — King of Ki£igK,uiid 

I p&kI tlitit iht Jcvf nrtr aotttcf*^ tlitough- 
nut Ific twrf.ti. Tlicj iiiv in Amh, in AfriiT«» 
in Aniehov. Thoru mt? m CoiiKtACtiuople 
»U.iJt">, in HitwLi ;J.'}Of),i>0U, in PcUitid 

Ktil) triib of tlioiHf '* Thi'y will iioL n^me uiiUi 
J**iiii, tluit tboy Ezttglit linvi* life." lln»y 
dinji iirot'ouadly to iLv books of Mc«w> itucl 
3'i?t the Mfiir^la uf M'Jnm Twill accii»^ UktTTU 
befutv Ock), mill fnaiit^ tphf>{i* (VhTtdAmnAttmi ; 
bi>mu£4<, *■ htid tbcv Iwliftvcd MoMti, thoy 
would K&vu bi^ljovccf Jmuh ; for ho wrote oi 
Him/' (8» J(iT>u V. 49.) 

Dentb ^mnii iTiL> thmr dw«11iiigi] my 
oliililiyii, utid it KM n diU'k and cboorlM* day ; 
no c^rUUD lii>^ of fitturtiy kIiixIm » roy of 


aO,<H)<l, ;wiU in Ktigliiid S*l,OflO; 30,000 of 
whom »Pfl irciiprnlly Uj lie found in Jn^mdon, 
Tht'y Uto miiLo diiitinct from uii, miiny of 
tlifrm in a jinvt of l^mdon ftlnio*t, entirely 
Ji^wish, Ilujipily iiwitt jA ffii more of 
Kiittuil futirtvny »ad kiiKlneKK bctw^mi ub 
tlian whcti 1 wiia » boy. Wt> Lnvc c-uoeuii to 
dfvpiftc and CAlumtiiTxt^^ thcia Ij^uiuhi they 
niv JfTHm ; and Xhvy, by reuiliti^ Llii? New 
T^Unu^iil, liiLVik I («ii ]i>*] ^1 iviHjivft our 
ynviviir'H (^^Htrjti'Wr luuI Ifi uJumil* hi^ Hm- 
f:4^ur*n^, I^iit tfi lji.iLirt tlt^-v u^v *>\tynrH^<\ Ut 
th* Triiirli, ubiHi, nn i.fiij mithoiity of fiiKrn 
Word, W0 bolLC'Vo canulonemve tbem. It is 

li^lit H^ tiiat rhambor, ThoiWrly lovfd and 
honoiirnl jicuviit ^* givi^ iLp tlii" ^ho^/' ii'iil 
there i*. no answer to tbe tiwful iiir-iiiiry, 
*^ Wbon?i» Ar/" ThryH\*o without Christ 
— very ii»mjy nf thtm uioiril, amiiiblt, Iwin^ro- 
t&nt. und iitti^lli^fiit : but ha ihey p> dowri 
to tbo ahKduH of diVLth* 1 heu^r tbo voif.^ of 
the Bon of Dirid — tbo Son of tiod — cxt'Iniui, 
'* KxuQpb y« buKwi^ bhjit I iiiu IThi y^ &b»1l 
did in your mti)i.^ 

My iltf»r )'oiiuK fmojilOt dtuJl wo i-iilT'iki-JtliA 
Jvw Tpbuq to livr unJ tbuA to dii*, und In tmr 
1^1 wn i-oiintry, utiil nt iiur rt^sii iloor f 

Why doan bfl not b«li4!v«> Mct^^iand hii own 



T^f First GfjvvfU Sfcr^firif. 



f>ropAM«, tA ojc to bo 1ml hy thoir writiujEs Id 

IwlioT? io Jciusf l!c*fai*»(? *'thEi vtil" of in:' 
iiomucD anil jirtjudii^cr h vtpcm liih lii?irl h itm! 

L ht» mnkM thtt Wor4 t>f Uod of nono 

Ch* JftiM eT«r poi^itiuiUHl tij Jay aifcijo tJw^li' 
traditioiui f 

Vw, on the djiy of P«£it<cobt, thi'oo 
tJbouuiiiL] wfTiv '* pj'jrkeil (■> the h<Miri>,'^ nnl 
ttirtiAdtatha Lord. Attlwg4td»i>f DnmiiKUii 
A jonn^ man, fvtll cf cnimity n^iitut Chrijut, 
n ilrfireiir of the IIH>rnw*» ihtid oti<» who, 
nftt^ the aLnutwt MM^t itf t.^o .li'wr^ lijid livcij 
A PlfeAiijMji?, wjirt kill lit tlic font of tho Sivimir 
bv u r^iii^lo woni i nml ha wt|f> juat bcforL^ 
b»(l AakoJ a cotumipt^iuci Uj KjiI*? the iluul}>l«i 
i>f J«Hi|ji I't priirnt, rir»w, in liic K|iinf i»f a 
littU child, inrftiirtijH of Uml wyy Jiwiih, 
'* Lord, wiiJit will l\uM \in\v iul* li> Jci?" My 
*Wr clul'tir'ii, "T!l1?G^^'^^^-l IB iW |ii»wi*r itf 
Ciai nut*! solvation to*vofyni>p ilmr^bt-liAVolb, 
to tbp Jow liT^, txnd nUo t<> the Clin'k/' 
Arid I ccniKI tell j-(mj of mftny inrilftni^p^. ovon 
ill our crw:i JjLV, in whidi il huj- plitisiMl Gih). 
by infant of JIU Woiil, l/i niriikrTi thw coti- 
M<)»i>vc. 1o tuAl ibo hoartT und lo jmvo the 
noul of the Jcvr. 

IVitluji I tmiy itiMt tha.t it h nuiHi muru 

MUiy nO^ to glllll thv JLttuQliull uf tliu Jl^ab 

to Um tnitha uf the New TiwtiuiiL'nt thnii it 
WSK. Very m/LTiy cf tbi'Ui CMvd It, i;uiuv 
hftvv purdi^imnl it for thi^iu4«lvtH. MHiiy of 
tltoir chnflr<Hit fth^Hlli>wi-il U» n-t^ivi> tViriHtmn 
iimlmrtjoii, riml a v<'ry lrti-j^ ikumbcr t'i 

jfaaMlli^M'' ^l("1 llir>1t)flrtfllj JOWH llJiVll ilU- 

~0ii ilu>)r vci|qBn<w of trjiditlims ain\ cmn- 
tnouinFiviA, which Lhoy call the 'l^iilmiid, 

Now, my ilrar rhihh'rtH, 1 witiii you in liy 
th«iU brirf ntid |i]iiiii rfbitotnffntsi t<i h<.'nr[r, 
iLnd ncriofiBiy to in({iiir4* wJtctht'i' you ciumut 
and uij^'hl. iii^t to do puiuc<thing foi the Aulvii> 
Uvu uf the |if.K]r. llie in'ii.iliiug Jvwti Uie 
dtv*<rif!nTkf' iihd ri'Urfl of ilio h(di<iK( rhri<l 
h/4p|"0Ht p<vij>U» lliL* w<»i-KI <?^' THjiw^ r.if ^%'lioin 
Jrli"Vflli hpahf im " thcf <Wi"W l>ul<»vifil of 
Htm Hiiil/' iirjil who un> >t)II " In^lirvril fiti- thf 
frttlwrt' BttkM ; " "to whom ppvtrtim^th tha 
ttJoption, Ami tho ^lor)~, und tito povi>ikiintii, 
ftud iJio pviii;- of the Uiv, iHf} thf^ wiivioo (if 
Hiid, ^rd ihit jiiumi^itj* : wha^n hhi th« 
falkunc, atvi of whinu, iLi (.v-nn-miEi^ the llovb» 
ChHbt oiinir, Wtio IJ' ovorivll, Ood hlfaned for 
mtsTH" {lUftu. h. 4, 5,) !^^^d v^iv wnoimlj 
tbi' thirty— »-ve nth ch^i^itHr of Kw"kij*l lo tin* 
t«QUi v^r>i*, II v'lll ^ivo \oi] u tniu and 

vflj-y ftllVolinjit viow of tho pn^jiont i;piritiiixl 
cfMidition of F'lii^ Jowa; mid 1 ihtult it iiidi 
fui*^ th« i^oiiim^ which <^hiintiru),v ai'it Lo 
pTirkitio for tluAr hvlp. Hioy nn^ to t|>ojil: to 
them to Jpt thuiii know th« Truth of Uo-J ; 
iini l-o cry ciin*cntiy in projxn' auil aupplka- 
Uon for iIki Holy Spirit to bit^ulhw ii|hjd t3m 
m)u1k diHid hi trMpui«iM d.&d iaji«, thut rb^y 
tuny ^vibku uud hw, ^nd Iwcomo a failhfiil 
biLud gf wjldieni for tb« L^d uud Hih 

My dmr frioQila. iho pi>op]« of Ood itr© 
djiJii^thtH^jiiid "T«ii th^* childj-vii il) Cbri^'tinu 
f jtuAiIii^ ii-iid ill oui Suiiiltiy'MOiirjd>JLii^iiiiiLii)jii; 
in thn work. Will yon Ihi pn^iuidod to jmu 
with tlkODi 7 

Voti ticiVL* Ir^nnicd iimch from IcwonA of 
Jowish pirly lit thi? Itiblc. Tiif H^tTioiu, ijf 
Mltoni yen low to hmr nnd think, wiii in 
hvimno iiuiiirL* u J^'w; uriil thf^t pi't4'ioiiH 
in>ok, vhith njMMLkictunl'-jrt loyoti in rH.inijw, 
^tiidi<Fi your fwi ill iLu Any uf [icuiv, ninl 
oil**!!'* f'lt' v'liL ihfl pjfWpuM, (bf lii'jiVi*T», if yoti 
loVl.' aw] ftJIoW tll4l >4llVLll(lr, wikx wHttt^iif 

(iiidt-r tlif iijfiiiwm-v i.( tjt<' Spirit of tImJ, by 

CnltivjitiJi, tboOf very kind nxid aA'ocI iijmftto 
fooUofEi^ touni'di^ thhim. lii-nr them upon 
yuur ljejk[iH vfhfH you pmy i n^nl mjhuo n 
fftw nf yoiii' ju'n^n &n nnalilo i'hnjuiitna In 
A«nd thom tho NtfW T^lAtDpnt, und man of 
0<h1 lo prcncK to thrm tlio C!oi*pi^], — D<Tlirvi? 
infi to 1h% my dc-rir youiifi frietjilK* youi^ willi 
Ghmi.inTL riiri*otion, ttKrihtit: Vumjic, 

i.civen TO rat. kihtoh or rnr jnwintt 


Wliat /t4t4 bem dom A.v '^ ^vcktfj t 

Mv Dciii :jiii.— ^Obsui latiotw on tliL- *iflorU 
of ot.hftir Ho(^I*iUa4 for Lhi^ ovaii^nli/Hliiirj of 
Jowh which hav9 i«cDtii\y mot my oy<v hai'i> 
indLicM mo to itiiiko a iuoi^ rrnGfo] rovtcw of 
tho luitloiy ]^od pipt^ot [lOALtion of /fr^U 
fnmitLition, llnv-ing 1»im ooiiij^ hy tlio 
ani;p«BJivo oommittocH with tho Jivpplion and 
ovoiitighi cf itfl aspiuoiort from tht conioicaco 
infant, 1 Uiiiy iwilmpB bo qu^ilillExL to fovm 
Koine nc't'iimU> wtituirfl, howev^f T inay fnil 
in giving ftd»<iiint4> ini pr«^iv«n««« to tb« 

I may, lu tlio CpiI pluu«, bu^r t^Limuuy 
lo tbi^ ndhm'ciiioA of th^ HfK^ioiy toilAoH^inul 
uiubCdjLrijvu (uid catholic; spirit, nnd to tho 
iiKifarai CTidoikvoLiE' of iti comiiiiltoM to \n-^- 
m>i-t'rt Hiid n.nuk«n li spint of prayerful 
dopflndouco on tbfl- Ifoly f^pji*it j ttpponlitig 


Mrmu/t-ies ft/ Goitpd Trintnphe among iht JrWB, 

for Huppoi't to CliiintmnH of frvory namn for 
llie *itU' ol»j<'(*t of TKPiU'l'ft (V)rn'prKion to •* tho 
obvtiLenou of fiith," Arid, wcinndly, 1 in«y 
ri>fcr to Ihc fiict tli&l tliv ^iibt't hiu hvcn mado 
iTlcluhivti li mij^ L«iii|JUiiul i-elu*r Im hcul^ki- 

'Xkk priooLpl^ h&e not beeu pit^ort^^d 
withont 0«1f-i!«0(taJELt, 1»ut wKIlo it )uu auL 
tnterferWI wlbh die ac1>ift^ r>f nrlvut^ 

bannvolNic^, It )iaa prmfrL^v^ thfl SfHriaty 
fvcfm tnfKiaition nni uunpniuixtAtion. 

No eum cak be mora puiDfidlj ftwut Uiui 
mjmlfof thfl mitnifnM imtmrfwtlonfi wliJnh 
lin-vn nttondcd tho Winnuctiup of tliin 
Society ; liiiJ yot wb«r 1 (vgurd it oa having 
pvMciilcd ft nnw apjiRflL tiji lichulf of an 
iiri[xi|jiiljir CAtLHJ.-', Lr> thnui nhwe tK^nitri wr<rr« 
|»1<](]^h] to otlior niitiviotiiiH I onnnot but 
rrjcnov ^th thatilcfiiln'vfi ikt the pro^iw^ it 
hoA uiiult, aiiJ At. rLir tiuM which it now hris 
on rhriftt-ijiH sym|»iit.liy [itid il**x' . Thi* 
(KiirjTiiittfO of lli^ l-'ltiiroh vi Si^'llrwcl |rro- 
eent^ »« with ^^00 i%t our [^>niTui:u<^*iu<*iit> 
Out with tim «xrii|iUi>rf of UikI. Hiiij A 
doTiatioTi of XfitMi, w& hftvr nol rw^ivAd uny 
vory Inr^fl K*^tB op biH|LieAt#. Tlie whole of 
our lEic^iiiirr \istA l)c^Et CJitH'ii'lM, Aitil w« lire 
nntimly Hi^pnTidcnt oii Clirtsti^in lil»pi'jLUty 
for ■tuULnmg luid ffxlonding tho efforts 
Tho Srxiioty ttftsi at dilTt^r^nt tinjc^'^ oinploycd 
About ihiity n^Mitft. And hii# for t^oiue* yt^jLi'? 
Wiivbitmsl II (?olIc»j*Jv for tho bonrd, lo^lg]^)^^ 
cbthiii((, iittd cdutyitior of piotin yonii^ uu'Ti, 
cliicfly Isrooiitui, for the work oF mir*nonn 
lUnLiii^ tho JpWd. It hrvt iiltio, ii»ii<U!>l hy 
o«'HhinTui1 gTHiiU fi'Um th<> l^ritLhli mid 
KoriL^:^!! Itihlc Sut<i(4y, tiad from tLu Ktili^oufl 
Tnvct 8cx!it*ly, dirttribtaU'J very cxttiirvivtly, 
Um WnnI t*t iUti). iiiv\ Hcrifttiind |iulj|irnti<mH 
Apt»r'opH*iti' to iIh obJHcf.. 

Tho Siwioty comimmi'fld itft ootii«o in IS12, 
with oiii? luiwiiotuiry. H lm» now one uiitt' 
jnnnfii'y nf Tlpymnt, tw<i »t- Tiirif*, ore at 
Krardcfoit, Olio nl BnKlfLii, orj© m Wiilein- 
hor^. Olio junt leaving for Kti'Oflbnrg, otib in 
Davam, twn in IjyooH and tho notitli of 
Framv?, ovi^ in PnriSi i^tght in T^mHoij, one 
in Miinch«(t4ir, odo in Birmitighfttn rmd 
Hull, and oao in Ucvoiwhirti. Of th«o, 
i-i;j;lLt wtm c<[li^c^tti?d ilk tljt* Socit'ty'n coUoge, 
Although the ooiriTnilt^^ii hnvy T>i»on coiufvlW 
to rvliui[UiHh thiH hrrknt^b ol itn imJurtfikin^, 
cLiufly bWAUM of Lt« t^ipcDF^ivinii'ip, And tht* 
iimbJIity i}t thw Society, with EU p)'Wf*nt 
rosnurrpB, to prfjvid© for tho mtpport fif an 
mci'Diiund number of mi^ioDArioH, 1 holit^vo 
Vii nuxy well prairw the J^rd tbi-t it hn* 
flixUuwIj ftintw it liw supplittd for tha Jrwihli 

tuLviun Gbldh niiiA:i|ip[tivftlAm) well i^unlilli-d 
Inboiiror*, be*.ideei thrrt> who nnt completing 
their odncatton undi>r prLtiil^ tuition. 

A f|iK^tiotj imA hncn ivmctimei proponed 
n* to thn numWi-of Jowk n^intrrtMl hy mir 
infitnimeiitEility. For iin njiirtri^r I may rtfor 
to each of our abunal rcpoitr, und to tho 
page« of oiir mDnthty periodidU for a reply 
to the former inquiry. Ah 1 hrnv retntved 
theeo inetmiot^ nnd followed, w far a» I 
oould, ih^* hiotvnM of tliofte who Moin«d to 
have hc«n lod by oui^ uiBeionariM to tlio 
faith of nf^AjK; tt bAH hdwn n soiirfA of 
iin>^|>ou.tcnUe di^light to find «an>r4l of thora 
amoiijf onr <rwii uuMiionoricA, M>En« ntudyin^ 
fui- th<« Chi thtiaii iiiiiiUtry, Aud Other* con- 
i<]<Tt«nt niemlien of ChrUttnn rhnrrhivi; nn<I 
oj some to iQtatn pi>wioiui t€"*timoni«( that 
in docitli L'hrist wfm thoir hope and joy, 
S«vi?ra! hiLve pono nitli tJie lido of omigm- 
lion, Vwuriiig with tliL-m, T J**h'i-v«, to Tifw 

cliuiuei, tho fcor^pid of ciw LoriJ JcBuaiii hearU 

TcncwtO by liifl opirit, 

r h»\v hei«n in ooualant Entercoiiriw witJi 
th*» mStttioi»ane«,fliid oan t«n#mhor hcai"m*ly 
any instanoe* In which wp havo witnoiviotj 
tho apOfttAfiy of tho» wlioui once we nvxa-^ 
Iwivd among tho }w1fi\in'd in Jauuii. 

Efiit Vt my own n^ind th«Ai roaulUi, gnitv- 
fidly nv thoy »ihoiild ho Tc«ordod in our 
hoEitistp tuiiuiu]-ii>, form hut a wry NinftIL 
portion of the mtiafsiftion wit}i whw*li lJi« 
progi'fKtt uf th*^ bopit^ty jhoiild \iv twaHiMi 
The Word uf Uod h-i* bcon wlJtdy disMnii' 
nat*id Jind rordially ii^ivivod ; nomotiuiw >mji 
pift, in many in»inrK'i.s hy puTy>h«>i>. Tli^ 
tnithHoF tho gotjwl bitvo buen pri'}L'[aimftd to 
thouitandi^ of hntcLuiie «an^, pTi>^>i lioiii^ 
with om'Ti*^tn(5-H im l \w html aud tHrn^ciiinci^ 
and, a^ 1 bfilii^vi^ i^*<'onimcndthd by am- 
p]ptifiii pii?ty. A Hpiril uf miitnal confid«DOA 
jind rpflpwt httft bwii oiijK»'ndci-cd lictwwn \M 
and our ohter limthron- n*hpy ruad til© 
woivhi of Ihft Saviour, and ndcnin* tht-m ; 
thoy^tudy Hifl i-bamotor, and honour IJim, 
f^hould ib ^dcAAe (la] t^ awaktn their <oii' 
wnence*^ they will thi.i« t>H*H) tli^ way of 
■salvation; and when thoy fuel th^ir ikn^vr 
they will bet doubt nd to wbcim thnr i-ott- 
lii]enc(^ miiFit be pljiL'uiI, 

I am ipiitb (^mwioiiK that wohiivn hitherto 
(lono httl^ in L*om|HiriMOn with what ought to 
have h&^a nliemytvx}. Liiiiitod n»o«Peca 
Imvp uiftde us tliiijil ; and in the Want of 
MpfhntatiwuK co-o|><>r4t i( HI on th** pnrt of nomo 
whoiir^ h'>Jp woidd lirtVf* l*i»rni* u* onward, wo 
havr w-niHiuirji rxiiunvl oiir>eivm to the 
I'fibnltfl, ■* Wliy Aro yo so feiirfuU y«j uf 

yV Ftrnt Otnefo/^ fifcovtw^. 


im <^l»ning tipon ti«; ami iL«rjii*.lly ?i i]ny nf 
vnlnnn raiipaiutibilJtv iM tNL^rtit]^o«^^ iiri. <.^rm 
*r«» tjcclfct the J*^wn and bo *uiltUw ^ I>(tfs 
not* itiD hurunir of uui' lionl fvijuiir tlmt *-c 
nhoiil4 wiergetiCTilly, iti faith Anil bvi^ rursii*^ 
tlie £oud of laniijl t In tli« i>Oiii]lu<t ^tV^i-bg 
fhTOUiii UB- «ouUI it not 1x1 worth our iitmoftt 
vticleihTuiim l<i \\Avv thf Jrw* on nur hidn ? 
I« f«n tho J*w tha miMionnry for th« world ? 
1 hni^H druwn muoh moro lavfply en your 
i«pn«r Ihnn I inli'atli'il t write a.i tt witnow 
of wbftt hn* [itHTiiW Mki progfim ul tin* 
fCcwiiaty ; K&il with tlu ckt^jirtt oonviffinTn* of 
til** BcHpil'Uinl L<biiitict«r of our trtt^TpriB*, 
nju\ of tliiT 9Cfi|>tiirftl wnrmnt cif our hiic<r>«. 
1 wurld fniii [\[^iv\ firprjiyerj for (^>i*iimiI, 
for 1in)thi*rlv (^^infiili^cu^^ mid <rO'ri|i<'T'nnnii, 
^th nil who loTo the lrt>nl JetUK Uliriwt, ami 
<Jtvir« lln utiivn>vi1 tvigii. Rft*«rv'iuji h fow 
Wmarbn t<tr a fatnrp iiofp,-—! remiun* Hiy 
d»*p *Jr, you»v inot""t tiiipoi'eiy, (Jkou VoM<;b, 
i£4Mi4|«bt Head ury. 




^1t 1>kai( Kfii, -Unviiig juAt oiLtoii»d unu 
nciv ywir, ami on thfj butt quarter of the 
Hooi**yn y™r, wn utp sflknntily iavitttl to 
^tn?\<! itiil, n»ii to loviow tho way by wlHch 
M)o Lonl IkHj l«d itt, nnd upofinlly in rrfi^r- 
"''^^^^ to tho »<ii'k i-Ntnwttd tt> u*. The 
■UtMi^iUM btuti^^TVfl on tirt, titr fi<nT?t tliH|)t-nHi], 
t4)«i hnpa* in^irtd, ftn J the proK[^t(-U i-wUimsi], 
■«**«ilj now hv coiitotiipliilf.-d " Iwforn thi.* 
'-**>T"fi," mjd ilie iv^LilLs i\Hid>*ly ui\'\ Iru^h- 
^*lll> prv»^it(Ail Fn lho*»- whii huv<=* fciUmvwl na 

f'li Oit'ii- jkraymv niitl MiiKtJ>.meil Ilk liy tiii?ir 
^Imtion*. I (fJilluT fii.>iii cjhAi^rvjiUiJti, 
^*>il /r**ni ytntr in'j'iuiiona! t'n[H)rtJii, vpry nmdi 
t^j jtA4-]iM m<* of til" mi^i^rrttflof o^irejiiim'^nnd 
^T titQ |-Tik4iitAJ fitlliloaont of the |iropbooiofi| 
*'* t-liG fftjih r^ which, ftiid In dcpendenco on 
t*»o lluly f^|>3ni, Mv Imvif |i:i9«ni) tliruiigh 
••Hother p*rioiJ of iM"ni<w_ 

* '<«t>ctAl ooochirfiiJiifl day well nct-nkt^n 
p^^titiulp, but ivaX UeliiilB frouj twitU jko'- 
^>ou ^ ^j,p (ip|,| ,„,, iimlfiil ti identify lh« 

. , W'ill y^ii, Uj4trcforN tnke u littlo tiiuo forn 

'>*>ti^|^fi4| nrvivw nuJ u ilili^t-iit iiii|i)[i'y. 

'<?TUj tn tflt m** kmivf uh-il, iriTmmAt.iftn yon 

*^^^** g«inAd oi " M< fftMp't'julinn I'f fA' f/'Ufftt 

J||^^|^ pjupctd uikdrr your own <iy<-^, iinltaitiujf 
1^^ AWjilGAninfr, convnnin;?, ni\A ponlhiniiiff 
_, "^ %.i«M*ii of U»o i loly Spirii on thoM Htoiiikd 
^^**» and tlio« wbu h/ivt? gone from your 

tiTinicdijilo iii^biuction iritv r<*^JOU*« tnr aiid 
liluir, Tiill iiH erf l1ii» :krtTJ:lt ht^U^ of iW 
Jawi*k mind in rfilhiiip'N lo JmloJuni, Chriiid- 
anity, nnd [ti^-eaiM'f Ititioimlihni. nnd whi^t 
iLiiioiiiit of jtpiritii^d imprciMion hivt been 
mil i Kill. 

i nni not moro dovirouN to proomt to tho 
(lubtic ncivr ccuKVf thnn I tun to hc^r of tbo 
sitiftfuctury st^te of thow wliinh yoii LiiV« 
Iri-eTi eu^liltfd tr> n<jxirt frarn tiiru* !/> timu. 
And I lUnii uIau bet ^nd to ulTfjrd to thft 
Curntnitfioo on tnt\y opportunity for ooaniiior' 
iii^ any (iuu;i^tioiiFi tut Lo uiudce uf ii|iijralJoo 
for Atrvii^thanliig or Inipi-ot-iii^ Uie n^'i>nryof 
fho Sodoty, 

Ijct mo tt\rd\ inyKiIf of iWv opjiortLiiiity to 
NilUiLconnUujt, <ihni<:^t, ilidfvLdiTnl jj.iid #iwiit\ 
prnyor for thtMo infltn^nwis m> diw»ply n0<Mlt»d 
lor oumWcw ntid for thtMLo nmocig wJiora yon 
IaIkjut. And, 0, lot ns uWn homo to oLir- 
HtJvEs Ihv soK'mn rhnrgi» of thi> Grrtit JA'j- 
nOTVtrif, " iM yoTir light ■oahiTHi bcfon? rann, 
thnt t1ii>}' may r«o your ^food workri nnd 
t'lorify yuiu- ii'ather who ia in heaven." He- 
mt'inber JeHU^ Chri>il — exnit Him T To Him 
I kiiinyily ruonmcTiend ynii Add youre;— Your 
hn>th*r In iho Un'^l, Uso. Yowiie* 

JflMiMTif \Uh, JHC^. 

T.nTEit TO »H£. itEiucirKr.L rsTiEODunxfl A 
nKMiu-LiJoK iir K^ur*T1tT, 

De4K MaoAif.— In i-onveyin^ to yon th» 
prjH*H^*r| i^opy of n n.iKoltLtkin ii^rw<l to by 
thi> ix<inrnitU*4* ut tht* hidt mcvtlngH thL-y tuY> 
ujonl iLtixiiiut thai I nhuitld <uj pr«w<jt it im 
tjf r»Jii<Ur IT, ini><t <<ipnt4Hrv4i of fTii^ir i1eH|4W4t 
]tyiirL|iNtliy biid irui^t nupvrrtlul f^liu^. 
' '1 >lii>iiJd Jifkvr iltvltntxl thyr vfliiv fiom 
(>/)nvi:iiiMhru'A9i III t niMrn |>v(4>n<N^ U> fidfi) it 
n<?i?<tptiibly, but. for (h*» t'lpflpion*** J hfti'fli 
hmJ 4il your kmdniVA. Alk^u' nic, thi^n^ 1o 
sp'^iik to you of th:' di'i-j> cttid hnliiJ*Vi>d 
jilTi^L'tinii I Im^n f»i|- iriuny yiiir* rH"ni»hn^ trf 
Mr, iJoi-Bclicli, ["id from *vbom I havo 
roocivul «■> ni/»i*y le-voiin of T;pii'itii»fcl in:'(nic 
tioii. I ^llilll iHdcM.*d niin* \%\a ynXwuo\ 
lii^iCriK'tionHH and wt^ Sphall nJl i^j^iW. bin 
viMitnt rhair in fJiO L'oEniuittvu Koom. 
XliounnmU wili Qiim liioi tu whom he hna 
b<M-ii jt counwtlor JLtkd u fripiidt but hu livts 
rinto nod^-nnd \i'l >ipi^prh to UA by \M 
t^AEiijtlo itnd biH ^tntt^^n woriltt- 

M^y evorv blp?wij£ ivttoiid your p*tli until 
liJ^ hiirmi \h ii^ixu yonr liomo f iir ^vi^, — I 
n>m»in, d#!ip ninil-tm, yiiur oUbgwi and 
ob[?diont fonvknt, CJioo, VciiroKp 


Jlfemof^es of Gc»p^ Trinrnphs amortfj the Jetoa. 


*'Tlittt tLo CoLuaiittwj luugrtt on ihclw 
Mi»i)ttiht with ilv«e|w«t ivrrmr. ttit< ivmovrnl. 
by ihi* hftml nf Wo.1, of Ihoir r^i'rrtrl [hkI 

" Thfr Snr^frtj- nriglnntpri \n his AiTftiig4^ 

mffnt nith the (VimmittMk nf th» G^'nAnl 
Aa>«mbly of tU Chii[i>h of ^oUaii<) tri 1842, 
and ho i^oiktlnunl tfj wal«h ti^ imtfin't^ tc 

eni?r^UB in its ficavirc, uolil tlio voic* tlint 
hiw aummonpd him to the work nnid, 'It ui 
t-iuju^li/ uiid ludi^ fiit» t<iiU.'r intu met*. 
Fn>in ill* j>oiiti^ri ftinang Uit* ronv^TUnl 
lanLieUt<!i«, ha whm ax[x>i«4>il li) iiumy EtmiouH 
%ud |X>cu]iiLr Irinlfs UjI Ii« linJ Ihr y^y uf 
jfitthi^ng ftiiiiiiid ^ini *4ei^ejnl nf liU dwil 
family, nnil mnny fi1,]L<'i-u who Iiato irit)i«i«<P(i 
a ji^vod oouFctfiioii n,nd f>rovocl tlnMikflctvoBAblc 
mii]i:<tci> of tlit^ Naiv TrhtnutojiU ]It> fjulf- 
lioOiotin wrri' wi^ll mUpbui, [« ninttriw of 
fnrt, tind ot|iwriiilly by tho unetion of 
eTiinp^lJctLi piety wliiuh pcrviulfid tb^ixi, to 
aHflkeii prnyrdul ^Qil inifllli^^nt concvni 
for tlia Hftinkihl ^Uiir' nf tlia piyipli* uf tht^ 
Ood of Abm}iAiiL Hi- pinytiv tu Uk» ci>iH' 
milts^fcom yiorr di»tijjpiiH|]t>J by mvuh of 
thfttdwp WjleEJjuity ruiiJ titLnl (k-vuttuii wliii^li 
hi^^rJiM iri ihp jMAtins hthI |)rjiyi'rK of hlh 

ovtM' iJi>;od with fiiilvniHl kiiiilnw* aod 
tULELTwr, nnil ^wiv, v^^ 1mli»»ve, Lhi* JitAult of 
much wcri^tH irttertouisy with Cio.1. It U riot 
too much to lAy of hiirif that m hb Ufo ani 

cnnTcTMtloQ he WBB tho rcpr»Poti*tivc of 
Uhristia-Ji ploty tolliL^ Joh-, niid the type of 
u Chri-itEhii lKriipTit4> to thv Chtireh. 

'^ Jlii TaDTDor^' will b? pivciouf. lo u«v HU 
la^t ncliw nrrvico woa oiiO on wbich ht KaJ 
luu^ H*ti hiH fuiu^- He Lvl thkvu & nsxjud 
vitit, fvi our » Winn i*t Leghorn; hi* fiilAU«d 
hiH miAhi^xiMtdtiiiioe hcimiJl^idie. ThoM of us 
vha bft*! tbo pnviI«^of Tuiti^i^ hhu ui t)i« 
iati>vrvnt iif htfl lin^oHvig d<>paitiinT woi'9 
Jiv*p1y iif!<v^d by thit ralci and filLAl i'p|Hia* 
of hlJi ffpint iu» li"? npake of the probablo 
iBHiiie of bii illucn. It mui tlLe tbf? npirit of 
hiti tkvoliou — H «^bild with hia fiiLiirr— » 
traveller ftt' tb» thnnholii whi^iv ail iritbJn 

'^ W« ftTft ^lad to leaiyt thi« hinipio ufiil 
irrifH^rfed iwUmoiiUI In tb« Imn'U cif thi^ 
hrnvftved wld<)W mill family, nuiirivig thtxni 
of our ^yiupntlty in their mttow^ i\nd <«ii- 
tolntinii, juid willi tliciii L-DJoicliij[ in hopo of 
otifrnii.1 FPiininn witphth«d>)i«rt4>dwh<rtt'lliciv 
cixnnoi dii>/ and 'atd oi tho uigvU of God.' 

•'ThoCoraniittociioind*^ wo3|>with tbtue 
who vt'ep, ikiid <&p«'iiilly witii her w\tt\ 
iiiiitLHl witb their viidiuiitid frii-'iid in tTu» 
t4Vidt-iiMi bondri, whH one* with bim in tbi8 
niid «v*ty Vfork of fjiith •iid kbonr of Iot*; 
hut yt\* Li«t«ii lo tl^LA ^ui(^ fi'Ljiu Ileu^i^ii 
XK'birli AO dJhTtriorly ajtya, ' lil^-wpd »i^ tb^ 
dnrvl wL<k ilio Ilk tho l^irM, fruiu hi'iir^ik-rlh ; 
Ycft, njiitii the fipiiit. Un- thoy n*^L fiom 
thuiir hitioura and tlioir Wiirkit ilu folh»»' Uii^m. 

'^ SignM nn JjehnlF of th(* 8i>milnTW» nnd 



VltUK rue *'uoStillE0ATlO.NA], ViCA't IHKHl." 

CLA-KKK VuNGH, of oiFupicd in bu.MUi-m im u 

llctdey. WBA born at AiiJnvpr, 
llojiU, July ^i*t. M^X U'hrtro hk jiAtrtrtlA 
tiMQ rwaded. I'lio fftiiidy xh^n-tly nfU-rwiLrdft 
i^movrd to lA>hdoii> Olid wero loti^ known a# 
rivijdtiiitB ill tL« ^tiTiud. 

Mr, Voncii hiid tho ndvnntfigA of n gticd 
bQaribii^-Mdiihi] odLiontioiL, nnd tho gTMilcir 
ftdvAtitaifv of tho piouA eiAm|di> ftikd touc^h 
ing of liiho|"h^i>h"ithrr. fliid of nn inily fci?*t*r 
lonjt nincn doconcoi ; and gi-oiitly tUtoiigh 
tbi:^ii' inllnonco, while tindoi- tho ministry of 
Dr. Wiiitcf, at New t.'ourt Cbapol, Ire 
bauuiho h im^tnbet of thikt (hun^h wht^i 
abciiit eifjhtEvti yuiirs of ago. lli> «oon diK- 
ting^ji^oi hinir*ulf lut a toiLcbcr in tho 
HiilLdiiy-M^Lovh jLnd 71 ilv\utc<l vir^lur of thr 
Hii^k poor, Thei ri^Aily (inrt nf blw Wfi* wiih 

bi^ ntotiotifri-v 
which ruqtiiivd oud nrtnved Im coiiAtfiut 
AttAnr.&nn ; huf^ whiln diligent fn hnjii1n«Hi^ 
hi> 44Vj<h'iJa>r1 to nil who kui^w him h«fli thnt 
^' ho wju horv'inkC t^^ WjnL" For i4Dvcr«l 
yvdl^ Wfoi« hv hc^^unn n M^it^^d iiiinLAttn', lio 
exeiviw^l his ^rt* of pmit-hinfl in itinerating 
laliours in th« noif^tibourhood of Lomlon: 
AVjd at Ifjigth. in 1S35, ho iind<<rtook tho 
f^hnr^^ of ti etmnll int4?MJfl at Striiod oiclho 
(jrvcii, near Ki<w Uridg^. fi^nn irhmiire hu 
i-^movo'l to lirttiitEord tirrnt ti> AlbfUky 
C^hapol, and ftfttrw&rdd to iJOKtoti Itooa. 
Hai-rt hi" ixiiititkitBih rMojHM-l^irJ iiih\ 1«i!iiv«I by 
hiM, r>r tw^iily-lwo ymt-^- HuHng a coii- 
didorahlc purt of tliu i>(ini>i1 lit> addod to lila 
otIiPr Ubuiiihuf h*v'i* tW iif ii(*.UtiTii: in (b# 
jirojuiriilioM of jAWlHh cimvpntii for nki;a>iaiifti<j 

iUmitiueenc^ of lUv^ W.,C^ Vo^tge, 


wwk, hy intti-uotind tl(<^m in Jiobi'ow, mid 
in t««cluQ£ tlxiMj) the .w»y of tbo " l«oril 
mom jMrrftvIly.'" Vor tl*in inci*t I'^iimMfT 
wc»rk lie }] ml for nmnv yt'iir« {>ri><|im*ii Wmi- 

TCniun vt the Jt^tvp. jtnd with th»kt view na 
ULUi^li ik^ fiTrLiiuwii min-u uilinwlf a>\\\muii' 
nuiv wjlh tli^ ^'nriMtEVH, liv Jitvoti^Ll liitiiKtilf 
to tbft i^tady of tht^ Hi^(j]-uvv','ti.ri<l Wwm i'nL> of 
thfr cttrlimt Mmtmart of tbit i^kii^iiJi^v ni llit> 
IxHidon triiivvi>Lity, umW llicvkiUiiin^itiHhMil 

J'fof oanr^ HyiDftn llurn'iU, , Ho jom&l tho 
'hiloJiidrctin S^wioty, rtt ttmt time ono t>f 
tho few iDDLtJtuUoLm foiinod in Aid of Uia 
iviiin^niiun of (»ui3 *?< iiiK'irtit,]nnjfilp: iind 

when, io tho ytvir 1^4^, f hci Urilinh tSooioty 
for (lie Prupri^iTrLtJud ol' iJii? (jcn|ic] umoii^ 
thtf Juwn wuH fuL'itivd. hy tUc ^ uiiil'Td i-irurldK 
of 11.14 UU' Hcv. Kidlfy Hprwhell, Dr. K 
H^nd^ixxi, ]>v, JibMLiu HjkujdlnTj^nnd othor>, ' 
tiikd of ^liLi'h hi^ \uU* rruLlKTi' Mr. CtiNX-^ 
YoiiiTP, Hdn luilil \ih Avtilh lh« (wdi'til 
M>CTi-lflrv. Jm lent lii tho fjnr*fl liii* iin- 
rvnuttinf; niid <!ovott>d f iiri|'fl:iofl, 

Aftrr lch\'iii;f lli'intftud* in lft50» Hp 
i !■ ] nt ilnidtTy-ou'Tlijiintv*. tJ['(:ji*iiiiiHUy 
I -i-i iii^ thp Ht^v. J. Howljinrl in thi* 
uitniHti-y, but nol huvin^ nny rtntod chiLrfTv. 
TUcrc. linwcvtj. jv» Wi'll im nt Hifiitfonl. liP 
woo PTur knuM'Ei, r^iid will vwr Ik^ rf-mrm- 
btfri»<|, n* indtrfjiti^iblo in hiK vihiutionH 
niSOTi^ UiO pour- H(< wjm ji uitva nf pr&ytir, 
tind tlie imiver^ Iwttiuuiiy uf liim^by 
thi"W *lu» kiii'^tf^bini wln'M in li»Kni*>KM tin\\ 
when ho hxd miiLt^d it, inid to t\%^ mI'\ of 
Klk days— wnSf tlint hi^wiiH jh holy ntnu. iTu* 
lllnns wn^ protriu-Util. hitt li<* AiiJi hiL>t;i][ird 
Hlul tlieenil hy the jjrr»ir'.ri£v of hi"- pr:u"ions 
Lord and Maxtor. Ily cno «tyii;)r an hip 
dyuij;d>i>d, hia ntate of mind a.i wi'M ftfl hi* 
gom.-r.ll tLutuclt I mnyUi judfe-td of: " 1 onv 
not H[ii«W iif *4<'>i«iiKy rrr»d Inumph^nn wim* 
do, but 1 liiive Mm /''yrtr/ i'tiriet loft t» Ilifi 
CliUW-h^ — P<ri<x, Ji^ird, I fkiu tbhinkful for 
llkiU" •' IVmv r Wvo wiUi yuii;* 

Mr- Yon^ dii'ii nt Jlt-id^^yi Mfty ^Ih, 
187tt, iigod eevcmU' '^i^vt-ri yfni>, mid wri* 
buiicd in Hciiley Lrnietj^ry, 

Letter In the Jewiali Herald, 
DecembeT'j 1847. 

Mih WillJjkm Voit^p, lLki> lii'i hmllu'i-. thv 
SBcTotury, wj« nri jidndralilo l^tti-r n-rit^r, 
Wo httvo gIiowh, fur retprodtietion hi*ii>, tiiu* 
of h\o k-llora which ounUin--' Mum? intfue^thi^ 
pcniionA] ulUieikiii^ and nhow^ wir.U whiil. 
mid liliHi-ality, be trio^l to 


^^W ^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^^1 ^^^^^B ^V 



'<tN*tkp:t.h'*Ti the hnndR of hin limtliw. imil to 
i'urlln'r tlni inti^rf*'t*i of lh'> wi»«i* no d*iflr to 
Ohe llerirt of our Ailornhlu KodMAMT, 
Thu klltn- nfijitjirrd in tlio Docfttnbcr 
niimhpr of thu ./<iW*A / 1 rr •/!'!, f of TS4T,bWith 
Lin intividiiction by IIk* <*.Jit(n, Wc >ubjoin 
tioLh, rut iht-y inJicaU* th<' wny iti whicb tlio 
Kiiind work of the Hoddy wn^ iftwnUiiiird 
rind t'Kfi-Tidtwk :i1h ilin hnginninf?, and how it 
tuny ho proinMuJ iinw. 
niK rLAlUit Of *tAK tiUTVltJX BOtllTT POR TUl 

rtujt'A'JATi'jK cr Tilt; i;tJBi-Er AVOKa 

Wc mii*«t Iju^kcrtk ntl^ntion to iha folbw' 
in^if Ifttlfi. It hii-* hfi**n i-o[*dvrd, fogi'thtr 
with tlir nnooniimuimnit of u XI rj tioLe, lij n 
TDL^iiiWr of the oiiimiUti.' of tho BHtlHh 
^cKii^tr. fi'oni 11 iiiiniKt«r in the* nvi^thboitrhood 
of ijcndofK U htia but tQ bo ivftd to M<-iiro 
Httpritidii, II reiiiuiriH for tli^ i-lnuvln* of 
lliiiHi in Ihti* Iftiid to*Ay wlitflharthn Kocitrty 
^hali *ti1l h(> r^.lnnd, i-y debt. 8WU not tho' 
(niniUiilU'w liw >till t-iicouiiiifctl to i'ntxT in at 
thi- ojwn (lonr whiclj Uii» fkiiJ of Im-iu'I wtB 
bofow thoni, or nidst Ihcy diTiw hitL'k. uud 
fold tiiciv bandrt ill dci^plli^, nnd wlv, "Thu 
IatuI wiiitrtJi lo U' jKw*i*'M*il, but the ppup!« 
tUM. pix> \»-ii.h uv, ftiv not, willing t^i go 141 lo 
IKx^ofb it. Shull leiniol *^e lofi tu [n^rifh for 


MfttiirrlfJi of Gmjid Trln-mjiJiit iratonff the Jrit:rt, 

tl« lack of kmnrlerl^ ftnd to imy, ' No mnn 
outth for my null '*' 

Wd would iu'|>« upcii our friundfi vbo ftrd 

<<IU]jl(l}r«] 111 ELJlnai(iljg tlie C&UHQ ol t»llO 

Sopifffy, ro Iwgifi f lie ji-bi- Uy k renewed 
•ttWt, Aro not >hOuiu i>f Uiurn dtaooura^l 
Whuwof the ooliliitw of thoK* From v^hom 

bttcmiMa nf thci plLiiisiibln, but nn^hriiitiftn and 
inooiutuitont objooticin^, by which thoy fi^^l 
thoir cntoijiriiio niUniM ^ iM tlieexerol^ 
of pmj'flr, luid tho nturly nf tliR commiinOH 
fttjd [iromiiNii «f God'v Word, obcok Jift- 
«Hiiugom*Mkt. The ijnffir of fotto toiiy be 
pDl[jt«(t hi^nitui thui work, Imt it U a Diviut? 
uurk, rinil iv 8lmlJ be ovtiililKKf^iL Th« vtwd 
runy h» lor^ t>iiri«(t iu tin* Juvd^h Ue%rt, bnt 
it M Lhe tif^oil 4if ihi* kiugdoin, uij<i it in 
iiicurru^itiM^ "Tbu hiimbuiduuui wjiilvtlL 
Tir Mio prwiorid fntlt. of r.h»t eiuM:li, Aiiil hjitli 
loTi^ |tftiri4ii^on for it, im(i] h« ]<^<wivo the 
Oftily An<i lattfr rain : " nnJ ^l*ftTl uv, who 
All? wiiLdiiii^ ^'ti n lmrvo?<t of :u>u]<l, j^tow 
Wrnry in uiir mprfrUitirmji f 

A^iitii vc would nolidt nn »tt*nlivo 

|K'iiLniil of tho Jotter wliitb fcllown. 

"Ml UtAn FttiK*(u 1 WdL* couci^niffl to 
h(<Kr yt^r.i>rdjiy r.lmt tli« BriiMi Mix-iHy U an 
iltL'i^ly in (!(ibt i{> thu ti'i^uMivriTr. What in to 
bo (loiic i lliu the Hocirty nmde out it^ 
claimrm thi- ^ufiihniiv Tiiid K«|"[''irl *if th(» 
dinrr^bi-H; ftin) wiJI Uia diurt'bvh how wiLh- 
bobi thciTEiMjitv^fi fn>nj 8uHi Till OTiUTprihO f 

"An to whnt tbi^ ^wi^ity lin* iloiio, mid 
whAt it U unw doiixg. Tt, hn*. c^visiUut fnr_/iM 
yaani. lU tocomo hou riwn from Xi'Il to 
£2fiW}. It hnfl troincd, and ia employing, 
fonrtncii JfTwiJih mirwionanw. nnd one 
< lliinKtiiiti iTiLwionni^'. It hn>i jirintt^d niiiny 
thounandK uf tiMC-trt, nnd oitrrutittc-d a |.Lr|fO 
niimWroI copttH of tho Word of <fod. It 
hiiH II fotiH^u mjwijoiiH.n' at Fi-jLakfurt al 
.CU'O, iirirl MVLJii*;* tba ni•t•^Af^tn of fl.n flgpiit 
iht JiilTii, .-it a TtuylpvwlH r»itutni*vttlwii. It- 
ub)i^<^t LM jjLiitiLy rvHiJEioiLn, All4if>iixh thu^vi 
inl.liiint.cly ri'MiiivtifMl with iCn o|mtntioit, fiuil 
tb^rriMplvc^ prnvpd t^V thn tcfupiiiiil i^xiilt^ 
iii^ii^inj^ from tho «ucoct* of thoir enterprise — 
tlie <?li*T*§R *if <M>nne<?tion iind pun+iiit witJi 
Hii-ws who bf^c'umt- Cli ml in jt ■ . {u-uducin^, of 
couise, twnsidiMiiblo iUllk-uky, nt l*ii>.t for ft 
tiino, TbiBi hcwov<.*ri }iha not b**'ii jwr- 
mittf d to encamber the Society. The Jcii^U/i 
flffaid hnx u vviMti circiibLtirin, niid ^nix I>^[j 
tbemi'ADKof dirVnHiug n knotvl<^^e of tho 
ftjociety'ri objocl Jttid <fj>rinitifnih. Tho L'ollGgOf 
foLitidKl duj iiix tho fivi yc^r. nod fiidently 
mrtf^tioriMT At thf» l(i»Jt imniial meetirig, bats 

boon eot;diie;«l with a harmony bptwt:>Mi Mm 
rciidant tooiobor uid other ttiton, Hod tiM 
dix Htudeiito ib the hoiint\ &nd two 
boarded withuut, wbiob fuu given tlip moet 
fuvowmbf^ HHMiimiri^ lluit. thnw training 
iLall, by tbt* bl&Miig of Uod, t>e worlonon 
litted for tLoir work. Th« Htaity in wbich 
tbe hbiidmilfi dwe*ll, aiwJ thpir concert* fot 
prayor, indlratA that itUasohoal nf prophets* 
honA, aa well an of tho ftoii* of thn prophets, 
H liiui lieen my privilnifi^ lo hare a aori of 
mirsery, thrtmgb which «Jinn pasMsl to Uljuur 
^)ef ore tho f»ll«ge wa« form^, and tbn>Eigb 
which &UW »mc piijo to uolio^. ThtHv^n 
imve be«D with mo. thr« of whom aiw *tiU 
undifT my tiLMtntftioTi ; o[ke. imltvl, KL]|tjHirt**il 
by private fiintU, but a youn^ mun of txrorg 
rf^oommvridat.iiirw. 1 bft^vi fotind inv Ittboitm 
nilb ihriti to \)^ pnjQlJLUo U> myMlt. I ipvo 
thnm aUxjt two hoiirn flvnry morain^ ; ami 
liftVLn^,i<rovioufl]ytooriga^LngiEi tho miointfy, 
tftkon Hebrew loiBons at tho l^mlLin Uui- 
vi^i-sity. I hftvo baii ro itiidnut. ynt lu whoot 
T fv>iild not b(v oif ttcmr *«rvtfr*in gnmnmtiral 
ilobrou' ; Lind whutn 1 i^ould not alfio btdp if) 
GrD(>k EhitU in Un^tiflh ilh t-iy|ikir«d| to^thf^r 
with Llie rudimecita c<r Ijitin. Tim stuitftlitA 
with tn^ ftr(» Indged nud lioatil*ii In th** trnm 
at L:fH. por week. TfiGiy Imve I'li. a v-a«k 
tbcIIlK^1v«^ fur wiv^hm^, ^c.| arid tbiJ*. with 
tbe (x'L7!i>'H>n[il co*t cif n tmrTrieni* Ik all ibair 
0X|Wni«k. npfng Aom«iwlmt at hlriirty, a tc«t 
viK affitnlod of Ihnir iiE»<^K)tittorv Fnr thvtr 
lU^njyl wcirkf aa alxi thmr ahiltty; and 
hithartii thty haTo wviirei) tbt- ('hnntijiTi 
rv^nrd and ooiilidcntw of tbuw whu biire 
observed thorn, Tho (fuoitioti tuuMi to ^>o : 
* ilow can we help the Jewn, luid do that 
whuOihhall lend tu thvir i*oiiv«rdim : foL'th^rtf 
rr?t|U]i«Maap«d6o agency on U>«ir hvhaTfl' 
Now thid i|iiMtioit i« t'Ur^ly nD«m«i^1, and 
tb« tuqiLtry w [^tiutHxl : ' flow shall w« cun- 
iliit^t thai whioh yniO' jnd|;Tn(int a* [irartpir^l 
t !hriati«iifi approvw, iidIcm w» havo that which 
ili>i^th all tliiaffa, narao'y, racineyf* 1 f ool 
nhhitiupd th^t tbiA ^hol||d i^ciiie to be ko 
mudi dntib uprtn ; aiircly, it citii only 1h< hC' 
i^auiie Uio uxigcTiiry ii nnknoAn. Tlit.> com- 
mittcu laiidt di-Mil ivilb the muttr^r wit}i a 
ooiiVLclitni tL;it tlivy uiutit btat the Uuitlvn 
till lb»* iviTi»t,lto*iin' Tp^l*'X'** fhf*TTi Aannpof 
tho oiiLuniitt»>«, yoii wdl intiuiatt) tfiat [ am 
reaily to iidvimo.' ton |n>n»dn lo tho help of 
tbu nn'ivuL t\pHiib«B. May the Ixrni appaar 
ia t\\\ti eii^nry ; and, a* it isi a now ri^uon 
foi- nppeal, may it provoan oooasioB of lar| 
(-ejiource* 1 — Yoare, jUTectJonatoly, 

Herninucetiem o/ Ikv. W. V. Vtmgt* 


Th« Tftll ftnd Restoration of Jacob. 

'*B; vrbua ahdll Jftf^li aiu' - ior Lc lauuhll'" — 

TwKCf die bomvly pixiplit<t' iuquln^s UlIn 
KI1<1 thp l^rfl VI44 ]^]i^jj4aI vnlli Ilia 
ini^niry. He w»i« HUxioiiH lor smaa U-tt«r 
i-ilvooAt*i tbjui Limvfitf. butting I/viil [ici?o|.ii«d 

llJ3t fulV(K^lCy^ Til l\\'>* CAllHd llf llHltflVoll^lHVt 

ILK vo livmt wit!i Ihftt iiiA who i>i l*^v^», whUfl 
ivithii; tho Ji|i}ioro o< Bi-rijittii-o, wo iuivo por- 
ftvt liWi'ij'. 

Jaiiob in fftllon, iiTnl hii* Ihiii Inn^failt'ii; 
nikfl» in situ^ta hi^eiw^ ho i> iimiUl- 

Tho (^ucdtion in on individLial one—*' By 
whocu ^d] hr* nrina % " 

Ttii* frujuplo may vtaitif tbu ruailtr'i 
«iauljiti4Jiu \Vt ntk col of what inlw lh»> 
dMMVTKlant nml rcprcaoiitvithe of him wKo 

WlVhilnl («iU] (i<h1 utiil ^ni*il l)lu lAUlt* of 
I«t'Hf1 iH. Tf |u< uimt //rrttri't xpirit. )r< lijut 
^/nofJ/t nn.lurt*, and lit.' knciWi^JBOoli'atronlilc. 
Wtioiuit-trr n Jow piV'iuatA hiIu«^lf. thi^re Js a 
pii?ltn'>^ (if liiiii wli(i» nf?T. wit)ifjiitjiitfM[K'e» flwl 
tilfl folb^rr^H hiiirHHf Eiitil uiii^nbirli-ui wijimrrifir, 
but [iQt foi^mkon oF lioiL Ijibnii did not 
ilcnn^T Ui'^ luiiirfiii [m(. ui^uLi liiiiii lio wii» a 
nn-ivnnA»ry, cml'iy nmn : fir mml*' Jrimb iwrrfl 
hht liint- ilU -^iicv^tjoTi WILIS, ^' By whom 
ft^-oll liiibhij viHi\ tbnt 1)0 i-fjiiy Ifi ^iviitorl" 
Ami \\\, tJii' /rfj> br riHv lUit hLtll tiiHj Dihilv 
liitii n-rvi^ the Jrw- r^rthniL roiild not, cnen 
With /rtf ill gmop, Ihi lh*» mounp nf Jncub'i* 
n^ng withcmt iuh-riiil»):c to hhunM. 

Jat'ulj Ml undi-r l^ii? lunid uf fjibim, ntiil 
Tvf wifb l/iUin bo iiii>rof I iimI . )U got hii 
himilir ; iii' ^:>t hin fluchit ; Jiml lie wbo fell 
hy liTibmi wib^ iiiW*^] Vij Lnbikri. Ilnw much 
inrjip tu |jnVnri"h<Ti'ilif. if il hnil hei'ti witli 

LabiLEk wi>hhJ iLuiul^iiHinti^ Willi JiKub, if 
Jniob < iPLilO iiirt wilL Labiiri ^ »tii| llie ouiu- 
binfitioEi gtwe Jjfi.hiin nu nAvntitnoi^, }»\i tin 
thiiiilCA 1o LahjiEk tbjjt U ^vi* Jhcob oir*. 
Jac«I> dearty b^mgbt i*vft-y mivimtJijro, IIi* 
nmiQlaiiif^it hiv iiirli-^iiiiiilimcy, iriul jfiiiilpHl 
tiijt lo pfi'-K'i-vr it lit tiMXr]\ wAt. ni*i UniUy^ 
tbfJUglL liOQiDroiiii, va» not boboldcii to 

Stnuige ftiTf Ui»' bleinUnpt of mi^nil nppli- 
ntut^ unit i.1i>liitqijeticioN I Tiif^ T^tiLtilty of b 
Jjii^ob foi'Kokctt not n& IkeiicI^ but with l^tmal 
tlivrv in It p]Iunn(^^ nobwHfkAtAnding t He 
hii>i an tiwtiiict by wlik'b btt iniuJu htrnt^Qlf 
hob ; but \ufi w^nltli T^iilH not to benetit n 

Hfvulei^ I b«bv]d hi Jiicoh, oa yrt noL Ittnu-.^, 
n type of a paopluiiciw — biaown dttioendiLiiU 1 

8m thfi ^Hiil xnd ths ^vil rMpectivtaly d«Uni«- 
iitrnl • bnt Kbiiri nnV t,<i [L<Ic fur n Lnbfin t4.nj, 
it may bo that thd pi'i>ivciitur Mh^iLI n<it 
fail to tind oat, oc^ bcbn«<Ti Ju<«1> And LikbHii^ 
tbnt whjit^ bnH dHiUh^i>d Jittxib r1iii^(!y.— hu 
bfH<ft tbciw imiigi^ lieUiiging f^^j i.bp Moiiaa 
of Lnbftn. 'J'heM* bii^ U-^^n br.tlp gftwl for 

•jAGob to gAin flXJin LftbllEL, Ulid tbilll' bllA 

Iwf-n direful t<vil 1 

** By whom lihiill Jikoob aiisAl far ho Ut 
anaiu iio bth^sT^fichod n citoa. Hix fnoo 
is uu-uy from bbtf Ukud vf bjji Ewjonraiac now. 
He \h virit wirlLOiil. woaltb, biiCr bo la not uL 
boDTM, Hrt U AtiJI sribJQC^t lo riipinf* iind 
violenoo ; Imt Jio can plead miLcb mdopt^n- 
df^nr^ And iiiiiiiy virUuM, lie htia loni Ihfl 
pnrity nf tbft kith of Abriihnm, (tnd the 
" Fctttr of \ttkno " IK not praviilent witb hita. 
Tho weciiroi' part of JuOflb hflsiviiuittiid ftoiu* 
Gflntile ikbuAiT^: uiid lie ih lou luudi like 
Mipcih^ of llethh^lieiu .Tiidithj who thi*iigbt 
ixll WJLS well bocnufo h« hud *' a L«vit« for 
hb priest." 

And, wor*t of w.ll— Ob, Imw il^'pn-Wnif v* 
tliiwl— Uie 8liil"li <if IwiupI U not ivii yi't ihc 
Poikcv makvr oi Jftoffbl Tho proffilioppor 
yt^l i'o]UvUJUtf* liiu, Mild tLe ilic that dcvoiiTcii 
Uie ^riT, de«p i4 yel letting np v, fmri. 

any tbvUn O i^flftder! "By whom vbill 
Jhiob iinrw^H for he h* umall f ' 

Ak yeT., with -iHCtib ;it ht> cj'ibU. tltc Atoi^o 
of Iwiiel wiiji bnt a* n. p^bhfe, Th<i lively 
JijK'pb wftA ijHito in hU pfuHbood, i:ly ft 
Jonvph, Jurub should nrioc by-ninl-byO 
Thfliv ift miiny il Jiarpli now #;r4f*iug up. 
whoBbftH suffor bondn^p, if It m nfv*«fljiTy,- 
lEi ordnr to Hoi^uro tbu bbvrty iMkd promonon 
fif Idraol, with bis rninn, in tin* Ifttli-r <ljiy- 
Tha nicmJs*!-* of ih»» jHwlnh nntitJii, who 
khnll bo pi'oiiicjtod to hunoiir tbiit l.bry mny 
combinp Ibtir l»rotlii'«'n with tliom in hononr, 
miiKt be t'ondiiL't^'d ihivH^U i"cl»K»lrt lihcihoM^ 
of JfkWpb. ajui M*M-fw, nuA Dnnbd, nml of 
lanny brwnltiN. Ood mnhvii not rliAaipiiiiiri 
without diilliiiK them to ih'm- work. 'J'bvre 
nm Kiu-hj bill thi'v ru-o in thoiv minorityn '* By 
wliotii "liJ»h J*™bnHwr" AruMwiivdd plwd 
ho vvnn uii butbjvndmun, and uo |ir*>phfll ; 
but h^i oimtr^niloil for J^icob, ami bf* vftis 
hononriHl with sUffBrs* H« Buid, " llj wluini 
ehrtllJflcob nriHj?" And U(h] wld, "Thy 
evmpathy fthnll havt* its r^^vjinb" It in tmo 
the dfvrrcd wbunity ciirn*; bi;l thc^sympntby 
of AmfM wrmghf tU giKul : and tho nwtr 
iiKpect of woe wriH rtfliaveJ by the ilij^tant 
rifting of that dny bo bCftutifully depicted ftt 
Uftt: — 

■'tieboldftbe dftysGome, »aith iha Lurdi 

1 3 


MtiTiorirs aj Qospd Tj'tumphs m%onff the Jew^ 

utiiI tlin tr^ijor nf ^npm bint tliiL Knu-oTh 
wad; taxd tha moiifjtiLins nbnll di-op «u-oot 
wino and aU the hSIU ^ball mclL Ami I vnXl 
bring iipiin Ihe ™|itfvity of mj pw^plp iif 
1«mr|, iirul tlirj -tliiill biiiM t.[>i« wriuli* rilit"*, 

jmrdr^i nnd dimkibc win? llicrcnF ; tbr-y nliuli 
alM muhi' ^inlrriK^ iiihI tvil tbn fruit tiT Uierrir 
And I wi\] pUni thfrni upon t^vii- Und^ ^tJtL 

diicluriJM eiiiiIn hrTvii^fi, and yn wmiUI nnt1 
tbiiik^ sHth llif« Jiiul fi^-l« vilh tht^o.'twifj 
Thou fftUBt not pfny. but ihciu art Id cciii< 
piiNy with hiin (tho Apollo of tht Ucntilc*] 
who nuw iv^Lit^ riiLi.1 wnlcbtrt fur i\m ntHviu 
iyf "Jill luriftl "il^><lini^H^' ijo Kiuvd. Why 
K|i'it]M WW wrtul the fiwbtig with whiolia 
ni^hlrvrn hiiudtrd ytnrp tt^, n PauI ytumed 
m^i- (,bi>*« wbuHi be liiL*iw, kh * |¥-apl«, ^) bo 

jj^ob mxni^ iiL« itc4«. 

tbey hbflill no motv Ln.* pii1l«ii up gut of Ihc-ir 
l&nil wbit'b T bMV« ^h>n Ibvui. milb I1l(* Loi^ 

tby Uc"!'- ix, f3— 10. 

^*' Ily whum fcLiill Jjti.'ob nibi-. for l»** i** 
RmiiLlf" Kiinw thou rbnl llir^u nriiM, iiiir, 
bogin tu tbiuk ri|ihlly ot Jui'nb, bttt ll^wJio 
wept o^'or JcTiifftVin, mvinx'. " O Joi "*iih'iii, 
JnrUMitfin, tliiiij tli^ii kLlFc^t Lbrt |iii>plii^t>, 
iindwtiHimiUic'iii wbidi ftvi* sent imto thor, 
how often woiili.l I hii^-o ir'tthnivd tby chil 
dmi to^«thor. even tia ti Urn ^ath^ivtL hrrr 

thtil ''tlirto b u n^iMTuuit !* AuJ qtiih^ time 
hiin bruLigbt tM nWiidiinlly m-Mivi- tit thfl 
pviiud ot tluir ^thoHDF« a« a. |.cO}'Ip» Ilow 

lippiifniiiii Tiiu nut fn<i*d Jvw«ftnd(^*ntlIoii^H 
into on^ iniiw, iic-r '■«itM(<t)'jii flriiwu th«tii into 
utiit^'. Hiiti pdt'o Cliii?^tiiLiLity ciui moke ^4% 
MiUtimlijilly une- iLilidxnin thtt fir»t a|^ 
(kf tli^H Itmrv't, it (^Hii i]o m Jigiin, J««)s 
tboiijcb iiiixnl trith Ilk ifi llin tinlion, ai» hh 
riJUi h a ili^tiniL (^^>jwt cf upcrnlUiu hh luty 



Mmiori4t of Oo*p6i Triumphs cnumg ih* Jfrm* 

iribc of thpi hmii^tii fuiuilj i^au Ih?. bovtiver 

Brpnixtinl hy ■lihfarcfl' ami JikJomkhI hy 
Umf^tiu : biit tlipy nr« at out' door, wi*^ the/ 
uniJcnitiiud our &ikv>i lu 

'*Bjr *rhom ^.Ijul] Jiit^bm'iwr 

IttHidpr ! hwit i\\ci\x a Jaw In ^^y Forality f 
T^ray fi r htm, and fiirniRh hini with 4 trju^t 
ol (h* Jfpitifch Society, rt jiiAy be thntlh*m 
liA4t tijviripulbj, whitji (i[iejntki[i Khali di-uw 
outs iiml whiirli Gwt diBll hcinmir. 

If \o\\ Xnwti thb S}ciaty'« dcnd^fOK ftfid 
oppnktioiip, 1:1 tniiiuitmi% in ywircye m'under 
^oLir hn-iii), ttiuu Lt]|> otLc^ia (.<) tlu for Uit- 
likn ohjiirt, what yiiii cttimnt- .tttMiiif-I. Tbv 
work i> u nnblft one ; oii<» that. lLk>.< Ihu n>- 
b)iLlding of tlw »hIU ^if Jenjmltfni, in 
NvbemiaUV limit, hjiH hhii^ In^ifii iip^ltH'tJ^il. 
T«tt, |Jru(^ idTorU hnvti b^ Aiic'h ttiAt th(> 
«ii«0Qy miy ■&/, " if n fox got up bo Hhbll 
C'VfTii brrak down "nil Ui^ibbiu^ lictii ntUuiptod. 
Vm% tliei-e u. betUT hoiH* now, Tlin fonndn- 
tion for \)\t^ r#1"iiildinfl is pure Truth. Thow 
combintiijf, thou^li of difTcrent irarb. do to 
upon Olio urincipli?; iXwy rt.-vi^ue tbo 
tkriiiUiir* flkiTi**, Tlicir niui U lo binld Hmt 
wull, amd th#ii Jpav^a tlio forujius nf tbo 
ktoiuclioldii to thow who wbrill Hucf^W t^ ihrir 
Operations, Tlmy fucm w Oliuidi, Tliej 
Aim at nudi\tiiirtive<?4ani.>TniimTioii. WhecLer 
t\wy uk ib^ly or urutwdly -*^ By whom 
ftlud! Jfb«rbnnH>?" tbriruiiu Uaii iuJividual 
rvtitumtiou , niul \\w.y wiill Ui \tyv! with 

Slndnewi, how one niid nnothor «Jinll bd 
omicUtHl in tb© church of (Jod. Tbwt-ft ih 
mtbirr tbc work of bringing in; othnr* 
mu»t him Ui kopp in sind (atnblinh- A l-iihan's 
fare ttiwanlrt Jatxib it; nobthiit of iboCbiLrch; 
biLt It Ji^tliro'e may pjctuiv it. f^ibcnilmrui ! 
lift lovt^d to visit Israel iu tho wildenie**, 
for h« honoiirml Mchm, and would gbidly 
bnvc ^ojoiiniail with hini And havu Hlmr<.'d Iilb 
burdfin. Ho ndvibcd for Jnoob's bettor rwi^. 
nijil til bnl|i ]iU morb le^Jtiuittio helper. Hv 
roi-um**! hiB*;«flii lo bin own luml. Ifn l*ift 
with th(»m nn llohnb, who cciiM Xx* " ir\^U^\ 
di oyoa'^toliml Tflmcl witter wLon iK wa* 
nc«iad : *md by n. Uolm-Vi oiiilii Jitirob jirUe 
on biTL Wiiy t-o hiit homo. Ilohnh'R poAtcriCy 
farixl wt»ll foi' hii» lovo to I«iioh None evei' 
^ervvd thu vuLfnic of Jn«oh iu vnin^ It i^ 
uut Ii.-'ft to Egypli to piiy thn •Kw^as of t\a\st\ 
who hi'lp Jnn.ih; i.itM\ IXimviAi will do il t 

Who, tlii»n» will c<tD:c forth tr tbi* hidp i^f 
the LoLiI, tu the hdp of the Lord, ou brhnlf 
of the fMeble? 

!iy whose mei-oy nhftll Juoob lind mowy^ 
Who dhdt havo ^' tht' OtnliiW fulnosn," 
ftlong witli *• thu **ilv*itiuu rjf Ihraui T' 

" Ariiti, Lordf usd \\axv mercy tjpoir 
j^fou ; foi' i# ntrt lh« limo tu favour hrr — 
yM, tha ut tjm«, rorni.^ : Murr- thy wrvnntA 
lAk« ploHBUr* in h*r Htonei^, and (nvovir tbo 
dust tb««of ' " 

An Extr«LCt from Mr. Yonge's Book, 
"The New Te«traraeet Seer." 

"Hirw nioiu'ing liiLfitiH^t] thi:^ fi>i'1>^[inince 
of God for uiuutt^u oi-iilitnw Wtth L 
Gantjlos and pvculiai-ly vitb th« iir^itlilc 
Cbuix'b' ImK il b(* naked, Wbnt tJioubl h;Lv« 
bvvn I 

*'Tho ohuroh nhoiibl b^wbavn uniltd, bnt 
it had beeu divid«il. 

'^ It ^ihoiiM Imi^e be?in j>pintunl, but it b^n 
!■«<«& cahiaI. 

^' It should hA\Yt be«n bumblu, but it him 
V«ii proud - 

" It fihoLiTd hjivn rrpuduLttnl tdiilntry, but. it 
hAn adopt«d it, 

" U should bixvo boon *nDt of tlia wmW/ 
liut it hflA Ifrn of Ibc irorld' 

It hLoiiM In* propii^tm^ thv truth, but it 
jji riwLriLmJnff iu 

" \t w anil Iwnyit said tliAt if th<« Jew cli<l 
t]ol (.^FiiUiULv iu uulwlii^f, lie should ba 
riMtortfd: but the rhtiivb directly ftoJ £11- 
dii-or-tly oh»tru(!U>d tho Jew, lliey »bouIil 
Imvi* Lrt-Mi prvvukad I0 jfvdo^ihy, by ewmg 
hi)W tin* (Ir-rjtilt' Cliim'U wn** ndi^rjiiil by h^r 
Br-idt^rooEii : liui th^y have kg>i^il that irhich 

Erofwiwd t'> bo th<* Chiirch druAMwl a,» a 
arlut. And Ul« lv»I CbuE^h bmi u-jL 
rt^H^iviuded ti> t.hi> leara of Jpaiih^ or tbo hnavb 
i^o«Hof PauL" 





nrrn uiw, yo?ki«;. 

At A moFtin;; of Uotuinittw^ h»ld on tbo 
]6tb Mfty, 1^70, (be following r<«oliitLOii 
wft* nnftuimoualy i^irned: — 

*■ Tho Stt^rHn.i'y hHvlng rBfi>Tr«l U> th 
ifwent doiva™.' of lh<> K*v, W, C V<ingc^ 
who dpiJiirti.'ii this lifo on tbo 8th of Muy, 
tho l'-ninuntl'-4> riHjihT^ttHl him to convvry to 
filrp, YoiigM oin- tiprnwdon of thftir bmrt^ 
felt Pjmpthy, luid toujwtirohor that thoy 
-ilmre iuo*>t deeply in hor bprfNivoment. for 
r,hi»y i*'%^\ tlint tlji; C)tn*u of laniel, and Ihiii 
^^*u<*y in ptrticulnr, hnv XtMl (in« of fu %'cry 
IjCftt anil uiCtf't eiid&it'pJ frn'i>d"." 

Till-™ \h lii'iiig u^J\»^v^*al^ ^bid to My, 
A Hebi^w Chrletiiiii, Hmiiii<nt for i<aUnr« 
ftud giuc^ who, indDV ytiATfl a^, hk a i-tiu)«nt 
prepjiring for mia«jou work in ooQncxioii 




Two Pr&nbViinU Mftufif^rn of Mir FirH ComtaiitoA. 


bIflRMd <~^hriflti(ui tnHiiaiK'^ of Mv. W. Yoiigo 
in hip homvnt Kr^iatfordH Wo nuked our 
fmni to pvt-pAj^ for un a. uliort uit<iiiuir of 
Mr, Vongo, In omlsr tn gratify f»iir vinh, 
Im lAt ijowik nod tried find tned Agnin, 
but failed. Thon iiEter tlicsn itnf^tio^uiAful 
»Hempt«f he cAmo to ua atliI afLid ; " I am 
t^rry 1 mnnot <*oniply with yntir riH^in^rt. 
My ottn early lifo Imd bean 60 intcnvovoji 
irtth 3dr. Y(.itiffo'\ iLi^d our friendship no in- 
iiaXBie und fi;ii:i^, that I oiniiot vriU.* jibout 
it hul I will luf^nMon ii«« Ihin^ u-hioh ywi 
DDiiy u**. Vtii-y hliiirtly tmfi>ri* jMr, VoTit'<.»'» 
d^prutiir^, ilkb Ilih i*)Hx ril ii.K|I|<'M., I |>jiid bim 

-'& VJHJt At brJ4 llfJIItir ilL f ]it|ll4iv-iill-T[jXUII^, 

Tbfi wjTuTnrnion wn*i irnHpofikably pA?to4»f(t1 
and blificful ; imd tho momory of )t ih ctiLI 
[frci^ 4Tid fi'A|]7ii.r:jt. Smilm^ oa he hnkixl up 
Mill rubtiinK JiLH Imiidn k^rihur fur juy "t 
tho ^lorroiiK pi'cw|wct bfifoiv hitu, bo cx~ 
obimcd : * Uwn' Irkiid, I wimtod to toll ypu 
that I hftvc^ rercivtd n> nummonn, I am 
gmng *WJiy bihjh fr^ vrrf mj tit-tir HfiU/traer' ' 

Otir friend «hd muny ottivT^*, both Jftws 
itnil 0«nt]b>ti, bnd rvf^rived iiii^ulsiw froui 
Ur. W4 YiJii^v that i4U(iU1 livd Ji» loiig n.ft 
(fctemiiy. Wheno* ^^imfi tht*y ! Tliey oAuie 
from tLe power <<£ u nav/ [M?i«ofinMty within 

him, the |Kiwur of Chrirtb Wlio w !nv<». Th« 
phr«<« *^ Uo<l of Jove/ mmnji mtirb, but th« 
nvctmcnt ** UccI it lovp," intinitoly mere. 
Tlje Fatbor i'^ love ; tlio Sou m love ; the 
SpiHt ;> love; the Triune JcJioyjih m bwc, 
Mr. Yong» wim dLrt^Lnguivhe^j abov* Euany of 
hifl brothron bcoiiuKi of tbe large icGaeiiro of 
tliibluv« H^u^AbiEMiLd m bis beart^ lie t^ould 
AfiV : " All tboirgbtii, nil pn>4<tou]t, all dpligbts, 
w'bfttovor ttiri tlxii mortal frrtmo — All itrtj th9 
miuuitc]:!! of tliin Irv^. Aud own its i»tTn>d 
njunin." Tbtt M'iA bbs HOtuct of hi^ ini»ua& 
inturiiirt in tJodV undent mid evephisting 
|.ii?optc. Jt v/aa not hi« Ifvimiit^, but hm lo^'O, 
that won the hnits o^ the HMidonta under 
bis (^jiiv, *tnil thi? nii»[iHiJirit>, iind Uin I'oui- 
mitti.*^, HTtd itll oUiftiii with whom b« mma 
in iXintriot, TbiM lov« argcni hin^ out with tbe 
{Kjwt'r of A Jloinl n\ tbff dtrci^tion of tlii' Jo^rv; 
niHHMniTiftl biin lio nmke imuiy wifiriflis-t for 
tbeni ; iUHpirod biTn to tbink, fcul, jjivu, liv^^ 
iinti if ncoi:t-4tfL[7, to dii> on thoir bcbnir 

Tbn thrfis lioitbera Yatigv — Oiwrgev 
Willinm wnd \V^iIt*^r,<*[l by the love 
of C'hriBt, work<:>I in ivtn inaction with the 
IJritidh SoclHy for tbv oonv^nion of Mula, 
for many ywits, and in duo Houaon p««0«d 
from thoir peiio»fnl dwithhecU on unrlh to 
thronL« m lleit^'^n. 


JOTINCtTMMlNnwixtbovTi in tbo pftH*.h 
nf Fiutruy, A bortlooi;j^hii<<<, on tha lOth 
of November, IBOT. He vta eduofktcd ut 
tilt- AberdeoTi Grnmuuhr Hchool, Jind in 1B22 
b«cnmc n student nt the ITnivemity. In 
1027 be ffrnduatDd M.A. Uu then Btudicd 
in tbo Divinity iLoll, and dnn:ig vacatiooH 
tkcleil iLR a private tutor. He wak lluauwd 
to preoirh thf* <2fv<pl 011 the -Inl of Mny, 
]83J, by tho Abordeen Prwhytory, Hwn 
nfterwhrdni while acting as tutor m Keo' 
■in|^n, be was tnvittKl liir pi-aiiob in iht* 
Bcoltiab Nations 1 Chureh, Crown Court, 
Ooveot Giu^teo. On the I^^tb of August, 
1832, he lecoivod a ciill fitrni tlie Cbnicb, 
In 1833 \m nittrried Eb'wilietb, ditiigbtnr at 
Jiunc« Nii^hclson, one of tbe elders. The 
cbmrb wiifithen very.Aniiill and inconvenient, 
■ud tbe luiriifticr'a inixiiuc ni^t uver X-00- In 
1B44 hu n-ceiv**i| I'i-oih TLp Hriinburgb Uni- 
ronity tbi> degrw ot DJ^, 

111- PiiinuHiig'r^ [kiw«r ju il pr o fcdhwoon 
*ttnwtod a very larj^ congi-^^gatioiJ rtOwjwn 
Cottrt i and in 1847 tbo church was rebuilt, 
nt ft owl of ^,000, IL waauponeil in 18*8, 
with Bittingn foi' a thoujmnd peJMjn^. Tho 
income from |>ew-rentrt rwccbei £1^500 ; but 
Di. Cumming refnwd to reteivo inoro than 
£900, the rtiiiiundi^r pJiytng uir tho debt in- 
c'lrred for rebuilding H* nfl^rwnrdi* ntiawl 
fundp by wbicb ftohools in Littio RaK»*ll 
Btrvet weit^ udded m 1^49, and Hik|ri£ed 
Srhools, wibh a cbnrcb, in Brewer* Oom-t, in 
1S65. Dr. Ciunmiiig died on tbe 5th of Jnly, 
1881, and bis remains wero buried in KonmJ 
Green OemBtery. 

Dr. CiiiniairiiT •■ l*inp dwid yet H|'flflbeth," 
Ho luck an tKlixtj pitrt *it the fonmili'in of 
th^ BvilHb Stj('iH(.v tui Ibi- 7tb of >'ovruibcr, 
1812. H« eeoonded tbo flrnt rwiolutioa; 

7W Proiniumi Mfmh^rs of thvr Fimt (IhnvudtUn, 


momi t\jf H^xind and the foiLrUi ; and did 
whM bP ooiild' to giv» tlio t^ocifity a j-ood 

And liH-uinT, n vpiy able Gr3ritr(JVor«j»tii.-t, & 

f riBDil, A ritmiMn purnrMif, jiinJ jiliiliinthm- 
pivl. tkXitl tlio Tintlicir of njuny i^tt^dlenl booka 
on m«b hjIjjwU BBC i'u|rtiiy, PrctUvtuiitJflia, 
l*(vptiecy. JVlwtiiii-- ^i(;<i itp Woiidtuful 
d^ lit'. Hl< imn Irft liiihtnd \\\n\ itp- 
U «f n )iitt;dnv| |nibli<'flliDn>-, nU iijoirv or 
l«« ohJuai-tvrLL^od bj^ CJirintinn cA[-ii(v«Lrio« 

iftrtfiKr Aiiil uiftit-T wu f^'i'c till* ftjllowirij 

Tb« L&od And the People. 

lilniMt owTBfrn'iul by tbo i-iirtic, lU dtii> 
«ro tli» dtim </ iLiT dt!U(1 ; iL!« tfvpry 
wni IK Mir^Twl vith th« ItiiiiiIm of doparl«d 
a^M J it h^x n Hul lit to i^rci^' oontk tbut 
wottid porjtivcly crowd 4ud <>vi<il]ow all Ibu 
griUlAruv of ibi^wnrld; lnjt it r^rLiinot jtruviiio 
oom «>iuiu4;b In fwJ it* mid0rftbl<>, lU At^irvui 
ttnd wix*U'Hr-i [nwyttitry. At iWtH \tty 
mvoieht Itrtr* U'jio Moiiiii N'il*>, t-i Muunt 
Pk^^i, fium nhJi-K n >iiii-rfW4ir of Miiw^j <t\j\ 
H*> h goodlj Uiid ovt^rnoifin^ «ilh mtik jtnd 
Koil«y. On (ivi>ry \i\\vl ot thut Urtij iho uor) 
boof i)f tLo Aiab tX*ifA. u^iid the iiAkcnl foot 
<af tlid pjijm] iiiorkk, hAv*« %ro\\ tri btiocoBUon, 

fi-iid wnn^ tar i^n^tvimxn-cy , lu ivipid 
iiurw^iioti th(» KoiiLrLij, tbi> Porman, thn Ainb^ 
th« Turk, thi* iobln>r, ]i«,vo Utkcn pawcwion 
i>r Pnlk'MLLim ; jukI tbd ^loor Jttn-^^tliD fi^^trvB 
bluutwl — lioii 0, bumtt anywhot« nad ^'vev'y- 
^viirro, but Icoiit a homo in bis ovti hono; 
bun po^A4»il]ou'l fA~ciyiv~li(riv, but noiio m tbot 
Inrnl^ H'Irirb isbrldby UtU-'^lniUcitnTf liisting 
thiia tboMs of th^ jii-;r.tix*ric<y iif EiigLbnd ; 
iim titli> dticdn nrr in >l£ckiol, in Jeremiah, in 
Inuuili. iiL tbf^ I^l]tl^|J^ and ciLut IuaI 'lud bvo 
for **vi*r nnd i>vi>i' Vim Imiv-Ua^ii In tilth Jnu, 
whuriAvi' ytiix liiid biiti, n Uiii*l«I tig'ti*ft, Ji 
jnirwrlc-fitnckvii nAiicni ; ii i>e"pli> rirntbttd by 
A curw wbk'h i-1*?hvl'k bi Oi"ii[ Hrjd tt)ii*i>nm» 
lh*«i ; thy jNiipln <»f th*» w^psiiy foot,, thi* 
4'XJl>>' of th<' oiLrth ; in it, niid nut of it, lU if 
tb*ir vfa> '^>iHtom-n vrjLn a Myntbol of vhnt 
GiHl*h |H<>p]i4 mIioijM Im — in tbo vorld, nnd 
not of thft world. 

"TLpyftr^ likethoitulf, wbioh Howk 
from Anictioi to m^i Wratcin *hor» . dif- 
tinrt from thi» (iifflin in i»o|(mr »Tid xvuruitlj, 
y©l IIo«pinf( thruu^h it. 

"Thpy have i>ccn cpi-inklcd lilt* miUionHof 
KloLuItfl tif <)iii('kMlver ovi?rtbe IfL^'tb aud 
bnviHth of the u'orld : <jvery dr<i|i reflKitlng 
bn^lit Utuiue from Ihij vi\^l. Jiiui mtin-orin^ 
fucth the l^o^li^g k/\ « plgnou» ftituiiS-" 

Jowph rictchrr wim borTi on tba 3rd cf 

.UV. J&lU'U'.tl=J(T'-JU^, EP'C, 


Mernori^ of Go&pd TTt\fmph» among the Jeuj&» 

VM A ^lilitaijth. IlJ liiii ImyUiul liA WAA 
ilenpl/ imprp*«n1 hy thu ihwnal, anil nfUtr 
ottoQdiTkg trho Ummmai' Sohool of hui nntivo 
citv, prrrpikm) for th9 niinwtry in ttio 
luuqiriidmiE^ Cliiirrh tiy Htndyitij^. driL «.t 
Hoxton and then aX. tho Uaiverrity of 
QJft«cow, wlioro hd took tho d«i(i-co of M.A., 

It^4*]V[rifr H cnU frarn tlio Tonj^i^tiunJi! 
Chiin-h iif llliickbtirn, LuniMitbirv, bo bogHO 
bin DiiriHlrv th^ numu ycv>r, und coiit,Lnu<Kl 
thniv till 18!^^. yiYwii \iV Wnii^v tNialur uf 
thw Tmlftpt'nclftnrt ChiuT-h, Sfi>[mt»y, l.<*hdi>n. 

Dr. FtotfTtinr iiubtihhod iiihctit iitid trcmliiwii 
thitt won ('rxu-id^rfk1il« fAiiii*. Hm liit^tttroh 
on tlir " rri<i<'i|>Lr-.ja jiiid limtituEjinih iif |J)«) 
Rjiinim rathftlir Eflligion *' wsi* highly mm- 
mondoJ lj/ l>r, .folm Pyo Smith, Holwrt 
UaII, and others. In 1K3I thi> rftmUm of 
ti«J UaiinMTtity tif CfltLifcgLiw cnnfiirml oil him 
thEt dfi^i'W of b.D. 

TIjo uUoi'ttiiwi nliid; fell from \m lip», 
«'In'ih»'r iti pmycr or |>nLiu>, ijr (ifv^int oh- 
kiirvadioti, ull Htvouiv^t of t; muid VimHm'L- 
ptitt^l FiMiu tNirtli nnd filJoti with liMhvtinly 
U4|^inktiuii. OflviL dill \iv iriH^t tbuev 
mimhln^ Aii4 iijijm»|iT'ttti4 Tiiii^: — 

All iiiir luirnrHQ k'fl Ijekiw, 
An>1 (>vrtti viiiufi^d fur hcATtch* 

OdM bu bftlovc<1 iLkiijflkt^r ^nntly n><I{*d him 
if h* WAAtni nrjylliiL^? Hi*' ii^ply wh«, 

■'Thnru wnnU nolliinjj, my il^nr ^iil, hut 
mofc conformity to the mind and will of *>iir 
bufti Kriond." 

Tliut liui vi<:w« of nlT!ii:Li(jn wni'*^ ttw rp- 
vpn* *»f gUjomy, wili n^tuictivl obvious by 
ihit follou'inL' Ktrilcing ivatark^^ — *' IIk tuii« 
pLib tfiiU^' Fviid hp, '^ into tbv c^p of jitHictimi 
wbidi vnubltB Ub Lo uiijoy il;*' uud, nfU^r li 
nhm't pAiiiuk. " 11 B liAH thW^i nvay nil iho 
gull, and ull ih« trittvJTiet^, ^nd hiv givon uu 
all thi^ hwovtCLOn nnd ull tbii oxcf.^lk'ticy-" 

On niifr nonk>^lu)i, when nbvioiihly in rli^ep 
thought, he eicdbimod, cmrihAtifrivlly, '* \l Ih 
a grent thing to bo hnbitually ri^ht f " 

H(> fceinod to triumph in thd tbou^lit of 
the rtwurrdclion-lxHly, and, in an energetic 
ton^, i|Job>d iho woi-ii of I'aul to the Philip- 
pifLi>E<: "Wbo flhrtll diaugo oiu- vile body, 
that JL IUU3' be ffuiliicjiiiHl Itku unto His owti 
glorfoiiH Irndy." At.: 

On hu iHKt. cjiiLlily vuhbiitU bo ob»crvod, 
" J woJiiiot ^*')iat my Lord's will iJi; it naay 
bo foi- liJv, w it UiHj be for dvabh, I wiah 

T nDn> AWAy ! " nni] h^i^i afUii', ** I ahidl hg 
with my ix>id thUdftT?" jfl 

iio folt ifToot ooUAoiation in hfiaring of twH 
united pmycm of hu flock oti hia ocbalf; 
and ihougt h« Mldoni pmyi^il ■ndilily for 
bfm««lf hr oftcai did no for hia family, iind 
for Iho univomal triumph of VhvuX* gO£p«L 
Onm, rcfi-rrin^ to bis bsIoW ohiMlWi, bo 
mit>p1icHi<Ht : *^Thtt Lonl ble*« tli^m, pr»- 
savva th^v. gvtde tli&ru. (X^mfoHH tMBk. 
Fflthor, I will tbfkt tbuy al]^» wboic TbiMi 
liAnt jfiven m« b« ivitb lue wbfire I am." 

Bifmjc nAkixl hy hiii diwr wifn if hn wnji 
afraid cf death, ho i\>pli*d, "Oh, no; I know 
ill whom 1 ham bcliovijd, and am penioadod 
that IIo i^ able to koep UuJ wbich I have 
commitTod unto Him until thnt dny." 

EicfirtVAtiig wtJiD anxiety about bin family, 
Mrs. FloUrhpr Hoidt ^'Tho Lord will provide for 
xm." }l« npliod, tuupbjiticully, '^//f wllu" 

IIIa iTit.nrviKWA with hiu fnend^, nnil P'Ui^H 
tiCTilnrly with Mr- HMuk^y. Mr. Uamnxa^l 
{\i\A nWiail iLlt4>riilanb), b»d Ih*. Biirdor, 
wmr nil vH'y toLicbiiikC* and pviiiokl tlie ]lrui< 
nou of hid fntth, and th^ mint, nudisitin'bvd 
tranquility of hiE hopo, Aitor tho IaA- 
nnmod friond anJ voIIojeo ^t^ntpanion bad 
pmynl with bim, hn fwntly rmnarkai, " Aa 
o»U whom hiH broUiar ^mfortetK ! '' and, <m 
iooiiiff him nstiro, hn quot«d tho oJtptttHTo 
linca — 

"()LJir itiura U. uIh'Vd nil olhrir^ ^^H 

Rvt itna^rKvi tlin T^tii^i »( frjvudi ^^H 

llln Lft IrtTc Irtjontl a br.jl]i*r'« ; ^^" 

la a mat agony of auffmng. but a nhort 
poriod boforo no entered into glorioua rent, 
ho pourod out tho folluwing tondor and 
inip'Ji'tnnntr* pmyer : " O Ohriid, fotf[ivip 
mu ! luQuk^uIikte JiMiiH, help moT" Un 
thr^ nl^bt buloiv hiis cJihHiiln.v tbo »torm of 
bodi.]y aof^nlah Ltid HubeliTtfd; aad «]ii kid 
djiti^dir4«r ^ihLcin;; luut if be A'^iti \%\ iiiLirb |iiiin, 
\i.\ f-iilrlv v^Jiipjif'i'E**! "Nol" whifrh w»>i Iho 
Iji^i ■-\y\-' -.-LV'ii Ibnr fell fnkia bin niottal lipo. 

Un 'tlitirwlKy iuurning, tb© Sib Jijiw. bin 
epirif. flod pBacofaUy, a^ tin ongeU' wtnga, 
into tho bo^m of hi* LoM. 


ta tA< Jlintuii-f 

vf iU 


Uf MffiJiwy; 

Horn lit Ch"a('?r. I>p<v .Vil. ITM l 

DLoJ. Juuc All. 1843. 

" A KwUifid Minirtef of Chrkl,"— CW. l 7. 

Itn\ Tti/rmiiH hiitnr^^ LLJK, H.D. 


Dr. Rcitolu'*'* unnut i»lrttnlA m-itt to Oi-. 
Bimlisr'* nil tb-T lii'^t I'iiW "f t^^** SfH'-it-Ly'ii 
first minuto b:*ok- Tliey woiit to^thor lo 
iho (JW^w I'mvoi'sity, they wore coUcpj 
cooipanioun xiul Lifo'loii^ Itieini^, At tliikt 
Ant Eii'-eliii^ or Ccjirimilt*^, Dr. FIpUIht 
'loi tlif> itjinl TviHithitioti, At Tbt^K^oud 
ai«Mii)^tWbk-h h-fL« boM<rit the Sth Uc^<ml>c<r, 

'|>r. Fle'-dit»r. Mr. Ht^rKtOidl, Hi'- llniilHi-Fioii, 
Vj9V. jHJri«>4 HLUiijlC4>nr iiu*\ Mr. i^ori^e 

WUiri'A mA iiJJiko till* rvi|tiiMt^ »in\ti;i:«uji^tL(iri 
for thnir dflixfriTr, TlniJi tn f.hift wny ivrid Uy 
btio aid of Dr. FJAlohm- tlio thvt i>noniLiQn»^ 
of th« Swiioty vtrmt cfiLniiicnu^i^i!, whicli lik^ 
pcbUo* ilriippitil Litti] fiikiM, havif liuen \inr- 
dut^in^ {■linTipf'H thnt for A<^ ycuirs biive Ux'n 
tnoviui; oatwiiiil in cx[haDdin^ ring^ and 
rippliiig with jcj even tho \v'ttUi-di which the 

We iTgTc't thnt n** tTinnoh Inirw the livw 
nnd 'iD^inrtiiDHi cf ritl w}io nt.ti'Ud#<l that 
tntwtini; at whifJi tho Sucit^ty wiui formed. 
liut wo haro MiGctvilvf] with tr^ri uf tho num- 
h'T. The* f'T^t cnllM t.i> hi* rt«t anil rnwnrd 
V.-HS lti>b*rt M^Uhij/fio, whioli to^k plueo oti 
tho '25Ui of Miirch, 1^3, Tho ftocotid waa 
Dr. Fli*l.rhHrp ivho (i*L] Ti>i1t?it|> \n JivtiLii on the 
Mth i*f Jiihft, lft4:i. Wo iMTi imnHne thwi? 
two jt^Eoncmi^MpintA nitr^ktiui^ \u t\\« Now Jcitu 
fldLloiii AEid i^xpL-fUHLii^ to nittli (ihcf thtdv joy 
thain thoy wjTfi didiu^ly rlimtrrAil unti sLimu- 
Iftlad to tnko pnrt, in tho formiLtioD <^ th** 
Biatijdi Society. And mnny il timo ninoe 
thon wc cjin iiiuisin* them looking ovot bba 
iMthist.iri1 biittlumunU hik] w.itohi'u^ with 
utuponkublo delight myciivLH of Jt^wii Jiiid 
Jl>ki.v»m utnorgm^ out of th« darkiK*!^ nrtd 
drath of JuJdUuL ijilo ihv li^ht uiul lifo of 
Cht'i)^tiH.Tiity through tnhfi nj^-kur-ifiH whfrh l^ivy 



IH0MA8 DINNKY w>t>. Ihmii »i N..'w- 
civ^ileHpfin-Tytift fin rhf .llith April, 
17!;'^, Aft^r A period 'tf UiiUon u.1 (m 
0i'Jmfti-y3*-Ji0<'i, hftWiu, u|ipivn(Jr(«il fur wrven 
you^ tii n Uiiik>«lU'i. hi j(iviri^ nti ii^iyjutit 
of hJJt eiifly liffl^ Ttiniiny wt"t*«I that hU hoiip« 
with th& Newcuktto liook^olW wci'o for Icn 
years frcia »ve[k in the Qiunilni; until eight 
iu the tvening- mid for flvo yn^im from woven 
to s«v(?ri Hi* wiUf liDwuvur, f^omatirn^s 
ungii^^l from mx n.m^ uatil ten p.m. Not 
fiJtki^iiuidiuff this pin^dmn he? found opjur- 
tunitiStt^ aiiierially fitiiii litii finti-ttfcnth fu 
bfit tWftntfotVi yeni', lor ootLHiiloi-(ibl« rmdrng, 
study luid compojiition ; And by tho old of t\ 
'rwbytciiiii miuiVLAT Iiil* ^niiittil Homti kciow- 
iMgu of LutiBL pmd Wivr-k. I<'nr rhTO*> Vi^fti'M 
bo nttendod tho tiittno^icj^l artminnry iil \Vy- 
mondloy* Jlurtfonlr.hiro, which win* riulmo- 
quently iiicorpftiiht^ nitli lIomQi'ton urn] 
Uighbui'y in New t'ollege, 

Mr. Kinnpy ww not r^!y t'uiivi*rted. 
although bo limy h:tvn ihou^fht be ^t^-*. wb«n 
he oim-rHl WyjM'indley Ti-ainin^' lri>^trtiito, 
And Ukt' Ijt^ EiiiittM^iki- ol old h^ u-i-* In^tihltd 
witb duiibt?H, Hrfveral thookf^irftl [ii-iiN^^iilh 
Wfii:^ jirtiiifiilly cKr^mbing hi^ iniiid and prtw- 
jiing for Aotntion. 0»y Sundsiy niglit duiing 
tho holiday hCQ'ion. hv> went to h»itr X>i-. 

ni.iU'biT lit. ibi.' fttvpimj ^f«tltM^|f. Th« 
tlicinghliful. (tfmptenl ami wiTiKomo diKcnunw 
of tlie p[«]ich«i' dr<>n Mr HiMnny nt tbt' doito 
of the ^I'^ice iiiLpO the viutiy, m <A\icr that 
br mi^rht f^l^ito hiH ibfUciiltiiiit tiud got Ihou 
iviiLovud. T>r Ftrli^Jxw «iw rtt oniw tihjLb h** 
luid Lofom hmj u yonng uinn onduwcd with A 
mind thut iixjuin^d njxida] troatmiint- 11^ 
saw Uutt mnn!- trjiins of itsip^jmnfc', buiABver 
(?')ffoiit, wodld not t«1] upon htm with :4ial1ii>ieDt 
dumonHtrativu f<ni.<o to win ^lim for Chri^L 
Dr. Fli^tchtT thvivfuiviiivibtM] Ikim to 8p«ud 
Ulik holiday ^viLh him. Mr. Hinm^y u<>n8Bnt»dt 
Hr, Kldti^h^r HjH^nt n go<xl dnal of tha timo 
ta poAt^inL] ^iHil4tio& lUX-oriiiMriiod by Mr. 
Dijtiiv^H AfH they wviil U-*m\ h(»iJH« to lionjw 
and saw whnt LlhriHt had dnoc, uni] wiw d«Jng, 
(?hiefly amoTi)? the poor, th* »;iiflVring *uid tho 
dyint;. Hinnoy's dniibt^i vjinijihfd and liia «oul 
br\yiiup ftsiaii in tho lkit>k of Agria Taken 
thit>tby u ktmlly htLnd jind wi^-ly iiml ttnd^rly 
triNitiyJ, m'mi nt JviUb dunlt with TbomAK of 
ohi, Tlioma* Kinney bowwl Jx-fot'O tho Obrint 
litid e\dAiinHl ''Xy Lurd and my God." 

At, fhrt ohtw oF biw Hlviur* <^rin'iriibim nt 
Wyinundloy, hr ii»*iijirm* thi- hritttorof tho NoflT 
MLWinjj, lli<dbjnl«uf wbidi John ll^mftid wiui 
Linii of lihu I'liiniilfrH. [ii Aitgnht. \^2i, hv 
ac^ppted the pinitoml* of St. Jama^"* 8trci*l 
CUpai, Now|j^prt, Mo of Wight. In ISS9 
bn icimoved lo Li^iidon tn tnk^ charge of tho 



M^mori*^ of Go»pifl Triumphs among thf Jfwt^ 

CiiLirch lUutmbUiig at tfau Rinff'ii Woi|>h 
iloiuioCkapol, whotv hr difditi^mEBbud tun- 

Tn ItiA?, Lhn do^nw <kf EJ.. D. WAV (Mnfvrr«d 
on htm by the Univomity of Ab&rJL*«ii, nnil 
in l^m Uio deifTH? of D.P., cvint* lo bita 
fttjiji imt! of Uii* (VilU-^w uf iLrf UtiiLvd 
Sijiit^ But f.hcw« h« iJi>l Tic^^ it«t«, ami 
"Tliomiin Bmni^y" without n titk, ft|*porit>* 
OD liiH uiunuuiciit in Alaej PojIc Ccui«tei~y> 

In lsr»0 Pr-, Biiiupy iTtircd fvoiu tl^i^ 
pnat«r»t« of tltt< CLun^li HJvemHiikg \u the 
King'** W^igli H(»ii>n», hftqr n fruitful 
Mimtirjrof fortjryount; nnd in Ni>v-oa»ber, 
1^73, his IjuI nenuoiL whg dvllTorcd in 
WtvtmiDster Clm[ie1. 

Dr, AJbu, hifl bicignL]jher, givM l-,he clfwing 
ftcono JU4 follawN :— 

■■ TliG sunset vjia not without c\o\hU. For 
fiome monthi he Jeclinwl under rui iiihidioiw 
ujitluil;; unil, Hh t'ont'tit;itEnniLll3' he wn^j 
H/ible to stiitM (fcf gr&at dfipres&ion. and more 
thui ontTO bad lo e^k in prolong€<l rest and 
foreign traTcl recovery fraiu auph» ii U 

4wiirM^ty U» bo wondsred at tbut phyHJr^l 
nrnknuBo And the dttpmnnf: cihatnct?^ of 
)iiB dinotuw — 'which WHA &ii lilTH'tiuu uf tbe 
ht^ri. — muring u|K>n & (rfnivrainenl rtfinnitive 
nlinoHt to mortftdutiwfl, :Lir(>(-ti><l hii^ rolipoii8 
fcclinip*, A vwk ifr two bfEfoiD h<? died !>o 
fi.']] inki u ojiiditiun i>f ^i-tMl dm^>vnilt.'ii<Ty, 
' mi shod, hoily, ju>nl, nni) >ijiiril,' fit hn wi- 
profurd it to mo; but it whh a failure of 
fcrling rcithc^- tlmn of fftitb. Wh«n I re- 
minded him of tLii comfnilA vwhcinwith hn 
lind fouifort*d oth«n, ' Y™/ ho ivpUixi. ' I 
hiiV9 preaehc^d ntid written a |^«it d«al^ and 
both m my prooduDg nnd writing I havo 
fkinied at fitting fort)] thnw grrat fuudu' 
iiientAl truths, ua<1 in thu l■«vi«^v *^\ tb«iik 1 
fed thnt [ hjLve Jr.v^c? n^-ht ; I niinply rv^it 
upon tliein now/ Up Fttinid gr«Ht Kimfui-t 
in hynmn, ttttil e»<[i&i:iUi1ly in the PiUhlms 
which he delighted lo h»>ar i^ead to hinit 
more partii^tilorly in thn fdooploin houn; of 
the ni^ht ; but at tinics it wu very livrk. 
Hf? «Tuahi not !# *[irn ftbont hia nwn siptritnal 
^tAt«- The &fty-fiKt l^lm whh ov4kr upon 
biB iip»; &nd be took<?[l to Clod'a mercy, 
tliETiiigh JmuB Cbri»t, with the hamiLitv lunl 
dot^riily i>r H Fittlt' Hnli!. Btif, th« Vioud 
liftm] ; bifl IrJht ^^fit^ln w«r« «xpiv^v« of it^ 
liof, nnd fftith, «n«J hofKi ; i*nd 'Ox* vnomy 
W4Mfctill tu»a»tonrf till he vruut over/" 

nil. iiiEriiKv'n cxfNVioi-nfx\ with iiik Hkmtif 

Dr. Binney wn* oiw of the f'-unders of iho 
Hcffiety. At thi» v<*ry Ihiit meeting h-U4>TVof 
r»pulogy for nbuT'CCi wo™ ivpoivpd^ ffoni th« 
Kei'si- '1\ Binncy, Blnckbui'n, nnd c>th<i|Ti, 
in which nil of tb<*inexpfijf<Afid thif^ir npj*ix»VrtJ 
(■f till* ohj^'ot of th<^ mwting. Althmiflh 
I>r, IliiLnwy wruf ntver ftbia lo ikttoad thfi 
r<io)nntt'>o hi^ proved a true friend cf tho 
Boci«ty (mui Ibo beginnii^g until his d«ith. 

INftl^KI fTlitX T4KKI1 rilClJU nt£. BINKKV'* 



*' I Bhuj] u HiUftc<l when I tmht vUb TLj 
lik«u<u."^-FMiM xvU., It. 

luni It KflWtMilp, SOtli April, l7Da, 
■t I'ptwr Cjitploii^ U4th KHhnjiiry, Ift*!. 


1£6 jtftfxtorMS of i]i)&pd TrimnphM amoitff the Jcttm^ 



ETbr 3c^a po^acaa no pirrogatibrs far IJicmficlbri. tClljaUbrr tmmiLnilrcB anto 

The Firat Leciaren- tin Ulutlf ^f ^^^ BHtieh Socidtf. 




JOHN PYE SMITH wnii horn in SheHiel.l 
ou tilt' :i6th of May, 1774, He wue 
tb« t<m of a UfiAuiv.Wi-v. :itid vvji« iulOTiJvJ tu 
folUvBv hjfl fnthf^r't bikAincsfi. Itiit hU tiil0ntJ4« 
diftCmguifibBd [^otv, and nrdcnt lor« of 
IcnmirL^, cloarly rnvhoci tiim rjiit for the 
iMxiiiWity, (uid b« bcc«[a« n intudciiC At llottirj-- 
ham CoUa^. Whon hin own nmdiinntrAl 

diatuiguivbcl, that lie wiui at ouee chopcn 
OUincal Tutor of the Col)b|fu. mid the 
«z«anplftry ili«i^hArgi> oF rh^ dnUtw rif tfmt 
'o£f«f tO|^(H»r with hiA thtH.Ji>f;ii^fLl lf?A.i-]]in^ 
nnd tbo eicolleritv oF bis Dhnractcr, led to 

fiv«i» to l*Kvnfi** Tlinolo0fii*l TiiT^fcr ati-I Prim.']- 
n&l of llomortoD LVillo^o, the <d(kvt of tli<* 
ifLMiliiliiiEui for traiitiiJC uiinlBt'eiii mriun^' iLe 
Iiidi'[i(ii]dmtH. Ill Jjiriiiikiy, lH4», he tiLCvi«i] 
on Ui» datiOfl of tlint r(tr.^ii.iih1e put, which 
B# filM with untniag dc voted non^ ixndtho 
fatieho^ p^cinnny fmr the lon^ »mc^ of fifty 
jnon. A lh»o1c»fc'i(ml pnife«Airslil|\ in fiiitH- 
rftlly oomlnnc^d with EniniBterin] diitii^; and 
ID twu oi' three yoars £iftor hu «tt]r.*Rieiit 
at HoincTtcin, be nft.N»ivcd it i:dE fiiim the 
chiiri?h woir»}ii|ijMrij^ iil t\» (Snivet Pit 

th« call. tku*\ (uuliiiiKHi thv fnithfid and 
nffretiiiiJilu pudjii- of tAinl rfiurch for JtUiiLt 
forty 'iwi^ii vrtirt- 

Tho \tii' of a Pjvifoftaor and ft Di^'Uii? b not, 
in tL<' OBifijAiy wrtM« of t}*fl ^voii), evsutfuL 
Rnt if pvni'nuy iiiuii hml tliv tiut? tiplritof Um 
Ago of impi-ovtmoDt in whid» b* liv^d, or 
foiqi^ht bolcily tn dcfeni^o of enci^ triitb, or 
warvh of ncifiucn ftnd m>;UI lef^fruuttioii, it 
mi thv luhjvrf of thw nlEetch. ITa tr\njt 
tli^rtfforv, «itb jtuliou, ]l>o oaltcda voblLot-nad 
a pomintror in thf riut-rtd war. With bifl 
toaguo sii^J pen he griiiioj nchiL«vi*lHeiit* tbttt 
will undure wb^n thv bbir>j-stniuRl (*xptoits 
of ih^ sxvonl fkr« forgottvn, or romuabcvod 
with bluUDe. 

U i» A key lo Dr- Pyo Smith*!! life ttiid 
<4iATAcl4»r to tA}% that li« vwmod 4Jvi-r to nim 
to bo A ChrtJ^lifLn of full attituro nnd fioi-fi^ct 
lEOuliJ, yft with no lliniigbt uf bictiftelf, but 
aaiy of bU M:imI«1', IIIa khIi- Hijiiidiii^ w»h 

Cbiift. That ho might follow lliu, lia wha 

rVAJy to b« ^v^iyLhingf lo iloevdry tiling, lind 
to HLiHur 4-vurythLiif;, la biu virtu v<( tbm- 
WJL# no |JAE-tUk] dL?vc>Iij]>Eiioiir. or dlstoi'tcil 
growth, Tift vmA nbUt Ut Horrlllcw bUdjirhng 
tiuitsit nnd to t^nx- buit»1f nvay fi^>iik bin 
nobloAt puffluitAf at the eal] of tbe Iiiiiiihlt^t 
dutif. Wbal<!vcr pailook of tlir cliMiAcUMof 
a. ^iity, WM in bi« eycw mnirtiftLHl, nnd ht" did 
it U( unto God. In tho pulpit, in Uxo pro- 
fcuror'tf ohair, in the fctndy, in tho hiiniblo 
prayer roretin^, among bin own fouiily, in th« 
title f*b»irul)er. in (hi* mt^ntific [itfdvuihly, nt 
thtr ^CJwnog Ut Hoin« iHit^otio ohjMt, in in 
ntitutii^nH for th« iiialruction of tbv puor and 
Uh* i'i^*liiimi[i(f of tU(* \ii'i*iHH--evei j'rthrru 
nrd ITL *viir\i>iing, hn dUpl^iviid >-ttch ji 
bojirty intfiiiKt (uul hUfh >i foi'irdtftdnwc* of 
self Jt* ^ecniod t<- fmy — " I Jiiii a 'trfifi/r W alV 
Hift mind was wngnlArly eiinrgidii^. Thrm 
wDj; no depu-tmcnt of knowlodtfo which bo 
WAS not sni^r and Able to cxptorOi so t%t w 
bis dutieA perruittcd. \\m wa« cnticsllyr 
aci|Uii]nto[| Itoth with AnfT*nt und modfim 
langiuLgce, His tlieotoptcAL r<<adin^ wa« moct 
extcnsdvQ^ Krom tho mrbcrtt of the Fatlierv 
to the lulrfnl Katfliid], Uviiiimu or Aiiiorimn 
■It vine, h« MH^lKcted nonittliorllmt wim worth 
rtMidinf^r ^^^'^ thftt it wiu pownblu to waA. 
From «vwry *onrfc b* p^tljorwd mntLTijit For 
IJm' **rvin' iif l-rtith. Htf wum in't di-U-rrwl 
by pi'pjtidi''^, but ojH'nthl htA mind ^imdidly 
to ovory nvy of lk|fbt, w}Lon<-OMMivi>r it mi^ht 
COmt^, llr Atodiod both \\\e rxnct aind iho 
ftx^iHiirtmntAl M"i*-iipp>i. Wbi'Ti >f>'olii;fy nlT«r«l 
it* HoinawhAt nt^rtUn^ »ralatio[i», hft did not 
tani fvuva it ; but, on tho coutrarjf cmbriLcod 
it iLH pAi't of Iho t^mmunicatinDA (if tho 
Anthor of riLinro nrd of truth: bihI by hia 
pationt inveefti^iitioni btf ihowvd the tan^iblo 
records of ort-ntiun to bo onitoAOCordnELt with 
LliH Woit] of (toil. Tliua ba fcudovTHl ii mist 
iiiijH*rtAiil '•(-niw lyitb lAi n-lijiion nnd to 
BL^ivnov : Anil tji\ Iho [niblioAlion of bitt 
vnlunblo work, '* iScriptvi'u And Guology/' tbo 
RoyAl 8ucivtiy— 'tilt? iiiTil of our Hci^-iitiljo 
rMaooinlion^'-dld thonuwlvM nj>d him tho 
honour to ODn>l bmi m oqo of thoir t'cMowB^ 
][in knowlcid^ of t\it^\M,\y nml inin^t ^jf tho 
branHiw of nAtural philiivipby wha not 


if^iioW«0 o/ Gc»ptt TrinvijihaM^^^thB^JmoB^ 

Aji in fill tiia atudioii hU objiKt wim tnith, 
K> tiu c|c«]' intellect 4^Aflily nepumbril Xhv 
tniCh from i\iiy iLdcnixturr- of rrrr>r, amiI ni' 
tninAd th» |.Hiir<* Mid pn^cioHB whilst it i-£ijMio(l 
the ovil. 

Thochirl labour of Dr. Vye BmitK^n life 
urnl hU iDLbl L<iiiJurifij7 monEimmt, ik tlio 
work *iititlwl " 'Hi* ScnplJin? Tcvtjmotjy tc 
tho Mowinli ; ua iiiJ{iiii'y witL il vicrw to « 
tEitiafhirturj ^4^ruLiT^JtUu^i uf llicr doctrilie 
tmi^ht ill til* \Ui[y SrrijiVi»iV''i'«»»*"i'rEiiii^ tlw 
pf«rMou iif ('hrwt/V Thiri vi'Oi'k U tidmitted 
by the i^ifjhtc'-^t H^-hoIiii'N to hti ttii* Qivb <<( it'* 
kimL It i> iiMikml tiy prtiftniml j^ii<l»i<'ciir7il« 
lejirnlrtg, rftniKd rriticism, aj\i\ \ty tlifitn i*v<*-. 
roatiiU and <'tiriiitL(Lii tpirit which oti^ht to 
^TVH'n cv«iy thoolojcii'ai iiiquirj. It. lin^ 
iVccivinJ the nu'u hoiimir of Utiikjc iuluutu*il, 
though tho wiirk nf & DiMTtilJ^'j «w an 
auttiority in tho Eti^Iinh L'tiiv<<rcJU4'i>- 

Dr. I^ Bmilli'tf epirit htm jj^ncroud am! 
nMe. unil III?! viuwsuf ClinBtutD duly tuwh 
him tho |«tT'int ftti'l th»< rv><firm*r (ii"t in th« 
politiciil wo-io <nily. but ill <-^tvry othJir(, Ho 
aMiunvd iuju«Lico>ofjpiYMioi]. fraud, ivliticrJ 
Airruptum, ATirl jtfl jirirLi/^l tn^iHhtthtii. Tlieiv 
wiu Mor It inoi'o nE'di^nl fnnTid df civil iirid 
rvli^ouH frfNxlom. In him wjxh m^ii thr 
eutljutiiuntiL- adviiCAto of thi^ AUililiun uf t!iu 
Htftvo Ti«i5<' and Hln\rry, iit Parkin mi? nini-y 
HtiforoUj tif Ciitholio Kuinnoij-Hition, of h'n^^ 
Tradp, Hod oi CouAtitnLioiiai (ioTnttLmrnt, - - 
all on C'hriTilmii priitcifiliu. }|r fidw hm 
KiLppriK t^^ LiterJiry Soc^iHinii ^Lud MoHuMiiob' 
Iu»litutio[irt. llv *M nn <;ai'iy nnd JCftJoii** 
liiftiid of till? tiiufie of Total Abfltiueitcc. 
whioh hu prJn.'LL"td for uuiny /piii-s till hJa 
d«Ath- And Tto rAiih« Keomisl 'kuinr to \iht 
Ji«art than ihiit of ijriivi*i>vil pcjicv. To 
^vaiiLv any of 1Iit*p <>1jjtM.'l»i ht> would IvJivt* 
hi* belovisl l»cn[k>., Mvwu when lui-vi^ijlixl, by- 
alnoac totftl d«hfnAu, fix>m <^oovLt]^ |>i)TjlLo 
]Df<TtLn,tCi«i and wonM bo miIi-^Iioei t<> add a 
nci^dii uutt t(» tilt' pliLhiritlLiv|itc army. As 
mi'ri* tpAi'iiwnn of hi'; hitliltuHl BBlf-ilpnbl fnr 
Itrn piibhi? gnod, wo may m<*iilion Ihat a 
Iftiillomaa c^Uinj^ upon him nfter he h^id 
TPtiriKl Irom thi^ ujim^ti'y, niid wjl» in Ilia 
7I)th yoar, foiini] him gniiig out on<? diirk 
Mid wt-t DVcniii^ to -Itctiin? at n Mc4'hJUi^o^' 
liijititutiifii in ilcthnfil-gja-n i i*nd in the 

Kr uhmi tliH W-zice t.'itiigtiwi wat held jlFj 
iat. 111* |l*-l>UIH5i'illfi r»f 111" fiMiiily i.N»u]d 

indu4:v hiiu to nUiy nt bi.rino, but \<v f^iiiJiireil 
the loD^ and fiitif:iiiu|j; jnumvy kr chtM?r rrn 
tl»# frii-iid* <jf UiMi Nun'rl LMIIHI-. 

With a djiiiiitlAfi ntoriil c<tui'iip\ Ur, Py>< 
Smith unitfd vtm of tho ^'OMWb atid luot^kwti 

Gpii-jt(< that «vvr dwelt in a human hifiaat, 
I'he t-tJtn la nation wua iixi^-d aK/ft itiriark< 
/iblf, find WW* umaifivitly ihn i^nnlucir cf trup 
Chnhtiitii |ihaoi]Je>. His jMnwmnl pi*ty waa 
nf tlio puTvSht kiuil, aiid aver noiii'JeJiod at tho 
foLintoin of jfciiop and ^(OodTiCw. IIv waa 
ewinttnily a man of prayer— in all hijt vraya 
ht^ ao]ciiair|«d|f€^ Uod. Hie pmcticw thPoti|;li 
iLfo wue to make uao af pjaculAtory pr^^^cr. 
iW that hv tuiky tn luiid u> have livaLia tho 
itpiril of c^mtimml ilrpvodemv* I'n htn Maker 
fljid Rwl«oiijorr [Uh hiimihly wftHir««klly 
wc^ndiirfiiT, ouunidtiHnjf hi« f rtMt~ Lbt«U«ctual 
tx^wni'h and \he houijuiv b«* had' utlaiimd. 
H»T H-Midd Tint hnvo Mainifti KupftHoHty ovt»r 
tho lowhoftt of hi* felloa^-miMi, . W<'fcii* tied 
hid attitude wad that cif ^ittciit wlf-alAao-' 
inent. *y<^t ftliui uf cliiLdJilur c«>j]tidi*non. 
Whildt h" had a hiwirt thnt iiwd!*d with 
every crhhlc ii^pimtiou. Ibat fiMl upon tho 
loftie^l theen«, that tnrnal with abhorrrnc* 
from alE tliat witt unjuvt and mean, lit? lutd 
alho a r^blln^y tliiit put tlw mcvt fHvourftblo 
ivifiAlTiu^ioi^ on i*t'rrry I'jrtov, nnrl a modcntj 
Uiitt <ltfprro<) to cveiy jud^rnitftit, vifrpt 
nhrrt^ i1t^Lin>]u>' wrix forhiihlKn ivt'1,JE,ijd*>, lu 
all hie fplLow-t:hn«tJaT^h hfj nrionfid ii heart of 
the W(Lrm<t(t afToction : pnjudtcc and f^c- 
tarian feci i iljC tivtto i\ iiitc dv«lf-u/vd by 
bmtborly lovo. 

Hie viowB of iho Divine rdutnutar^<>ni> not 
only moBt cxaltcti. hut thoy Ki |>crvadod hie 
life jid tif mnki- iL ona net ijfi aaT'vIoo>uid nf 
praiw'. Its thf^ (iidpLi ho cAafi fnamaH x%pl 
m adoring' andtifvin;? eontamplation of tho 
Divine nttiiljiitM, and h« UUmivd with rrao- 
biuiLfi Uki bi^ For [jLterun4.i<- H« iTguirnI to 
viadlratf* alt rbe way** of OxT lo m«n. Hi-* - 
truht ju thoinlimttifatUifiilnonit ^oudnnA^aod 
wihdoui of Quid !H<elUl^] to rv« higher .wboc- 
avnr hw wan «i lied In Hnbtnl^toHny afllicilon. 
A laom alunlnTnA nHJgitikliorj to tha T>ivlno 
will.^'an warefily \h> coaci:iv<id : h« rejoltmiiu 
tribnlatloniL. ]VIda and Hflf'tlxhltfUuMoeuKu 
hiai snmnpd to have* nnJlla^n^ th(>y wpto ACi 
runtuiually i-(ibuli«i by hit hnliii oi M»]f-con- 
domnntroii, thrxt thry shrunk qlrit« out of 
M<^Ltiof h'm frlhiw-niiT'ji. 

He ooinliinni] II *ptrit nf the trTip«t indo* 

Ic»udf*noo with i^ oi.>itr1'*^y Ihu mwt amMTV. 
n t^rttry word ai^d net h^ wndthc^BntlmAn, ■ 
and \ivs [.lulitvnew itininfvutly hnd.ils soura) 
iti IwTiAvoUriee. Hp O'lhrn"^! iha H|)aKlolt(< 
injuat^tjOEi lu ^' hcriiitu'nic ivlt moi^" 

Tljf lifi'iff r>r, Vyv ^mith wiW'tio \4 li^cm- 
hnnt iiE-tlvity. Hopi-jM^dhMlKmr^and inirniteH 
Hi miwt [nvpimiB t ho n'wl nn on* wlw wna 
dcvounn^ what ho read ; ^he .laboured witk 

Tlw. Fh-id LectnTtr oit. Mifrl/ of /// f^ritisff .S\wi*?/^, 



tomf-cr vriMi not Irott^-i iiy tiio untntwrtwn 
oiaiiiiet 11 poll Itini. \IU TH-tfiiAriitfi)i<:n im<l 
corT4->i|»zj(U'ii<H- wilIi I.Up rnoAt Itairnvil nii*Ti 

ibod cocpumtsi much of his timo ; yot ho 
luImUtfld tho clikiiiiet ctf tlie hiimVrleitt ftiond, 
lisU-rtvl [Hitif-ntl^ tci rvcry c^iiinnEiL an Iijbi 
fivmpHtby nniI btin>ji^]«ti0(f^ uml pgurccL bulm 
into tha woun'lfirt Apirlt* 

On WvdiiMiday, iIil* $(.]i uf Jaiiiionr. 13[Jl, 
At lli^ rj^ntffiti l'H,viirn, ilKfiO|ixj^i(V P^ir^vt. 
Dr- Py* SiTLilh w»H |>ithlKily [iixwifiitL^I with 
X2,fi()D EiDil un Aiiilro'w* on tlw <x\'jL>itin of 

whbh hw httd ]iM Un- Jifty y#fti*. 

ItOUiU (ADUlliOU>,) 

** Another fftToiir wan jndivd gnrntcd iih in 
tUv iny^Uiinuii uf Jhtimiry. li*^] . Thi' wtmtjn 
wii* nrvLrkiiiity iiilM^ iiml ln« wn< ^niLbloil to 

from l\[^ kirul fncinlx, Jlli* visit to un fiwm 
tin* 4Ui ^1. tln' l(*lh nf .ruiitAry* w^LK ir. lefwm 
of lovn tiTiii n h link sgj dug, to (i<n\ lii& t^o- 
docmcr lii'rit, aiid on uil occiu'ioit?^ ; noci to 
eftrthly ajt^inta nho, did Ihey ti^viy and fully 
fitiv. Anrl amirt t(i9 exriteniEiit nf Tii>T'V(tu« 
ivaulinem and ;i'ntiit:on of thtt fyHUsiu. 
IjkEiii^titnlioij And Apology WDuh) follo^^ ; AiiiJ 
it, v-'u* clvdT tliut huwiJVer LinroiitT^^lUble 
««rn ihn boilily MTTKEitiionn, kHII thn bivine 
spirit dwelt ifi thu oolin dopthfi of hid eoiiL 
It wa^ on tbv proiiSng of birt ftrrivid ftt 
Hami^rtDiJ^ tliut IIiili liulu drc^uintiliirtce 
WL'urr**!! wliirik U ivUifftl in Dr. Uarria'a 
Ucrmoti- Ho wjim «v|i|jLiniiif; to \\a how dith- 
cidt il hml Iohj; lii^mi Co liijii U> nrito, ami 
liow hrt iu>w fndnil if, nfi'ftw.t.ry U' Hwint, thii 
iLifl* iitiil SiiTitewhit pumly^ftd tingftm vriih 
lUt* ht^lp of big U'ft hjind. Tukmjjf ujt <mt> i>f 
tilt* pi*^oi« of i-aiKir l>''*S ^inn', liv tnitwl 
Bomp miLrkft : — niid thn-si*, hini'* n.ffj*r, w*> 
ftocid*ntfllly fmind nnd rood — 'To bn with 
inm — to flee Him ftfl Hv in.' 

'*'Thi? Pilgrim 'ft Pmgri*^/ Jny*s 'Mcrm- 
ing EnpiTiHOfl," uTuI Wtnilfn's * fij^tom of 
Divinity/* worw th« onlj lK>f>ks (1 think) 
into which lif* looked, nb aW conttuuoiitly, 
iloriiig Ills viMit ill uiir huiiM*. 

• Tliii Wt^rfc if whifb Dr. Smilli limJn quarto wijiy, 
wu imblii'lioil Iri 1701^. It t* a illi^fdiit, cif |iniv«£rji of 
HnjipUiv^i in tlift w<q-i1a iif ijiir AutL^^iijuxt viMnEcti : ji 
btwL cif tcxtt irlthnut oojiiaicul«, 4irnLiitfcil k-j v ^t 
form ft>ly*t*m «f DLvliillj. Il wv itgruiiL fav«uilte 
witb Ui- L>mrt4F.— Ho. 

" Ho s\t6k'» to wn)« h£]iwl1on&tn i^Utii^ea 
on the dLMJ^u h<!^ hod ut oiio timo formfd of 
niii<>win^ hiH .^ux|U»LUlau<ie with iho iJrrt-k 
jimiUv Itikl, ndii'ii.riig titi liiH jj^rniNftl f>f Mirt 
Porsfl? of -■^.ftfbyhifl, nnd tho piotui*o of iha 
wooft product hy tho mvftnion of Xomos, h** 
nddnd, ^ IIcw mou wjla T fmi^uo-l s^itli thi^ 
coinjnititiTnly fcrnblc^ mid piu-iilo nnrriLtivH, 
imd on^orly turnod to Uio ilobrew Scripture* ; 
cominoiin^ with tho Givck poet tlic majofltio 
dbHiiiptiuan i>f Jvrr<iiiiAh Jii hif I^uuciitA- 
t]On«. So nnftpiMikiibly piilhr>ti(r» puworful, 
ivnil satisfying is the Inupirtd WotiIh'" — Pr, 
HnrriV?( .Sfrmon, p, 40. 

[u tiddiliui: to tlmt^ rHiDfiikB, whU'h wuio 
fuUlrtviHCKl 10 Mr. »uit Mts. Ubiirlo*) fW^li Tir, 
Smith Huid ; — " Uivo my lovo to tny dvnv 
coubSm "— imvtnin^ Mj-b, BHiiifw, 8eii., of 
Ix-nili',* Mit» inothiT of Mt>, 1te(x], " uml till 
li»r/rtrt?i f/ii^ 

"* WriPii mttard Binkn uiil Hpiriwdruop, 
Thy |Lnpmiii«4 nt j^nm 
Are pMlftra tn •m>porT. my llopp. 
Ami lh(Te I prritnTb} jirniic/ " 

T^uviii^ now to lihr iLftd^r [aH of thit dny 
whim thi* tftatimiioEftl wns presented, Mfv. 
Nnnh'ft ctirmtiTo adih', thai Vr. Smith ■* won 
evil lontly roll (Tvi^d by oui' ftpocJily retiming 
honir, iiiMlfliidof prolonging the day's plcouni-n 
by joining tha fftinily ptaty nt Ebonti^n. 
lie Apoko with niii^h fiUa^urv of the many old 
friendii In? biul thj^t day rn»>jpii^M|, tliou^'h 
bo (yjiilrl not PXC!hnngo a. ivonl vritb 1>b<^iii, 
Othrt'wiTio^ lio mikdo no alluaioii uluit'.*vor to 
tbi' mtotingi nor nny obErtvntion nor Jmpiiry 
nt all coiic^i^niiiig tbu piirtioil of the ppvpchLi^ > 
tint j\ f-yllnblecj wiiiioh had l)fi>ti Cl^uvt•y^'d 
ti> him< 

'*At piJiyor timo (wirljir thjin common, 
nrid 8fiiii-lo Mn;i iioL roiiirnivd fioui llillilrfi' 
Srjiiftro) he t^g^ me to ren*5 'J Ttm., i- ch. 
Ho then ^illV^roil 6oi^nm thn,nkfipivinjj[ foi" tho 
(jceubni * mercies cf thni dny, its uamprittHl 
fn.\-ours:' — ho PHi»p)iw»ted THv^mi-ntion und 
niL'i<tDos£ agnJnst nnother nnd moni mO' 
mciitoHs day,' Ho pmyi'd for hun children, 
nniiiing lis nil ippiiiutoly. ' bin U?luvL-d inn-ft," 
liTid theit ricUlt^d, ^ Thongh wo jinrt now, it ih 
not for 0%'or : Hnrf wv iirtii iiovor |*iirT. fnim 
THEE!' Thift wltli extraordinary ntiiianr 

*' Jnmiftry lOth he If^ft oitr roof forth** Inrt 
timL\ nnd jfot miMy buck Xo tiuildford, 

'* January 23. My bivtbcr went to aeo 

' llkV iffijrrnbli] loily, !<> wh<JQi T.l^ nj«9iU« <if 
Clii JBtiuEi nyriiiiibtliy **■*> M^iH, ilii^il JimC lUrva «q*Ii 
idtar Dr- Smith, ofivd 75 y<wn~ — Er> 



Me^iariet ^ Ootpd 'I'riu^ph$ nnu^ng tU J^tmu 

Kim. He oomplALried thnt iH^^ wan ciftLti 
diiTitrWl ; tlAt h« nwolciJ imfvfnHhnl, mtnu 
down obMrleiM, colli, hud fmintl littk i-DJUb 
or n^fi-Mbrntnt from fito<L ' KomcUmm 
liffoiT* €iT ftfffir (!inTn*r i *lrp|>, U^r 1 I'atun't 
rt*a<l oi' writn , ivo [>awcr or ouor^, K»krly 
JHtho cv.>mii(C I gotf mutt with Mrw> Smith .* 
kiMtl lii'ilp. Atid rtt lay days roll c>u : — 
'A (uilijTi v«iib,4t^ ia>fi/dtt0 Hona— 
' Y««, ft K«^]tf, wcakt (in4 woiihloiB worm 

Mj JuiuD u)(l ttij all/ 

^ I iihrill never j^o totcnt-mmuin, periiapf not 
miL of tlir hoiiHf Ei^Eiiii ^ ^though I thnak 
yo\^ for yauv oiiroitrag»rnenr«) 1 nlinll U]vf<h 
Uod in tuthor — tn eivty cat^.' 

" W«deMday, Fcbiimry 5, no wciv all 
mmmctnpd, Eti<1 iirrlvcHl by an earlv icuiu. 

nj]d tbo labanouMicwi of lir^itltinf: I'l^iil^ l>o 
pcfrfcctlj' hcnrd down Ht4iii"j<, W* mv^ Inm 
in tlipw nnriinKlJumw*. iiml MmWvoiinii to 
mtifi rtH it vH'^ tli<> OiKHoi of fiiiiiiing iintiii'i>, 

in Ljh ^^am.* fi-fdtlu iiiilii'il, nfiil cvrry mo[ncrit 
dinjiTt[flhini». Tlirrc wa* nn dniwan*** now: 
he |i»kt>d at all of nu with iiiliiivd i^RrnKHt- 
ii«K4 ami ulTWrtion ; abiiithonti ftutNn'>Mivc1yt 
M)iiH[)i.'rin^, jim Uir im-iiLrulinn^ Ixvaciir UKur 
bntL nicm* (^ntburmucii — ' Itlooinj^n ' -' Hli**- 
fliiifCK/And tliin won tho liut WonI aurliLilo. 
ToWrtMH tho After noon, brenthiujf bocj^tni? 
flompoioil null hiUi'd mt^f qiiiolnpfcB, \V'« 
did not. in'icc'ii. apprt'1i<jud «i.i n^nr ii 
tonnination ol" lilV ; on tin* ounljvu'y, buth 
modicfil oiJinionfl pronouncol on t\w yi\AH\^ 
bilhyof life \>vui}! Tdill IfTi^thtTiflil for evt<n 
duyi* t*> coriit*. V\'>»i tiHx-^1 1,1 lo E>v'nniii^ 
tofiothrr, reHtini; bymiiH, Jirni itiofjtintiii^ 
p^fc^L stenesof Ue«piin^ himI pnvilcjfr fi*>rii mir 
tw-rli^t. i-^ii^llpii'tionM of thfi hrlnvflrl pnTPVit, 
who wiirt now ap|>Ari>nlly ropofingin fllumbtiT^ 
" HiiiJd*n)y, and qxiito niii*xpcf-tcilly, v hem 
it tvHJt ^iL^AL- upon II o'doclt, m^ hizinrd tbo 
uniiTktl of Ills Voi^. Wo vi^fii ill Jisrtprnliloil. 
tnd I hold oiir rn^onn father'*: ri^ht Liind, 
which WW T'lijriwl iLi iii u lifitciiiijj; nttiitculo. 
Thti scmitd wjkit rt]Hii.(t^l, i|U]iiU<l1iKibk' Ut tia. 
I iiskwl, * Wbiit is thin f ' A tliitvl rfnu* wi» 

huu-d it ; end there vtis a elight uuHe in tbu 

tKr)At, 80 AlgUt iw to bo KAm-ly niulihln. 
hut IN h\ 1^:■TA)IT, Lbn nhlloi' nhicli 
OTin novpr Iw inihtAlc^n, fthidi run ni> 
vhaii* oIau I» *o*rti — tho Jino ^ind Uio fi:(cil 
n<w* of th^qtli- -cjvriNju'L-nJ this ctmnt^nint't-. 
Ncfctbinif Hnild In* ulotv nuiiTU^nLiryp iif» it 
»eni«d to lUL. And w« felt that lio vii» 

*' BltAwd spmt, rxnaJiciprtitrtl— »*lt-Vrtiiril. 
in a j»rw**rcp of iriaTnoei\'jitd<* ^lory J NV« 
i^Onl^i t.»nly ^ivi* thnnk* ; arid i*^ did ko fn>in 
our iiiiuo«t ntwrta for nil ilml Goil Lad di^oc 
ill Liui luiU by liinii nnH tlutl v\vr liv hml 
liwn tiom," 


/n Jictiffrjf of 

TiiK luvftWDiu JOUN ryu aairn, n.a. Rn.* 

H-mi Jit AhvfflHd, M*>' ?^XV.. MDOri.XXIV. 
Kfjrl)-fiv^i! yottrt I'lfiMU-i ol tbv r.'.jQi{Trj«kt>'iii4l f'liii'vh 
AiHiiiii>Uri« 111 lint UM Qnivv] Fit HArting Huiuv. 

cillil (ilT 

(T^ty vnmTulur lii ilmOl^ CiJlcvif An- oJunllnf 

PSimBTuuunMtu IhjT tlicL'UriMLiu Mill tun 

ni-d, Fflt-riJiiry V.» Mnt:i:CLL 

Jn ill? HV«iily-*nrJDlIi ><Ar >'f bU j^«- 



Pr, Pyi* Smitb <l«lLv*r(d lli<^ firwL of (he 
wi'i*** cif |{<iTlii]'»< oil iFj-h^lf nf the rtn'tiKli 
SiH'JKty in tti0 NnlionnI E^^itcb (liiiirh, 
K(^nt'>4 Sqtinro, on thv OToning of Knility. 
tbi? 5nl of FdiCJury^ 1^13, TIjc ftUr[i4iihcu 
wn* " highly itncuiinming," nnfl iho mbjpiH 
wjiji ^'Tho PnuxiffntivH of the <lcM^~ Wi^ 
iT^ot that it UimpoBfdblo forui tOTfproduiv 
that vrondorfut lecture, Tlicwc *lio would 
Liho U> ^t hocni! I'drn of it will Hud it run' 
niiij;^ likv n ^Iden bbr«u<l tbr^i^lk I.>r. Pyo 
SunlhV *^ ScnptnreTftfllinir.iny to thi* MnteiiJi." 
in Iw4> /uUiintP, t^rO', aiiJ liis f^iur dlE4:ijiii-fiw 
Lin tho " Mjin'tfl^v And PH4«<tbf»El at Jf^Mt^ 
UhHht» ' workii tbjLt will |j;o on in lb* bund 
of llio Divine Spirit — i'on\incmj!, cunvi-rtin^'. 
(M'ufijmijj^f tLiid LiHuftpi'tiii^ J'lvhinh jiiitl 
GonTiliT Midnnntil thoyUmllnll pnw thnnijub 
the* ffnto of pcfti'l ond pluck tho fnnt wbitb 
.*h[ill never nuuud thf lumd, and wboKO on- 
Ttpt'akMhIu frWi<i-Mi<?» sihjiil «mliniwT growini; 
in inlinuHy, nnd librill nrvvr Hoy throiijfh 
tho long, long nuunui^r of i^itomlty. 



TU /t«"- Francie An^st^s Coj*. I^M.^ IL,D. 



Paoh "Tub Eva;<urucjj, bUo^Jci*,'* Octou>d, 1^1 

FOR nearly biilf a c«&tQiy Dr. Cox hiul 
hveti tlje jiti'iiipt iLMil willing Eulfoc'iite 
of evMry i^ivd huiI giHjil uluhit, wlttioiit, E't^fvi'- 
ence 1o denoniin^ttojial ]>ecijliimt_T ; tuul» hy 
hih tinly ^Tiirhl aud loviuj; i^pli-kt, liiul ilouc* 
Qtucli Ki soften liowii tiioo lu>^ml'ilik^^ nhidi 
enthiticr jirKf pollute thc^rplij^on^iLMnoibph^ri^. 
It wod imjtoEfiiblG to he unritjw or liuct'iriAn 
in th<> truly oithotic wjoiotyof )>r, Coit, LJct 
ilotit>Ll«f«, tlirri.itii.-il with II oiJiiwJciitinim 
rp^n? Imh vi(^wK nf th« <*nlinnm>iof dirintimi 
tHvptiKUi^ Ufi htM HTitm^ provo; but ho wob 
w» fii-o u »ny 1JLHT1 wi- v\xr know fi-um any 
»urb ubti-u^irjjk -jf tlieui itp^ whh jiii!utiBiBt<.<tiL 
with th» innflt pf^tiot pvHl fi>l1owh1iip. H& 
had A lar^o Chi'ifltiflii hmi-t tlmt t-ouM i;m- 
brooo the whale lifru^ehoM of iaiih, at\A tiHitv 
thju) thiiir yuu^ ixgo did tjit^ befit ti> heitp 
forwurd tliy |,'riHit stniggle forfroe communion 
iti lii^. o^vEi ik'iioiDirmUon. 

It will be foi'ty-twt>ypAi> next month ninoe 
Wft hiul l1i«< piiviMiro of lieirk^ JLitnulLicvd Ui 
him by » diuLr friend, whom Le hji£ now met 
in lii*avt4J, nft4T H SiibbLth cvetiing jiervice, 
hi hhovv-yhee. Ilnckitcy, where he pctwrhed 
frtiiii (,hi' w-»[-*Imj *■ T/v^" U ftit^ !ir**fr//' Wo 
cati n^ivi^i' forgivl, tfie l^r^ti view8 uf C'hrLxtinu 
uAthoIiLnty hv tlif-i] AiKouitt^l, iLcii' the o<'Mm1 
rv4:o|itioiL lin thi-tj ^jivt Ia^ iin. ihuiiuh nICU' 
^dthr'i' unknown Lri t1ie l/irkdon oirvliw, Wri 
w^U JVJaamber Ufie ntlc'tvtiito of hi/< on tliat 
ooco*ioD. He Mild, with himipiiftl animrttod 
oxpnaMJuoi of t'ouutoufliiip, ** We imict all do 
O'lr |V4i-t l/> |>itI1 Hnwn thm Dngon of nvctririjin 
L'ouuiiLifLidii, nntll i.*v4>E<y frii^nd ol Chi'iHt ehall 
be luihntuv^ of tlif>old (ijcty iilol," Th« thing 
w:l»i »o fcrn-iblv »ijd. ujid v^lh in r<yn.-h ^uod 
Itoapm^ with th<» sonnon to whii?b wo hnJ 
1i>t«neil^ thiLt it could E;ovtir pa»^ fi'om the 
trooeurc^ of niPimiry, 

Dr. IAjx hiul a highly verMiLilBonjtt of mi nil, 
onpabh^ of ntbiptiEig itw>lf tu n viifit vaHety of 
vnrsiiit^ witliout auytbuiE bordei'Jii^ on 
uiebnu^tioD. In early life nie poneir^ had 
btfvn Willi I'liltmit^i], nn*l. with Uin l^nkil 
tod Eilinhtirgli Alii<iiv#s hit mif^ht Iikvo Khoue 
in our hto'^try tnifli.^i had tJuT <tiitk-H of li 
Iftigt (mstoi'ntJ^ jfprniitlrJ, Ili« wiitinpi. 
however, will i^tuw, ftMjift'inlly hit (VriitHI til iioi 14 

to tho " Kncycloptedm Metpopohtij»ii>" Uiat 
he had j»owei> of n high onlei" for crilitial ia- 
vratijeiitiiju. Biity to hiH hiHtiiig liiiiLtnir, hrt 
pneriliiJed hui «ii1y fii>iti» jtnd |'n*dtlPct»oiitt to 
the fvrvice of tlie ChriHtivHU •MvuotuiMy, luid 
devulcd liiiiiMrlf viutiivilly to Ihv Fiiantunl 
iufwi^MtK of a i\ait\i\y ittflohwl ehiirrh, jimrtnjt 
whmn hfi l»l>our«d with RrowiTijE tokenv of 
n.'i:iLrth until hr. hnd flnblioii hii* oonrco with 
jiij^niiil th<i ndiii3itry liffi hud ivceivcil frotn 

mn, corms'* tbiuutg. 
The fuMowSng trihntevjunkr^htly wHufin, 
Rt our i^H^ucifll, by our fHond Mr. l,■olloll^ 
who wat bri-iujihl to n IcdowlmiiW* of tho 
Trutli hy liih iiiihlo ptM-iif, t\w hito Dr. 
Mr. I 'n lion 'sd aught nr lin* hoon for mnnyytfnix 
otM' eiooilent Io«U Secretary iu oonnoetion with 
MaioStiCi-l Daptiist <'biu^h. Hackney; ond 
la Mr. ('fttton we Jtr© i NiPiily indishted for tb» 
jMirlrttit of IDr. Ct>x, whioh iipiwars on the 
op|nwite })ttgc , — 

*' You wunid likt* to hnvo ji f^w lines, 
you nay, ii» roftin^ni-o to th« litit tvfo ur thrH! 
wopki^ of the life of my pnHtw, Dr. Cox. 

'^ Atbhoujjh 1 ArhW him dibily during that 
UriLfi. yoC lhvr« wo^ not much to wi'ite atjoiit. 

"Thcrp wiL-i, of f^uiri*, thnt, benutifiil 
puliOQf'e [ktid retipnation which nil who knew 
hiiD would oxpe<!t to dcv ewMuplifietL 

** I Wftfl not ut all surpiiftrd wiieu 1 
onlered hk room fn l.lifi tnondni^ lo »<io T,hi> 
gemikl BiniW and tht' hand hnld out to m», 
itwa«0O tik« him, lih<i the Apirttunl fjvthor 
lu hit* uhild , ] then ramu tli» Ini.juii-y. 
'Uow fti'e you ffmng tm at M*n> Strwtt' 
With nil hifl fcuttortng^'^for te sulforcd much 
n\' the lait — ho wnJi ever ro^dy to liftOQ to 
wbnt we knew would give him pleoaut* oao- 
c^mbg thd Chrirob ; lilce the Apostio, ho 
aUo wtui nnxioiiH to learn (loncernin^ tho 
fiiittk of his dock. I never m,-h him on^y 
but oiic-^. righti^oiinly angry, nrid bhpn all 
who vroTV pi'dtfiiit f^lt thjit he ' did well to lie 
EiUhCry/ hilt Hlthou|fh lie wrts ^rm and im- 
moteabU- for Llio Truth, yet llier-^ was m hia 
rnaniiAr that which even tho^ who were 


Mrmoridi ef Gcspd THumph^ among th^ Jws. 

(litixl wonid thank bim hmrtily for hht 
rebuke. Ill Liiu tho ^fWtrtAffr in T'lc-riv Hud 

tion And bmiDi) lciai=itli«i' by the ialk'»n oopcIh 
of toadontow Axid love. 

*']Iuw iiiiAi- ]]H liT«t] Ui,ni)d walkail in, Ibu 
Sjiirit of hin MojiWt ! 

Ah % praachor — I gpwk cmly for tnyi^&ll— 
i liitOTud to hJH N^/uuitntt a* n (liild totho 
^vuivIa oi a fiLLliRi' IkiIotw ! The TftMcit t«l]H 
what Jiii piviftn thought, 

"How much 1 owo him my hMirt only 
ksowiL iio WDuIrl hcbvn marked out toi m* 
a dilbrant vDCbtlcin in Uft^^ and ou^ fur whiiii 
1 tongctiJ, but iLljih» it wiu; not to bo^ 

" How ti'iKj Ltu, 'The moroory of tho jiul 
1* LWwd!'— I remain, tlwu- Mr. DitQlop, 
jpiiiiiw vtry Hi?ir«i*lj', - K. CtJTKis/' 

" HAcku«y, Jnat JTlA, 1893/' 

cwciurnci?f itstonAvKD ok a hardlk tahi-rt 


naiCt^lK AUorSTL'S cox, DD,, LLlJ.. 
b<jib MbrvJi 7, 1 TAa, ilinJ &-|jfd[u1:qir £l1i. l^SJ. 

/ViJt itiii Hni»rrT>rT.lnii 4>r tlH> .hrjit^ 

OunvoTtftl ill C'hilJ]»'»u<I, 

Atlh^a^ nf 1,^ lip niiUrwl Kiitfil Cnlli^ 

(.^mrluntlnif Aftervui^ In K'linbuivti ITukaTHffy. 

J {it l&buum in (lin rhrintHii MLitulr>. 

Ili^fiii ill 1^404 ^l ni|Biiiim' in N<irti^*nii<t<a|jii1Ji«, 

W'vnf in l^it twiifurfl t/ Cau:tbrL<t|(t. K/d in 1011 

tij Hncku?;' 

Id tluH llLiiLlEh^, 

vTiintod oiitl tvLi.'Q iifklnrf «l iluriTiw his VtMAit*i6, 

XUIiLJit »iun»ou miit)^mu']i«d Jiilj HI. }%h%. 

rr>ininnn<liiiu ka |-Dr*i>n, Wiuuj^if jii AdilrWi 

Bhui'^lrw. >iiEu>liN>, AiiiitMa. r>mTKit, 
Bj Kiiunjilfl OinHniiin/ i^lniin He iVniiidrJ 1.^ 

lit Tunicil Mmj_* lu UiKl^Uiiumi"*, 

lYunijiL 111 Kvi^-ry (Jii^l CnuKv 

HinChiTf lJcli;;Ut kh in l'j"i'lHm]lEii$ Lliir Owt^ivl !■[ 

Knvtng rirui<hu<l ll» CnnrHv 

H* iviiii'i lo IfiB f Jrittr 11} 4 Full Acrn, 

Lik^Bi A jihui't of Corn (\im*ch in lli-H*ij«i>i», 

JIummtiHl luvX fjiiutiiitHl lay aU, 

Clkuflj hy Tlivm lljat Juvv ervotod tLU Tibloi. 

Hie Churah anil CmiptfBlJoii- 

Tbo foUowiiLif ^xJmirabltf lectLtre of Dr^ Cox 

wan one of (lite t^U'IJ(nLiir<Iivmvil on Ivplinlf at 
thft Society, W« nrki ^Ud ui b^ Mt- to rtrlil 
Chfttthodat^r'airtteiN>hi in UiO Syoiolv ftrul liw 
6ffint«forth«<Txt«iL»^r[tuf iU ujiurutions mid 
ths uoDioplUhin^nt of \u ^x^Al 'th^t^ri., wei« 
i<oiit1iiiind until hp w»9 calkvl nwAy to Ligb^r 
tisrvjct) in Iho Uppar 8anctuftry. 


riT Tirr nnv, v, i- rm, iii>., f4,tK 
2 Jiiim. yd. 22-S4. 

fivnr /tile Tfitt, frAlAcr u lAcrr uny yad Inmte 
2'A'-tf ifvjri/jW; /o aV tXit r< ^tii ketttd icitk 
ouc Ajffl. ^hrf uAuf inf rvilvm in f,(r MrtA it 
UL-f TK\i pNifif, rtm Idr IwrafJ. iMon //ttd 
iiimi til tvtfn/'ir njtrofii* fn li'trutT/. imf In 
nhiAk /Tim n rHinif, aiwi (a r/d /ur ti'U yrml 

y*'t^i. thi'^h T^i'ii rvifim^ifM Iff Tfir' /ftim 
i^ifyl, fniut thf n-ttif'no -iff 'An' ^U f Kfr 
Thfii kiul tvnfir^tJ io Th^ttif Thy §*tjU 
tiritii^ M /^ ft jmqitt nulo Thrt /or fivr; mmd 

Thi" Lwtin-y uf rmbioii^ lin» alwjiys brvn 
jii!*t!y (WoiPil 11 rn»>*t ihti?r<*titiijj Hint iri' 
«tri^t(.-tivtt fltuily. It U not mpr^Jy caJou- 
lalod to fct^iify ft natDml nnd miMnabJo 
cuiiuf»ilj jv*|«'*'l»«ip|: ihtt ojurnr of *vffiiU 
jtTvvioiiflly tn mir entrnxiw 'wUi tbif wnrld; 
but -by ri^coi'iiiiji the liiwn which havn 
^■oi^iofMl luankinii in difforent pliicc* »nd 
vLnJ-i-inif MH'irly. and inducinj; us Lo ob^crvo 
|h«ir tmblu, ta Lmcv thi^ir tihl4<tWi,i.iik1 iind 
ruomiJ oharKcl«i% U> <'uiiviJ(>r \.hv\x litcinktuT*^ 
N^oncrr. ov leb^ori, aad, (ibovo ail, to mnrk 
tbe db[k<tiMitJLiiLb <jf FitiviJru;^ in this ravulu- 
tioni! wliioh hnve ^liHrMrTt^Hr^L them, — 
history is a^lapted tv fiimUh lf««oiiK oF 
mum«ubouB tiupoi'tjuice. wUi^^h imiy In miuio 
umHEire KUiMtly Ujit |iUi>i of irxp<*ii^ricv, ntid 
Aid bjlli iiidlvldoKlA aiid twnimiinitim in Ihft 
<MJiidu<!t of thoir AlTninG, 

Tb(- rrTC|0«nt impcjfectioiit Mid uncrdnluty 
(rf bffilortral dDCiimtintH JJt, dmibtlnv^ n i^TVMt 
dwlitction fron] llit»ir utility. But though wo 
m«y not fuily rdy upon them, thi'vo i», ii* 
IZi-nrnil, oouiigh vl' reiilily to iti^its nt;d Ui 
tppuy trnr i-eni'srrbw. W*^ («n ivtlvh oTitUnMc 
of oi'ontt und fi4itiii«H itf jn^fiviiliml {Tluuiictcr 
that dav-rvi:^ our 4'IocHi atttiiitiioii. 

TbeiB is uiip Uiftorv, b(«H'tivur, which in fiTo 
frtirn Vlie*- dpfiffii, bufng writt^'n by nn in- 
HpiT'f.d pen ; ftiid nue njttinn ti^ whi'di it t^fcw^ 
whofii^ ]i(K'u1i(u-ltiM of niluatjon aud of char- 
Ai.'tr<r h'ndor l\., of all oLhrrv, th« oiivt mortby 
of thoiiRht jind inquiry^ tho nntidix of mr 
JtWfl. A» a people tboy uro thv Eaost romark- 
tililo of any that have inhabited onr i^rth. 
Thi^y niv m.-, [H>iuiiden-d iw LlienjwIvnL. Lh(>ir 
\\\^\\ dnr4<]ib nnd Kdarlona ; but kT.iII inor» a« 
having' tbi-'ir |*ruliftr di-hliriv linktd by a pr*- 
dcteniiiiiiMi: Providf-iirt*. With ihtf ultiutate 
roriilitirtitH iif »i1l tlitf oUirr i>iJnt|EiOTiiTl«tfi HTtil 
Iril^N "f iiinnkind Th'y m-» thus sutiviiit^d 
wit)t jdi pccipJc and with ill timt-n 

Tfm /?*"', Frrnirin Anrpmhin Cikt^ 7>-ft, LhJD, 


Anil liort U cirtv U* [iroiicr to pvo a hnof 
MDQuni of tlxJ^ cin^in nt the Jawi^Ii nation. 
Id <!oia}; iUih wti BL/kU be cumhicl«d (Hick to 
It di»1iint ]in1if|iiil)'. nml in fiKit to the toirJi- 
tjiin-li««<t of aLI hidu»f^- 

Tb» »ia<^t niAtjrivr lu nliicli the thr<H» aoua 

not ilmj-miinnMo : Vnit \n fifi*y\»vi\\ wo mny 
stftti* thnt tlio i*c*ttoTity of J-tfA^'t, t]io ol^ittit, 

Tvi-iih and hl« fftmflv not Udng f>xMiiptcd 
frnni tlif* gon^rjiL infnotion. RoiiolTinff to 
Wi|»r«Tvti* tJiii* fftmily from thn rrat nf tho 
naiKoi^ri H iiO mWi u]i h |>i*4rptr for llimjiclf, 
Qa'\ <li[Tpt*d Tomb to quit hi* ™**iili*np»- 
Tliuj Lo afforctingly diJ, nnd took with iiLm 
IjU m>|[ Ahiiuii /md Inn wife, wifah hia nnt:d- 
*on I/it, tci ^> into Canjtan! biii iliwl at 
Hnniii, A city in thi* TiortL-wQ«t of M**^po- 
t^inin. Thr^Tico* hy Divino dir^^trLlLin, Ahrnm 

tinciGT BVAt 

of AiiJV ; tltJit «r M'^;(, tKf youii^ut, dprcnd 
inv<T Afrii^Ji, jiLiiI 11 Ijujjft |KirU<ni hWi uf Awn, ; 
niul -V/if uj itf('Lipi»^d |ini'tt vf Ivith th« CJi-tjiktor 
And I^oucr A>il\, au Ah^yrih, 8yrijt, Miviapo 
trtmifl. Ainbia Felix, ilulI otlKr coiuitrira, 
ThfT HcbrriiV nriLicm Lb«i*niulf*i fhim >iTi#'Tn, 
%bfi b^irl uiVLnil mm. Gno of tb^si^ wiik 
NTiljur, who biul a f;<*ii named 'IVpitijj lowbinn 
■hfoi-c bom AbniTi). Naboi. ^md irniMi, Tim 
laUi'i' di»'d ill I'r, [njivin^ orit? pcin, tiA, uiid 
tv/<» daufc^htoi's, nf nliom tlio yotinptist, Sirftl, 
01*111 i*>d Abrmn, Idohilry an J poiythfi^m 
wir at thi^ jfiir^l luiiwr&ally pruvjOrnt; 

df |Mii'tfil, not knowing wlJtKcr he wmt, but 
Imvitig thf^ enc'OLirjigiM^ Ji«£um.TiL-e tluity *'m 
biii Mvd ull tho fuiiiiheiE ol the vnHh r}muld 
be blowod." lie patviicd bin jounn'y, liow- 
HVpri tu thti lattil of Ouiumii* i\ coimtty lyin^ 
bftivi*An I fir* ]Vleditfirrftiinan nnd \\it* moirn- 
trtinrt of Ar»li)n.. Uii o^i^ occHflioti he w«&l 
into E;^\pt in ct.mH<ii|iioiico of n fiL&iitio, but 
Mdi>i'i]iii'iiUv rrj^irunl. 

Without ptiUHfi^ i^2>on tin- dnlALlfl of his 
bfO| it is ^nrhtfient to utr^tn thhi. aftcc bnvinf; 
hml A ?A]) by HA^jLr« thAmr<1 Inhmuc], who 
wu not tin? bell' i.>f t]\t^ piTimJM^ lumc wa« 



ibm&iiev of Gv9fd Tntimj>h» omoTi^ the Jm:^ 

lioxTk to \uta of SrLi-nhi iti tho dxu> litic of 
iiaivit*Mfl[i, let r(^]rt'<{. Ici (3uii*h ^'o^'uriiiiili^l 
morcy. Iwuie mnrrinl iCobn^m, Hj^n^hS^i'of 
Btrthuol* B.n'i Kriiuii Jnntflitar of Nnhor ; coti 
M<|uBntlj, tht* nicw> of Abi'nh"m, BIjc Iw- 
i-LtDu Uit tnutbur of Kslm uml Jacu)?, Tliu 
Intt^r vru M-iit by 1u« fjithr*r irito M»u<i[in' 
t&miii, to ff^riu un HJLmn<y> vni\\ hm own 
fnuiily. By LvoL uuil UillvLh kii:* baJ Kf^v^r&l 
K0iiH,Hrti1 iU U<ri(^lb by Hm<Ji<i1» tb<> moHt' rw- 
miirk^blitnf thEi4^ who hiwtthfion dviioniinntAl 
uiitiirin^liA. .)o*«pli, who linwiiic boou uild 
Ltilt> Bj£y^b| b«cniiu\ b^' a mvIim of cxtni- 
unliiiury ]>^llvidn^ol■^ thn iiiitinEuii'iiil cif 
plantitiR btn fmnily thciv. TJii* fnot Inndu 
u* lit Ihci QL>Qiiiicti^mDt]t of tlukt hiKtory 
Avliiub iisliititf tilt? opprapoiou ttad tiiiLi<>t>i|iiE-tit 
ik^livenmo* uF lHr;u*1 fnom Kgypiv hiii) dit^ir 

tli4^ prDniim^d iniiil. 

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itiivj r\*i-]iiiTt Till; <ii:itri>4iuTi^'K hkai.unku ttv 
riTK luitAKtmnii xatioh. 

W'lior; Jnciib rniiKivc<[ ^vitti bisi fitmiJy Ut 
Kjfypt tln^ir imuilfflr wiih nlMiutPii^udly miuIr, 
At Lhr> jifnof] of tiidr lErpnrtiirL-i friinJ limt 
«aii[itry» altlimigh tli«y brid iiixilti|ilit!d cv^tl 
uctti'tilJy ID thecuitiw?uf tiiuc'k yoLciu iv^'tvw- 
ing theit bwL ut tiaLVK^tU. it. mua fuiiml Lu 
ooiiriwl of only vix hundr^il ^H1lt]>uxIllJ nirii, 
wLich JDoUidi*d nlran^rv of Mrvi-ml nutioiiH 
wiiu AlCOviitiirLiiied tbi^in, LVjed [frut^tl witU 
iiijiny otbv'i- i^wjil*'. tLnrrfrnv, Tb»'v vti^i-^ tt^w 

^viil iijiiicfaH '>i jiiitiifiiity. 

IL vould i^fi^m v.miKi\utui st (Lb oui ^rcral 
idpiL* of Uin ximj(«[y rind ^Im-y nf t]w SuiiiiiriH 
filing, to iupfom tlmtwbt'ii H<» wns about to 
dUpky Hk cbu-nct<-r tbiimi-li the iQL'Jium of 
His I'rwitu rtrt Lu other* of Uiwc t'lvjituirs, bi? 
woiikil bdVM wltfcltd Ui<* rno^t. tiin;^iiifr('j*rit 
tN<*Jilri* fi>r till* u|"iiniti<>u.i ut Hik [-ciu-pr mvI 
b4^riCvi^loni;i\ U mi^lil imvt^ be<'i] umL^iiK^rl 
ibjit Mr would hnw tviwlvivd tliv ^irHUi>t 
niripirn iimon^vt, m;knkit]d tlin [i1sc« nf }1th 
iiw4t]lm|r, EUid tho ji^pproniuiti^ -^itbr^rd <>f M^h 
lUJU'VclloLiA worltA ; Atid it iiu|flit tbm Ijc 
iu<kiiJ. niiiit plntimm luidil tw Millli'Icrtly 
Itir^^ fur thr ir]ji,nif[wtntioiiu of Him whoH^ 
buiiif^it inlimti> aful i^tcMin] f *' Tho honvctin, 
yC4i the Lrrtvffii of htDvon^, cannot contain 
Him -f " and wllb wundt^i Jni<xptnu]bUi ndj^fbl 
tho Iiiniimiknibl« inii](,itirdi.'f»f Huj^^rmi- itit*Mi- 
lj;t»nowi»<dh*T woHd-' bi.*piApt^.v4"dtiJtj;cImrii, 
" WjII (ti>il Jii VI' t \ ilinl dMvll wttli lUhh M|iuri 
t,lm ttiirili ?'' rin' liiin.'ijviy»», horti-'vi'r, -if r l»' 
lli^liMit Hinkhi^Jt 'ii thU <icvMxi»ri ik, -Thi^ 
Loid did not iKji lU*. love \\\iOU yoa, uor 

chwdP you bc(«uao yo were mora iti itumbor 
tUiui Liiiy (H'opliiv foi- yr wum Uji^ fvwost uf 

nil |MX>pll< " 

BtiL <.>od dofU not )k«>d n iDcdiiim cxtor- 
nnlly j^frwit to c^nit ilim own prrfcctions, 
Tlial whivh hitl Itaolf liUlu bocuuimgrfnl by 
Jin LiLlJAnoi> with [Lm AltribuUiH, luid oxc/^U ir\ 
^lory 1114 l\w uiKlnnQDnt of lli« iiiond ot»«ni- 
liciij^- WLi.'ii it wae tL« Dlviiio i^iirpot^ to 
iPVH tbt' ridliml ftjibibifjmi ot Hih tluiiuct^r 
in thA foi'm uf m^ti^y to Uio fi^lflllionu^ H« 
wlcvt^Hl, iijj It v4>Mi, JL hp<vlc in tujmoii^tyt mn 
atom movti^^ Ia And fiv iit a ^niall Jt^vtcr 
AiuiilrtL tiiiglity orb* and RDnK"iKnl*id wiiHd* : 
Jind in tliat itudgniliciint Litom i^n^^bt to f^l 
U> Huoffplf iv icroCLt nud B i^lorjoiiTi nam^ iht 
ibifl littlo fiput br ^itUivivd A fou |ii:u[>]c: 
umoiig tliHm Jti* pi.'i'foririt'd tninic'ltw of f^uv 
And |yih«r ; th4'i'^< Mi- plHTit^fd Hih Tnitb. 
wbitdi, \ikif ft fniitliil vini\ Mrow tivy-rt in 
An unci'jJKfiiJAl h.ilI , and nl hit-t', liAviii^ 
formnl tb^-ni Jnln a imlion, nml jirf4Ai'v«<l 
tboEi^ tbmtigli t]i4' uliniitti^ ^nd tbi* 'toriiij^ 
of mimy i^cncihtioiti^, \»r rn-ul 1ii» ohii Si>ii, in 
thi^ UktikivtA of Mnfid lli'>li. to dn^ foi tbitir 
nnd l-\ta vforlfVw, viiK-ritiim. imd ibtu t(i fnlAl 
A iriyjiitJ-rioiiA di-ip«iiHitioti vt p^vi% prvrl««tiD«] 
to lill bruvra vnLb t^jv i rdrcuicd of tnvtb,4nd 
i^lvriiily wiLb llie ]ii^iHT< uf bJippy buuls. 
W^ An- tjnight by (lU ihis tbut it £■ tkot UiA 
malVTiibl (LiDivudtoiife 1.1F a wi>rk whifh c<i>iu>ti 
tuT'O fT' ^lonuus. ;uid ir-odet it wortby tA c^\e- 
Uvi.][)ji, but tiM iuotaI t-bHCAri^r Afii! gi«4il 

It miiv bo fuitbov Kiiiuirkod, that if Col 
hitd chtjtf^ji A113 *^ ^^**' K'^''^^ TULtiiouft of tXw 
lULT'tli iL> HiH |u-cMlinr [iivipli>, i.bR AianuMof 
ruli^ii miRht have obji^L't^id thut f brar pr*- 
HM-VAtion vrhrt AttnbnlAblc to tbdr own power 
and ^iT^itiJ4?v« ~ »nd tbih ia Uir< it^y rinLMm 
widi'h Trt-I biiM llmiKr-lf «>mign*il for t.binrhoicr 
of UiiK irjHifCEkfEii'iitit jxKjplf^ llu wurttK thooi, 
wbvr» tiiuy f>houM poK*-.v* tbi' ptvini^d tnuA. 
m;d »*''* Ihr^iMoi^Kwi Mjrii.r»iided u'itb Ait lU 
liPAtily Ami fiv'tiklly^ A^iinfaTH iinn^mn^ ihut 
" tb«ir owii piwor jind might huil ^'ittiiii iWm 
rhbi w< : '* on tho contrary, Lhfty Mfiv 
di'siivi) to " nmirotbcE' tbi3 IjottI tbfdr (litd : 

for it IK //> t)iftt jfivcth tb*c powpt to gen 

vjvoAih, tbnt lU* mriy odiblwb JJi* covmxAnt. 
which Jlo »wai'o imto tby fAthor*"' (l>oui, 
vUi. IS.) Aitd iha Miuii* ^'HQi-'nil |inorapb> 
A|>penra to govtftti tM tlji^ l^ivbuiL |tinn-ediBgiU 
Th^ MeltUboeM and Mif-itillicii-iLcy of cmd 
fn^i pnturttly iudiji"^' him t*> fJtJ\U Idv own 
iiMii^inKd );iv]il.iit'>«^ jiImI {"AiiArity. jiiiiI r^t lo 
n'j^Aid Ami runghily kf*ix>nr] cnuH^ ah In hidt^ 
fioin v:tw, d net ntitwiiitcty to iJcny tho 

The Her. Fnutcif/ Au^fUHtntt (hr^ />./)., Ll.D. 


a tfr»r iiiotiiH<d U> attribute* U* himwlf 
vhM lif>kiri|i:0 to Otyd^ lU^d Ui owtw nilh Uio 
|jivpCAl«r^iH uqumptif»if» in tlw froiil uf Hui 
Iflory, JTtOPAd f>f ivcirtnyz hnmhly brhiriH Et. 
TtiAt blaja of liglitj tndAiHl, cAtuKit Im aolt{«-«(l 
by mcb A fif>c«k of di]>>t (ind oaht^ not with- 
•Uinduiy all liiimnii picctiimjitLoiui ; yti lo 
eomct thi* vnunlmg abfimlity thi* l>]vinA 
Beua^ it wvnt to ompby Kinall mcuiu ilqiJ 
iDJcnor ftgvDoy, Uiut llU own real char^cUr 

u\-i\nlr\'. Krroi' Lpr^mi^ «>v'(>Tywh«i'i^ prolillc, 
Mid ail the viav ^i^id |irJUit^M>l nndor iu 
(lAik ^bftjliiw. It WAS tf'LiiiiAtlD that t1i« 
jfivnt Knpmmfl nhnuM n««prt HU riaim mid 
nk-!LuuiiHi IJiii ifoininK-iif and amidi^t tlj4i 
folljM^ic^ (md toIlL<M dim prvvailod amcnj; the 
mittoEi^r kindln tljo Inmp of H\'iith, und ^ide 
Lht^ niLndM-tiT in tha wiiy of pt^or^. 

ITur tiiis purponD llu rondo <?liuiti6 of th^ 
IflTftL'litijth pcopb, and coDfltituti^ thorn lh« 

MnJ «laiau EDny be apiprrdatod. And thiiii» 
in Uiv excnafe 4.'f Hip wiKiloiiuft^d lov« Uk>. 
Itn niAirLtnin'i Uie iiroi'n^titrH of IElh own 
^Xifli lh«jonn?y nn cho tkivpi'lior of Hit «□!- 
V^nuJ worU. ukd the rubr amoiif uU tuiiioDP 
lUid gim^rmtioiu of inpn. 

II. The Jin»i«ii MTiov WAV riPECikiJ.v 

CitOaKV or l<OD Aj4 tub r»El-r>4]T\lkV AND 

Ahhouj^h in Edi^t) tl^r ifHw c-nwU-d lutiii 
«»flJ0«^ tlia i-itJ^U of ll^lly : tiv til« fjilL iiimii- 
Iciikd loot iJiAl fjkfrmr, luicl IIkhi tlio ri^hl 

Gad Utl to Ul4i nitilUpliciitJrtii of iiniiglnnry 

MLHotuftry of ReLi^ou. ITrtdoi' thtA hat]ow<Hl 
jLibiue, iijJeeil, the uiiEHioitfr hitil d^^vijttod into 
iiiimtei'lft^ furma of emir. All \ikv sJun-p 
h(vl ^Eio actmy. To aooomfilish lim njoroit'iil 
dcAijru of catniliBhiiif; Truth iLud iiromotinf; 
rightoi:iiiKnfW lit th^ mrthT Cod raiiied up 
IinioU and firiM.irxiiTii>d HiniH&lf 1o thpm lor 
Hill ]iAmi> JEifuv&ti ihii Ont — the «i>ir 
pxifitetjt B«ui^'> Iiloliitry hnd diaplflrfd llim 
fiHim i\\.v tlironi^ uf thi*^ hiiUJLiu mind and 
alTiiotioiiM : in fitct, ilMiif«1 Hi* riiiitftnen, nnd 
niniilLihitiMl Jill tJiriii|;Kl of IhiJi, T\i\n wnKun 
lu^Lvf i*«H-i1chLi iu'ti<rij. ill wJdch A) n^ttioim 
Itnd iinilM Jbi (nii»AiitJr;>nt to ihftcotaiuon luia 


Mmnorirs fjf Oottpel Tririmfth^ mttong ihe Jt\(^. 

*A our TTicfL Tt wjiJ, cnr^HoquoiLtly, a df«<l of 
iiirrr'^' tri rncruc thcin, by n tWolMJon of Hiv 
rl»;»rjK*U'r and Truth, lit' ih^rojora choto the 
Jowwii pMipl«— amons thorn dccbral Ilia 
muup. UiFtL bijpy [i]i)rM Iwnoiui- Itip U^ht of 
thft whntc *nrth — i^iinlif-nte.! Mi* rUim^ to 
xiiQiv aitrl tJjo worW'» rftveiwtrtH* by tuirt^cW 
nml mnniff^tAtion^ oF AurpttMiuf; j^nd^ur^ 
riiJicit4-d Hin }{i.i1^ ]jLW iiTi S]nni — t^iiW iv 
Tahnmndo for I ha wni'^ihip to I* Br*ot*fl, and 
n^li^ioiLt idk^titiid^iiH to lh> finmod And 
grnCJoiirily (i[iiir-)ti>i>k t\vtir jftiiditnnf and 
^viTHrjH-ni iw thi*ir I^ttpulnt cir, tliHir Kini;, 
uiiJ thvir 4ii>1. '* Wtiiit imtiaii iie thcTv/' 
«ujft MoHoD, '* Ao ^froat, whi> hiitli (jo<I au uigh 
"(iki tlictn, i\A thi> I^rd our GimI in ia ntl 
rJilri^ dull Vf^ nnil tijioii Him foi' V Aud 
wliftt hiiljuii iK tliffftm HU grf>hf, thnC bittli 
htiiiiiti'M mid jud^riiuifU w n^htvoiiH, ii* nil 
llith \i\<i\ whit-b L «vl tvfuiv joa tlii^ lUjf t" 
tl>t'iir-, Iv. 7. S.J 

Njitiorix Jm\xi Thmiti ciolvd'nit^id ui liiatoryon 
^'»l-ious ni'r(jH"t«; souii" fur tViui-itvnt of Ui^ir 
t^nitury, H<jiii« fifr lliv pixiwpiju of tWr Jirmi^ 
niiil KJtri*f for tho dopiiw flf tlieir rofi nt^tni-'nt. ; 
but tJit* iinn^-nUoil diitinotion of tin? pcoplo 
of J^mcJ wiici. tint tUciy wrrc ihr- rcoipi^ntff 
tif iLo li-uB rtjliginti. ciimtiiunii<rit«l tu Llii'm 
iiiini^dinlj'ly fpcim li^tvon iUeif. "I'h* j'len of 
tlto A't'uliir hirttcirmii tninlit havi* d'T^tiwiW^J 
tbt^iu merely ai ii cimuurt tribe Wrttidetio^' fur 
i\ tiiiJtt Lbr^ii^'li thi* drtsiry Utrdt^r^ iif H«il 
Sou. IkUtf dLk'idntk'd Nth^r tr- hwrkb^ti tiym- 
Tmtliy kir dn^id. Kiit wlkp llmt Mit^Hiiiai 
jii^L ^^^^[ftitirih, whpllit-r of JudutniM or 
(liriMiariJiy, i\ot*^ wiV jKrcid^i* T.hftl*»y wom 
tliD v^i'v [H'up]^ vlioQi <>'>d Imd choioTk^i^ ilU 
own. w lit" wore kurort I jijijJwod with Hm pi>o- 
|(<ctioii. :briil illitjninatiHl wliIi IHn Trutli ; <tiid 
wiJ.liimt U'btmi tbo fur hit jri'm^raUtrtin tif 
timikkmd uitiKt hnvc roni'iinixl m (lio dcptbjt 
iiii't drirknwfl nf tli« j^i'eat n|K>rtta<y)f Thi? 
ubpi-iJi^p uf I'tili^iuii, ifi- lilt? prtiiiLlutLLV t.ft iU 
h\\^ ri*\'\^\m\'< fnilb, umv^r^nlly degridiM 
TUnrL ; U'bttv ib^ lcnciwlv*j^'(< of <.*o<l, Jilid Uii> 
tultivjiticn uf pi<?by, di^itW liim. By tbiv, 
llation^ lu^ ucdl liA iuibvidnrtis, nrw i>li'Vftl4id, 
nitd \x\ ic«[tifHA of hII ihe dinudvjiiita^^ whit'h 
ntflV othnrwLAo \nfi\m\^ to thom, ato iuvraiti>d 
vith irtc)ry, Althougb coonnioios hjtve 
cbHnijnd, ypt w)iftti>X'*p jmy ppopt<* bnvo ahitxca 
known of I'oligion hns Vieum priiEiiirily Jriiwri 
from Ihin fiourno. The gorm ot thixt ChrifiU- 
nnity whiL'ti bHcip* " <,'Wy to *«<xi "> tin? 
hi^hi'Hi * Ik foiiml \n-\t'\ ui ibjit nil Triitb iM 
■ li'invit frtJiii Nriel ui^ it« priuiwttl Kpriiif^, 
Kn^ni lb<'iu we havo tbc^ *'pw!iitiii) pnin'i|do 
tif rJiiiatiuu umtiliitiuiiH. tUt ^llnduwy oulhut* 

of nil mil' ifncd thli^gK, tho lively oihclea of 
fpIHtunt trivrhim, nnri by dcwvnt., proniiw^ 
nnd (?avniiRi]t vith theuj, tba Hnvwurcf thv 
worlii An the r«H-ipi<?ziCfl and dqxwit&TJeaol 
jjrutJ iplifiun. tlivnefuro. they ure pnHjmiuvuL 
XVi- <Tiit4a- niit nnvr tQtj> nny ■Tj^mrii'nt Ut 
witwry n rtUBpJmojiw Mj»jiti<uj4tu n* V* ithoUior 
tboii> wite indeed ttio true rvliiriuu, and 
nhi^tb^j- tliey Hvrv> pEm^d undrr that |>viiliai 
dL>7>tmMilii:»n whlrJL hai^ br-0rt d<rnciniinat«il tJi« 
ThoiiH^rucy. Jt t> hufllciont bo rcniai-lcH that 
botli thvy and we hav« good rcA.Aon tn know 
it by tho twofnld Hi'idBiiru uf mirurk- nrul 
piophivy. A %'Ji>t H^riM <.i thu former 
o»Udlitt,iU<d a conlmuod pivjf of tbc?ir frocu- 
liar dj^iiiction a^ a nutiun ; tvbtl« ttitf tatKr 
}i)L>^ bvfii hki* ri buuj> thiHt hi\» xbiiui< ifi Hiv 
I'liurvb tf^virr Hlnrti iht* <'j^i^Hi>fi vrllb a pipr- 
ttiajkout and «vur iuurcnKirL^r *-pl'^i^doitr, Oi\ 
bottr lufttiy ci%«i)t« liaai it ca^t jt^ ilbuttrntnv 
1i/ht lliAt hkvn alrriidy tran:&pii<i<d, ard on 
how many ynt to »ino, dtw* it otfct foiwiuil 
and oroiiikd it u g\tji\t:mt\ nvliancv^ •» nn to 
cJt^t^r tlic Cbuivli (if UthJ witli nutbipiLtiuiix 
of ibn fiitum iind ufirivallrd triuinphw of 
tvbgioD T 

Same Iiavp pratlv pfrplcxcd thpnui-K-cn 
with tba itLtiuiry, Why nJiutjId ouh imtiivn 
only bav«li««n ■i»1«<Tt«<l U). rw^iu** IKav^n'w 
but i-'ainmumavtioiiH^ wht-Ti nil ntood in ol^uilI 
nerd, and in wjunl iTlntiun^bip to tJm tmi- 
vi-rwd Kallmrr Why inight not the whole 
«HrtlL hftvo bKi) ooiiMit()ti>il thf utin^i theAtro 
of uivi-uiful mJiiiif««<tation>i, M> tbbt t|j« 4»v-i]B 
of tb« iTTTBb apuat««y mi^Ut Ilavo tvou nt 
oiioi* HTid fnr ovpr i^mnvod ( 

i^uMtioTiH of thifa TinLufV, which will fr«- 
E|UCEitly #<ui;:ecdt thcaiAelvu to mtelli^nnt and 
iiu|MiitD^ uijiidjs Jtni perhapA Hurcrly ifljm!rp- 
tibU* of nns-vpt^ that idinll rvrnvtriiv & dii^ 
ptitntivD mind, uhilv tkry uiny Iw rvKolcL^d to 
the f^ii tififuction of humble pir?ty, Thi-dumand 
thnt tntrijthiiig in lliH diNjirnAatkiiH of pur- 
vid«ni^(> afid ^TAj'A Khniild \i^ ordrrrd f:ir<-«]|>|. 
iiig to ri'ir jui%iin*nt !■< uruivitniatblH, Mfioe 
wt* cannot 1* cciniii'fflut t> VaStv iiitt* virw 
tt)l tlifl rvlatbru* "f Uiiii^ or tlw vAMnc-A 
(jf A nr-hpTnii, wtTli tU KulHii^inntA and 
rlep^ndf^it circuniKtauoca, that htrt't^bffi 
ovvr JUL illimitable tpaco and tax iD^nito 
ddrarion. It wnubl f^^^m Jn w«tp rrKpvciK 
HM pi-opor to Luk, Why \\\*3 mrlh w«i 
coniftitutod w it is— why tlietv wer« only m 
uiony o^flHi*, or liver*. i^r njounbuiiB— why 
Ibi-io »i>> Tini-Mlliv'nti:>d vvild* atid uiil-roddfii 
wiM*f»4"fJH.f( — why tb** i^Ai-lli wa>» pbio?il 
wLrru it in or why n^inj w^ft* not an fltigfll ' 
nft to apponl a^uiiiBt llit^ Dnino drci^Iou* in 

77/rt Rn}. PnvjtcU Augiutva ttw* i),Z>.> ££J). 

tho inorni phc^ntimrniL cif 1ii> f-n'iitioii- In 
livavy tiiuil urTnnfEomcnt thi-i-a muiit bu a will 
iLDdadi^cLiionoopL^nhcrc ; nu^l con[wt|uoatly, 
in Ui« uuiicTBi.' iWrv inuflt bn tbe CmtUii-^n 
»nfm*J^iilj. Suvi-reigTitj' i- th* lnu by uluffi 
IIi> ilIciil« riiii'st iK*miKMkii[j iidt ; nud wtiuih, if 
thor^ (hj uuylhiiijjr flitlimlt 1o 4'uuifii!Li«ii<], 
will btj hui^LfU^r expltiiueiJi In Uie pii^miit 

anxl tljiiL nny \w*'rft m> <liwUTi(fiiifihc*d, ftni 
inmoovi^r niji'lfl liter iiicdliini i:if kv-nctitm^c 
utliiTN. iiml lAi'utunlly ill*' wIiqIh wiirld, miiKi 
U' r»ifar'l&l a* -«jv*mpnty indoiHl — buttbo 
(iov'orcjj;niy of iovc. n I'loiid of tuyatcry 
tinfc^ witli tho mdLuLiro of li«iiTca'« ovm 

J I [ Tux IVIiBtrHLYTlltlLlTVi^t^TllEjp^Al^lT 


Krt>ii) th*' riKiiiM^til iii tin fiirmii.ri'm, thin 

of K;:>T>l,tL«t-jrily tlirl ii»ti*»>wiir tlui |]l1^pox^ 

viflnt lo thpir int-ri-fii*, TIip iiwpirpd tfiAi- 
niony i*, "tho mopo thoj- artlictod thom, tho 
tnorfi thtry aitiltij>ii<>d (uid grew. And tliry 
(tin? Eg_v]»tifnin) wei^ irricv©"! Ijcojihw cif tbc 
L'bildren i\i IftviA." Nnr did it mtiufy their 
ontiuitn (0 -kdupb tho unlii^uiy nK'thcidti of 
itjJLiiy ind niin : ITmraob *"i.bflrgicd tJI bm 
pujpli*, wnyin^, Kverv Mm 1.hil^ ih bom, yp 
Kbrtll L'luil i*jt<i tho river." Hul l-vit tbis 
df*'it^ "f ji dwpol wiifl p*in;;tTlAr]y ovi?v*'ideil 
hy tlw [»njviilptia) of Ooil iii ii*uil(*ri»K tJj"»<^* 

blrnjjly Joi'Trti^^ llio Mtiy itifXx-UfUfMUi of jH'o- 
KTviij^ lloliri'W \litM tiud ill j)fLL'tt{'u|jii in 
tbu plV^<'l'Vlltil>ll. by a ktiid <>( niirmb', of 
MriM'«:, \i|m trilV <l»tJn(^d tcl bc'YtTRc tbt^ 

clclivoitr of Hi* pooplft, aod thdr guult 
thioii^lh the dcf<t*rt, 

And tho Jj. Hiili ]~f<gii[d lo tb[LtH I'Ati^ioi'ili- 

iiury jiinvin-y nV thi*irK fur finf.y ywi"*, in 
drtugorp, i.k*il-[l.»itior», iin<i d.-jitb, tln*y wwu 
tttiW prmervetL Divy %^(itv ttn n nation 
immortnl uuiidal till i]«»l ruL^LiM.^ ^i^eiu'iefV' 
Th4> Aim coiitd n^^t amita tbmn; thn iinyii^ 
dutftivo wililfii'nH'fl ciirUd not fjimiAh tboin ; 
tli^ Rr*rc<'j<i font ci>iiLd not rtnnthilntn tbomi. 
And why ? NrviT lipfom wji* jliiv mitlon in 
HQch poril ; novror did n fonplu Wforo» njiy, 
twirc^cly aVDEi (l i^^trtvibiji^ nriEy^ bot-oTnc 
Mdijt'ct to -itich [ltlu|]fc^' mcountcra, Ntrt'i 
did n [ivf>|»K< U<Fi>i'4< ctr KirH^e Tivit rujiid^t Mirli 
vnjjoiiw iind <yiiir'"nt.riti^ <*vTlii^ — fm»i fow 
witLiiuJ utirl diw'oni" willifn, ("jritytidiiip 
often AviUi ilif ii'i V ninni*- I'f lln'ir ])irMrrva' 
tluit^ Rftil fidl ofhintilti i-irmmiJ-tmnrwH A^nlnftt 

tba bent friilidjttir tbair urition, nnd iJk: very 
U-od cf thoir ■nli'jiti&n- But Jcbovnh forjook 
tbcm cot. Their msrntitudo and vobclhijn 
did not drivL^llinj from Uijico\caniit(,<duii-<rciy 
juid f^LiLbfdliiowi. 'Vhv |in>vo«] HJt^'ivd 
nut HtA cliaiiictcr, withdrew Lot Hi» urin, 
«[iibjlte<r^ not tbe over full &ud Cowm^ 
F^titviu Iff Ilin h>viti{;-kittdimw. '* I> l\m 
liOTxij rhAugfi not," wiiM tha ^d^dgf of tlu-ir 
M'l^iinly ; t1i«w;it],cf tiro rotiud iibont, liud 
Uio ifUjy in ihn niiditt of ihem. 

ItiiL u iii'W atmI MiqiHHd^ Mvidi-nro of thuir 
ind^'^lnirtibiliry, niid of th*» plinractor of thoir 
Clod, hiwi Hmu pr^koiitoil itj«elf in thoir cnp- 
tivityt but ptill niuic ilhutlririuEily in thr-ir 
pnsi'f^t >ti|teof di^|4n?i<ioii. Aft n |hm>|>Ip thriy 
iinic bwn Crifct ofT, nn\ lit^atroyod. 'Ibt'ir 
oomlitiuji in a piitWt nnomtily iri tht* hihtary 
of lojijikiiid ; i'oT ^vbLle otlic^r pt-itplr HJid vuct 
**[Ti^iivvH hitvi> 1iv<iri iLntLibilnd^l by tbi* ymgtv^i 
oi cODi|iio«L, or Ibo pint'i>r ol i'on-iij'ti<»n, tbey 
jtrefixhibitin^ lo the view <rf tho wiribl tbo 
Mr;iii^e f&4:t i>r » imtlijii, ^bo Lavn ^ulTvioJ 
ch^ ontir* inhvcrijcin nf th*»ii" infitibnti<»nK, 
tho dfimotition of tboir oonntiy, lUid tho 
Ji*piTmoii ol ihdr people, who hnrv bc-L^Q 
M^ttrnrnl and jKH^tdr M-ouii'd Ai;d li'niuplvd 
under fwkt in ovpry land, dividoii.t. intor^ 
minplctl ; without n tciiitc^ry* witbi.-iit pn>- 
br^lin;: lutfr>, without, aa it ntji::. ono miibly 
friend, ELEid yet tliey live^ n^tiiiiti ibfir 
rlivtinctioii iiK Jnute;, thoir i'it(-<, Iht^irlAiigtinga, 
thoir fn^Atm^n, rLln» I thvir pnrjuditiy.; Miifur- 
JDg oMirywbciiL- tho Mif'doii'JLtticod cnn« <1 
tbnjr Fi.iri'fTilJii'i"^ in rh>j<irtiri^ f 'hriht >t^ lliiili' 
>li-hfiiijih, whirh iuvoU*h1 th» bhud <ff Cbn 
liiruirnt OjiO u|>on ibcini^ko ujid thi^ir 

A .I*'W U nowh^i'A to \t(t mii^tnki'n. Fin 
bus iht< lui^i-k upon hU fondicmdof n thouAfLiid 
^i:i]ttution)L, ^ oil i>co tho ton of Abinham 
living Id dity i LluKcunt olT brnndj of turthn 
t«tmiiig population titll pittting forth tin 
UnvcAj nnd piLtlLin^ itq rannfitinl.ionH tiito 
cities near, and kinfc'dciuH i-cuiutt^ ; wituow*iij|:, 
in ihi* vtriy c'ttiT^u u|H>it them, tbu L^voi'lu'iLiuij; 
Ti'iilh of LiwL 

And ii« tbiri etuto of ikUOumJriti*^ diflporHiii'ii, 
it taay b« itiqiiiit*!, to c^ntiuufl to tho end <if 
l,he world? Tbih i^upMion boidn t<i tbf: bl^t 
|ri>cuhiii'iEy to h« m^ntionadf oh thvir imtioiml 

IV- TiiKiH KRjsToii^rton xt* A rw^rLK. 

TWi^ \f fl)i nondTfiii u fuct. nnlnkKtitni^l in 
proph<f7(', All finy iHirtjnn of their |f">'t hiKt^^y ; 
nnd id lhi» loiKti-o ihpy diHiri^'uinhyd from 
idl otlioi" |ir(iplo. Wi* haw hftu^I irf uti 
roflurr vet ion before from th^ enlombm^nt of 



MetwtrUtt of Ontqtd Triuvipfiv mtuMi^ lA« ./wtj. 

ft >iAtIrin.-k| riiln, W« h:4\'i> t^f't hAHriT of a 
dMtroy<iiI iLivJ M-Atl<>i'«^ pijopio rnviviltoil, 

thoir t^OKtoivtioo, »P0 nJl wondarfHl^ — womny 
WLy. tmj<ht7 vi-ciiU ; aII bcffpcak ii ncxti and 
uftrrolbiuoliarftctor En the £o»r-ral mJwhio 
of tiJiigB: oil ntitniii jirtfWiiliUr.i, mill tl«fy 
Jmitfttiou. Tbu Juwub nution in in f&ct h 

Ji^tkb: N'ot .i^noriHi.y to Uu' rm-ntiB-nt ihut 
1 mnda with tbnir falJion iu tbo tiuy lAif i 
took thftm by thfl hand Ut brir;j; tbrm oat of 
tliir Uiiil of Ggypt ; vliich My cuiciLjinL tLej 
brake, altliciUgU I woe kd biw^mnd unto t-liflni^ 
LiAithth^T l^rd ; HiittUi£dAa/f6etbo(>ovenn*it 
tiint I Till Tnak«^ with IIa* ImjiuiO of Tfltnol ; 
Afltr Lhij-tn cljLy.-i> ruiitJi tU« l^r). I will |jut 
My Iiiw in tb«ir iuvurd ^iirt^, aud writ^ it in 

■ ^IAJ-Ki'i\i< itf *,in.iV titit^if. 

mimclo la Ihn mt^bty hyhf^m uf bumnu 
Acifitericc; itstAniU like h irLomimont, Lofiy 
OA tho ekioR, otid alono i 

The genei-ftl reatointioii of tb« Jcwn, by 
cnnvprsimi to ("hriHtiftnlty, Feemw tn Im nn 
event iinU'LtrBnlly iiJniLtt^ and Anticipjited ; 
so claiirly is it writteri on tho pogo of Scrip 
tiliG. It forms n p&rt of Clicit iion cnvcnrxiiC 
into wliidi (i<Kl fiiiK i^]]fi.<i-is1 WLT.Ii H tj« nririrtiC 
pooftl^, '*t}ti.*holLt, the iluvEi oomv, tiuih rho 
Lonl, tivit I will mabo n luw covL^nnnt witL 
tbo buLioQ uf Ir>rat«l, mid whh thtf iiuUMs uf 

iTi4'ir bMLilti; uurl will fii> tbrir fioit. nnd th»^y 
■lihll ht> My p^opli^ And rh«y xtmll tiMch nu 
moTO ov«T7 inruk Ui» rK^if^'^'x^^^fB '^ud i^vory 
twill liiH brothi?r,h&ytiiL', Ku^iw the Jjurd : for 
tb»y ahuU all know Mp, fii^jm thu Iwifct, of 
Ibdm unto thn groatOfit of thoni, uitt th^ 
TiOinl 1 for I will f&i^^w tlioir ini(|nily,&nd 1 
will rt^inutiiUT tbcii tin no morn." (jM^ni^i 
XEKi. iti— A-l), It if ititimiitoil thnt ttiA nni' 
vonal cotivoraon uf nrnrLkind will iicn^hI' nborrt 
the sutnf pciioJ with ibut of ihf .Icwk, ao 
tlml Jtiw Ttnd Gi?Qtile will IfBCuttn- '^vtxo fcLd 

'lite ttev. PVmicin Autjudtna <'itjr, IKlX, tJiM* 


itnd»r onf* s)iP|t1ienl " Tlio l.-ia^UHg« of ImujiU 
U iiiifAt :tNiii]ul<«1 iimt ei(i>1iuit, TmiihIi U. 
I— 5p '* AiiM>T "liin'^ ; for U\y \\^\ih jh rotne, 
ntid tlio tilory<hf Uio Ix^iii ia i-i'-uti iifioii tlioo> 
For, Wlmld, tlic iljirkiu^sct mIihTI (Xiv^t ILi 
cMiil.h. wncl ^riniA <|jirkni-Ai the pe(i|>lft : \i\\\ 
the Irfird nlxnU arifS njwu th««. nnd His ^loiy 
eiht\\\ bf .-^fwn upon tWo- Aiu) tViti Ucntiloi 
idtinU cToiuti Ut thy light, mid ku:i^ tii the 
brigliltiwK of thy mm^, [jift up tliino 

StB wund about, ftud tto - nil Ihpj' j^tbcr 
em0olT««t<f|:«ib«r.theyc»]m4.-< to Ttit'?: tbj 

MMiM ttliriJ] L-omv frutu ufsir, mtil tLiy djvu^liU^mL 
flhj*ll hrt riiirseil :U, t1»y nitjf*. Thf^n tTniii ulialt 
)4X^ ^t1ld llovL i4iut'the(\ aiul thrko Xit^vt h\m\\\ 

of Uif' hi-ji chilli !)■■ lOuveitiHi nul4> tli»'> Uit* 
foive*< (if Uio riflntilna ubiill ixtn)c> i«ito th«>/' 
Tho n]iot,t]nnlao in tho ICmni^ita wot only Htjit^x 
the fiLct^H hill rp|H'ft*ciiit!< tim liapjjy ivMilt«. 
" Now if the faihif tliHin hi* ilwi ritlu* of thi> 
world, nni3thedixmnuihm(f ot'tiii'm the HdiM 
(if iho GotitiT(<« ; huw murb moro tlicir ful 
Lt« ? - . . For if tliL' ra.^tjn^ ifcWiiy c»f theni 
Ihh \\\v rntmHIiN;^ i>f Mm woilil. whnt -<hfitl 
th« i-m'y^ivSii^ of rlii<rii 1h', Imt hfo frnm thto 
<li7kd f , . . V\n' I wuiilil nut, l"rotUn*n. 
tbat yr*lt'iiiM Iti ii-M^nnit of Ihf.'^ iuyfit<.Ty, 
WT, yo >lioiild W wkft iTi your own <nTio».iitji, 
tluLl bltndriLk-h in jmrl tJi hnppf'iivil lo IcnkuJ, 
until tlir fijIiii'N* <4 t\\i* (Icutili^ U^ C"mv lu/' 
— Itxiimiim xi, 12, Ifl, 2fi. 

luPHtiTitril lo tlm gen^'nl roTiT^^rticin of thft 
JflWato L'hriFJtinnityistliij quratk'H rciAixjoting 
thfir icrrtA>r«tion Ic their «wi* Innd. \h\ thix 
l!ittv hiw* IwHti u gn.iiL (Jivirtitir *if nfiinion. 
ni'iKJiif^ ijiit of lUi} dn^i^iity uh:ch hpiK ubtaitiod 
Xh-^th ro^LJ'il 1i>ttiOf'nuL<if)Jc- of interpivtation ] 
tuMMv ui^tEitruitiii^ tilt? litvrril. iind utWrr^ tlie 
h|rtr'Ltiinl uftfilniif jnncf tliht jnctiilient-H wi thiH 

Mihji^t^t With thiu too hiiA lipon* »M \i ih 

f^u|r]ioiii'd, iiHbtji'HlIy roufM>^l4HJ the fiirthrr 
ijurntioLi (in Ui thcr [n'H>nul ii-i)(n of KL'Hi^itih 
oil tlin rnrUl. H luny iint lift wifii* 
dd^fmnUi-iklly fu pronoitnco on thosn [iciiutjir 
of oont.rorrrBV, iti wliit'}i dupntaiitji iiccm 
itjiiiilly cti tuiii ijf l.litir uwi; opLJkitriin . 
hut l.hi^ 7il li^'^t iiiti^ It4* tii1iuiflc*ff thnt iht* 
oni;' d<M.'H hot uei.'e>»Ari]y iTivoht" thi? other. 
If thn rrhiTU of tln.1 iK^Wi- to thdr own land 
In- :iM(iini.ul^ wo jiiv \\\A iii']i(|K'lli?(l lu fWidt* 
on thr jH'Twmal inign. 'Ilir ()M«<Hr,iiniN H|ijwji.r 
t'> Ix' (lit^tftcnt in oh(kracrU>r ; ai]<1 vtjint la 
litci'iil /iiid whiit id fi^umtivr muHt Ir dtttr- 
ijiincd 1-y tilt dJUMiK-rnUoii of ukAny drcum- 
*triri['uft oTid lUiiJiigias- H 9e«in& nothtng 
iTiconp-uoun to ^uppuw thnt the Jovit mny 
litciTLlly iT-o«upy their coitJktry, but tlnU 

tho comuigr of CTttnit to th(m niAy Ihi Wovod 

TH ftnnlfig»UHtf> HiKr-timin^Etb thi* ihv4E'nt<-ti£i|i 
of J«ti]sal«n> xivhiHi,h<>wp^'i>rpfniTi]y dcv^arcd, 
WAA not in pcrHiin^ but in jmlA^nKTiitji- Th<* 
fr^rnt'iit tiM* tif th& wurd Ui\rd, mid tho it-iy 
fiTplicit Tpfomn^wi icH'^'iif mndrr it difficult 
ti>r«nlUothio iuliilmtnt of nuch pft^ip^cmn 
a;^ othfTWLAO thnn litciul ! wbilc the ikniiJo^iM 
trjtcmhlt' r-Hp<M.'iijig tlicf iunTLifi;rhtJLtioiiiB of 
rhiii^ and HiH residL^rLCn iu ihv ('hiirch, 
nppcnr to ji»Iiiy the coriu'plioiii Xhi\i Hi>4 
linftl nhodr in '^ioti will be thut of tnorfti 
l^iwtn' iind ^[nrEtiiHl Lutliieiu'tf : luid Llmt W^ 
vrill, hy th<< t.rmniiibH of Hi*i HohpAl, hrtvfl 
*' the Ij<«lh4«n for Hi»* inWHtftTirt^.tind iho ut- 
k-niLfwt pncU cif l\\e erirlh fiJr llu* |>o>**tff«on /^ 

With line thEjLg. Ill l«qiiif, \^*' \M^ HilLctUiiiH* 
Lhnt t,lu« J^wJkh pAi^ln fthoiilf) l«i im|irmA«d. 
nfiinolyt ^^^^ ««( J^ iat^n tiles prof (wing 
GhriMiiiuityt nyni|iAtbiii^o clcc^pty ^vitli tb«ir 
■JTronns nUil mjoino nn ittroritdy iii the 
proipoot of their futuiv hjippinni. I^'t 
thrrm he orviurcd tbut tho opprtmionii wbieb 
biiie bptii, or MIT! e^vcnuwd \i\mn Lhem by 
tho ■a-1'rdiLr ^v«mn](<rtK of miiiLbii)d h'ivi< 
DUUQ of oar ouEiKuoit, uinrli If^m 'if r^ur 
(■o-owrnitioii : but thtit wo ni^ il^fcimufl of 
leuihu^ the hvlpit}: Iuiei<1 to TV ulkme-iiiii^ 
'IniighMr of Um*1. to niiiw bpv from Thr ijimfp 
und do{>riMiiOin of h> luany wntiirn*. Wo 
art' pitrpured to bLow Ib*^ J<>w^ fimii ihnir 
ovni propbeciM ibnl thnii Mi^^'iii U onmr. 
thnt th^ir Hnvdnb xa ours, nml thnt the 
blcMn^ wi^ Qipvt tor naivt^lvw in II in 
univ«f>Al ivi^n AJT cuilijiucrd iu vnltto and 
Ku'pi'fj'iit"! in hnpi*-, by thr nntirijuilioiii of 
thoii' boin^ the piirtiim of onr joy, whttu 
tho uai'th fhJiid] be ?r?vorecl witb tli« kiiciw* 
leilgL'of the L^rd. 

(TinstmEi ImmpvoItmiiw ik not of h, rhnnti^ler 
to fool KM iLHf notion iu Iho diiAdvunUii^ of 
utb(*rH, It hjiH uo thought uf rihtii^ thnoiigh 
thi^ir dvprv^^oji. Il hhti nulliirii^ in tl tA tliv 
^vHiiAiTik 01- moniipoUHiiig ajilrit. It would 
in iwii ba iK Hi^noiiA dotrudi^n fM>[a onr 
juyfuiucw, in iookiuif forward to thu future 
iMTiditiou (hf thr woL'UI, if wi- oould iumpno 
thnt Ih(« Jowixh iintimi woTiLcl utill rnutitiiii? 
pr^ifth'ftto liiijJdsL the ^noi^^J elevation of 
nijxnkiml, iind in giief nmiihit its ponpi of 
triumph iind of ^'hidutT^. 

t'JivuuiittaTieM hmx' neymed to if>torj*o»o ft 
^mlI pulf botwveti UH Jint) \\\^ J^iwi^b ULitLOn. 
DV<.-ri though their dir<|>i;raiL>n0 hjiVf* TAOi^d 
tfieir inlvnnixloiv with nil ti> iiidividiirdu, 
Tht*ir prejudice*, w* dinibt not, hnv* bwin 
ooCiWporated nliko by th» ihIIH* nf fiovcm- 
mviiU, niiJ thu rfdioide »nd 4t?itt«mpl of the 


Mwmerita 9f OoqM^ TriMtRfha orn^ng th6 Jffo9, 

piMplo. But m^ CliruimtiB, wo <An im^'unw 
thift gt^U uritl jii^ tKAUiii t4l rtiptitliate bUiii 
klnH nrt-iitbiwrj-. Jt M thf* It'iflnr un-irHm 
of f3(i(l w« Are to imitutn ; Hi» ^m\gjx\fiW^ if-** 
wTootly AiJori>- TUr improved and «ver 
AmpliuinLiux >titt« of fii>i^Vt^ ; the muvacueiilA 
of thinight, and T.hi) progrvvH nf irrjLiii7 
in vjunouA qiurter^; thj> genoml c<mT«4> 
oF ^vent* in concurrence with th<j Word 
iiE jjutpiiiiljun ; tho growiiij^ nymjiiitliicA 

tho uprvAding li^ht anJ tprividiiij; \o\.-c oi tlic 
Christinil l.'hurdj, &U itnlicatu Spot\ lo IfimcL 
" TL J kiu^^oui cume " i* a prnjur uhich 
corD|ir«hHrin4t1)4ili' iliml n-iin-n Kvifl kjiUutinn. 

4ay« Aoil Irtily w« hh' mviy to l*li*i-* tLnt 
in btiiM iKrvtUoii, ril' liirmt, tli^ LiiLfi nf hninfui 
tfainfpi ]m tufnin;^, Btid i^ni'tli'ii VRried [ir>|kula- 

tiofi jn btjci lining;; to How L^wurd^ the moun- 
Uuii at tlip iMriVi )ioUK*4 w|]ic-li pTiliLI hit 
tmlAhWriUtnl kWivh tliL> hillK. In th«< iiiCti^r- 

mmfflini; wuten* I »ev flihi.iiifUy Ux«i str«am 

of thV »turrtu)|f p^]>Lo <if Qoi, »ii<l liail Ukft 
dity, hwir il uj^y l>tr hrif^til luui LjIv^^^hJ it tn// 
lip, whnn all nhnll Im on<k In OhHti, Thn 
hontiitiy of tho Gontilc, ih4 prvjudicii i>f tho 
Jew, will dianpfirjiT and bo lo>t in t^c il^^ptii^ 
f)f mvtsrfltpxvinjf love. Thn licuVriin will pour 
diiwii thi^ir hlcAim^, ih*^ rmrlh yiold h^r in- 
(<rekdUH Tho downntdt And iJiccmiiilitoiJ donoo^ui 
□f diflcord wil! Aw ayFtky to ihtir LiiHiiij-pUoo* 
uuil tlit-Li lii^lJ ; uhiltv hnijj in bui^d, errry 
t,rilit» rnjil [»<(ipl<» will wnlk tih-" T*novAti»"t 
i'wtli, tofttored Fi-om Ih'* full, uJCimLvl wilh 
Uie bitxnty of hoUutnt, ftiid rt^viAitfAil hy it% 
MiikiT mid iu ChKl, '* l>)l tlin iivopli' pi-iu>u» 
Tha0, QGoJ, lot iJrt1i«[i«op]opraiflo Thoa!" 

ISOti— 1843— 11464. 

TnOMAa ARcriER vn^ \wn in Pert.h 
on (ho leih of Hopt-'mln'r, I«(n;, m- 
oi-ived ttic riiilinM-ntfl of Jiin tiducfitiori nt 
?«irth Art4ih»uiy, wiin hmnjrht iiji iinrtftr t,hr 
ramii^try of tho Itov- Mr, Aikuifui^ and 
ttftci'mirdt* of hiA siircoMot. tho Kov. Jolm 
Kuwiruidri, 1),D. In hix l^lh ymr hu vti^nt 
ti) tho TTidvtn^ity of KL Andrew'*, whpii^ Iip 
uttondivl tliL* cUv^uuiit l^i^luro* of ]M\ Th*>mDi< 
i.lhttluiyr^, [uid from VrhoU} he rccoipfid moit 
prM'iuiij* and i^eruiaitpnt QiomI iind t^niitiin^l 
ittipnl*^-*. Aft«r thU he WMit to UhiMguw, 
vrhnri* h# tdndiod IhooWpy for ^ro weim 
undoi^ Di. Oick. At ihp c]vM of l^^l he 
m* mnt up T^^ T/jnilon U> n^pply (>.\aniltiri 
TTnit^d Prwtyioriui iIithvIl, u-hiA ^viu thon 
fjruitorlcBi. Ait^^r pri^nohin^ lliirro (iH ri ]>ri> 
li/itioDor foi' two ii^iJi]th>, lio rt>reLvi^ ik 
ininnjnuni* iiivitntbn tJ* hfipnmi* tfn* paxtnp, 
BoUovin^ th* Cflll to bo oi (Jod, he fteooptod 
it hcurlily, aod airLik^omontfl woi\> mudn for 
hb oTihnatioii. HU own ptubir. Dr. Now- 
IjuwIk, j'litriievf^d froin Ppi-th to TxJoJnri in 
oid«r to *>o p^■o^*^'Tlt and Uko part in Iho 
aolomti nervier, which took piflco OQ tlio :iid 
uf May. I>i^?. and nut Llie folluwinff Sn.hl>ikth 
he hhly Hnd liUingly intinxliicifd hi< yiHiTif; 
fmnd to tbv Oxoiukn Chunjh and Con- 

It hiv* lufin Hnid timt IIj-.^'h niv Ujhh' 
Irindi^ of FniniflU'i'i — thrirtf wlm work for G*«l ; 
thoAO wlio woik \^UIi i^ml; And thimti ^vlio 
lot CJod t^ork ihriMLKh t'lii<in, lii Mch 

Archor wo find ihp thn* fn nun. Tt wiu 
hi^ Hiipmmo ocnviettun that tho cbnniMJ 
tniuit r>'iM Iji'' llodiltxl with the wntcrof Jifo nt 
thn hn»V('nWR.rd mil; thut "Uipmyrrnnd 
paiin»i nil thingu oro potHihlo : " tbnt tho 
riATTio ^f JoiiUfi i* tbo only anTuo thnt >kewr 
loKK^ ilA rlini-m : 

" li f«T]« int-f tuOjiic i>a tho (AT. 

And thut OB a pudtor. Ji preu^her, i^nd n 
|L<oturerp ^«]ih JeAUH unly rind J^mu nJHnySi 
frvirn tho cvritre In Uio nircnmfpTftnro nf hifl 
iwtnt; iin<l d4>Eng, ho wa^ tho c.hATinoi of 
divintf hti^Wnit; to CEmiiy >uliK Ih^IIi oM and 


lu IJ^iO, afl*r tho nppoiranfw of r.ho 
ttnotA for ttio tiiQiv, he i^vo ji oounw of 
loctHi'Wk. which wcic ['iiWIi^hfHl, on Popery, 
Piisnyimn, and PrntHf^-tnotKin, Tho wuctww 
of thojw li^cttins tof^k no oni» hy HiirfiriAi- >"> 
much iw himself, it wuh tho vwy Kiibji'ot 
OIL whii-'h th^ pnhlic mind wui koenlv wnxi- 
tive, oTid <')igi-rly Koughl for Ijiforxnutimi, 
Aocj>n^[injjiy, on tho lirKt, ni^hf,, not only tho 
body of th« rhtiroht t'lil iho ftiilkrieA, which 
it h)ol \Hxnt tljin.iilil iiiH'ivrtiry to h^rm 
lij^hted^ fihfl fti^iW. tho ontmnoi* lohhi<w,wmi 
cfiwdfttl with nnxionfl nnd ntTjmtivo liHU^ntT*. 
Tho C"nr*o vtha mojt rtiii:co.^fiil thioa^utit. 
hmng nUendetl hy lU^h lUld l^uiv Chun'hiuoii 
1^ WoU OA hy PiflfionU-n; of every dfriLCinitin' 
ti^n. Frotu this ttmo hi-t oovir^o wiu^ on« of 
incmwiiig populflrily and uhcfulnew- Ho 

litv, TJtomas Ait/itr, AM., D.t). 


iiCTXt gnvn n jiuyic coiitivr of leuLiireH mi tliv 
fiiltiimont of Propliofy iw pxonnf>ll(l«d in th« 
Jtiptpory oi tbo Jcww, 

On Ppiday eveiiinj;, tlic 2Uli of T'oliriiiJ'y, 
1843, hn Mivettvii tliri fourth ttf ih<* firsT, 
H«ri«B of Ictftuivv on tho Juwn in eoTinwtion 
with tbc Britinh Society; nml at it* Ri«t 
public in»tin^, 1i«]r) on MtirLtlay pvuniug, tho 
24tli A{)ri], IM^r h« TnovtHl otio of tho 
KMolitlJouH, anil gut'« im mrtimt and |M>wer- 

iu\ JLlllJlVHn. 

At t^ mootiin; of tlie cuoiiiLiLtrf^i httld on 
Mondfty, ihfl 1st of April, 18^1, it wbs 
ntntAd "TliLtl tho Ro^. Thomiuf JSich^i hiul 
ddivnrcil hilt pi-omiioil lecture to tlic» Jewe ftt 
Whiu-nai OltHj^l on 
SntHi-Hny, thn 30th 
iniat,, whon novornl 

In ttLi.-TiurfiAnnuAl 

Kopoit prMontLM tii 

tht< public lue^tin^, 

h«1i1 irt PiveuiHMtiih* 

Hull, till "Kinljiy I'ven- 

iiAKi tl't* 2ltiiof Ai>ril, 

l?<^fi. vkf. >t.«il; "TIjo 

thitcikA of tho Sinrii*ty 

nre Hpuc-mlly duo to iho 

|{c^. It. JI. Ilcr^hcJl, 

Fcji hir" nl/li: ndv^jcticy 

«f the on.iKin in viu-iuni 

partu of tljo t'ountry; 

ikD<i1 tikowW t(i tliu 

it«v?. Jauitei ll^uiil' 

toTi, l*r. An-h*'!', .1, P, 

Uctwoii, J. A. Millt't, 

W(b*iin, mill Olhci:*, for 

ttiHr Jiiil in Mil |iijl|iiL 

ivnil on the phitforni ; 

nnd tA mirii^toiG niid 

OhriKtinD fiienii^ in 

thif comitTV wild hiivo 

kindly m'«iveil rmd o&opemtcil wlLh our 


Dr. ATchei*d diM'ntcrMtfKl labuurs in aid 
of th4? SitcietycoTilinu«cl until liiH i^eceA^e in 
1 Jj^Gl. Tho i^nyiT wbit'h he olI«i^l up, thitt, 
hr* mifEht W p<^rTuitto<l to OTh);ftj^it iri (^hi mtLiin 
work Iv lljo \vr\ dmv of hi* em-thiy life, wnjt 
fully nTiAm^i'i^il. If a Imrl thn xiiii^piiakrxljEn 
joy fif pnvuTiiin^ thi^ Gfinpol at bU Inttcti' tnd 
liA Willi fut over ho diJ at tho bcf^tiniiij^ of Ium 
miiiihrf iiul I'liitH*!-, 

Hit ]ml illjxewa ttw» briflf iind fn^e from 
ftcute pain. About I U o'clock on Wednffdny 
morning, Novcmt«v HOth, iSfld, he liltrftlly 
fpll aKle(?|) on th« Ihuciid of biji ^jkvicrur, ji» 

i^wvvlly 'v^ n timi t'ldld got« to n«t i^i itA 
rnollMTK »rmK Without n idgh era inov»' 
auinU without it cloud or a feat-, ho pa«Acd 
Away in peifiK'b pMce to bi» rtward in 

Till' f^>11nwi^g 

ire have talceD from hitt mounmont in 
Abimy Park C«uiet©i'y, n Bleeping' ■pJ'"^o wJiioh 
ho himself opened m I84li Ly h wry impiTH- 
fii™ and eloquent addTfvt. in th<!» f"rertt»(** 
of the XjqiaI Mayor nnii a. \at^ (,'athorin|j of 
ciU7«n»:— * 


ifv i/i> tV*f;rrj<diVft, 

In Mfmi'rii •?/ 


Fh)i- Ihlrtrtbjwt j*lIh 
Llic iiLUflli-li'ivi.l I'lwTor -if 
Uut Utiil*d PpividyiJrtfta 
('hnnli, (liAnilLm 8trpHt- 

Jkiin in (Vrtb, 

I^LliSt|iL. 1600; 

Pifil ill T'nidinj, Xov^ I Sill. * 

A fiLithlid MiiiJ"lrruf th[* 

LuL'd J'A-ll Chill t Ati 

attfttuLivo prcdJj^pr, ami 
■n m>cuiu[>lLHU[i'l publin 
■|i*aliT-r. Ik liiiiff hclil 4 
hi^h pIfLfn Liri4iii|t ihpJLbliT 
ftlid elijnu''iit ChrihEiiLn 
T'ti^bnthroi'U't', vbnu kim 
k wtfi lo luoiDUlii tho 
fauicuT [il>i*Tt;f,iiiMTruili^ 
hiiil 1" i^Knriiti* 'rin' }[A«t 

Eitli-rMTii itf %f'ii nf all 
i'1jl«iio4 utid ullliKU. 

][a MWi [nv-tniinL^ 
Tbo KrienJ ot Touili, 

"Ik Itiiit wifiiiBlh ^uulit 
]* Wilt.""— li, l^'T , ,1tlth. 

nRT. T. AHCJNlll, U.D. 

THE tJlSPF-RainK t\V THIi: .TKWS- 
Bt 'I'm Ktv, T. Au?«kli- 
Jin-. L V, :. 
*' H/jf pntff^ htlX *«f» Itnt nhap , ifni ia^ /urt um 
■mirrrW b/rt/fi aJ/ (Ac /^rt n/ 'A* mr'/ , tJ\ijf fmit 
fftmt /i^nt HioiHtain h, hUl. tAiy />it^ /ur<ri^l1nt tftfir 
rrttiti/ijjlofr. Afi thiH /"Vit! tfieH\ \i rt tUi tHAmt t/trt' 
will ifirlr iiittrrinfrifM Miii.Vi/r rtlh-iirl nut, b'vnuiB<> 
tljf/ Wl; nuiiml BguiJHl Uui L>nL. Hit- linbluiliiri 
"i juoiitu: *Vtfn tUp Loid lb« li-Ji-.' <.»{ Iliirir 

*^ / iaU ik'/4'f itif& 'Afm J>v »*y iffJ< flu*/ ^fijf Pip 
fift-rltffr fntirl, y^-ln^n tAtj/ hiVf r-atlrrfif in\'^ny (A* 
tiafftn iiKtl fii-lftt vy iart'l." 

WiiuM, nt uo rcinoLo p«iiix], the oiy for 
reKniu ji»e ti-otu (hu Kb(>n-> ut tliA .KgerLii 



JTtfmM-w 4ff ' GtMpfl Trhtn^phA ttmOMj ika Jn^w, 

fbTiil T^ikftbNl oiLr Luid. th^fiuidt cor of pcatty 
oiii^lit tlii^ WLirtd. fuid ita ^t-ijiEj[i Invoked Ltw 
cWhIit pa|-rii»li>»i»i uf Knmpf in IwhnlF uf 
(ippBCP,— *lt»rftTnt,(.v hit lnvi»ly ii-iiU^kwolation. 
Iin)ij:iimlii»ii flow fnMu the p^Tfli™ 'jf pir&cjr 
mill va>#Ali|i;ii :wi\ wfEiii-biLrliU'uuij of OjipRV- 
vicii Am) iglicprAnnt ami ct'Inie, to th« Iftod 
whan» lloraor fl«ng nn^ JJ«mo8th«i«a 
thundetrd ; to AthmLS oihI it» ftrt ftod redo*- 
ment: Hicrmopyliu and lU freedoiJi; tho 
prT>viB JHidf.hfirphilnflfiph)*,— thrfr imftgitw- 
tir9> povtlc jupontiticm. Thfi tlliiinon vjxa 
rkvpi impifw^ivn, tnairira] ; Ami U^u dmudrr 
iif NrnELnu wiui tiii! n^ily nf Kiin:i{w In thc^ 
nppMl iif expiring Jilwrtv, thi« ((ithuih of tho 
^UviMtitri'I tliL* invotutLoiiK of the rdiaitcu of 
IhHr blir«*tr>. AHOointioitrt uut kr-a tnil^ 
intiM'itAfiiig, HDfl tiictmrviimMy inorv uri'lnnn^, 
rliijiiAr oil tli« Jew. LV^-iuEud jui ifiu Urt^bk 
f irftU hit B)«y iinvo U*tii, Ik" m«,y l>u; but 
ni'Oiiitd liiiii {tlnyv lliv IwiIi^liL ^r u in*nv 
lirillianE. ^ny thnn flvi>r dnH'»itrl mi llio 
AcropolM- Jowinh imrtry Jmd it»J typ<i Jii 
tbc ininAtitl monnrrlL of l^tl^Atiiic- l^Iie 
plw[UifriL<i* <>r iMuahn i^ipL iii Lhrr milling 
viti)cii»i of fiiLiirn fflory : — ihn ^nirift tit 
Eu-kivln voBthJuK ill i[« inipi>tnoi]H firrvour, lu 
if ffitli tli« power of i-uikderi.'«?<i liifbUtmg- 
gWuib :— ^Iho itimf.*itiuiiuiL uf Jc'ivminJct now 
tn«ttiug by i\¥ niching pliuntivo tondomom, 
now Ftortiiiif; by et«rii| but not lots Iifi^Ukc, 
iL'utlifTik portmittiiti^ ;— ^tbi: vme t*3Lpiiud<^l 
l^^i^Ut Ef i»i of Mo?**-H^— the Fri1i^hlt^(?d iinlrnt 
philot^phy uf y»u\, pJTibh]n4>lycoii]|iivh»nid\i^, 
f«t li«iv»tifuLtv ^hiiicticnt ;— ttbo-re atl, 1L« 
(iiiiiiiiLi^r uf Uiv ^^i/.tLi'iijet ttupcrfouUj irnkjuu 
Ami HTiklAiiuHL r^lm, y^l. fleiikflJv^; infiji^tir'. 
yoX, nimpli) ; divino^ y«t rmpondin^ to ovcry 
throb, vibmtirji: with i^vfry t^lionl of tbi^ 
Juiiiuin bitort:- 'thi?>i*, for nil wF^ro -Fi?«ia, 
Dnvid AnJ l>nvid'n i^ird, Mww, rsn^jth, 
Efvliiul> Jori^-riiinh. l^u]^, Iiilvo Ihrrwii ni-oniid 

ri*'V»*r ']pfxy I III |W*li-v nnJ cIoijiHsriro 
JtiHu tJii'ir HiAi-titv, pliilUKipby itA auUioHty. 
ftvcdom lU attrrictiun. pure pjitriDliMii 
U|i«n<]i?d. rtt)ftmii?Ll with in;i1i:-bli.-i?i U'iu'TO- 
ltfnc(> th^ii' Willi fhAj'ituittoiH, rinil tbc 
pinikji of tnfur^y, !<■ vebivo jllnxt ration 
Aud odTrkncrincnC aM vrvro E'uoapi.'julvd, 
thnir tiuim^itDiL^ r«ln1ioTt«, thnir infiiiifr' 

'I'ho Jiiiitory of the J(*w«, b^iloft^ f^uitim^oo 
M> wide n G^tM (if iirtloji, oiid ponHirhtt^^ nn 
diwply hi to thr rrniottvnpn of onrth'it 
nntifjiiity, ilk ta nlnnd aTuhc- >^]ifi^ fiLit tboy 
wci'Q tLAtiojiali«>d I iho nn^LuiiiiakDntAcr A>cioty 

bAvo bcTO frcqn^atly i.>huTt>:i>it, iu^ Ucdmarkft 
moju^td. Aiid tl*t' Pinpin.* rtlucb wMx:eBj%-eJy 
Ktrj|rt. Ihpin of iii<lrj*fHrh'nrt' hnv^* Mirtt i^^l r«* 
IJOrDdi^-d, — pHlnifd by hgr», dixniplnrvd J»y 
tht*ir iinwu'hUy lujlli, i.r Ij^forp the ff«"h 
4ml HLintii^ nLiroj^tb uf mmt yi^illiful 
Anr.i^nlAt-, Thn J^vi^ M«tt*rtd trdMhl, 
but linkod by th& potent though «iJ«nt 
•ympatbic* of fAlhi'^rlautl* hftt* ontliv<^ 
the dyiiA>tJtf» tliiit fiDiilAi^d thiuij. And now 
ri"in ntaotiff thA rtiina of Aud^nt tbron«, 
tho fni;;xij4riit< ot lUidMit imtitutionii, 
aad ou tbn duent oJ Ancient Drnpirm; 
ibrmwlviu n rmn, Init lirfty, nckhh-. iind 

Tu thow ccttpiiJi>riitioiiB Icrt thoro b& adiicd 
tlL« lliou^hu llint thi? huiUiiT-uT t}ii9 Jfrwn » 
ft KOUAr. iiR^iiN. -Ml ehxjEit-iit 4-nf(fiiy'i])ont. 
of Ihe pT<^4t tniUi, MimI nHtioii^. 'i* r>'M, nra 
r€»^>oiiHLd«, And Uirit h»viut; mj future Horini 
iiAu«t«fiu9, thU tAHh IK thr i^nlj (hmtn-of 
ilfivphipcd r^ponnibjliiy And f#k rrtMt»uTi'>n; 
— that tbc Jbvii atd a kitiuci-ir, h |wopla pr^ 
3«rvod amid thf^ mcch of f:Fnpirv», and Cite 
boiiviiL^, till.* dL-H'hA]'|[i' of Htoinm Ihnt Iiavp 
iimniliKl thvm fcr (hrru thiTriaantJ youH; — 
iLt« A MtornttY, h |tiS>plo ffho** movcmont* 
Kver© jutipjtfd In luinuttfit dotaU. with pf^rfot 
mnriuaalnnlLiit AH'iimcv, A\ps% bvfiirv Lhoy 
huva bc«ti ron1iK»d ! — And vho dots tiot 
fcol tho forc« of tbwts united cottiidctn 
Lbim uipuij clc«^ ft«qu«ul attidr of Jtrwinh 
hiHUkry in iJjir' li^ht of inanil principle, 
pTflii'tiTo AtAT4Tn«ntt iiod pnn'id(*nttAi 
ooJiti-oI I 

TIER mn)n£ ottuxk or tuv-wii ttisro^r. 


Th<i HininleAb, avid p<>rlinpA tfao tuokI blu 
e<»*ftil ciioJe cjf piT«'iiun^ tbc Mibjcct will 

In^ to flfjIlM^l tbi* vil^ini'rilA of pojpliccy IM- 
Runiinj;; it . not Ut twii tho noMjrupy of thr 
yiiXMiirtiiin, to ^o^ify itd nconaplliKhEiK^Dt, 
ni«rrly or iditiillj, ln)t nd oontAi>iiu£ AD oub^B 
liin' of .l(tuvr«h biJitiiry, which wo iJiall en^^R 
dtfAVcmr bi lilt tip. For x.Wiit» tt4>f|m>tfl 
tin? follonins |>A«apwot Scnptuiv : -'* t will 
■iCAU«r ytju :UEiohg tho heathen, ruid will 
dmw out n cword utl^fr joii , , . > Ami i)|K]n 
thi>m tbnt nT0 Itfi aUvo of yon [ uill ^tnl a 
fjiintDPH inlti ibttr h»rfB in the Inti^U of 
thiiir I'lieuiit'd ; nod tb» Kiiuid uf a r^linkwj 
l^itf khnll din>#< ihftn I w\d tbfy 4h ill Hfi*; n« 
tTwin^ livini h ^word ; and th«r fall w 
nout.* laiiHiuaL And tbpy »btdl fall orjo u 
nnctthi'r. }ih it w^rv liMfotvA Hnuid. whirr no 
jiilivi(>|]i ^ lind y*> bIi^iII hnvi* tin powiT Co 

lbt<k|ld bvfOiT^^ JOIU* CJlClOiD^. Axtil VO »hAU 



M^ntnrifA of Gtm}*d Tritimpfi« tivuntff Um *Mcv. 

|Hiri)ili umonjr tUo hoattion, tuitl the binil of 
jimr<*ni*mu'* ^liiill out yo\i ii\t. AniI lh*>y 
tlijil «ri' left nf yun n^uiM pftii* mvny in f.hrir 
inanity in yoMt i.-iit'iiiit3*' tiitid*; and a.\$o i& 
Ihe uii^i]iticv< of their fatkvm Bhiil tbay pino 
Airuy nilli iliuui." '^Thi* LurJ niuOl wulUir 
ycm HiiioTig til* Tiftlton*, uttil ye Hlmll bo Kf t 
f«w in tmmU'r Among th« httutlit-n, ^^'hiUll^^ 

nftiifHii*>*h»tlt thou finil nueiif*, iioMLer MihII 
th« hoIb of thy fhtiki hAVn Tt«t : hiil t1i« l^oril 
Hlinl] ifivo tb«o thoro a tnmblinje Jicnft, And 
fnilin^ of cy<4» «ind ^itow of mini^ ; uiid Thy 
Hfp t%]mh hnn^ induuliiWfurBth™: nnd thmi 
vbjjit tn'o.T dr»y niiJ Mtghi, and lihnlt hax'o 
notiij awumnoL' of Uiy lilo ; in lhv< moniinjc 
thou siiflH my, Wuuhl God it wi;nitfca ! n:ui 
MteveriHliHltHHy, IVniiId li("l it wprcrnornin;' \ 
fOT tho ffnr of thjni* hwrt «'htri?witJi ihon 
nhalt fc'U'lfULi'l f'jrtho I'lj^litof Uiiiiotytvt whirilt 
Ukiti itlialt »rr." *' And 1 ^i\\ dfrUvt'r thtio 
1iiU> ftll thn kinplnm* rif t,hn i^ri^h fnr *A#*> 
hYiit, nnd fa h'- a raj»jv>]K!h n.nii :& pro^'r>Hi, ti 
lAunt aim! n ciitm, in %\l {Anur-M whiflici' I 
iJimII clrivi- LheiiJ- And I will siiid thr hAurtl, 
thtf fjuiiim^, nnd the prHtikmv, nmong ihnm, 
till th(<y U* onnmimod from <»ff tlio liind tbnt 
1 utttv ii]it<> tlii?ui And to tticir fathciv." 
" My God will eohi bimiu uu-^y, Li^uijad ihoy 
did iiril ht-ui'k^ti tinlo ItiTn ; und iLuy uliull Im< 
WBudvicrh ninotij( th4> naticnh," *^ 1 will 
4V)[niirAn<i> a\m\ I will «ifi Ihv hotw of UnL«l 
aiij<.m;; kII iiHCHiiiiif Uhe 4H f^t/m Im ^ifteil Jn a 
8kdve, yet flhal! not thft Innat grain fftll iipfth 
thrt onitki/'* Thii ft)i]tiyH4 dI thoeooojnlnnod 
pivwi^en AtietP'^U th^ frdhwiu^ [>i\i|HiBitiuiif< ; 
— Thftt Mir Jt'H'^ *Kmdil hn fltllnf frum*"h' 
bAliVD Innd ; thnl thoy ^ihoidd bg imivArva^lly 
dinficnhrd : thtfct ttic-ir diflj^M'^ion sljould l)o 
ncci>m[niiit^l wiclL ciiL-LitueiUiuirA of I'jktii'int} 
nnfMniliuloil o|i^r<vMfi>n An<l crr^rlly: tlmt 
nowhere ol^tnjiiiii^ it inttiottai lLaini>, thoy 
tdnDuld yet n^toiti tlivir imtioiijil identity; 
&nd ituit t1ii> di>|>prhii>fi, hovvemr suvinv uud 
^tnict^d, should not be perpetual. 

THE tITOK AKD etXaTCtnCV t^ JSai»<kLIll. 

„ Tbf<!<iibiwt UiiiN #ki^tihoil U obvEouAly Tat 
j-xterihivp for Ihi- limii> of a siinjlr Irdiirc. 
Lftti'Ad, tlion, <if w«nko&ii]g tho dwj^Dod 
mprf^'«ion by the iiiultipliHty of fointit of 
diBL^iiv^Icjii, [ ^hall waive jdl rcfcinncc to i\\o 
fiijiT.lvity rf thr Jf'Ws \i\ liidtybn, nntl ih« 
dinfiowioTi of thi" tt'ii trib:'*, liowLA't^r intiting 
ilicvo topicii of rrvicTV, aitd rtimoieiHWii mpid 

'litfvit. ii\i 11. 4l--, l]vut- iv. ^; ; iJkvlil il(l-T- 

miTvoj.of tho bijitory of the diildrvn of 
Inim'ln »t thitdumifrdl uf tht'ir i^^iimti-y, aud 
their ouii i-x[iAt,n7ition \ty thr KiVjfi- fiTid *''Vi»r- 
throw of JtiniuJum. This t^>vy ■>f Mint 
pT«int in ^irittcD in btocrd. Imn^^kntKrn^ hc»w- 
rver vii^umrun tu Lhecnnlioii uF tL(< AuLliiut^ly 
Ui-rihli*, ojiTiDot add cr* *hfldp nf hf*ror tn 
it- UiflrthI rwkhtiex Tho miiA»o»of it^fiutM 
Uii <^XKf^&JtH wLAto^f 1' tJw iuO!*t mfrryetiatlly 
iiiciihii] fnix-y nni\^ Kumcvlvvi^ In l\n9 friuful 
dniim, th(» thcmghl*. thi> pmvinn*. thti 
ooimtonrirmw, tho nymi thrtnifih ^vhidl the 
*ouljTiai]dr[Liidiijto11nndi-*hinati;:nity« (InAlinl, 
a9I m^.'niwl inti^nM^ly hiiil4<t] mid itUrlni^ wiUi 
tlu^fir** of hi>U, Having iur^vlul iho dty, 
I'itnB nvolvod to tdarvu it into AUmnd^, 
aud viAp now riupluyrdin cuiit^tr acting a v&II 
Sti cnlrr to jrrU'(\'iHi[j hTJ«*xHir>, Ui [dvvi^rjC t\w 
•*gn** of it" LiihaMtiiittM, or tli« Hilnjiiwion of 
piMvimunN to th<fiii. 1'v iii]KULoritili« horror* 
^r Ihe HxttQ, lh<i iiutubei^ of thr iati/c:ii« 
«^T4* jimfliffiontly lnrn¥wnd hy t)ir cimim- 
utimcr thnt tliAii wiu tlio iwAf^hal jum^on, 
whi<t|] pri'irrdiciilly broit^ht tzuuty tlioiwtndA 
to IhU tho city of thtTir milctiiiiitir^ tLad thn 
hnbiiAtiiin of thc^ir (!iid, JcruHiInn, too, 
Willi torn by int«rtini> foudu, EUppruuvd bwt 
nut hwvled by c^-o-y tkwault of tbo n^mmcm 
fw, and burnUn^ forth at vwry lull vf tliv 
ktonii thut tnf^ aivmnd thj^m , with a fprof^ity 
a^li^nivatiM by th^ir tuiuiK-rniy irutfpcntuoa. 
The dty, in the woi'dn ol Ji^ipphnii, ''**ftfl 
liki« K wild IriVLht ^roHQ ni>ii!, whioli for want 
of foiHl fri^rii ahttiad fell upon <<afEng lli' ^wn 
iWhn" With madiii)«e OTdy to hf* wxotinU:^ 
foroii Llirifnfiind of jmlk-inj Uindnt^^s arid 
ih(* wiilnh'.iwmi'nt of all mond I'ml.rafnl by 
tlfrti,— viio wonniw! to lmvt» m!andoned thoni 
to thciv iattit bhc jcranarir^f whocto r«oiNvo« 
liji^lit hitvi^ rnab1(7i.l Ull^id t^i pr'otnict tbrii' 
ilufrtior, wri^ (>onfliimril 1^ (hr Itnw of in* 
K^mnL-f, -mv\Uifi witli the nt'tivily of 
di?iniinn oinid iidri ntirl ctpafaKiun. nnd gkoting 
witli ileuLE^n deli|.-ht ovrr Lhr^ tuorul mifiury 
they bad jhriMhi^'ftl. Now rii/^l tb« moit 
mnUffniuit pmKiunH, itWAht'Lfd by the Itrribio- 
tttM of faDiiiir, Now u^imul itiKlincb waa 
uverboru^ by th(» tnLvinpi; of biihjj*')-- Half 
pnidnrvd iinivvrfial nliArmtion, Maii w»8 
uriiKNl Jb^niiiht irmn ; daoh iLKain^L thi> othrrr. 
Thrf witJIlhhiiftM of huuij^r tnaiiiphi?il, and 
tho Jewish motlirr, for thn mitintiiml horrirl 
foo<i^ niupJotod thr chihj which otljcrwiw hlio 
wonlil hnvo nciticd from tho i>old doww of 
Pnl^tinr in liri^ Ikbuiu, oi t^mtuvd fniia tltc 
rudneKin^st Hlrokr with hvr o\sii body. Drxth 
MwiJir^l Co bfild ii» mmival, and tho ahf 
Ktciminj* wibb tbv i^xluiiLktion^ of unburtod 

R«\ Tkonuis Atfhef, A,M,, IID, 


ilmd, multipliod and iiprcnd iivitlL amoikff i\m> 

GloquaTit Mloiin^ iif drMjuLir, tlic* tium cvlii^n 
tunn* of *pr,lcliri^ Iw'jjt wen* n Intnry, 1ml tho 
honrt i)4 NO Jriod uud hcort-hod tJuit thoy ocua 
ii<»t tl*»w ; the aiillon, lownriiis, t«irIcTW, rojcc- 

hjivcKi wtthifi* Uutt vrhun 'fituH oittvrvd and 
bfUyM Ibt tity. " he tumwl AAny wtrpitig, 
mill *'iit:*iiig; thi' tvi^lHiwi A ho Ifc^d r>rt>Nniitn 
tu jkroilijii^ Hucft miKii'i^," W'riiM it nut h&^'i> 
Won Will] if iKo m^litTi(mljou i>f itMjK»*^ilii]ity 
Wl itihtiftineii.ot if ill iwvii.'wiw^ its i-tfuliLy 
h^ haj) nttpeird sntna 4kxnrmtlnnfl ov»tr Romnn 
ambition Y 

Tliii!i foJI Jerimilnni, ikft^^r pi sie|EC rondd^ 
[iioro cniel iiml dJs:k»tniLiF« \ry t.]\r immuio am- 
iluct of till* Jew tlinii by tbi* fririmw juxnultn 
r*f tho Itofndnrt; n uirjic in whirh a million 
of hamnn Uaiigp* poi'Uhcii hy Mvan-d, or fiuniiio, 
i>r |»wtilfiici" ! lln^ Knmnii |Joi]ah»du«iT 
(>AiA4^d ovDt Xiim, nad frt*in rho flold ijf niin 
ihroo toworA a[oji4* atobo iu thiP rtMTropoJiKt 
tlia iikOituujvuU of miltioiui of IDtMif in Llic 
fully nnd criiiuw of vbir Jf a, Ihw rpLritiwIivf 
jiiJilict* rtf tbt Almigiily, fIH'UitlifuIii^*w huj! 
in^pimtiou of Hw propli«t«. 


fji]^a1, licworeTj «Dd iinpiwci^onted iw 
wen the onbunitii^ of the *ioj,'o of JciTi- 
nlvm, iht'V vivvf \mtj tlii^ li^'iviriuH^ Ui<« 
iingry lnin.ving*! of vulwinic liv«t '*'hicb, 
binvHliii^ foiifi in a tiil>* of \avii., Hhould 
ppi-wiil witili ft^fiiTiil iTijudJly OV4H- .JiJiiwi, 

<Truu>iiL^ )ijii\ tlio Jcw^ njiitt tlco in Urror 
from tilt: liLml (if but futhci^t or p(-i'i:ilk in Iho 
■tiviiiii, pBcn^tvt of iTA|iat»rjatioii rtiicmHloJ 
tho domifjill of tho IIolj' City ; nor wuj tlio 
Jpvp allowci) a ^ravu in JIoIhvd- It i» Jna 
pofwiblo ia iraijtgiiic tho pmotioDs tbwt now 
ov{tr*jii'(qkd tiiiT cU'FiLi9jii.1nutp of Abntlinui— 
the thou^lit^i tkut low ill Ibo mother'H hejirt 
ii;«. from orilti^ Jtotli.myi nhtf diityoU^d th^ i^yi^ 
of btr cLiilil to thti rt^uuurih of llml oity 
kIiotim gl'iry wiiw "ow fti'lip^-i-rl — or ihr f»w]- 
iii^H L>f X\iQ Anmviii JifW Imforo whom, on 
rOAdiiii>; n iMmniiuidiiiff omi^vnL-Cf Shrjron or 
Ei*Urw-lon f<iiii]til iti itll thrii' lovi-Udos*, cr 
Tllwi-iiui liiy in phirid fciinlit U'liiity — or 
wb]li> bin fiuicy, belling; vitb inUifpinlion, 
oouM Almoat dcM^i-y the ftboajicrtiun of diwo- 
Intiiin in iho Imly pljut, [a St to bv 
uondored if, with Kiirb fm-IJugHj nrrlent, 

dcop, imn^rijilkablcs ttk^ ontCLHtJ* »hon14 onott 
moio rally, Mu] fin-w! by ihp fttnl<iiJHMitfl of 
iLU inipcEctifn', or iJio litilllnnry, thn dix^itfiil 
brilliancy of hop^, make an elforfc to t^ffoin 
thisii- ou-n livniT Aocmdin^Oyj vitiin lifty 
cr Hixty ycurs, we find the Kjtndeien* rnlly- 
iug anJ «niW in one stmng Mit fniitlnv 
fttf.empt — an ntT^mpt which mvolvi-d thorn 
in tp^iti^i' pro^ti'ation^ br?ci^iiN? whUo BWJbkt.'U- 
in^ ibe jvidoiigy and dirttcuFvt of thuir 
ojiprMHi.ii>v it A^iikf^Qivl Uieh' ovni r**ifiiin"j*ii 
nnd powftr— no Io*h than SWIV'"*^ hiiving 
pi>rinhci, tiuA their ftrmr?4!it ^trou^hddK iu 
i^ilt^Atiitu Ixriuij levellvrt with thudust. PVjm 
the titnp of Adriiin, t.h« Jpw, lingflring nt 
the InLcnrd of ptmii^hmont, uocd to bribe tho 
*entinel» tc bo aLlownd n j^laneo nt Zic^n lUid 
tJiQ ruliui gf th(T Tl.■lnph^ Thu dmr^'cc of tba 
Kui|iarar comd^nml liim to n m^niin^'ly ho|ie* 
iMe, mti^rnutiubJo cxilc', In bitti'r rKtorn 
itiul n.Joiit)«« hoelility, ho thrtvxtt'npd thu 
ImavEWiiL ptiiiiiltitn na ovt?ry oim wlti> av- 
inftlntvl tn bU nntlve Utid, wlilt« fbi« long 
lnAt>E>^Koof tho itopartiiiK patriot boh^d, in 
tho AwinoV boihd on thr t'Jiti^ of tb<i Tamplci 
tho iiwiilniit trttiriipli rif lleiitiii'iiiMii oii-r the 
glory of iBnurl- Agoniainp, thmi'foi'e, ii* it 
must hnvG bocm in Jiny ciiYuaifntanoOA to be 
torn from liia natal Mil, huw much moro «o 
wbi*n hf Inft it trculiUm down hy thn finntilra, 
nibl tht> fcc^no of tho fotiluft iniult ofTtn-ud to 
Jcbovnlk I Fiom it, howci'cr, (hey deported, 
n» molt for geuoratiunn io^tJilld on itw holy 
(iLiHt, nor iivirn to ^iirv^y itH iitoiintajn?!. or 
pl&iiiH, or loJcew ; for^ with it tV^aifMl i<efhi4*- 
nieiLt of n'mrilfy, tht> lyrniit dunouiifcd t)io 
htivt^['ehl puu[blLuiujit oil iLb Je^ wLi.^ nhooM 
dtvf* fluen gtijfi on tfi*> wenft wh^ii* hift 
infan<-y viw nunwd, hM Coil ntEort^, 
ami tlie bonon of hw fHthom r«|iOAcd, ahia! 
not to U: jninglnd with bin own vhon 
dn!ith »hoiiM Icrminato bin H>r:»own iiml 


Ages roll on, rhanging tb» huo And 
fuhbioii of 4o<!ic>ty. TJiikOj in ita fontinuoi 
i^iwW i-ydu, pnjc««iK luid rtill limvc* fcbo 
Jhw k pntMrilim! <»xilB- In ^^dl'J*[,i^n^ ovf»iy 
form of r«ligioii hod bofin pmeliwsl with om< 
oxi^option^ one f^ttol <^xooption, its liivit nnd 
lovclicftt form; the nati^'CA of pvory Uml 
thi^™ dwtflt, with one* tiiv|rt.ij>ii, om* Miv\ 
oxcoption — tho ohiHron of itdnoil. From it* 
walh and miniLrot^ liftil gliDtcnt'd tbi' cruhccrjt 
of the TniK. tlm Innii' of Uiv Ai»b,^tho 
onioLflx iif Ibtf Popedom. Stilly— PxHinliiig 




JfmdrtAff of Gospffl Ti^iimpfis am^nff ih4 Jfwe, 

the bn^Iit iflcAm of JuIieui'h Attompt, — ncd 
it wiLn mily & gl*?uii. vivid nui\ t»iin«'*nt,^ 
thff Ji-w uttji «ii]e4. nril tluml not vnnlitro 
within th*«ni<inwcf M* owii cnantrj^or if 
ia luDit «viligl3t«tiod poliqr ho Jtci, Uo offuW 

flnfli-T^niw Among icT.ninxi>ni, and subji^ to 
Uiv inHiilU ntid cf udcy ot tho bij« vfiMftI nf 
Uw OUomftD iNVwor. TruLy did U\» ovn 
^o|)li«t Miy, "Tbtt ntmnger tlint i^ nilhiii 
thM utiAll g«t ap ftboTvT Divf vvty hi^rtt. nnd 
thou *hftlt oomo clown ^«r^ low/'* 

I mimil, ohfOi-fallv Fulmit, iIkv i^ujoy pH 
vilngiw williiii Lht* list Iwtnitv jrarn thflj 
po—mml nitt, Itcfurt* Bur whn fihidi ny 
that th^y urt> i^ot, fkrutrti^ally, fO:i1(i« Ktill f 
Hie Imiu ii^ not LliiHn. JcniMiltrm ib hqI 
theirH, 01 lUa M>iL nf their luionitHry uqI i^n 
U)oh tTiu llifiv rlnira iw flicjr nwir Th^y 
hftvo bocn iQDrcly tolcmtud, A lurk nuiy 
dri«« thoin from iho tcmb of AldTLtumi ; At^d 
tivati in JBnjHulem, thej had nww« »iily liy 
pUFcbuw to tlio \ihnv from whioh thw a|v 
prck(icbc<L tbc ailv of tht* Ti>mpl4* to wnii imd 
pray oi'cr iIh mtiih A ijJirmw ci^ookcd Uno 
mntltiirlA U* tlii* vvewl hmi rxt^Hor of the? ^rani 
mw<|*)v : — ti ilmui wnll at tha mul tilit*1U)]x 
from oliHer%'"it[oti ; and there tttc Jpwb iiii^t 
Htenltbily Lo Itow [ji tlie dimt before Ut^d. niid 
to li<vii?w with LWrtiisu^tliP fcoilwJm'h niAiiy 
ot their fftlhw* moifitt-Twd with their blood> 
Wluin tho ijiu<^u>nk fumiBriticd the folluwi^nt 
ef th« FniphiTi lo rrvifTuikff [n-ntvtrs »& old 
iMtbJ and r^bTphctm int mi tbf* roof nf ih>* 
Iktlo Jiynpf^iifuo Looking out, an li/ ai**ilthj 
upon tho Hicipd mosqur contniniij^ tlit^ hnl 
lowod Aflhwi uf Lheir palt'i--u'oh fatWi'^ Tho 
Tiirif ffiuindfk the door, rinrl thti Ji^v and Lhn 
Obrirtuin uro tiot pvrmittod to otttor. Still, 
then, thi>y nie **xilo*. Thoy may, indeed, 
b« mIIowm"! U> be ihore. Thtf ii'im nilo ot 
th« Hidi^ridid hnrbtLrinrt. M oh n mm til Ali.rih(-1' 
t«red Uioin fj-om fii-TOu violcntv. i'ho ifritLnh 
btuinco' will now proto'^t iu tintivL*-t>or» Miib- 
{fctn in FnlnttTUtf. jSub, fur their l<;li^[';Ll«d 
pM»cnc« lht*rt% Imviy (lii>y l**'n ind*shtm! r.o 
uionej, yr to thu miichl of tht* lund wliich 
jfuvu- thrttl Lirth ; nnd Oth-M" iliiy niiijipt coroo 
bflfoii> th» dnldTvii *if tfin |iftUiiMvh!* can 
trttid iJio iMTikA of Jordiin, av npoMi in tho 
t«itB of Fjnirftnloii, juid feel, witii tho eon- 
wiuiiB dignity irf the rrjttorfid Jew. that th* 
Innil ii* tlv'ir* ; iNfom they Hhnll jcmniey 
ffoni Dnn to Uocnhchtif und fruiii LtHAh^u ta 
Curinol, with none to am*irt Uioir hLo|>» or 
t<t iDake tiinn ofmld- 

Tho der^nHt whiclt pdWl Uit- Jcrwik fmu 
th^lrown lAnd diiqwtwd thcEu over theiuib. 
Tho world bsoiine their hume— *o fur lUt 
in*(r Iwrtlity i» concettied ; Iji.iI bow clifTcreot 
from thn homo thwy ha*l Wt \ Tbiy ^-cro 
now univorMlly donltieivd^ flJid havfl «iii- 
tmuni F«. fin th« oonat of MAbihar, «nd on 
the bBnk3 uf the Okum. ftuid lh« vliivcrii>ff 
d<wrlti of >^ibNiji. mid HAimtg tJw iqnoy ^Jm 
of AntbfA, «i&ld tlif- nnowft fl! On^nlnnd nnd 
in tho TVI7 b«f^ of AfHcn have iJ«w< Imod 
fuiiEid : — tfjv lulifihtUnt* of a\\ QjiintnAt, tho 
jiMHffsttfrrn, thii tJiilitrrn nf innir. (Jo wluw 
yoi) will^ you mctt the Jew. the lUJ^n in 
whooi htivc bct-E slcrtctypud thi? fH-lir^n, 
the thoughts, iUe fivjudiL-r* of Uhjm* wiit* 
Livctd ooiittiriiB iMfort*. " (iixl hJiLh delivonxJ 
Ib^m to b« r«movod inio nil Lingdonu of thti 

While Uio JifVH ffHr&nu ku Poliuid to a 
niimticir «xo««dii)g d8n,lWi. In nthvr i^nciv of 
tho enrih thay aro foinul in HOiiiU grouptf, 
ji»t liku viftcidivrn. ii^hHibllAnd Urge hcA|»; 
in ito[in rofiUid And fixi-d. En Uie wwpty- 
tbhil yonr of riir om, kifv^ntydcwuh familiM 
powod tJiront^h Klioriutnn into OhUiA. vb«n 
tbeiT dcnoondittitA hLive Atlll n r^yniigUigllo. Ia 
Algiers Ihcy flinmintrd. .1 few y«u« Hf Oi to 
6.UCH), a. luimbei- now rcdiic-eil to 3,001) : biut 
th» diminution ii t^ bo tr'tovit ti> tbo fact 
Ihnt u)iuwft» of tlitm i-LuTi*cd Ftvoch pww- 
i>orlH for the Holy Ijind. In O&biiL thttie 
f»inil]t>« wGtv found; whilo utong tho ridge 
of Iho l.^auciuuiv in iXa vi]l»|Don nnd l4iwn», 
tbi^iv mv bjilin uf iifiy »ud a huaiUrd. On 
thn roiu^T of MftTAhnr, T)r. Itnrlmnan viiitisd 
in Ifii)^ nbout |,iilNiJ[>uv,Anppos«<I to bv th» 
pojitcdity if rriiiiirinnt i-ofnjjepca after tbc ei?^ 
of JniirAnh'nj. Tti lhiM>onih tlicj v^bit. HC- 
cThrdirtK tA BTkcbingbnni, ■* wpcirate and 
woll-dcfined n body «■ in othor ijnrt* of th» 
(:l(}bc, livirjg f-aLPiaM^-cly utaotig tliftii t*lv««. 
Ou. in FihorL. wlirrn ^uu wiU, lliid thvta 
^Hftrti-oul, ill n^^pti^ttt m)inb«r>s t^ mftny nn 
ii) tho jmlminrt day^cf bh^kinjpioin of Unurl; 
but in fb<<tr iletudivil [»tion!>, few ftnd 
eunJiiimtCvoly iriHijjnitimnl, and [ippitipH- 
aUly doi^ribM In the oft^mpmljid lini*« of 
the Jlcbrtiw tSie}odM: — 
" Vntio* of lUv <«iUKUTiQ^ f'^>1 kikJ wtvry dnitl, 

Tbp wild 4lo\v hu hvT iir^t^ th? f li fai« oavh, 
UankiuiJ l^xzh t<>ujiijy IaiikI but eJlp kt'*^*' i" 

&nd tliirn vorifyin^; tho Mounio FUtomont — 
"Tb? Lvnl Hbul] nc&tLtu' you umoEi^ th* 

* Jvmulab uiv. 9, 

iUv. ThnmiM ArdufT^ AM., DJ)- 


IDH, Hml yu whitll bi- l&Ft few in iiimtli^r 
tg tint hoixth^ wUtlier the J^t\l i-kull 
Iwdyou." • 

did not uxJiauttt their <Ioom ; their die^poridon 

I^iii we Iv^iii our stii-veyof J^^wifriL KiitTttrin^K 
iTi tlio Kittft, mHiciunt mif^ht Lh> iit'g^J to 
movu thr> fiuul ioto tlx! diH<p<«t p)'iujrivttjy, 
WLi*ii Pliny FisktnivelW inea^ieni iivi'^u's 
h& met A dervitis henfing hiH jLt«, anil after 
workiDg hia fealingt to the hiffUei^ pitch cf 
eicitcmentf And hikving tjtl«r&d Wm Vitlorost 
inrflclives, he »uiuuieil ujk hL^ aliu^ Kod 
ennts in the rontempUioiif; opithet — ^/ni/-, 
*' Every** ho roj" buve Wolff, ** tho Jown nrt 
princoj aoanparcd with theaoin Persia." AuJ 
ynt thein tla*/ ani w) op;>rii»*'i^ thny fine Utr 
rcfngt* iritti Turkey, whert*^ srtch in the Ktiito 
of Ihoir f'riju^lr/ Jt^tiom^ that tho proutl, 
Ihxy Turk pianub^ the llebrsvr fii^bivo xvhij 
Aril] not light hiK \\\in*. Pdw miir inlo the 
Ijind of thpir fiLtliOfK. In Ualiron, SE^phenn 
iiLOt with ELn old r^bbi wbu ca«.ny yoftraMfore 
hod coEuo to \%y Li« boom Iq ttia Iloly lAod* 
And who thim nAVwtlTigljr diw-rthnd hU piwi< 
tion:— 'Howftfl now eighty y^ars old, and 
for thirty jMn he fiod ItTvamlti th(i«word 
KUjqHiadiMl oviTr hift httod ; Ikud been mvlltvl, 
buffiatod» iwid npit rm ; anri, ihoiJ^h lomr- 
tJinad at joying a ri>flpite from pui-soiMjttoii, ho 
never know at what moment the Mood houTidn 
might not \iia \vA. Ic*[»ti upon him ; thnt miiuli 
the t^oiiiitry liad bv^n wrei;t<^ from tbu 
Hjittiin by tha Piuha of Egypt^ they had boon 
com[m™tiv&ly snfa and tranquil ; though 
Bkfjiut^ itJcA m^iy be fomiEid of thin c^^miqirnti iro 
security from the fnot th*t, dtiring thr^ 
WVolotion two yOfti^ hot'on^, wh«n Ibruhim 
Pfti9b». afurr Luiiiig berii pvnt up wvBn&l 
moTiths in Jenit^t^m. Imr-Mt, oiitlik>*]i roaHtig 
lion, the tir^t plj^^ti upon whicl^ hm ivi-ath 
deecenrlnd wfl^ tho iinniLppy Hohrorin And 
while theii- ^ml(y bii^thiiiii HitrH h(Nii»Lif[im 
tfpnmd, thi> unhappy Jcwi, hovop olI^ndiTig. 
but &lwnyt Muflorin^, rocoiv-od lh« full wi>iKht, 
of Aritb v^nKtunci;. Tlifiii' hf^iine* \f*•^■t^ 
runmu^kiHl nnd ptuiLth^rttd, ihHr f^td and 
fciltfftr, Hod nil thing* viikijihlt', piLrriod )»Wfty ; 
und tht^ir wivcvtitnddatif^htDn. violated bofoiT 
lh«ir«r^bjtt bruUl soldiery ."f Not Icnn 
4le(.ided IN the t^f'tuiuiiy of imolher reoeot 
tmv«ll«a' : — **!« other o'>w ntriijiH the very 
iiRm« of Jow hw» tLt«ooiiit«d with it ciumiag, 

t BtqjhcUB " loukkuta tif Tmtial ' vol. iL 157. UA. 

(Ien*iC, ii»iirv» ti-artlc, and oft^h witftlth. But 
h^r^, iu Ai^lditjon to tha iiHunl dfi^mchition 
and pnrobiued »a1¥erin^ of n do^puied, 
stric^eoi outojut rtce. tbey iHmil nndor ex- 
r.pfimn povftrty, and wvnr the a.ipt'ct of 4 
wflppiniJ *tnd a mourning peoplo; minonting 
ov^r thoir f^illen jfrodtnc^ ns n nation, ^vA 
ovfii- the prostrate ^cui<]eur of tlieir onc« 
prnttd dty. Ifpnr the unuror is turned into 
tho pilgrim, the inerchant mUi thf> pTie^t, 
and tho intxomhto 4!roditor itito thd vr4.v>|>ing 
i«ijppiia.]]t. W'itlmut wi^ltlir MiUimjl trHlbcj 
r,hi*y fti-e hiipjif<rt*«1 k[^l*ly by T.hfl volnnlary 
<iontnhiatOii>i 0} tli^Lr Lii4ithr?[i (hroiighovit 
i\\# worlfL"* Hiki'iMuy hiL^ a]\viiyH In^tm a. 
nifcort of tlii?* |mjpii', ynt thorn havo tlniy 
been dcupiiwd and oppr(*awi. ttUtrnntheir 
[hjMjtion thoro now U vory diitoroni ; — thoy 
linvtng received from Fmnce tlj« pi'ivilcfTO 
of Pn^neh tHiwiis, But thn period i* not 
remote when Ihc Jows wt're fopoi?<i to be tJio 
puhhc ©xeontioneta, — nn offieo dof-^iidint' to 
the Moor.^fit for the Jews; and when 
Irtni4*bt« money-chtingeri wuA Imiikin^ wera 
nJlowvd to ridii en an i\f» ^i>\y% niid thnt ont- 
ud« ttie wulifi of tho eity. Ih it &LI«i^iid, tbeeo 
in,»tiificc« of J«wi«h p^iBFCution nre taken 
from atalen inioT?ed rn oric>nta1 df^ndatlon 
anil higoii? 'i 1^01^, thAn, to Rom^ civiliKad 
and I'ehm'd cuiuitri(«i turn to JUihi. lii 
rUmih*, Utrt JfWH huve ti^n for ii^Ern I'onfSnfid 
Ui a flifcltict mIIpicJ fhfi fJhPtta, — a nni'i-ow, 
oontmcted, filthy f^uorter. In ntoekory nnd 
crnelty oomibinedT or in the irrational belief 
that opinirn i»n bu coutnid, and rxmvX wmj- 
vorted by foive, thrt^u hiindn>J [ire compellisl 
every ^Sunday tohtur a Hrmun for their irou- 
romion: wlulc^ m if this wa^ mi*iTy, the 
proiHvial w»ui lUftdu anil entertained in ti^2d| 
to buniili tbotu from tlie Pope'» ilomirnonfL 
In it oud, thiH ii^ tho troatinentof n prieet- 
liildcti, iiitvlei^it lami ? Pii»^, thi^n. to 
( Jprniany, dfttlngujflhed by iU free thonglit, — 
to t^rmnnv nn<1*r a monareh, who, acvording 
to tho HDlf' laudation of IntideLity, ov^ht to 
Irt* tijlrJTio:. Wrtrt*n «<* /»^>tJ?J, and ai suoh, 
nbo^'o all diKl.inctiuiii« uf Jew iind ChnKtijin, 
hVtvdoric, the corrnpandcfUof Vvttfiirc, [l<*wpite 
all piofcuionj^ of iaidt^puiidonoo and tok-mtton, 
f^xdutlud the Jfvw? fiom ullire, iind vnacted 
mti»t iii-bitrury end miel Iftw* to prevent 
their intrruaKe lu hiv ^L>«eMi>aonh<, U'ho eo- 
tjniitH to hti remindi.-d of Ihv wLn^ninary 
uoiulort of tlie rriiMadf^m L*> the Jim^ in 
Uermanyi — wlien men, wearing rhn badge of 
all^jfiani^ to Hiui ivhoM kin^rdoni is peuoa, 
and wbo«e 60ul gu^heil forth in lave and 

* Millie'* Vuj^i^. vul. it 30fi, 



Mmnonu.of Oo$pfl TriitrnpfiA aiju^ng Iht Jmvt* 

moTcy, Momod to conMTcmto ihtiv omtei-pruc 
liy t1i« miMvwrro of Jowiati vicbima ? BocU 
WW tho torror thuir v>?rynjLiiie ifuipiroil^ Ifmt, 
Kt TnvoiL, ttw JcwJtJi cni>tlk«r kL]]«d Ji<-r 
ehiUt'Fn, fcnrfLkl of tlio contthmiiiAti4>ri of 
Chri'*LmijiLy. Sin'li ws^ iLy Iijlvw; thuy 

blood *jt t;iiii^fai]ii| JowHf nrnl llioir mnrc:ti 
mi|rht b« trjiOi><l tT) miiikft uf ^ix-o tliny li^iiL 
thid^ Tlid pnuiL^ltiujif of ^AJiiit f^kiiutir Atinixl 
hdtnui jMUvimi tn nn nnonntrnlUbla dp^rrp^ 

tho ftendijih fury of tlo noputo^ wiu 1«t 
hnwi. nnd 17,000 Jaw* nmrdnrd, ft^rni pnrt 
oF tliH rtvulU of <iiL« i<i'iu!lJ(<. Ak if rnivlly 
in ifn old form* Wjt>l Imi ftn lii>»ry. iii'vv 
atmDH were t^^riHuJ , 'iiiid ik vo*wcl »t hitt^k* 
tilkd witli JewH, Bel fir»* to 1ij tl)e uruihx^pn* 
fiiniixhttd iliHiii tviOi rii'W |it<-AHiii tt \a thi* 
thl'ielcD of Llii* hiplp1t*>s ■iitfoi'ffrfl. 

If wo L'OQLO to our own lixnd, nc thni^ find 
tli9 JMiaio li/irburotiH |K>1ify piirAu«d tovraixt* 
thff .Tow. I tvfn- not tu ICngliiiLil whan 
omarfiin^ out of itf^ntbi^DUTn^-^'iuob polir^ 
niiE'ht antiirnlly bo & portion of lUl mnj;iiiniuy 
spiiit,— T rpfcr t** tliowj liTiie* whitli sluul' 
iiow rltHJ^nlif, tu tU*j (inHixi «bon Kn^lnnd 
wnH n if'uttf Vhrittiitn hind (rhir ^u^utU 
lUtfiitA] ]»t)^t<^ntfii }H)otiutLly lirmnA ovor itn 
juyn, uutuLNtonJ bv tbo lobonn of mtcbAmcHl 
iUT|i>rn>» |]M^A^ni»iLhM1 by rhn KrlfUhnivifl of a 
iiiikminotL-vorAbtppitijC nj;^ !) — ^tha d^yt of iu 
A^iicultiirol idmplLc-ity, Ami cbivnlroii* fr«c- 
iliiin aiid hciDoiir. liy Kaxon fjoai^ aikd 
Normnn wm-i-lnr nlikr vriiii the* Jpw di-tjhiiU'iH I 
Mid 4poLlL*L.1. Tm(>, I hi.' firvf^ncc of loinv 
ffiidnl lord, tc iffhi>m tlip Jiohcr *>( tlip Jrw 
WHA uti ubJHCi til iiilvi'tiat, mL;-lit irtuluM, biiu 
frocr f.hfi iniuilttnr^ of T.lia |ir>Hhniirrhlir| : Iml 

ttio timid vhHnkia^^Uncii.Uu* ftiHiv<« look nf 
whicb bod chnnj^i^il tho poii of AbiMlimii iiitij 
the ci-ourhini? slnx'*, AvariM i*!p»bpd itsalf 
in Iho pnrb of rali^'ioua xoal^ tho honour nf 
\x king loftt it« po*in-,--tba right* of (-lopcity 
)ir»d no Eura.», --ajmtuiin bonmiy In^t its 
KptiHTt^oiiri^ (ihii'iilry wjkH Kliorii of tbv lu^ro, 
wboro¥Or n Jvw V intwiiwtfl or chaiuctcr vsetv 
at tit«kQ> 0\M moiitti^b nold tboJii tu bi--i 
brotbpr, wbilv HiK*h wii^ lh« utrority of 
Bb^II^ vni«tty uuHer ^LTiotbcr, tlnit U5t.Ki 
petTshod by mutual «Uui:bt4r id York (/Mb1« 
rftthor tbau tru»t to (be Ireallee tiEid liijiioiir 
of CTbriftt.lansi, or dift by tha rf*iinftrt arf.a of 
douth r^nd citllitrin^; tltc Kn^U>h iiii^ht 
prftcLW^ It Aondiftd, in fact, n^ if tt W119 
{MTt of ('fiL'i^tmiiity to biitii t'hit Jvw, uiiil 
piety to |HTSiiwntr hiin 

It vra» poi'bjtpi* lu Sjftit^, tiow«Ycr, that 

tho opproAiiuii of ihv Jcw-< JL^^ttruT^d tko 
fi«nwl a»pQ0t« l^ud^r tbt< M<>f4L*tu iwnev 
titey lini] gro»n np in ^'^lutt. itn^jt^rity. 
WhMi Ita MtAr ilecittt^d, dud Uia .^mbh 
roir#*tod from Enro|w>, thn polit^y of tti*' 
B|.4LijbL ^vcromvjit m\^ to U\fMv lie JcwJ^i 
jHviplft : — tho X^M^J, fi«l of *nHjflitrtini 
fii-nioiplo, Knt of nuj-hiniaiit, boArtlciv cunning. 
Co let th^m inci'Aiwe m Dumtwr^ nnd wi«Jtb, 
- -t»bili thi<m into uiiiuiTi|itvtiii|£ conlideiiov, 
nnO Ibu^ into rlnfi>nr«l4Mni4f*ik TiiNi iimiiii* 
t^io timp foi* LU'itivtL. Tho trVfwherouA mini 
na,!! bixikvn ; — tln^ ficnJ^ of ibi^ Inquisition 
**?jt' b'l liHBo ; *hp (K>pnln"i* lirouwo by tht- 
TiiDNt viiiiki^l iind Mutn Tvpn«^i>nf-^i.^oii>i. ^ 
(KjiiuUti^ mjuikllv (loli^hb^l ^vilh tli4t bull' 
lijilil at Miidrid, «*r tt Jewish ti]aM<«on) ot 
8«v]ITl^ iTudi-r iIif' nuudi 1^ i4ili>:ion, witli 
tbn nlt«rnjLtivi\ C^lii-lw-tiiiTiUT ur drntk, 
thoiwundd rclut^iof; tu f^iw cT^n the- h^~po- 
cvitifjil pioffStoion of ct>nvcr«on. pciiJ-bod for 
lJh' niriiifriiit'nt of thi- irUiteiiit, nnd the* 
ii;:^nindi.foEAi>nE. of \\\t> iiutborit[("c, Tn th* 
f>iiirti.vnth ivntury |a.u, I!t9[) J.500 w«f« 
mfiwficml in Suviltir. ithiln id Toledo, 
ValHiriH. /.v., J(>,nil(l pHH*b*d. i^y iiiLmerniiN 
Vii^it' Ihn \'irLim>i nf S|iTi»Ub f«focilj, ihnt 
thi* (jfVjpUi iKyvxinn iirfil if iirtlJEiii-y mnnJiT, 
oiii] 2,000 uoitibuit (xiinrrle wriv, on mLB|iieiuii 
of nprKfa^y, rrbnjiHil np in a 1nrgt> btiltdlti^ 
llt^od ivitJi ron^biikftibta mtiti^ruiK »t^'l Uinn 
mui-Jrriflby A ei|<r» liii;fAriiiji; iWtb- Cruelty 
Eht Iciiiulh imdiTMl thir rlimri-X. -it bnd Ijix^ri 
Ulnttful ivrtb blood, -iimrHv wai^ now ici 
i;cH-j,i? it*«U' with upoilr:,— a dot'Wo of cailo 
vtoA jTublUhcd ; oh ! hinltlipway to Ptilcntino 
bivn tvpvn. it Hould \\\\\'\* been [( iltcm* of 
merry I Kut hi*rt- wim Mm twiriitg of *votv 
lilirv that bi>iitiil tbr>tn to the fund tbi-y vrcy^ 
WvJnp, — witb<» priuj: new »*cont*fi vrhoTP 
Ibuy ri^Ain iiii;cbt 1w rmiloil, — J0O,<H)U il«u-» 
laft t,ho IfiTiil whffro tlwy boJ hpo» bor&,witb 
tbt) molan<4ioly fcclinfr that* Uioy wrrv JiaJ!il 
|iLi--wiii£ from tli<) irnutp trf tfii< unjflv to tln^ 
inUinsof thn vnltui-o. 

J uinnot ckBtD tbU molftncboly I'^citfll -»f 
wnntfln, mviiir^. uniform rmolty, witlionl a 
iTfyrouop to thi' liutdiLcnt of our Jewiv^i 
brathivti in Ftttn^.- Tli(<i'o it xtju tho mutotn 
uvorv t^it-^tvi ti> Hiuit^ thorn an Ibo fnco «t 
Tuulou»o. Every kind of atory wa^ 
[rubliNbad iv^Liilin^ Ibmn.* Kiiikh isMU^d 
Piltfliii i"*jidrln^ llicni ro n-tt^rr nil pl*(lpe« 
■fi> i|n<»U* Lh<> ^vfirbi tl lljillnm, ** II win Ibe 
(lobc^ i.rf kini:> uf Fiuncr U> «tu|ilr.>y thiriu ns 
fi H|iiiu>^* li' himJs tln^ir MjibjcrtK' umin-y, ulikrb 
thi^y nii^'hl HftAnvHt^U t^rpiV" u'ltb |«w 
odium than diivct tasuLtion would iiiour; 

fUv. Thmtft^ Archer, vl.J/., DJh 


inoiiH trcni tW pulpft F<i ivvilv lumI iiifHiilt 

ta tJih iKHir Jav, r.hri-t iti inivrnt wiUi nil tliwir 

into ihceoM in^iff*rfniw cirhfltc, i*tnptb(>fttity 
of iU. fjuviriJitkoii, Kcrtifi^n^ <'f it.1 faiuc, 
boni^vcilon^w of itji ('iuirni». By tliu oafcluw 
ninl bin chji>f, Iho lonl iiiid hift vn»flJ, tKo 
elcr^' and the bur^hor, ibc? nwinrhcrd ti-nd 
Aiv tliuuo, li)' nil woA tlm J<.*w ibnuuucwt lu 
II wjtn he tlid ii|H:>rt nf rrut^lty, th« vidiiu ciF 
^Tobbery, or tJiu butt of fn»om- 

In evoiy etngu of Kx-tety, (Lndercvery (onn 
of f^'WMjiiieiLtr Lx-rimiLti tW iiiniieutv uf 
^vpry form <if r^li^fon, ve tiiiil rhom itmggml 
into Di>toriikt/ t/>i;nitiFy tb<? tvui'it^ oF tlio 
Opprc»«>fii-t or til .iriiii>4' by tbi'ii^ turtiiriw tJii^ 
mvJLi^o (riuil^ of Um jh>pulAi-i*, i^iiriin, wilb lU 
romjince nnd r'bivftiry, Itnly, tho pay. tho 
cliiH&io, iind nGiicilH iiliko sporld wit!i 
Hpbrpv ripJwibiUUw, an*! ulonU^ ovcv 
llftii-rnv a^'cuiicn; find Britnjii, thu bumo 
cf ftvotkiid, tbo rofiigq of thu ojiprcwsoU 
fr>>m i*vory oliinv. tho vi*ry touoh of whovo 
kolI eitifrAjmbiBf^ ib(i p>TiiVC<. bae in its auhelU 
riiiLMV It « lurk hi^«m>, \vliire liiwiity, gnift^ritl- 
li«tt.j pirty, Jirn) Lvii'ri]ii|^, pitljeif'i! 'Uili^iEbt 
from tho '<iin'«nngtt <»f llio furnrlit** a» from 
Ibr coiu-ji^e of i\nj Lnit«. llow luii^; lijui Uiv 
vory nnmft fcx-i^n n by-woifl, «. K^oi-n^ a 
biming ! Ia ia mnn cnnninj; f bo ik a Jtf»w : 
dirlyi be 16 n Jew; do&i lie ovfrr-reAcl^ hiM 
iicqgbbuui f be ui n Jevr. In tlin vouibuWy 
of abuiw no term is more t*oiitemptuoiis thuu 
thit> MonKtr-ous inf»tuatioit I that tbus 
involves n nution in the hwefpmg (mmuen 
line til tb« iiindiiot of imliviibml rni'iiilwr^,— 
And erroTt not mor^ illoKicial tban oold- 
Iwaitet ! tltJit rond^mnH tbo kWu bi*o<kiiEio 
be ha» not tht^ mntily \Hft-l tji tlitf fifr^ and 
dnnoiiiK^tw tilt* J&w \HtiM\itt lio Ih wUnt 
Europ« mfld© htm I 

1 fjmnot c]o»40 Uii;4 liinVii'ic t^kr-udi without 
i-i[it'H'vMJij^' my 111(1 it: iLEiiit iKiijiloiiiiiiitiuiL uf 
tAfir rriniiTinlity wbo thiw su>ii^bt to fi'iiMh 
tho Jow, hind willHiHt (iililingj tliftt on tbo 
<-'liri[itiari HnnTb icflt^ tbo wjtjn^n of dgbtenn 
mitiiiif^ for ftbich JH-ilk*u nad ix.'lif;ioii iilikr 
ilemnnd ivdii^fCH. Li>t mv not bt^ toJd of 
proph^^yf and ihsit nmn only cxc<riitcU the 
plfttrs of (lod yehcii tbey perwcutod the 
Nnttor"?«l ppO|il<? of brflv«n. Prrrjrftf'-ff ii no 
nr/« <\f ntficn to jir. fkjp i« juMti1iabl<^ in 
infiit^kii^ iUn pTi-Mlk'tL"! (juniibim'iil, tp- art' 
not ; 41 id tbp ftvct tlmt iii tun ncdooh wi^ ai^r 
iictTimplisbin^ tlie will of bi*>ivt*M, 
doae not change tha luorul unpoot oi' nntJtiv of 

our cl#(ht. I'ho dnnia wm dancmntvd — it Ktill 
piimutK tho people wbo with %v3ckod bAtidri 

t"ok and *]fw Him whoso dcnth wiw fore- 
■Imdrmtui mid wbo wim d ihrlf-dnvntLii victim. 
I donooiipp, then, the p.iliry. not mori' fo-ilt^h 
thnit mnli^ont, wbioh kiiidlc.<4i \hvr iimtlyi'- 
firoft, cr pouivil cait Abi-abtmik' bluul; and 
KHy ihjit rt weight up (f«|Kinhj tidily bo Uu4 
Jmv, vbicb w» cnii vn^vni- fulty dlM.-hjir^«, 
hivi on iih. Ob. hud our coiir^n' Ihi«i7i 
dilTtfronl T Oh, h»nl it i*B(*'i one tJ moiry 
ftnd loTft T Ifnd t.brf* pye of thp Jnw not 
h^^n diL^ct«d to tba i^row sj^ tho figbtntng 
of por^ociition pLivyod <trounil it^ Of from 
bfihiud it ciun« Uio hikr>h ^»md« ^* Kmbiiicfl 
thii^T or din ; " bnd ho giua) on Lhnt froK' ra 
tbo dmbloin of bvo, and board it* voicu HtiU 
iwviEdiii>t in pity, '' Kftthf^* forpvL* tbcm, for 
tlwy know imi nbjit tbcy do ■ " in one woj-d, 
hud thij croiGic bvun tlit^ Kyrrd^ol uf Kpiiitnn] 
powur nnd K<'lf (ioninJ ntid ^alk-nvt*, ntid not 
tbu vmblnzi cf nmbibion 'ii^d <i-tiirlty and 
cipp(vw*imi. Un* plwt fiir mpini?- howthfVrn^nt 
huil liHwi tb* Jwrv n<^«j/ how ojieii, bow 
tondor hiB tioiil! 

A voxnutfuL Tkor. 

Sinpihu' it ifif ii^ it mat V Ibjit amid jiII 
thww dispersions nnd pci^iofutioiiii the Jowa 
\m\tj fltill n^tninud thdr nuljonid icUiiitity I 
Kirh U u Juw in foatuiv, n'>t kq« in hnbits 
tb^n in rvLigicm. Tbo diHoiVnl uatioiio with 
which thay huvt\ EDingltd bnve ^'Jirinl in 
fHKbiori;^ in tbelr luiitli^of Uiiiikin^ 4nd hih'IhI 
policy — hut tb«^ Jetv )fi u Jftiv tfVCrvwberM J 
and tbiH |H>i)fi!o finni ono pjl^ <'4iixfod4iirioy, 
biiand Iry llio Kyiiiinthw^ uf futhn-lnnd, i\>n- 
fiPTmiK fif tbo froonai-onry of bmiio, iiii<1 r^ 
4)uirin|7 but a JooJc, x word, to open tho 
wrllin^ fountainii of nJi'cotjon, 

Now LIiIa i» aijuiniiloii^t not n. fjitt- Ft r^tJuidr^ 
HO fnr ftv ] know, itlono;, npproufbod only by 
the <'<iao of the Amhp, vot not hnvijig in th^t 
ilfi pfirnDti]. Tbo lf»hmac)iln ikikvu dn-^lt 
ulorif^ Mid infiiilutwi. Thrir dc<Hi-i<u(. fixim iho 
»'l1'l>Jil4 of Cbi*ir i^ilrtJj^l xuu cm Kiii^>]i^ U'ah 
n jTjpid, niotfom", I'lmiivntii-i ^wont^ n Hudikn 
f^k<;on uf power; tlmy Jiriviiii; ^ptt^Iily ir- 
tired firiiJi tho polish of Riiiii]h* tn t1»A \'nhi- 
nesi^cb and uitaphcity of i\ia di^umrt, Boftidofl, 
th«y noro tho opprcEvon^ tho viotoi^i^ and 
ixjmmiindcd their own terms of intercourse. 
All is dilTf*nr-nt hprc; thn Jrw* hnving 
iidngkd for ngca with nativr* of n.11 landis 
not ad lords, but b^ Mibjocts. Modern 
]Gjl{£liidjmoti iii-r a liii.\i?d i.nt of fliiUmSf 
8nxon«. Moiiijiti>!k nnil N-ii'mnnA: h«it nil iin» no 
hli^ndnl by Iiuh< that it ir aLmftd iinf-or«tibt« 



Mrnutritti^ rif (Jim^ifl T^Hiittiphjt ittntmjf Ifu^ Srwa* 

to diiitinpfuifth, by pbyvical pluHiumoim, hlni 
in whcfew vdrut thf.* >onuni^ Itlooi fto#a 
clorurcvt nuil fiillnt. Tl;« French tm i^ot 
lOM hotorogeneuTirc in tteir lS[L«»f;ei mnl>rH.e' 
iii|^ tt it Ao%ts <>iv^it, JConxui tLml Kinnk; 
howOTOr bIiatP »iiJ 'Ii^^tincb oritfiiinl vnrietiw 

eftrt dtiu^riim t.lkA nimwt.iy of nny Tuaiyf Diit 
J«VH ^tAn4 out ftXita all; fA't; fir<T ^»f, and 

ftWii^jf thoir onnnf>v4 of dcumoot from Abm 
fiHin anil rNJi4r itiiil JjiaiK f^inn oartJi'M inoai 
ilJtiAtriotu luid niLoicfnt aruti^crnu^y^ 

Iltuodcji. vo Imv'o Ewcn tlio Jew Ji^puioti fvud 
|inir»ccuted, not lifiaiiac poor, not fijr Wfiiit 
(if niiiE^L Illicit tw« cir UWl, biiL ijecavM a Jm". 
If ho hiLiI iitteruirkri'JtKl ivlth riominjtl ChriH- 
tinrui or n-ttloiJ down, lo^ri^ his TmbiouiLl 
idiofivncrtuv in Uta nlu^tLou (?f tlio liutnij* 
of tnoHH witli wliiim li>* lulngEwJ, ln» tnigliL, 
hc> vi>Tilil liAvo fiXA^riHl porAoeuttou. Stimly, 
fiuBVTm^t IIk4» lin* of n fumaoc m>vcii 
timvn borite^li iiiiifht< luivi> fijvcil ilonn Ih^ii 
riAtlrma! jitTnchmitnt iKt\A mfhinnl them lo 
nwrgo tbomwlvci: ia fturroQiKiin^- mowHK 
But nOf not hoooiir profforrd at th(" f^p^'tuu? 
of nbnndoning PulwUne al^ thriv kome^ not 
th^ nim f^f NnpoWn tu biiilil n i^'iih^ngn'* nt 
Montm<Lrti^>r not tli<^ nk^jrii of cvntunc« of 
pcuwLUititrtL ti^nd L'unU'Uipt, haw ahukicu K\\^\r 
qiu<n<-'h!i?N« JiLtiu'httiuia to tljc liiud uF Uiiur 
fAlhvix It U iuipowitjlt* for uv to irrmf^iTiO 
iU (loptb ; it 14 kk iHMBioD, it ia t>iirt of 
tlioiasviWes. TIip kngtnge of Ibft r»&«lite 
to Kintttikr r«pr«v«nlM (heir nutioii*! din^- 
ingjj^ '* I am IV J«Tv, iknd oev^r oin b»Afiy< 
UjUi^ but a Jfiw. Wi: n<ivtr Iiatp IcMti ard 
ii«v*ii- CHU lc*o fnir 4iiitii>rijtl djunkicter by 
mingling with i\\\ llin nrttionii nmnnp whom 
wo \i\\v^ been smttorodj and w» ou^ht novor 
to loflin it- Wc nhnll nlwuys bo n disitmct 
p(iop]i.'. W« timy bAcoiiif] CikiwtirvDKf but ctiii 
novor biv-omp (jt^ntilw." 

in it oekcd oQ wliat piiaoipk wo mn nc- 
count foi' the r-rcwrvatbD of tliis iJentitj i 
Ciui wt- Li'ZiiriT ihiniwjiikiuui eiiLlrely tu imtitml 
prircSjijHM f W'v iiiKy. imlctNl, reprcAsnt It pw 
p*rliv f;rf*wj«iE d'lt of tho Blul^ljomiiom of 
attnvhuieiit, tJi« lova Ihnt dbf^|i^itH U; ttr« 
obj«<'( by Ibe fit*r<viieArt i»f jwr>t<'nticiii It 
endurfiB ; rnrtly to t\w ijnarK^hltiu iincir^^ of 
tb# bomo reeliht'i' ; lImI pirr Iv to the tlinlt- 

iog hope of Ii:--fi».i[|iH rlint RuijiiHU-ft nlh 

But e*pe<"mUy will Inm Smjtt.urnl philnxophy 
delight in trackiiifl nnd D^ialFinR tho powop 
of Goil in EniLjEirjkinin^, nniii Ml thnt ml^bT^ 
iraiMiir i*, tho imtiioLJc *mUiijr of the Jew 
^n iLn'H4l[ng or bn^ikiii^' Ibif nmi of tbe 

penccutor^ uud eliortoimj|{ tim dixyt of per- 

ko<7uElc;ii ; >md tbim En bebokllnu ^1^^ pnrf^rt 
C[>uihmntio», Uio pamtbliam of pr^vidviuik 
jhEiil jifipbwy — t]ie Hi-m of ibo fonuei^ noiw- 
!««# m tlie t^kliik of c?!OTAi«ionh {luweri luxom- 
pbNhicig tliti dodanttion of tl» lAtC4«v ^' Xa 
Iho ponplo ^Kail dwell a1i>nr,^'* 

[ kAnnot chiMi thiji Jp|i^iitmenb of ii^qniry 
witliniii uiklinp, tlmt no s.\u-h ^in^^tilivr phrno* 
monon onuld huvx* oxutAd tvithoot u rc^ksoo 
rtilct:|UAtc ii; importance to itc^ Mn^pilnri^. 
To rtputk without circmulocutLun lU' du<eaiM>» 
nnil witfimit comptnniUin^ iiny oil« in thEs 
Dpiaioti, 1 co&ct'iro ihit prM^reatioit ^fni^ionoi 
iwiiuitl'^atit^ to bt a tjuvntnic-, cit UH&414 a 
/j»uru, (/ ntiti'mtAi TV*ivrafimt. I bLull 
i^-riipMloimlv fiuoM th» gmnivd hoi'^nft^rr to 
bo ooo(jpi<>) by tliot« f»i' nblfiT to survey it 
thnn I iLiu, extx-pt mi far a» Boeaui rtHjuirite 
t» trt^nrli ii[i<m it iit ]U^«i>uutiiij; for an extm- 
ordiEiaryfnctin JawUhbisti^ry, — thor»t»ntiarn 
of DAtional diAtinct'lronowi. 1 know fiot if 
out vionii harmonize on tbi;i siibjecU It is 
pnuihio Ihatthii IfirturttT who in to KnalyxA 
tho pivwpoH^ cf Isrnol nmy dittot from mo ; 
but what of that f It id only tbo dilTrraico 
of indt^pmdent minda, DX«nriM.<d in tbo 
ffXAminrvtion uf Smptiin?^ -nndtbe dinforrry 
tA trulh LH Mir^dy better than thi* munotoiioafl 
evpulcliTuJ uniformity of unthiukinif tuen. 
Oiitj word, tliPH, ftud but a. word, un UiiK 
tupii\ No OTUL OAi) fnil to pw tkrit tbo lomM 
in which thu [trophcts apiMk of iHFaol'o 
iHsborntiuii Anf, if I uiAy ubi» tbo WtaJ, 
bomi»>:(=*ijvourif II thiM<i in which 1.hi*y dfuplaiycil 
puniHhnji^iit ; Ihht ^ the <^ur>-0 imd blwr^in^ 
Apc offl hiuiilrtr iiAtiin.-^ If, then, th^f ppvnk 
vf U t<<tij|'<;ri)il di>>j.H.i'ni^'n. tbcii LYP<t4.iiiitiuU 
must lifi tfimpcrnl lini; if (lonvfli^ifrly, tbfllp 
nwtorntioi) bo mciroly Apimiml, th«n luivt 
tbcii' dijkpnrftiorL liitvo bcm mes^^ly «|nritiia1 
aIhl>, Tbo OQU liinb of thn Minlimco Mumot 
irffii- tti n itpuitTial, thn olh*r Xa n. phynk^l 
fact. Tbrj form pnnUlclinmA. ond tbo thinf[« 
parallel aud controdtol muAt be of oiio oidei. 
Why, then. diJipiiiA ui- dHuy the nwton&tioti 
of thikt jk(«o^dc f \% it on BA^Kmiit o| th9 
dil^ionltv w.v«ri'ly PApr<v*icd, but «tttin^1y, 
«lthou^u ludetitly fell, uf ^Tithorin^ ii\ia out? 
MO nmny, »u> widefy Hcattvreil bumnn beiDgul 
I win not tb)'*>w (b« point of my reply An 
tho omnipotf.noo (if Cod, whirh can rfiiJiitto 
iiud l1>'OiiML|-ur:^ H-nd mfuiiri y>\\\\ uow \\\^ 
lUid adoi'n nilh Aurpai^inj^ IrivnliiiM«4 thn ^i*t- 
folvod oE«T[i(^iitA nf oiii' framCf and w not lom 
ad«|uate to coiiJiohlatfl in on« |>olity tho 
dii^pui?<Ml elemeribi* of Lho Jewiiih j>eo]iler. 

5uniUn uit. f , 

Bnb'I KPP**1 to fact, tli(i fact nf thnir IhciIji- 
imu hu kApl lh«ni in n lUtn of 
ptv^irinition to cantor Piklt^inn tliik moment 
llw wfly id open. Thflv know tUoii linftigf^. 
*V]i(*y Iwnr Llmir li«r*iMry in r.htih f:u?i'*- 1 hry 
h^v« notify of fitthcrlatLd toHix-or in lontinf* 
their prcfleiit honiDA, The «plj inJitKi mififht 
riao iii, irhoy thought of tho pi-oiwitior- that 
BnFiiin exl^iul«rt, mill tbr> fritiiic][ilit|i:t l}i<'y 
hull clit^rislied in it : but ihm t\g\i w.ndil pckiu 
bo l»t in tho FrtartUtif; cr}^ -KcrruN. 'ihvj 
juuiL.^lliey iiirii M'itih nriloiiL nflt-L'tluii to 
tlw Holy Liiriil, Hrrrl Tli^ liTnttof th** tvnrri>flt 
of l\wir jiibiioti U^inm^ uloL^i: thf rtioi'^ of 
Hm Mcditerraneno 8<ui« ovt-r tbe re^ioiitf of 
M«*«u|xrtiimia, aloii^ the HimiiliLya hui] il« 
Aud«A, CO th9 rugg«d HidoA of ttj«> ('niinmiiH, 
•bd ttoruMthe VFLvtiHof th«> j^tlftntir, would 
be in«tA]jt«»wiu»Iy foUi>ii\<'tl by tha rapiil 
iDjtrch of the mrijinmpil homo-boiiml rhiMrnti 
of lerft©!. NnUonoUy, eooinlly puiii*b*Mj, 
thry j-lial1 bn thei^ natiotially, Hi>cinUy H^prod. 
Tli« ooii^verpiotj of eicb would Xte iJidividuAlly 
n pi'oof th»t bia p3r»onikl am^ uta for^vm, 
but no hign that thote of his pountr)- nrft 
But eolloctively ranjwnied, ihe n.rpum«nt 
alinll Iv uncqiiivodi, thnt ihrr huiicl t]jAt bail 
Kiuitten 4o heni-ily hnt h<inTi'<3 hihI reitorvd 
Uw^Ei,— thAt the iiittipficftiion of tfn^ Crutrifiixl 
haa At length tnoiophod ovr^r and agiuQnt 
the «vlf<itivakec1 v-urM* mf IIib murilcivnt* mid 
tliat fearful as vriin tb4> doom ttwy impreaotod. 
'* His blood be on UH. and on otir childron," 
lliut blooj liftft \iVPii as i-ioh to purdutj lu it 
WAX miijhty to ui>Md9mii, aiuE tlint in l«iitl- 
taoay of it« |kowi»r and [>raviLiouo«, ILiB ory 
lijut u?mi h(!»i(3. ^* Fnthor. for^^vo tliem 1 " 

rii'i'nKH(tt> 7 
Bonji of AbiiLlmm ! hiy friondn aitd 
bnatbmji !— would I rould iM in (lidnti 
And yet rir« you not! for la not llu tho 
gtt<iit or?nti-^ ruul rrLllyiDg |H>int both of Joa' 
ntid OenUk*? i hnte Hk^tchpii fftintly the 
dUpTniorih Htid iJi'rM'1''iiN of your |wojik< 
I buve L.Mnd4'iiirLt4]. not Tmrjlly. tli« i^iiit uF 
tbu |rt'i*iviutrji^ hihI onfuv-^porn^ inn will 
pc>t« you uin^^l not tbiJiK* hovir«ii!i-. tliv oui^* 
nLiw^l»'>^ biih 'v>Tna^ or thnl rh]i<(tiwf>Trit>nt iin- 
tiiXiUPipM iiJ aavn^vily nnd dumtjon U^ih bemj 
intlicted by miin, iLiid tiJlowcd hy b«&i-«u. 
witbt'ut miuon ov juhtior. Why tb^ii^ ] 
•sic, ftll this henyy n-nd jimtrneled sTittV-rlngl 
Why this Almoit unraitignteil tnJhctinii of 
apporont wronff^ Your fathei-^ wx-v^ j>eitefl- 
ful citJ/HAiiHi. Tliair htiniefl w*»ri» nn pjiii', rtr^d 
Uw nuraa of ua rich virtues iit thc!« of iheiv 

i^>. Tfmn/tM At^tir, AM,^ Dd>. 

tyrantti : the JowlaU mnidan was iw lOTolyin 
tlio ifnuw of 1i«Tifvi>7«-ricT< iis tbi? djiitghCter of 
tiju S&Kon. Tlir vtc«H fif )riiir |>i'OtfMiLtorit 
werci Ihc foiTw! fruit of bondiip?. Tuey mot 
forco by cunning. r.T Kfu^hl. to bribe u^prui' 
ti\iiM by ^]d wliit^h thi^y bmrd^ii vfth «vnHf^ 
mid ohtiLiijeil by mjuf^K't'. Allow th«in frt^ 
jflriy, lni»-t thoni ; lot tho briwui ■shield of ihtf 
titvv protitct thoiii fniiEi tliM |JOWtir of 
f«Piitimm ; do not onprrH thtro, nod Ib^y 
ropfty ooTilidonpft byk1ndn1^H(^ tbo Mociirity 
of thf lnw by the pnni^iihipsj* of thoir con- 
durt, and ini|jnivi' thifir »cvpiul mfnty by 
cultiirnting tb(* joyc nnd chormK of domfvtic 
life. Why, tbon, iLCiu:) I at^kf nil thi« 
oppro&ion ? And vrW dnty diw* its ex- 
]Kri<TiiM< icr^ n|Kin yuii F [ «bjd1 not employ 
iny £iwn bkn^fUHgu, buf f^HJfy uiy>i4'tf Unbind 
J«wieh fiutbonty. In Ibo y^nr of tfio world 

^669, or ut ih^ Cbrifltuui orn ld^7. Mi 
liiiivrliit (itcKfi^ VMA iwuRd Uy thn AuIoci'aTp 
of ItuwJA iHifujiing to tolomto th« prvMnce of 
tho roliffioufi ftiiictionni'iR4 of tbo JowR in 

hif dominions ; a iwvcjv, ^tuu^i^nt. And crur-I 
net. A lni*<*tin^, m e*mnvjTn»nce. of icwii 
wiu convened in t^jridi'^iif D-nd of Iho nddroiu 
tlicn published I quote ana pnriifiroph ; ond 
oh, uiy I-M'iu'liti^h fiicncU, let ine boneet])! yciu 
to )i>ten to it 11* tho voiiv of yoiiv hn*lhren 
itwurding to tliu tieeh : *^ All thvtu* |n-rf<<cu' 
tionji tnunifefit n prcvuLing spirit which 
aluHilJ ulnrm lUe )^^utllit(ltl uf a)l L'ountriuH 
nnd rbni^, inj indiD^ Hf to iimiiRn onr 
hithoi'f.O but foo Jorinant roi>ii<;g* jvnd to 
jwnrch our ft*ijh ; tb/it m>, by tmying oflbcU 
to i'jLiiM'>, m- iiiny jiireni^jt tu find n vpmrtly 
foi- the iLccumiilnlad «vil>- uhioh hnV(« 


Memories -i>^ OoepU . Trinni-phs anunig ihc JeUM^ 

bifAlIon Uld jtLltl MltTiMllul ru ; nthl UiAl wt- 
majMiJciiovIwlgn thri jniHtWi^i our rr«auir, 
0V4m tlio Kin)7 of IvitioJ, luid <>wii timt tlic«ii> 
«n well ivi fill thi> otlicr o}i^bttb4tfuib?Mit> wbtcli 
hELtvlmo Ki4i{iiHUm cKinlwaUid hiuulK,nm,ui 
il tMpecU thi> Almighty, mmtod by our idn* 
and LhtoM of oiir forofath&n, u dcnaiinooil 
U^' oHi- liLWgivcni Anil propbrta" My 
brvblirvii. IH th^ hjiirit nf thi*wwcnlHnninkutJ< 
viiti, liH^ \uiir Mtt it title l>v o\m of profouml 
i>rayorfur«xAR)tiiJaioii und t>i dt-pp humility 
lieforv JuIjvva^, tv> yuii nnk lL(> wlviuu 
fpicKiirm, Why Txrftel hii* liwin tm long 
i^pproiMul andcaf^ itll from Xhtf favoiii' of itiJ 
Lard T Look to thul cloud whicb over uiico 

thi (Wtb cjT Chrihl lifth iiia^ mvr joiir 
iiarion. Tnuw tl)i4 iwrioJ und drcunwlaiicik 
of itfi riHo in rcljiLiciii to IhoAo of Hin citici- 
fixion. Ijciok to it> lu^ ovifr thn mrbh the 
Iti^htfiinR Wps (mm itn daih Ikwiis, iuu3 
drinlrK up tb* blood cf your nn«*tty. Bot, 
whiln you «*«% r*inctnbcr thnl Uio Sun of 
Iti^htrcuniiuH in behind; vxd that lT id 
jiiiHtfririnn of soul yoii Iviw yoiirwLvtw ni ^hl^ 
diiHt )i^ui-o him, hiH bvftjn« will niit itTily 
Fmftvri yotu- liCttrU but melt nwuy for Cter 
ib^il; bi^iLvy cWd. mid iutixnlurv ^uu to Uit; 
pfuirn ftnd joy nf t^vf^lAslfng ilay. WhWi 
mny Uio Uod of Iflmel gnuit for Shiloh'c 
jutlw ! Amoo, 

(1774 -lB4a— IMS,) 

JAMF> KKNNIOT WW horn fn thi> wist 
<if 1/riiUiMi. Miiy "J'J, I7t 1. llih fvirt'iil?! 

Hf'i'i^ piiHi*. ^ktiil l|n'ir irifl«piic.-p OH ihi." luiud 
of thi-ir Mm hii^j niohl i^lnfAiy hh long ik tl. 
LnHt^'d ; hilt il wnfl hih imliappy fi*t,ftt u eery 
4tnfly (ij^o, lo l^t^n by tiratb on* t»f tho bmt tif 
nulJiiHii, tlU fuihi<r, bim^v^i-, by htA vtm- 
K-unitioin jifid cv>nwrtc'nt (li>pfiH,tB4»nr, fllmtii^t 
imiM.'i'i'i'plibly roHruiiicd lie niind of bi»iNui, 
Olid hrpi him k'roiti tbo ilLUjiji)£tiii; rcnultfi iif 
inUiieiiivH U' which h^ wjw i-xixiHid- Aft4iT' 
K|H'iidfiig II fi*u VMLrK with u tcnchor, fiiim 
whoni h" lpin»*i| vtry littfc, to w'^t^ put 
iiiiiUt tbi* i'nr« of n trjhdi»tDun. whoni^ luu'vh 
iiih\ "vrrU-Hi-hi^" cioiidiwt li^l nt hint l*i ii 
r^rtribintinn of tho i-n^;i^i'Tii«Tit. Hooii nfliT 
thih b(i loft 1^»iiloii iLnd 141.111 lo hath, fLivl 
thfci^ wnuglil r(it|)]iy»irtiil, WbilL-* in llii»* 
ttity ill tbo wrttf.. bfl Irtipi'd in a Iioiiju* wh«^. 
bi* WFiit fi'i'qruTitly liiini(rl»l into imtiiAliiito 
hiU^«oti]-K< willi miQic m-nl pfir|di.' li-hm^iiiC 
lo fhr Movrniiin Ihi'rhiTii, jmd utliri-N 
Tv*]ri1]j;[Tig Xij I he WvpU^ytiim. H, w.-ku in 
1ht< i:-fini|iuny 'f tht* taTtor Umt t^cul uit't 
bull, (i1viii^-td liic ciiiiviit <<1' hiH thouflitifi, 
ihMi) luii'lij him H now (-irjitura in Ohritit 

His Oonversion. 

. Oonwrniri;: hif L^Mivpi-siiHi, !n' wroU^ ; 
" MoHif'n/, Au^iihI Ki, \T32. A day ever lo 
b^PMn^rnVHinvl by mv, I wu unt'JipHloOly 
ijivitiL>il Ut lhki> U-ii Vfiih tuij pifjuB iH'oph- iu 

Ibi' Iluiim*! Jit which I WOK liiit wH] plpu^nl. 

iH Ih^Ir e^ntpiiiy mid cnnvrnvLion nLiuhi mr 
^Inojny. AllcT tcH thciy wont to pmyer, 
whiVJi iuaUo it ''till more irkiumc to my 
i^ninl tninH, Bnt rJm Jxtnl k>ou anamnul 
their pniyprw for luy eonwriirrai. Ouo uf tliu 
pm-ty, Ml', iSbiim, ft UciinHii. wJio lx*Wij-rd 
Ui th*T MKhirilxr^t 8(H"itty nl Itntb, on H*in;; 
fmm [imyur. wriM M^ti^l dinertly uppoHrti- tlii' 
^vniitiful hilli iiirrvuudiap thnt dtv ; nhic^h 
led him t/> aayt iQ a e[nrii which 1 wuuld 
wure »lvvij.ya ifriiie. ^ Huw Ixniulvuna ip tlio 
Titml in jirovrdm^ for |1i4 (-hEMrnti. t>ol orly 
iht^ TuxioKHiiH*-, but Ui<> viifAnHuitiith of \i\w. 
H'ivr h*ipy>y/ M\ul \n\ ' in lh» iimn wll'^ hciiijjE 
iimdi* |>fvEliiki-r rjf ji living fnith. i:au c^U tliu 
( peril u \i(i mndn nil thcMi thiiJ>c« hiii own. All 
uiATikind im> EiHikii:|E bnppiiinv/ For the 
^iki* of Miyiiij: HOinoi.luiijf. J ftdd<^t ' ^mc iu« 
>«^''ktn>C in 'hr riKht wny nnd tome in Uie 
wroik^/ f hud no hooiivr Tjtcvrt^d th«e 
wor^ifL, than 1 m-oa uli-uck with Ihu oo&viction 
Uiat I wnn r>ct:kiik}; il in llit^ vrtvnc wn\. A 
wilemn fi^i-lin^, whirh I \vv\ ln'rin-** v\[tv- 
viciivvtl, and whJob I hml Moii^bl totlniiw i^, 
now vnmv ovi-r my mind, btit i«tt«thd«d with 
A mh:ii^ iiiilicattiuu Ut vhvn^h it IWh 
thouj^hl now |iirri^i>^l ir. Ko 1-bnTi towmr^h 
tlio tini<^ ^htfH thw w(rr0 goin^ to ehitpvl, 
which wna in n fow noorr^, it hoeAnno intonmr. 
My whoV' Mruil wrin iiiiw nlt^rtvd. The IiIa* 
<»f my will wa** runnel. My grief now bogiui 
to be aUoviaUid ; my hope in Dinne merey 
wun »tiiiii^benod ; ai\d ohoitly After my 
I.ijid of ^iiilt WHS erttirvly Tfmcupd, my oym 

The liev. Jnntu Ilen^M, D,D, 




of lliv rroKH, Siidi w^ the 4THVc-t of Ih^ 
ddiTcrjbnco, tltnt 1 wi*« ovi^nvhvlmo'lt »in\ 
wus ivMjiikilvil of tbe A'Orl'* ' CViuifort mc 
wtTh ftpples : for I nm pic'lf of lovo/ ■ Or 
«r(>r L waa awnrv. Toy m)ii1 muilt> mo lih« tlio 
cbnnoUof Ammirndik' Thnitif^liout thi» oiid 
ttli< two following ilnyh i cotltlmietl (n n 
mcMt «<stjttk' !itn(*, X U_v down with n lirtirt 
huruiog Willi retleeniinff loro» iiud ro*o v'lth 
the mine rMiKl^lfiil noDK^tiana. I couM 
o>miMji? it to uothiiig but n gniiLlo fire 
burning iri my br«««t : Iml&eJ, U Wi.'iT:C4t 
to hww i)m\. jtbywtnL olTeot on niy Iruuu'i 
thflt it mviiicmI to iti« Ittcrallr eucL ti 
l}iin)£ iiJ- IV lU'li^litHfiil gkiw kimll^l \\\ mj 

*' 1 novr wondoTvd that I hail not «een t]i9 
»»jrci'ioL' lLitp[ilTii<JA of tbo poop]« iA Oi>dt 
nml ^lv^Jllfll'Lrti )icjw wTiuin nnd bfljifiy Mn^ 
Bow^n lookrd. I thouj^Jit thnt 1 only 
to reliito wliflt 1 hnd cxpoijonivd, \i\ order ti> 
ladiif*: othi^i'K to btcoiQi? foUowcrn of tlic 
l4imb, T t1ii<n*forH miub> (hf^ cviH^'mcnt 
upon iL yoiin^ mun IbH lirvd with mp- Ktit 
the dluirp ii^^ulfH? 1 rL<wivi-d eonvincod mo 
of iHj ioWy in, piuppiHUlu tLi;l tin' cmiverwun 

H« nj<mimU'd tiu* how I liiid Riv)^»tt Iwhjive^, 
luid thuii^b Ltrnuvui.T to find i\mX crthi<rrtwt^ru 
HJ niurii litn whsL 1 jiixt nuw wji«, il 
de^li^lil^d \^\^ tit HM- whal r'Aiii'i? T \\uA for 
^rotittido to iUA, nbo Jjjid dobwrfd mo 
fri'in thiA uwfiil #t£it«. Itut joy waj* not 
ftlwftVK Ui \ki my parti'ni- 

" iVi*ioy.^Tht* Lcv^\ hid Hifi fnto from mt*. 
J wn.^ pftKml from 'tho h£Lnc| noting boiiM?^ to 
the llclJ of bntllc. for I had fooli*h]y 
mip]>0Ht4i [hilt. [ wjH III Ik> nlwnvii rE<joi('iTi^. 
J HOW <'oiiylTiiJ*>d thnt K'»mp ^ivat «[n nrnit 
litivd bo«ii tho cmiw uF thin di.^|n-»v<io[i , The* 
oifpoMtion .-iiiil itfpjvni'h I met with fi'i^m 
ifiA woihl, Joinnd with inwitrf) oitiilliti, 
lilfoi-ilt'd th<i ^ii^iiiy ri tine opportunity foi- 
Unipihtioii. But though my «oij1 nif^oilvd 
with bontir at. tho L*>ujptiak»u to i^tiiru to 
thA druil^f^^y of nln ngnin, ypt this itnngi- 
tintion t]il<Hl, huunt«d nnd di^^t^^ed mt^ 
Thiis bcin^ my llrfit, wii^ a severe trJiil; 
but. U.*iMg fouiidtnl, I tniht, uiioii tho 
Hcick, thu j^uU^ of bell vouM not prevuil 
^Limit mo. Thtf tuuet benoficrnl eScct^^ 
www produceil by this inaX immtdifltely 
aflpi' winv»-rHioti. 

"I hjifl bwn much <0(OU'i'^d with th<* 
idoA of boiJig vjiiM to pt'^jtc'h tbo ^wfitl, I 
Wiw with Miijjo diilLmlty prewnt^tl from |;oiii^ 
out lumifMliLttnly into tbe higbwnji^ »ncl 

beilg«N ELiid ml1Iii>( >4!iiN>^'> (o ir|ii.Ma»Ti[;^. 
'J^hoii^ I tnikt ibifi wns from tho lj:»rd, ynt 
1 ilia riwnro that Satikii hjirl muoh to do 
vritb It. [ vjiinly imn^incd that nrino wa^ 
nn rxitiinrdinnry ivuo^ tiiat U»iw^ n^vnr Bii* 
■ueh t ft>nvorijoti lut mino, nod that I wn* 
to do woD<icfti in tho curth. 

*' My tml norrcd in aomc in^oiiarD to 
wLilidiEo niy pnilr^. Aiid irmke in4> think my 
uKpCTu^ucL- would bti rjhucb Jiku tiiiit of 
otbc?r.i> Vvt my d^irt* lo jirvJioh tho 
^[oipc] cunliuut^; hut, by tijo udvi(.v uf u 
rrlihfid, 1 i^Hfed ilie t«inpt4itJon to ^> itiit 

Afi<*r 1)0111*: tbiw ccrorcised in tniud. h<? 
*' prij^'iil iiiu^]ii4«(.Jy rJiMt tbif Tjiij^I ai^uKI 
fihow ni« will by opening o door U\ pitivi- 
dcccf", rtuolviDjf miplititly tofolJow whoraror 
Ho should Intd.' 

"This ovi^nin^j/' h" f^y*, "1 wiw un- 
uxpoctodly cftliffl iijHun to AIL & vncftncy in a 
viibific, <uid 0oarti-utod," 

*^ i «lePt«l 2 CV. V, IC : * Koi we rau*t all 
appear Wforo tho judginmL nsit of (.'hriftt-' 
My JouMh ttnd fiMr* ran high ; but i wo* 
utdi><l Jii uiy meditiitlonit imd in Kpciihtn^ my 
bt^futi my Irpn MVie upriii«d ; uud. jm I 
I'Ad^lvnd t^timomnM of rbe |>iHiple'H ^itiftfiuv 
(ion^ my tiiihd ivuh Itdty mA«i4> up thiLt I 
ww< following tho pAlb ot duty." 

Mr, Bennett under Dr. Bogue. 

Fiom til-) 2JUi of Dt^mbor. iTDlJ, when 

ho dnliiviitil UiA tirht w^rritiiM, rtidy jilK»iit 
tbroo tnontht aftor hif conv«vicm, tho work 
of tho piiuiAtry >iciin tlio ahuoujiint thoujfbt 
of hirt taind, lib pniyrrK. \\\> mmJiUiiatiH, 
hi* ainvTft'>(Utiuii with ><i*nior rhl'iMinrm^ worn 
id] diTL^L^Iod to tho inqciirr. *' I^ont^ n'bnt i^ilt 
thou hiivc mo to do f" WhiJo ihuaaiixiomi 
io kuoiv the will of tbo Lord, niid tho wjiy 
h* Hhoiild \tk\iv. ihf* ll*v, Mr. UVTtmi, »bo 
hjul beenoiniof ih". Uoguu" *>nr]it«tn(tTidonfr*i 
rwommcTidod Mr, Bt^ueit to i^ater the 
ucfuJomy ut Oo^pul'l, 

On thp 1 7lh of Octolier, 1 TS3, ho went ta 
Gospon, nnii ooinmonood and ooiituiuod \\\a 
htiioidH witii » dili|:«nf« ^unl Jii^Ji/iir which 
HjiHi Aficuiv^I fiir hiirt ili*tinr1.iuii umitit^ Id* 
fullow-tludontt. and tho ».podaL eBloom of bii 
hoDouifd tutcv. llcfcrrijip to thin pcHod 
of hiA bUtory, avA the oircuuiAtoi^ctvs itl4t<^, 
Lv Hty^, "i glihdiy icuiKod tb<< mn't^r, iind 
wont to <.-<i)7;pcHr(, wbvro I bi<aimo X\\it 
h\\<Axv\tv pupil of goud Ur. Itoguc; tat ihut 
itp UKd Lo bo *uiO» *Dr, Dogu?p idol i« 
Mr, R&Hiiclt."" 


Mrmori^s of Qonpd Tthi-ftt^ihA amoaff iti^ J^n, 

Mr. Boimett fta Paator. 

Itt tTDA, ^vliile \ti uuJor Uio tuiiiori nf 
Dr. lSo^(i(>, ho i-iv(T]Vo<Z III] tri>il-ktk>h in taki* 
ihn jf)i>u>mJ dt>tr|;fi^ at tlitr l'likii-rh ieihI 
cotip^tfiilion nt ItomEoy, Ho m*^j>W Ihi* 
iQvitottonT fkiid l>0(p(in hh ntatcd minutry 
ai Roiiwy, I'VbruarT, 1 TSC, and w«» 
orJniniHl April 5th, 179". 

Uu Eikboun WL4\< po hriti'itiroil of tiii- l^/inl, 
thai ]Q taking fi ivricwnfti*r iiv br\ii bwii 
H^tllvJ cti ilou^nry rijiirtvvti vuirH. lit- wruW, 
*'Th>> Cliiirali U rmtr flv^ r>r nix tlrn^4 jm 
nuDitfroiiri iLfl ii wiu fourteen youm ugo, In 
*iiiM your, wo nviojvcrf fu* i»»ny in^mlwiv. 
wUhiu t<i\. H^ t'liu vulkolt* Cbiitrli CfJiutiHlvd tJ 
nt tmf tiniP, AmoU;^ nil lltniia ndmitti'ri^ thn 
ilifitiinowof improprir (?Jmfhirt haVU bi>4>;i fnwr 
only iJiir rjta>Eaiimn]»t«d, nnil lie orcntimlly 

l>ii]'in(f hi* pnntoriito ut Homi**}'. hi» hnd 
tbo hiitli mLtirfiK'tion of iiitrodudii^ to tim 
wfjrk**f tlic ministry, and mttw^ut'iitlytc I hi? 
CliiiT'Oh Itt lltJiiiipi^'^lmiTi. llii> Hi'V. J. A. Juirin^. 
In tfiiiny of iiu* viWh^'h nrtniTnl Hoiic^'i 
tho yuLtti^ mitkintci' intivxlLiiA^I thi* prrvu^li- 

tll£ (if tljl' (EUtJitI* ILUil i^UblLHlu.*tl Hftllbftllj' 

UiLii of thi^ i]><Hf r«|nnrknhli> inbtonci^ of 
lihcrralil y m tto biitory of chapo] biiildinp, 
DCciirrtLL] ai conutTtl^m witli I1I11.1 Chiirvk :it 
Komtoy. wliiU* Mi- Itunm^u wnu piuitor. <in 
tiDP SvIjWU Kr ftniuJtmcoil tlio irktv^itirtit nml 
iIphi^ (if IIki pviti'^T to liiiiUI n liir^cr ptaro of 
nf ji-hhip, rhnd uu thp; nrxt HiMjjitli \tv. fin;iu-]ii-<l 
A thnnkii^vinjf wi'muiir thiit nU tho monoy 
tliou^ht to bo iiocdlnl hmi bwii pi-omiscd- 
Aju! IIloui^U it wii» Mibht4|upntly found mm-c 

TnniinynTL«iii<if(1'Hl,JlWLi"Eriui]iptl,| ^lNlrnlltl■•'L^ 
nii<l tho new <-li]i[H>l U'uw c»pi-fi(^1 fi'iHt tif Ovbt, 
Tin* wns n mt'i^t tiibfltniiiinl Uwtncir>iij nf i\w 
IngU chttwui iiiiil ili;voti'd fillVtiou ijf tlii^ 
pwpk' (o th*iir jinwti*!'- 

liv. Bennett aa Pastor and Tutor, 

Aft<?r SL'VOTiti-eii ye,*iV InJ^in' in Kotnwy, 
wIk-iu Mr. UtiitiHt t^intinuL^l b<i hv ibe 
dtlt^nl pi'i'hPVtTm;; fctUilMtiln a<>* wvll :im llie 
ind<-fnt.i)r>tl>l<' inSnixtt^r, hi* pnUnenff tw tx 
Hjlir.lar bocikmo Umkwi), nnd hv. vt^f-oivct] i\n 
inviCEiUori. April ftbh, If^l^. ti> snui-iroij Dr. 
WIILlnhiH nfl jtuHf'^ amI TntoT nt. Uotliftrlmtn, 
tlaU^TMi)^ iia tudi nit invituUon wnn, t/y 
mci'^iciloiu'wJin hml m quired jfrentdintitifiUou 
liOl.k J4> t[jL4>r hul] pnr^trjv, ib ^vnh Hut till IIil* 
"ik of Jiiiic^^ nfti^r iiiueh ptiiyM', fju>iUii^', ttiid 
COIiAidciiilioii, tiufct Mr. ilrunult vks-idfld U> 

o^'copt die invitittioit to ItiiblH^rlAiii : Le 
t*iiLf*ri.Hl tin* ru>w iiplii^iT- of Uhour Aturuxt 
'.'2ncl, IKIJ. 

WJiilv at HoUiorhnm, Di . tlcni^tlV Mioi«m 
wtiB vi^ry jfruult tKttl) IU& vl tutor nnd n pnfir^i-. 
Among tho*e who trwv hli mudantri Ui«»» 
wer^ many bonourod oervnnU of Ckrwt, midi 
n« l.Uo Rc^-, John J^Strwa, Prof<t»or I toppii-, 
Pi'in<?iihd Hnigli^ Pi'[inr[j>ftl MrAll, (be Ror, 
John llohiiiAOn^ And <'th<>rK 

t>r. Boanett In Londoa. 

Tbn it.rdiv>iis nrul nupon-^blr- diitltifl orti- 
n»«tvd witli tW Oollogo itnd tbo €harpb, *nd. 
tho liUrmiy Eitudi«a In whitdi hi> wnn on^wdi 
proved lat much forhiEi li^th; nrtil In ]flil 
111.* W1L4 biid [Liiilt- by ilLTiM>«<, Tkii time* of 
pikyvicjvl Kttlfuring vfnis orn.- of high «paritUAL. 
vujoynirnt, Tbon^h tto ^KirLiuIly rocotfircdt 

htl [lA t<J IVhUIIIV llih iJlttivtl, ILlid tu OiBVllOirgD 

ikoin vitU ^-i-ilI- *iAr»Axf Tai<44, Y«t in 18'J7 bi» 
|ii<tlrb ii^iun giLvt^ ^^My. Dndi.T ihcM* oirc^un 
i^lajLifi^ with Olbi-J^ corinirniij; inUniatioDA 
tti I'roWdifmv, bo wrth iiidni'Al lo rvlinipiirih 
bit fvudiion nt Roibi^rkftUj, nnd (.0 Mx-cipt 
tlif] cnLl from tho Churcb in Silvor-otfOtft, 

In tbid nt*w *phian' of tnlioiir Ooil wn^ 
p1cn*4fd nbuu.Unily to bl<*« him. Tlw Chtin-bj 
wbic^i conAii^iod of only uxiy mcmbcn, rApJilly 
>kiijC[uiiiiti.'dt'jb(^tw<-o]itbEviTnud Unit hmidniT. 
A ncTb- nml hn^^'r [ilnr<- nf womliip bnnmr' it 

f>TWimi|f niH^^hHfty, A fr<»hold Ktto vm^ ni 
DO^tb ob(iiin<.<d, nnd PnLooii Njiinru Ubn|>c]r 
Avitlioiit 'k-bl. >«laiid>i n In^-liii^ niumimnat 
10 lii- irtil nnd u* llio d.n'OtwlntH* of tlio 

riMpki whom lu" bkd giiMimW [n\>tind lum. 
k'tr hb OL>jaLiiuod |>A>lW till b« itttokvil bin 
»>».k ytvAv. 

Dr. Bennett's Interest In tbo Society. 

On the 3i-d of Mni-cb, \i^\2, Dr. ticnnott, 
jit iko i^i^uwt of tUn 4'<immittrc doli*'fTrc4 
thf fifth ixi till? fintt LVjiii*ii» of bvtxipffr on 
thv Jews- rL Ipcturv bnxtUug with fntt« 
^nd nr^Limf^tito oa mtitalulo luid nevdfiil 
lO'JiLy ft* tbpy ware whoii iii^t inwwiiU^ 
fifty yonix n^u. WV fetil i^iUMtruiriMl. (bepr- 
foiv, to rt^irint il nliiiOKt verbfttiiii u 
iL ^puciinun Iff tb4< dcnrnoAV nxt'} ooic^Acy 
of bis f^tyk\ and ita cont^unin^ a Divluvt 
tne>Mage f^^i' ihc iTotm Anil tfcmtiW lIHng 

On Monday. Itie ^nd of October, lU^ wd 
lifMl bjrri nl ;i, mf«tin^ of tin; ( ''Onnuittet?, 
along wi lb Dr. Uundptwn, Jfimt"* Hiimill/jn, 

Thf /r^L-. J*mf9 ffftifti'ti, n.iK 


Kov. l>r. iJimoan, Minaionary of Uio Fi'cw 
tfcotdh ('bxin^U ftt Pcvth^ in reply to o»« 
fmm thn Unv. Dr. Kidtli ; «ml thui-u *«!< tho 
An|>ojntiiuilit of a SubC-ommitU-c. oonniHtrnj^ 
of thff SwroUjicii, the Itov- i>r. Jfi'iiiiL^Lt, tho 
llev, J. C, liura», M.A., and tlio iW. James 
A, MiHiM-. 

Dr, l!f>iLuutt wiifi pr«*«Dt tt the AnmULl 
Mcothif;, huld in Fi'curtiiei>aa' Unlf, on Fri- 
^i\y v\-vti\i\g, tihtf 'iGth April, l{^44p aud 
inovii'l t,b(> ftilo[itloi'i (if the RoporC, 

FiX'iti tliut Kc^port wo l@am tha,t tho Com- 
tiiitttv Ji:id yf*tifti>] isheil a Lcctin'o iTiOfiHlly 
Hj1iti>«v>^l f.<> i\\ii J^W4» vvLiirh ]mi^ bt^ji 
uppioprijiti^ly oommPtnTBtl hy Dr, Honiiptt 
oji "Tlui M«»*irth," tmii ''oumorouiily 

TJmitv Or, n<ni«ottMnU?riwt Ju thn £4iicicty 
IwjifAu Mxjn iifL^r liH MHh, ^rrc'u with iu 

5i'owth, niid c'DnUmK^ \iri1il, on tho Uli of 
)oc4?inbci% lt^C!J. Il€ h«&rd tht> voiorr of hi" 
Saviour, 4'iillini^ liiin Tii jL>ti.:e[iil Hnd Iw w\i\\ 
Hiru in tlie Ht>Fivenly Kom«« 

■'Duiini; \m hisL illnow*," imyH bin bio- 
grapher, "liw lift"! IftrKO <mjoy>nenl of the 
jkrj?t«n(w nf rihrisln nnil tlir pDniforr. of tlje 
HoW S^fiirit. Though sometiiijija di*turl>ed 
by dvlintim, lie *hovcd i^ vi^r^^n^w* r^rnrnm- 
bntr 11-1^ Iff StTnjitiirt hi the origin jlI» jl clejir 
p^rr-ftptioii of ovnn^plitTil lUntrim*, /incl a 
CftliM oont^cioiieuoes of hi> tintirv dopcndonoa 
cMi til" [*crfect rightixnifliiMB of UhiTJit- lli^ 
vt\iv\ wjiH jie^uH.- ninl joy; the dwimt wiiilo 
which oamo ovur Inn j."oiuit*'rinii<.'i' ri* ht* dww 
hij^ Ini^t WoaTh wt'Uioii like tfm ivKpon'tenf 
his soul X-i lijs Ma»toi''p wwlconip, *' \Cv\\ ikmo, 
gouJ mid fjiithfiil xwrv^Liit: errt^r tliuu intij 
tho joyof thy Lofd." 

The Committee's Tribute. 

"The nvent dc-of'jXM- nf our dorir und 
lujnour4>d fpieod, Dr. Jumen Dennett, nwtUc&n« 
vui-y ^iutc*ful rccolloctionu of <ArJiat \xv vroA in 
rrlftiiirti lo this Soi:ioty- From uIiiioaI our 
ftu'liixt hl^klry. hi- wjiH oTir fuilhfiil friend, 

SL?m^ th^ hi^h mknviioiY of hirt tiHiue atkI rii- 
lu'in-e yf\\K.m tlio nuuilwr of our friumb- wan 
Hiiftllp jinil lieiiii* a]wji;>i CL-uily U> <xriiiiM-l im\A 
enmtimge the efltart. in \\a HiihHftjiifTir. wtjig™ 
He doliM^red one in tho [iiih1iijli4>il conrae of 
Ict'tqi'CA, on the prt~J«nt ^nditJon of tlio JOW0, 
which hiu Tioil an C1Jl;t(M1^tivlT c'uviiliLtioii. lind 
1m w(LK thp [UitJior of Kom<^ *'i our Tnoict np- 
iiropr]iit<> tmot*(^ Ho took n lis'i^lv ilitoront 
ID tht? HclnTciv Collpifo. niid pksulod the cniitw 

nf thi- Society Oh «ivnml |iiih1ii' rH:ojnkiri?<. 
.M*j' o^»vy blnqdik^ n^tH oh ihit hftn^ni-fti 
Enmrly, and mny wq folloiv Inni who, 
thn^ujfh Foitli nnd iMtirncc. now iithtnitft 
tint promiJU!! mndn tu Abculiam, lo Jiauu?, 
nnd to Jiu.-oh." 



I'll/ air fjffti'fi, 'ind T'tfirmt tri'iiphim.'^ 

We ftre bhia dny called to ^it, with the pro- 
phet of tfni Tvim^TiULtionn, on Xhte niinH of 

^^Vi* h^■^ly C'lty «I>d ll»lVllUo«K tOlnplo of tkiJ, 

and, hi^di^wini: thoni with oiti- t«ni^, (?iv>lAiin, 
" Dehold the di.i^UdIonT 1^ it nothiny lo 
ynn, rU y« r.hjii pii^ hyt "* 

Th(> voi-y nana fi»il of nnntinl ^lork^H, 
Tho broken pillutx, tlx' cji.rv#:*l (Mipitrtls rind 
the ciirinnh ivirnictv^ proclikim. " Hr^ce ^IchI 
oIli^c dn-nlt ! " hiit th*» foarful dftitrnotiofi, 
the hidccik* difv^rdpr, tho vidn-ncatU't^d 
fmgmonta, toll — IIo i» jfoiio ! Whiitrrver 
w»y wo turn the v\ti i* mfit with thU 
000 inm^tiption, ''Idiabod, Whi^ni ih th« 


If iho UtTCD Horruui cniKpirn'or wojiC iivi.<r 
llio rninn of fUrthiipr, nlmojiti roppntinjj nf 
hw own wtM'k, fL&d tho fulfilmont of hi* oft 
ropwitod cry, lukiidjt tst 6''*''W'yo.' cax\ we 
luuk ij.1 lliv iTi-rtl'th ti^itiou wibhoitt rf-rrvtlinic 
■ ml ftjIoptJnjtf ih^ Imij-iiiigi.* of tJioir ty>antry- 
ii^Kh atid our npCMtlo, ** I hav« luntiniiiil 
liBfivines* nnd w^arow of lienrb fui- my 
biHhi'(iM ; for niy hwiiVn iWhw :ind iirrty-^r 
to tW for Israel is ^hAt they might bo 

Ifappily. we Ar© not without unr conwlft- 
tinn, but may ^mili' through oni' t«iirh ; for Ji 
voice iistiea from the dfoolntion hmX ponfxi- 
jkion, *'Tho«> ruioF slxalt he Imilb A|:iiiin, nnd 
ull tliui diub if\m\\ rine,** Fur thn thnjjo 
liktlUvt tpO nil-, Ma fiyvj^nr KtiHf of t^A 
J^tf»j vjiitU inc to o\liilnt thi^m a* the visible 
□lonum^nis of (Jod'i duplcuuiv ngninfll 
thf?ir Hin» — ^bnl riwui'vitl fcr rt ilirtpUy of 
■wivorpigTi nii*tTy n\v\ liiinl ro'^lorntion lo 

A« r hfivA cho^on ft test fimm Uieirown 
S.-rfpr.N[-(>»i. \\\ wh*H* inHplmtifm and <^rlwm 
fnllllmf^nt tjoth th-^y sind wo n[j;n>*i, -nh I hnvo 
ocprn^ed mv piopo-if.iori i^i ivvmx lo whirh, 
I ,tappj.^, tin:} \f\\\ out refiiHU Uj j^^i^qL^ 


Mmn07i€S tif ^mjW Trmmpha afnong the Jf^m^ 

For tlie WnflvtilaDce which hra {trvmp^ci 

QA to **ritt<r on tfilH otiinii* of lv<^tii|ih 1 vit>M 

uiAlittAin tn full fotv'e ihis cvfrning, oilmoii' 
iHticd by hirn who ttaul, '^ Ifootit n^t flj*niriHr. 
tli# riJituiiiI bi^iiich^ fn^ui t]te i^toi'lc -.if 

Wr»t not the r™it- but tho i-oot ihoo," Tho 
C'hn^tJaii who indul^re? anj^ oUier spirit tban 
that of \orL<iiiitbQ foi^ the JewLnh DaUuu — 

prvwut iJaj, i» ttotao f^fi^L^ known tfi'iFfr 
milled v'jhh. A Ion; IbL of able vnun^i And 
Ic^hitihI w^rliH. r^fltfrtii hniutiir OT\ tholr an- 
(m?stL:ir«f nriri toiifU grtntlf to flhatne ihait pre- 
X'lit iii^ilTccentv tfi their liJttJt:i[inJ liteiAlum 
and thflir wiiOTrne^i* Jiftnr wifrliUj' gitiii. Hiat 
e™n laov wo uiu»t not judge of them by 
wbattboynj^pobrmourmoiiey-loTUic 00001^7, 
ti> which tho itLfeiior purtdou of itiem have 


formvr for tli*lr full — ami believing nspTm- 
tioiw foi' ilifHi' nMloniUcn. psjiomk himwlf to 
the roju'oof^ " t*fckc bccii, lest iitA nporo not 



TImt tbt'y oiiLiti Ktijujed (iiivlltj^of wliioh 
thov ftrvi now b^r«ft, huH honn iK'Hii^iiHtt'^Liwit 
and will nut \^ diTiii^nU Ttint tljr^y Iielvo. 
vvpr ^inco llicii- fall, lx*r in a FnJ- iHOit^ 
r'^jx^tjililii |HiMit[iJii thftTi thi'v iv^iijiy In thn 

bten [itt.rnt-U'd ; for mi tbi*<miUneTiiiJKumpfl, 
in nullfDi'l. Uormiut}' i^nd Poland^ th^y hold 
11 much bij^bor rank nuiou>; bhfr h'4inL«<l- OF 
tbv Jewip<h conifit^ U> UUrnitinriity who fJL 
the Hi!»iix of Helirew Philip*- »|ihy and Divinity 
in L'hn^tinit univ«r«itic#, I Am not caWod to 
i^ptfnk ; r<>r iny theme Ih the Jcvji. Tho^ nro 
fjLt fi'uui U^i)^ whuL MV Krti ««cii#toincd to 
rhiiik thiim.A na-tinn at iHvlUm und f(tof<k' 

i'{iblnii>*- Kfflu thoso whom wc nr« m tho 
ijkbit of Iffotiiij; tlowti in thoir prico? oft«n 
jMil kE> til iih:hinA ; for fhrisLlnnn rtOin<?Uirir« 

Thn a^:. JaTttfff Jt^Anett PM. 


i-obtALtt titioW vrliirh Ji>iH» fti-t mnUuil to 
ill bilov tlioii- r>=uhl vTjtrtli. b«rtiLiiM«» tlii* 
^horitj nf tho Z'\f\\ tiRM ftii-hLJ^hi><t Ihftfr 

ipooroL- brnthroTi uith tho aUk^Ic iti ^iiioh 
wipy (iwlc. 

Tliat tbpy hT^ mnm ilnprcwpH In o^ir 
nniDtrython iti mnny ctbois u out* HbauKi. 
Till thu timer of L'ronittfll thry woto iiot 6n» 
oourn^l to tokc mriiiiiour litnd ; but vrh»>n< 
tht'y havB t»i.*n IflugM" wtiliH thnj' liavo nO' 
'itiireil bighor mpvctAbility, iLiid hnro lA-on 
th4>c^onliilcDci?of Cdniiiii (.'liH^unijH bycoiiofl 
(iiornK LiLii-ij;iit dtiiliti^, t^miiivnt. phHaii 
tlimjiyAiul lir*T«riinMif t\<\ iiitMin mnfc. That 
n« nmy, howtfi^w, now iitmuBt ropi-nt lo thom 
tbi> lun^iitf'c vMrb llioir tiwL prujiKtft acl- 
div-#*il lo tMr eoiii|ii*n>r, " Huw sivi tlum 
fnlldik from hnavnn, O brilUnitt itAV. w)ti of 
the mommfEt" Uioy lu woll am ^^ ^infoKrt 

Mllrl deplore. 

Tl»-y hilt nil li»ii^ffn< n niittiin r^ninpiiOTH uwA 
resjiVtit in tbi*ir own propor l<>oftlitv, Imt 

tlii- flll^lllL^llIn of U l^atioiL FU'iltUM'i^i] OVi^t tho 

nWi* i^uitli, jiM if u volculfo bjL^I c^|Jih](ii| ill 
Pitli^ii.iui', Hii*l clrii't^n thom eviTyivln'w f»r 
ftTij'«'li«ny, ly^o^jil twisv ttivir own UnJ. In 
i*hul <!i>iiTiUy uro they not founi ^ iliit 

Tj'Ahtor all ^rf* OiF^y nt licuie in their uvin 
bnut, for (hon- nrv, |H.*i-hn|iFv ntf many Juww iu 
IdOndoii iL'> [n nil I^tIe^(li[l'^ 

Tiirit thl't 14 Jk brniLjl at ]iMl;j!iijf.nT. fi m»rk 
irf Divin** iliapltfnMjrc, ibny tiiOTi]hi<Uv« 
tcnfow Pith foniv. V'af \\ \» a trmxitTi with 
them, that Jrw-k iiin iio|. JrvvK l>iit ill tliw 
Holy LiLUil C-TLriEuiTB wa* ffivrn in thflJr j^r-pat 
iii>r*Mlor, Abrnhnm, ("ul hut ucd ftfi*i' him. 
for uk inhoriinncv, when be foi>oi>k hw 
fjithpE^IaiiJ* U^'jiime it wim ])nltiUiM| w[lh 
ilnU; ^ll]|E', |q-<'rjiiii* » Htninpi^r ntkil pilgrim 
In th(k «tAHh, hii might folicw tho living Go<| 
wjioivw^owi- h.> ^hoiihi iiMil, Tljty were put 
ID i>rMAeMon cf thif (jmui jFieil boriUi^ h^ 
mlgnty Rfj^mi, nrirl the f^ttf'l^hftl-OLit ^nti <>f 
God, wbicri thnok cr^tiou, nod cioiifoundixl 
iho ttodn of tlic nntjoiiii. 

Thi'ir liLW, jiHii'lftiimiT by Uu* vwce of 
Ji'hnvtth I'mui Mrjiint Sinnx, Jind mml<» th« 
i>7iiiamnc*t>iii4*tit of el wr'ittcilL rovolAtioitf l>i']n^ 
■[c«t:nHi for Xhv iiiwi tA (■aiiivin. in ai]Ai>li'iI 
to it, aiMil ih iiujiific'tionhlr in niiy <nbi^r, 

iTen«» t,b<*y t-Ktiiblt. in their proicnt utato, 
tho hitriingo DOiiFoUnihiJg oiii^*mii of a. poi>pEo 
vfliLj hitvc rfK'ifiittd ficjiii hiNivon a Llw nhi<-b 
tJii\v (witiLrit oliey. For Ui^Ir wfiivhip wiw to 
Ito prcKnntni Ia i',{u\ hy it piiotthooil in tho 
Iribo of I^cvi, nnd of thri fHmilJ of Aiii^n ; 
and iiofT, hfivinjf hut LJiotr goLi<;rtlo^kis thvy 

knotr ncj^«r thoir fuuilic* nor tnh««. 
Hip vuI^t hMi of iniHitiiinJng tltinr htftb 
prlaiit iu tJiA nlT^prinp i>f lirniiln ignormMi; 
for Jub^ji knoLv timt thny liavo do prioirt, ^rtd^ 
Ihcraftui-, CJill the wiot-t iliKLiij|fLiUh«l jm- 
wmngit among them rJiHir crhief iiibbi, nii 
oflicDi' nnknowii tu thtrir Lilw. Thoy hnva no 
t«inplr? at JoriiJaicin. ftn4 if they huJ, biv* 
no prifwt who oould oflVx' Mual^co^ 

Hut if tbey hnvo ni> jini*t nor Jcu*riMtfy>, 
tt-hat IS fhoir Hub<tttritO t ^Vhnt nt^iTii^mont 
lijtvo liJipy fcr ain I Haw lio \Jt\vy Bpct>rl tho 
i:t>*ut dny of f^ApiftUtJi], of wLk'L lhi.\v HiLyg 
l&r^iel U thon mnilA npntl«w>i7 AIam! thciy 
hftvo if;i«>itoit riton flrwt fcir^moni**, th«» v^ry 
tliiui-« tl^oir Inw fiirbiLU, aii-1 of whjch tlio 
IntaI UiaL ih^y <iiii My Ih, tJiiLt tboy onn do 
nothing tiottj»r- Hut ii thpro no mark of 
Divina difiplfaifurv in thb Atttti) of thinyp^ 
which TcducF-.i thfiui to the cdndition of bhoM 
wlio, not having nHwivi«i) Wyv* fnmi heitvnti, 
iloviiBO ntw tiiid 4^'ivinrim» fnr tli«<iiiNeiWM f 
For UiiK viw the hi^'h di^tiQction of tha 
tInwA. whi<ih oxaltiit th«m iibdio ovmy iiabiou 
on I bo fun- of tlio oufUi, tbwt, whil** Clwl left 
otlioiM Tji v'nlk A-Uw thvir nwii imiipiiiilkon^ 
Mo-4JH MJiiii ti; Iflmo), " A»k rhiv o( Ibr .Uya 
Irbiil ftjy jhO't, tvhicli wfrv Itefon' Irliflr* hLtii^o 
ibi' clay that fhiH or^at^cl man "|>nii ihp 
cnrth> JiniL axh fn^m on« kklt^ o| hua^'ou to 
tho otbor, wbot>»i-r th*nj ln> lioon any miob 
thiii^ ijh thiA ? " Did fWET tk»Mt|>h> tiiVLi' tbr 
voi'v cif floil sponking to tfioni ta\t of iho 
miili^ of tii'f' ? 


But TThila thob law h4w bocotne, to n groat 
o^tonti Lcipriu-licMbItt, and they Arc tnnkin^ 
attiiiitptA by LbHr own mutoniitgv to supply 
it« plnco, Ltioy bitva intnHUu^ an onormoiiK 
■ival to UJvine tovcUtion^ iindtr a pi-oUinoc 
of coimuoiit. or cxplcwiatjon. ctilkd tbo Mish- 
tLich, iir oral Ian. to i]i4i.inguihli il from tlmL 
whfrh ttiw written. CM thiH, ftiibhl Mohw 
K<^n -Unmi'^n, viiUt^d by ih«ia, from bin 
Cmiirkh, liunbriut. nnd ly CIJmLiaiii^ MiM 
tnoniiloA, or* of Tb^ir nioit abh* ddftiir* of 
tbe twivKlh (^entiiryf givc« tho following 
ncooiitJt ; " All Ih^ proc»pt« of \\io laiv noto 
Iftvotj by Oml to Mr&oA. oui- niutei, together 
with jin inr.prprotntion of vbrxt tbo aathf^utio 
taxt jaigniliad. Mouw gOBtig into \x\i ti^Tit, 
fiiut roljfctc-l to Aaron tho l*itt and tbo intop- 
incUIion. Hr rirdng. luid going br tbo 
rigbt'hafiil of MchiH, Kiw?ar and lt)LJ<niHr, 
tbo vonH of Ani'on, t\oii« nnd Ik^aM r,ho uatjjo 
that b'li] heon bcfutv diotntoil ^l tht>ir 
fulbur ; HO tbut )u-- bf^ard it L^ieo. Tlicti 


AtrmtTTifn ttf Otiirprl Trltmijikii nnuiJi0 iJtt Jcun, 

poopla bOBrd tbu nmc. Thoy lUi c^oipmilti>d 
to memory tho iesd und thi* inter pi^rtationt 
vkici) Aiuuu ka^l bfiLitl maay tiinwi nnd 
1wno> iiiYw*> Ui^ wrtie^n Uw, fltiil tht* orfti 
law, 1113 pTiwptrt, t>^ntli*ir With thij^ir uiUt- 

EeUktJ^iih; tlio I'rvix^itH iiiKTiWd iu tlio 
ok^; ttj" iutiTi |)rvialivTiH Luuilml duwti by 
worcl of tnmiib," Of wbirU a 4|ionim*'n utny 
|tiv« nn i-in* of tho wiiof^. T!w» writlon luw 

it*in* thifl preorpt : " Yo nhs^W dwrll in 
ibprnndni i»nriL duirs but fhicl tniix^i Jlh)?<ts 
"iorklly tlin^ ihiH wnii ti<<C4.4n.ry fur mem i^lj, 
not for wuiriim, urn.! wm nol oblijpLtaiy in 
HCkt;*™, or ou a jcnimcy," 

" Munw, J>""i^. Ml tlii:w inlKrprrtuli'nm 
toJo«Jiil4^ nml h^ Hgidit to the *'|i1(^<i4. hTid 
lh«^ Ui l}w prophi'U, Ahci liMidL-il Ui^nt JLWn 
from oiii? to Jiikulljvr, wiili^nb any iVi*H^nU till 
^1i9 tSokti f <f th>i rik»n <if th« givnl xy[ih)(c^ii4», 
wfaavroro IU|^Riii,Zt<ciharinh,MiilAch),Diiiuii1, 
Hnnnaninh, MiiJiAol, Avariah, Kjcm Ihn 
i>ml«« aud Noheinmli, C'hAtutW, Mordec*!, 
and ZDnililHLtvl thf* v^n of Sticw-lcicl. wilh 
othort, to tlJ4^ Miinbcr Elf I ^iJ, liut the injit 
of the tm^n of that iNLOt€<l compiLiiy wn^ tbo 
fimt uf till? WLH mcrj [nentii^riml in Ihu Minli- 
Qftlip Nimfto" llifi Jii^it^ \i. rJifit time hl^h 
piient. All-^i' vrk:iui, in frt^of**) of lllue, it 
c*m« tc ut)r Itjkbbi. tht^ lluly, vrliu wua tUc 
Fhii'trix uf IjiH Ji^, unci t,}ifi iintqiit ^Inry il 
that tiinfi, n man In whL>nt (i<v\ luul Jiooimm- 
Intc^ f^Qch virtnofi that h^' tit<-i'ittHl to Ih> 
Clilled by biji cootcm point p^a, out HaW'I. tliC 
Holy, wLa'^ti iinnia mm .liidah, hh ilml^ it aiim 
«iid, ' From tlio *Uyf of Mcuu to tho Pjibbi, 
wp hftvc novor seen kw nntl nobility tox*tli(M', 
rmii, ()cm the time Lc diod, bnmJlLl^v iirid liio 
fi^nr of nijk ^nimhI : vmhI au ric<h whji he tVmt 
it tniai tJ) b^ tftid, tU« ^prwiid of tho »tnblc# 
of Hbbbi HM^ richer tbun H^pK>]^ hin^ oF tbo 

logy Tip to Moa4u, nrimpoBe*! the Minbnnh. 

Ki-tly fr&m tb« tniditionn ftiim the LpB of 
tML^A; iHirtly fniTii corjM^ucDCr« clkitf^t by 
ar^umvtit la whtdi thura i« uimiiuui-iUB 
cr>nHmt; pnrrJy frtun conoJiviIonit in wbirb 
thoro in a difFc^Tonoj? Amiiijf from ti^o nodw 
of intoi'pi-oLatkm, (for tboy hftvc ihivUvii 
iniii]i» of tuifj-j>r<'ting) : mj thftt tttmrtiim^H 
our Kitbbi ttiiyp, ■ ?Such nn ono aHimiA ihm, 
»iich iitiuthi-r «KyK thritn' Honci.\ MiLiufonidRA 
iint^imlly obflrrvrf. ' How in it aHinnoi ihiii 
Uie uhnlo Iiiw^ wiUi k# uiifvirrNik 'ir^il pur- 
tipidnif^t WRA WK*k«h fi-oni SiTini i Vuvi »o 
th«iu in Iho i^ltaiiilt diMputin^- and bringing; 
th^ir pri>ofn And rciL#onH fur thrir ujtarpn?- 
tatlonn, whnthnr ■' tha Trail af n tivo," 

nunilumnl in Uio bivr, metiLii^ an ajiplv ov 
poinogr«nat«.' " 

Ther«nre. ihen^'Qpo claflsetof mt«rpr<ttA«'^ 
ihjtis^ nod It IB Mid, that fnrai the time 
tltht tL« diActpW rf Shammieui nnd T1il]«1 
witre ntiltifb^, duuAnflioui in Israel wvm 
multiplied* of which eaiiou# »p6cunca« am 

A f^nt^Mdfin ^f ninoty-onA wiw m«a arft 
uM'CiUon«d by Jndah, nt. hnndinf; dovn to 
him ibfiir dfciHLonts froon Btmcon tbu Jut, 
to llift yrnr IM of tha Cbrittinn tT», 

Thin Mishnaii wmk pul^bhed to th« worhl 
by KuTviihuain«, al AmHtftHaa). if^ J 6118, m 
nx foliti volitmeeY of vhich lh« coainocts d 
ribbm anti traiittlntuiYi fi^'ui tb« pnncijial 

The Miidmnb >« diri'lcHi Into tkx onUrm; 
the lint tmktui^of ibo v«g«tttbW w<>Hd ; tho 
■bfH'riTtd uf fpaid*; t)i« thtrd of wmomi; thu 
fourth of dADui|:«i9 ; thv tittb of lluW things' 
and tbouxtb of pttn^L^Al ionn, 

1 ntW iriv« & Mctioii iitan the Domiuei 
nmnt an tk »pcrim«n. Th» itvonud u iIm 
whit^b 1 ii*lcot bfViLUMi it iii *hort, anJ b«^t) 
with tho openbjt of the ayv^ of u Jow to 
fight cif uioroEiiir- ^ ^1"^ the kind of life Le 
miul Isad, — ■* Krom Mhat tiiu* ik» f.h*y mdl** 
tbo Sbonti cl the tnornin^ ( ' i>- ikln tdxl^ 
MIcar. U Iwncl ! "— '^ Frjtn th.; Udjo oCn 
HToin^- tbL< ililfi^rcrKV bi^twi:<pri fcibie j^nd whit«i.S| 
Hnbbi KlMx«r ka)«, iih HCXin ibi th^'V mn 
tbacvm bL^tweon Wo* and (rrviu ; Uit tboy 
finish bofw« bbti sLtn ^iniv, Rnhbi Jonhn* 
«aya. h<irnrft thtvt* a'i\VtfU ; \mntiM* iht* tonn 
of kLUgi) uwd to riAA bofora tbrfto- Ho who 
rf^^itort fi'oin tLiat timo dotu cot WMto tima, 
n» he who ia nffidiriK tlin Tav" —, thii 
ishcir,al of th* Sb«Tna in nut tbi^n eoiLiidf-n-d 
a niflto ordinary r^ftding of the law- 

l^t no ono auppoM thnt [ have Hclwtcd 
thi# mitUod qF tU'^ Ml^tinJLb in of^ler to luake 
it ridicn1f>ua, for -i\\ ibAt ari> a<V]iiHint««] vriUi 
tlic work kno^ iLat thr< H«is)Qd Mtioijoii b» 
rupDctable compju^ w[ih inuoli of what 
followA. wliic'li Hdnd^rK il uiuM abvuiil iv 
«n|ipu«tt thflt iliU wofl nn oral taw nv«iv«d 
from the lipM of (Jod* to f^xpound bib nrilttin 
VVoi'il, With cvrry^dlownnccfororii^i^tMluanji, 
many pnrliciiiA mi^lit ho thniij/ht U> h»kVA 
|>w«n (Uviriod to «h<vk foniinon nm>c, and 
r>?iidf^r tho trbolo reh^io© of Iht- Jew* con- 
l*!iniptil»K Ntithei- thtt g^^i*v "' tJ^J-*" 

auvinbly, nor thv* ptfHty tobjih rvUgk^n 
iTjocdouteT-, nor Chtt cbnrity nut ow0 «T«n to 
UiQxo ^«ho err, wnutd eiiflor me to qui>to 
jiowagiH ubidi nii^bt jnalify the t^vi'rM 
<vtusui-«H 1 coiM |iaM< on the whole. Wl 

3^0 Reif, JamfiB BffJ^nett, DM* 



a mnn vhull lift up hiji flii^rHftnd not tiU 
iJiiiuib ill (livUiuaiiln; Iioh' Ihe^ ^IkkiM krvip 

the high [iiipiit from gf>ing to fclm^^j brforo 
tW offoxinf; on tho ^-rtnt iJjiy *pf A(^*oi?mt'nL 

Hud utlitii' vliiti^ i/F thuiNirt nr(» iiiinoi-foili»*A 
of the MUhniilt. 

from tli« iJta of OoUV givxng Ihcm t«i Mojir>s 
M ILQ LiriU intw|ir*»LAti(>n of thp Iaw. For 
how «)Titii ihi«fi|'iply Ui i\\tf Mvpilluii. or Koil, 
incliiiitiiT thn CunticU^ and Ifctberf yet the 

I havn ^\fln Mfftja ll*»r» Mainifin** Hfw>i»nt 
of tlvo Mi^bnah; fc^ tha J^^vn niv, Mitr. fl^}m 
MoMw to MriN>n there in non* life* Mwpj*. 
Tlioir Ui'TCil nui] Litiir^^^ nrn lUtivinl fniin 
him. Hi- vn< n phyuNiin t^i thn Sullwn of 
Bgyipl^ <ind utooppJ lo thi' oyp* in thn Ari**- 
toti^SuJi pbjloftophy which wwi thr r»(Cfl of 
liui iluv. Ills fAruviifl work aillflfi, Mcmih; 
or, "fliif^i** f/i th*» Pi»rnUi.w<J," ti litter to 
t«cich the periiviUlii: io|:i(\ thnin Jewish 
theology; for u« now utlt^mptii tu UJJike 
ArinUilhT a ITrlrri-w, nrii] now to tTniihf'rTD 
M<>JipR into a Ff'i'injitftif^, 

Hiiii MUhnatk i>ii ko (ixotHvliikifly orioutol, 
icIiouiAlic niiil Librupt, nt thn AAmo lirii« «u 
njirinkh-il \\-\\h m kinil iif Hrhivn Rr'^lc. cLhC 
ittfobiciirLty Imn iiiven orcftsion for ii c<'mni«n- 
torj coltoci th? Ucmru'ji* or conkplrtion- On* 
CDiniJa-itfi.1 ut Bubjrbn formn. with tlie text, 
till* l^nbyloiiivli Tulmtid ; nml jinothcr in 
P4lwtm«, cvjtutittilvti i\\^ Jui-tiKuIi-ta Talmnd- 
Thitn, Uoila int^rprvtntiun hu lipmandod 
Litt^rjji-Hlaliuiia fiuui mvu, tiJl the vvholv hju» 
KTPAll^d Irtfi twfllvi* ponilomifi f[*lio» 

Ti\e^9 ftM lhi» body of Jo«iflb leMrmnp, 
which h»* thnuit out ttio written Inw; jtj that 
thin if^ c\jn»dr*rc<l Intl ^^utrr nni) Tjilijiii'l [» 

Yat MoPCB irpoko of nothing but the hrmk 
of the Uw, vhich VAA Wl up in tijc JLrk« nnd 
WM to bf tpmI in tht "irs tif nil thn jintplnr, 
novvt jfiviti^ n bint ul tbo orni Inw, or 
to fono u book, till aflf r Jsrd«] ccw^od to b« 
ft iinliojL 

Whoenn rvnd the two Uw» without p^r- 
o«ivui|f thftt thdycu&e from diflbront authors f 
M'lio t'flii deuy Irhfti ihe writteu *tiiilul« urti 
from hwiver, ;ind the oral Ifiw from m*-n f 
Who dofts not f«a in i\a» Soriptiirw th** 
mftij^jtl^ And rrknctity cf Uod, uzA xi\ the 
Tjtimud, tbo folly of luuacin? 

^' Tbovithdrawtn^ of tho Attention of Iwaol 

flora the insptr^ wn'tmj^* hfui proilgc^i a 
fntAl dHrkofM' Fnr the iiolloii timt Lh» 
intorppptfltion m rnntninivi in thn MUhnMh, 
pjxjdiiMfc H formal cuiir-ry iv*<bng ti Mon(w 
Mid the ]:iiTiphets> with n fftiiful iiiaitontioit 
lo thnir meaning nnd n[nnt. I^Hnng mnny 
ugi'f, therefore, the intioiiah dcrotioiiJil, 

CHfjLble Etiidy of thft tihl Terttamvut lijiu 
n cauUned nJmoat wltly to CbriF<tinii?<, 
wbidi serves Ui prort* thut tht addjtiimid 
book« th« Nuw T«vtii]iient, whioh wi> r«coix-« 
it« lUvino* Ls no nvul or hc«tilc work, but 
tbv iuApLiTitioii ol till' tviLim 8}Ptril »bK'h 
diot^iwid thftffl St^HpnnvB Ihnt !»m hnnomivl 
by th« JaWH uktb tho titlo of Divtn«. For, 
cftji twowftlh tox*^*'"''', eifept thry bongrccd? 
Wr hnve rt-cmvfrd jujothi^r Viook wbidi they 
my L* not DIvini- ; uTid it biui Ird u« to Htudy 
tbiit ipbirh thty own n* DivintJ; ihoy hflvo 
rtceirijd rui oml law, whirh they think Uiviiio, 
aiid it hna inkt*u OiPin oir fri>ui Gud'H Wui-d, 
Thrt wortbifi of tht^ Ji>wi birfrig ivpnUfwI by 
ibf fttiHhuiJi, IK d<-hnf^ed into h bodily ^r^'i<tt 
<J inano n'tew nud foitu'f. ibe )>rtc«pt« of mirn, 
which thi<ir pniplift dccbuivl wiim Jn vjilu 
oiflkrred to God; whilo rbn winifipft of tho 
Mub tho tiutruetion of tho mintf, tho hancti- 
ficfttion of the bonrt« mo m coutplMfily 
frjfgntlpn, tbnt ci nimfixiT i^ntiTin^ inio UirJr 
OAwmbliet cflnaot but blu>h, or woopL for th# 
lam of the ancient K'<'i'i<^ ^f If.mel, oncv th^ 
only niitioii Li[Jon oni'th thut uJFeitd to tJuJ, 
wlioix n Spirit, tlip 3JiirrifIi>> of fnilh und Ir^vti. 

Amiditt tbifL wide>.proiLd >hii'kii4>HH wo ftre 
ohf>croil by one my of light itnd \\<j\'V. TJj* 
ivjeHiun of tbt) onil Ihw. sod thu rActusi^o 
fttt^ntlon iK} tHhftWT^T,t^^Tl Word of Ondj which 
bnji h^ntf pr»'ail6d Among aoikki foro^ffn Jcwn 
biui latoly nppDATtd in oiir okvn country. A 
new nynAgogvic huilionn foiFiinl in Burton- 
crancont, wbtm tho oriil law U nbnndoncd, u 
dc«titiit«of ilII evidcnn* of a. Divine origin ; 
nnd worvbip of a loonr instructive and spintual 
[^htiiiicter umotA t)iu tjv 'jf tJie tiijccUiIoi'* 
filling hSin. on the j»ne hiind. with i'**[*ct frip 
the refonn^ilion i\\\\t Ivla Uiin ii«hi«\'od 
fimi*i^toppOi(ilionrtnd tho irpi-onrb of i^com- 
imLnii'Atioii ; nnd un tbr iithnr, iniipiiin^ hopri 
that ih# trun io^jHirl of lb* SfHiftnnit, thus 
inhinictivoiy re*ui, mjiy leitd, by q Divino 
influence, to the »QVjn|; knot(b?dse of theii 

Of th<? [incicjil KnniJtisi, <>r !*0ripLiin«lw, 
who hiLVt? Jon^ Cdfrt off the TnlniiidH I know 
nothing hut by Imrr^lltri' rt'port^ \ wLicb 
I nn'Ti ikHve SIIihI me with mingleil lii>]>th !ind 
doubiA. But there bftnotJier r^ljtw^ of Jmrn 
on the Continent, t«imed the Rcfcrmi^d, ivhom 

M 2 


Jitmorie$ ^ Gospel Trinmjji^ itmang Uk Jem- 

d^Mlttt out oir tha Tnlmui, to rtuul fAu> 
Smpiuron, and ^^Hvr thou' vontbip, not \xt 
Hthi'cw, but ir Uxc vvmncular ImiiruAiEo of 
thw rouiary in whii:h tlii*>- dwwll. i>iir mti*- 
fjicft'jri in thi< cluing isi dimiTiinhn] by 
ck^ttfctiD^ ih^ murks o( Ucnnaii Nci>lo^, 
whk'b in bub n laiiKkoil DtrUn]. 

h'nnii till* intAvii I tmv» loiiu taken tn tlie 
nfttiori fttiil llttmture of Tlw J«U'«, I Iavp 
ti«ii>ii L<^<1 iiiti^Aii iLC^naintiLDCO with thitt wUioli 
in liaUeii ir*'m Utt> f>iibli<T eyi.% aihI Imiv 
ilfltort«i with ^*i, ftiid Hi^t with Mirpriu*, 
thd inroitdn of inlidnlity tunong thc#fi who 
rtill iHttAin their oonrktuttaii with tho Jevinli 
ppnple. Oni*Lif;hl^inU!'lliH!(.u[UmEiii cnnfivoixl 
In ntv thill *' Volrr-y'i* Kuiiui" hiui nhnkmi 
biM faith ir tlic revciriliou cf Iho Old Tuttii- 
mont ; aaA whtui 1 cxptinuod xay nrrpriM, 
tbatih lUJiri wIlu LjuI ruceiviMt fivirii hit* f iLl1i«^rH 
ft r«Jf^(rHi flo wt-ll iitU'HrYv! «* llinl of Mohm, 
fihouli hAV4 k^i^n rihakijri by the bu0otew 
ftpffntfltiorm <■( tho Fi^^Jirhninn, be AwtH>d 
Lherawnn noni<j(ijiiu-iLCi in lIh* wcrrli c'hI1<<iI tin* 
'•Riiidtf," tnit «till it hfkd thalckvi him- 
Aiiother [HiRW^rini my owbunHuonn of flhl<ju^ 
inhriitnt thnt a Jew ohoidd ho n Ooi^t. liy t hr 
ouTirminiling ^u»tiuii, '*Thi?rit jm'r hvi^lnJ 
CttriAEtiHiiJi elTmI «hy vhoMld ilioro iioi ba 
Uoi&bjcul JcwK r' 

A Innff nrii'ntnl n|w1oati« WM t<ili| mo tiy 
oua who wifihofl to wfim <ifr uiy i^phoiil in 
bchnlf of UliriAliiuitty. Ho cHHtctuui^i Li> 
hU)ry witJi tlii* in(l<!ol n^timr^t — " Vnn 
foUow whrit ymi reoairod from your fnthow, 
aiiil I f(;llo\v whiA I riKvii^ed from my father^ 
«ut1 it will 7ill L'tiil fihki" &t tJi<' (hiy uf ifooui. " 
1^) tfliirh 7 n"|ilii»rl, " J'«t* fiilJow whnt ynvi 
rao«{viicl from yrmr fuLlif-niT Who wjin vum- 
fiLthfir ^ WikM it tiM Ahralminr' To tliji:^ 
henii^wi^uwl " Y*»/' Wi"3li»if tipv^iib ixjummj* 
dij(n3ty, I thpii AsJcnd " Fnr wh:it jkrh AhrJi- 
hum divtiTkAiji^hofl i Was it not that hi> Icitt 
hU own poo|i^ci, titid hi* fathorV houw, lnvTtiiwo 
ihay wijr?*hir »!»!-•< I fni)**' [tndu, tho iJciU of thi> 
hwititifti, Hfi<( iHrjimiTJi wjindi-rrron thtuviTth, 
for tW' Mtk-* of the only Uviuj^ nud triift <Jod ^ 
Aiicl i.lii you, v-|)u profc-na to hn n tton of 
AhriihHjii, huyi "it >viJI be ull tEitt Humit nt 
]n;it, if we fnllnw \.hs- ifligion of oiir fntht*r<, 
wh:tt*V4>r thftt miiy l-n ?' " 

Hut tlint thiMV h»iijr diH|ii'n«ioii should havr* 
^hnkmiiiicir fmtlt w»< i-jiii»»ir. \roiuh'r. '^ lf'>pi* 
dofftrrfil tnftkuth tlip Ixonr-t flujk/' "Onr 
•(y«» full xvhih* wo ^vnit for our Goil," wt^ tho 
CDmpl^Qt oi their nudouth. litii] thtry nirw 

^fy. " Wt* rMi no incitcf our ^j^ru. ncitlior b 
thftrn imyoiio ibut knnwi^lh how Imtg.^' VVe 
often h»nrof mcTc^tpcint* uixoEifi them ; nonv 
thtb ju't oint&oii;i And nlnriojug ^ olhotH thftt 
Jim prcgtmut wilJi ht'pi% thmi^-h. iila^J tbems 
JiOfiQH oftfih hn^^ (-tjdefl tri biflfiMbniLpfitiiit- 
ment. h'tsr ^'thu liopvof iitnLoJi tlic^viuur 
thereof ia time of trouble" thvy know xiot* 
PolilioiaiiK H.J11I <uni|iimvir> hav» |:>Uyrtl witlt 
tbeni. lCrioiinjiarl«» liko fTomwoll, t,tim«l 
hl« «y«« tifion iUe Jti'^t^ a# n fioopto not to bo 
d«MpLx«d by otL« v^h^ wii>h40> to riilr ibewoHil 
o^'k^rwlui'h thoy sro Km.ttfln<d. Ifc suwinhladj 
X bAiiltHtriiE, ftnd iridiidn^ th^m to ^ftttor^ 
him« OA if ho hnd bwn thoir HoMOAb, mobvi 
to have obtniufld hin object, whitih whh lo get 
military wrvim from tbt^m, \yy Abolinhing 
thu^ lotrupltti cortCfi'nLrjtf luunt' Abd intor- 
OounA with ifoiitjlot^ 'I'd« iiuviin«f- in vhaob 
thuy huvH U-imi time tu timv ohu^ht &1< tbCHB 
fth^ilovH pirivft4 thftt tbf>y nre «*oiiRciori4 of 
iDimiiig th«0iittftAiioiJ of n^liffiou; for while 
ihof hjivft not lip tho TiLlmiid, m if U woro 
io Hiipply the plno^ of tJione (Vi*iiionii«« 
whii'h iiiv imprAtdniihV^ out of th*ir omi 
Innil; iiiKloiid of obtJUtiin|£ the rigbtvoiiMii 
and penro wbii-h noiuwioncc itupeU tho nj 
to i^ts^k. thi'y [tnT the muro tcrmrntt^d with 
^mlt, ui- mwked wiEli ditknij^'o wciiHty. Tho 
likW of M<i.4T?r. mridf? uothiuf^ pcrfcvt. siixcc it 
loft purine f'iiifs witli'^Lit rxpijilioii , ntirii? bring 
providM for iHiinhT, fulTiltrry. ilip<rf'rtlit*nOB 
in |ia?<'nt-*, hliL«|th<nny mm\ iJohiry. but 
IhiH WJL« to (.imfih thfiir turd of il Uittr hope 
ill thuMr>^b^ Tbi.«T»truiji],huwot'er, luuo 
hfid woTKR, W'hftt It ]>i^uirw fflw nf dim) 
know; imd how oaa thoy UA] thnt they ftl« 
?nfo7 Thow who know mo'-t of it aro Aintffti 
that no morliil u\n my ho hiu fiUAUdl Oim' 
!im\ Hi<nc(f, bhny iir« wdd to kill tl fowl, not 
tor mmrriruH>. but to intiniiiU^ thry jio4*d on«w 
Uerklh is mirroiindctd with hotmii^. the drMil, 
uf bbijijj bniieti by the 4<vil utj^i. im //m j/rape, 
arul of ^iirbjHng a jmrgntoiy, th*y know not 
wltor«, or Ilow, 

TiiuttE niit^KST vinwfl or tiir uebihuic 

Lot u^ turn »ow to itijit whioli n>iiHtitiit<:B 
tho cblFif fcntiiiG mf th(T pn^^i^tit i^Jiiibtioti uf 
tlie JrwK. — th«ir uliili* t-f mimi withn^rd 10 
tbi» protni*P iif A Mwniilh^ nod it* InHii^no^ 
on thf<ir pitvii^rit fortune*. 

Wo havu "ippii thitt thi'ir 'l^hnud, or Uia 
imtloh of '111 i<m] Nlw, Km tiirm<4l off ttielr 
iitt*ntifin from writiii|^ truly divine to 
piieHlo fitlik% which hav'o fvwiMoivd them 
ill n [ii:iAv of Mmwlew 4jbsoi-t'jim.<r<«, ho Llut 


Tht Het. .hi^M BtmndU DM. 



Xi*ti ikiii» 7t dMlotO **• n**" "' *lrnijrtli,"— «in« ]•«(]■ lUprly—iuiin in Kk« ut-MMt i-l*riJ— Otnl'» itEii|i''ii1«iMd 
g)fti>f Lrjvt ; tflft jivdHM'-. lfutSho|>limf, wIm, in tJip- wliilj^ fiLn-j-Iicnl ilmm uE Hmrtmiiy, nxitlHkia-il iit Jiwi 
Wi4 OvBtOm, ivtlElnyt^ WtiuiiM LhrEr >ubat.iUiU. *Ad ww tiajLUiL unto eIhIIi thai Uixy ml|fht Imvp KvpHti^ini; 


}fn/utrrUtt o/ Gf^itfi TrimupiiA armanfj ikt JmLH, 

thay attuly ncrt Ui« Uti* meanirLg of wlint 
*ni< given to miiko them wUo unto j«lvatii>n. 
Thttt tb<* JQrtpiixil writinp* ^-irimijie i^ ifn^At 
<lfi]ivnr«T wi» ami thojr igiw*- Soniimcrt^u* 
mirl *i> <*itQi|>]tfto urtt i)h»m> |jromi««ii thnt n 
tddtur* of tho [H>ngon, and tbo Luttorr ol IUk 

out ftuiu blitf utvpl]di.'iw* 'CLv tLuiv luid 
divittnat^Ttr^ifl of HU npjiaiinnoft ure ctw^rl^' 
dotincd. It ib nol rit pi^^mcu^^ ami th^rv- 
forc not iQ^r drhiifn, to iliow wliftt tljiM«^ iir«, 
A.|ucli would dirinoiul II limjc i[iu?ouiH> ; Imt 1 
cwilirit iny-e*!f to Uu* Jrti^iih slnto of mind 
witJi i«j;ard to lli« whole object <-[ (^x|>i*<tn- 

Tfhvj huve flu Jnflnilp, r<*rliiiii, a^vwed 
knnwUldiriL fff tli« tiint for McBidAii's uppcar- 
ftno^i Tlmt Ihcri' wn-ia ^n^ral Qxp^cUtioQ 
of IliiJitfiiid >t htnj]^ [icu?iriciHiun tlini thr timr 

Kur»n>tLi Eipimiirtxl, tk f»Lirn from llat* ctiiMlLifC 
(if the miikkliiiUTi vti» ltx:i>iv4Td Htm n^ Llii:^ 
Mnt^ali, Thih tJ^« Jowh muv^t udmit, t1j<'U|tEh 
xhvy Wp'ill BftV thftt thp*o -Tudrro-rhrwT.Uiw 
*von! dotMiix-©d, Wo cflD, bovrovor, produeo 
tJi« whti&pifff thr» tint beliEVcrfi to prove 
that thpy wcrr wtdl -informed mco. who cnjhUI 
adi^iK'ik thrir rflawn*. »'liipb w[ll Wr rxbmi- 
imtion, whil« tbvir BLillvririge and martrrdom 
hJiow tliAt tiifty were ainft^rply nnd ftavibJy 
|>viMUiil«l ^t ibp triilli of *i.lmt ih^y pro- 
fMvd, \\'}int hftv* roni^mfKtrfiry J<m'iwh 
wrttdr* prciiuonl which tutt bp*r uomjmrifiDu 
with tfio (l^iiAtiniL 8t:iptia-w * 

BiiL wr A]i|x«tl, iinC inor«1 J tf I HirfHlljiiti*, 
in proof of i\\it uxyi'i^XnUrm of tha M<wi^in.h uX 
lb« tiio* Ihikt JcflUfl ftppnft«<j ; for Ibu 
hiViUioEi hisloHunA, Tiii;i[.ii7« t\i\-\ ^i\t:U>\\\y\H, 
»hi» unti* cif UiH era, not tM\\y dnHnrr tho 
fHi>t, but ^ho\v4«d thiLt the JvwK cbnrcd in 
that <^p4^('tfitio:> ; ^'hilt? JowphiiB. their cwn 
hUtorian. (iiuvcA tbut it dtepi} itLflurmvid 
ihnm U> diwpomtM rj^ihtiiiir^ u\ th«i Ki>Diftr) 
]iowur. in iiop<i« of d»ln-^r*iDW by thi' 
McBisiiih. Aft-ri- tbi^ BrLr<;4^hnb» *ii im- 
j«i*tci\ Hii!* nivlvyd i fi-uui riie [>t^i^it»iun 
tfiht lhf» timo wan pr>mfl, which hrc»i)^h( 
npii thvm iitid«r Undnnn moi-(^ dt-c<Jidl'iil 
j'lii.iKhtti' thon bi^foro, Tiipy haiV frvcr 
MHca be<?H liiiblii ffi irniiL*liii*", fmra Ui»' diwp 
ronrfnfoTi thnt the tlnio i> fMitit, Tbio tbojr 
hftvo ^fl^n ooiifoMcd, but hnve nttotiiptnl to 
rtm|!4i from the cotiaeiiiirDco by mying that 
ilU c<][jiJiijjE U ptit oil' iMt\ lyvxtiwnl of llmir 
Kinn. Biitnf. thnt yaU*. Lli»uiky nev^' rami-; 
foT- thair urns mny nlwuvh* ptit Him olf, nJV it 
b supposed th^ry hflvo for lunuy htiiidi-edn wf 
^L'dL'a. tf ibny »A^ Ibnt (itid Will turn thoni 

fi-om their luw, then wliy nut. flo thU bt tko 
very time orijifttiiilly fixttd for Mnvioh's 
oomiikfc' Wby was auv time fixed if the 
tfvtn\i dtrpmnlvd uu t)i«fr stat^ uf miad X 
'Jlk^ dpJti'^nnrvA from Kgypt and lUbyloti, 
Uxod to (t OMtuii tito«>, happ«iii«d nt tk« 
fuEiict y«or, ihiMieh lh«Lr niut ini^bt tluen 
liAiv (rut olTthi/ ftilliluieiit. 

Tt i^ 4D]d that tho^ hat« caw fttttodoncd 
EilJ protnnc^ to a knotrJvdf^ of th« CimO| M^ 
to f^uard a|piin«.t diMppointment, )u%» pri>- 
nuiiiteMi s,i\ jumthcuui, myln^, '* Citnwd b* 
he ibiit vholl mTculikt^ tho tima.'* If thj^ bo 
n f«ot, 10 it oat fljifki; in tho fnco of IlicD. 
th&t by Ilia prophet mnrkod out the tiobr f 
ihiv thhj^- I know. Iihjtt thfy hnvfi itinuvi!!! 
]Mnj«lf the pi^pL«t, vlio iDo«t oloftriy 
ajwign«d the time lor MoMtth'e ftpj>evuioe, 
fiooa his pkoe ht thiii "mtx ami ii3Hd« Ltiu. not 

oriiT r>f tho D'W'SJ- "^ prophcth, hut iv^ <if 
tho writci'A of tha C'lms. ov hagiognipha, 
t havo found in convtrialiDii with * tVo- 
fdVHJL' of IlGl>rew tliat ho wjm aoopLiua] 
bbtiitt U>o iniqjinitiori of naniol. T^d Jmm, 
tli*n^ore^ know U'^l the time for McwiAb'H 
iLppeiirDjki>.\ How then can they tell but 
the Umo ii pJLtt f llovr should Uivy know 
thfti ir, wax tifft Ml thi> T^ry perfoj wken 
Jamum c^oiiif Huvr (<E(n th^'v ntweirt thnt tho 
tvent wAa put ofTF If thvy could b» mrc of 
Uii^ bow om th*y !•« wii* thnt He tfn^r will 
fijippiir T \^iAl A fcint^ nf iinnrtAiut^ eoti- 
cvirnin^ tho most ^toiiouj^ promiw «ww mndi« 
to thoir nation, on which ihi-y iir<w pn>fffB 
to hiiwj/i n31 thnir hopiv '. Hoa uolikA ih lKIh 
to tho doaUnoii of God with ttimr nntiori, 
which fklwnyEi (ound him fnlfilhnif tho wonin 
oF Hia tcTvanti in thdr «ppoint«iI imucn! 
No cnitdid Ji-w enn dviiy ih^t nil Uip proha- 
hiliFieH tire nj^invt ih^ui, »nd tn favoiir of iin 
itpfKhilv train of tliinknix* whioh Ihej Imvo 
bLTf>ii lod by tlir fji]?0 |>rjaitioi] t^ivj nre io. to 
oppivp, 1'hiifi far rnnrftrnliig ihAfr notioti» 
ot thi* timjt of M(*u]ftb'it mming. 

Iliit Lh(iy k\q tiol (Tvon pt-oLmiil tt; knuw « ho 
or yihnX. Wf \a In Ix^ h>hen l]i^ iltfv* Ct>Ulu ; ou 
thpy <'iinm>f. tnU whom thny nhoiild recoli^e 
ornrjoet, with a Bingle oiccption^ which I 
nhftll shortly notite. They jay He will Diakv 
munifeat Hi* cluiEiifi when Hi* kppi-ai"^- Bi»t 
thin rmppweet ihnl tJn'n* wre i»oUi<» rrit^rin, 
though they now know thuni hl^L What enn 
theae \yt\ but JlU otfrnriut'Dt ^itli tbi.« pir- 
dii:iiiiHH uf ftiT ipliin- 1 flow kiif.itt th'-y ihiit 
ULV finfh M^wiAh id lo i>omfL i En it not;, h«- 
oaitho Gtid hith (Ji^imLtOiJ Him \ And hi>w Iim 
H^ pi-omWI '( Without Jiny infoituation 
whrth<-r th» I^liwitfkh U to Ih> u manor augnl. 


na Eev. Jtmm Bmn^U X^-A 


J4>«- or 0<rali]«, pri^ or kinfff No; Xhity 

Cofees to kj^uw losicthiiii:, mil ftom vvho:» i 
tt r>ot fn>uj ilie tuiijjhi^t.4 { Tlit^rt why fnn 
tr# not knovr much nhniit Him, hoforr- Hn 
^fOnvaV WJiy 4(1 Uicy nntAtudv, iiriil dj^xivcr* 

I^FVir in pmpciriion a* tlii-y pmfo** k ooh tc^nl^i^, 
»MD cc4opiirr Tbo Mouiiili uiiiTin Uit?yiL''- 
ibc. wilh [Liin in vhum wo ffilibve. In 
tproportujn jui thvy ate igiicj^iiU ilivr know 
ttol but H» Inm ulj'Mdy n^iti' ; jnil ranijLil 
tell vrltoan th*? (^nildi rrcfftit^ if Ho l»^ y4>L 
to o>j[u«, SLoiiM a ciKH^inTi'jr ii|t|ii^ir, thin 
wuulJ xiul jnwtf liioj M*'-vU]j, nwy iinEiolhAii 
Lvlil'f coni^niviLA, or thcui of JriiJfiA 
^llA<eftbMi*, o>vi!t| proTo thou p^i^ioiLA t:* bavu 

Kvi>Dif cEMiittioiildixiDiDMiilwork mimcloH, 
Hu tukitt balHEtfd \a' Scrripfiirv. 'll:ik ihfy 
»ckfiowkKl^*e, w far oa to niimit thnt lli^ miiKt 
prora Himwlf tho sou of Abraham, ftutl 
JucbUi, lUid OuviJ. Hv«r, tbeii. jut? sfriptur^Ll 

rnicology sow \ ^n ono of tho Jf^w# knonv 
Vkfw tc pivw l«* fiUHily vr tiibi*, Tiniy my 
tb« ge7ieu1og)e« will Im roAoieii* vheii 

Umt« in bKU theory ? Gf^DOnlogiw Are r^cortls, 
ff Ifavv wotLU thftt tlic genonlogLM ftrv to U 
.crcaM, thiK ii contrary to thp mry imlum 
of itucvh dociKoffUtary proof*, A rop*t*T of 
ftg™ crTftt<J ftt oac time, U b forjferj ouiu- 
QiitfiHl, r<iT tbo t*iwiict> of Midi pnxiU of 
iBHvalagy lir« in their hi<JrLg truuxmititiHl 
tlurmjrfa pJl fui-ni^r u^i>« \U>yvx\ \a> kXv^ pr^HKit 
tiuiC. Tb« ^"*ry EiM<K*it> f-i *iioh n th^^Oly 
AK tha J«WH Latr liiii^Ht'vd tbjj^^H tli»V tlif^ 
liino tf puti ftftil tlip Miw^jih uhmiM h^vn 
AppMtTOcI wh^n llv oould nho^ Hia dou^f^bt 
by the tintiuriihl iMxrrdjt 

tiiil if lliir JcwA admil that tho Mrmlnh 
■UCttt tliuit fur prorr 1titrj>H>1f thti priotniuvl 
pfrMti. i" thin criou;;h ? Moy not numy 
p^rwii* prov^ thciuri«!imi dnccitdvd in the 
*Hini4 llrip X Atv iLere i^ul utlier uibrk^ by 
whic^h Ho immt he t*"tflrl ( \Vh»i. »rt* ihoy ^ 
H (l»o J*ws know not, ho^v ^jrt-ut Ih fh<*ir f»n 
crrtAiatr * if llj**y kuow, why iln ihoy net 
t*1l I Vi'tttioiil H\wh kEiovfUMl|<r, ]i»tv ojin 
lh*r bo 4itr«t thjU llo id iloi tMiu« t lliat 
JcBilfl of XAxnjcth nua i^t tho M^^Jeiloh 'i 
Wafl lit* tti 1>«j A [>ii>flLH« nr u piir^t, or t\ 
king, or %ll thnwl How iajui Hi* to livp » 
Wwi H» over to div .' If M\- hE>w f Whk 
Het*! liro A^in i Thovi-ry re j«Tti->]i of Jiwir*, 
ami, finoe Ui« tiici\ of n h^«t uf pipUWi^rTs 
•BIHDM a knowle<l,Lre of nrlmt the Jbwa pmiu 
Iftprofoai not I" ku^^iw. 

Tq 009 fK^nt. bowov«r, I iuuhI fkdmit that 
Ihoy declare th9tuF«<lvu cci-tHici — tit&t 
Mv«»tfth 1VHJ4 to li» ft Ukiu|xitn] dolivervr, oni? 
who dhmild gi^ie d^llvorftn^ from tompond 
illh, iitu] ]-4ivot>c^ tho prcMDt ofllictoi] Plotcut 
t\\t\ Jim^s hy (-4>jjfi>iTintf toajporfi] domijdoni 
hoTii-iiir. ftitd prnnprtrity I m pre iiiDy by giving 
ihom \\v> tvUiinphnnt powediioii of t.hi.*[r nwii 
Iftud. What would thirt prove? vh^n 
Mwvjah hikould cume, Hp would find tliwni in 
Jind \)\vir Ucid und4.T thodouiiijum of othar*. 
What, then. wa*i their ttftCo when Jonin 
tTiuie ? Vr'eie ihcy not n cr^l^'iiivrciJ jiRople, 
rindflr Ih^ Romnn yniket W"n* not iii*tx»d. 
t-he Edoinitcs tboir kinglin^, ruUnff ui^dm' 
C'4r«nr, with an iron rod vrKicb cntcro] intA 
lihe honl \ 

But th«y will untnmlly my, '*Jft*iw w** 
ijo tcmporol dchvuivr fi-otn thin huled ilomin*' 
tion." Wq dbrLlI tico. Tq any lUithiii^of tbo 
ijTupjLfit'x dnncriptioH of ^ Munjftb, Si^ 
HtHLTiog, and theTi (lortrpi^riiij^, wb(r;h hrtA 
drivoQ thu Jomi to itLwnb n doubl^i ilwi&ti, 
Bi*r) Jowph the BidTrm, un<) Hf-n D&nil 
tlw Ci>iirjuOT<jr : ]i(Hif wjin Mowdfth to 1« a 
coiifjiioror I VTaiHt^not to rruth HU /rtuf 
If tboJewi^MiAtLOEi |iad(M[Ll«nccdllim,tLkOrd 
uji^ht liuir bcuii more piLpvt of i-eajM>» in 
rftpmjU-Tiin^ Htm for noL grJLUlJT^ thi^m the 
Uintponl flfhromnco ttwy expeofed. Hnt 
ih^T who jujppoic thftt thf very oouiiDjf of_ 
th^ MiT^ijih wa?» put ofl" an account of Ihtir 
hinfi, tnijfht (iintly Hod no ditBeulCy I'l ixm* 
cUidia^: thiit when Hl' ctmc, and tikd notion IliiD. Uerofdjv^lto^iuit tUo wunors 
ti'iU|K}ral detivHiu[j(^<. ^tv* not >1cMdiJi lo 
€TH*h Hi4f6«ii.And hl4Hft Hi'ifriRniln* Huw 
no It'itiiHiriil judrnKnCn fttllffn neon th<*0 wbo 
reJCTlLM Him i No lvai|Kir«1 bl»«ngH rwtod 
iftL tbc*« wIlo pmbrftOfld Him? Jobub nrcot 
ovpT JorUAftlpm, itt tha pmtpcrt of lLh puuUli- 
ni«i\t for killing; Jlim. Jowphuis ihtvt own 
liUttiiifcn, nhoiv* ih«L bin nation never lioforo 
*ufl"iiii»L| iiK'h i-ahLnnrii->>. urbidi he h*ii'ib&* U> 
thoiT i.iii']inuo*, obwrrviiia thnt "if tiod bnil 
not Bciit tho Itiiniiiiui iv Hir- tMjiHintionorw, iho 
afcith wtjuld bnvu tip«ji«d iHid fcWifclloKtvi xvt 
u|k" WhK iHft then nuirb a {leoplc wipible of 
rt<je<Tlinv tb(> Juf^t Urvef 

Bot the Jews iDAraAk^whnt delivi>r*noii 
did J»un woik foi'liis fiiciidft i^ho WioTed 
fj!i Hnn ? I nnswur, iWivi'nintL* from tho 
un)>ftr»ll4>iod cnlaoiittot wbiob oio^rwInlmiHl 
thow who crucitlrd Him. Hr V>Vi \\\f di»- 
ripUw, that Amidiit dm trrHitodon* xnrrdCt 
*- not M hAirof th«ir htnd idioTild jivriab/'and 
iio£iillilloiiUi»pKaiu», KorHd w»rnMth*m 

MpmortFg of Go€pd Triumjihs mtwvg thf Jjrum, 

to Hw to iho muuiiUiinit. u'hon thpyflliOLiM 
BVt JpTLJFttlMll COKDptULftd with iLrtni4^ of 
whiub then tltere whm nv jirulKtbtlity, fur tl:4 
R<iniiiiiK WK'iv nlrvAily iu jKiw^fl^ian jf tli* 
i-tty^ 'Hit^ ChnktioMi li(^ii-lc(in«d to JaiU«, 
«in4 ro*ln out tUo nUina in f«fcly. 

]v will ivtill Ui fhuJ> ^' A3', ]>i)t hjk» ITo put 
our imtitm fn pnanHtm <if tho pronnuHl 

4Hy, will km lUiown I'V A futiif<- li<ciur<». 

I ill I Im^ JoiLih wTOUflit na t«iij|>or«1 
i|i\1k^«'rnn(^ Utv IIu friniicUf WtMni titf 
ItoiiJiiDs fodgbt n^-hiiihi Wy nc tJi» J*m had 
doiio, ■Icd'iiy broke th'it iroii cinpiro And 
pUaL«d tlie tmriDcr of Ibc cnwt cqi ibo 
I'njhitol. A ChriAtinii CUutcli wnx pnjojriug 

hin*!I" W© will uuvb^r that 'juortjou, 
wheii your nBtion hiw nmlkTAonl Kfm: ur 
whoTi ynii mn show fhnt Mw43iih wju* to 

fut lib en^iuiciA in pvucM-ion r>f uud, 
• it not foretoJd, "ito pjjjtil !<.ijijt4t rhi- Unil 
with tb» itxl of HiH mouth, m\d with tho 
hiTMLth ftf liiii Jiuu nliiv tJio uickodr' U"v 
oouM iib&w tbut t)i^^ Uiid WAjito bo tUui^^ till 
3A— ff ^ nh oiiup, uuil wlijLt il«T will do loi' thn 

pnwpcrity ui JL^nimlmn and nil Judcau ^vhwi 
no J»w voiild ftpjiitM&ch tli« «|K>t. AIM I L 
Bbiy nluiOKt mj» wi.* Laro bB4 too BltlcH 

1<-inpi?nd prtiB|Toritj". We h«-o cbtcuof tA«b 

liimvy l<j » HUi'ft^ll. TviupOTbl bl«niiigi^ 
tlioiigli mngiiir^l 8M tho b^kl nlifc^h otlior 
ixioqut^rom t'An f:i^X^ (^rv but thv minoi- 
liK-iv>iiif^ of ^11' >Niviuui''n iri^n. Kutiuiut 

Thf R«". JfrTiif9 Bemt^, T>M, 


ChriitoMiom ntJW ruin* tlio waM, ircnn ^loW 
to pok, fr^vn tho rUiiLA Co tha *ijttinjc Hiin, 
HoiLt)ic& frowran are oa livlplHti k\A ttivir iJulK 
tlDiLntDDjwlum (kitr lui vrn^k u^ \\w\v iirjifili^t 
wciH fjtlx,^. IIh 4wurd ik now jui ru«ty ns it 
hIwa^a Wb4( bloody. Vltv Jews arc at tho 
uivrcy of CliriKtiAtitv who cud ^vo TaloAtiiK? 
ttw^y, wbtiT zitid k] irhuiii Uu<> [>1iulm<. Whnt 
f-^itld r«adMt lli':v« n'h<« tiluw Tip AtJTU, tlui 

]liit w« nr* told llmt itLirM;)v« FJmll nuilcr 

MnuufLli vii'turimm, T\\\it ih t'lilciri^ oUivr 
gtound ; f<T ha Uwt w^irloj miimijih ik uo 

mU'rvcnr*, the ^pu'ilunl world ii« tvdltid iuUr 
>i<.<1ji>n. mill t.}ih- wilder Mvnt* ih chnn)^- Tillc^ 
tht'^fc hLttvwsr, of the mimt^tcfi of tiiciv i*v 

of JvFiiiFi ; vlik^li of nil (b(< Urmpor'nl ilU of 
RiHn dul HtJ (Kit re1iHvt«, <lowr lo doath 


Bitt wHy Ar9 CEir pitnoiit Jews ao oxoIu- 
fliv^ly doting Oil ii UMii[K>riil dblivtarcrr Ik 
thi'i tho H)l« pharnoit^rMlic c>f thft pix)[QMed 

Do they look for tv mcivi AltrjcnuJm-, Otmtr, 
or Iluci[]£t[Hirtf, working mltwilertl W(»uUl 
Ihi* nct'otxl with tho Hft<TRcl g«riiii« ^\ tJ* 
AfK^OTJl Eii-ofhwi«? Was iiot tho Mw«ii^ 
of AbrttQotn *pintuiiI,rHUi<fr tlmd r^'iiii»'rttl ? 
Wh» lie iiotii pilffrini ft>Tif(ujJOT fnr TruTh, 

J' hiK iifttivc lun-i, unil having' r*ot il 
otjti^ Ffroniid in that whith n^n* pnonii^O'li 
ej«V|jt t.titf giiivo Lp Ixniijltt. to bury •Sanih V 
Wiuinnttlirt mJKfjoii n^ M»c% cfl^ctwl by a 
full from LEa0 |iuhu:« ^if I'hnnioh to a nhcp 
iicrd'ntoil in Iho^iyvrt^ WVi tot Km life 
Etude n biiiiinu hy |]|p [.ii'ovt.«iLiuti of IhhuI. 
HTut (till ht^ not l«]] tli«in tli^C' 1,li<-ir true h\ii*< 
Uy In lovitig tho Jyjrri thuir (i<h1, for whicli 
ho liikd iLot yirt circuuiciicil their tjc^ii^f 
Pill liP not wiini tlwMu tlint tlwir prohjwrity 
M\i\ Nftf^fy, ^VL'fi in tho prcmiuwl land, wouU 
dnpoiid on tlii<ii- Mj^iritual iiUto V 

I* thiti tiiP jMJOj»I* to own, without a bhi4j, 
tlint ull lUtTV Whiiii IK a. E«it][iunL| MnMiihl 
Whnt t<aiiH iiuth 11 nrm t^t for Ihoni ! What 
iroiiJd I'ftiQdtinft bo fcjr tliow* who livo in it, 
without d(>]u'orftnorifn.)j»pn*lerttLd[wnfHmlity, 
i*nv^, mid iiiftliL*!*, 11 ^nilfy <imticitn».t' unil Uia 
tlrwiil of tliNah ? Cun ik vlijin^i^ of ru>U 
r^TiuvaLy th** li<w,rt, ot' uiitn >riri luvppy without 
beinj; holy? Tho mind w its vwu jilatt^ auj 
iBiti [imke 4 lif^TiVPn of h«!l, u hull nf hrtftvi*n. 
Whnt thmiijh Uit" totiipip w^po Pfretori^l, uiid 
tho oxr^niiLJ worship wtie lik^ tW of 
Solomon in ull hifi ^lojy ; if tliu iiifj-rtinf tw 
likfi tlmt iixhL«iii«i[ in tbi- byiiiigqgih« of Diiko's 

PUoo f Whnt n *itrn of n nimHl minrl, to 
ciiiuk ni3tJuu^ of ihu i^irLtuiLl j;|oi-io« <>x^ 
hilntoii in thv IWcha* and »pooialiy tho 
NBVmiLy-soixmJ, whii.'h dnwi'iliai MvwiiihV 
m;^ ! JLlji4. mh?Il h numl luny i<jULily niii' 
take an Lmpof>t<v for Muwiuh, Mivaiult for 
an im^Kulor 1 

Bi^it ilie cutuhI axptctaUoim of the prennt 
J44w«, NO unlike thv boiKM o\ tli^ir pioiut 
fati)Or0, jtrirttf frvui their libAndunmonl of th« 
ni^citfnl fnith conctfruiu^ M<!Miah^it pdiwii \ '>* 
Uicir fhUtk vi»<WM <if IIl^ |H>ir<«on hai>. In \h»\t 
t\tr\\f di^^na^Ad th» niLtion.i1 hopo- \yorff I to 
H\y lo Ihom, ■ Wliut think yr of Ohrinl ; 
wh>M><vSonis UoT' Tlii-> wonUI replv. "Tfic 
Hon of r^flvitl-"" But if I wV nguin, ■' Why, 
thun, docA I>LLvid ohll Hitn lyurd f niiyingf 
* Th« LoTtE Hkid niito my Lord« Sit thou iit 
my ri^-ht hiui'i« lill I iua.kL- tbinr liimmiiu 
thy f ootiflixjl ( ' "■ Tboy w»jii)d HJiy, ''Ah, 
jou («ll Him Son oT (.iod : '' And J will not 
shock you, c*r t'Miturv to nccurto theui, by 
reiptriLiii^ the awful bUnga which 1 bivv 
hMird thMn flft/ ftgaiuAt tba torin, Hon of 
Ood, whLcJL w« f^pplF to Chrint. I would 
ntthni' iokitAte Stophon, the tirnt mnrtyri 
whom they ^tew* uikil :«Ay, '* I«onl Jcsujs lay 
not thiH «in to chvir i?Largi<. " ttiit wbcrt f 
hikvc otfked them, how thoy could pour 
ronFfOtinpt on the liLnifiiaxc ^f thvdr own 
Scnpfiirtw i it hn* linT^ri Mbid^ *' Ah. yinx 
taufWTi ntuhirn bat, wliioh yoit nrndvr ' Kivx 
thtf Son ; ^ hut it mouiuii ki»)| purvly.'* XVht^n, 
howflviir, I ivpltud, ^* 1 do nuL tkpjKMil iAt thnti 
liiit U> Ihn frii'uker vi<mH, whirh MilmiT'H i^ \\u 
ill.'ntit#, ' 1 will di.»r-liiNi tln*d*rr"n, tbft fjord 
iiiiu t« tLv.Thou ini My Son,' " it «>oinod to 
Ki*i*t« HiU'iJrUt', HK if tlwy IhuI nwvoi' ni>Lio:il 
thftt axpnuKJon. TTiiJi "aon (fiwn " iw ilff- 
xrihtd by 1«iujlIi in nc lofty toi'iuh a^ tlio 
Now Tntninr^nt iwtcrihot to Him, and tluj 
TjLT^jum of Jormlhan nppliuA to Mc.-«iinh the 
wonln, " Unto ru n ChiJd i» horn." 

Ub. that thu people wouhl nuiircb th'>ir 
own tkriptum, whiob apt^vk of Mi^wiab, artd 
Lakotht^ir rii-ws of Hia |wrwu froui Uie unly 
ii*ith<.*nti(i nourw, Ibu very UmoW of fio»(j 
whirh hrivf> orenl^Kl tin* vxinHrtatLon ikMt 
tlim^ «vei' would lj« bul4i a Oeliv|^^o^! 


Of thmr i^Jt^ctiouof Lhi^8crj|iluni1doctniJ6 
f^inefrnin^ Al4<4idah^8 priMthood And HIa 
tiftoriJioo, 1 Ahftll not ap«ak, and will but 
lclaQC« at oiM mor* f«atttr* of tbo [^rooat 
<'hHrjiGU?r of th<i J«n>^^tlt«u' i'liuiity lo tho 
Chrutian iiiUii», But I cannot upproAiTh 


Iitmiovi^s$ (^ Gt»pd Triv/mpf^ amofig A$ /#ui. 

bbi^ jnjbjcri vithout liluftLfiig f«r ouraolvee 
am mudi lui for ih#iu. Tho6» who urs iwll^l 
rhristmiiA iir» g[iiUtT of tb9 hloo^t ^f lVi« 
Jawi, both hloralt^, bj horiibLe ponoculioiiA, 
and Apuituftlty, by bm^lmii^ ihth- hi^otts 
ik^itiAt f 'hriid^ liul thif -Tftwic mlKl)^ H^vii 
kiiOiTTi Unit Join* diod prnjtDgf " Fnlbcr. 
f<irgiti- th«Uk," and that tlic^c ptTtvcculion^ 
^tn tiio pjiLrk of th« a{iu»t£ti^ Itume* whom 
I'hfr hjiohIIh wiiitwd, thitt if they llins glorwd 
oi'Cr lh« iLittural tnnjicbrk of Abmhitm, Gud 
woitld oat cd' tbow pruud grafU. In prcK 
(HirLjijii lie j& iLuu in a ptn'Sfculvr, be b iiul ft 

But, aH«i- nil, on* bfik Miiricit jiiatify 
Aiiotfict^ Wby, tb«zi« lA the enmity of tbu 

Jrdtja, «ppciiillj \vli#n UTiy M tho riiilrlw-Ji ff 
iXbriihaiu l>iili4><iM¥ Hnvi- K\\v J^wh >txiditw] 
«iir J^ci-i^ituir*, iii< yfi* Mhidy ihi'Un? Tk iiol 
bt* who )iju ronfciiliTi'd l-olb sidi * mi»t. 
Piitilloti ('> ri-ff^^^ct I Should not th<^< icvd of 
dXliriLhaui icjoic* that no mntiy iuitiL<»ji havo, 
t»y lji-<x>iiiiiiB Chn'frtiftiiii, ivofivod ^lo^^^ aiid 
the proptiiiU lu liinm.*; nnd, puUing uvny 
IiJoIa. nn truA Prt>t0»txkriti( bavv don«, KHirii?i] 
to itd<>rv the ijod of AlmhAin 1 Drd w pot 
Irani fi'oiu th«lr Bcripluirti Uj ti(iti:L a 
Mt-fwifth to oom^l ('4tt ih^y deny ihHr, 
J«AaR Ikfu- broLkf:ht the natiozLB itjto a bvlti>t- 
»tAto ihiiii v'hi?ti tbr J«wfl imitnti^l llieir 
iitfijehljciuiii ill uiHUiTifi UiHir |UKtr cKildri^ii 
fuuH thKiiigh lh« fir*' i" MoWli ? Ak" thHf> 
not fit l^jii^t 401114^ ChnhtinuA wlio ni>> jii>i1 uiid 
Ifiitd to tlio Jr«t>, HTid »ih<^idil uul thi^coiiM*- 
qilcTjf'o hv n ffiltiiigTHi« <ti prmfrr mmlidly 
with ti* tm th» poinu of dj^iip mt«n«t 

I foHfOBr bo d^ull on tiit? mrrowfui theme. 
The ^iiilt (]f tbr pnw^ntj Liiitp fif the JrwK in 
t^jwling J<<n», nnd thu* making theDUwUm 
frharerv in tJip oriiam oi" their fath^m^ who 
14'111'itiii] Hiui : fur Utiie iii^mdiiinhe* mi* Ui 

iirnof^'H fnO kIiow thht thiMi' ]rr'iHi«hf fjiith in 
nr dilfprflut from ihut of the WtUir Uhk** of 
tliwr iifttiori. Tt* Tarfum* nit Hucieiit 
voTvioriH of the 8cn|>hjr«is trnn t.\\t^ jiiiie 
Bibltnit Ifithrnir. iulo n l.;t;ftldrth- dinlwt, 
which* aft«r tho IlAbyloni>'li oitiitivity, 
bc<umc thcT natiotml Loitguo^ i^trnto oi tb«in, 
A0 uiorv aiieJniit and mom xt.Hdly Itit^rtil 
tn*Tk«triti&nii, nw ontitM to mon> erodit; 
cltipus moiij pflrnphiMtie, nn? ratht^r com- 
iuf<ntnri«. iin*l Are interlanlftj with fnblca, 
HiLt th^v iin> t^vbimcjnii^K in ibi.* fHith iif 
Ura4>l Ht tht hme thi*y wi*r» *nttfi». TUnt 
iH^LtfJohi u* th* inoHt Pfllt<TtiipJ tur nntiqiiity 
»iid purit\. Ilri-t- we iiud U?'1jl'his aIu. JU, 

to which CluiiftianA i^p«a1, thus Ttrftderod^ 
"There iJiaK rmi pi»c( ftir;i/ on^ «wrcl«iik|^ 
dominfoi^ froTii tti« liou*e *^ Jod^h, f>or n 
Aitfiho fiom hi^ »ina'«i ».04i^ for wft^ udUI 
M^»uih hlifill ooiOi^, and Ul^ u^ tl^okinjfdom, 
jUld la Him thn pe<»p]4r ^Jill hnirkrrD;" 
v^hidt piv)T« that JJcfvUh, vho im in 
licbrow ocdicd £iLiloh, M oomv; fordoDuikH«i 
luui peiamkI iLih ay froiu the hoiirt of Judnh. 

Thi? Tur^'irm on thn Pmliiiv. of vhii^li it in 
uncQiia^n wbetbor it u by Juwpb th« Blinds 
nr ncrl, mnktfl tbe Kudd applicittioiL of liiO 
HHiuud nnd fi>tlietb I^Iuik to Chripitt vb uiir 
ApOhllt' PhiiI liAftg^ven- TliftTufgHiTi nr ih^ 
pt^pb«t4 AiMrib^ t« Jo&fttbu) iiitrodui'f^ ttio 
tb«iD« cl tlrO fifty (bir^ of iMLUh. cuiummcknir 
from ibv prn^iii^ i!hft]iti>ir, Uilim, *' BdioJd, 
My KiTvant iho Mflfcwinh Jiflll picisppp and bn 
mait^id ; " nncl thfl whole of the eolobmtod 
prijphcry w applird to Oitirt. nnirly aa it 
Uriiild \tp by a (.'hHithm^ That, tlifl nni*irDl» 
fjLW Ihu JLiiitif4> of «>ur applitnlioru r^f IbM^ 
textfi<> and that thi> darkiiom hiu ilut^kfiied 
over t)jv? pn3««it Jewd. fliould awakmi tb«ir 
nerioiM relW'fiuiiK ItihFt-nd (if buin^ ftuidnil 
hy ihi* torch of SrriplTir*, thf»y have put out 
th« li^'ht which Ihetr faibon «ojoy«d, 
bH!aiiK> it bare wiiunb lo lluu wtiona we 

I hux-QaliMdyromtrvdAd j'oii of th»mparior 
I«nmijjf dirtdnyyl l>y tho Jc*** '-f i;Ut«r 

by a lofi^ cAtnli^iri^ of wnrkt, nnkrciwii i-vrti 
ro Lit4ff«ry ChnEt.jaui^ who havo not iaa<Ie 
thui depnrtcnoQl of biUlioj^iiphT ibcir ripo(?ia) 
■tiiHi-. ''The ftiffht cf thn "Kyis," '*The 
Bundle of MjTrb/ "The Briitiol] of Daiid;' 
U'o titlcw of worki^ wbidi moid to uv- qiuiut, 
but wo in oiientAl stylo, And beur wiiEieM to 
thi* ImnW ]iilM>»ra of Tivael, duriUi! tbe 
affc* that wi> ars iio(Ti£HU>m«<d Ut i^aII <iArk, 
But (bo rnbbi^ Salomon JaTcbi, AUm Kt,th, 
Vavkl Kiuidii) Iajyi lleri ChMKirn, and 
Aliarhjinpl, with n b'lAl w^Hwt nainnk t ivm- rojunti ItAv^ It^t^ behind tbem eoiniii«n- 
ttiries on till the book* of iho Old Tostaoiont, 
and tirvH.tE>*Hiiciii alim^t all tbno]o);i(uil tbemrv. 
The lnt<»r writer*, while Uhom'ing to refiilo 
iiia iutprprntutionfi cf Chrutianv, m^ eom- 
polled to ibilinil that t hey cont j^adict tlieir 
pri*<I™rfK)nL Duvki Kiuiclii uppUtfi Uie 
popond Tialm to Diii'id alone: tnii h» oon- 
fDuon that tbo wordf -13 ipm ebotiU b« 
tran-ilatcd ^' iviPs tbe md/' and that the 
Pi4i1m had Ihmmi »|ipllt!^ lo MendAh by tbeir 
n^iuttTM of piviiH iiiiAmorj, obflervingt " ff the 
L'enlm bo intorprtt<«l tblw, Uio ineaninfl will 
bt-clcnr; Lbvii^'h 1^ rttui* ujorc iikely thai 

Tiic Hn\ JaiiutK BniiirM, J)-/>. 


David oowpoBodthtii pHnlm eaneoTnibg liki- 

HnMtiiiirAl M^utcm^e , " Wbulj m tbe tMoa- of 
xha King HovijUif Kuljbi Abn, thv von of 
(JftnnDah- taid, ■ Adt>nai in liie namv,' Wcmuho 

Avtju.<b Eie nhiiU t'ull liiiu. Ji^TjutuL [nhiclL ilia 
JuM> (txdirtiigv for Adf/TKti] nur righl^HkiiK' 
ntw.' For Knbtii Lvvi >»'iul, " Uli, Itn^ji/ 
rily. wliEiw iLiiiiio ia ii^i iJitr imiiie (if lU kl]i|f, 
hml tihH itMi[i« cjf iu kifi^ IH Wi Lhir imiiit^ of 

it« aod; ■■ 

Tins j'KiJi-uii'a 

But that tho J^u^i 
ore rf-Mrrod for mercy, 
T coiilil I 'rove, iiijL 
m«<iHly fifmi tlif Nfiw 
T9«tAintiijt, vhich aII 
CfirifitiAiin must jutmib 
tv !« drcUivc on thi^ 
|>omt, biiL from itnudil^ 
crntiotui which »hould 
touch tbo hoari oF 
the JrTTB^ TLpj ji 1 ' 
witn«4aM for t tinl 

Xrtio^t idctb', and if 
p Governor of Ihp 
wui'ld ^nw exLtvdhivtt 
dmninion Co Mahnmi^- 
duriH ffhon £/*';/ void 
th(^ iJTeat iccnoclrkt^U 
(inuL^o tjK^krio). it h 
tio tmnU <!onu]1ation 
to think that Itmcl had 
been piercrvpd from 
fhlling inCu ]Uniin(.<rit 
fiti. 1 kmiw thjit 
wh(>n thip wiLM <in<w 
tji)C<^ lut A [>roor ibhl 
tlipy wofft iindflr dUpflPPiion, not for iddl^ttry, 
but for thi-ir irentinj:r»t U Chrid, it wii* 
ileiiiixl by a vrry (fi^tinguinhc^ Jew. For 
tbevo i> a t^tin v^ozk vLtitTvtl, '* AniECJi 
f-ollatici," n friendly confermiL^ betwwn a 
Uhn^iiaii, I,3inl>orcb, Aiid Omibnj, u Icnrncd 
Jew, It wdl d*ecr*t> it* iiauii'. for it ie d 
ItuiiUni] ^pCL'iuitii i-if ooo! ri>>iMuiirj|c iitii) 
r^^xHtfitl ijfQV'ri*iL('i.-9i on l)oth*id««; and if 
Llmboi-ch hwi bwn a uiort^ Erniitimil Chn*- 
tian, it tuijcbl hav? led lo n bit]>|iii<Mt.«tilt. 
Bui Un< .T<^w Hl^iruiH that bJN brotlxr^n «!- 
t<»naivi*ly pi-ftrliee idolotry in ratboht 
counti'iiift, ftud *ftj'«, " the Lord for^iivo mc, 
that r havf :ii_vM'lf I'owfd t|»e kiM* hi thi* 
hfiwtm of BajiL'* rutler fh** terroiK of the 

int muT <jr ma &u^fc 

ItH^uwitJon ho ha'] piiafewarc! to Iw a ClirifctEui, 
in Portugal i hut. bauntod by coiutiioiii^, ht* 
mftdo his <«ca}>o to lloUar^d, trhcrr he main- 
tniiu.<d tho diApuLatiun. wbirh wilji pub1uiU«Jp 
Lot uUo^hi^r Ui hl« dihgnux*. JdultiT,ud«« 
ftr? Aid tu bo «v«ti in Ibo piib"fthood u&d 
fLiuLin^ Lho btHhopti, ui Spain and IVjrlii^l. 
btill (xrutiuuii>;^ Jewh ut htMi^U Iful Clif la- 
tlATi4 mv)<t Miuh tc» think LhM< our rvlL^icn 
huh tn*<TL pui'vcirt^'d ti> a 4yiit<im i>f imajj;<r- 
woi*}^!!^ and \fy wiri-naXti^titAw ha.* Hidu4ixl 
Jims 14.) iKt tlia hy|XH?i'itP and dirtcintti m 
■«i-vie«a vhich tboir «nil* aJihorred, Tbii: 
cnorniiM- in^ wc hope, 
(iflEivdD^ away ; and oar- 
tAinly* DA a bmiy. the 
Jflwj hmva k*e" |ii"e- 
BtTvijd from idolatry, 
Law maintaiiLi*d a r«v< 
HTBnrv fjir (Ijh Svnji- 
tarw, and ki>pi th»m> 
'wWtfr difttiiif^ti an n^ 
»*rvwl for niri'py. 

O! thn bettor prut 
di thv oooiduet of tho 
prcHcnt Jaiva towarda 
Mch utfuir. a bnef 
iikotch hiia btwn ^iv^ii 
byjLL'hrifitian Israel ite, 
Sir. Itidlcy Uerach^ll, 
Minipirr of Tnnily 
(_'hap<>l, Hylgivwin* Ud , 
lu fk tniK' >>cri|'tiiral 
hpirit^ ^^bich 1 wouM 
erf all who \v\Ai to \ia 
witliiifortacdonM mo»t 
knt-nrMinjjc ihifaie, lie 
CDirh) v|iDiLk of them an 
Iboy ar« aic^on nt bouiv ; 
I luivecbosrnlo exhibit 
thrtn ill thelihrnryof 
tha1«ftni«d, tba chiiir of th^ lUHA, anrt Ui the 
wonbip af tho rtyna^^^fJinjH HtUk wik ba\« 
p-trvsi raon^h Ui dtnw tfrB.iv from ibi* oyft* of 
t'hpiaLiann, t-o piiM™? (Hit L*art& with Wim-oW 
for Ihoaewho wort- bi-okt^nott'from thartnok 
□F AhmhaniH thut we tniiEht bcr jfi^nft^d tn> 
If thci^o they lio H.-aitct*d aii-1 withered, we 
dnro not ^lorv utt-r lh^ rmtitritl ljiuni'li«?s biit 
inii*t ramaiDU^r, thii-t, if wo M tho wild 
oliifl wtfrp inBtrWd into that tt^wk ; then 
)»(jw iijuidi more »liaJl ihy natural bmijcht-. 
^firnfUtfi into th<kIroitn olive tr<*ef Th'Hi;jh 
blind^t* in fmrt hay hapi^onod to Umol till 
tlio fulnoM! <'i tVic CJontLlo!! be coait* m, we 
inuM, iiidiKxV w^'k Ui gather to CXiUt alj 
antioni, m ortJer tojJTotvjke Ura*! to JflahiuHy 


}frm4irif» of Gaiptt. TrviarfjiJig /rmffTiif /A* Jnm. 

fry Um gloim of Chmt't kinfidomi Imt n* 
ili^rc iLPuiJw&ir* been *^ a romnjknt ii^ivniitk;; 
lo Ibe pli-ctiiiti of gi-mw," '*bolov&i for lb<i 
fiAliir^h' MNkm," M> veit muy olmjii Inlxnir for 
Ih^in, in lidjiv <if plorioun lintt Fraitfi, en» tbu 

tlip |iiYtph^i ioiy«^ fmiii Lh(A tlrtn.!. o\«it wlmin 
tli« tlcntilA f-hiiivfi ^hiitl vimM Mid fiay, 
'' TiiiA our lir«ithi«r vitirt <l«tti), mad U olivc 
ngniit ; wAh IihI, and i^ fimiiil." iit>\ faim 
canchtdnl lln all, GoQtilo* tinitnliJ Ihon Jenv. 
in ucMipI. ihiit He may hftv« nipivy on nil. 
When JcwK <voi-c the (rp!y [>copk* thftt vi>i - 
ph;|i|ii'(1 Um (rill erf AbiWirkin tlivy iiiii^cil tn^r 
«M^ *ttvmg, ■* |ji*t. Ibi' ^ipnplc pl■■i>^- TTn'*.*, O 
{tod; lei all the ftviilo [rmi^* 'lliiv. I'Ikh 
«J)aTI |1i» witlli yipM iivi [bt'i^rkFc. I i(H] phiitl 
lilcvA UK, uikI lit! rliv i-tiiIh nf th^ t'Hrtli t-hiW 
fuir niin." MtifiiilJ ti^iL wf> win* Piitvu ^nUrvit 
into tlirir luIiCiritAiiCo ti'brina l]it IciTHlltOM 
lUiotv^ lit iiK b> t]ii^!r fullirr*? Hitttioui- 
jimyi^ri, if wo woutrl jmivp tln^n hinrni"o, Wii 
mu»t ft*W our cffoHh foi' th(»ir prpnvomwi. 
Thi9L*hnvfi bciuijIoniiiDioriBittc^l^nDdwhoQro- 

ignc'iuni^ 4if tlin Jch'4, their liiTigiiA^*. lilvnt* 

^uijv and ^^nlimL-itiA: ui- by no lo^^ i^orAoc« 
of tbo Ofttuiii of true Cbriftianlty, the king 
docj of the MvtHinb, whifb hu bceii cuibibitct] 
ith A Ji^winh hiMi^rchjt whtl«f iT« truA ^lory 
titfv m itii «|nritu»titv* ^«vt« ktv bc^ to 
1h* mnilr OhriDUuiA ly iiUklEing Cliristuum 

HiLt TEiAy nnt thow vrlin imit^ir^tATirl fThrK'fl 
liiniidomfniiilnroADiiutUDWdnithtJi^ Helirow 
]mi|;iui^(T ahiI litfratiin?, obtain mntt^ c^^afir- 
iTiLOT with tJuT *«fd of Aliiii);Ain. riUii-r by 
itmvfrnatioTi Of tbo pri:*u(, to dicoUiEs lb it bp- 
Qcvolcsit apirit, tbo daoLriiic uf a Mcttdoh, 
cvtn tUoti|p wo f^bould h'^w to waive, at fint* 
jlU dmtiucl ivft.iviic<e lo Him wLvu) wn Ik- 
lii»%'tf t*i \m* Uif* lft>|H?i>f Iai^u*1 Hful iKi* Saviour 
thi.'r\<*jf{ M]>:bt fvi» iiol hojio to <t]|tli(d^b 
ILt-h- pi-ritifliixv ;kiLil "\<'o<»(Hifl by piMviiif; to 
thvin that ti'ii'< C!>LriHtruiiify Ifi Uu- rvtriiiCM 
fmiii tluit vfiirit by wbMi (hay hAw b«*n 
crtielly jkien-^iiUhI ? 8houlJ wo not Icftrii 
bijttfn' bcitt to addii^w tbpm, nnd lie rouwd to 
iidiirruoL ITiunrpii witli ihr iiifipireci |iniyer, 
'*0 tbnt tlio •ahntion of Imt^l tiiaycomu out 
of Zkm ! \Vb(<ii ttu? Lori bi-inffoth H^ok lb& 
(Uptiwty of Ifltiirl Jncob ftinU f^Toke nuJ 
IkitwI nliiill he t^Hul" 



"■Sib"- j'-*-^*^ '^_- \^ "^'-* 'i ^^ ^ » »^ T? 

AV vLivK i^bii^K ur fMitftna. 

nev. J. V, ffur-i^js A.M.. iUK 


REV. J. C. BURNS. A,M , D.D. 

(With i'ortrait.) 

nt Hrepliiii, ixrd upwitijf from a cl**rifnl 
fjiraily, hli t'ifctlicr, the Jli;^. ■lami'A lluin*, 
\nmig liiUunier i>f Liu- rutlii^diiil Chiuvli 
thrrr. He Imd thn-r^ unf^W u«ll known to 
tliP 8t<tttinli C.'huroli. one of viLum wn^ a 

l?EUiiu1u. T]it<y weiv ibc 

I ),l),, iHitiiwU'r at thi" 
])u.\-iAi of Diiiw l-cfme 
Uiu DiHL'iijJtioitr Limi of 
ilia Frpp Chiiroli ut 
KildvUx ; the Uw. 

nt PiiiHl<*y. unil Iri u|f*ir 

IfiHlri' of tliU Tn^ljj ti- 
rmn f^Tiut^Oi In I '^uuiiln, 

of iU i^KcRfi-: aiwl thL> 
Kflx'. (."corx*^ iiiirn*, 
mlnUi-nr nf l?n' pftri*h 
of TwoodnDltiir, ntirl of 
the I'reo Church at 
rorntorpbiin?- On WtP 
nioUn'r'nmil*l)r, Hiini'- 

from tt rk'rirftl fumil> 
— llie (IiaWiii^i* (it 

fAtK^i'i Mt, Chaliuetit, 
A |irint*r, wn*» fouinlvr 
of T/ni Atterdrian 

Aflor liirt wlnpation 

IjIu&x^w. Ui wliiL'h lie uus SE'tiL, ucxviriKiig (o 
tJw ohl PiiHrrtrii, wh(»n n. tiwn* Itoy, Dr. BuniM 
Htt4*Tiil<Nl Un* llivmity r^nHHiM in Kdinhiir^'h, 
EUiil Clinic liko x» iimjLT ollie^'v. iiiijpi^ tlm 
Hjmll of (tlutlmin-H* rftiu-liinj^, IIih fii-Hi rlirit^ 
vnK Av ajuAhtniA tn \)i: EUiU'tt HiipluiiiOJi in 
Nortli Uitlk Pfiri^firliunli. h\ iH^Tlio wj>» 
fiillixl to llio Bciilili riiiiivb, Fiiim^Mi WftlL 
Ia"h.Iii[i. *h'Tr'<' hi> iiiini>t,fi*prl for M^vnral 
yHii'-'. At tliu DiiQ'npiLon Iko diil mucb Ui 
iDl-i^rt-nt ll>e Krifrlieili |n?oplo in thi? pAUr*o ol' 
4U0 miiuMvth uho. fcir i-i)U!u'iijiL<i3 juikt\ Ml 
llie KHlJiliMhUmt'Tit. niul rtll hi i.tiuiliii]iPTitpi: 

ftnil iu tkiut 3'eur Lo viui odk-d to ttw ii!no 

nHV. J. C- U-'IIKI, A.1L, J>.]J. 

f!hiiiTlL (if KirUiHtuti. Dr. Burim AlmyA 
kpoko Willi r»liag of whnt hv ivj^M'ilail ftA 
tjio duiLiiirtly ruivMoDtinl wky in whl^ii bin 
cvniiiviHin ^itli KitklUton ti.>niniL^rKi?L]. Ifp 
hiv\ ct'iUi' Eroni 1.4iniK)jj 1r> ilU^^iuI tiko fiiMUnis 

U> piv^ • 8uiiilaj^ ill K-liutHiricli. Oil tlii? 

niiii, A.n»J took j-lifilt^j* 

Uiorw inirt n pU'tTjymiin 
who adkod bim to Jill 
i1k' pulpit i" tifcr oow 
vl^liuEL III Kii'kllMuii. 
TliU Ii9 ti^rt<t<1 to Ho, 
Eitid iiflnr- luvcphn^ 
n iiiiai;iiiu>iL« cnLl h(< 
IfLtrrliC'CiHl iLii>iiiiil litm 
nn inlliUJint-iikl n-Uit Jip> 
pivcintdiro a>ii|fiX}EA- 

In »iijiplyln;ij th*> 
K-uiiLmL-r btikiLoiid i^t 
Lniirtnnni*, i-'rtniKih, 
jxjul Aix-lfvt-ltiiinh, Dt. 
hrniiK l)i*<'j4nU' nc- 
ijimiritM With L*outi 
lii^' life, Mill wiitfjjiftd 
litR l1ii*!»U>;;h':iI outlaiU^ 
For n Umjz [vrrlrxl Up 
tUlod i\\a i!<liL>» of 
Convenor of ili<r Colv- 
iiial (WiliiitUv' of hN 
flmirli, mill in lUnt 
r^ii>iid(v xhotVi^ na 
i»i1]K1i(«|)im1 £«nl idTiII 
tliAt conci^mrd the welfjiiv uf C^kiimln. In 
T.he winter of )P40 -flfl li^ upwnt mx montli* 
ill Iho l>omijU(<n^ Tor namn vrt«k9 lio nup- 
plird thi> pLilpit of ChainiDTK' Uhiircli* QurliDCt, 
with *o jjiui'li M^iv|itEincif ihati 111- wiiH 
niTif'iilly riMmiwU'ii to miuiin «■ ]ioiiiiJjni.Hit 
Tniiiii-tci', 'ilwn In* ivtni to Montrciil, wbi'H* 
Ihj pn-odioJ fin- tivo moiitlii* in llio i'ollo 
l'hun.'h. Tlii^ii.< aU<; lie wuu f^i1i)i*n rijiJnioiM, 
4iui uiu- niiiliftUy mvu*«i| tih TU»iUi1'»Ur Uio 
|Bi«loiul <ilii.ij;o of th" oo)>tfi-F^tion, Oiici^ 
mot'i-S io IBT-^t tie mw^iil t)ii- At)rvitLli< 
in ninijmiiy kulh thn III'*. . J. {{ Wilson, 
IMrvLoy Citurcli, K(lLok>i^i^li- Titoy woDt 114 


Meniorifs 0/ Go^t TriuinphA airu/A^ the Jmt^- 

a deputntinis to llie Prt^brtvriAik A«A«mblj 
of Amtrru'ii, wjiicii aiel tW ye^r aC 
HU E^iiU, Thi^n-Aflvr th^y pii«H«l iin to 
Hulifiix, wlipw* iJac* 8vi\od of tlw* OuijulmiL 
C'huivU v\xi tcaXhcTCQ. Tlic d^putw* met 
cvcrynlioiv vith tt bc*itr rcocpUoii., sihI 
■ume i^li^ii of Lhrir w"rk mny Iw ipitti^ul 
from the lEK^t tbnt (luring tJi«ir *1iort vi'qV 

j*iTe OHO huiulrril lujd twetrc aildmviuB. In 
IS7D llie Kivv' I'^ittrrh T«o?f^iiiivd lU »^i;>« 
of !>!', H^irnK' wfrv-irt"" l>y ruling hiui to iho 
Mo<k'mt<>r''' Cb»ir in lliv Ov^rierid A^Mnbly. 
Wlii?ii I>r. It<jni» juiutMl llt^i FrMbftei? «' 
1.trititb;fj>w, nldt^t h^ifl rlin rkTi>rid^ht of 1ii» 
f> ho w«>fl rvi-fij^Aad to ba « tann t'i 
^rral mciv^l 4i[d *pinum1 wcrtJi. IIia vrc«hh 
of f<xjinj'iDim\ 1)11 mnnly MKuduai, hU p^icrtnm 
rriUnrT^ hi* aimiiiAiiittn^ piff*- '"* np* ("hnV- 
linn Kiiuvft, liie inHnoncc in lli« kiglicrt 
plbrm m til* Chiitrli, hill long and rarioj 

iunrii]lie»« aud Tiin frnjik Jilid ^'rtiJul >va^it, 
won* ilwMjH h! tlii-di^J^ti-uil nf Win m\]i*ngiifH 
in Hif -hM^harf^ oi Piv«byt«rtn) IniKinte 
mil] ill Oiv fidliiujtntof Pn»byUiitAl itv|ii>]h- 
i-iljiLty. HU UieoLtifflcAl Atuinmcms In** 
ffinrkt^l piv<ifhin|r ftbiUtVi *nd AboTw all, Inn 
Oaruol pint/, mada him a power in ttic 
piUpt, ivbile las gmUl uiAiiiior ni;u fw Illiu 
ft litwTiy wplromp «t thn flrmt^r. Ha wna 
iin ftirtfi>nt RUpffCTCor of tho total fttoindnoo 
o«UH\ nnd nil al&n; K^^tc the Illuo ItiblKitk 
mot^amtrnl Ww cordini nyiupkilhr- 

Whiui I3r. Htrni^ i-nlj^r^d wpm hi* 
miniHtcnal jubilix*, thv Kukluton co&fTq^- 
tiou prft««[;l«d Jiim v^itL Km partmil* pninlvd 
by Mr, W. H. IMe.A,K,8.A. UV uH-mbei-^ 
of (hi-Frf^rhiiroli Vrt^hyV-i-y nf Liiitiili^m 
iiIhu entertiiiiK"! hxm t'>diiiTK<r. 

T>r, Biirrv* 4a> cucii<Tt4>i] with tlie HiltUh 
Society from it* imiiinijinifj 50 yiwn* ■xi>. 
n^t wnsi pn^unt n1 ihn irtvpting hfili In Ui« 
Nationnl ScoCoW Uhfirch, llojront Sijuju-o, 
Londim, an Niivcmbci' Tth, 1842. Jht wtiit;)! 
tlio Biitijdi Wdpif'ty wiM foniit^l. Onnof ihr 
rHolntioD^ tiniiairuaiti>]y iMtrrird at thnt m«ot^ 
in^. «iif< profkoifd by Vt. JlAmiUoii, of tin: 

fc^CLllC'b dl(ll~cil, iCvif^Ilt SqilJLE'L\ Dlld r<rLl>Uf]L-lI 

by l>r. Hurun. of Ih** HiniU'h (ImtT'b. I^induii 
Wnti At tlif int^liii^ of Commit U^f ludil 
nji Mnrdi f^tb, 1^43, Dr- Bi.iri]4 vit^ prv>*?]il, 
ri[jd (TovriivJ it vfiih ittuyvT. Ho iiltfj 
Ci-nwni^d the J^i^ttf pidilir rni-ctihg r>r llifi 
Society, by Miwnrlinw nu^\ fUmKjriJnjr tlii? 
i:|(wii]|i; vi^nlijtjoii, Tiiiit iMt^Liuxr ^^ji'* 1x^1'^ 
i» FriT ran Jill ih" Hull, oji Mimiluy rMMiiu;;, 
April 24tK 1M3. 

JJr. Bunifl gnvo the icvontb of tho lin-% 

nnir^io ot IvcIuwh dtili^"*ftfcd liy uiintftJjm erf 
diflL-roiit F^uiii^iciil doiMmirtfbtiom, on b^ 
hidf id Uif 8(«y<*iy, in ibt* ^iiriag of 1843. 

Hv iii^lcH'lM nx bU t^ic r Itotmuui x- J- 
" HrHliP^ii, my bcmrl'fi dcnro and pmycr to 
Gix| U<r Ia^'^ltI U» tbftt tln^y niijfht Ir mvihL* 
KiifliAns Ti. 1, S, "I m^thiMi: Hatii Ovd 
out ftv^ny Hi* p«ct]i|i>7 <}f>d forbid. For I 
iiliK>ni;i nil Idrnclitv, of thr ^ood of AbnihuOt 
Iff Lbe uibu of IKciiJAiuiit. Uod liuth not cant 
nwny Hi« pivjple uEkiVb Hi^ foreknew " 

Wf lire wmy thnt we cmi only giw 
htn A frrv «^iu<t« fnitn llut ndfaira1>l« 


'Xlit? liLibjixituf tb» tTV«nii3tt'< Lectiuv in. 
"'nH>omiOQru|A*nieiit whiob ChtvtJaaA luiT» 
T'l undcvtake ui« ronvfitiklnn of lh» J^wn." In 
iillim-wordft. !<} «*nd«&voiir bo turn to pmrrticvU 
jicc^i^itit lljL* dixirtue ^et foitb 111 tlie L^Mriurm 
which ho-v^* (pinn hcifnm, to do fTiniPir.bEn^ for 
tbo good of Iiiu»]. Although t^io «T*nth in 
<if<dor, it ill. pcrhnpss the Jirrt in imjtovivust, 
mitutiiK'li ta [inictLtv is iiioitr Jm|h)rlJuit thnti 
itf aculjiti^ii, dcu]» Ivlter ttui wurdi:^ 
nnd iniKinuob nit ibo mcsvu uf iiny misjfui^va 
Ibut may tc ndopltxl of 11 pirnoLioiI kinj. Ixow- 
Lnur nhi^v and wl<1I tiimut, ^Jiual. LuuJ&cly 
ape&king, <tep^r>d v&vy iiiUL-h on the fimount 
>jf ynorjuni^'iinMit m? fcti *>"»■ li»\-o in uiidcr- 
bukiu^ IheiU) ou i\w ronlldrtitv wHEj wbicli 
vo tiri^iri ! And. ir pn^fKirtirm to the Em- 
pTTtofico of my th^ma ia, I im aurm^, iu 
ililiculty, t^>nALd<Tnii^ thftt in tho oipOHitioti 
of (i 1 hUl liAvu U> vMuouuUii- |>etliapB » 
lfTmli*r Atnciiint of inrm^nlity nnd nmjadlev 
tlinn hu luiy of mj p»dooa«»oni ; t-nnt v«cy 
many, Jt tuny bo mo«t^ of my boarani ooooo 
lu tlic c<>iuiilcmtu)n uf it, with tho lAleiit 
f>v*]:ri|: Tn th4*ir mimb;. If not irith tho 
it«iow«d oouviolioi^, titxt we huvo little ur no 
uiV'Oiimgv&ieiLt lo thio work nt nil : thut tho 
coi»'«)'Uoii, tbuugh tt brutivuloni ouv, is uioro 
iiTrpiLUi thnn viw. 

J*or, wo admit, ia it "Hicb to be ur<^nd«r«d, 
that piiirh a fcolinif ^imild esi^in vb«n tro 
rcnipmbcr low i(^(7#ntTy Lh« laiAh^LinaTy 
pritrr|]riM'. in rvftj iihap* «nd form, wn» 
wmilnfly rrj^urJoJ ; that Dalf u contnry linn 
nut yet tUp4ed rduco the Chmcb of Cliiut 
tttti liiBl BwakentJ to a. tviim of it» dnty, in 
rpifftr«nc^ 10 tie (Vnfilv naUoiin. — nnd that 
only now, vritbin tbOMj fow yoam, hui thp 
nnnic of n mi^ionary r«natfd to bo otio of 
ii^puvwh, or hiM «voi-k U^ Iw i]<i^ined bopeL*** 
and viAionnrVj amca llm [irngrrwA and Hucotw 
of tho work ham oaablod iw to poi&t to 
nvuhd, ntid in aikitwia' to vveiy Acvptlwl 

Soj. /. C. Bum4, AM., DJ). 



any giRnl thing winn-iiiH of it 7 " hi'* piititJpLi 
1M lo My, *'CoTil* r\nd iiuu I " The owxjlt 
(joality or |H>4ror which wnp. buxJ to lit,- iri 

wnrid, tf» rficr.ify \t^ l^\^^iyr\i*v*. *iTii! fn ilry up 
th« fcourco of aU iu 'irn^ vinil ftiitl^iingh, nit<t 
MrroWK, wa# lon^ troiiitoil vrry niucli to tbo 

po*«l l*j ftiinoHiici-if vhcn hn mude kno^n lilic 

theoTj of gravitftt'Kin, — o tb&>rir» of whicli it 
Ilia bpuH triily mid, if "it Liid ntit tJm jwi*- 
»eoiilbri fif viotiTiuw, it hiul, nt Itiiut, the 
p&n^cutiitn of uontomiit to Blni^r^l'J witlit 
&m] hiki1 ikSHKinteJ uibti it foryrvu? n kiinl of 
o1wiMin» jiiul ignotil>« >its;lAriaiiiHiu>'' nlthoiigU 
ncin it IB A^jkcowleitgcil by tUn world ju 
lAtnff wiunlly »ar& «rd fctftbte iHth tuitiim 
itoelf, M ft i>riucJiile, which '' [-i<i^iiijJ|C over 
the matttrinl Kyxiim nf l\\» iiniviirin ^'vth 
bumony to nil iu moT«inotiU,'' 


It Sa someiLOiM obj«cti>0, Uiit "th« lEme U 
not oDtno: th4^ time CLjvt %hv Lon.l'!i h^iiM 
should b» built'*" riud tli^i u^JMtiun f^vitu 
Ajwiriiiiui rJia nsporr. nf p^i'T.y. oF h Ifindcr imi^ 
Iwt w*» ifiterfm-i* ^vith thu providence of Oo<i 
Wo fto^wer, Jtr^U tbdt it ib an c-hjix'l.^fiii 
Hliirh riij urtB tkn» a ri^bt ta mnlsit ^ for wh^t 
do WP, whAt doM nny mnn knnw *■ of tha 
ticDov mid HMuionK which ttur F^alior hnd to- 
tiUtirJ in 1115 *>^ii po^vorf" Xr^'it tb:\t for 

nnytUm^j WB kfii>w tn thn fflmtmry, it- muy 
be th« vCfT'^' tiin&'lt iu^ftt ull uvonUn ci^htiwn 
ovnturim ntv^rur than wIilui PiluI lubdiirod 
ftQil pmy^d for it; and deep, tuirly, in tho 
twj'uti'^iMlity we incur If we *ol. on *i nit'rw 
hyimtfiMis wbiob iun.y turn out X/> be fft!>«, 
^V<r£. thut wo on little hiiow ^bout tho l!Tn« 
whon *'lh* fiilnoMof IheOctotilofti^tooonwin 
— 'tthriMmr <>WTi luml, r<7,^iik to bethoriiiighJy 
Chmliiiniwd (which, a las ! it i« not now) 
And^ Jitaiitj. thftt ovau MTppoJinp tho timo 
for l1i(mi]ir«rEUoD of t]^e jQiT.ina n imtion ha* 
uot tTjm«— ^?iit, HLVording lo Iho rinc^t^d 
(Ml«ndiir <if |irciphv<;y, it vc\\\A bu doarly 
aiUpd^ out thnt it )4^ out to arnvf> for wVi.'ral 
C«Bturk9 (itii<I o;i this jxiiul ihv bi^l iitlut'^ 
pralArM nf proph^v-y ar** nnt agrpnl), dow 
that hIidw that tho pt^i^nnt m not th(t propfr 
time for tlic convi^T'iiioi) of Indivi'ixtitUf^ 
that tboiLifh thff tiTMjple iiiay nob Im» hiiilt in 
oup duy, or by oni' hands, there ii* nnthing to 
do in tJju way of prc^piriD^ for it I — Do uato- 
rial* to oollocl, n^ willing offeni'gi to con:W' 
i'l^t^ no prayui'B lu put into eiorcisd? No, 

it u alwnjH th« tiioe to be Iiibciuitiif ond 
praying ftir the runi'i^rrioij uf bnUvidLiaUt 
hothJvw And CVntilti ; touls »rp c-^'^r prc- 
rioiiJs vv^r pcnDhin;-; Lh» blood of Christ id 
nlwji^H ibf Mini' lL> i^kt&nw* fn.iiii mn, "to 
(iWu** th*» iTitiJtiiiTjintJ of Jh^iiiiftlpni ; " and 
tho lioly Sj>int i* ^v*i* nwit- to rap'tioiuto 
aud Minctify. '^ i(cbf)lij. now i» thri lu^L^ptciI 
tune ; l>olu>M, now U tlie dity of Mili-Jition/' 


Let Ti>n roTthi^riuld,tbjitUiR futility i>f thiji 

objetitiou h.%i bMii proved by erpi^tn'^t, 
ThoftO effort* wbii-b bnvo boon mndo lo reot'Ut 
liiuw for the Donvoraion of tho Jowj l^ro 
not iiaiiod in fniUtn* — not al^vjiys^ nol v\\*ii. 
goftfirdJy ; on the contrary, iJmy bft*** hmn 
attended with a br^ autu^tiro oT utidoubtod 

The rUtanii 1 fannnt- stay fji rBr*"kT<! at 
loni^tbi but tbAr« iri ona goooral i.tAtr'meut 
whiob hah Wetk tnado, I bi^licvo, on ^ood 
mnlhurity, and ^hii'b, if tino, ought X*< bo 
d«v!>tiv«tj \\T-, that in pnipotiion tn ihmr 
nilinU'^rfl, thoi-o httvo Won n« luaiiy <?jn%^ci-U 
fitJlil itmonif iho Jcvs nrt thrri* hftvu boMi 
finm •nionjjtht? ^i(nL]]en,if not more ; — at all 
«Ti>iit^ tbeiv hnft been lunn* tlian enongb of 
mnl. tindnubtoil ^.-DnwinMOii to ptit d[^u'ii tho 
injarioLis alloffrition tbnt all patt (fflfortfl havo 
uuuod in canpbte fojlnii*. 

Thwo u ono p<<oulifti' featur*, bcsiJr*, in 
Jeivitih tuiivei^iuiiB, nut to be ovetlookeil. 
Men of ('idtiviitH^I nndersrAndJngv jiTtJ gvAat 
It^arniof;; ftDifm^C th« Jvwfl hav« (tmhi-ueed 
Ohi-istinnlty, TJiom* ftre At pri'sent novrral 
ni]nlKl4tr>4^nTii]c:mtiBihbopof thet^iLiri^hofKn^- 
Ian^Lof the natural *iwilof Abi-nhntn, Amoiiij 
tbfi L^tthnntM Keformcd cWpiy oti tho Uonti- 
hont, not a few. Diaidcn many j>hyflic[jin* 
and lawyviv. thnfo viv iWe prufn^tnH und 
two IcctinvM^ in tbf UniKi-rrtity rif Hi^exbti ; 
fire proffnson jn Holl^ ; tn l'etiT.4bMr^ & 
profeaor of meJicine ; \t\ Wnn*iw, Dr. 1-eo, 
onr of the tnt>*ti n»I*br»f«i pbyMi ittrj* ; in 
KHuujT&i*. Hf, Muht ; tn ATiiiirHi*rdBm, Tir, 
Ciprnlo«y (Mb'j/»' narrativrt of hih iM^rn'fp-iun 
i^ H> widely und dLwrrediy knonn) ; 4mt ia 
Iterlln, T.hrt fainnn* hiJ^iorian. Dr, NVamlor, 
—all of thoiQ (M>nvoTL* Imra Jiidaitm. 

Tbci'o i* no <ioiibt th'»t atcoo>; Jewiah 
cfmvirrt* tboi« hivo bwn backBlidoca — that 
nomo hnxf* mndft hbipwi-erk nuH'nibly of fmth 
and of flood f«'^niiK-!ienc«; but tbut in no nDor« 
than may V mid of Uontilocon^'ertj^, whothAr 
iibjiud ur nt hooiLs The nuiiibvi^ of siiclt 


Memwif* of Gon^/d T^'ii^inpfin traioit^ tlie /mv. 

nT n^HviACf huu, nn tliv trhblo, boon 

miich lari^r than it », it ivott!<I linvo«0brdcd 
uo iT4tnciTi for Diir ajtjil^'m^ n ruli? Ui iLcin 
wliich wi> coiiM nut biMhi< to ltfix4i iippliod to 
oi^nvlvitt, whicli tbo SaiSour of Ihu vrurld 
nevrt iwied ujKjn, vhi^li tltu wliob npiiit «f 


Tlic crowiiuig encoiirnjfi^mpnt f^ nil, 
EVi|H.*CL<Olf to tliKHer vrhii Imtt Wrii uuut tti 

rtunul Gwiiil'* miMiotj* a< Iwivii^g thfi |in.*f«*r' 

oJiIl*' c»r tliu ci^Lilndi'c Huini uyan flli.'iu> t^ 
timt l>yWl|^in;; on liLfconvrn'ion c/ liio Jovm 
Hi<r|iT itii'tl i'IIW'IiihIIv jii'itLiJi'lr f,1if<mi|ki>r>jiiti 

of till* <'*'htilft* iiU*fi- NfciHf B^itnoT U now 
g*>n<T"tl[j' iTjookiTiiiu'd n* th*> Iwwt for mirvicit- 

t)ii< iTint iMJtily unil nipully mijlU[iIi(vl ; i\nt\ 
B> it )>v OS [*oni|hirvj with tJw* ■(f-ncy of for- 
oi^fnon, mcnot' "riKlninso bjxswIi nod of n 
lim^l lunglui^'c," of a ojloiir Aiiil u^rftilKiioi^ 
nnliki* tloHf uC (firr |ie(i|i]i< aiunn',' wlumi ilivy 
hibiirr Itnt {ht>f\> inioiotWr bioil ■>( h^^iif^' 
wliirlj W4' liHvi' ivn**i»ra t<i liolivVi^ vi ill 1h> I'oiiriil 
Imltor JitlU. UiaL «if l.liiUlItui .Wh, or J«u- 
M\ (IhilALlnni, — of intkii, who nlnuiily kiioiv 
•Initjtfl ftv«ry li\ii^iing», ii» thoy inhabit ovt-ry 
iiliiiK, whii hnw in riior-t (iv<::> the Wnuii:; 
IkjE^U Kkii'iHl rtittl |m>fiiiiOf wliidi intllir hloE:!- 
Uirt hnv^ not: who n* n proph* iiiv dUtm- 
^iiUlir-J liy tbrnr LiiT.«ll<^etuai iiliiiHty ; nbus? 
^vmlUiniid cciiirti'qn<<iit inHuetLce u nitlxinndoil 
(I.Ilu coiiiiLiL'iTuil i]c'?tiiijr^ cif Kiin*)>v Wviii^ 

lUilTM-tiuiOil i]4lU'lld«*<l iiM tlif- W[\] Iti rt MT|^1i< 

fjiuniV'T Uml! iktMi>i-iHt tn\ti uldictml raoe,)anil 
wilt* only m-oil UifnTorp lo \\n\t ll*(**'VciJ 
HfUnl frr'lii trir Lhi^Jr fiyr>A ill n-JLrlLli)! lliix 0|i| 
Tftsirtnioijt.^toboroinprhfln'iiiy-mjuii', jirwini- 
pliAhul L>xit<ii&itc'iv of th<* Xow, whrh only nftr^i 
1(1 ^1- a nigtit of ChrUlf LkJi l^kulilM, t<> lic- 
i'tiiav. in urnt-y inst:ini"i«, PhuI* tlicinsiilvn*. 
Wan* t1i4> Jcu^i <roTtvii'l4?il » thi; vorM voulil 
At «IIOO b<? mp^ied vitli iriiAuonnriais "nl> 
ftnnjof living men e^i&wJiut' gv^ai.'' 'Vh<^ 
v*ry K]HJt'tiif'l(« nf tlit»li" JonVf^r^iiiri wonlcl In* 
likt> » nv^n- i-*rf/rtli«n tji Ihi" world : — nwl thou 
uii^ht Vi* 114)1 I'Kiriirt till* priHltcitioii of Z^'Ui'L 

ru^i t<k itxx^ivi* u liltml iLtViim|i|]K}iinnit, tfmt 
'- niiiay pooplu nnd Hlinrig huli^TitH ^lisll rotiM 
to At^k th^ IjnnI cif Kcnin iu Jt^ritinli^nii nmJ 
In pray iHrfurt the LorO. lliat uu>ii uf ^rVi' hin- 
giui^ft uf thi> nAlJOfis ftlmll Iflk^ It^iM rtf t}if> 
Hldrtof liim iJvit in si JaWj^yin^, W« will ^i> 
witli ytML, for w^ Iiuyo hcAril thut Uod ijt witli 

I'hU, In Iriitii, U thci T«rT crvprtnlioTi 
^«'hi<Ji t\>o i'Uurch of Christ U wnrmnUit 1o 
<«]lr^-bAio, vrhidi in thciv cluipt^m th'- ii^pircd 
nfuiM,Ii> mifuMv "Thi'ir fnll mhI diiiiimitioin 
liuvo \iM'a Ueo H'^'tiM dt tliM ttiiititm. hrtw 
miich ii^oro tUt-ir fufbitfa T'^^" tlio aiMtui^ 
nwiLy of lljrm hiiA brvo the ivc»ijrtlitii; of thtf 
tvui'lil/* Ihoir nM*i-|il.iitit Ivu^k >i,u»ifi ^hiill In- ii^ 
" l>f** ftwm Un» ih-M*! :" Xlv *'gMi\ rtliv**-lio>* mf 
tho UUuirh" will bi> »tlui]t4<l nnci f^Uo tiU 
tht-y, "thtf tifttiird IhajkIk*. ait ifriiffo<l iu 
nj^jiiii :" — whwn " rhi» fulm***,"* or multitiulr', 
ol tlit> I'MitiUu- hnn <<iliio in, I-''., llio pooplff 
whom OihI ['(iv^vlol Hit pUTpOMy to** tAKL'ultl 

Ejf <}riJtiW for Eliik naint' " (an<t irKo*^ 
nnmlvi', for art^hl we km'W, \* htn-nrty nifirly 
tumpEotc^,) r^fv' "thi^ blimtiHtbt tvhicJi \i:v* 
lia|ipiinn| to Ircnii?!' mIiiiII Ixt ck-iirod aw>%v« 
*'Aiid H] [ill Wru-'l ^h>-lll br tavi>], *— <aii'l in 
thorn nH (hv wpil (if Alit^iLnm/' " cvhrw^ am 
i\w> TLthonff nn<i 'rf *!h(»ai ft* roii«irnin|f tlio 
flmh, Chnnt 0Am«," tJiuLl thi? <i^hJ pni|>)LCry W 
fiitfitkol^llirit "ntl til** fMiPiilit^cif [fi>i mtlh 
xhnlT bo hlna«><ir' Swhi va woiiilrr tW 
^[ winilfi Lip Eliri wDiidroi» tiarratiri^ of 
I"i7idV f^niior Jiiiil fiiltirr );lorv> of licr nin 
iinil jjutiinfniit'iiL uiul piuiloi^ <rf mir iji^bt l9 
hin-, amI 1* liei' dftbt» ywt ui>tliw-hargi>-1. t*i lut 
-«iift iwip l«Tin'f,K'ior, *<> huiTi, nnJ Khf ih* 
wuiMV. — liy fiivinj; utkiMu^ to thio inbliico 
flpwtrophn, **IJ, Uii' ilrplh rif clu» rirh*?^. Ixilli 
oi tho VL'iftlom nofl kc»owIMJJ^> of *■<"!» h'»w 
uzucarL^habb uK^ Hw ji»1|;[ii«tLl'. Mid lltn 
M7kj» ^<v>t finiling out!" 

In Nopembor. IC-l-', Dr, RiiriiR t^ok pnrl 
iu ihij formMJoi^of tlio BrJtiri^ Swirty. In 
NofrniU'r, li*J*2, ilI liip lij"' nji^ of f^4 ywi^r 
he diod in baniefti, niid at^ntiwl to ror^ivD 
frcm bin Bftviiiiir'n hiiiul Thi> rictorV cro«u. 

7»* iirr. .Mu H^trrU DJ), 


With P*^riraiL 


Marah. ]^0:£r in iht* viDn^ of 
L^gboroi^igh. I>vxn>[L Hm father cmiiAd on 
&Mna)i bLi(dnM0 uaik viili^fo tailor HQd draper. 
Hi* tuobber (UkMfull^ teCLiIrd iLnd brought up 
bpr ohildtiiii, an far ftM «he wim ubiv, in thv' 
f«u^of Cod, Hbe dj^ whon be wjii^ ubout 

ti>*o yv^v^ of Hjt*". H<^ |;;it?w up u 
ihliful, wjriU>in]»lHtivy rliiM, ami rtii* 
gorly known, fnrmi Xht^ Wftt^fitiRH r»f hm 
nunn<-i', and tho delight Lo look ut iiWm^ 
ttlond for thr ftlQi]p«TQient of Withers, hy thti 
niUEin of " Little Piirwm Hun-jh," wliicb til.Ie 
hu will ivmiudvd c-\ by oil« of the old p«opl« 
of tbu\illufc'v, when l&st ho visited his nAlive 

A^wnit tb« }'«^r llflft, hU pnreritA remflvad 
to BriHtuli nnr) 'Kiiaipic^ upiirttaente !□ the 

lit/ of tho Taburtuhc^lu. So*>n after their 
[yhI in tljbt city, n benvy Fail of ruin ono 

Uy mm-ning prftVflnte«J their gomj^ to 

futliftdml, which \\ivA \yv\?x\ for n tJiort 
th«ir ni'CLH^tfjmnl ptitcit of trctrahip, aiul 
Uiay wfiiv indiiothJ, im tht» ropVHMiiiiairin uf 
tb^rhild Jtihti, tJigo t'^ Uie T»bt?rnacle, A 
f^w moiitht* <iiOy ehip^iid wbt-u both the 
puvnU joiiif^i the ch^irvb nt Lbo TritHniiiu.'le, 
nnd liv^T cif Umtr dtildmu, kikdiidiMg thi* Mib- 
j«(*t of this tnoinoir, w^^n nntorAd u» (tdiolftin 
in tho KnhbiLth wbo*>!. 

HiA carlicnt dcvotionjil «Ai>rciH^ iu public 
ix kiLOWTi lo linvp Nh*m !>u uking jwrt in ft 
pmyvr uiv«ting. ooridneicd by the boy« in 
pomiciciort vrilEi l\\\y Sunday HclkDol- ilc wiui 
w»xi afltr indirctiJ tudvtj^-pi- jin *»ddnuc* lit li 
bmnnb ifh^w^l, «t JlrtptUtMiH»,on tboopcnsioD 
of th« it«<atti of o&« of tho Hcbcd&rs, And 
*poki> with irr<iftt bwutly wnd mudenty on the 
rUAi'SCt^j' of JmiiM, a* Lim'iTL' and 
iha \\U, 

Intho JOAT 1816 hie motbor died: and, 
■ffbilo sonowiriic deeply oii acvdtiiit uf hvr 
mnovn), h» Ltrutiiuinl to nddrv^K himnHlf in 
tbo impartmit work of menUl impi^v^mant. 
Towiml thft tloso of this yeur he wna bmn^Jit 
under the notice of the hte r-3i<'ellei)t Mr, 
WiiU, Uif uifttirtjyiT of the Tubern^wl*', in 
contwr|ntfnod of hU Imvinf; compoMid u poem 
oTi tlii» pviftfctioii oF Ciod. after litnx-injf a 
lectvii^ on Mtrunomj. The lintH ovicjced w 
minib ftf promise, th*it Mr. Will* pr-otjanni 

i^mx inwrtion iii Felix Farley^ **iliT*t->l 
Joiimnl," on tho ITt^h JnnTiAiy, 1817. ninl 
from that timcf fc>rwiii\i 1>o«iaie %\\o lHi>ud 
And advidor of John H^nid. In hin biastoontb 
or hrveikU<enth vtnr, \w bvcnmr it uieiubpr of 
tbp ehiin'h at th*» THU-rnHPl*-. 

At tbiH time ho WJLH iMupioy^d with hb 
fathert in th^ ohcfp, dnting workinir boura, 
Init HU unA^iuuH wmt hti fijr thit hn[ULMti(riL of 
knr>w|«ilg«, tbnt ))« d»Vntctil mnrh of thn 
ni^bt to ntiidy, Hu»oon U^an to preaclk in 
villH((e*ft»^und thu oil>, in connosion with 
tlm Br(>i-il Ttinflnint. P*iei<?ty. The little 
chupeU WftTfl ulwnjrt orowdod to hWir biui '. I^i? 
WHS (uiUmi ''the boy prcftcher ;" iind wtw 
highly pOpLilar will) IttA rriatic nuditorri. Ili8 
pfetj, Tittl, nnd ^ctrjiordinary gtftH jKtiiitfHl 
iiim out ju a fuctablo ojindidalo for thtf ^ork 
of the Christian ministry ; and with a viow 
to thitt, Mr. WIIIb intruducnl b;m to 
Mr. Thoiruii Wilwn. He* wikatienf, In Rnwflll 
bo piijvuc prvpunilorj *t«di**, undoi' thw 
Hcv. Wivllci' Scott, to whow kind'iOH'* utnl 
eltlnonl tyjudiiiig h*' t>"vpr i>*fprrwd bul nitli 
plwiJWiiil ftrd gritvJul i»m<ition, Al thn ond 
of n vwir he wm ndiuittii-d to Iho Hoxton 
Afn^Ipniy. Durinj; bu* mjuleinii: i^ounc ho 
WDN diHrHjiijfhiHbAil hy idl ['hiiHix MUL-tcil nnJ 
xnentAl oxoatltonciOH whioh •ndoarod him to 
hLi follow ntnd^nU; and thiNio vrho knuw 
him liHrtt wf'i'o nblr, hojjofully, to pivdict that 
bi* wfMild tim^ t(^ j^t*nt l^[nill«^ur<* irml diH- 
tingniabcd nscfulnw*. 

In the yew- 1835^ ho lottthc Aciul<'oay, and 
bffftine tho pnalor of the L'un^fre^liorjftl 
Uhiirrb at Kp«oiu, ovei- whii*h hn prtvidml 
for ttv«Jv« yaam. The «kil«wton of this 
Kpb^i'O waa &dapi«d to hi> tAMto«, vhicb wcro 
ruml. uEid to the f'^jnditioii of hL-^ licnttb. 
wbirh wAK fftr ftoin rob't^i. ; whUn iU llmitffll 
ohuraot«r oiiikldod him to puniio hi* iitudiex, 
HinI thfid 3ix^tii-o prppnration for onloriEud 
fntitrH n>*fiiltie>*v His prcjiching, ut iLi^ 
limoj WTU diatirgujtihed by n lai-go degrw of 
that int(?lli^enoc, unction, ftnd oaniMlDrwi, 
whicli Ao fully mai'kcd hJiu when he aftw- 
wiLrdft bei[^me ii more popular prmtlitir. 

In the you- X^'A^. he whh invfte<J 1ot«cofn<» 
the thoo|o|^fA] tutor And Prvnidont of 
Ch»liunt College. Toward ^hv eud of Uw 
«Minu yvfir, h(* n*«*ivej| Uie dajr^t of Doctor 


Urtnorif^ of iitm^l irr*»"ttj*A* <rHJ4n^ ihf Jmr*- 

in hU'lnlty from Hrown UnSv*hiity» in \hv 
riiitol >^ln!c>K o\ AnirnniH In fju> ynxr 
I8fJ, hr »tifT«ii>l fiiMii rt |inrl<«l faiilurr* 0f 
Hiffht, vlilf'ti h WAH fmrcil wmjM <'iji1 In LntA] 
bilDttnciH; butthono3rt wintnr,*i*nliB Ilflly, 
Hirl mu<'N io rft»t.»rp hi;' i^owrr <A viwiftn, itrnl 
to icr^taUiplk iiu hmlllr ITr rcU)itic<:i to 
(Jlii-Khunt in tliL^ KiiiTiinri- at 1S*4, ami mn- 
CiliUeJ tOflipjebfii'gP bill dvituw ut ttio College 
wiUi vigour bud rfliciciir)\ II w^li bi« 
hupi^iiicm lobt> mBlmiuenUl ill weiidinif fDiili 
froir tlviL IfihVilrtlJoii ix iiiiniLwr rif vnrM- 
tyv^iiiVtif r|(<votii| miikiKUTH of Ibv U*vpi<l, in 
vvfaoH* wi-lfiLiiT ho cboi'u^Lcl a livuly intnr^t. 
liL lilt' jeni- Ib^O, Ni-vr (Tolli'^u, IxKiJim, 
wrtJi fwbiblnkbMl Ia* l.htk iiTifnii -^f lloudinl, 
HomoHjjii, And Jligbkxiry Ci>]U'^t'M. Ur, 
LiftE-rif iivii:< MiiAnii]iui»Jy cboien Ptv^fcu^or <if 
8vi^ti:]itfttir and I'lLLUiinl Th«'ii[o)f\\ ami wn> 
KiihuqMCirktlj nppoinW Mm iViiioiiud of tJiP 
l.'ijl!c|ic> In ooiincsion Kith thcr o|>pnihj{ of 
Iho buitdin;^ wbicb took pLiiw OetoWr I, 
18,'^1, hrt drlivc'ivd b ^JkiunMc dir«('tfn]>ii cii> 
ihv iiiH|tLnLlkiii of ih(> hativI >M*ri|)tnr4iH. hiid 
fnlmnl fully n[»cin lii^ diilHH.f, ulik-b nen* 
cnntiiLiwd uif IkOiTti inUrnijiliou trll ihv oudJla 
of tbr fiiQlitli III nlitrlt hi* dttd. 

On liiA roftii'n, itl tUo nntumncf IamI vttat, 
fiiiEniiri L^xtt'mlril c:(nitm4-iilAltoitrili(iA|»p'iiri><| 
iinii^mill; w^K nnd rivi)ii(-ijLly mluI tbnl In* 
liiid nopnr finjnynd hurh inbnhl hftnliJi Wfnrf. 
}|<r itodcirtiinlc muny public rwrvioeis t^nd «von 
liiil tliftt M Ukh for aomo ji'Aiit )ii* Iia^I trl lom 
vmjlui^il In di> frvin n irifunl to blai lii-jilLh, 
jirnichwl in liju i^vcnmg. IIim Inrt piibli-^ 
■DTvk'" wriK on tbi> «^cnin^ of Ib^rc^mbci ''1i%], 
in conntotioii >^-ith tbo rrcogtiition of tlic llov, 
R. M:ii4li-rLir. M,A^. aa lUe |iii»tiir of thr 
cbni^t^h iLHHi«riibtiiig ill tb(? Biu'bimu Ujinj'rl, 
IjOntlijiu A frA' dnVA itfLpr that lio Ujok 
culJ. Ifii I'alU'd in Lb« nid of ji ^kilfid 

Sihyitirijin Hhd frti^ivT For --i utvk or fnn 
lAyn nl:l(Uu;Inl-%^rk^nJlply>1ll«lldt><l,llUt HiddviiJy 
xytnploniEi oi' a^Kri-JOini ni-iliriiinniri^Uid ihi-iii^ 
mtIvcb, nddiiiniijil aid v%jIf (jbtiiiiiix)) rii^l Uh- 
nift' wjiM [|L oncfl pn^TiPiliJcnd If U*dAii^niiirt, 
aiid HMAj W£iK fi^U to bo lio[tL*lfi4. TJio cJotii^i; 
boiirof life H'itneTwcd hm f«-d4o ittU'iiipt lo 
rutipulal*-' [tome of lliy |x*mtciitui!tx|'ii»iioHj( 
nf Uu* HfTy-lLrKl, Vitulnu und Ui bn^itlio ciMfj 
Ujo i^rftyor, '^ ij<n^l Ji<r-ur-, i't(ijvi> tny spirit !" 
—"0 iM W nic-idFiil to niL-!" Jlrthtiifdl 
wdwj>i uu lliir Aflei'iioon uf UiiT Li>E-d'p day, 
DfiMmliAr 2lM, IMAri, fti tht- fifty-fiffJi yiifli- 
of liin n|i<i. His tnortnl rLiinmiiH ^trv inU*nvd 
in AbiifTV IWk Crinflt^ry, in ihv jJitiMpncii of 
A ^rmi 4'i>nt|Diiiy of nMuiir'O, Tlii^ funi-nLl 

t'hnpel. 'HicrMlilNMt'WJihdHivnniilbyUioRi^v. 
Vi. Hmith. nricl ^i-mon* Vt^rv |nTilU?br<.l 'a\ I lie 
f<."lluii inK Hiitwbiy, in Savt Colksgo Ubnpci. I»y 
rji^ Unv. T. Ilinney, aeuI llu» H«v. X 

!>, HArriH f-nbliil^ej luiuitroii^ Ht^niiObtt, 
OfmyA, MiA iidibcHvn : bit I'bicf vorknArQ; 
"TI*OmilT«wbi'r:" ''MAiumcni;" "Tbo 
(trtftt Oomminiodi;'* *■ UriUaiuA;" " Cbrfc* 
tiun Lnion ;' " IV Ailniuiiv EaHb ; ' " Man 
PrimuvAl;" '* PriUiAjrhy i" litf UU ftuollier 
wcirk tittirJymnlyfortliv|ffw*,"Tb«iciucy." 

JIo wotf u pout iLltui> aiiit publiiib*! a 
volnmt, entJtlt'd *' Tbo Iiiau'imti*(>ne," lx>«<lc» 
uUim' nilruir (jut'imi. tibicb n^viwl bin vAi-ic<l 

k|]4>U-|«ll^ Allil OVi|llflitlA Uu-tC - 7%T f'/tU- 

ifnrffMiotf^ y^r UocJi^ l^^t<. 

Passagee from the Locturo of Dr.Hiin-Ia. 

On Friday itveoin^f, lift April, 1K»3, [>■. 
IIauIUs deljvemi on Udifilf of tbi^ S<ir{«4y 

TL loctTiro MLtitlod 


i;i]|t VWiM TllK IMMPRSUW 


llo Uxik for bi^ iOAl : 

Kciii4tv li,. XI. 

We i'«|;rol tliJkt we Iiavo only tcoiq for tlict 
fihlbiwiri^f [HiMAjrftf, which form ihtri'tMiolwUDi; 
ji,*rtof tbis wa<L4i»i-fiil dixwitw. 

Ami tbfv (tbo Jcvt] nliati tomo Sr^*n tbo 
coitt And dam llir imt, fftJiu the mvtJi bI^I 
rmm Uie siiiitb* U> Anv^v nlle^iiiiitr* to t}]i< 
viotM of (.ihrikt. Anil* ob ! if whi<ti tbo 
" ApostW and brothtrin tlmt ^'■or*' in Jniien 
ht-Ard tbAt tba < -tntib'a WL aI^> re(Tivi.<Ll tlte 
Word tif ti<nl, Un-y |;lc»rilUil fltnl, Kiyjit^* 
Tbi-n hath 1>'>'I iiLaa tu iho Uvt:ittlM jfrAntod 
r<-|N ulmu'i' iMiti bfc/' wh»i juy wiU iH^iAb- 
tbv< loiiliii'C'biiirli uhoiiIlhlmlE U-Aiinatmrci). 
■■ Thi>n hftth (loil Al>iO In UmJifW>;;;r:Llil«i[ rr 
[ipntAnw unto life, " and tbc-y hikvo nt len^^b 
i'tut>i'ru:a] tho inLj{hty f^vint ! And if tbrn^ ia 
joy in beavnii aiuony the Angela of Clod ovw 
fine ftinnur thut rrju^riU'lJi^ who c:in txiniTeli'O 
tbo nLptnii> nbioh idmll Ihnll tli** r«rikj of 
tbe nernpbini when it ahn.\\ l»c llwri^ jjiw 
(^Uiimnli '* All lerJirfl in tantnl ! " 

And tbU r«niind>i itinf Hi* f iirtbpr actaa- 
»«ictu of ^loiy to ( lod frvvi thit conx'orAion of 
tbo JiTWs, rtgii/tinii /r^"n ihr ^jf/^oft i>f tke 
frv-jf/ fr^Njjf itlJirri. Knrwluil. nu niiniit'ibL^MLblu 
jmi.<f in'ili it fin'idijb of Ih^t Itie%7\iiy ctf tht 

of tho Spirit upon Iho Jtura an tbo 'lay of 
FcnUxxjnt war* ic^enetl liy *JoJ for th<* 
cmwrJuif |<iooC of thi^ tipw rvuiiDFriy ; «» tLt 
grefttw 4>iriiKioit ct tli(' !«Amv !>pmt, mjmul thf.' 
H&iiM {Miopjff, 14 ri^-'crviwi to wDiplcU.^ tho proof 

7SVr /^^F', ,/iiJnr //mi-;*, //./J. 

nntiiml n^pxH : jl sci<nA wbu^h kIulII Ail^rLr^i 
till' ri«ujil»V 'iii'l wrry t]if» jiialjCPient c^f tho 
iuipiirinff, «v4-ii IhuuiiU it fui] lo "vriu Uinr 

Whiit tin TnmiiipHi'h»l>kt pruof ffifl thftt 

of dod' At the o|rtiuii« r»f ilio iCh-riAtiftii 

pi'ijnomv, Uii' I'fjnvi-oMin nf Saul of "nuTiili* 

iltM IJHX^ j<m% lUmJK [M>. 

of it« IMvinity nlroa^iy nrt-. ftnJ ifl *iril 
liuldiniL: in MoL-c A conoliidiiiff pi'uof whk<h 
hIijlII wiUiAit ih^ hintVD of nil tliiit hnvtr u^'r^^ 
Imfor^, Vnr ihr ctifivprtmu of tlie -i<;wH *iU 
exhibit ft 'iwno it whioU <*vtfi7 *»veiit will \^t 
w*ii lo V.<i tlu'' providt'UlinJ !«>«• of & Uftin 
of i-ii-oiiiTml^HccB W\A Ji^^v- lie fore— every 
movOTnvnt* tht> fnlOlni'Mil rif ;iri itririAut. pn:'- 

npeniH r.n fitVEi Iwiin (IrftLgnml^JTiiTfyvl, he 
binuwJf Jot^lnrt^f, '* F^r Uiw rfiuiw 1 obtaiiiul 
mercy, thai in itio fihtt J«vtia Cbrmt xniVht 
hlrr^v foqtii nil Incg AiiHi^riiJ^. for n puttvi-iL 
to tlicin u'lio vhuiifd lu'innftflr Ixiljtfvtf on 
llim Id lifv ^verlonUikg." Ill w fiimilfir 
manner Cod np^>cnri« to bo mvcrvin^ tli« 
rirhn^L ilii^plav uf UU Hiving ffnuni liM 
to^t-nfiU Mif* LiiKt f^iH' ir» tliiXoni'ODiion of tho 


Maiicrie^ >o/ Oo^ THuw^hs aiM^Ttg the J<w$, 

.T««iiIIoirillbo jWDnconc4^j1rutJnfrITL«Drvmo 
regar^K mi n p<vip1n vrho hod Mm<* to iv>ii' 

CVtktnktv in tbcmK-IVH tho WOltt i-lirmcilt* of 

rcbcllicTk ^f^iimli litoi: dmug thi* at tbc.^ 
vui^' liiuo Ahe-Ji they hnil ti-JuJiini t)ni liwL 
vtnge of hopekw* <lt*pmvity — (lupoTnling ov<?r 
th«m •■ cloud cbfLr}*G<t wltb Hhuwcn of 

blflvinjf. At the moment when tb^v mjclit 
Ijrtv'p l(iol:i<rl Fi»r ti elouil Khnu-Jtig llm vwrv 
bInrkiteM 1^ i^nrkntiKA. and Kror«d with ftll 
tbi> uxLlrriAlfi of wmth ; ftutl, »mrLsm>f 
woJiilvr ' ijulXiiijE' tlie iWth of CLttHb — tUo 
T^i^" Jift whirh ttftoimffrl ii^ Kiiiipl(JtAlK«iir|;iii1t 
nnd to H«il th«ir doaiu — tho diaaoo of thoir 
for^vcoGwa, %he plodffo of their oomplfiito 

Wltjit mi impuU^t 1^, %Bm hf Q-irrti i^ ihr 
^i*/yo/'*«rypfl^f »/ tAfi CkrMan CAmt^ / 
" for if the fill of thft Jcwp bo the nchw of 
thi' ttoi'M, auJ tli« JimiuUhing uf Uihui ihe 
rich tH of iJi^ (lentilpK, bow luut'li inor* lhi?lr 
fclitVtf^." Th» lk«tv|y ronvcrttid Ji>wti will 
lirobabljr fzhihit n OLf^niiinv of Mlf-ih^iiviiiif 
ifn\ for tike jclury of fiixl. which Ula Chuivh 
hiut ccimotoiiiMuiider uhfloUiUily imjtrAfliofihlti, 
For " hn that in fooblo ninoiiif tlioru nt chitt 
tiny nhftl! be on Da rid ; ami thi> Uulim^ of 
T)aviii»hnll in' as fttMl. h* th*' wn^p*l of thti 
l^rd Urfon* thomJ* Firoidwith thoamulntlan 
of thfh- ejtaojpk, the mliro ni«ri*li timll bo 
n^ra l^inliiiK ^V ^^*^ i^iQ" of iti mini!, und 
kiTidlhig itH Initip At thi!> altnr of thirir [n<'ty, 
Now Quanin^ vhnll hn «»cn m ci\'cry iitnt4V 
meet of thtt Word of *-iod : new valui* 
ntlJicbtfd to i9vt*rythm^ ibAt cun lulmiH'i? Min 
glory ; tifw energy I** f**ll fii th* fiom-orc of 
the worlfl to oom«, Uhiin^hvB bofori^ cum- 
pjir»ti«dy dt-oA p^lioli bu arouHed to nuwntwf 
of 11f«*; ih^ icr«at i-xinHtiiiiiiiHliKll be niridiMif 
ft*o»rtflinin|f hoiv much prayi^i- fan HtWl fiir 
tha nonv(<i*ion of iho world; nml while tho 
CfcuLvb i.*H with nno voihj, tryiiiif, " Cowo 
from thn four wincK O tiriMitli, nrnl hifuilii? 
upon tht» ibiin "that thoy may live," the 
groftt vnUc?y of »pmtiial do4th aWi exhibit 
the [lytnptomn of vetmninif lifi\ *' For if 
thc< 4'iufling Avrny of the Jrw-i htj thi' riMnrL- 
oiliTi^ of tht* ^^urt'l, what Kbnit tha reooiving 
of tbi?ui b^ but lifo from the doad j " 

liow vmliLvutly will thw I'EmdiiiHtJuti ami 
inet*siii*> i"»r fnho f'hiin'b li^Tnl to ^/m »/n?(m o/ 
<(/rf i>* /J'iWjt. "niflt iMowt ninn'M of &II 
ttdusn)*, Ixitwrc^ii Jot^ and Ct^ntile, nball then 
l>0 b4«ib-rl. ''For if J rbriht d^uh thero in 
iimihfr Jow Tfcnr Ciimk ' " th*> Jpw 'hull haw* 
boCQin« a Chrirtian: and Lh# UhhhtiAii an 
IfTftfilitc indc'c<). Kv,t>i'y niiiidi- dlAtioriLon Ut 
hrrChuivh ^bull (v[i%o ; ur nhall rpmnin only 

to fJiow riLA fitKDKth of tkc lovtt which 
ntittn! all fte paH« into ono. J^d tJiuH [t 
wilr be E«e|i that an UaportAot *t«p ll&< bMtt 
gunined towftrd™ the aUaiameat oi th* pur- 
pose " whiE^ G(hL Imlh piii-^rrjwiJ it] HJaiBrif. 
Ihfti in tbp di>lpel]«^^ifm of tin* folr<wi of 
timM, He miffht cAth^r togothiT ;il one nil 
thiiipi in Cbriffi/ 

And will iLCft— imiHt not nil thiA ttii^ifi- 
oeK^nhly au^nifnt th* jatf (/ tht Churvh f 
Kvery ftnci<>i;t iiitt^rpf.t^ition of Cod on b«L&lf 
(.f Ilia |j*c(»]iai|HHFpWfttlkiJf(>rltiUiftlQftic*t 
rtifht* of tacrod poniry. Tint a\\ Uirarr un? 
do«inod iiiadtbrjuato to tho cvli^bratioti of tbvir 
final rocov«iy, Tho powcm of lanfcuaf^ aro 
to he tAied as ihey \md niTVi^r l.wn b^^forc- 
A new nm^C ir( lobe rrLhwd mole worthy of tht* 
gr«atiic0 of th^uoonjdon, **Sin)j to J*hov*h 
b ni-w flomic," Jfc. The very site ci the nnoient 
tiily U urgnj to juiu in the saicrwl Atiiuii i 
" Brenk forth into Joy, idng tO|f*tWr}v wAf<lo 
pl;i<v8 of J^uBidom/ ix\ fcTvou iiiHniinato 
natun; ir* nuiuiuouixl to «har^ in tbi[« yry, ^nd 
tjt rtwUt ill tbo pmiw: " ^ing, O yn htrnvt^v^ ! 
fcii- tliii T^ard hath Armtt \l ; iJiout, yt^ lo^cr 
partf< of th« oftrth ; bn>ftk forth iiito ni^ipog, 
vfT tJiotiiitAin^.*' A'4-. Aud nmldftt thi* gcn«riil 
Oone^rf. iu which irvi-iy <hbji*ct Hhal) find ii 
voii^andtAkon pirt,wiU thar»lv«med|>oup1o 
thomM^lvfd be Kilont i A part oi their «oiix ^ 
nlmidy prt^pniul *- I will ifrraUy rf joioe io 
tht T/>rdt" itv. Imhvrl^ that nothing may 
be wikntin)[ to heighten out conceptiuiiii of 
the [lacrodnftis Atid sublimity of ihiit joy, 
frixl Himwlf hi r«prHiL<nt«l ilh jLnticipuUuf; 
it with deH|;bt. ntA HArtllii^g on ihi« ituiv«ri:« 
to nluuv ill Hii* Divine ocutlAtHDri ; "For, 
bohoLdt 1 cimte uew h<vivenn und a n^w 
(<arlh, &r. In tfiAt Joy ut lhf> lt<^Wiii«r 
tb^ro will 1» a d«pth and a pMTiilinrity whicli 
no mntur^ will lio ablo t^i fiDikni, WlKt» Ho 
Kbjtll A«o o/ tho tmTAtt of \\\if, iiom\ 111 thoir 
wrnvrriMin, in hiiw juvnlitir a «c^n»u will lIo 
bo tat[>li«d ! When Ho who one* «'*pt over 
thom hitler toar^ nluJl bobolil them pixintriito 
in pcnitfince nt Hi* foot ;'-whcii He whom 
they afftxiHl tti the* ii4<rnrwfll true, nhjdl bvihold 
th(.*ni em>inivitifj thnt rroew &nd cxultLDg, 
** tlod fotbid tlint wi* nhootl |iJory t«ve in 
Uje vrwK uf orir I^uril Jwas CbiiBC," Hi» wUl 
be nmfii'i'ii i- i»r ■ -ill i-'fin'tiiiTi whit'h Hball llll 
ei-oti Hi> i',<[ML.-ii_v t<ii' ■■ojo_vm*ot- 

Bivthrf<n> thn jflin v i.f ^hr l^ixl i* yrt to 
In? :vvh»1kI. Would y.M r.-lW-t a fHition of 
ll* mdlfttipft J "Wo bflinwh yon, by th* 
in^rcii(*4 of <lo<l, that y«i ptiw»nt yotir [>odi«ii 
a livLTiu Aflj^nllci}." No mri'o oitiward hoDOAgt 
— na fvrliwtiwtiail rrlwtionft, will mfllwi, 

The flsv, John iTamn 2?J>. 


OoiifliL^niMf in t1u«a VM the eecrot oF TmdV 
fnll. And -ir { Jo^ apored not the nAturaJ 
bnnofacK, tivkc- hoo^ lest He nlfo i|>ai*» cot 
thoo." Would ycni promote tho K'lary <if 
Hnd in their n^^n't^iyX Mn-k th" ixinx'i^rsbn 
of a1) uroiibil you. Aim jit tku ivooccry of 
tho wurtdi Far UiioWf tLnt ihu prop'Odj. of 
thp imwbnnty cniiv^ Lntti^nn tlio time ol 
frini^l'H wiivymiim : for " blin<In<** m (wvrt 
IB hnppi^Q^ to iHrH^I, iintti th^ ftilii^w of Ch? 
iknttlfw be oonii* id. And mt all I«r«»l ahjill 
be mivkI," W"nld you AiMjelerwte tLw ar- 
rival of T^hftt b!pjj*d day T Thm ■* pmy for- 
thf wactf of Jeriiflfllem/' RitffllvB, " fw 
ZioD> mlIea will 1 not hold my pf^cr-, and 
for Jerutnlein'^ Aoku 1 will nnt rtiHl, imttl tin* 
r-ightivuKiieu therrHif go forth an Mghtxipj^j 
ami th« wlvatkn tb4i«of ilh a Ujnp that 
bumctb.'^ Yot) covdd not im)plo7 meanfl 
mon- ttppi'(jpruilH tu thu Divine (fi-oiilriHw 
thftii t'l cry dftil)', *' O ihjit thi* iuilvnti<>n *if 
liwi wtfn* coiiw out of Zion; " Tin* Churoho*- 
of Cbn«1 (:»n<Tmlly rmiU nut tiiiitsforn mcro 
wfirthy trhj^-t UiHri Icj m-i\<\ tin fhi* «itnn*t 
iapjx'Jitinn, "CI ni-tn of the Lord, hwaIec, 
iiwjik" f " for thitMi iinowinl piv»plo, Thn 
|>my«[' would be miiiiic in tlii' <Af of <tiH); 
ftnd would bring n hlnHlng nn thnu> w\ui 
olTer^d it. 

riiially, ^ould yo^ Aympntliir'O nitb and 
Jippteoijitv the ^dirry whitrli Mhiill n^ioiiml lo 
rfod frrnn Urn^V^cniiVoridoti I CiiUirnI* th» 
hvmbto and ttdonngnpirLt of the ftpastle in 
roUtioD to it- Your own history exhibits an 
H[qt<iuir< uf iliti Dlvjiin onndui^t towunlfl 
IvTMt^L T\w hifllory of the Jirwf i« but im 

tomv of thtf l.>iWuo conduct tuwurrlrt tb<^ 
an raric — conduct whitb U dnftined to 

tb*' iiriiv^rw with HU pmiwe, Ki»r what 
ih the nnt^iri^ of tLit ginry which in i,c> nocnie 
t<) Uo<l froniL tii4>ir oonvoreioii ? Im it itol 
ibo )^ioj-y tii Ih |X'W«r wbJdt b'lK caitiihI 
tlimn rtiKx-j^sstfidly for ngp* thronph ei'ery 
iinnibiJfltinfl proces* thnt oould ft^snil them — 
tbr* gloiy of a wititlom wbioh a^w tho end 
fjvmi thebi^gimdn^', iLnjLii^iitjf and foi'<-t«Uing 
tho tfTkUiT- plun — of n I iciif 'Vcdi'ttcH.' whirh re- 
rtiiftotl c\wv land of provo«utiuo to dt^lroy 
tbom. prei!^»d into it:^ fvrvLct^ ^^vol-y udvprev 
iudu^m^tHrtdilhinLrated ev^iy (^rHl pricidpiv 
of moTnl go^'**rmrn-nt in u nmnnr-r iiirt*ctly 
tamUng la tJiHr liighM ttf*»lfiiTi>— of ii mpirv 
whit'h aft*r followiui: lb(.^»j ik>>iiHy lliro^ith 
lilE tlinvi ftnd through hH huids, LiiktH tb^in, 
with ihllthpirTtc<M]nknlnt^ ^iilL«nd di^pr^\ity, 
and (^rai^ts thom into a mimument of Hig 
ibiring graop — nud tho gloty of mAldng thie 
diHjMniHition tjip oocju^idii of fmther jay to 

tbs Cbureti, nnfl of lUe ^nstwt i^ood lo the 
world I Tn £■ word, it iril) b« t£(> gloiy of 
Divine dl-unti^oiirccy rooc^iTi&ic from thom at 
Icnifth the honm^ of r.rofttium dr^iondcnc^. 
And sti ileep wjl! bn their cnnvirtion of tb^it 
dt'pcndeno^. nttd «o vait tho vitswv of thjit 
all liuQidenL'y whii^h tbcir hliitory iihnLI nfToidi 
t1i4t Lungung^ wiU fail to dr^M^fibr or it>cord 
thf*ui. And wbjir. n mibjivt for otinlfimpl'Lthnt 
to th* romdis of the* b]«wi?ii! ^'Uuoe," «*yK th« 
Apobtte John, on tho op^niL^ of t\w H»vi>Tith 
smh " tlitfrif wu silence in Iieuveji alutit Uio 
api^i* of hjitf-nn hour ; "-^^hi^r. whh h pAiiNi 
of bi-A&thl<'it- HnK]H»]Ue prior to a tr^mondou* 
diMharxo of wmlh. lint wh^n by thi« 
^plt^ndiil ditiplny cif morcy, tho prhiiripalititvi 
und pawpr* in honvonly pUtHxi, jihnll bt-bold 
Cho munifolil windoin of Uod* vuivLy thu 
■ilonco of wondi>r will npxin *naui>— ii 
»ilT^m'e diirin;^ whuih t^vavy fiu» will ho veiled, 
awry wor<hippt>r proBtrnt^, ^vrry he^irt iill*"l 
witii iDtmtfLJ odomtJon— a vili»nci> from wbit^h 
tbpy ahal) recctvt>r only to itttrt Hm lani^nn^ 
of nwfiil deli^'hr., "Oh tlu.Mli'plb rf tbf» Hrlit« 
l>t>th of th« wtfldon And knowl^l^i' of t^o^I." 
Ifr^ithi-en, tho lendmicy of aW IEn dix- 
phnH\tIont,riom lit«L tuTsL^it. ii"r*e«-idiuEly Uic 
*RTiie. And i;everwill tbny know a pnum*, Till 
UiEK Bn<1 he gatnfid. Tbon man will hnvtt 
found his projior \\\ac& tho only i^ioti in the 
univurse wbioU fH*ffome>* hiro- nt tlie feci. <hf 
fiod. Then Gorl will hftve rr^puvrivl liiH 
pi-of>ur filfify ovQry rivnl po»'or will bo wiot 
out — tho«yoiof &I1 will wait upon Him — 
He will bt> xsDu by the univetxt-jiA Ibpir-ntita 
urirl HUy of tL depftndenfi wiwbl Thftn r.h^ 
di»Kign of the ^roat conKl.itnfion of mercy 
will b« completed — the wn^ roan i^hAll no 
longer (flor}( in his windouj, nor the lU'h in 
bis Hohftfi, nrii' t,h-k *fron|i in bis i^l.r^ngr.h — 
tho only fiJoiy loft will ho the high glory cf 
dafioNdoncN^ niwn QkhV -tvi^rythiug will bt* 
n*«n to hftva rmbmndod lo t)ie glory of Hia 
gruoo flionc. And tbon all flosh f^biill tbnn 
b^ «oon pro^rato before (!od, whjit will it bo 
but a prelude to* worahip of hf^'Lven ; 
wbht win remain bat thnt the wiinb* Hhoidd 
to tmnitf erred to tbp efuploymi-Mi. <*f pnnso 
nbovo ! And as tho riifbteouj" at l<<n^th nhitll 
(pj Awny iulo everhiMiu^: life — ?w tW mitioni* 
itt them f.hiit nn^ T^nved th^ll *' poAs through 
th-> gHteH into the city," whul nior» appio- 
(■rijitii iiLKTiptiorLfortliotE-iumphal nrchwhirh 
hbiill i^irtive them thnn ibi», ^M)f niui, htkJ 
through Him, and tn llim, nra all Ihinp^; 
to Him be glory for ovor» Anwn!' B« 
thU oLii' sentiment in Mh, in death. And 
for et*r. 


Maaorie» uf Oofpri Tri^fn^pht mmmtj th^ J««u*. 


\;\Hi to IV7I. iA^'liJix » lifu tif 

trp FiiritJLiiJMii iif H |m*1 :i^r, U- Vi'1' l4iiirlivil 

k*vr i^y^t. pJiilAhtlHXi|iii> iiiir^'cuiK'nlA 4t[ Itin 
4IW1I tiiLU* which 'lil not fti:! lUc iniliiciHv vl 
hi-t Ki-at-iiiii^ niii-it. Pmvin^ and Ki^inK 

l\v \ri\ni}i\[i lire urL^O*.' vrorlil l«> G>d in ilitily 
|hrnvoi% ut^tL'i' Liiiiilliij^' 1o [iiTijr j<(ii*i:uiliv fur 
|.1l4i oinvvnti'm vf lli''Ji<n^ titn\ oftTiK lu-»1heii, 
iLii'l thitl tlin ilU'iMnn" il CliriBri Chinvfj 

Al liikxL, I'liV'lliinI nf liLi :ujntik1 mmim- 
wh>« Jirvftillv givim HVny fi>r tlif^ )«Di>iit iil 
111" li'lEiiW lunti, (iru) liiu Iiii|h< r>i' tJii>m p^yt 

nn illujftmticm of thr nTllknnwn wordn : — 
- Wcluui wliai oTj oiirv'IvL'* vt *]vii4, 

Wv IlihlV J|4Jmih*UII-HitllUll1l-||rj, 




MUUF. Uviii lift^ y^iK ii^o, iwii votif^ of 
Al-iiiihtuii (>tL(vu)itvro(l <'nt niiuthfi in 

11 WlhlJ, Whil'tl WMh ItOl Atl l|i)rll AX t> |1IVVL<I)l 

Rii^tiLAl c>|iii*rtat4<'ji. tax-h] lbs 
DihffT AM Et Jrw, am) •^.(vin -iftfir nm^Ii^ thn i)1^- 
covory timt th^y woro ol.l noi|iiEkJntAii4Nu. 
Thr orio «vfiH Itiijjty HniHchi'll «mi Clirirtlicr 
ISt^nJQiiiin iJiiviiUirii, II ^^u^ Iuiil! hjiici' T.1ii*y 
bud nii't. t.hoi]|;|i tn jvar* gnrjo l>y thnh' 
(uHidntion bail hj-on vi-ry iiitimulD. And 
jicitbcr kciew wlNit fuiil biouj^bt bbi? otJicr U> 
tbU ttmiilij'. iStilb \md i^h tbtir irutivu 

liiud and iiuiiiy )<ivt^ rplulivtv, iiiulfrr Ifav 
inthipiiiv of ibn iSrviiiit In liiiitw t.hfi Truih «« 
It i^ ill Johiih, ilikJ Ijiflb Hi't*- now rttjoioiiJ^ 
tbkt thtyy h»\} foitT^d Hin^ of vhnia ihw 
[Jt^tlihi-Vi wmtv jtK tliii ^iivim^v iif T^nLe!, 

From that day Lhiw* tvo OhrisUAii 
bn:^hi'4>u iftlioun^'] N-i^i by hidn for tho ciomI 
nf [mhwI. anil in connection with Iho Jtntith 
Sflpittty, tnjUi tliry Wfii* fnWmd np hi^fhrr. 

At tho frronH o^p*iling of tho Society** 
I'cuniiiiltop, beUl on the Tjtb l.>ccoml>nr, 
lf*V2t "Ml-, Ilnii<li4-h having ^iicn nation 
thnt Tit tJC'it nn'(!tin£ ht^ wmild projiOH* 
that M.i\ Jfoiijumiii J Jiivid&i>n 1w uppoiDtod 
oDL- of ihii hxJcictyV [iKooU, it wna rviiijtttd 
Uf Uit^ t'uiimiitti?i.% uiuiialing vf Dr, Flt^tubu- 

7hf fdrrirJj^^K Fiifd r*nj yfUMvnitrtfs. 


tiM' S»x-iiH«trH'hr to inqutnr r«-gaiiUriK hih 

At Uir dilnl uiFttLing, deli] tm Cth 
JfrDnnry, 1&I3, it v«£ d«dcled to »iiipov^- 
Blf- llor«eh«)l to employ euch iiii a^tit a». 
\tt lo&y tbvnk vicf^t titling to gijiJt- icttuhtir^ 

At tlie fijiirtli mi-t-ling, hM vn Bih 
r^-famary, It^;^, Mr, Ht'ncL^ll <liavi\ ILul 
lie bad ftfcurvd tkc svrviote of Mr, Duvidctort 
dff A tt^aiputn^y np^ni ivi vemiIij;; JvHirh 
liitjLirvni. Mr. DiufifKoriH jcjiii-miI for f,|ii> 
tiygvno month vii^ -mltifulte*!, and «xtrirfpv 
from it wc<i-o rVAd, 

TbO 6ooicty*B Hebrew ChTMi&n 
Prayer Union. 

¥*^'9PUt iJt 14U BT ItEI. UlDLKE l1tJli>.HVU. Jl^^tf 

At 4 iU'-vltn>; crf thu f-'oiiiiuiit4« Jiolil At 
tJip oiHoe on UondLty, t}i« -It]] of Hi^ptf^nbci', 
ltU:(. iLtr Rvv. Itjcjlpy Hui-mIiuII bIjlU'^ ihut 
lt« b&d belli two mu«tmjt£i^ivith hnpii^wlJ<>wv. 
for Ui<i pur^x>^ of pnmiijtiufC tlimr npiitlunl 
i<diftcAtioii ; Hticl tlint ftl tli* ImI uifwtiiiirH 
ruW wi>n*! iulr>pl«d, which vrnr^ now iw.i\. 
a|>i>niv«d by tbo C'anuuittca And onlc-r«d Ui 
be cmtt-rpd on Ihc iiuniLtc:^ «■ follow : 

I'ln^vi' Moclinii gf (xajv^t-ti^il Jow«. 


1. That tb« aii<mbrrfl cgniiiit vF JcW). 
bvlitn'ing in 4'linhl .li^ii^ ! niifl thul thoy 
tniH-t to^Hh*^' KtDi|rly 11^ ii<io}i. irtwpLvUvo 
uf &iiy sijcIj ilfmi>iuij)alwtiril dwtinctiotin, 
whti-hu»CI]jiaVituib,tljv> WAy (^JuacittitiuLialy 

^. Th« obJ0ot of thtf tn»«(in|r to};«lhor 
tJidll be miitiioJ «<li6cfttiou and vi;4.-oui-i4^ 
Bifnt> uiiil th«i I'uli.ivjitiioTi ijf ^jyi£An-(ir/ love. 

3. IL U pFotMAfHl thjtt thit rnL>mlt(ir« mpt't, 
on OTvry Fnimy pvniiiiijt nt '> <p'cli:ii'kt tlint 
uiio hoiir jbAll lift K|>iTiiti ill iX'iLverHLlion coii- 

1l«r|n| vitll Ulr :iipilitLlii1 Hlld tftUlfioml nt^l- 
fmiv af Ikih*] ; Htid thnt prooiiwiy nt 7 oV1c>ck| 
the dcrolioruil ^ximnKniflboJL Imgin, The« 
rhiiU i-uu^iot uf pruycr. i«at1iti|f a purlion of 
ivcripttir^ and couft^rvntt* thf-rvoii ; Niiob |i(ii'- 
tioM bftin^ *«lttot«d 04 lire matt ooQiioot(>d 
iriLb ^■orauukl r«ljtrion ; and all iinnocamr^r 
coiaUi>v»T«» to U.' avLiidml. 

4. That during <be hone dAvot^ tn oon- 
WtvatkOAt Any mici invf rti^J .low nay ^ic 
prf««ut« who u iiniuitLii^ ii»ti> n)ji>iU»hity, 
or who may H'ii-h to hcjir fitiin Ui>< IhtlJevin^ 
brvthivii. mwniifl lor th*ir fnitli rn Jpsiin iif 
Sftuuilh iiu the Mi;4dub. 

Tht mMnlfcrx wlm Inn*' tiliCTcly tigiiH 


W. 1ktl<<1hrit>i. 

W, 8i*hihftiL 
A, OnoniiorO". 
R, II, Hcixhr^lU 
U- DjiviitMiti, 
K, SchwoitMir. 

AIpxi". 1**vr 
Piiiil Knjphftfl, 
Knoiticl lii'lirouv. 
I". Goldlvrg- 

Mfi Dn^HdhOtl wftK one of thu firtt nnd 
ubl^'.'^l couli ilriilt'iik i" (-he 4^rv-HdA iJ'.r'tld, Ibe 
Soi^if^hy'* OTgnii, nnd tn thi' roiVrr *j/ Jm\iet, n 
jonn>rtl cilitod by ihi» Hav. KidE^-v Htf^><dL?]^ 

im\, UllfAhIn HAV'LlH'iH. 

Mr, pAvicfKiTi xhovrCid hi>f piTiinFQt blct«ti) lor 
till? Triiijiiiiif ijf ( 'ttt-ipLl,iaii *\rvi^ for thcr 
Mlh*irt« lli^ld hy Ma Ho1h-*!W. (')iiililei^, Htu( 
Syriuc ivoi^k>;, Miph ik tli** '^ Synnr nhil 
Cljul»W liuuliii(c l,*MonN" the " kleiriui>Ui-y 
Ai'uliir lUmnmai/' dr., uud tliiil »fdeiHli(t 
tiiDimment<if ]0xiD:ij*ri|ihi(^d xldil. which U>t>k 
nvvon yeni-^ to fiiiieh, the " Aiinlytiwil 
iUhrcw [»nd (-"imhtee Lt-xiam/' coiiJJu-tiiijr ikf 
nn HlEibiilH'Lk'JLl iirmufi^innil <rf ewry wiird 
nnd inAwtiou of.wittiihe*l in t^nOld Ttst^niHTit 
St'npluroH. i-rcn'^ly a^ tln>y iK-eur in Uie 
tinnvd TvxU »ill« * ^'N»iHiimti*'»! iitjaly-Ms of 
ejif'h wciTil Hiiil le>JEi3erJi|ihicril illuMjiitJoii of 
th? iTiminhi^H, ^. Hb aIm^ rr-nlitiHl. tfft«r 
tho MxUvEiih <rn^intd i;tUtioii, "(J«tniu*V 


UirnwrUa of Ov^pfl TritLtujJi^ wmmff IJW Jncs. 

llfbmw OnuDDUtr.** For out IuxiwIhI^ of 
H«Wtv rnibd Mtp inUoiiBv onioyiD«Qi in the 
ttndy of tiM Ilebrcv f^cHptuni v« ov« 
B dfvp Oot't oT vntituiU tn gur AOOomplMdtcil 
tator, Ui« 1aI« Pi^«M<ir Wtir.rf tho Utu»«- 
tity of GUi^EOir, Abd to tho Ua( hudimI varies 
of tikc R«v. B. Dkrtcbon. Tbeee invdunblo 
l<mi'hi-ri limve eaJiblwl u» to Jrink willi uii< 
■pMl:ab1« j<>y frtim lb«nHglii4l Foontftin of 
Diriao Tnitb. Kron «ur own Imppf vac- 
,p«ri«nc« wvoio tr«ti{y,**Tli**^ wihlor* Are 
awMUfll tliMt iir*tjLk«>ri fruli fmm ihr kpruLg, 
As (b«t fntft in by for Iha mwt plHwuit 
Ibfti roQ Dku-Je from tho trcr it^lf^ mtb your 
i9vn bfUiJ, uliEit wine tJii? mii^L iloticioii* lUnt 
!yOB tokfl fmm llie mr csmk in irliicli it. wiw 
9rat*tort<l ; »>thc Dkvifio lotU-inftA oiiHch«<l 
with I know t<o( what iiutivr frniTtiuicCi 
ltr«aUtit [ kikuw uul wbAt c-liai-m pn.-idiiu'lv 
oH^JEUil, if rvid in thnt liiif^iu^ in wliirh 
th^ wrolo, vrhu partly <l«riTnl it frum tho 
UpM of l\w £l«ro&l, AtiJ partly ili;<livRr^ 
tlium t4> us t^ fcbe breutli of tb» buuu iii- 

HB. OtVtiMOX AH TIIE l-ll<».ll-AL IT THK 

Hivnurry'i jkki.vii mih!i(io<( rij|j.i>;ie. 

Mr, IXivi^uiii woH ApnrkintAl thri PHntrJpil 
of tW HooidLy'i; Juwish Miudnn Uoll^^o iu 
Ht&wford 8tro«i, nTA'^kfrinra Road, wbiobwftv 
mwntfJ iFii Api-il 1(it|i, HIT. At tbi^ olow 
of tJi« 0rat Souioik, Aitrtl. iMtM, thM rAjmrtM 
of tho KxrLiB iii«r4-, l>tiL Hoiid<<r>ui|i iLtid 
AllioU, An4 of Ihp TotoiA Dr Otiii|]iugb«m, 
B, Da-Tidhon ami J- A, MilW, w«t« fii<i*t, 
onootit-KginiC^ Titu folbwJTig if> An oxtnkcl 
from tho lUport of ibc CVn^initrtoo ; 

''Mikc^b tjiite hwl Iwcn i«^Jont, nml tuAiiy 
j)rA)i*rH hnti \n^ti |iU4irMl forth, bdfcu'o th» 
twobttion *^ii>i foi'itiuiil ILa( u Colk^'c should 
bo irwtitiitvd tor thi^ i^iimLioii ot' yuuiLj^ mon 
for till- JowisL Miwiuiuiiy v-urk ; mul rtinco 

tt bit b<^«1| l>JN>tlt><] lllHIty kUKfOlW fiMlTY hiiVO 

bona ciit«rtiuriod lnHt uur lyvcurcw Bhould 
prove iiDfiifiial to l}ifitinaToidAb1««j:pi.^[iditura. 
util IIlo &dv&iiU^i^ ttbd iieui^rBity «f Uia 
mwuiint hftva bf«n p«rrMv'»ii ; h«lji hnM (won 
ult'ordod, nuil tbiM bi-nncli cf thr urLil«j't]Lhinf£ 
pn>B]»&i>, Ji""l prt»irii»ip» wftti for tLi.^ o^iuet of 

" Six yim»g mi'i^ rauidimt vithm thv 
tWlcftr-, ftivL Lno oUitrin Imvo with tbr^iu Ifu^n 

UhI Ibixiufh Htich It 01111 1 Hf> I if iuHlKLCtioci in 
ihfl Grwk Jind IjiTit* rlnal™, Iho Hfllii-*w 
And i'balduo dialcirU KDd NtnrHtut^, Hi>d 
#yrtcmfttif tlioolcrjo'^ '^ whnn ronif>lftW. 
will, it ia Inltmulp ^ml ihrm foiib <jitnlitlHl 
by ilitii- m^ntnl ncvjuin^rnvnUfCombinwl with 

ilorwUfid AQi) afliiiiitil pMJtji U> onmpy Any 
pi Are in tbo Mij«ioai fi«ld to wbicb ft 
may pkuo tbo Uolr t$ptnt to caU (hom. 
Tbe oertitkatt^ of tLo EvuiuDfn And tLo 
imn^tDony of Ui«i Ttiiorn ahem t\vkt ih*yoiin^ 
mmi b«T« provHd thecu^^vM votthy of th9 
AdrADluM A0brdt4i to tbeA. 

" WbHe punulii^ tbttr liudin vi« TmI U d» 
«mall benfflt to thaEa tbftt tb^ ^njoy tb» 
pottrtkAl couEutoL And OTioniirht m Mr. DAT-id 
•OD, And minfloiD ibo initenioiiif*e And vor^ip 
of bU fAniily. It AppPAfH. loo, tEiAt tbere 
eii>t* bol*«i<Q T Ii<^ lyvpnrt^d Tutor* And tlWBO 
ihcir yoiiii|-rT brrlhrcn m unity of pinpoAo 
*nd o rrviprodty tf nflVrtiomitc cocLGdoi>cc, 
iTUclLTjng th« ttnilgiitn' ooi.if>p cluvrfnl, »nd 
cii<H)t]tngu]|4 bopu (hut thu rvcolleotlonft of 
tht'Colii!^ will nAvoA Huictified And quiclcon- 
iii^ iudupf^cv on lh« iziniD picti^e bibuuni of 
tStffr Mi*<>-inriui'y Ufri Hy nii iLirnngi-nimit in 
oi'ory point M lii^w highly inif-^rtACt, vttch 
tXn^tat h ^raiomcd on ono d»y in er«ry w«ek 
iJi Intoivounw wiUi tb« JvwH in Loitdon. 
TliisgiTAfa tha urvionof ftnochar Inboiirvr to 
lh<^ TiiOtrtpoliAr ^biU it AifordM tt latimuluji 
and An osivroiAo to ibft piety of tbo yonng 

Hhon tbo Collqre wu rolinquiidiod, fivr 
wAnt tr( fimdii« the Itor. W. C. Vonj;e kindly 
AUd cntiubiujily ujidorUidk tlutovtmght Aini 
thaologiod instntction cf thcthrMi rDOinniing 
HludontA, And until th«4.'Qil of thcii tnia Mr. 
DAvidaon oontinubd bin Icctu^* with thccn in 
Hi^brow, Ohidch?u, luid SyrUc. 

BLrKiiiNT£M>Kvr or the ^ismtiK fcr^TioMH. 

Ill th* report pr*«nt<<1 at Ihw PonitMnlh 
AnnUfd Mootin(f, on tha :21tbof April, 1857, 
Ihcre i» tho folli^wini: utiitAiA'^iit of tli« 
appointment of the Rf^v- Prof(VM>r DAvidMin 
lu Vifltjng Siiporintondont of tbo Uu«iou 
^^tioiu :— 

'^Unable to locAtO two MiwionnHM, hh 
vrould Ijo nuxt. d<Himbbt, at mviry forvdgn 
uTAtion, and boljcvioK tluit va/^h MiadouArr 
won Id bo enooura^d. and hLt MiAnJoti 
-tt.rvnf^ihaUHl by AtloiAtn uimponkry AMnift- 
tion With Hj\ i*x[>«rk'nci.<ri nud uol] quotifiAd 
Lmilboi^i thu UommittvD biLvu ongngcd Mr. 
l>nvidM>n, Prmcipikl of the h*te ilcwiAb 
MiHUOii CoDfi^i to imdr-i-labr iho tPi-yicn 
Hnd to Twdd» wSlh tfttcU Miwit.iimry for tomo 
w<H>kK- AVe ftlrOAdy peroeivo vory (xinaulor< 
iLble jkdvantAvw^ and our fnond baa bom 
iw-Atvet! by t£e HlMioiiHrim irltli ronAtlHwe 
[ind libftl Hfr«ction." 

IV Scctrfj/# Fir^ TvfO MU«icnaTie&. 


SpectmeoB or FroreeBor Davidson** 

Testimonies to MUsionanee eit Home 

ajid Abrond- 

With L«g&rtl to th^ MiiwoM Fiolil Id 

Ijonilon And hm viMi't.H, Mr. Dnvictwin 
vrrorto; — 

" Sly vUita vfve *a miwij opportimiti*** 
for :<[>oakiiig tlitf Tiuth Ji-i it U in IShmt 
without rwerva, nnd I arn linppv to *uu» 
thttt in maay inntaDc«n wa iipfiiit novm-fti 
houTfi, imil tb«b not cmly in tk<r prccionco of 
tUo fiiuuly- liiitnliai in thrt priwfjii^fi of many 
vi«ft:int« evpoiinilJnj^ Iha S<ri'ipttinv. nnd 
pTuvLTifi; that Ji^dtiA of N&r.nrL^th miut nccda 
00 tlmOlidfit wkiu Wflfi to oomiT, mid 1 hat He 
IS Uie only HftvEonr of tin* vorKL 

"The lalMura of ^vour M»sioDan«8 b^ro 
fill not ^MMU] I0 extend, iii gTOcral, much 
boj^ut^d thv |x;oi-er cUsho., uud lai^ly to thu 
HnglUh Jewh, whOf from their iittAri^iOT'nnr^ 
of th9 f^cnptiire^ And Che Jeajfili r^ti^iJii, 
and thfiir ic^lfTi;tlfwJ bj^ti j» oi'O known to ifi 
the hittei^eht per^ect^tui^ uf those who t*iyrk 
to pre&eni C'hmi to them, whether th«y be 
Uootile or Jewiih Mifi«ionnneti, 

" Tho diflicultios tht MLieiannry mmus 
with, in Tj>ndtm ivpa.-iB-ily, ure very gr«Ji:, 
III gi*nernl the peoplo are eo intent irpoii ihcir 
buBinert.! thtkt Ihoy cannot &JJ'orJ to IcehI u 
listeniiig viLT to the ^uili] of the Trutb, eo 
thnt uiuf'h of \\'\ft time ie F^pent In onlliEig nnd 
Oftiliug; agtun bofora ho cnn get a nuitnblo 
opportuiiUy for a ronvcraation : tvtmt of 
tho |HA>r. wbu hiiur bim gludly, or ovt-u 
pur, TaHU iti the thiT»g*i prf»Hj:Hii»<t to them, 
are often too ]H>i^r to lie (^acoLiriif^ 
bo mn>ke & public profeMiou, mivcm it 
in ivell kTiown thrtt tlwy [ri»nl los* thfir 
Ifuit revkiiroe by that »tep, Th» w^Kihfnl, 
jonloua gye wbidi tho Jew^ kuep tifiOTi Oiio 
j;t.ikOthoi\ i-tndeLii hi" utteuipts nl\l\ Niui'e 
dirtindt, und bolli ho himself nnd iho r»no 
who i& visited nre KomeUmes^ exposed to mal^ 

''Tnkin); th»o fuclr; into con^ideintion, va 
linvtt thn moro c-jim-a- for thnnlffuln^w. whan 
wv tied thcib) in thf* midst of it nli, your 
Mis4ioD4nti n.V9 by Djirinr gmcv Mipport^d 
in their HrJiiuubUuJ&.jitid ^un iM-i^tti-rln^ly 
HeekKh^ '^PP**'^"'^''''*** ''^' prettohing Chn«t. 
hbr th>, 1 cwn b^nr tfi"'ui honi-it ti>^tiinony, 
(bey Hpiinur l4jdo with coJi^rientloLifl n-aidnilv, 
frciiii tkiH imHifHl I'litmiin' J fmd iilrendy 
punUMl ih*m x^ Honjf Je^vinh farnilt**, »nd 
tho rvspoot with which they on treated. 
It lAtMj^ that tbt<y MOW with leart . but li't 

nr» T'litit'fttly ^'^^ confidently look up to Ifim 
Hhn i^ivfth tho tnrrv4iN\ (uc|ri.-i(:tiii^ that in 
du« tunc thi-y wlU Ev«p with joy." 


Tlie following ifc an eTtirwt from hk rpjMirt 
n>i|>fotuiif Man.^h*»*t«r arid Mp- Nuphtah, 

^^ M&o(Jj<«ti>r. hcj^iilp^A n oonnidornblo 
riuuilir*!' of Jowihli Ev»iih>nU, ih mnAtnntly 
vi^tt^d by fttrantP*™ nf popan^flion, find 
mpeeiftlly in Ituri^o hodUv dunnjc tho ditforent 
feutiVHlh of tlicTynoi. A« Knch. it In iiinc of 
the most imjiortHnt HUitions in Kngliind, und 
jiiritly doiGarviH;thrit4N>nttidctntion whirli your 
('ommitt4« ifl ever rtady to boitow ui^on it, 
and MO much p«[iic-ipati'd in by tijo gtneroue 
iLiid aatirc IzMul (.'ommj IFre of thtit city, Afi 
to the HUQOpicc with which the luboiir^ of your 
Minnionnry, Mx- Nnphtnlj, haro been crow nnd, 
under Uir< i}{\mts [AvtMaj!, 1 *Ji&l] lt«veil. lo 
be Mtimnt'^il fmm the fntlowtng 0nnm'>ifttion 
of b«ptiHii;H which hjive taken pb<« ihroLtgb 
hiA iiuitrum^ntdtlity d(iiiiitf tho timo h(» lum 
tunipied tb:it hlAtion : — 

f, 1840, Mnrfh :26-^, ft., tinptif^nl bv 
Dr. Burton, All H^inU' Uhapoh Died 

■2, Ifi4fl. July J.—S, <V., mn invjiliJ, by 
the Kor. Mr- GHflin, RuBbolme-TOud 
rhflpol. Died in im8. 

3. I64fi- Junn4--/A »'„bytU U^^i- Mr. 

MiLiinder. Uldhrimstrvtit CJin[«h Still 
a triLVollvr in thi« conntry. 

4. Ie46, Aug. C — -s", .!/.H by the B«v. Mr. 

(Trillin, ituHhuline-mud Cbapeh 

5. 1847. J&n, li^r^A A. wilhniit A rmdft, 

r«oo&)Biond«d by Mr. N- U^ Ix^ndon, 

whwe he WM b«ptii^ed 111 thv- Ji^winfa 

Kpi>^n|Ml Oba]iel, Ifachiiey-n^kd. 
CI, 1^47- June :».— .V, ^f., nUo reooni- 

mendad to London, and hnptirod in 

the J«wiMh Episcopul Chiipel. 
7. \M7 —fir, .S'-, Without a 

tmde, r€-pomme!Dded by Mr. N,, and 

baptized OS befora. 
S. Ifl47 a r.. rpoom- 

mended Mid baptized jia before. 
1>, 18411, Feb. '2*t.—I/. J<.. by tho Hev, Mr. 

Fark^ Qmon-Atrect Uhapei. Hf^uioved 

to Uie rouDtry. 

10. 1»4D. Man-h fi. — ,S. »', without n 

ttAcl**, reof>uinieudo<l tw Mr. N. to the 
Amelioiation Society in America, and 
hhpT.rreil Drt^te of bApllxm Dot 

11. ISO). Jftn, 31, -A. W., bytho Itov. 

Mr, ruik^, Oajii^u-fttrL^et Chnpol. 


M^n&ri^ of Goepel Triwrnph* ffwong thf Jtir-9. 


IMA MarcK n.'-W. l„ with Hu. 

Mr^ Miii», n brill t thf- nE«* of 1<L, 14, 
I-i> by the Kov. Ur. Krks ^^^oon- 

H, lfl5"J. Suv. — . — T/. A"„ rovoiiiEiivucl^l 
hy Mp* N. Anil tJi*> Rflv, Mr. Omn to 
tliv Kiiiifluih MinJi'Uji- At llAinbiirKh, 
vrlLf»n> tM> woA bnptiriOi). lCiHiii-ji4Hi 
to Kik>>ljiml, ami » miw Ui Aiiini'irA, 

10. I^^:J. X '/., undent, by th* R«v, M, 
Mai'pilitth, At Kt, UuHlio), Left for 
IhnI Wtini-nt, 

IH. IWiS, A|ail U.— /■ /;.» r«T«imiumlMl 
by Mr. N., thrvu^b tbi? tciuJium of n 
(Jlimlinti Wy, to Dublin, wbciv hi' 
uiui buptiHil, Uite <jf bui-tiHiu list, 

17. L^53. Junr< -. >. J",, without 4l tmile, 

i^svouiiii^riMU) Mr« Y<jii^iiL Loiidun. 
wlivru lltf HJuWplL£a<1.nLL<l omigntUnl 

18. IS&3. liw, -, -X *., «»/ AtJ tP./<, 

fwomnacaidrd by Mr N,V rxei-tinirv, 

by tba Ri-V- Mr- Morris, Ih^t* of 
bnplUm not known. 

i:l Wti. ^^. 1^.— Ai tb^ i«|uivi of 

iitJD tif Mr N-'k inqiiirvHrs J. tf,. thrtfr- 
ct ildi-on were Uij^Liri^'iL hy tho Itov, J. 
ljp«n«rr, Tt ppin itivct ('h^pd^ 
m 185S, OlI. 27, J. a., Iv lht» lUv. 
AloiAEiitiT TbouiHDii, Hiuholnii- rouil 

Out uf tliL^ [lUTubor of ci?n\^iti4» m* ^vpn 
iilmvifv Vborti Hi'w Jiva oiily »lill rwidQEit 

Tbo aocic#'Or Mr.K., to tho iiiore rwptt- 
titbleportiun of t)i« J^wl^b ["Oiiiui unity \n cuii' 
-hti'iuljv. Wfi intmibuTeit mi-, alimmt itMlty, 
vh«tk Lhh Wt^eiibnr [biriiiitti'ii ji» U> fiinii* ^if 
tbfl wi'ibltliy Hbo|i kiW|mi^ und im>iuo of tho 
Oltfciat^ uiM bNii'ij»l uirii In^bnikEUi^ ti> li^jth 
liytjft^jogiHH, thr OrthiMlox ninl l.hfl Ki*fiiTrnrt?. 
I wjif. aVFryu'h(.-'i>« ri>c'L>iviK| XFiih kimliicid, 
tboiif^b Jntrc^diioed n^ ik coiivf^rt, ami frix|Lieii1 
opptH tUEiity «iii Allbi-tlvd me for (irejichiti^ 
(tbriHt. I hnTtit nuii.1 the Tint cif my rimtts to 
tb(« LoollI OktaoiitT'(i«, iw likoly to rvoo^^i^v 
ihft indivi.liutlh viflit**!, Mr. S.'n oomiwtitiii 
li'.-h clui^fly iLuiutii: Um Ktfuriu }Hii~Ly, i%\\'\ be 
14 i-fLth^^r cikiigufii't n>H til fbrt iiltimiLl.^ fiiirmr' 
iihl** ro.iiJt. Tbo pin*r >^xim \a i^'Ciipy bvir*' il 
Ltri^i: {H'oiji-Ti'tiui:!, uiiian^ u'buiD "omv wtjtj<.l 
i-TJidily L>i> tMptuvil^ Imt Uiclr hlflUt ufiU^iiti- 
. tution i» Kiu'b IbAit. tbit Mi-^nimry ninnot 
oODourugv tiuxt ttbpf fur fciir of tlib «vAniLi.l 

ibe iif'j^luFt of Kiick cvtiTvru by rhrtuinn 
oammiinitim iii likely to |irw(iK», *hen tli* 
rrAviiigA of cintunf cc«i]M>l (bcKi to ratiira to 
their fiinnn' ruuiiinirilnn. 

L'jui^ ttw vvbol« f wiLH iiiueh pleoi*^ vith 
thp M«itda«»t4r >4Ation, v^iJcdi lui^bt b«™ 
iMfiilly vmpkiyixl 0i«A few wci^ke kn^cv:^ 

Ooi-i^lo And faithful mWioiLiLriM mbraaJ, 
uioti w tbo Kcv. U. P. Bt-bwJM-U. of HiKaUu. 
AEul tlio Itcv. F. JitllV, uf N itntiuhr>rK« piti*3 
>iaila to Jtwialh fitinilivA ill corapfLoy wiUi 
Proffwor Dnvideon, which fulty oorroboi^tfMl 
tbervjKJiit-whk'Ii tbe.vtmd forwiuJcdniototU/ 
to tb^ Sei'tvlAry in I^nfk>n. 


*■ Ity for the bLr;gtjr portion of the Jcwbiih 
couiotiiuity *re to I* dartwJ witb tb<? re- 
Uw%mA imi1.y. Hxt'epliij^ Iba nibbinJnAl tJr' 
tiiodoY^ Tutbih Ixfluriun fbv* Ttivn^ r^J««rrnt^ 
of tradition, am wtll jW hu wIk> r*Jj<*t* nil t^ 
t-fibLtimi — bliv iiiliilrl, tt^ wvll a^ tb» d?iht oiT 
jLtb^iKi-. Ami y«t, xLiiiDj^i* Ui tMby, btrj^n ah 
ibiH Urily i* 111 lli-HJmi, ib4y hAVAna iiyQii' 
t;opH* of tlirirowTi, btit aMmib1oinfti|ificioiiH 
\\i\\^\ Milu^Li; jinil trlio^igh tiraybfevo b»U»d 

fin- j'nutw ]«»f. nf UnililJnjj nil!', ihnm «wifi* to 
Ih* ri4' hi^arl tittr iiil^rvof critou^h to Aocom- 
plinh tbi* cfii1>ju< witb thfijr MionoDUP WAlth 
Wfttjt of uiijiLey <Bf[ biij^lly lis tbr oLvtAclfi in 
the wny. 

Tbc tfwticnoiiy bomn by our bn^thDi' in 
tbirt dtj to the Truth oa tl b« m Jcova i ttm 
jirrMi»doJ i» n sAtm^y und uontinuoun one. u 
aUo IU ho u hitEi<«]f, by life nriJ rcnt'finin' 
tiot). AD ^nintle rt4id ikiid known of tho i&al 
titiidf. Tnofi'LiitBoE bibhibuumarolimtkiiowtj 
to lifiti who HT^rt'heH jiiul tliN[K»«« tbe hiuii^ 
nf Ui-^Ti ; hilt nLUI, for tbi* HiJ<<iiimi;^*ein<>ii< of 
ilKiill.thoii-iiiNi (*i[ii«M»DJtHtJikqlile I'fAult* not 
bu \f iindv^rvnliKHl wbjrli 1 itiay Iht ficiiiiittt-'d 
1*1 TdTinl, IWiiltM tbi* bfijiMMii of tho «*vpn 
iiulnTduftls, pOKUltiiiji ivMJi Mr- SSebwnrtzV 
laiiiiwlrVH rocorde-l iu tbo //<jtti7 of 1857a the 
followuiic h^ve tnkcii phioe *iDW ;— ^ 

1>60.^ 'Hbt ciwEi broLhcir, bAplirsd &t 

It^GIn—M-r. J, 1'., \ woitlTby m^rrhivrit, 
Lu^ii'iiotiH] try Mr. Sobwurt/v taid bu^jti^eil Ly 
tin* Kt'V, Ml- Hju-idiftTi 

J^O, Mi4* K S., MihJ4 R. S., and Mnt. 
II,. lM|]ti^ril by the Rev, t>i-. C>U!et 

iWI4,— Dr. a , J. 0., and a V., b.ipti^ 

Ht MttMU, 

A» iif »p«cuL UitoTott, [ odd tho baptiuD, 

The Sncid^'9 Fir&L TW Mitewnari^. 


fh If^l, fjf PioftMor S — V chilli, trho 

liimmlf fcm! liwly. hoth in^triu-lod by Mr, 
Schwartj^ hail hotn bikpti7,ixl nt Hiu-tford, in 
AicionoA, in lfi&5. I'rofiT^DrB— -,u notivo 
<rf Bn*Miuj, h- rv^nljLrly iu^LittltMl jin>fu9nir in 
Iht col lum? nf HjirtfurJ. inKnirri'»i|iifnlnnw 
with Mr Hdiwiftdt vvicuM trud ^n.'ty tuid 

flXtnc^tlLCVfl of M)1.ll." 

Ills TCtTJUUNT Ttt «H. Jirre,or 311KIUI51UUL 

Mtn haviilHoii HTiM icivwtly OtTi>!bu<tI 

jAfTii^rv Ifihour^^ Em 

wtr-ii t\M* ii^itlu iif Ml 

Mr. -Iidfc, in rofomiiR to it vii^b hr hitil 
fi^iEii A yuu»]^ nuLij, wti<i, tliruiijfh hiJi iiiMprii- 
mmtJLlity, Uud i^mbniui^I thr Truth, witi(a : - 

" 1 OBtiiiol Kiifliuiontty praiNu iind ndorc Ihu 
Divine eoodiiaai Bttd lo^^ in liavin^ prtucrvvd 
liilii 111 tutf luulifluC lom&iiy H!iiiiv?miiil lthi\& of 
fxi'Lh Ami jMUf^mv.hiHl h*viTi|; k^jii liiiii rirm 
M\d rit-nitfiL"! Ill hM mlhorf^nov tn thiuu* 
7>iviuw jnijidiihw whicJi hnvt* n* enriched 
ftnil I'lnvitttHi lii^ notih ' Vou i^iLiiat ixtn- 
v^va* ha withi doop nniotion U^lcL tno, ' lh(» 
iiKlionitioa <uid i-a^iiimchiK 1 havn duily to 
h«nr ; ttiifl were it lu^t for thv conftoUtiunA of 
tlir i?viTrljiKTiiii£ (iiwpid Jkiiil ilit! IHvlrirt xiip- 
T>ori 1 dariV0 from it, 1 niuRt 4<re now Liilv« 
fointoii; " 

SulcH«|ii<'iitly Mr JjilT*'- r<Ulnl tlint lit h 
TBilwiiy *tjitbri ]in hic* fliic yoiinR man, 
wiioi'D In? j"yfully informttj hira thnl ho ^^-a* 
^iiig to Amencn, 

'^ Utir friend n1w> tulJ mv tbil^ n^ Iua timn 
Wiu Mmlt4^, 1 Imil h<^lUr hr ii diiy for ^lu 
bdLptMni, na ho wiithed to huT« thht «a«rpd 
nb« nilcaiiii?t«»reJ b«fm« \m left; Atid nft«r 
MJiritf* i^i]ivni>iilJijii h«i ^\vd th« <lAy Jitkd thv 
plikcn whi}!^! tJm ordlnaiL<« wn^ t^ |»e 04di>- 
hmUd, Wo ifTily iuvitt^l a f<'W (JiiriptuiTi 
fH^n Ja to bn (<iaiotii„ Acitmlirii^ly, on Iht^ 
iby ji|ipuiiil4'd« wii piitL iir thn nlnvi^-rijim^'d 
town, jiiLd hI'Ui- ipvtkdiiijf a givnl piU<C of tba 
iluy togotbtr ni rrudirij; Hud pmyoT-, wo wi^i^o 
mH in Uii? eveiiii]|»r liy ii iiumijLn cif ('bri*tinii 
FnttiidH, in w^ony jirt*M*ui(f' utii' d<-iir bmlhnr 
ijimlu A r^f^i' HTiJ bold i.'oiifi:»*<Eoii of hin hiitb. 
uiid vowixl ctf-TtioJ fiiivliby to hits Lon.! und 
^iLvicjiir, nml buptil. Uirou^li ^i'tu'i*. to be mi- 
nhldi] Uimloi-n hU t^nn/Fiuiinii hyA holy lif^Atid 
convDii^ntion, I \K>a tJiiA, 1 IhaptiRod blni, in 
the nmn^of the I'lilW, thf^^^u.Aud tbo lluiy 
GboAtf iujd ibun contai«iid«pd liim in pmy«r 
t(i tllL* giii'lfluw. blruhiiig, niid pmtcction of h 
failblu] iinU I'jvnu^ .Suviour. It wu^ u bijjhly 
int<A-(-itlin^ lud f our rvf I tabbing ^ruou ; «vctj 

uDv pifwent felt ^ soloiuuity of th? ocya- 
rton. hut tif^LK tfc^« n liaf py and J(dj|{htv<l 
AM oni- htviLt«T- Onr pnrtJn]^ w*a tni>»t 
AftWting; butit WMu pq.i'titL2intiji>»iri>»iid 
<;LMUiu hoji> nf fioothor but a dtill mora 
jfiyinii>< mofftiTif." 

Frofoffor iDiftvidKiu, in btmring ti*4tJinotiy 
to tbo ovo of tbiu youc^ luiui, i^uJ :- 

"Tb« wh<ilo of Liu? rii\iumatftuti»*— I low be 
mniQ tit Mr, Jjiir<i ; bi>w lie wilh rei'^'Uvil hy 
him: the kiniihewM randf'ifd him nivl thv 
UortfHsl proftchwl l<» }kiiu, — n\\ tbiw fi>riiii» un 
flrtK/rtA/r »f II lu'jst J^itrikiiiii jin»vid«"ul-"ftl Itjul- 
inj; «f tlift l-*ivrtr of imnini"T-nl >jmls, Thu 
wh[il(i ntltiir hji> hail ft vavy ioicWtin inMiicni^o 
iLpun my u^ii numl, lui an nd^Iitional |<ioot', 
lo nihiiy ornh^rvs, of tln^ ivWulmw^ any, of tb«i 
imjHii'utin' TLivmiJty ot oHtAldiKbinj; MMoriik 
for tho A ovrt.t^mrialty and rtfWTnf^y. Thiv 
younjf loan, o( bifhty rMp^ctjiblf Jetrihh 
pfinrfibi, hiuv thHU HUiit hfrrv bv tlit»ui Mh hii 
iirtivtiul HtrK^flnl^ r«<r'omm(in<1«ti1 tAimlnfln- 
raiUuL famdy. Tbcy n^twivt* him wall^^oii^b 
but he f«e]H— the hmrt livitij-, witboui doiibt, 
flinty fr<»fJvMl liy thv Ijinl -lluit no tn^p't, 
kind li«*iimiiTit mnt\ nrnvmrmxinn miauiMnt, 
in tho rv>tnot(»'t irjannor, Mich oomfoft to 
liitni .'lud f11)h liih hofti't fur the fiii«t ti(ui> with 
wu'b J4 nnwl jww5 pcrfii'l. Iwijm*, jl^ U«hr of 
th(< iiiihUtrktiH^v, wbo*i« cJtJhik^ ii lit, who 
Hl«u]dN '*iv MiM wftt<-hDmn «t iip by tho 
l/inl," to iihA th'i likr oppurtmutw-> 4]KwiAl]y 
for t ha raving T^rAiiliti*^. H Wl- w<t up th« 
wjxtflimott in tho iiniutf of thi< IvjL-d, ("id if 
thnto wcTO to do ncitbing mon tbrm to knik 
nlioiit c&rvfnily, T,b<* l^onl will mud t^b^[ii 
■uch nil flw ic bf» iwTdwl to th* <'hiiri*h- Tb*» 
youth drnrik t^ai with m» on« (iPMun^r: 1 
coulJ not bub liiluiuv hiA Anxiety And uml for 
th*t F/ird ; indeeil, lin ftlr^ftdy niw^ evciy 
^opportunity En hia Hiiw to pmich Chr Triilb 
to Juw »ifid<>^»til<i. Jn convoiwitioD I uuidu 
hiiu AWj&iv of tb" roitiwi| nL'iitt<?i liis ffiitb in 
4;hHht Hi« liknly to knin^ npmi him. aihI* 
jimonj^othoiv, Ihowithdi-nwiil rn>ii> biiTi of hix 
pikcvnti*' miLintonnnci> And KLtpjkorl. ' TIk'm.' 
'iiv tbingA,* ole^rvtri) he, Htmt f almULin fnitn 
thinking nUmt. Wht-n my f nthi-r mul my 
mothwr forvAki- nif*, ttn'ti tlm I-ohI will tAfcf* 
mo up.' Il^nr wi> lutvo iit o:ico An Lmftanoe 
uf the rr^v^nVy of inih^irjimrim lo thcJow^. 
And biiw Hiflprfnily w* muy loot forwiutl for 
iiiic«en Amonff th<tm : for '* if tho firht fruit 
hv holy th« Wbolo lump i> holy/ 

la thirt wny TuifiTiior l)aviiL»oii mo^t 
■tttiEfArUtrily fulfiUod thi< iiiipoiiiiiit com- 
miiwion (rntrribtsil to him, in diiM-nn^ And 
ouuDMtlEin^ tbr M.itttoibU'ito, iu uo opt^ratinx 


JftfmoW^v of Giwpil Trium^a <imonrf tJie Jnim- 

with thtuj, nnit tn contli-ninp tlicir Slontlily nlrwicly iMt U> rtMnl and imntlate the tort 
ll^poiV. chopU^rof IhoiiowjMlI jwoorling to St. Johu-" 

PTtOI'IWBOH U^lVlCmOOJ AH vhwovabt IX 


N«ir UiB Ue^nning of JS66, wfccm Ibo 
politioal chanjEC" *^n the C^otLtincnt opcTiod 
llio way fi3r niintkiriniy work In Austria. 
PlD^ttior D^i\"i*!!SOTi ncccptiM] tin* mil of rJn> 
L'fimflittUQ to occufFj the important tieJi of 

TypicaJ Faesftgoa fVom Hia Jourtiial. 

'* The Qxpcricnco of the few wocka {jvLjoitI 
El month) that I Imvo Hpnui itt thirc city CAii 
hardly Mm« ■l'^ n (Criterion hy which to 
Vontj tht> hopoftil pTOe^r<K7ts licdd out oa u 
former occmiou rr^iwrding thi^ novel vtftUoD, 
ul^il if T au: tit n^ un^lIiiiLg uhuul it, it CAQ 
hKnlly b« mor» uiJ oih«rWLH« thui in gHL«rfLl 

" I Jkav9 HULtkmcJ niyeelf m tlie ceDti'^ of 
the Ji>wiHh rjtiiirtHr, Ituit Mng nnvromwhd 
With J»WM, ard Jiv« in a Jftwi^U fiunily, I 
okrefQlly watch <*ory oppoit'Unity to form 
uid uU-jiJ my uiajtmiiiluucu jluioii^ Ihtfui. 
Tli^ ooiiv^rtrttiorM Hi'O mfir* of n (Tfinmiil 
c)h>Lrft<'tor, though n>]i^io[in otich iir« nlxn not 
entii'ely wuiitin^, arul in hut few iiiHtj^iKTi 
hnit I'he iirivlle^e heen afTonW hih to ^p^jik 
of the peraoTi of oni' blessed Snviour imd Hii 
liootrinen. The fnniilj 1 Uvo writh 1 found 
nt fl]>t Mlmc«t devcaJ of eveiyJewUb ro- 
ligioiiR irhniTirlei'ijitic : tAwy Iw, ■* Ujc -TrwB 
&ri^ wont t'l term it> *quit«i Jik« ChriHtiunif/ 
^■jf,d.^ * without God ill the norli.' Wi' 
mtet uuw vor>' often lu th« eveuiiig, <.'ouvct-*^o 
<^htoflJ about ivLiKi(>», mid Uf^i'u><ii.iniiUy i-wid 
ih obn|it«r «i1h«r miui the OM or Nuw Tt^U- 
mtnt. TI»oy Lhvi^ boon iiitJiicod bo i^iirchA^j 
li GuruL^iii Ltiblei, uhk^L ih jumlv the litflL tmir 
of hy rhi* mothBr of thft family, wlio, wlT.h 
h^r aoni ^PEQA ThO hfivo become moie inti^- 
re«t«d in the <|LieatiDii of reli^lou, while the 
fathei' aud dan^liter Mr>eDi to be inittenelruhle ; 
the fciniier bon*thip <ii thi' gnodne?^ of hu: 
howt, ami the lutter having noi«i]ao for any- 
thing elsa ihinx worldlincN?, in which ^he Im^ 
bnen broii^'ht np. Howcvor, tho l<«rds 
i;nu!<« i^ EuEBcit»nt for nil thit; let iielherp- 
foro wnit upon Him, T have ikdtoittL'd t^vo 
young men to E[igli--vU iHtooiiFt, ^hich. uf 
oovirw» [ du with the vipwof inlnidiiring the 
rOftdiDg uf the ^k^npturaOi U&o vt Ibom uj 


Tim riu^ncMN or tub wou. 
^Siitco tho d^tiolnsdon of tlie AiistrO- 

TULllfln pnivcp, tln" Uxrmleiiiug Btuurgt of 
mnirtinl law hu boon vtth^mwiir tivA noct 
thini^ AiA allowoJ to b« upoken of pnttv 
plainly but the Truth m* it is in J««iJis I 
Am thankful. Iiowev^r, lO tn» nlihi to Matv 
ihiiij within th<> Liurt month, I felt WiChui 
iiiy^lf iindtr mui^h Inw mttnuot. UiL, on 
th«i couii-ur^, ihv Ijji\) hjLs bv IIik ]£1«M^ 
miTch eneoiiiHif^ii nitd nmbotd^nml nut to 
dpeuk. btit without worvCf And fretgaooily to 
bear itvliiuijny U> tho flrunui of Jcmui of 
Na^irath to Llii* Mt^^iahithrp, tlw rsdcinpttOD 
wTOiiglil out by Him upon thu c-rav. uid by 
Hif) exAltntioii to thcr riffht lukud of God, «» 
lUi< iuteiv^Mboi of Elisi people who coiq« unto 
<;od hy Him, Tlir <ippurtuiiiLin for honUd^ 
injf th«e KToat 'X'rulhK vi^rv not f«w dnHng 
the JeHi*h foBL-itA, maomi* of the pabhe w«lk* 
which mirraimd tbe dly uf VieuuB. It vaw^ 
uiund itrAnge wht^n 1 nnwrt thul ibe ^re«t«ir 
part of my tiiii^ wm inki^xi up, with much 
t'xortion on niy po-rt, in ivint^ndrnx for, ujd 
T.iyJnf? tiy ralablipJi llip vi-ratritii crf, tin* Ohl 
T«itaniput St-riptniv^, with intiut. cf Thi> if»v« 
[ thuf^ <-iiinv into (ijntnrt with. Biit bo it 
whj^ iLui it pj-ovt" the luoir- the awful deflen- 
lion of multllmlhs uf Lhi* niittLjik from tbcir 
original faith* when oii^ U foiind to tn*ii4 
upon ttio primavy «li>mont.-> mf Momjo fuiUi 
iw«i] rt|Eiiiii>t thoMT who, by their own OOD- 
f^MUiion, ouiwnHly pJii'Lidpjitis in uiaiiy of lU» 
riioi, keeping thu ftwtivuK wti^biiuh'^d hy tho 
]^iw,aiid»peciiilly thusr- oF thi? New Vi^i'Mid 
thii Pny of Atoufuieul, iu orW thiu lo lay 
the roiindiitii>u for pruadiinif Christ- I hta 
to aidue?< vftrjoii*- hif't^, na Iha fulfilment of 
pioph<*cy» to sdouce tli*^ irifidolc, exhort thu" 
i'1di*r, and lebiilv^f the youn^. Without *kJob 
prot^nlnic I fnlt T t'rmld hiirdly pmu'h IThriflA 
to theru ; it wc^iiJd he Uko building a hou«e 
witliu^tt^ foiuidnlion. But [ do not wish you 
In ^n[itHj»(i ihjLt 1 »1o|jpet| fi\iwri hvtVy for 1 
4ivihr tned to cniiy the point ia itH inhu«, 
vin., »l&iuti Uhrlsfc and llim lthciiIkhI, Ther« 
wtn-0 thope /ilso who, I nni h-ippy to sUto. 
heiini nii^gladly, and even uwuitedrnv Ai-rivnl 
at the phiuet of rendeRvoHM, In thb* wa^ 
my connccii^n b[V Ijtji^u niiicih <^j£toDd< 
witkin the lik^iL few ^^cvk0K A A the itt^ult 
my brimhlH *iAdenvniu>, h) fiu as liui 
judgmvut aui venture ^^i-ooi two in^juii 



McJhorilt q/ OtMprl Trinrnphr- nwoytfl ih< Jfv^. 

lu Jill H|ipriii'Aii<^< niLirh rtili.'il'Hti-il in iW 
i|it<-hlit>n III ift4m>H lmvi> j->ivujenU4 T.linmxeK'iH, 
to im\ Utic ih M iirtMilc* U«ibHioi\ ituA (hr> 
Otlifi' fl MiLiliMil (if Uw ntttic>Uiiivrmity,lH>Ui 
pmtty w^n vi>tivh1 in Uio <iri^mal of thii OIJ 
T«BtninaTtt Hctipttn^H, but who hitV4.- iiovov 
bcfoTQ pciniAcil the N«w ToAbamiiiLt, with 
cojfi» cf vhich I itow mifiplicil Uif^m. Ouri' 
Nii^'riiig thfr fittcTiticm of thi^ 1titli<r. hJH 
punctitnlicy iri Dttprii[ikii<H\ niiJ hiK ichnift^at 
jH'Cdiinr hjtciml iti th(* inquiry, he i» 
irtn-l.-uiiK tliv tuoco hopufiil (li iLii? twix 

tho Spii'Jt t»f tJoJ to «^in| hrniic to (ht^rn IIl#< 
*iviiii; Tr^tli ill it \^ m Ohrint ')<*«ii»* <iiir 
l^riil. 1 iiiH^ ht-nt jfiVNiiiiiii tlinl itiuHi, jl, 
Appttnrs m^y bo i5nii« Imi'p fticon^ thn.lpwi*ili 
frtudont* lit tho L. nivfrntj^T ftiid to ihcM> my 
nonoua nttontfon U now jioi'iilimly difcptCiT, 

Von njll nnt. fluJ if. iiniiiliit'^tJii^ wlirii I 
montfcjn ]il>ii< ino iTni^ottiuit ndiiiii4ioii« n 
ftiLl vduontoii Jow lin/^ niEiHc to mt. 1 Wl 
j>rcMie<l hotnc ixjH/n him iho <:|iitwtion ah by 
whu.1. iii'^iriK iiloliPiliy huht U'(<ii 4-i|icll('if, 
W|nV'i[illy from th<» faui' »»1 K«rf>jM"'f M iu 
r*ply WHM Biii]|Oy, liy muiu* <»!' ('hriHtinnitv. 
Th* likf i nnwer I mn'M rriiivr<l fimn tln' 
MniVTiii nf MIIaii. rnJy tlint tin* lntU*f wi-mJ. 
n goiiil 4WI ffii'tJii'i' ; litf ivigj|i-i)(i(| 4'hiibtiaiiity 
JL* tlii^ 4>fl'-|fHii;; of .FiH^uisui, lluit \\v\ it liy 
mdAEifi irT t 'firUliHiih V. Tlkr imlit MmiiI 
hlhl'lixl :i) n1»fi\-o o<[n1l<t<I pronlly fhr Tnoml 
hiw '*f MoftiiH, and i-Hprnally tJ<o ton com- 
nn&dmcnt^^ f^ that thrsn ru>^ !«till tlii^ 
i<tntidnnl nf iMonJs .-^itiom;/ mnny nmitih' 
iifitii»i«- V\vm thi>i my <jtkc'F>rioQ uu-i. hy 
wh»t tncnwrt VI tv^ tho iraiihiLiofi itF tht"<o 
px;JC>?J CnmmnEi<|mi.-nt* bn^ught filti'iit Uwn 
The Ji'w* U* I. Ill' (i*-iit]le^, if *<► W I. hut. lln* 
ivx'fhitioii of Uo^l HMK (N)Tifiiioil t" iho 
fomnev V 1 1 if* roply H^'^in wiiji, Ihy futHnn 
of riin^iliiinity. \ ii(.'<*(l hunJJy nn-iMiun Uiut 
thiwo iftplfi>j( (-r<iit<Ut«ntly )iri>Kii[i|Hun C'IiHa- 
tiKnity to tw of Divine origiit; otboru'iMa, 
how ij4 it tliiit V.tA A\av\A haw tUdilt* iiho iif 
n faU-houfl Ui biin^ »l>oiil that ^xxl. iiL>lonvI 
r)f iTi<iikg Iho truth, JiiJnisni : i*r cihiild 11 lict 
h\\\\^ ubitiit thjkt which thv 'iVrith di4 Ti'3t or 
("tiiilJ not dof '" 


*'My noqudiiitfinco witli tho fnimrwity 
Ktudont* continue.-* to* but chioHy 
With th4> JeuiVh «tinh.'Til« nt hiw. Them is uni' 
{"Aul ju tbv iTiiHu i>f tho Iiktt4?r whidi tbi iik 
cnrioufl ^pi it If hki'ly to Un-n out* ur\dor 

UiHrn IjTuqill^t ror tllt> t'liL'ttltfL^IKU* of LUtT 

OchjihI, Tbi*y nn* 4vjii)|iiilt«il Ur iimke Llwin- 

<i)tnphtrii of th^ irtcH^Eni^ni'tvi <^ hiiviiif- b> 
Atcvly a mih^-t )iix>f<'»*«h]|v bauwl u|wn (Ha 
N^^n' TMtJLliinnt,tnivhirh thfry fin^ «tr4&go ni * < 
nnd jot thoy oniipot bn ijditiitttd to an . 
examination wilhcnjt fulliliirx tho rcsquiro- I 
tnrnt, I bnTr rtcoinmcrjdcij, iti cv<iry cnM ' 
thiit htiH ^omr iincliir my fiotirA. thc> «tady of . 
iho »w T<«lJUlK<iit, «iip['K~in>C tho co|>MV of I 
thiBe l«ripti»rcH loywlf, O&o ol thoae ■ 
Btuih?nl^ in i^dLiicly uti^vr my iiulriiriianA. 
T wi-M bAnlly vxpatlnt« oti tb(> rin[iortatio« 
rjf ihiA fitvt, nud tho gcid nvtiillA t« wldoJi it 
[iirty h'jiil, if thi' (TuiOd of i.\rA ntep* in to 
iM-uhr irliMb^btdl' tliH 'IViith tOfJiitip iiil» Ibip 
b*nit^ of thn i-Minr*/* 

Eiiiiy ho Mlhiw«i1 III m^ntiori hcvo a 

ni:irkjih|i> tiirt hLtoW fsmn* imdor my DotioOt 
ill vp-hidi n vtholo JowL«]i foinily hns qaito 
[imviih-Ektirilly Uvn tiirfiiffhl Ui tho r«twling 
of tho Ndiil' TfMfimnnt. Tht^ Hr<'iini^t4Di<«H 

mT- iLf folkw ; 

^' My two yoiinfr''it >iit%% huppvitoil to fovn 
d.i] jii:i]TLn.iiiljLiic*i- with n if^wivh hoy tfif #>i-f- 
dvoUy rxTspcotJibio pttivnt*. L'aFling oiut «l«y 
at my hniiM', ho (koUcod n <<»)>/ uf lk4< Npw 
Tcvtiiini^nt upon thn liiblo. Aftr^r hK^rri;; 
|it*rttM«*1 n fow liricv cf it^ hn oxprrAtfil hhi 
winh to inid it. 'J.'hu elder of my ItrjyH 
obN<?rvtci thnt ho flhe Jc^viE*^l tail) ircnihl iiitt 
liko iu loikd tbi< (.'hiintiiui Ni'W '[V^tAoit'ni, 
Tho lirtlo Mf^biTu', lir-w<-vi'r. *<tii>T)|'ly iirflinj; 
his «J<i^iii*, JKin-^iWr'd \hv l-Owk ond took it 
home witli hiui. A nbiut ttnu' Jiflcr, hi* 
fnthi'V rjilU*il uL in^ liniiMt dtiiin;: uiv nlKcncr, 
with »ho biMtk in hi« hiiiid, nnd rt*k^l Mn^ 
iMtnJscin wbothcr ^\\v \.'s\a ftwocc thnt bor 
ttoy* !*'ut thirt Ijook to lua ftorin Mv^ 1), 
tqkbiil in the iir^'iitivt'- " Tn t)ii». i*fl«o," djiiii 
lbt> uiAn, *' wrtl yon Miidly ckUxw my Hm to 
h(H*p it?" Am Ml'*. U. moKt ^kdly oomph'oil 
^itli hirf iv>|U<^dt, lio vtn' politi^lv thniikoit' 
ber line] Ml> (tLhiri^ tbo IxHik uitK hint. My 
ohildwu hAvo fljuoo rujc^rlMiiicd tb)»tnoion]j 
the l>oy hut nlfio bji* i[ioth«r n[id his Huler 
ooc^-iiaioniUly read It. Jtiit whnt as ^till uirni* 
intBT'f>j(.trkg i^ ibnt thr fjitltnr ulan ha^ Itfon 
in?t i«]uUng tbe prct'ioiiii vithnoi^ itjilL^ walked 
along tht* sti'ei^t, God;r''"^f*t tluit Iho '•amo 
liivino Providfiifre who tiiir* nmi-vidkmhlv 
tntrodiKM'tl th« WonI nf l^ifi^ \v\\a ih» l^iAi^n 
of thiit family muy n[w mma tho light ■)( 
Ifin Truth to ■hiiii* into thdr brnrtdi. 
" Vienna, 3tb Udobur, If*70/' 



n^ AK^dj/s J'^t'Bt SfVro i/iGstoMArirs. 


Of niK M^l'IKIl'x MMHK \r 1,b\TiiK. 

Thct BritUli HticiRtv'n Ilojim fitr lionmlt^ 

niij MabM^f|-iont ovonU piovixl xhix. lUv 

PftvMioti iiiiiri Vionnuin ordor to UTidiTtato 
itK FDJi-iiiVip'riiont, III thn Home IrotwcCU 
tliirtijTAfvilfoit^ vodcig JcfW^iYvt^ivi^Lfpiritua) 

inHtnil^tloEl, Aiu] JL f^LKlrl lUMTIJT 4^f tllttni ^T'> 

itfttinfrtctoi-y i»vidf»jL4.-o i»r truu oi>nvtrwon, 
Tho*^n, lip to llic vpry do** of hin wrtlily 
life, Mr. rXutd»oii liiii|f«y1 ku*1 l;klH>iiK<*L for 
ihti HfiWul.ion of ii11 tltn mmnlfui. Whr'ii ho 
WW nfivr III* oud thcro woro, strtndiajf nmml 
Ilia bed youn^, tmoc^nri^rtc^ Jowk, wlin hefki\l 
liid dyiiq: woinjn, nud KiMo Itxl bj^ tlit^uj to 
thi* fwi. iif <Thrif*t, So, nflf^r fort^ y*ftr* 
fit Ht'lf -ttV^ritiomi^. *iiai»CMfiil toJl for tlii^ 
rvm%vrHioikof kaiU, vadv on Simdny morning, 
Oi'liibt^- 8lL, t^Tl, this nuMii NPivunf. of "Uir 
|jor*l — thrt liiitiHli S.irii>ty'*i HrnL ALt^tkionary 
— wan rjtllt><l ii[» 1* vewivr ihu vit-tof* arowii 
of iclovyi 1i(hiioiir> niid iriinKirtiOilj'. 

Oil OUilrt'r 1 1 III, ill WtfrT- Hhiii (Vmori-rv, 
tbo Itov, n. A- Hc'IX-Ili^II c^mmiiti*'! Jiia Uniy 
I to the ihtrjt in tho hhi^Iii Aikil liEoKiiidneMiimnco 

of n^Uirii^iifl iVMiLT<7djui]. 

"Wl|r» Wwukl |»U6 wMl (Jjlitf liktf die*- 

Tti 'ink iiitit fl^t iiiit iv<|h4ij 

Tli-'ii wtikr tit ]ifiii*i't tiik]it<ii]«ii ' " 


M U. 


At A Uih-oUdj; mF tho L'omTDEttiw )]4>M Oil 
ttici Tt.h of An^nnt, [813, on the n.'ttJtfi- 
lui'ihldtii^u i^r Lliu Krfi'. Or. lU<iulHi>mi, o:ir 
Miin, SrrTv^tury, and Xhf \U'V. J<ih" iract, 
of ItrtHt'^l, it V'lM Fi'mmUM llmt Mr. t^ruo^ 
Nnphlnli bri ciitrit^Hi itii j>L'o1j.'tti(FH for UirCi^ 
mciiitlk'h ELM a Mthfiiiiiuvi^ b> Llur* fT<iw>>« iiti{f4>r 
tho uirwiiTitfiiirfpiiCP of Mr, Jnrfc. Mr, 
Nnphtnli lrt>f;nit \\\a mtwionnry <'rti'nt*i* in 
Bl"j^tol, nnd Liftffr Inlxxidii;; thrio f*H' a *hoi't 
liiiiu !ic wiifl mnrivi'^l (/i Mciiicln'nt-ftr, wbm^' 
hi« frmnd ri HEtilitblv xphciv itivl liu life* wcjrk- 

Tlie fi)II<»i\i[ig Ijutf *iimmarj- ot tho*p 
Irdirmr^ iiui] >vnoci^«Hr*j< vrxW hv rt}\\n\ with 
ihtcffCAt : -" In th'' i^d provi<lcnrt' of U*«d 
1 hibW bn.'Q piTHtitLiMi to l^^boiir nfurly lirv 

y«arh hi th^H oomor o* the f/wrr* viiioynni 
life a ifi>4i-ili MivJoiiEiry. A* T nri>i r1ii> fti-Ht 
MiAmivirv tA ihi* Ji'vr^ in tins phm, E \\aA 
mjf, onh to pliiiit, AnJ tj> VJit>>r, thnl Iha 
l#>i'd iMi^Ut hTivr tlici iurii'Ji«L\ Uit jlI>o to IJtl 
Ihf jjimmil. And my livWir* liuvp i»ot Im'ii 
'in vnin in i\v3 Ijir^l ' J h^wo hud »«!«« to 
a (pTftt num^Mii- of ibc' r«idDiit Jowk, mid 
tliiiuwitlk Ihrr privila^v of prvjiuhiiij; tlio UH- 
**riivhjil>l(t lii-htvt iii" UliriKt l/> thi- pohn of 
Abrthiitn, and \.\n\'e dHftibiitoduiiioii|; th«m 
niimtirFiifl IrMt*, Hiid aevpr*l copiti- tyt Iho 
Htriptui'LV. ill iLrbiWK (m^iiiijiii. mid Eii^lliii* 
nil uvliif'b h^>- W)i Mf-fj>iHl«id vrllli tmppy 
iMAiilU, mid ciUlfl for ii'iid ainE \t*%\a pmiM* 
niid blfwLn^ li> tliu Loid^ nnd ft|itib.|ic)i 

fitr*rtng mJuf^fiiritU lo iici-w-vci^, Tn my 
li^tiTi'iuirM? witli Mm mimprmw strnn^niii 
who nre cotiKtn fitly lUitriitE Ihixgtwit murt 
o( «njitncrc4>, I hnvj* inrt with »croml who 
ynvt! ^'I'utifrin;' pviiltnrr of n» lcn>l n irnvtml 
uu'pkk(-iiiag iif ibcii- inind><. nml nlUioiigh 
tbeii" wiiinlei'iii^ foot Lak wirrii.-'il tlit'Tri n\*iiy 
tr» "onT' <>tti(^r pinci.. nnd biwi^bt th^^m imder 
till.' iufliHiiiiiT^ of iithpr <.'lirintmii ri^'ci».-h.% 
whni'ji tlu-y havi^ llmdly nnd r>jii*ii|y i>Tiibni<<i-il 
tho Truth nn U ix in JLHiirf, yi*l Mit< ntin of 
th^r Scicii^ty in jiw>iiiiplTJ<htd, Hinl idi tli« glory 
\* the IfOnln- X<fr hfiH th4< Ijml N-ft nts 
vritliout living witn<^fg4(id. Onr liiind-^ hiivi» 
loon ■rronf;t|iiMin<l| and oiirhihirbi ohi-mirAir«*<l, 
with no Inet tlmn fr\^ linmoi-tAl m>ii|h, «]^« 


MeiMTM I*/ fiffep^i Triitn^kg amcng M^ JevB^ 

htkve ccmo fomjuxl undvr cnn noUc* ; ftntl to 
tliP ^mit jrijr of OTir liurl^ huve COnfsHsd 
Uic njimoof tho onra d^|»i^ NanrM)* ma 
tbdr Mc-vuik ami Hf^^Tinur. On«of thOM> 
not oul^ lived liT foit'li m llic* Stfji c^ Qo^ 
tint h]L4 rfi>>J hftppHy \\\ Lhik 4amo fnilh, uid 
hifi Hpirrt Jkuri MMndftd Ui rout lit tlia bowim 
of lfvH«JV lt«f)Mai«i'> It hvi boon my 
liMppinoM Fo meet mnnv JnUinvtiug iuquirem 
ia M«ncTMi«tar. rinn af thnw hEL<,ditniiKthe 
put yew-, Utcn hoptirod and n<civei1 mto 
Ibr follomtiiji of Uit f.^burch luncrabling in 

The Stoiy of the Life ftnd Death of 

Sh, o&o of tho nmt Cumpuxiy uf 


ma KAULv jb^itii TVixnei'Ko. 

Mr. 8. W1W bf>[ii in M*okUnbiirH SCr»]lu, 
c*f orthodox JowimIi pnroiilftH Hift oiHy 
JNAtrui-luiv hv'wevoT. wbiUt bo incnlcntcd 
niitwnnl moraH^y, iiinrflgnnJnl roli^on ; bit 
•uud to bitut '* Alt ihat yoo bn^'o to utuirvo 
i» h'snp*ty to j<mr fcllovr met ; you Qccd 
mind ncithiikg l)1lu^'* WbiUt yvt )\ru]js. bo 
»ri)i Ukod by bi» fnUi^r tci Rprlin, wberu. fii 
a u^w nviiaf^ffu<^. be beard for tlie fij>t liir^i^ 
the |>rny«nt nnd ncnnoii in bii* riAtirn tou^ ti« ; 
tba nwdt van, tMxt wx bin ratiiru buiUD be 
wnn so luiicb struck trith the bnnlewn«ttiof 
pr&yrrra ruud in a. \e,Xip:\xi*^ which oot odo Sei 
Ivn <iJ Lite jttN:>j)tf» u>itld uiid«ntaijd tliiit ho 
r«fiiM<d luiy 1oti{^r tt* Htti>Tii) tli^ f^yTiAg<>gMe 
wcimbiji, At tb^ ft|;A of llfT^en be vha 
appronliGcd to lui i>rain«&t luorchAiit, of 
iiiAilul D[]iiitunH> wliu Ivd him to reiiil Puine, 
Voltjtirfl, ttrd nthflr liko flii(,h£>rS| ^nd 
ivwardod him foe hiii dili^^rcn in biuinwe by 
hLlixxlucing biin Ut plncft* of worldly ftnuiat^ 
uuiiLt wid di.-u^pfttiuii. Wbjttn could bit 
•zoMtod frf>m xiicli a trniiiutf^ brtt tboi mrjHt 
mwADOhaly rivultA'^ Pnront^ lilllu tbiuk of 
tbo ruin Lik which they involvi.- ibair cbildrvQ 
whrn tbej pUce tht'tu utidvr i\w n\i\Kriix- 
timdt-uoe <^r iriMii wb'i t^Tiir At rvlEgloii, fthd 
it^nnl tht* world u» tbi- cbitTf goi>d. 

A raon-tciATE a^d a rBieoKSft. 
Mp. S, lo*t bi™ roiuitiir middonly, but he 
had b««n tQUgbt tbat mrp w«tv mode eiinply 
to imjoy lifu flK kiiig a^ it |juif.ed, axA tbv 
M^smii wurriiig wnv unbiw1t>l hy blm ; be 
obtciiiic^I EiQolhtir tituntioiii and bt^ciuuo a 
devidod piuUi^nli?; hi? rtiu ull ibe Irn^hn of 
Kin, aihl devciured infcjiiiiy witb greodiiL^HS, 
HU fAth«Tftent foi- him bonif (o Ai4<j)'t bim 
in hilt buantVH, but hii ooLild tiot iiuw b«Bi^ 

tlvo rMiinunt« ol hui patornftl roof; fttid on 
narriiw aaaw property left hiu by a 
dNWUHd r*kliT«, bA wont into partTimbip 
vith ft foUAD, with wbocQ bio u«Dt to 
llatnhuTg to purdiAM goods. But neglectiog 
tb« objrrt for which ibey ynmU ihey 
rcitolvud to i«« more of the ftorld, and frrim 
tbenoo trnnttled througb tbo boatb of 
(lv<rmAny, crvmed the A\^ nud vi«£tod 
SwiUvrUml. Pntrj(«, Belgiatn. HollAhd, anil 
Itlnglanri. ^tfln now took comp1«tt» hold of 
bim. Arid huviiiff tclunwd to Inms h« wiw 
guilty of dv«di« whJdi bf^^x^uld tJOtaflnwiudji 
remlWt without ^hnddcrkjg; hi* projmny 
w»ji vAfiicd, and nt lerjfth ht» wat thrown 
into priAOTt. liU |iurcintii otnt him money to 
prac'urr bbi r*I«n>^, niid to enjtblo hiui to 
return to hi* fnrhtr'* hotm* ; biit though ho 
bod miLde many promijtw previouily to hU 
dchvenuico. ho niu unbmuUcd and un- 
chJiQgnT, He kept uwjiy bomt-, nml 
oofitimio*) to jiitri'ie tlie jintba of i*in ntjd 
deiktli^ How dreadful ta the< fetlf^r of 4in 
whuii <jnce tbe hjuI la encbui^jt^ by it ; it h^» 
not niorvl |icwer to bi^nk it AMmdnr, urd 
nntMno; cah rdli<«4e it Ixit tbn powvr rd (rod. 
To AToid A Aeoood imprieonmoatr b« onUatoil 
tjj A fV«ui;b rv|;juieiit; ti^r^ lEAiiyMiffcring* 
WftTii hiK portion, nnd Mp4vinl1y kfti-r bnini; 
opdfti'ftd to Algii^rf, w)rfTo for two voftT* h« 
oould tJAy witb tbl^ fuitt-iAvch JocDb, "Jo tho 
day Uio ilii>ugbt ccinioimiHl mt, Aod the f 
by nijsht.^ 



FcflitilentiAJ diMMH^ at langth entiered into 
tho mnkA. »iul, in nddition to tbone wbo diid 
on tiio fidld of Nvttte, bundi^Ei «Tery WDolc 
wtrc hurried into cttfTnity. The oubjoct of 
thiti tuinative wua Bcizcd with the prevaiiuig 
Hirkije««t, nml hln ^ulff-nngK weiv extreme; he 
iviiH broo^bt %■<• the {z:alv« of d«iAth, an^ 
tboiiicb tuo hAcil-^neil to think of bin hiha 
AffAJntil Qod, tbt* E-eik'Otiion >viut fXt^^eduigly 
painful MiAt, ha bad bmLigbr* aII hU traubltii 
on htmA^lfrand K>NUit diiJtr<»4 on lun pnrcTil»< ; 
ho feiiU nun Wlint cauht bo b^tA for jtrati' 
tud^T tbftt, nctviLhi<taEidtti^ bin burdnrwh of 
hftirt And tha oAtb» And c*iir»w whirh in 
tbctimoof bin Atltiction be nllowed hiniKelf 
to utter, liiJi life was spared, and spared to 
b«onin lu^nviftor n uionnment of nicttj. 
W'v* kiud pnrenlfc ngiLin inTer|Ki!^1 on hia 
behalf, nnd pun?hiLfied hce di^chArffv*. in 
uciurdauoe with tbeir witleK be deter mi nt*! 
to iT-tiirn biime by wuy of Kii(fhirjd, wbei^ he 
wnA eoiihiiU)' reecqve't by rfltnti?A4 k% 
l^orvrich uiid Loedn. 

T9ir i?act'^t>f'it FiTivt Tukt MiiurUnttn*Mi~ 




Having olHniimil p<iiiui»iaii to rtnuiiii fcr 
A Umi? ill thin L'lMiiiiry, h*- m^'T"! iril4» 

tbtf HAuiD WHUt i»f fnticijili* vrh it'll hnd 
L'haf^rtvri/.eil him fur j^euih. IK' innniiHl At 
MAiichorii'^r II [ii>ifAHi{ng <^'hi-iAt(jLii ; nt Eimt 
ho pni-TrLlt,tL>il lici' to AtLoiiil Clirii^Mn plnnv 
of v'or>1iJt!, but aftoi- a tintf* woultl Hi't 
jiiifToi^ liBF t.i> tlo HO. WImii Lo \iwl ht-vii 
mnrriod twolvo month* it p!i'nBcd (Jod to lay 
him low on tlic ImsI of afllittioHf niid tit> 
putLAlt/ lofft thr U9<* of one eiJo Aud the 

Might iir oQn of hin I'Un. TwO yV9r% pHdwd 

away, Ai^d m ho could not Jabonr, hb 
temporal twotirorM w<n> <biily 'Jimt(ii«hiii^ ; 
be TfTpitirtt at lliut, tuid nhjit with ti]:< m^ulM 
itTiJiii'ty and Ixxlily |ihiTi ht* >«wtiit«il 1.0 Tiavh 
mor« iaid ou him tbnTi hr ^^'!lK a1>I4» Xo bflur> 
and onco «ra« provJdentfaUy rr^L-Licd fnint 
M*lf>dt->nlrui:ti(Jii li;^ tlio uuoKiNKltfil c-ntiiuicc 
of hln vifc. 

B»t till* l/^rd liod furpoAcnof morcjfon- 
miTiIn;: him, nnc) in thi» bri^nrin^ of Uie 
y«fti- two, Mr. Kaphliiltj on* of our JowUh 
HU4iojwin<^, vnui \vt\ Uj visit hitn. Ho ti'iLH.1 
L> hwnkvii him kfnM-itrroF hx^ ovm aiatni- 
nn«^ litil ho did not furl hitn*t*H n *iiint'i\ 
Hf viyiil oil to *ibow hiin lio«- uruiblo the 
Jew* wnrf> to keep thcotd mvonnnt, and how 
HAlvatiirii wjii proriiled fcr thtui iii the uo^ 
OOVDTuirLt, «hi(^i n'BUt ]irritiLiH«d UitiidifrlH of 
ji^ra boforo tbo btrth ol Jliin whr p^^il^d l1 
vith Mia Uood, Mr. B. «jud In r^ily, ihni 
hr did not- }K*li«vein tht»Oid TiwlHuii'rjtj Ihal 
he hiid in'V*r ittiil lh(» Prophftts nr thft Naw 
Toftiunentt u»d tliat vhjit ho hnd hrnr<] of 
J^i^ tmd ivd h[m to think thiit, likr Moou^, 
]m wam a v«i7 w[i4o mfin, thuii^h ho hjul nti 
faith in th<t mirnphv vnid lo tiLV^ bnm 
wrought by mthcr of thom. The 3Uwioiinry 
luft seT^nil linctA ntid rfipiMti>d hi^i vmt^ 
^tvy diiy, 11d K^vn him ii Ilihli-, nnd mul 
with him throikj^ii tha praphodtK, nTid ^howod 
lluit tho idcii of n iMivirii* X^wldi in 
pn>miii«it III them ^Uh »nd thht tivcry 
pftftieuhir fortl'khJ ol" th^ ^1(«*ir<^ uin 
voHtiod in J<wti/< of NiLi^iiwtli, Mr, S. vhk 
mrpriiiod to liTid tii© Now T^j-tAinonl mt v«ry 
dtiAviitil ii\'tx\ whHt ht? hiul r\|iM'lHl, Hiid 
ih%% intft^ntd of aii|]oj%(^dmg th'> Old TpjutA- 
ttuaxt it eonSmiod it, und at hnnth ho va* 
cooviuc^l of tlt{> oni^nc^w of thcvc hooktt, t^ii<i 
the Truth rhiHhfiil ii^Hin ttu mind Uint tlio 

Ikdy Hibltf must b» tho Word of ikid, nnd 
Uiut Mio l^^jphetM mii»t Uavo wiitton 1^ in- 
trjiimtion fi^jui ubov^ 

Jk thi-'M p«t himwilf U> study thr BihU'j 
vith oJim^ht doflirDA for luht Jtnd imitrtiotion. 
And liy the ALiI E>f tho Holy Spirit ho Locntno 
At length fully conviitccd ihtit th« i»nl 
Jmuji t'hmt ii t}v» only Mi^wiwlj And tiiviour, 
and thnt he u^l*, dvi aheI m'jjrrfti iiU thnt 
the McAiiAh iTAd to \k\ ic do find ta E<uf7«r. 
Now ht felt deeply pmitcnt vu ncoouDl of 
bin prut ninfiitEinv. wju* lill<*<l »'il.h womlni"' 
iitg \ov« at the ioti|;-*^it1l>riiig good&i]«H of 
God u m&aifosted iii hin tir«vioQji bUtciy, 
Uid ^^u» viiKblMl tu Uy LoJcJ oi^ tbi.- lja)i« wt 
b«for«i him ill th^ GoHp^l^ Kttvf^rJil ^'hriftijut 
friondn vint«il him CLtior thiu in ^ompuiy' 
vt lUi th# Miiwoniu7i and w«ro much pl«uttd 
niLb ilte tiatt^ at Tii> mind ; tlio Rlimniutry 
took Arent painA in giving Kim further in- 
:*lruetioti. and from timi* to timo wii* thwik- 
ful to Gnd him ifitowing hi grtict nnd in tlw 
kncrwTed^ d" the lAinl J»u-* Clir-iat^ tii 
ooiuvqtKfnM of iilnent ho now b<>C'j&m^ n» in- 
pntiont in t\it> iiLfirmary. Thoti? he 
eKpftrimced tliHt it wah p>oil for him to l-O 
Allliolt^l, ami wliwn n httli* n«jvejit1 tried io 
mnk^ himtalf ni^ful to luh f^HUow-AiidonrL 
Ari<T h*i l»f«»no cunvineod of tho Truth of 
(JhrLBlihtilt^ he winht^d t'> Iw liaptii:ed lUtd to 
nialct* !i piiMiV profMslon of hm fnhh ; n^ 
At l^iijC^li, hidnj^ j^vcin fidl Mitiafnotion n^t 
t<) thr^ Twility of hie* ooiivrriWoii, t*> the Kct. 
J. (irilllii Auil udjiT ChrUtinit frirmih^ hiii 
trifiE] vuA gi^atilicti, nnd on the Cth of JtiTjt, 
1f^l&,nt Kiinliolmo Huad I'tuLfcl, AlLUichi-ptL^r, 
he was puMirJy hnpti/od by Lhai wtermtd 

Kji^ui t>iT(t (ivriod nntil liix d«Alh h« 
Wftlkod conNiHt^titLy with bin piiifr>4*ion. 
" am) n'lurntxT thi' doctrinv of God ha 


niE LAJtT n;^i-ii axii nKAtti, 

Our rvadt^^ii v[\\ W iinich knlffiLcM<^J in th« 
foUovmg nn\>unt of hii hut iilviow lUid 
dwth, by Mr. Nuphtjdi :— 

" Aa the ronrei^ion of hiii »oul vrft< 
elfcctf^d by tho opninUoii of tbe Holy 
SplHtf working in him n uoTidorful chAnfp>, 
Und fiptrititalijnTig hifl iDtrLinutiotiB nnii nllW- 
tion^ne tontinu^ III thi* estetcUoof ationg 
Olid ^^wiii^ faith. M\n hUnn of Diviui:^ 
Truth were -wpeciAlty Scnplurul : bin un- 
Bhnkvn (^ulidOTLCO in Cbrint a^ hin rill-HiitH- 
df^iit ^itioijr. hif dt'light lo conwmr Jt^roitt 
i)nam mid iHia llTiiiihMl work ol nvlemjition^ 


iflmtirto ^ Gofpd Trium^ am<nuf ih$ /dUfc 

&U woui to hIiov tbttl lib roli^oii v&a b^tb 
Arm and practtcul. 

" H» wjiH vprv much alSict^ m boJy, srid 
divtiwMd tn taloA Uirough mi uDgodI/ wir«, 
roi b« d]4 oot fiUl oub by Ui« vay, near 
oiui-UiHr Ht ihv iliB{i«iimt[ou ibioii^U wUich 
liD Vim mll«ifl 1a prvu ; ^tuk, of hU nillirtian 
Eia wiu oftsn bcjiiil u> wif, ' It ii at»d for 
ine to bo jdnictol^ for bvfoic 1 wiu ctdlictcd 1 
vtrjit jutrmj, bub now I knrp Th>- Woi^ ; * 
AOil Uut but for nfQiirtian li« Tuigkt L»«« 
bettii out off in hiK «in witlicnit oii inU-ra^t hi 
(iod'n e(enw1 covDiiiuit, or the ApiilicAttun of 
Uw blutxl uf J(9«tJa to \iii< HJul,— ^Eiil nith 
pinh f«^l1ngt li«iofi«>ri prnye<i nmi wapt ov«»i' 
ih» dofl of htft wifp- 

"A« oft^ii All tlin Htfttfl of hiU bf«lt1j 
p«r(nitt4i], bn att<itMliiJ tliii M*rTHVA of Llio 
Muirtnary — Imt Hp wm pviilpnbly hnitAmiig 
to ftnothor and bottor world hw aoat *am 
bcoftULD ofttin'ly vncunt : in oc-uHcr^uenirc the 
brethren vUit«3 tiim, uiid vrre mi^riiivHii^'Ly 
du|]^lit4xl wit>j lilx n.wiverviVit>ti. 

" At hiHCi^n nt'|iiiM 1 ooritu]u«4l uy vi«iMt 
oud luy aci^iinintviu^^i^ wilb liiju bHxiiue \\My 
f&iinlbir, lU'^ \tniy*'i> wvnv MrUHhiDg U> 
m«; b* appmnphfti tiko thronti nf grncA with 
d»op hkiiDihly. Lknd oonfauioD c\i wn-Hiipfili 
U«titL|r thr gift tkf til* ir^^ly i^pitil, and 
wrtwtlJUjK wUh God toi«iv«> I1U pnopin und 
IjIami IIU inbarttanco^ HtJi pmyon aUd 
vir<it« ctxtoiid^d to the chuich of Chriiit, o-iid 
thf itpniaJ of IIU Kingdom, lla vsUUed 
ihiit the ljrin.1 nouhl hnvn vf>nt«d nnil 
fitikpl<jy«^t hi[n iin il iu i moiiary to hi* bratliruD ; 
\w alnj i»rny^l %tr\ iuiporlunntiily thnt thv 
Ijui'iI ivutiM ijwii iiml bleb^ myt'etbla LlIjuuiv , 
unrt nA^r fnilAl iji «rknLiu-|>il;^'i> Ittx i^'nod- 
DOHi in mniLif)|f tno to fuiu^ j^ ihi* tekvihh of 
the MblTrntion of lii* Atjul. hi n woi J, bo 
died tfiv death of llir li^liliHruh, T^Mich^g fitr 
Niipport on ihn • liird our l?iKht«,rwn4Wft/ 

■'Ail for myiwlf, I bAVcpuiiM for tbnnbfiib 
ncTw thnt tbc Lord who callo*! mo Uito thU 
carnbi- of U'm \uiryiii\\. Ihl-; so nignnily 
XAoitM!^ niy htlyiiifH, nnd c'urriotl tiiu loi^l of 
uur d«p&rCe<i brothor idIo thr boaom of hi* 


" Four otbem retuafii [n thv faLtb mid 
hop« of the (Joflpel, who, tbrr>iTg}i my in- 
nlrumontality, ht^vo been broii|(bt tu Je«iU4 
wttMi) tbo *p]ion vi CiW«ut>-uut- luoiitlm, 
Ulnw tliit Lorii, O my non], ftnd fnrgi>t not 
thsM Hubonafitjir' 

Wc ftdd tho tentioiDny ^^f n ObrUiitni 
fnoiLiI witU regard to our dn|Mrt«d 

''Tho Uat Ultii»B of 8. wai tkot mmkcd 

HI a 

d to 

il to 




by uiytbang «f ft striking dnnctor. 
hiid fou&d peftc* with Ooil, uid w» cctftbM 
b> vtHM tti» lut eoeuiy with coanponure^ 
r^^rdittg hin m a uMwiigw wnt to n>ti*A>4< 
hioi frv>&) Ihe iiuiny norrovi* vod tn^U to 
wliirb lii« iviift mibj^-t v^hkln L(*i«- Ho l«Mi a 
^ini hojw U>yiDrtd ihR gram, nad 
i^TipportAd him to tb« Ivt. 

'• Tbn lAjit timo 1 oanversed with him 
u ftiw dujA Ixtfurr htn ilepuluro— 1 naiO to 
him, * Ncnv, Mr 8., aivjou biiII Mnableil to 
red upon tb& ■4mo foundftUon f ' Ii* replivd, 
^Ven, 1 think I h&T« a tiimor gr«ap 
tfvoi" — I n?ly OLiy upou th« Sarjuvr 

" kU tbeci *?^ ^ ^^^ mtrvy ftnd 
UtirMK^ of Oo^ ill f^nnv him and bma|r** 
Inif him itndi^r ihn maml of th« Goaptd. | 
ntf«rTod lo htn hc^Hly muiforinT* lf» H*id 
that tticy ^Fttrif painful to oi^durOf and that 
[it tia^f^ <hcj adcrtod hia njjiritA : he con< 
tinu<nl, ■ I linvo KiuirLiuif-i d'jubt* and fiwii, 
but jvt I knou' tbnt God i-i uoi CjipricioiUy 
llo wiH not ffivT Iliu pTM:e one tby, nnd^ 
tiko it awuy ibw tHist.' AfW further 
it^rHittioii Im' beciami* oitiari^«|.'* 

Th» ag^nt of th« Mo±l4>y 8tr«wt Oirintii 
[imtnic-Ciou Society vi&tW lim» duriiig Mr.^ 
Naplitriili*^ aljfWixuo, arid 'wu* Cbo hurt |i«rBun 
who had rAli^onaronvorRar-ion willi him- -h* 
(tuiilW to th« ^t-inn*Mi oi hiji faith) and Inn 
oJiiinr^Hi )Li tho pJ^Hvt of diMiJiitiOU, ^h 

'' I K'jiA with kdm n fi*w bou» bt^foro M^B 
■piiit took It* flight, but hu wnp too for gobrf^ 
for eouvfliiBiitJon— ho pxpii-od ou the ^3rd of 
floptpDibcr, aged tbiity-two* 

*' Miv S. |iurww4xi II vi^onuiJi mind, and if 
111! pliynioa) pjvrr hnd Uvttn vqiiaf, hu voul<l 
huvu bc«n of v<'^int i^orvioo in 1h« mi^>Joiiary 
tvt^rk, lb V1U Li>idrMn-i aftvi b:Lh4n^ hooolile 
wivingly H<**iir>iinl".'<l *iilh iJm Tnith, ro [irf> 
dftim ihiitTnith to his hi'«tlii^>n ol ihf Houki 
of Urt^l- Ho bktt ftcqojrod miic?h fk^rtf^tumk 
Wnowl«d||EO, nnd hail it cleat- pvn^option uf ihi? 
I^wcit doptrino* of Christinnity," 

T!;6 Lifo, Conversion and Baptisfn of^ 
D., GuioLheT of bho flrtt Compuiy 
of CoTLVcrta, Ac Autobiogrftphto: 



IiTiwbnmm T/mdon of Jaaikh pnrvn 
both of whom U'cro litHct olwrvtr* of th 
ccrcmonic* trhich thoJcwD keep oAeiiUftitutctf 
for a regular Lord's acivice, 1 wn* very 
yoting nh#n my nmlli^r ditvl utid Irft a 
large family; and aj» my fuUj^i' wna oiuoh 

The Bm:ii^t'/v rirvl Tuitt Mi»nonarite, 


t*n^v.gv^ in InisdiLeiv ho tkeglt^tsl to \my Ju« 
atttfQticJii to %hv 4>ducMitL0D of bin oHjiprine' 
W« wi-iv Bonti iiui^'d, to D Jun'Uh noh^i 
but iLubijJ/ 1[»kiiig ftftci- U0. w0 vunUd it 
v«iry MeMf»iit, ami pajtM^ti oitr fJme nwiiy In 
t1^ Lomlori ^^nikc. Mj* father himng 
rcceivixl wow tntinnntkoD of ih\>^y wv w<ir« 

hia childi^fiii i^-flpfl mftrinflfiablft and w*>iit tc 
f^hcioi, but 1 harl imbtbctd Bitch a diiJibo of 
l«arninir, lind tiX)k micb plcuktiLro in tdlonoidk, 
LbAt I wniilil rKuniTT j^ufT^r an/ piMiit>linM*pt 
rftlbor tban roluK^ui^b tuv rrtiublOA and ^ to 
p»y book* Oonaojucntlj' I grow op vritboiit 
knowlfllgc. a BtrriOgrr to iKe foai' cf tbr 

ro\M itltmf;. It U >*!Li/ fnO iTiiaigLm^ thiLl 1 
f»>ll into vetv btfcil txunjhiny ; bjiup of my 
!*?*<ocuitos wo(« wen winiH' thuii m>»M.^H» niid 
fni[C tliHMi I i.'(jntr'ju'U*i! "vli }i:*bit-, ^mil 
oxpre»i:ons, and Iho iiUommw <jf cmths ; and 
ta th&^u I btt^TUC &n M^^natotin^ that it vfun 
(inly by gi«^it iittecit^on, am) ibi? cii|ioiit4l 
l^ruf!i(v of tliH r-<trd that I nrnld froa myHulf 
from thvm. 

In dttp time 1 LUitniuL^iim] bu.iin&a nx n 
cJotbiM-f and om I wh« by [lo meftDH con- 
aeicntioiiii in toy doiiliriRS— Imving only one 
objuct bpforo mo, tbm of making moiJcry — I 
Hiy^n tngKii bi belter niy dministiiiittK 
Wbvn uluiost. ttixtwii yuurv of ncv 1 foi-iued 
a oonn(»at<iuii with ti. nuifflibum' ;< JiLUf;bt«r 
nnd ttboulJ Lai(» uiMiii.^d bet. had not my 
fatbor ti\*ly bi(fli'fwr(<f| KimijT'ul 
t loft hift tioi)Ht% iLnd ihritU^id m iini^tbiHr pm-t 
of thit city, Uvitijf in a nv^l rimfti] mid pro- 
fH^n-tt^ iijiiiinnr. till JL ti[Y^m^tlllLl11 biirU^it lii«i 
intn qiiitn n diffort'rit ^ph«irf>, 1 had pur- 
obiwod Komo vooUoa iirliclo* on what J 
tlioiif^ht moiv tbnn inlvuntai^oiiji tftm^, 
witboiit iiu|iiirfri}; iibrtih^r tin- pf.[>oii of 
whom 1 l«mgbt thom vns> right owner or 
not; thoy fit^vod tn hivvL> U'un xtaluti ; the 
deprf*datcjr ^^lvl? ^vidincv a^m^t me ua tbo 
puiT'hiiH^r, my thwiiI>*ik imre wjirt^hwl, ami 
th^ gni>iifl fniind and idonl,j(t«d. 1 took my 
triiil, woM found guilty, and Pi>txd<»mnKl to bt> 
trinitpart^d ho^-on yvAra, I oiii.^! UmontMl 
liny and night, toni the hair off my brvid^ 
but it wiA all in viiin, r4^pentfLnce vrat too 
lalfi, I eannot fJtpie'sw my foniiii^ when I 
saw my ngod father enlering tlio prI»otL, to 
t;ik»' n fjitew<*ll thi* Any pnjx'iouit to my 
deptirltirc^ Grief Unii luid bim low, niid to 
iippojvnibci^ hiul incirUiLwil \un aiai I ucvcr 
Huw hiiu iuuie ; bi» dieil Livkouhtui-tnil 

Aflvr T liikd l«ft EuiElAud tvr K^w Suuth 

Tho sufTuriD^ of A trftiiBpOTt'e lifo bav« 
bepii »r>uft«u tiuil ijiinitttily dMcnlMd, that I 
iHII not bit tmlffviit withampetitlnn of thftin; 
Eaffiod Lt to Hay rihat 1 experienced all it* 
hori'iintj tbiit tny inthctids vr^t-a ItidcoBed and 
my ifiicf uiaJv utovo |Ha^nunt through the 
n^viiinTioTLh nf oonumc^ntv, vhuib ronj-inntly 
roiuindcd mc, not only thnt 1 stith^rtyl 
fiortOTTcdly, but that I ou^ht to flulFcr iur 
moro,*wi thL' ix-fianion of the eicti*leriLle J deatli 
•>t my fhtbd'. I B-UH rwidy to dwpafr, and 
mvioh morv f<o. ai X iijnld> not draw ooiuola- 
tion from r«b^ion, bcinje e^ iftriinj£0 to tt« 
bndin^ btt\n\ iw » Uliuhiu, tuiA iiitablfr to 
mail the I'ljligiixia hook^ which w*ro dU- 
trihitti'd amongst uh on Ibo I^rd'fl daif. At 
liiAt thi^ lime of my dollvcrancc cnnie, and 
witit Lt tittW innnny f bad unvef] I rari,(>bud 
my native thorn A^nln— it hoing about tcm 
yoniH Ajnco t Jc'ft it. My ftLtbor and oovor&i 
of my relations wire doad* mj vionv of 1ii« 
w«*rH iillvriHl. ami my fonnfrT »ip«vLMli(iiJt 
bligbtod; 1 hnd trndpr^roao h. mv^ro oorroc- 
tion, and was Jirrnly roHolvod to tofid an 
hou««i lifv in tL<< o^m of the world. I 
n«iv*r, howflvci", t^onsid^'ml hnvr gmeimuLly 
tbo Lord haii pi'0M*rF4»d mo^ and how wuwly 
H« had armijj;*il niAtt*!* tf» iiuilc*^ u»o n 
ijwfid Ein^iiibvi id HK'it^ty. Ihit now, wh^Ji 
T hnik bnrlc, 1 ntknowlMffo with ^rnLifndci 
that the Lord ta« alway« been very fciod to 
mc, and tbftt what 1 tlicuj^ht to ba mia- 
foriuru', w'Ji!* i\ part of thft pCiiu of inGiiilv 
wisdom, to bring me to know and tow IIIdl 

I dfd iLoL lik« to :ttfly tii Tendon, and 
w«nt intotho country, whot'n T oommrncnl 
biiiiinou an a confoctionor, havinK Icmtit tbn 
trado while alirooii. I rkdhorcd to my 
neuilutjoii to work nnd oLtriiri an bun<-Ai 
liring, druding a reprtition uf my foruier 
punuhmont. Inow b<\3nmoiWi.inamtt4l with 
my piTwtnt wife, and catered into tbe 
rnarriagrf utiiU*. Afc*T vjeitltig wt*veral 
tovftiH 1 «(fi:t]«d in MitnebeHt«tr-, and aboikt 
fotir y(<arri iLp> 1 chang^ my occ-itpati'in an n 
ujiifoi^tioni^r for that of a ghtJH^ iind cbiim 
rivM.U*r, whirls T Ktlll follow. 

Jioriitg my trnvold in Englai^, and 
itt^idfiQCO in Matirhc«t«T, I barn mot with 
KL^v^ral pioim rbiliitiana. who. knawing uif^lo 
hf a Jew, bavr <poki>n to me a^vinl ChriKt na 
tho on(y Saviour, and introHtdd mo to 
irninii'o dili^ntly into the Scripturm, but 
owing Co my entile [gnoi-aui-'e d' lho&i*)itd 



Memori^B o/ Gospei Trhirnphs anumg Ae Jt^vs, 

Oi"A"-li», 1 rliil iKil, r<Jiii]in4i('iHl l]i**!r iii"utiirig, 
nnd t'hnii- good ^ulvicA hwiiii>Ef t^ntlroTy looi 
upon Xiii*. Il;ii4 wvint on ttntil som^ timo 
UDG9 I mot with Mr. KIjoioii, a hiam wLcif a 

wb*ti 1 lirod in U>ai}a, I trjw forcibly 
otrucU with the Invoiiral^ic charti^ in liia 
aiAiinflr luid cxpioMQon ; thi^ lion wok turned 
\i\Ui H lurulf, liiA moiilh, ivtiit^h forini.'rly \\M't\ 
to tuwT l>]jv>i]vh«iiiietff Liki> miiLo uwii, tiow 
bo^n to pnifu'h flirint to mo ; and not only 
ODco, but wlieuevii' Ilv mlw 1111.-1 nliiolj ^vn^ 
frHpently, ht* lio^itn on tli^ umo «iih]t<iit, 
H« ^M Tn« h^EW tiikppy h#» fitit m Uk< Lnrd 
JoviiH Chrjifht ; }]0*tv laih oonlliJoiK-c and irli-ioco 
in tlii^ IfOnl ft1fVAli'i] Uin jilmvi* lint iiiihirrH^ 
(ind tririln inw^pniviblo frnm thU liffl. By hia 
bohoviotii'i ftni mvn in hin oountonivnc*, 1 
could «c thflt lie folt UA Iiapjiy fu* hr pio 
fitB(.<d tobt^, *' |lc> pruii>kn) hut trj jrj JoLMy^'* 
(iTi'1 when 1 lold hini Hint I riliould like to 
kuow titunL-tEim^ nboitt thnt Suviuur, hu 
promiiwd tli^b ho voiild intmditcp mr to the 
iriiiii wlio liy III*' gfHi'** iif (lijil wji» ihtj chief 
fnfltniD^nt in hln ooiivwskm. 

In fnl£lm*>nb of htA iircjuiifHu h« brought 
Mr. NaphtckU, thfi tT^wjj^h iiiiFv^ivTiarj'. to my 
houHR, and tho Lord htui bl^fin^d. >iitii>nuflnm. 
At tbo fi[Mt intoTviev my hoiirh t^ltn iTLclinttd 
to hriEi lht-i>ii|cli (ji^ K^ntlv, «implc, ikiiiJ 
jm^tmntivfr ixiiivcfnittun, sind 1 lHHy;L-i<d xiri- 
corcily fnc n ro^>ctituin of hi* visit, which ho 
mwt cordially promiM^. Ho huA caMod 
upon mo ftlmt»1i i^TCfy dny ainct^, and hn--* 
hma thft iiintnimenL ut tliw linndi *d ftol nf 
(.■onvitkduj^ \wv of my sinful i^tJitiv nnd t^tnt I 
wnA in dftnj^er »r loBinf; my ^ul. ilia worda 
mmo from IIjc liCJirt, aniJ they wmit t<j tbo 
bwvH. ; 1 WHH Jiruniwid from my <*jLivU'K'<m^'W, 
nnd hftil !i fv^lin^; hwrittcned to wbioli 1 vmyx 
hUhui'to It etrutipjr, thnb <>f cuncciB^ for my 
Milvfiliuiii imJ ^^ibh ivj\v9 in my rytv, and 
Vflry \\U.\t\ hcip#^, T n>ikftl, " Ik thi^i^ fortflvo- 
ntHc for BO gr«At n BintioroA I a.m ( lAtht^v 
ft wny ty which myxoid mij^hti In? mvcd f " 
Thim hr o^M^nod tho ^roQtiwMJjf the GubiicI 
to mu, and I frit ilithrnlin^ poWi'V ™fr*«hinx 
to my'v^oundcd and dyiiip spirit. A now 
world WM ti|)ctLtd before mc ; I nbwd jfjuiiiff, 
\voudi?iiii;r, nnd VivL in HimuuTiufotH, wh'-n I 
luiiinl vhrvt imr jpivHniw SnviJMir Imd don© 
ivtid Huili^Ti>d for iiri »^ntLi.ttx ; Much luvo 1 htid 
Ci^^^r imupnM. Mr. Nn.i))itali now ilo- 
luijiiiiUO ni»^ imriirulji rly witii iliow*- |Mi'k*i of 
tnn (lUl T*wt?iKiont wlnVh r*<fer to C'liriMt »^ 
thn tnto Mi^»iiji.h, ikvid tvt tbo e^muo bmio ]io 
lYiftd to nxo lli>. life- 

Thi? I^inl WJU4 ^'ju'ifiiiN, And ^vo mfi n 

hifictiT'rt th*^irfi %t* kiiiivk U)>' Tmtli ; 1 l^'ifun 
I0 i>4kniparik, jind iiiivlifat^ ii|innwhAl I hnniii, 
nnci ut liet^int* i^^nvinmd nf tho piMt nnd 
in-cfoVtildri Tiiilh. Ko doubt th« Ix>M 
liolfrti my imfui|f(if, 

tosrjttutu ASD t'oMrimTBix 

I aIao, throtJi^h th? Mmi^ EutVLUH, ficcnino 
Acquftliitfil with Uii- lt*«v. Mr, Mmtmlftr, wUU 
whom I hn^) fivnuirnt irit^n^«w«,(uiil Ivf'mnn 
n mffnlftr fttti^mifiiit on hw nnuiM.i'y ; wbMi- 
rtvir I «AK hitn T UicAiac iti^n^rcr in fMth 
Aiid miihttmn. nmi wua unr^^ lo ^nm inxtnur* 

The viEiita nnd eonvtsrAationfl cf Mr* 
KaphtAli not only provnl proHtitblc to me 
'—my uhoIf> hou!ti-hoM, csiporinily my wife, 
WiM biiii«fit«<L Tho Irkttor* ihnuc^b o pro* 
fwDfi.*d Uliric(tiiin, Wfui ncAH'Iewonc ; but now,, 
thtink-i X*.- thu lx>td. Aw in clmii^vHl, h»a' 
Inrn^ to Ifim with all li<>r Ih^tt. atii) I» 
d«li^bt«'l ill wiiitiii^ on Him in Hf-Jio"****- 

The S|n]-it <\ tbr Ixiid hnM takni 
pcRtu>hioii "f iiiy i^iil nnd tHiijfliT* mo to pniy, 
and whwnovff I f40iir oiif my *nnl to |>rftjPor 
I fenl th-^ comfoH of JIih inFliioitctr wbo i^. 
promi.M^I lo (he follfiwor* of Jc»"*> 

Wlien W\\ M^midci lm<1 latMlcil himjtolf 
mhoiit t*ic iintp chf my U<-Jirt,, he fyjiuplTi-il 
witli my roijiiwl to bo p^imitUd to onuko 
piktilic profewion of my frdtb. The 4i 
Bonico <tT«& fixct] fur ihu fii-^t lAird'-'-'Uy id 
11^46, llir Itb Iif Jnnnitry; ftiid in tho 
Wc»-loyun riiJij-H.*!, Uldbutn Street, Ji&foi* 
hiE):« cunpVL;Alieii , I I'enohiicvJ Jodniraii 
iirid piufi^M'd itiy biuiiLve Ivuliuf in the Tjuitl 
J**4iN riiHiit, iL* fVn" only Savlo^ir aivl 
ll«dc«omci ' Mr, MriTtnfter Cnon pi-o^-cnlf^d to 
iiiImiiLi»tix the IloIv orihit4n(:o id Ut^tlMu 
tmto me, in ihu nunin of \i\i* F^LUi:ir, t^n, 
[»nd IFoly Ghost. Amen. 

Three Typico.] Extracts teem 
Mr Na.phtaU'3 Joarna.La. 

'^ Ak to tlioHe of whom I hnve mndo fAvonr^ 

Lililu mentiut] in fcri'mvr iiT|iorl><) I Ki\%% liippily 
it«Hi>rt ibiil thi^y nri- in a pmirrMMiw fatoli>, 
and wniiUI [\\\\'v jo)ii*"l Hip ("hn-tiftn t.'hui^eh 
but for thr ttimfKird dirticidtii* coii^c^ioMa 
nil ttiCT ittU'i'jd-i'tn in Uii'ir irinili* nf lifr.. TViO 
numWr of |MtrHf n« with whom T hnvt^ friendly 
i]ilerf-<}ML-flis nitil t' whcimi I nin rible freely t^ 
tiVLi'h and iniMHi Jfwiii* t'linwt, i* itlnve ono 
hnnHnxil, Tlie numluM' of Uhkd w)icj hnvo 

7Itf iSr«w*ii£jy'* Fifift 5'rw Mtj^loiittrt*]^ 



my pnWit* liilionTH ni Marn'hiwter, mtOndiiig 
tliniv riiiiiili^ ih jkln^vu twuntyi vh'> Lji>v 
oaimrcV^I ihoinwlvw* varit'Uft Ttolious of 
till' I'hristian Thurrlfc, 

'^T)io JewUh Inmilifte are etu.'t ixtppiM 
witii the Sc-riptiiiT^, niid liy many they m^ 
rmd Vp'Ith gtiuit iMtoiT?<L., My rR^iL^out^ nmi 
(i|x'iTiVion4 ritnriig therm fnr runo yoJU> hiLvn 
iii«itvd Ibt* biHti' idfitc ti£ imtionftl projiidico, 
nn-l ™i:viiic(sl omtiy tln^t tho MwAioiiflry 
t^iiltri j>riF« in one of btiiuvulHtia-. Htinro tlw 
MWciTciry U nw^> n <|i't4.*«Uil>loob]of*t; 
noitbor i^ th^ hif|iiLitT, or vvmx tbo omivvrt, 
rqinrdcd ii« it» apaHtnttf. The bi|-i>i and thv 
i^nrAnt iin^ Mriw tbv ox(^i*|)tiur^ and find na 
MF'inpntby wilb tltn giati(>iih|]ty of tbi> puopki, 
1 havo t<i »tAt<r l,1i»t not ^tiky liiiv«< luyformor 
inr^uiroTii cciitittucd tbt-Jr ft«ir<'L filter trlj<* 
Truth, b»t wi »dcliitrni!il numht- r tijivft apphn<l 
for umtnii'tion. And nn to llitu-o >if vihom I 
DlitvrLitiiiOLi proviotiH }ji>pcjH i fiiu V'hiil ti* ^nj- 
tbftt Uioy iciumii wdk In lino, my i-on- 
vif'tioii iif thi^ ju'i*-i'[il (Kwiticiii of thi* Wocii^ry 
U, lli;tt it tt'> fiindh f'litiM In- iiiL|j|W«.d by t!iii 
lilionility of tho i'brihtiafi C'lmral^e*, mid iln 
rrt'oiiA ciifOtJiM^d liy Viii Jicti piiiyui- for tho 
iiimvcfi>ion nf IhTni^f, iif>A in the tlmo to 

firopngiitA tbi' Ck«ne] nmon^; Uiu Jvwa, The 
iiirvcat iM c.-()i-t.iiiily riiic, ai 


iy Hpc, aiid Ittbctircrs arc 

"Thrive ycniMiL^i, whon ] tinuit to Shift- 
I'lii-ivti-i, 1 fiiujjJ, ahiN LiilidoliLy. with itti 
i-nni|miiHiH ]iLu|ibrimy, thHuilJTiinjj l<i ovor- 
Ibivw cVL^n thu foun-ittioiut nf JditniKia, wiUi 
itrt niLticiiknl fiulh in tliv Ucn] of Aliiiilmtu. 
Wliciunri [iuw, tilth infiiuiuii^ rhjirjii liirM aiii 
"Xi^bdii^rrd fcr tlif rtinru whotfw>iii<t ttll^ ri 
H^foi7U'»f'Ht whvi-bin tbuy utrviLUnimly dirfcind 
fttith in lh« '.iod of Abriilmm, an<i conwilcr 
tliip l»iwF4 of ClirJpL a» an iiiU^\\vcUm\\twTn\\iy. 
TViMi a^'iiifi, twHvft yearrt i*fft there wtui no 

1hiM|n»r >fLfn.i| for ihft if int ruction of tho 
lubn'w youth[% wliari'iu^ now t.hcy \un-v 
hWlulilUhi-il A mir-L iiM^fiil i^np, A;{iihi. tuHvi^ 
Viiinv nflo t.hriv wjw not, ib wJioJ«^ Ili*»l* fciMnJ 
m finy of ttn'ir £flmjl^>ii: but mow ovciy Jow 
boy hath a >vbolo lUbli- i:t Uiiliivw jinil 
En^lWt Yea, anil tiol n. frw nf 1]in ivinltfi, 
nnd t\vt'ii nt tho oldi-r <'hi«i, ort^ in |>0B8<vviic»ri 
of NuVL 'I'OHOLmvlit^ and nolrct nnd luoful 
TriicUv A^uiti, twelve jciii» Jig(> f noiild iml 
lliid 4»iLt< Jow wJii.1 wivi not iLvhrnnnd to Iw 
unLUid Ti riirULinit, am] imw Oicrc' fiii> mxty 
fAraibu< wlio im* iti (.Imroii fdlo^v^hip mith 
thir Qeiiu/iti Olint'i'h. uiid twtiity-Hvi^ pirdouA 

wiiiIh tliioii^li iny dttvL<t iiifftmuit^tiLiility 
bnjMghr lo tbo ^vitmr, Ypft, overi tin- 
Hfjformcr!'. who an* iti iiumbor liUmt tiHy 
fnuiilj'tv. &ri% ill luy opiiiioij. iiVAiirr Chruiti- 
nT\ity t\mi> -TiirlAlRni. Afi for tn<|iiiivts. If 
tb^ iiitliLrtil, mid ir:c>iikl, y**tt, atid totupoml 
dliliuultiw, dill not iiupodo tholr prop'vii, 
tburti tin* AlnnyH not n fnw on hind. 

'■ Surely Mich n r«iilt ns this ought to 
oUI foiib our jtnxtitiHJo for tho pi»t. "nd 
ciipom^i>:c the cxcrcbii^ of our pmytr for tlm 
futures Hr*i>inrtwhnn wti t-^nimiHtifbd oiwin- 
tion« Au hnd faith iii God ilnit U^ would 
own nnd bEQw our £c«b]c oirorbt, liow lauch 
morr, b.iviDi; bicncd u^t oitrhi onr fAltb to 
W -^frungi^r nnrl niiif'h nion' lEvidy. 

" I bojH), thowfoiv, in thp fiitiina our 
frt^ndH will not l«» ovvr-nnxioii* to rwp 
wbilo tlifry ara wjwiui:, nnd gntlifr wliib they 
Mt* nn\.U.anr\tl, tboiijEh c^<^n Lhi* is jH>Mibla 
with^iod- Vut I don't m» whut right wa 
hibvo to ititorforo with Uis DivinCT^ircropitivL'; 
(u> for my own fuut i-.^pcnicnco in thedi'idi:ig» 
of r>tir ( toiI, Imth in (irrUTtt nnd ProVkk-nCi', I 
know thi* nmcbf bhi? !«» w^* uioriuiir nnd 
find fiiulb with llio work rnij ibo workiug, 
tUti U-'tter will ix? tbv ivMiltn" 

" 1 witl KiDttftlj remind yon tbnt nf tho 
twenty coiAr^rto wlilcb Mr, JJftvidmn inon- 

tioiwl in liiH K*i»iM't, mojit tjf tln'iu nv^t hoadn 
of fmiuhi^: th(iir (^hildron, thopufoiiT, ttra 
not to Ih* ovrrlooknd, for i>f aiioli i» tbn 
Kingdom of nravrii, Wo may hopw tbnt 
tboy will grow in f{nin\ nnd jimve tluU, Uio 
|)l«nMtNi oi tho Ijird him ittdvc^i prohpered In 
oni' hitiidii- 

■' Milieu tbrn, tho Lunl luu* burn p1«AA<^ to 
TiLELnifnct frrah lokL-nn, jih im lUiHwrr til ottr 
pmyom nnd work of fmlh, in th* untucprctpd 
and nnxioLtB dcairo of tiiro Jawish trflMr#»i, 
who?** very iutornitiu^ »ud alTrn'tiiiir iiftnnrivo 
of thoir iipplimtion for ('hnmh foUowship 
ftiid thvir buWiitJi-nt io<w^itiaii into tha 
t^huxcb of f-liri^t by Lh-' ordinmicc of Inftirtnj, 
\ hmv nlt>-iii1)' n-|hn'hrd Ui yon : mjd 1 ntu 
Htill «iiconrng»d to ttfUfy, on LM'ii' buhalf, 
ibnt thoy jlin« wftlkioj; nccordin^ to thv 
onJiuaui.'e of floJ oui SiiTiour in Chrift Jwu» 
nnr T.ord ; flnitlidrKninlrjmwinn't breUitrn 
Aft«rih» llfliih, with whom th^y hnd many 
jvod fioriptuml ccnvvrsntiontf, iiidocmg tlk*»m 
to M^irb thi? Scriptmx-fi mid iiiquiic uix<<iv 
tlio Trrith nJiir. iv; in Jiwun l^H^^ apjiliml to 
inc for pogulur in*tru<?tiot>. *ind attond, lOinA- 
tim<» with me, ftnJ inon* liiiuoi-nJly by 
thi'TnwIvi'*, ii rbrirtimi pint*? of wiji-*hip/' 


M&THJyri^ii of (io*pel Trifjmpks among the Jim*. 

Extract from the Tirenty-aovontb 
Annnol Report. 

Tn the It^ficirt [iiv^uU^l 9,t tli« AcDiial 

" Iti Mniiclit'Ml«r. ^h^L-o .Mr. NApUtnll htu<, 
m the couPM' of Lb UIhiul^^ iiiIloiLu^oiJ iiiorv 
iluin fifty in^m)>fi« of r.hp Unusi* of ftnint to 
thdf«]]ou')L|npof ditraront Christjun C'luirchoii, 
u JowtoJi fftthd-r ha* r«:ontly majJo o pubtiu 
ooiifeioiun nf FaJlh in Cliiltt, de^idtinjf hiit 
ItM.ld -lori at \Aw nimrtinittto (Jud in >in{:iliK[ri : 
ami A viLeft, number of tmv«lliii|^ Jwv, Aa 
tlii>j^ (irtj^wj tPirough tljLi mi^bty rA[>itKl of 
iMiiiiibtuve, liavt! bi'tinl of Lli4? Hn^iuur and 
hnvphiH^M |niui*iiUil wUli th^XewlW-auient. 
wtUo ttL« ^^^iptllryl Imro bt^vD pIucwJ In the 
hftiulii of tt^oiy iiWd«Mt Jrrvr who could be 
jwriAuadpil tjf jKv^eMi liitu«i*lf of tlie lf«a«tir«i, 
whether I«yrnwh»*p or by gift. A oaLony 
of Xurkioh Jov:i hAvidj* rct-nntly ii|>nin£ np 
in ^fancbcstef nnd o|reiioil ■ ^hjijeok'I" ol* 
rU uwn, })iiv alw imi^od mticli o^ Mr. 
Niij)htiiti'« ftttontton, and bna mn&ilwlad 
'tLlitr raadinvHi to wolcoaae Uio Word of 

TJnix Mr. NjijihtAlt oonUniiKl tn work on 
wilh M Ur-^ inoiuiireV iLiat^'ou, until tliL^ 
inl'irinirirEa uf ui:« ami ilE-livalth i^oiupvlW 
Lim tcj iuIfiiv froui Ukt Iji'Id. Al lui t-i^w 
reijiio^t, liiM l^t fliLiii wtTv ipfiit in Tj^r 
JJopM Jar JyM C/iTietifin itrni^tit'*, whtTO 
wo ftecjiK-nUy m^ luui nnlil iu Mny, 1^80. 
be wn^ Ijfli'ii hjgftjdr. A few i3a^h ixflvr UihL, 

The Dep&rtare of Israel Naphlali, 
aged 86. 

An &ddro«a d^liivi'od \>y IIct. J. DuiJop, 
ID Piiicldoy tVinrter/, iit llin fiincrnJ : — 

Tu'«l»y wi» giith**r paromid thp irmuinji of 
Mr^]Hiik«L NA[»]]tuli. Oar<ir[inT'todriithoE-ivju 
All nbic And pMEtlifuI miruioiixLry; from hi* lipn 
tliriir foil i*'j iUKViiaiii wtitiil t^>iuvniriig the 
l(in> of Ood, rtm nti)iiein-»rit of Chrjftt, tlii? in- 
^iion«i of tL* 8|jint, Jiifltilit-ution and njiDotili 
catJOTJ hy gincOk tliiun^'li fuilliH Ilin uiutlo 
wa^. "Hciulii T,f> (iiir liir«» ami »*h[h to our 
iiiiniiflry."" Hip mtuna h** i<Tn|i]riy»l lo gAln 
thiit vnd may lri> MuniinrHJ up in Ibt^ prr*- 
HentdtiDnaf tUo TmUj ju> In Clirttl- Mo»l 
iwniHBtly ivnil loviti/fly did ho dnllut^ and 
rlef^ni! the r.JospeJ ol Christ, "whidi u tlio 
\x3vrvv o'i God iitit/> unlTatirii to o/cry on<i 
tti»t U'lii'veLJi, to tht -itiw tlf>L nitd aImj to 
TiliH 4jeiiti]»< " I iirid in Mil« importnnt mufli<i>n 
fi*>ld of M)inctiv«ii?r hv wu i^minfliitly mio- 
cciiTtd ii3 briiipn^' uMW\y botjU U> the Haviouj'. 

Lilco Paiali aJiticipfttiD^ the day when ho 
woLilda^eihtfrBiiult oFhlB iblftHkriLsry l«bT<iin; 
h« oouJd Hty, *' For what to oor ho^, or jot, 
OiT (Trowii ol r^joiciici* f Aro not tfxcti yc m 
tbi? jirtM^TJCV ijttntt Loi-d Jmua Chriai oL His 
roniingl " 

^Vhat^^^kr position coul winnvrt EOAy oo- 
ciifjy in tljiin worjdf thiv will rtUid bi^h im 
LliH world to comt. "Tliiiy who an> wi«a 
Mhalt nhirkii M Iha flrnLaiurnt, luid ihfy thkC 
turn niAoy ia nj^ht^oaxQaH lu; thf^ Etara for 
evi^r A&il ATor/' Mankind amr be dhidod 
iato tv-o HujuvB— thu wiW and thts uthttrviiin, 
wiul win&i>rH and wul dimltoyonL Wbick 
ftiv jou Y 3f uot & eout winuuTf rt>aolvo to 
bo on« (rcfln to-dtiy. 

|i™;rdi.^[inrt<rtl fntLer JiTid hrcilh^rin CJiriftl, 
nihiiy & tiinv di<Ut tliciii Hn>'4k to iliy |«vrbrMi 
of tho \ti>^ oM li*' HohKnry FiilhiT hk i'Cvi4;j4*d 
ill Ui<j jjrwt Ki'i'.'i' ltr<»th^r- Aft u f^itht*! 
^novii^4Ui for- hU HiiMivn th»' TH^rm^JiHrB Jiiiil 
tho liivoTtvb (if liffl, fnoU'PUthk^m from dan^wri 
auJ iiomforlj^ thrmiJi urrov, vthc ll^ivi^iiLy 
tVlbnr imividth Jtnd MK\»kii> all whq |>Lit 
lIiHr irnd in llitn. A» » father w*lcoir<w 
1iL>^ children homo frotu aciioul, Jfc, no tbo 
iltiLvrnly KnthiT wolconafq Uih cdiiltlrea to 
the tCu-i Hill liviijr, " Pn-doun iu tho n^iA/ 
of tht* \A\Rn \k ttip itftftJ^ of HiH 4ninT4."* 
W^iy T bc<0JLUiw tUtflr dtiUh i^ ihoir Itom^- 
fomtit^. 80 iinOthfiT MQ hM bwn welcoibHl 
lo Mc Uy'iaw kIxivhi, Aiitillior btvi 
f»l1*>n itpnn ihti Avid only Ea i-iif :bnd ctfign. 
Iln had oxehno^^ thonmrd i^f <i>Ejriict for 
th^ ffdm of victory, thc' hatnllnkfiiiiA of war 
for tho poIkw of i^jiou ftjjil joy. Hi* hclmpt 
ItAt boon Inid haHo^ ami on hii luwid IkOA 
b*<?n [Juccd the L*n>wn of Ulory. 

Diiriii^' Iho lut U-'K ynon of hi» life a 
rloitd tHv'[ni\l to ^•^r^. i.tvvv till mind, and 
it wajB night j but tli^n^ m no flight wi 
him now. 


Ami thciui«Ldo>ii;m!oitimLji;h t.[i«"ho1cg1/ki1 yoir, 

And uliJiD ll^am 4II !■ ■ itiUiibict lu* 

Fn»m tli^'iiu '■! EfcBt«a— ihani i* u^^nifhl tlMrrw 

Oil lilt pliium'ij 4iL«o* Lif tlbe AyM^ ma 

l'>i*[' r*-»- til- Ti[j!« tix ill' [mn(y: 

Aij'l ihp iijiviBAiut B|ilm nf Ua* df/ («ir 

]ji It* vyilDTiijLiijr t:luH 'there W no Diteht thcvb 

Yfit, A^.«n> all ]{f^kTrll In Eli* kEtviiou* ihrmft; 
I>nd till! Utciif ' *>f CJijil r^^iLi.] Tie* mrUjinH: Jijim 
Ad'I ih* JLIL^I l(UuU ill Um yuMtn mir 

IK-ar Jf-iuirJi^id fiktli«r and brothtii. *it] 
IihihIh vr<r>#iii>f tlij KU^r^l duMl| W4^ aII j>i<o- 
miiifl TO moi*c thno a^'n whors t]icrf» U nf» 
i^ij^ht, for ihu Lumh in iho Li^hl. Anacn* 

(ktufmil DtJsmptwji of tJiP First Four ■tfwiff/tm^i'ww. 



Fnrai "Tiir F'nwT Av^tVAt. lUrofw.* 

ONK of t}L« 0Arti««t oTij«<tU lo whiph your 

K]k» tL« JM<)ecULMU [>r (itiiChable ui^tfula io be 
■•cnp^oy>ul 111 oJirTyin^ nut; l1iHr lieti^na for 
thid jfo^) of tha Jtrvs, An*:! h«T«> tliav wculd 
noord tlioif tfratritittln in tho all-wiae %tid 
grA<^i»itA HtiEkil nf HiH riMir^^hf ju!onnlinjf tit 
the nmiwnn* of whosi* ^ifli^ inptriTrnflnt.* niw 

CviiW foi' <?itm!ig ou Uiij wcrh, (of 
ing furnitJicd them with foor uwilotMi 

Dlui dHV4>LtHl Ui«<ii ut' (jUi]. Llinn of nholU 

mrtt of tJii* xtf)ck of Unit^l, itml ftll of 

spLeroiH, tcj nju'Wirl i li' I. [.■ ^n h'.l^i' !■[ tLo 
i>TH'*' nurifii'J, \t\it niiw i^lunfW imil iet>;ii)iig 

Utie <if tbw9 has been lUhid iioiifcl v <}i7cii- 
pioil ilui'iii^ tlieyeniviTiimp/u'Lii^jf iiiitlriii.'tLUJ.i 
tn Jcwtn wh'i li«ve mnu? to hw hnnsp in rhft 
chflraetei' of inq[iit*ra» or who, liavinp 
been pri^viously hnpliMd^ tci-ji ilt^ioiiH <kf 
laaruiiig Uie vrnyof Uip Iaji'jI mofr^ iH-rff^llv, 
in nilcir ti^nt ihe^ lafght In-tv^nu* ijiiQ|ifli>il io 
vngn^ in [ikiioum of ii-^-fulnmH nmoi^jf Uimr 
Offli ppoplc ili? hiv* JiW ii^niilf'*! hiniewlf of 

(<OTiY«rRiTig tvtth tho JnwA r^xifl^iit in th«i 
M«tro[io]if^ mqairin^f into their epintual 
c<iii()il;un, and prcitching to tWni Jntua, a« 
thc< i*ml of bho Ijiw for ujEhLttuHii^^iH, Ui 
♦vpiy ono thivt lj(ili<*T«th- It li with ffrwit 
it}|iTnt that tho Committoa hava not L«oii 
cable to F^TCVnil upon tW v«huiblc k^nrui^^r 

vinlhi-iott nj^-pU ; lint r,hi>y r^jrucD in Imping it 
in thi^ir [nuw^r ttiiiuiphnull}' to nppcnl to hi^ 
OiM*, nfl fnmixlliiiif n rofutjition of th^ 
nwH-riciti ((JiifiniiaUy ri>iu»r:i[«cl hy J^»^v^^ 
find Wx> g#Tin[MUj boliovnd by Chmtion*, 
thftt DO J«w laakm a pml«wion of tljo Uitli 
oi ibfr Qonpel, or dcvotm hiniwlf Ur tin 
nrr>|iAgAUoiL nriKMi^' his lin^Hhii^n, oxcopt 
from p«ouiiEiiry or uir'n^^nnry tnotivi>i-p Uur 
hfllovcd brcthor, ttmm^iixitioiuily <^odiniii|: 
all tcmpornl Mippi>ri> will continue Ut 
ounsecrnt? t(i the H-rvicrf ot th« froflpal, 
iQ couuexioii u'lth (li« t^porutioni. of tho 
HooLciy, tlio^ portions of liifl timo which 
he c-tu i^piiro fjt>m the Luiiuiintb]<f nirx^- 

tionp upon which ho » Jopan'lont for hk 

AruJthiT coiiwrt«d Jdw, uf a wtiuUhy 
fumilVn who, having iiflrHfirf*H a\\ fnr <3hriiit, 
iiofl b'voti recently bjLpti^fod into HU Dnmo, 
And ELddnl to Hm Church, >i(Ui tikrwiFO 
plared hii« wrviiH^i ^ntuiUinhly at tUo cvm- 
mnJul of tht" SoHfity, and tnkm thu gtv^atml 
|rliwL>inr4> in roniiiiriii^ thom, so far lu oLr- 
oiii^i^tnucHK In »hich he U placeil iti hucunuA 
liprmii, Thi* tifvUuiit and UiWU-J yuuu^ 
eiinv<*it hn* »U"oady, by hiit ndi/rx-rti^ <^f the 
dxuiu cf tha Hociuty. 4?KtTiti>«3 (^>rL81d4■mhlo 
nttiiutlon to its cUiiOfl ; and m duiiLir nil thftt 
br* itk his powpr l<3 ht-tiHit hU iliTwinh 
brvtbrpn in thi- pl(*r* of hia tiwiidnncp. At 
hia owD rft|U*Bt, rkud cm Oio s^tronp rooom 
lUPiHhitiou of Ilia iHini^tirt'. I HI hu* b€»n 
i-tfv^tv«r1 upon th9 lifit of jrcnii oouLudittid 

A third ft|:ei]t, ttlHO a ronvcrtiMl J*:v\ full 
i^f ftiivh miii of\ for tL<T ?iH.lvutioD ok' 
Ihi^ft^-t, has bflon sppointod Hy yotir Com- 
uiiitco to ]ab4>ur in limtol, whvr« he ha8 
W«iii fiLlly rnb^MT^U uii'^vr the kind nupnu- 
Tfindprrn of ihi» Ri'V. John Jack, till witliin 
tho Inat month, wben, nl Xh^ir n^fjnMt;, ho 
pit>cccdod on A vifit to llLruiiii^hMUk, for tho 
piirpou of ll^CFrtALmllg Hut ijuuibcT and 
%tnto of l.hff -lewH in tliat to»», and 
i^Ddi'<nvouriL]|f, tiuping htH Ktnyt to mil thetr 
attL'tition to flio UoApol of Chmt. Th« 
rr^^rt tbiob bt] hA« ihti'T-ady ^ot in, hi \ery 
enn 111 raging. 

Ari\io*i>* to ohtAin o lm^>f"(twr, not. of 
Jtiwij*h PxtniotioT", who might do\'Ol*» Kia 
tizufi rAtluni^'nlj Ut Miaioiua-y Vrwk ninons 
tho Jpwt of thn nctropcdiM, vciir Commillco 
AppUod to thp Uirwti.'ini of tli" I-ondon City 
Mruion, womc of whcK**»#rvul*» it wom known, 
hiul not inBi'looked Uiut pwoplr in tho <cur»t 
of iheir dominilirtry vUiin. Nor waj Itiu 
upplii^fLticin in viiin* 'llioir Comniitl**', nn 
tnkiug tho unlji^ct into fjinnidcrntioii. kirdly 
Hgiwl tn tniiiMter lo jour Kocifty Mr- Jatriw 
Thoini-^n, who barf for sunn- iiiiw l»wn 
Wii|il'»y"d Hfl oni> of tfcoir Mia^nniiiW, and 
to who** jiioly. «*aI and pffiduut'y, th^y horo 
Bitisfju^fopy trj^timimy. 


M^urri^ (tf Q^t^ TriMi^ among the Jncv. 

Bt uiH Son. Juu» E, Jal^h 

(UViJi f'ortntii.) 

RKV. JOHN JAOK tran minitiU^ror (^tto 
(Imn CLn{>eI. Biistol. for nbuiil 23 
ynnncp Ho wenf. Ihew, in 1S33, frrim Ari* 

been u MttfksioniLry in 

ItrjuiuiL Tniinry* 

Wliwii nil Anxjlinry 
of thu UrituJi Society 
wn* formed in Itristol 
Mr. thiik aLv«i3t(nl 
i)[t' [Hfh.ii\tj\i of HdD. 

SupuriiiturKloiil. The 

wit!^ the Sivifity wuh 
PhiLp JjtIiVi, wlio lE to- 
ward* bocuno a n*^~ 
fill mid himmiml Mif«- 
ttiOTihiy to hU Jmvisdi 
brothi-yn. "I'iio rito of 
I iLtwtinii bnpLiMn ffiifc 
Ajltriini^t^^red l>y M r. 
Jaok ijj liiH own dijipel 
b^»ro iL ctovrdutl ccfiJ^ 
pf^pkbjou. ruid i*iiA the 
RirAii)! of uwukerdii^ 
now intui'Oht in Ihi* 
Mifaion to tliO Jrwi*. 
For nciiue timn Mr. 
JrilTi' vinn UilJiiihT bv 
Mr. Jftck in thoolopy^ 
Kii^lwh cTcmifOfiitioii, 
At. , ntid wjiff t lioii ft[l[ll«Iltrt^dI™'i^l; MkAsdonnry 
in Jlo joiTicd tho church itt Cnttio 
Gri'iir, imd tacsOtly^ or oFtcncr^ viiiitoil the 
piiMt'>r t" report ou hin work, ct ihr tckini^ 
Tiiiim MibiiflM.m^ for orilidnui fiikl ri^viijon 
rtftrmnn*, «4KMyH, ,1*'., that ho tiiul propnwd, 
iind l>nn^rj|; [ictj>ctuJ JowUh inquiicra fia- 
help Jkiid piidHucB. 

Mr. Jj»(Tk wuh prf» -eminently lilted for this 
poftt, bouig not only nn iMimwt proaoherof 


tlip (iohiMil Imt ftlM3 II HTifoHh^ Ihf^ogian, » 
tlKn\Kij|:L Ilvlrr«w rcbour, UrgolyAcquAititoit 
vrith t\\f RftbHittral writingn, Ktu\ cpMklAg 
tlw (;«rmMn tiid KtUKUui W^pjA^M witli 
cxtmordinivy fncitity 
and purity of af«rnb. 

Hn wiM riKited more 
tiiftii oncp by 4>miiMiiit 
J«wuh XtA^bw from 
Giri'iiiJkiiy. wilfi whom 
he had long, Mkni^t^ 
«nd leuTu^d convetvA. 

'Hi'' furtirtt clfort* 
irf Ml- ilnnV for thu 
<oriTPT*ioEicf hiic br'Qtll - 
vcti w^ro at Brtt Eoot 
with violent nbiiM? 
nnil opptfrititMi tij tlti) 
ctrthoiuhx Jt^it in Brin^ 
in], and one of Ihn 
tally convwtft, on ibc 
<Liy l>^rnrtt that Ap- 
[lointeJ r<ir hi» \mjt 
xUm, WHH kidiinpiKd 
\'y Lia rvlutJirfv, tttk«Mi 
inlo tha nuiRtry, 
Atid MV4rr»ly btfiitoD. 
Ho WM, bowovor, 
iiuuTiicd, and Ifeiar on 
linptiuhl iDto tlia mna^ 
bornhip of fh^ Chrm- 
tion Churdi. 
NL^t'nfthHla til ling nmiiy dilHciiliioBk, good 
work waft i!f*nw uciciiig the J^-wh tn Hriiftol ; 
;hh1 ovon niivt- M r. Jjifk wiuBwl lo bo oflicially 
otimi<x'tuii A[th tlio Uvjtbji KodftlT, bo cvu' 
Mniiod rno niAnifoi^t thr ^tv^lIvmI. MiL>>n<*t in 
ifji work, and the Ik^^mtAtiOTiH vi»tm^ rtH><tol 
wrt<i WiiiTnly wclt^Jinwl t»y biliit 

Mr- Jftfk nrnmvtjd fram Hri*t*l lo KJi^v- 
hhdgo, Devon, where he dimi in thp y#ap 

"Qui Qnlkour h^cd !«». InU ur lipvr iiul vvfanlly 

nity liTti tin mrtti in t.ln^tijilit vuj iWl ■> miljr 
Ai ill llir hoHivi.rj," 




I WAS bora on DaftCJuWr astb, 1834. 
in (iiiLWMi, lltftnl DutJiy of Puwii. 
wh«-i<c U]> TnElii^r fillul ths olll^ of nibbi. 
A^ ft vei7 w^rly n^ I whm tmight tf> love 

(Jfxi of my fut}ienf, 

thpi pHnciplft* of 
the Jowvib roli^n. 
My miod, in ooxa- 
tii"n wJtli IhiT r^iirtr 
of my Ui'ethivn, 
M'ajt fffl m pumity 
u^uiiiffi tlic 8uvioiir, 

t bj ngthul. wihHiHl l4>d 
I'hriwliiin^ fi-om (in* 

my iufjinin pmyftr : 

thuii commitUxl iuUi 
tlu* tiMiflifi' Hril ilid, 
aIak! too Gcnn yiaM 
n nioid poraictoiii. 

tiiunil ttitd Fi^iritUJtl 
ilHiKi'iliitlinii rivr>r Ihn 
Aotil- 1 It^rt my 
lioxao wlic;i ««ry 
yoiin^ ; nriil aIhat 
}uiving tmvralloi! for 


utJili^r iinJoL n'liiiirlc- 

f\H*9 tftrvMUMinw^^ br> vihit Illo^UndV hnp|iy 


Soonofter iny ^UT^vnl I intvt witli nvvwrjil 
at niy rv1nlivr-s trhi vniy iilffli'lintiiitwly 
i^K-flivcd tu^ niij ui-jfod mo to t^ilH^ iiji my 
jibwip witli tliOin, to uiiich I cou^f-iitiul ; IkiI 
Aflur I luiii iicqiiitvU jl suiHiiinnt kiiowtiHlgc 
of ihn KnglUli Itn^jugo, Ktimuliilcx] by an 
atg«p <l«Kiiv to visit uli the principftl plnccfl, 
of thia kinBdoin, I left my rolntiviw. Atwl 
cum[Ei(jLc<id rny IiiiwIh. 1 viMlrtct Trrlund* 
Wiilw, ni\'\ nmny ^mit^ o( En^li^nd, ttud 
during ihnt p»>i'iml un>t with many God 
fcuring mtrn, wliij B);oke to vra ubont tbu 
Saviuur of njnni*!^ ; hiif. my hmrt wha hbut^ 

BAT. rnrur j^rrE. 

and my n^cUoint denitancil, iso 1h>l tbfi 
Ti'utli ci-iild not |Mfnetra(p- 0ml, liuwcv^r, 
whriM> W]V)>4Hrf< wmdei-fiil, ^Hd, iri ]|J«m<^iTy, 
J4 ft|X<ciHl dciai|rn in vi«w reH^ieotiu^ md- 

MtKil.Mi WITH TrtU 
rilKMriAV I.AMIW. 

lU I M'(M OHO itiy 

IT^, in *ilimnmtfir' 
Jiiro, 1 providrti- 
(ijdly tntt U'ith twi.i 

tho<.bnn'h of Kny- 

<Hi tJjpy Kiui Iflarnt'd 

flm frtmiljfif AbiTi- 
hinu , ivpftivwl infi 
witb lh>» icrr^ntc^t 
jiiy ("L-o Lhr ir biMix^, 
:iiid A#i]rtHi m(T t^uit 
ilioy folt Uic li^»- 
liTWt iuturcal iia tbo 
.Jnt\uti nntHJii; llmti 
thHr ilnily pmycr 
ill, ihni Unti^l tuay 
bo Buvad ; »nJ llmt 
th<-v i-tiU'Hiiiml il, UiQ 
Iki^hi^hl pH\l!j>^olo 
bo in Jiny way «n- 
gafp»l in )icSkiiLg 
l.liflir spuiUial wol- 
f«rt. TIrcy HCOiinlingly. in ft ra<*l iiui-^iniiiiro 
innuupr> bw^Jin U> fnvw'b (f mo Clirint, juid 
Him I'l-m-ilidd, diifuliiii^ \\\y mind tn<m oaie 
imipHt'y t<> ftrmtb^i-, h% onler Ic jinj^i" lo iiic 
lJ»ftt tho Mi^^iiih miiKt noodB nliifft<ly tuivc* 
i-omii, tbut *JcAi»>-|n<ivi-<l JHmflcif ti> U' Umt 
Mr*j*i(ih,Jiiui tJiut H4t. througli IIU wilTi-nnjift 
and d«ith, liiw oblninoiT yN-rniil rBdnmplii>n 
for all tWio who boiiijvi.' in Hin»- 3 «kuld 
nnt but lidtniro the wml nnd WM-nCwtmiifl cf 
Ltiou^ dovoU'd Htii-vrnitH of Cbrint ; biit Itii^ir 
«ialvU9iiU iip[H?ki>pd Ui m* f*.nt"ifiiU i^m- 
tAiEiinf: nonulUtnvci;, mid dLMiitutv of thiit 
Uivini? p-jitrr wliiub tbey fl»iiu«l for it. My 


M^mon^i of Go$fd fri^vipiu owwn^r the Jfum- 

ntnl Jiunluaed, ttll^:t1]gfa the docrdtfnliwi* of 
Mn — lL«TiutJi Cinit'i L^ittl no ^ujtnium into 

it hiii ititwe l;ulh<f. lEi Hpilr of nil my pm- 
ji^rlif^MHiii^ uiktiinti unWioF, Ml coniitiuod 
tit prcin'h OhrUt L tbey wit* not vruiy id 
tli* H^rvifV of Ui«ir MjieU-r : thvy LvLitvwl 

tio«'-ihoy dotftinvil ia« for nwarlv thivo 
dftVi', iiuriii;; vJiich Tiitio Uwy irjk^Dni'iI utiA 
ripftitubktiit witb ntn. liLiiMy iriiml rt^rTinii^i'il 
Mill iiojiflivt**!, Winn I jrniU-:! with Tliom, 
tlipj* (jumu^tl)^ tluiiicti jnc to wiiti^ to tli*in» 
wLtdil prouiut<J to ilo, Tlipy hml, lnjw- 
uvwr, irtje tiH-iv nr'jurst Ln njukr of mo, am] 
filiat wjw, ihnf- \ hJioiiU xi<i» il cleri^ynxnn 

who )in*il ttbi*ut tdii^ci inUoB fi'om U « 

Add bjLVO n fthui-tr iutf^rvitv uith tiliu, to 
wlii'h r (-otJH^iLltil. »Tiil wiOi ;l letter uf 
miroiiuctioTJ dftj>ai-l<nl, inirl unfm riftcr iiirit'oil 
at tho oJrrujmnn'h l>f»i]iiv, | fouunl him a 
lunn full of |iintj iltilJ Uwr. itaA n wjuiu 
frii-iid to tlin H^'iJiifi of l*ii^*l- II* »1mi> 
iir(ptJ*J with mc for Movoml lKait> about the 
M<iremli« but with little nto«nM< ; h^, huw 
rvvVt jjiT-i-rtilt'd upon mr to nccv^itl n CJpj <if 
Ihi* 'Sw 'Vvt^imai'Ml, nnJ nmdf^ ma pmrtinv* 
ihAT I woiiUI r<"ftd it, But> oli ! vriry littl** 
did I tliiiilc thiit Ivy rcaditig it tho Mvrjitr of 
lifo uiitw life Huulii Iv uiitilfl knnwuimt^i rnft; 
thitt in Tt 1 >-}inuUl Cud l^t tvpwA to toy 
tiX'uUcd mibd, mid thrit poKV to mv ifuilly 
co[ircicii<*c, t,j wliifli in my cmttiml atati* I 
wrui II ttiii[i^t<r- 

I I'^mtueut'wl tliat vavy djiy^ f<»r ihn fli*t, 
liinft iti my \\t», to r^wl vhd Now T*fitniDont, 
n^i It^vorythin^inrififiU'CuJ durk anc! mv-itcvioufi I cfttcfuily |.*fHi»ed iho prtgm whioh 
record tho hUl<iiy uf t,}]t< i^rtvioiir, hut iriy 
tin'otl podid Tim nt ill |:«onin«i w^ooucileJ to it, 
ulthmti^h I ndmiird iDtiiih Ibo nritinga of 
Paul, And DoifT ond thi-u djhOu^eri.-d u my vS 
li^dtt j^timm^rmg fnuri n vc^lum^ wh|i.'b lo ine 
wfks fthi'Oiiderl in my»loi-y- 

ht ftUmt fnur iDoiitb« I ivturnwl to Lbo 
<"lw't'yu»«ti fiTjiu whcuji t rtwiiSod t1i«TeHt«- 
(iiijil, Hrul whei>. tij Ihp inquiry whulher I 
hiid noA thii TrtMtiunn^iit, ho i\v£*ivml nn 
aD'LWcr in tlift Hllii-mfttirTi, l»c wjw ifi-cAlty 
dcliffbt-pd. *ind h^tti'd uic what I fjHW thoii^ht 
of Christ. I fmnkly htjit^d Ij> hiic my views 
KiLiI fwlitij^on thc*«ik|C('t ; <ind \iv rtitdonii, 
nit-li tho ^T(fkt4T(t. pi^TitWcw aud [Hitiemw^ to 
*'ifKHiiid to mc tln' ftunln irf I'ti'rriiil lifv, 
rinhvivoiinrju In rx'move all flMnd« ovit of 
w; way^ and thud to load i;ie t^ tljtr f«vt of 

Jmv^ ; And althoiijcli ht ^p0f4^d of itMny 
my objoctioiJh, and ihtTjiij\t liw ffkitlifiil 
ai:ArtifinH rontributofl Urgnly to my iDUibg 
fto of tnany ttiimg pivj[idia», yet tho 
<HI(?jHod, "How c^n these tbiiigA be?" 
rciiiuiiuHl UTUiftfi^^rtvd, Hut w)u?ti I Irft 
bim 1 r^vdved to r«vid th« Nc^w 'fcHtut3ii>Qt a 
wound timt> -to Ktiidy ctuvfuJIy ncd without 
b]|^ilL-y iln ducbrmes — Xv coujpuiv it with tbt? 
Old THJhthuifiii Sfripi urftH, vjil tltnti «t how 
ffti- thay Agr^ with *ach otb*r. 


T jurardirvffly iliil ui, and it wnn fu T lYiii'l 
for cho i^eoaid timet tho Tfi^tamont, that it 
plcAiind t.hi> IjOitl, in llis Mvcrn^ ntcr^y, to 
d,hine U|»oii thn hm3ihI jkLirm. Aiiil liy Hin 
Itoly S|ii>ii^ io Eipply thi- Wonl powvrfiiHy 
oiul ofliMTtUttlly to my h'^ort. Tho Tnith uf 
the 0<v|wl flo^lird Ad lightniDp ufon my 
guilty cuiiiid«uoe. and jfierfwl Lbitiu^h my 
vertf Mud; *k f**rfnl *T.ruggl^ IwrwH^tt Tmt.h 
ftnJ i^rrtkr, U|;ht lUid di;rkiLOM» lif«4Mid d<Htb, 
took plncP in my muI* I foiund myiprif in an 
alflritjlnje fiOhitl'Hi, for h bmn^ht my vlnfiil- 
•natti mm inicjrilty Iwf-^nk mn^ aru:) iny truA 
chJii'aHptr appoikt'<<d in a li|cht la which I 
utivei- hfhdj it bcfoic. I i««w thnt tnin, 
^tfirnnl riJn, miiEl hi» my po*<iUnn if I cnn- 
tinncd in that ntnl^^ and at tho umc timn 
fftlt tlat tho Qofipclodkly WMnd.iptcd touMt 
aty condition, to mre my voul fftita Unit 
di.'Uriirti[>ii tn which 1 wits eT[Kn«4l. I 
■urcordittffly wvnt. iir< a ^"^ty, li^tpl«H^ and 
unworthy ?(]nn<rr. to tliv f«^ of th« crowi 
ami putiied out my niimiliciitLuiib lhi-r«. and 
lUioii iity H^iil found That pcvu^A In wliirh it 
lind U-OM a htmni;or Wfcrc, nnd my fiJiintuAl 
wunndA w>>ni htiAlinl by t1i« application of ihni 

Siii^rkuih lilmxl whirh wmi nhtd ua Oilviuy 
HT thp ramiiu^inn of aEI nin^ l[frr» tb«it waa 
my help Sound ; ht^re X found mytvlf on Mfe 
j£L-oiiiid, and prvit«rtcd under the banneir <A 
iTnmimurrjt rrciw, I ho^n to hw uiLU new 
fliym, t/> hi*nr witb nw niini, Uhd to [H'rW'i**^ 
with nttothor mmd, 1 no hiri|ci>r ^ou^ht 
ihcf fcrrglv^uem of aui^ tluoiL^h inr own 
muritK, fiir T fmind Xhnl f tjail nona, Init 
]Ouk(Nd to Hint itho His own tolf tiara our 
niiifl in lliB own li>ily on tho tro^, who nuvlc 
an nt-oueuii-iit Hll-MLlFj^-icnt for niAn; 1 no 
k^ng^r *iinphl. jiiMT.iJ^rfttinn in t.hi? jnirJit of 
UtU through iiood works, for I ftmnJ thiit I 
h>L>.l tioiLfs ^Lkt jvoiifchb to b<T JTiMtifiixl iti the 
!ill'hUiru-iHnt and pt'rfrct woth of ih^ Lord 
JiiHiiK <*hrUt ; I no fongirr coiipidri'n) Chrihl 
OA a taoro man, but diHocivniAil Ihftt i 


The Brv, Philip 'Tnff*. 


thft Kittribtitoa onientk] to Deity wcro n>n- 
oontmicd. chjit He vrvf po«i«nrd of tho Kiiim 

CTMUCO with iktd, ILI]<I Wa« thuti i<i}[l-ititiJtL<<l n 

"mighty "' Hii.vukur. In kLoH.. T (li<"fivHr<*tl 
ia Him tbo Ar]tibyEtL> to whom th(i vriinl^ of 
Uk* Lt'vitionl law poitiltti' — the f^ni tVicriBvf* 
viliich vtpih lu Ih* ullWrvil u^fui'tliH tHtin uF Ibe 
worlfl, tho rAtli'tn'i^ <it iJ^prnvi-d And fn11«^ 
htaxaFLtJit)' nnil t,li$ pior of eti^rnjJ lifo tni) hll 
thopw wliocofuf uniiJ lliiu by fdtli, t com- 
enciir«'i] luiLuing th*^ Chiihtliiii ntn«,t*ivrciMiM^ 
faith in th* I^oi-d Jptna, r&joiciny in tho bopn 
of tho CcMpcl, iind Wking for tlift miavy of 
cur hard Jmus i_1iiwt unto ctcrnnl life, 

AfU't I wDK frithUtshed jn tb« fnUIi undor 
thc> tThmir;,' not intiuonn of tlin Hov* Jcbn 
Jjich, of Bn^toK I ivlt Lt my Jtily tu |>rockp]i 
thn fioijhul til my Lwihrfu. nnd ro d'-vntw 
iiiy>elf to th*» flftnic* i^ th« Snvirxir. 
Accord inffly, the Iti-itL^h HoLTHfty hnvui^ 
tnmdo lan ail ofTi'i to IjcitONm uiw i>f iU 
Ig^nU, I Jit'HTptfld it, and ongsflfld for 
UVu-ly three yorki-A nod u bxlf ia tho Miuicn 
field, uEiJ hnvc Uuly foiimd it delightful to 
serrr tJiidn eucli u .Viuli^r B.i ('iin^l tlii^ 

tight, AnJ ^r&it Eiiiw lioun the enivura^ 
inttTitA I 3iiivi? lewis-rd from time to time in 
my «<irl( . h^vi^ml t'on^j.'f>iuiw havi? tukon 

flftiCfti whi^h wftrci 490 iTiiiny IoIwda of the 
liviiie EfiithfaLnc'Hi ntid loru. 


After tbix the ^kidety prcpAflod la me to 
ent«T fchdr rollcjfo, in crdcr U» tiMn] tty juytvlf 
for still greuter ua^futnoM. t j^lnilly u^hJImI 
iqvii^lf itf Uiu opporttjnity. nnd cnn indeed 
t'^il^ that Jt hxift b^n gixid for uio to h^vo been 
ttim* iMAoot fail Lore tuexprrn mvmoArH 
AhM ftttd Le«rtJi?lt ^'i-atitudc t^ all our 
holrtvpd t-iitJ>v* fnr thw mre nnd luhour Ihey 
have beiTJ>wcd np>n ut diinii^ tiiir «dip(iij 
career, end for tiio jjfrrAt intcrv^t thf^y have 
ever tftkcn in oui wdrnif, 

AOhin isr THE uu«fun nuLi>, 

Aiid now 1 an) nbaut io t*vnv»> mv work 
IQ tho [jiifojoii fichl. I jifi^ fottli (rrifev<t]y 
cutiM-ious uf tiiy wriiklM^w jjnd iiUer irmarti- 
rlenry: but I ^n in dopim'loijcfi upon my 
Mii^Ur: I will n.'lyoi: iUn ffilthrnlnrftP ; f 
will IrMst JUh metcy; lie hnj leMiuiMvl ti>lw 
with Ilk niinWring Hi^nAnta to lite ond of 
time, nnd npnn l.liat urumwo 1 irjll iiyt, 1 
fool conwioufl thftt «f my^olf 1 ciin do nothiu^f, 
that thomeoiis eiii[iluv<-d wonld pjtivit iiMeTnw 

if not nocotoparinil by the Hoty flpIcitV in- 
fltio<uoii*f Paul wiv pbnt and Apollos vtitovy 
brit Ovd Mocw muel j£i/e tbi> [tiiTrnAe. I 
will, t,hBi«foPB» e«men1-(y f"^ky to ih* Holy 
Hpirit, whose ofhce it is lo convince of tin, to 
eiilielitriin tho under^inndin^, ti> di^iporw tho 
will t** stubi'iwe the Sftvi>ur, thftt Ue may 
•V<T lis pn?*ent. with hip in htj ^ovV. nini 
render my messjigt- plfectual to the i»nver'" 
bIud of Uiow who mny hcbr it. po tlint Gtrd 
mnylmvpnli the pinxni'. I will, iii"jnv.»ver, 
not- Uiwe *[igbl ef l.h*» h^iivy rtwporuJbiliiy 
which fVriU upon me, eit & miiuAter of the 
(.'[■on ; to my aire An ci^^mtsitto*! tho ioule of 
meij, 4iid from my b&udt th&y will be iv' 
quired, I will, tborofore, nnok n larj^entipply 
of ^(ioi>» that I mn,y bo fiiithful to my trust; 
that I u\ny know nolhinj; oEneajr mt'n but 
.T<M.ii« dii'i^t, mid if lai iTLidlied : thctt 1 may 
pH^ttt'h Him in nil tht* glvy of Hift |H*rsOh, 
and in nil tlie mffidonoy of llm w^erk. ittid 
tbuB bp CTinblpd to dii-(ct Mniiei* U> Hi.-i 
iitontn^' bljHirl, litiil htlu^ lfb>ry "^d houuui to 
HU nnme. My«aiTieAL d^iro nnd hPArtfnlti 
pruyer it^, to »|K^uiJI and bo »|iont Jri tho cuuau 
of juy B«vioi]r. mul t/j <IeTot[e mh\ tunnci^rdkt o 
t,o IIjh 4t>i-viee all my rii4ni1lin)& niid powtrni. 

nrn vjliuoui sriiRUfia of lahoith* 
Thit was the spirit in whk'h Mr. Jnf['h 

yrant forth to his work in Kn^land nnd f ior* 
uinnj. Ttio fdlewinif aic the sphere?- in 
wbii'h hvr Ubitiircii, end in all c<f Uji.^ui more 
or f«t8 tuoMMfiilly :— JirUtnt, Birmio^lifttrt, 
Htuttgart, Pottfimoeth, London, Kiiuikfurt- 
oti'tte^Oder, Niirembvrt: and UnmUirg- 

Niiremberg sls Mi. Ja0e'B Prioclp&l 
Field of Labour. 

Ntir^inhcrg itf cue of the rooi^ int^rcvitlng 
towTiftef Ucrmany. hW\ uf lirli sTiti-iiiitJee 
A Tilt mm cunLvsitjft, it attntctn niiiiieroue 
*tniD)/cr«, who love lo lln^r wEthtii iU wnlU, 
I'he Pe^njtK. u kooi^what mnddy tind ting- 
^Yihh liver* di^'i^Oi^ tho town \ d-nd on tho one 
?Jde Ht, I>orpiiK, ii-riil UH the otbrr iSt. BebnM"* 
(.'hi.ircb. tctwfti' iiiph up to the *ky. Tht' St. 
Webuld'e p»ul of tho town i* mthi-T hilly, mid 
the pictiiny^iic t?a.itlo. built on ito hi^^hcnt 
Biirnniif, commends n line vit^w of iLo 

I'brifidAnity waa introduced by the Fran- 
coiiiui King Tbtodrich. between the ycftm 
511 — 5;t>l. The cvt^bmU-d Bomfnciun came 
later, and with hln [ndmnitjibln kphI f<>r 
Christ, and hip indef/ttijpiblo Intic-ui's. grwitly 
belpej to dt'veloiHJ « *pirit of picly ftnd 


Uemari^ of Govpel TH^'miphf ftmon^ thx Jmm. 

Vow luiirnti unr !ii> rich iti Ic^nd* lut bootL Uno nftonucin, whoa icbUhk in hki 

Ntltviubur^. Hi:im(; iiT tbotu toll nt Uhmtiiu; gui^bti, he ili-mmi^l Uuit AuituattuuNftrvaautv 

UlVl^ iirid U^jici'^iU^iilm^, iih. Tot' itiictpiinii**^ tbrit in ^u!<1 njid j«^i.*Ik wim Ijitig Ijeford hiDi, biit 

irhicli Lit ^ivKiciiitf^l wilh i\w hoHuitAl k-r i>v^jr time h«) tiioJ to Iut hold cni it, il 

poor adJ iIoLTi^pid ]>e£»p1t% It Ib bCuJ th^t in diAppearoiL ijo p[\>poHed Ic (lip fot tl. 


tUv fLuii'teniUi crtiltiry tlioiv lived n ricli 
jini? nihjrii it^ji^icliiil t<itT/j?ti iiftiTii^l Kituniil 
llriLiL^. [(I ^ynU* 'it till hM m-LioH JMttt Ulu 

i-t'h|><vt Jii.^ PuJ^'VI^iIh ht* >HAa Llll}irL|r|i<t ljLV>;t1IM' 

with which L« Liul Ivh^h jtllljcl^l tftJiD ciliiJd- 

Ltjt he couM Dcit liiirl u Bpftlft Ho CJunn 

v,iiiik IV hiiiiilfnl of IfvLvcA and icnwixl ihnn 
nviT tht^ plaiv li> Tim['k it. Whou ho iiwoke 
hv w»k" lum^li cxctt'Lwil 111 i'uiitii<<iiua vjUi 
111-* rnrin«^ tlr¥*iTn ; Mu\ Uf |ii%yvil Ui Oi>J Ui 
tthow him wh4t it m^niit, i<t th« MLI&* tiin« 

Thr Rm'. nUip Jtip. 


\r^ if thorA wnu n tirn^iiTr Lo bii <|]h 
clodrd Iri^ woulii dnvote it t^ timw ^L^rk 
tim;ciiirti)|f t<i Gud if it miii« ItjC^i Iila jxihu-n- 
ntm. Ai be miM though tftilly walking 
thrvugb buf?iu^Mi ho raw iaoartotlto^ttieri 
^v^laam&bcrof Imdim Icjivh, Tflkitii^ then? 
n guiiJtf to tilt int<'rpri*tiiiii>n *»f his lirt-jiui, 

1l« ilil^ In tlu< plACt nntl Fontiil ticnKim of 
liriTiii>c)^C liiltH^ With iltiH ht'' built the 
lii^fiibi), -iiiJ tlj(T fimt (K<r^iL rvn-ivixl iotu 
it — a i»i»r i>l*l iromjirp— jirnwriJuH.! W hitri 
A mjvft which wimplc^tvl}* onvtiii hiw tf^rnbk* 

Til* c*itfe of the Eufurmntii^u *ji» vr;irmly 
«Kponj«i] by ih*T cir.i/ern of Niirmnhrrg, 
MKkong whom wcro FchimI somo nci(;l<t iii<-^rk 
wh* fought in it* [loff nco, 

Tlie Jrw» ctuly M-'ttleil in Niiroiiibpri:* 
Mfttiy of tbcm lunintAJii Lhnt Jnvvn wctd 
found hciv Iwfoiv iKuCbi'jNtian ei-a. txad thnt 
the Hfliilioilnin upjwa!«l to the coJooj- nitli 
i^irai'il tv liie juJjj;tm"iit i\wy wirro Ui pw* 
D|tOf) J*Kiu4 tir Nft/Mi^th * 

Irt ourly tiin<«a tho J'^ws f^iijojrod oompHo 

JrulACli^jTJt nn<3 »v^tc v^ry jTroBporuiiB, TIjo 
nl [:«ifi?LMiT,iim iwert'wk thi-iu in tbo ymi' 
f]29$| wlipn thev vkfcfi hnniwhofi froiii tbt* 
town Hiiicr fmc\ drcttnij^tunc*-*-, mjj ihvii' 
pTOptfty fcij fiscal U'-L Ajriiiii aiul ^i^/iiu they 
rP'imliTw^, fnity ij^mfTi'i' ti^vftrer pen^PCii limis, 
Knd u«ro ornw mo™ dxriolloil. In fM^O thflv 
vvfv p(;iTii[ttf>J to ii^iiirn, anil in 1KG4 nil 
rmtrictiorL^ to ihcrii jwiMirml Jiiiil plvilfiw- 
i!oiti wurr n<»ioi-r<i). Klinrtly niU^t this, iniil' 
Utu<k» of Jovn fictlsixi inlc lljp towhi ivnd 
HW*^ follumil by tbc Mi^onat^. 

Mr. JEitTi* Lw-ifDty- eight )^iiis 
tn unct iiiviimrl N lirMn b^rrg, ami nflu tho 
ifirtrtnnc'iit o]' luutiii^ to rhrint many 
Jpwiih "Otilv in l^vAiin. We ft"cl ctin- 
prU^imtl to jfir* Eiifi oxvn jirrouiiT. iif twu 

Casos of Conv«rBlon, 

A IWr OOyTEHTED TlllUlt'Ull A r^OtTT UlltLC. 

JlbfMit tbroo ynirit ftjj<», »ln*n I v aa viHUn^r 
Ootti&^n on otir of my iinr^iunary toini*. ^ 
numlim' of fniuktiml JrWH iHtfiirni- Kx^nnig'^l 

[■t tlv- ti-tu}w I i^t^Jc* ktiovii tb[it \\hfy 
tMUrmliy tlininl mi' OEll of Inbct trtflii, witb n 
|[«oJ lUHuy bl>jwd into the hiipilii. In tlit- 

[ffintlltfl tluL ui]BUi*i] »i^t r^t Tns'inii*4^ntM tmti 

■tM^tU li>ll oi't of my porkut, which I diil not 
ftiiM* till •f»TW»rdfl. 1 h-ivc not bren tlAtro 
fiilOPf null I mhcnild jiroUihly bji\r fnr]|pntt«H 

^Ui«* OLvitr.lvruv hilt rbiiL iT wiu hjviiight ta 

i\ nh<rrt UmL> n^ a ikOt« wti^ i^ont ino hy a 

lE^allrnian, who Wjej^ that I would Okh^ 
him At n fvrtoin hntnl, jui ho iiad jminothing 
of importniiM to <?iTiifnnnii^to^ At tlin 
ttppiMntod hour I went to the h[>toJf ivndoA 
my Qtrira! a grntlenihn cnxn© fom-ftH, iihook 
uij hitml* tinv<[ (.'onlijilly. iii;cl t-unchic-tcd iiin 
lo u [irivnii* n>oni. I fWT. nnt « Hulo Kur- 
priHivl Liml puK'.lni}, imil tlio iTii^ro hi) rw 1 h^d 
Hit rMLillw'tiifM I'f 0irvr hnviii;: wvu that fitCD 
lH>fim< ; hul-, mitii'in^' i»y »tmhi'n>o*ment, lie 
flAidf "Oh^ yoit ilrpn't i^i>GEni-a iu«» f nvid, ili' 
di^o^l, ho^ ^hot:M >out foi' Lhcr cJnaiuiht.imio 
iiiiilr-r wliich I iDiiiV' yoLir lui^tmiutuiiOti ih 
jLnythin^f hut plf«Mirit,nt lAfi^r, frr yni], hU 
thaH;Tb 1 fdiall bnvo riuuKUi to h1«Hi G<A for 
it to all eternity. '" Ht ihon pivwpctl«l iu 
fipcuk oa I'ollcrWA : '''I wnti itii t^cwltnuv of 
thi< HivMiA thnt on-iirriKl in Uettin^<^n Ihrctt 
yofti>. n^o : L fcK ^riirvieJ nt whnt took pln.^, 
but rt>iAd not ptvreut it. One of ycdii IifbI 
boEikA I piuki*tl up, nnJ luulciii^ into tL, found 
|tt^l>eANew 'ItutaiTM^nl. I put \t in tnv 
ptirkcT, nml wliuti I nvn^hnl homo pulled it 
oitr ii^iiiri, And tvhL'I'b^r it]<|iit4itiir>9ni>i« Lira 
v^LffiLfT dtfiMEV' U> k»ow wfiAt ( 'brihihif l>4 h*^ 
liAVf^ wan tim incitifi^ motiv4', 1 know i*ot, 
hut 1 bojrriTi to tvm] it- Tlio pni-t 1 ojion^ 
WLLi i\ii> Mplhtlc to tbr tloniotiN AiiJ r dii.1 nut 
cofUJO I'AA'llnfi till I hail f1rtiKti<xl It, T fflTn 
rtrucl;. nnd I mAy my. cviii-pcfWiii-od, with 
tilt divine sublimity of it* dooUiiii^s i^nil I 
ri-wjlv**d Ur ln'gii) hL tlic very htgiiiniij^ ; liitl 
1 linil nor. ^tir^ tnv vbon I di-^ctivc^n^l ibitt 
the- Aiithijr of thill llcKkk mtunt have been 
wouiething more thnn n mere imin, for na 
buma,n heiiij,- tiU'* uver (un^hi nuoh hifty 
tnifbflp ^xlilhil^nl Hiuli U<Ml'nlEO cloinpiiicfioii, 
itnd lkvi?d ft lifih of Hucrh unF^dlieJ pority. 1 
f^lt rhnnnoi}, cfkpl ivntwl, nui] MilKtitc<i1. imil 
tli«n very HePioui* ihoLighiA U-pm to r.t«n1rln 
my inin<1 My wife notioe^l mv Alt>^^ 
Apfmuunr^T Add ur|c«d mo b> tell hoi* tho 
oLii^c of if.. Sliv wutcbwl in^ tlciwly, jvnd 
one on'ninjf *ho siirpri«*l m^ whJUx f waa 
roftdiiLji nnd mo<liUilin(t upon tho (jront 
Tmtlv Wfore mc. Tho wholo now beouno 
pluiu to hi?]'* nr^l with Itwtii in hor r^tA nho 
<'iittT*titt«l iTiu to ih>livi«i' up tho huok to brr. 
1 folt moit ruluciufit to gi^'o it. ntiil fi)i- a 
limL< firnily nit'uwd lo du ro; but ^t Intd, 
ovunxruiu by bt<r pn'viiurL-itsjvppt*^^ 1 yivilded 
Aud giivj* ir. iMtn hnr hunrU. Ki>r two yeM4 
tbo ]»ti>ciou8 vntunit- wa* aivrotcd wmowtttD, 
nnd iTirori* U> itiA it ni'ii.- in ^-iiiir It wah 
uut tiLI G<nl iuLri^rjiiuiid. uiid lliul izi ni04t 
fftArful judgmonti thnt 1 I'lvotorvd it My 
donr wiCcr ij tci' ii. louj; And fiAiuful liluciM, 


Mtnxorm of Gt>sp^. Trin^nphs ntrunt^ tht JViwu 

wjui tJilccn from m^, nad loft mc ah4 four 
i?lit1<tr«n tt> momiL Ijit lue ; rtnJ trhi^n it wa* 

owftv Jii ono of hor drawiuii. 1 notp bopin 
to stud)' Ita iocrcti pnt-wi oiicr loorc, but vith 
II iM-igtittilU^d irktvrrc^l uud n^iUi |pmtur con- 
oom to kii^fw UjO Trtitli ; hiid it wax liuring 
thi» Aocottd r^^mJiuK tluit it ploa»«<l the Lord 
to iD&kv nixuAeli ktiowu U> mc lu aII tlie 
glui-y of }[ih P«t«OD and tn all IIim grratii«M 
tjf KiA Irrvfi, showing mn my owtj jrnilt nnd 
i)<pmvityi iiui idAo tho dopth of JltM coiu- 
l«Ln<Li^ii Mid llio y«iuTiingii of Ilin 1it;txjt ovrr 
iQv 1ial]i]n«i utAli'. I nrD>dmt4»d tiijwnif Iwsforp 
llim, and ?md« ' tj>r6, taka mc an 1 euh I for 
I -vfili frcm h«nocloi-th bv Thine, and Tliitic 
culy/ " 

T nm ^*'Ppy U>ndd thut i\i» nulhiAxml who 
thiifi introducvi] biuiKi^lf t4 uit* biih ffiv«u ^vd 
proof of hi4 tniu diitctf>lftfliJ)h, ixnd Ins only 
i]»]]v nuw in |.iub]ti']y W »cWi)uwlf«Jj;i- biH 
lr.ive< iLTid riiMiy U> til" IxiM .Ti>iaiib. I tiMd 
Dot Hay tiow my Itwrl Itouiidod vith joy ntid 
fTmltttjdv oil WriM;? bi* iTiti."rr*li[iif »iUiiy, 
HEfd 1 <i)idil [ml. hrljj frdlin^ nn rny kiKirw t4> 
blou UofI, A.nd Uk Pftk thul Ifo would bu tbo 
pijda and oounj<ollor of my now frioud and 
biotlici in nil \\i» futuri? wny^ 


A ntw'a r-ciNvicttnins, ntiniu-tiTirix, ami 

A i<fVr dajn aso, a AontlcmAn of the 
(iiiputnl tyjw cjttcrrd my Atudy, excUiminfi. 
*' DIrtdii-d \tn (rml llint 1 hnvc foimd voiB al 
liu-'t r* t k>ukcd nt biiTk witli o[ien oyi^, mid 
^Jiuncd liiis fcatnt-M clorcly. luui iciitd not 
nxyjlbt-t *vtr liuviu^ -ttu biiu bi'foic. 

" Wbftt, mil. ktidw Tilt '" h*' a*k*^l. " wb^u 
J bnvf> t^y Miunk yi>ii. uihUm' 1j<hI. for hII my 
piivTDitt Liijipinfm '" lU* took bold -A my 
buudvi divw luu U> tbu wiiiduw, iijjd na^id, 
•■ N"ow^ Trtik 111 mn n^itJii, nrcl [ipvhii|ifl finmn 
n.tiiii'iiilirHDC^ of ro« will dAuu upon your 

Hut 110 ; 1 oiiild not rccjiU t^no cif IiJk 
fpuraiv*, Tlion ho aaid, Kciiin^what dih*ip- 
Thoint<?dt *' 1 «hoLjld not bnve tboui^ht tJmt 
yQu would Ki noon Imve forgotten me« tli^u^b 
it miiwt bt? flvi*HU]d-lwfTnty yiai.r« ur moin 
mnoo wo liHt met, niid no doubt you 
tbou^bt Qi« duLid lind gone: i Jcdcw you 
ngnlii tbi? iu*tBiit i saw yuu. tbcni^b tim* 
biih mndi* ith rtiMiif^H in yimr bntkn. Wi»lT, 
il you oiui'l i'*r""gnu*» my fioo, [ji-rhvpHyou 
may luuioubur u^y iulqjv t" 

'Jlic moincct bi* numo wua attGro<l, o 
di^pply intvi^fbtkit' 'u*^ ulTt^tmic utory 
rw.'arre;) I'> i»«. And now ] innit tvff you 
bi Htrwuj|i*uy [&« to fiiriatob wb«r«, twocty- 
tive cr ttt^nty'tnx y«ora ngo, I firvi made the 
ut\jt^»ii]taiicfl (jf my liHilor. 

Onn day, a ynnnff mnii riisb^ into tnj 
it)f>iQ, in H »ilAt» oj higb cioiMtucbt, And, 
wttbout Uic J«oj»L pnwiiattiuu OA iny parb. 
iM^ttii |<) ubuH» NIC In i\ii* must untrHgeoaH 
nmnnor, nnd '^iplninod hia v[oleno» by ^nying 
thftt bo folt inditcnant at ju* for Lkvitijc fi>r- 
Bnkcn tbo tiod of my fntliruv, tuid biiiujiEbi 
Bbmnt Aiid n»jiniiu!b on <>itT luilinn ■" Vi>n,'* 
h« wiid, ''tbo Hon of m, rnbk ! &luuB«i. 
t'tomnL vhamo on yon !" 

" Will ytiu :*■ I aftkcd hixn, '■ lirtieu to tny 
t^ip^L.iiH for twixiiiitiif; H CbrWijin t" 

" Re>i*wn* J" Ih" tvlurttHl. "Van yon 
iLdduc« nay tbut will Ktnnd the bftl of Uud' 
Ti'ulb. or iu may w«v jubtifi yoiu' dtrnyiug llie 
G.>.lof Ipimi^U" 

Having obtjiinod hi> pioniib* rJiAi h« would 
liflt^ii, I br^Aii to iLTifinld rbn itny of ittltiilioii 
i\» rnvt^dcil ill tlifT liun .ind ilic* Pt^b<>t>* ; 
bnt, wht*n I Bftint to ipnjik upon rb» .'>:bt! iif 
lAJab, b« ugDin wont into it fearful ra^, 
declaring; tbnt tbat (baptcr Wiu viLhor intrr- 
|Hil»U:*d. ur tviidtiT^l M) aji bi»t to Bj»rvi' diir 
purjvwM. t'pon ihin 1 told bim to bring bi8 
owti, omny olht^r Bibb. nn J if, on compoi-iD^ 
tile tvit it waa found tbnt I hod c^uolod »ny 
tiling' wJitrb uu< mtL |inrt i:if thu insqiirvd 
W<inl, J would r^nvitnov my faitbond ratnm 
to Jiiiiftisni 

Tllt!^ do^'lnnUiju f^tMilly j|:tuliti«l my uji- 
jHiniim, jmil bn loft me witli % frinirpluiil 
i-TDil(», promuitig u> call agMiu th« followini; 
ciay, Btit ffreat waa my AurpriM wbeai. in 
tht CTvriLJiig of IJlc >fiiiLi> duy, be m»d« biM 
nppPAnmcv*, bnnffhiif in bU arm nn M, well- 
w>ru Bible, ti-lbn;; mo ibat ho ccntd not 
WAit fo^^ ibt* iic;(t day, and b« wtndJ be glad 
to Ijfgiii our ruiupurJKin «L nncv. We did 
bi>r ftnd ivherk woi mmu iiic^r tb« cndf tbo 
young tmin'i counlvnjincv rtuw pulor and 
pnj«r> bi« A«If-4'uuliLltnctf funu^ biiu, and bu 
i^vlitfiiily iiiiderwrjil n fnirful mmtiil 
struggle, lU Ml btf Hiding mid mi&t«n;- 
plating; for ni'»rly half j^n buur, ixm\ tben njon 
lip W gKt, ^yiiij^ tbnt \tkj fvit ki ti^cqioweiml 
wilb the i^biili of (hit rornpArb^n fhat ti^ 
ccjnld udd nothing nim-a no«v, but woubl 
qiiictly I'ollocI o]>i:in it ai luaiio- 

Fuv thriTii d»iyj4 I miw no mom of \ttm, hut 
i«r!y in fhri morntnR of thi* dtLV h* 
CiiniL*, looking cxotsfldinffty pal« and a^tntrd, 
uud ikA if ho btkd livDu ooroc dowu br a IoaJ 

The flmv Pk^Up Jnfff. 


of carv. On in^iuc|iiiriii|ElLOw lii>^t'}i;s lirtAui- 
UriKe-l Mil* with il H)nfiWoii (clik-h thnlW 
my lu*iiH with joy. " F™m tliU fJn;'," bn 
i?nlrmn!y *l«!iLrt*(i. ^" Ihc^ donpiicd No^ATCno 

Thn ofi^iii^r K* iy'juJ t^»t flJrd ijf laiiah. 
h« A4ii1, tlio rtiou^r thf? vonti(*tioii m«w 
upon him, \\Mxi ouL- %-]vu' of it could be thf 
viily riglilidiLft, »iid 4x lie m^rly vxiinintHl 
tti<* r»Alm)^ ikFLil th* Pj^phw*, hw WH* ov^r- 
vhukmc4 with a hicliw <>I tlif hixruiuuy tliAt 

the Mnohili tlu'iv niiil tl«iwi whirh wn riflim 
f{ir Je«ui of N«ftp»lh. *■ <>ad only kuow*," 
J^ ML11I4 *' vfti»t rt Foai-fuL Mru^iflo I havo 

ruteisi tlirovighio thc«l*»tthi^co dft_T»: Im>w 
liJiii't* wr**t.lM wiih Gdil in pi-nyor for 
4ivini» \\g\it, iu\ti \\ciVi my miiicl ^radiijillv 
bDconio mJin4><l lii^Au hy an iciltu^ii'.xi whioh 1 
iiorcr f<ilt Wfinv, I hntr i'uujiIi'eI tli4? ««U 
and nm rrAityio tJike iif th^ ctma." 

E muEt hor^ <i|»iu»i^4» llmt oitr friend wlim h 

CfttJvt? of Pdutkil, lir^ luul iHXrri iW^tin<*l for n 

]tubln, wu^ u ihoiiiujfh HriU'i^n Ainl iLihlki' 
niwil «-h'>T[ir, tinrl ha^l loft hi*; hftmo on 
nccuuitl rj( the tcnvription. Ho norv pUcod 
himof^lf nQiW rtjfiiUr iiiAtrnctiou, *nJ it waji 
^cli-lhlful Ui bw Hith ubat tn^ntmi ho 
ilrank in the word-* of Trulh. Hi> wa* 
tlioruu^Lly iih oarac-jl. And though Kiurms of 
ppiwcutinii hr-37ia to beat LffuitiPt liini. he 
wu> iiirt frir a nuiuitttiL vlialfen iu hm [lurjkii-ir. 

Tt, u'Ht Jihcnit fivtfi or mx kvi>f>hi> Afr^r. whtin 
one* liivlitrikv cvmmjr ««r fni^rnif c^iinw to lu^ 
in It niijxt frarfiif Fitat<< . hi" cKithod lorn fiLnii 
hiA tiody. iirvtfral of ItiA fn^M teeth knorked 
unt, and tha btoofi >j|rGfiiain^ out of hi- 
moiilb. 1 n-kcd hLjiI luui happciityJ, (uid hi- 
^avpint- i\%v fullijxiiiig fti!counL : — 

" ]n tJhrMii'^ming thr> Jvwi^Il t^^JU-lii^r hiul 
««nt to oik whulhr<r ho wmiM i>ot oom<^ l<i 
him in iht LLfUTiio'kti for n r* lif^iviit* lEuu-'na 
Muu. Hi< consiiiluth Wla^n 1ie c»iiii> (47 ihi- 
plmvk AppiJTirAil fitr It.. \\i* fimml a nmiih^r of 
Jawv itoEliXiUidt wh'r j-wuiavixl hi in willt 
tnu»U, Uiit not lA^in^ oiiy nntivc of thi», ho 
1jiTf[ATi M 11-li^ioiJH djhjmiv, in wliiclt ull 
pr»*nrjt took fiart- Af ij^r nwhilo th<^' brflnn 
lo in*uU Euid onrsn him, nnd hk ho bmvoly 
utood bid i:roiiTid, they wen* infLimted to 
i-»Lh li drgtrc thut, forg^atihg Uii«u*dvn^ 
tijry fi-ll upon him nnd tnii^ti-L-rited him in 
tbj4 hi-iitni minT>i.T." 

I hantcixfd t) a frivtid in thtf ministry, a 
gi>u|. hd^iicAlt^ (if ihv JruJ^h iwisf, hNil til 
ftn ^xco]l««Tit L'hriMtiriii mhjL, ^ho wa^ nin^A- 
tnkto lit the timo, to ft*^k KiJw 1 wn* t> Hot 
njiJm' lliu urcuinaUujcuit uml, j&flvr iwi^Liij^g 

Ull- iLLHii^i- Mt'll, lbf*y 1j(jlh decided to let it 
ivhT-, aiitlioy ihought nny lopnJ inloi-fttwtMw 
lai^ht only incroM* tlio iJlf«cUnK^ 

On my Tfrtuin hctacf« [ CaLd our brother 
thin ilndnion^ and ii|wn heuHtL|; it hi* hM. in 
ft spirit of grviil mctkutvi^ iind humiHty. 
tlmt ho waald nilti aIJ hib bcuri furgivo li^ 
pcraocvitoni. And show thf m how n belleriDf 
JoH- t*on1d MLirt»r for f niri>J'K ffflk^ 

Tho twu fottiioking JL^vh our hrotlier rAin« 
to mc A4 DHiio), And ta(»n he myHUiiaimly 
dirtippmnrd, iknd t mh notliin^ mor« of him 
till u few dftyif ngn. An yon miiy tiip^Kvr*, I 
iAl veiy dA9ply con<wrn«d for bioif ^nd inn<i« 
ev«Ty f'O^ldo imgulry about bim, hiit jlII to 
i>o |iiii|i4AC r only on tbc devUh counUiuin<<.'> 

m WlLljtiAlllUX. 

1 could nee n trinmphAat smib, whu^h loft no 
dnciht on mv muiil ihnt thiij ktji^w ui-uro 
about tho AfTAii' thnn xhfy weri^ wilting to 

And now kt wi lioAr bin ewu amount ft* 
tn hi* inyA^flrioii-" <lEHiipp«rtmnce> "Wlien I 
loft vo'ir hoiih*," h« Tt>tntai, "two of my 
brotlircn joined me not fnr from it, nod it 
neemed lu mw ai if tlioy h'ld been wcutinif 
frir itn*. Vii^y iJilki'ii VHiy kindly lo mn, and 
«X|iTO#«<l th«m>otv4<]( T«r/ ttruiLffly ngiiiiiet 
the cruel cockduct of thc^ir eo rali^ioniattf. 
Wfa»u fkfi Ai'Hved iimr my ludf^int'^. 1 wanted 
to lAATe them, but they urip^il u\v lo uc('<>m" 
puny thorn it ahort dJAwuM further, I ViXXW 
guDQMng the plot bbai won Itud for oiti Wo 


Mrtibtrrloi of (itmjfri tVintttfilui tiutoiti/ liar Jrtvrt, 

otiu 1 J<"WH i'niiij" np til iiPv nml n/lwr kctiiu* 
bilk, tht-> ili4c4hI ni<< wlu^lbf:-]- 1 t-tuiulii likt* 
tx> Iwivc BriMoL it» iht^y W011I1I bu williiiE 
t(> nruf^r Tn^ Itl ov«^^ uaj. ] tt^M Uidirl T 
Khd nn intention of leaving, Ihoiigh I f«lt 
obltpM for tbcir olfvtr of ajvlhUrtoe. lJf>fiti 
IrwitJii^ Lhih, tlii7 kill] nw, ut >i vary iLt^rn 
nnii rlffUrmitK^ toiip, tbcit T mtifit In^vo, 
Mill if t wu not willinff, tlioy vrould mahu 
tno »«. * Voij hnvo briij,' one of the p*rty 
mH, *ii pTr"t ulTtfUtv to u»; ntid yuur iw- 
maiaing htiv muy involve u» in troabi'*: 
wp bni<<. thuroturti, dcvidf«l tlmt jou mii^l 
Ic^fivr, aiuJ wi> ptwiKHi tht iue\VD<^ of mnkiiijc 
ji>u go/ 1 prxrf'rtT'Hl aj^iiijHt Iwirig foriTil 
to I0AVO, hni nil WA4 of TK' iiu-, ntii! 1 waa 

00 liowilJoTtuJ tfirtt I Kftiw^y ki*ww what to 
<!-j. T!iLnOV.7i*ft tinin ji[*t aboLit to rtj-itt, 
tiiiil iHifdtd T kmrw how, I fcjirml m^H-lf in 
A railway rvn-iOfiDT with rmo vf tUo Jewn 
wlio joiiiHl aa nt tiu> i-tatian, by my f4(l(% 

1 LiifblfT \ ljv<t divpcrnto Hrott to vrmipc, but 
whm liokl fiutl with An iron ^Liii>» tiiuL Uirent' 
^nofl tliAt jl would otwt iriv my lifo iF I mivlo 
niioth'jr utlcmpt tv Ci^t liway. Wo tmv«Jl4^ 
nit uigbt und iW fuflowiiijc d^y, till »« cumc 
to u Ur^*o r>nTTi» wh[r}i^ T ivAdt/ild. wflk IJvpr- 
paul. l1on> [ ^VHh ccridtioUid by my travpl- 
iinf- 1'ninpa.mou to n Jcwfi-b lorl^inif, wboir I 
WBrt kt'iit likw a |iiiKii»ir fur tlim' iluyH, mid 
llictv t'>nivgi'<*ftt rwUnUhnn^rjt, wiw told» thnt 
on tht* Mli^vkinj^day I vrnjt, tat^xW foi- JimaneUt 
jiiid thdt cv<ti'ytliinjir wri» nU^oAdyofdoiv^J and 
pfvjiiJivui fitr ifiy voyd^i- I wn* no lif:]plcw» 
ILaI I lot tho-m do vnXh nic whnter*-r ihoy 
|)l<uiK'ii, tnt my liopo nnd confidcinoe ihnt 
iio<i >»'oiild r^uncJiow or otbcr inicrfpps foi- 
iiir dE'l not riiixnkt* rue. lii n tit1,f«> itii)n* 
Ihnu throi* ^^t^kK ultvi- th» I uji" Umltnl Ht 
New Vcfi'k, n |)crR't'L htmii^ji^r, kMowjog vitry 
liuk* of i\w Imt^ym^Vt nnd whnt wnv BtLll 
wc]EX£.\ dMUtnr.A nf all nnt^nn. Kn>rytUin^ 
>c«iuix| dork tifFoti> tu», nnd d«HpAir vnf^ 
»tiui(ig mv in ihtt (ncVf whon, JLut iv4 my 
udrirry linj itiloIhxI it^ VK«twi hoL^ht* Go<t 
meroifnlly ridwd up frionds, in hrt eioellent 
Ucnn^kn Cbriittiiui family, who did all in 
iiivit jH'wcr to lainn mo Itoth physically and 
*j»ii'ilHUnlly, -■nid th^oimh t-hdr iDvinf.' eirartu, 
oibflK tTiti^iv^tnl tbviri<<i.^K'C4 w) miiHi nh my 
Ijciuklf tbat bi'lViio *ix mtmtlif liiul paH«4^fl, 1 

hud h brutinttM oT my own. At ihiK tiinv \ 
dt^iJintti^d niriioLr fully to lh« l»rd J^fiiH. ir» 
bu|»tkm, and tho Lonl wjlh with rno, mid 
prOffittrM] lUQ «xoevdifijL;ly, filling mo with M 
ppw^ and joy \n bt^llmrlng. I nm now whjit 
you anny cnll a rirh m^ui, tiut far ffi«nl«i' Arv 
the riclwi of tho jfracc thitt Iia^ Wm ^izivon 
me. I flou nlfto tJiruri^*], oud hmv U^-tt 
btncftnd with a kt)fi* family, in which tho 
X»i^ Jan;c lit loved and honoured. I Kitvo 
written yon two letter*, hut f«wivcd no 
rvply, n>kd coitcTudL-^l that jxiu Itnd l«ft 
UrtKtol. and tlmt lhi*y did not rMch yoiu I 
bavo nuidij sowrni <vntinf<ntAl buainoid tours, 
and it 10 on bujeineBM ttiut I iLmnow bvrr.&iul 
fjithry wlmt whk my xrii-prin- rind j'ly whr'ii I 
j^MiWially baard your iiam« m^Titio^i^O in 
ooitnodion with one of onr h^)ir«», I 
holi«vo a tfi&i;lioi\ wlK>ni you bhvr Utcly 
Imptivinil, und f n^iilal not n*t' l.ltl 1 fi^iiiul 
you ont, and brn> f am, dolightod and Itappy 
hoyobd mcofiiirv, to hoo yoar face afpnin." 

1 nted not Miy that my dHi^fht wa^ rot 
!*«», and tlio thrw dftj>t our hrothnr irnHiinwl 
hoTO www dayw of unnponbihlo happinnw to 

Tiii TmtwrnAST mti-AiimiB, 


Al th» B^o of kivty two Mr Ja0^ 
oallml to labour in HAuilnir^, where ha ImmI 
th« juy *jt bttptif^iujf tii>t a Jvwissb and acxi 
H Jew, And th^a hU vork wa* donv, for 
wmii afu<r ihi* hft wan ««ijr«d with ■ iminfnl 
nnd fiiial iIImijmh, 0« Novombor U'Jn J, IhS", 
nln'ii 'jeiiily Biiity't,hn^i> y«fu« vi »^, bv 
poi^jwil lip Ui a rnansion In thit Niair J^rn* 
ulIoia, iJiixopoliA— ttic city of <-vk«itiAl 
bi'i|Zhtiit»fl, tho abodo of «ndlcMK bli>fl, 

" Calm AD tiiq linnm of ikij QoA, 
ya.[T 1i]>iTiK t n«t IUm ii^it f 
K'tin uhilc ttllb <iiii« Ifiy fijiitM^iA Irod, 
ll1Hl■^al w »[i Ihf bmw, 

Dunt It !(■ iMf rtrw Lt-^iiHO l-uiiitll T 

Saul to it* lAacw <ta hinh ! 
Th^ itfli 1l»« ««ffii tbj kKik in dHiKt 

Ami I hojirii a vuici^ riuiLj lluhvini, A^riiif : **W*rl1 
liU'vpil an the duad vib^t <1iu ki uin LurJ (ruin 
liLiEiiofoilh : jm, hdtb tho Sjiliit. dial i1lv> iiiar 
r»«t Iri-Ht tlinir lul^-tiTVi fui tflair Wjrkt f^iltfur with 

ifc*it»," it*t. >ir„ la. 

A Ciu»t&r of F4vat /Vuto. 



DUniNO Llitf iit^l tvvt yvan uf Lie 

vrom t^tiKtiintly iMi^A^od m Ulinj^'tinit iiitor- 
com*t> viXh ll»c Jcwo; tbiry wei'P rw:n*vd 
with fivilJLy, ftiiii in mimy JMjitnncn>< ]lHt«iit^l 
to with (Icep flifrMimx while vhh (im- 
plicit/ mid loly cnmct>tnet»( they inTariably 
unfoldcfd th« Truth lu it b in Jesu^ und 
urged itfl itnptirtiuinT tm Min hturt iirul 

Tbo Wor<t of God nnl i^vjini^iUul tnti^U 
iwn ^itOiiMVtJy cirL'uTnlecl, lli^y vsviv ivnd 
In Jewi^iJi hmuw, ami |irt**nrvi*ii by Jewmli 
tnivF^IIci*^ in tli^ir viind^Hu^p Timik- Utt^ 
siibjootA i>r Jtwiflli Uki|uin\ Aud fuiihorH^p' 
pliw cif llirui wwic vrhtu-nlvJ. 

A *ptiir. nf fi»rv*int, iM^lifrvinff fntra-finwlnn 
for Iiqmtl wtw fttp mojo widely i]itTuiK>d, and 
a lovelier t<m|3cr t<*ft'4rJN thcio clipwhcd 
amonH rLnAtiniia of i^mny deimiuJiiotkjD ; 
nnd thiK vilth A. v[f>w ru nu wtuHnn objr>i?tH 
but to the ^^ory of God A»d tlu> Nijvation oE 
Hifl AnrieQt p«op)ci. 

Audd umiiy lUhLatutw whii^li jir^ttflpil tbn 
Illicit Tbai ociTiflcknitH^ hud It^ii Awnkrnt'd, Hnd 
t^ic hffJitt oavLii^ly im|ir<<oti*dt Ihvrv vait 
Wuie of ji very ilrciJ&.l ('hnraot^T' 


A yoiiTig rsmolilft nf rpsprr-tw-Vilft jmpftnt" 
age, wandering tljrough thii> ^oimir)^ witlkout 
luiy d&fLidtQ objotrt, Attritctod thir attontion of 
Aooie [kious feintile>« wbv fiot tuld hiui of 
Ohrifit, ITn obtiLinit*! nrnt rr<ikcl tho ^Sfn'ptirnw ; 
ootmioQCO wu olariD«d, and for nino moDthu 
lie wui in A at«t« of ^P&t apiritiiikl dittrc«. 
lu pruyci' hd fuuud riditifi juid. uudTrr tE]» 
afrwtiouii(«Vn(T.Jori nff-m^i of our miwi^>nHriw, 
h» vjbK tmi^ht ihb Truth, mid by ^nkty- 
inlmdn(;*^d t'J ft wiiy wlufh lio ItiiOwr utit, ami 
ill wliic-li lii^ widki-il M'lUi 3U<ridfAHMi<h& ULd 
holy juy. Aft*r rn'MlfiiHrnining, ho bccnmo 
A ftu<v«HAfuL Miidiunu'y of tbo Hodoty. 


Aiiot>ipr» ill smmr^i^liiit Mmilttr circum- 
ntnnfvsi, hciving lind Ileh iiiliid pitrlmLly 
«Tilight«QedT wufi iiihodiic^d to tliv wimi^ 
Miieio&nj'y, who taught him tbv wny of Uii> 
X^nd mo[« pi<rfvctly. MftEiy i^ntrputii^ Aud 
ZDbny thr«ftlH wei-i>Bxldnif«pd Tahim to JTiditrnk 

hifi i>rl, bouiv ; appofklji mtr« nude to hu 
ti^ndeirfthl fMilingn vi n H)n n-fid Ji brother : but 
ho WAJ4 dm^dod for Cbnitv and prefcn>:?d a 
very Uborioui* occupation lui a loJIcwirr of 
Jc«»:4 Ui aX{ thu i.'aIDfoTi^ ivhich Would luLVO 
mi'roimdnd bivn hud hit i^tiirni^d to thv reli' 
^ioua vicwd ill ^hioh iu> hud t'«un brought 
up. Ho WIU1 haptiJAcd, iidtnitted to ft ChnH- 
tinn churcht and uduruttd hla profeaiuu> 


Anothvr, aft«r b«ing ediiofit^l iik th« prin- 
ciploD uF JiVfrinh <rrthodo;cyi «fv4 oxfiCHod to 
the induuui^ of iiiGiJvl iMtftOctHt;i»u uiiil [fiiio 
tfj<fi, and VuviimArf>gftn]]f«i4i-if a|] ndi^on And 
thi> HerL'ikTit cit Kin, TJu^iugh VAriauii Rci>noH 
on tho vontmrtit of Kiiropo, and with ibo 
Fri'ncli Army, lui inirsiwid hU utigfxWy txnir^i^ 
until Ood in morcy hid th« rcxS of ntliiction 
hoavily upon iiim, Dniid unnt to him tho moG- 
floifc o[ Bolvntion by tho lipj ul'iMir minaioQATj. 
Ill' lUTfrived the Truth in Eliv \uv*^ uf it, and 
both iu buulth Li[id in much bodily !ilT!iL<tiuii 
hv mamfcotod its povor and ODJDyi>d ito 


QndttSng othM^ c«m«m «i|imlly intpraiding, 
WA would r«f«r to that of an I«i-LK»lito ux 
rfiffioctikblo cirotiCMtaDCM whoi ivb«u fimt 
vlnitoil by tbo luiMaoaory, kni^w aul and 
wni^ht not iho wnyof salvation ; nml if ho 
had hopoi.. bailt th^tm On tliO Mlid. It 
plcoiioi Clod to opon hiii fiar> to tbo TValh^ 
ilc fclb biurtclf JL h£nni>r', nwd the Ntivt 
Tf<-ttiLm(!Dt ; and, *^ lu ho niad," laid tho 
MiKaioDftTy, ^* bis faith tioi'ntno (utttinncd : bo 
rtivr frwh beauty in tho Momic dinponevitiou, 
lljou^b it woa now oEnnr tu hiui that it hud 
givpn plftf* to 11 hriglil^i- and Iwlter, uiid 
that lh» Mt^Lih, Iho iKmfliiiiini'ktion of ii\], 
htd np|;«uvd, iift wiw prc-pbi*«lod of liitu* 
In tbU HlatA, hnt. imnnMjnng in liffht, be rvtn< 
tlauod fijr somolimfton asoc^pot dii^eiplo, hnv' 
ins lur( #ou] lirmly fixed on tho Itoi^lt o^ btft 
saVatii^a i until God, in IIjh iiifinilv wjhdoui, 
Kiw tit to ctlII ni« iHTW'horn tnn io llii 
hmvvitly inhpritiinco^ ilo cudnrvd tho 
miilorin^- *>r am'otivl wt^oks with the mut 
pci'fvcl rcfti^cutioa to ba bcjivtuly Hither** 
will, ftitd lre<]nent]y tronwnwd with m« 


Vtmiori^a ^f GoFpsl Triumpha ammg Hie Jews. 

•olution^ 'I know thiil my H»iltM*in*ir liveth' 
wiu< hl0 favQuritu quotittioi^. Ev>>n in his 
liuit moiEiDnlA ho daAjHwl my liiLii^L. tTid m- 

liu hiKl only uttereit tho worii*, ■ I kncWn" hin 
f*trMigUi fftiltd Tbf^y wen* iis* Wt wot'Hp<, 
:uiil ill a ftw iijjiiiiUv*iiff4'j' liU »«titrU flr^tU 1 
had never Hfpr i1««tli bftforc, Mnj my LoAt 
«>[kl bo like hiH r " 

The British Society, the Mother oC 
tbo ^etiierlwd Society. 

On Oi^iol*!- iOlh, IMCt, our fn«aJ, Mr. 

VoK, of AmkU'nbni, wrote '. — 

" Thu fullowTii^ ifty wo atteT}dfd the 
tuootiiijj. wlien, fttUT itn* tlincujflioo of oiiv 
or Vwi] IfipiiTH^ tilt cjttixijiisilt intuit uf ii 
Notbflrliind Sodoty for thi» PropngntEitn ot 
the <lo*pol ftmon;; the Jew* wm propow^il I7 
Dr, Cift|«tlo*o; tiio motion w&a ici*u?rAlly 
vnll isvaiv^itl. W» ha VI* nuide finitl 
nmvnffDmontK with l^r. Ufk CC8t«) who htu 
ojifTcc^ to tnko Lho ovtTttifiht of Uoh4T>, v\ih 
tlic lielp of tha Coiuiiilttv>o wKich ifl to bo 
fonuctd iti coTmwtiim with thoir own Scirii»ty. 
Xho Hvv. Mr, Jftraiftinoij, thu rpucopil 
miiUAtcr &t AtDAt^riliiMf, ih vt^iy kiiifl lo 
Co}»oii. Jiiul »(i amy I'Xifvl thn oo-o(K'intioii 
of ChriKtiun friviittfl m Jlollnml. I r.hiiik it 
axuw for joy tLftt tho oicrtion* of our 
fioL'itfty fthotjUl hptvo htit I nl up tlie Dntt'h to 
wJ[iA KWiiy till' lUiiii of riuLiomhl iniii0V'i^U(W 

... "I AVOW to yoUt wry <icnJ friL'TnIsj 
tlmt yjur Jionl. yuur hi^IohL dwi™ to bu 
UAt^fvil to tlio i.iikiMi'eii o^ AlimlmTn, \uiv*^ 
ikwnki-u«d in m& :h wry d^p ikn<l hi^^ly 
eiuotioiL ; you hnvo t^xultt^l in tun u lioly 
JuuEauH^^ Ni>! I u»tui>t MjtViL thht. ttil^ 
j^Vmmri HhonUl i^emnfn up&ii Th« UhMsimnK of 
HoILaiuI, that it nhoulij be our brt^thrcn of 
KfigUiiil who piity, work, imd fci^d forth 
ialjQiLrara iiiUi Ilulijiud, whilr wf? coiiUiit 
onr?;elvBfi with lumti^ yon jii Jiptbn- W« 
must cibftolutoly wipo oft thia dingi'iipc. Wo 
liope to be abl« lo antiounoe to yon tUikt nM id 
in mit-ivity [ ut^ In this iiwppti ; vwty 
month u'o slinl! hiivi.^ u pniyi-r irii?i^iri|^ for 
Isriwl, (I folporUiur will b*^ i-'iupJityr?-! Uy i>nv 
ftclvcft, jiinJ I beii yon to tvi'i ti** b> your 
courLfieU, yoiir priyycn, yimt tim't^, In t>rilor 
thiLt a\iv litUd Society ficiiroeEy horn muy 

. . < Our pnjt^ nevtiiigs 4r« hidd 
rvgulurly in Kttvsml lowiw; Hw dutribating 
of Bih\tM continued a« well OA tJiAb 1^ tnct«. 
Tbu Jt*>n» un> greatly excite by tUo mbbu, 
who hikvt* ikjtounGeil iu l\» nynA^of^uo both 
4>tiivAlvi« ;in(1 cmr wdtk. W<! i^nntruuti to 
pi'rty l»oMly, looking trpwuHs to Him who 
iMti ftlotio oj><in tho boATt. llic tic'ld mujtt bft 
wffi; bufiJLi' t)iL< fniii,4 of hurviBt can b« 
rMiiwd. Wii luiviT bt'^un MrhouU for JdwMi 
ohildran, taid tbU very liny my hmtt hiw 
been dooply &ff(»bed in liBtcuitii; t4> UiLrinUan 
hymrid tiint' by Jl-wibL thiMiPu. Tho tiuni- 
bar is ™ry biiiaH Ht pr*i**nt, bjiT. my #ipeH- 
uEic'13 hofl tAu^ht mo thftC nil that codim Itota 
UoU ltlL^ u cnri^or wmt^wtuit lik« thftt oJ tho 
8on of Hod niiiwoir, whow biimilmtion pT9- 
o^dtfd HiH gl<ii'y- " Through thacroi«t to tb^ 
iTowij [ Uiroagh tho comhut to tho viotorr!** 
Tho maiti (.'( iwo<^ tifl# in it 11 pnndpl« of . Lifo 
whSrh Rxtj'Mtlji jind de^'elopHi* ii«Jf. 

ilow rajoiwd I hiive been in i«utng the 
bl«f«iiie« vhiob Hod ginuita to yo^ir ^ocioiyl 
Mfty llr multiply tbem ranch moi'ol I pray 
that Hn iiiny gmirt ua to \ovi* i^neh othrr 11* 
brothroUT und Lo vunUiiti v4k<ih oithvr by for- 
vent pi-ikyoiif* lMi«vi< in ih*^ litiacliuivnt of 
yonr brulhm" in lIjq frtitb^-CAPADijaK. 

l*jril>]tKT BICI.ATE0 111" I'll. CArAl>OfiB> 

** 'i*bt Jews aomHimw diHiilAy & iofly prui- 
ciplr, wiiii'h abowb thitt tiiv l>jiini? li^C 
Lnd»t^ Ainon^ thf.Hti, ulthotiub fiTcpiently ron- 
CL*aJod Uy theoM iiiciiiiitEktSoTi4 of ItAhbinfoaL 
iufititvttii>n<*. Ju toy ovii family an intcrOnl- 
iM^ auj oliAnwtorwtie tdcldciil tx«uuvil. My 
wort.hy gifrndfuthfti' w^u it man of ^taas 
-u^iiHibdity and ix wiLrm hgnrl, but eiwily 
oxcited ict wijitl). lln hod a brother, wboBQ 
lir di-iu'ly lovnl. Onv diiy tliey foil iaU> n 
i1i*piil«, nml Piich returtiMl to lun hoinia m 
aj\gav. Tbiit hapfmncHl on n Friday. At Uio 
evening drew iioai, my good ^iLndmotlior, 
who vna. aiJot^iL'i' MiirLhn. full of iu.'tivity, 
bugiin to [Uhki.* props r^ilionH for the )^bluith- 
dny. ' Oumc!, dttur JopHpli/ ttin' t^xchimitd^ 
^ (Jir night IB u|j(>iijtulii[k^ ; conir nnd light 
tlie HaUmth Umii.' llttt he, full of MidnoiA 
und fUi^iiL^ih, ootihnued to walk up iird down 
the room- \\\f j^hI wife npiike i^pun in 
ruiiiuty. ' tki.', the *tai* lue uli«iily nhiiuug 
in thfl rirmMrncnt of the l*imlf and our 8ab- 
Lnth lump w not yot lighted." Thou my 
;;:tiiTL<ifiiihui' took lii^ hat. and cano, undt 
i--\'idi*iitly ujn*'h tixaublej. luisteiicd out tjf th« 
hoUHo, But in IL fow momoiitj; ha rrilnmod, 
with ttHLiK of joy in hla ey^s. * Now, fleor 
Hcbcccft/ bo cxokimed, ' now I wn iT«dy/ 

Thf* Siorff of the Co^ltwww^ 0/ « Jttv. 



1!q mixHLUd hiH j^ruyur. Anil with ylndutw 
li^'htwl thto RnbNith Inmf. TUn harolfltod 
UiodupiiU which ocouPTod in llio ntominf;, 
adding, * I FQuM net priiir nmi light xay iniap 
Mon bei\niitti^ nwimi'ilrt<) with wy liiDtltr 
I^Hjk^ ' * But bow diJ yuu iuaML|{<T lo Ju it 

fut mucli itoubM u r »u; Hq cciuld not 
begfa ^be Babtuttli Mtber wiUimit bMOiuiug 
ivcoDcUsd wlUi nk«. 80 we ruot iu fK«^i4tr«^t: 
bo wfLfl conuQir to mo and 1 wiw goutsi to )^^">i 

Aiiil w^ uiu lo wmb i»tbv]'» niiH^ uud,'" 

tliraugh wl^ich we tany f«a CLot only Che for- 

Kiviii^ Hiiirit of tV9 itnctmviirU^tl Jt'M-f^ but 
lilsa tW hnniuiful Bpirit which iLnfmiiial Dr. 
CnpadfiM tiiinP4>If, ono c( tho noblest of 
Ch^i■^tmn lM'ftr^litc:«> who Jiiincd at nothiug 

lovod qU miLnkiod, nud wbUv onJunrrg tb« 
rigony of tho croBV, oxolaiuiodT " Fatbt-r, 

Dr. CftjMidtw*. of tb« Hflgw, and Dr. Da 
C4)8l&, oT AuiBturdaui, both c)!' th«in nWke 
diirtiiipaBhtKl Ut-brow Ubri0tuimi,wftruoorr««- 
pujitliitg m«iiibvrB vt Ibv Cummillei* tjf the 
Eritiuli Sndftf.v, i4t»d thfl foiirulei* nt tho 
" Setherlaiii] ^io<'i«tJ' of JIViciidt to I*«l»L" 


TJIK fcdWiog njirmtiveuFthr ccifivnrninD 
of u Jvvr tuuy tv tnktii lu tbo [latti^ni 
of the ('oti\^rtion of thoU£llIl(l^ brought nboiii 
bj tbe itifilmuitntnlity of thcf Uritifih Hodaiy 
duriu^ tlie Ibmi. fifiy yeitr". 

It (^'u« in th^ uioiith of July; tlitir« but 
\Hivn A Willhkiii Juy, dxiriai^ which tbe rvitpeni 
hud bv«ii bunily vupi^ud m cutciug duwu lh« 
golden rtc|ih wiih whk'b tbe Seldi w*<tv 
mbly ludftii ; but now tbo bibourt of lh<3 
fctubjiridiikftD wciv otpr, Snud the txtnj which 
hfld l-f^^rj frbmiug »it]i(jut ft di>iul, WfW Kink- 
ing bflotv tb? hori^iOTk, At. I Wiir wnlking 
alowly down n bouut:fiJ ouuniry liittOi wiw 
oDJoying the cvenjn^ caItu, a.u^ Vtbividns 
to the little w^irblei-s whn V'^jv to hft »mm 
b«TO uid theiM wiuging iboir Way imd Hfliog 
tip thwr vtnoe to ccbbmlc tbdi- Mak«]-^A 
ptftiA^. I began to picture lo mytc*Ef tbuMxiiu 
uf rejoicriig when the (jmir3Aifib.lion iri miiilc 
tbftt ih& h^i'vext of tb« wi>rJd U ripe, ncd the 
litigfilH t)inihl lu thiJir eickle to gulhf<r Jiilo 
U»: hvuvvu]y ^iiMivr h1! the [^i^ciuuh sunla 
which bnv« HppneJ nnd^r Ihe^iLinl inr1»eiio#M 
of the l^unol righteoiLiinegjL, 

A^ I went on the old pftrbb chnich cjliuo 
iiit^ viow, nUuidiii^ tt little Uk my Irf t ; il 
w*H iiiirroimd*H5 hy gravcstnne^r in«Ay of 
tbi^m hctirin^ tbo impiVE^ of age, nnd I 
tbo<ighl of tbo numbers who wtre nluniboi- 
iik^ ill lite dutil. V'hu, like t)]« ctinu hiiililH-Lm 
cnt tifiwji rinvei- ninre to rin© till lime nhiiU 
Old, hilt whik tkt lb»* iii?!Lt duy will bi.> Uko the 
gmiti wbkJi brid \mvi[ K>jvtu benubth tb« dual 
of thi* ejirtb, unly !-» *i|hjiiig forth into new- 
oeAfiof life, 

Whilft thei:c thought* WOT* cccupybg my 
miud, the heftveoe had beci^m'i bUi:k wltb 

rloudKf atui n »Ujvm w&a evidently ut bnml. 
Tho I'aiti *oon aiiue flown in torrouttt, tlw? 
diutiug Huofi of halting; dnu&lud the vyo. 
ruid the tljLUidt^r clap that folIowt.<J woa loud 
luul loTig. My iiiUhin^M vit-rv ovt*r, and 1 
btiiftQnoJ for fih#E(«r tA th^ |iorch of tbi> 
Booi-td btiildjtig "H-tioro Aoverral hjid ali^'aJy 
t&keii jvfuj^ri Uidvc^t it waa a frequvut 
re*ort in lltn^ of hUtrm. AiirT niftny a 
traveler had nko found it T«fre«bt»g lo 
n^t theTir for a wbit« when hiH fiti-er^ftb 
WHh well^nl^h Fxhaii^W by Uii^ length of 
hLfl u*alk nnd ^h» bent cif thr min, 

Anionjp^t tho nniobor of thoso whom I 
foiii)d cullcctcd horc« woa a man of ifrvcicntial 
uppfuimncit rxtid oriontnl coKtmiH'. 1 couliT 
(^Lfily di<^DVur tbnt t<< v.iui of Dhut unciDiit 
raco wboAu oouEiU.^tmnct'b licr^Dcikk Uxoir 
B[]C(»try. and ^ho cull lo uur irrollt^ctku^ 
Kgypt and Cjinaaci, Sfiniuel and David^ 
propiivia and fir-i«hlj^ J^ftnit^ luid Jiiri upOBtle«c, 
Bt^iiig f^n^tioim io koovf tuoi-o of him, 1 intro- 
duivd myhelF it^ u ftiem.! lo tbe JewTs i^u^i «fl 
or^ wlio was in tbe consLiLnT hnbit nf n>ading 
Mc^<8 and th3 Pfopbeta- I M>on foniid that 
liiA vlvwi^ wcr£ difleieE^t from what 1 AUticU 
|vit\n1, for lin fii^cly Hj>oko of the n<^w 
eox'onanl nu«io with Ahniliiim, rtitorat«d to 
Jftaao and to Jacub, Lud fiilHUod in tbo 
[icrsoQ of Jccnin Chnst. Ud my ^pcakiQE of 
ItoJrt d«m]ingf *itb Hlh jieoplc, with the view 
of ulioiting hid txpt^HeacD. h« Mid : 

*' I WM bora in ■ — , of Juwuth paiDntu, 

wbfj tnu'ly langLt m^ Uj Tulue tbi' prtsinpta 
wbith wen* ^iven l<.i ow forefjifhtiH, whilst, 
on their viay to CHLaaii. lbi>y woti» 
wamiorer«tn nn uninhibbited laud, i grew up 
Whevlu^ tJw study of thv La>v as evt fortl^ b^ 

V 3 


M«marm of Go»pd Trivmpfa amonfj tfi^ Jrws. 

of Oc><I, Mu\ thf» Ije^t trrxlv of mrikir^' uum- 
iwiiwtinti for thn HfnA to wlitcb &i}^ nKttjr* 
mode nao prono^ nnil wl»ii:ti [ found to clirt^ 
to mc. cv«n when Pri^netl In M^onjt dii;i«?s 

Imt I hiiviiinrn Irarnwl tlint ihnrfiUThotJiirt^ 
vital in mbbmum, nud thrttr hftd 1 ttriclly 
cbfervwl nil ita onJinfinCc*, my Mill Wowld 
luLTi»iL'muiiicd uiicIl'oijbl'cI ; I ixjuld noTr ihuh 
liAViA be^c jutitGc^ (vfon* tiorl Hud hr 
cnlltd mdtoii&ioount Tbilfrt m thut fU\X^j boiv 
nnhtxl And vib uiifHr I bavc nt>p«iiL-d ia his 
Btj^lil ! fiiii ijovr iLtf luU.' of my Hedwuier'ti 
righteonsne»i* iJi njr r-nvwring, arifl my *ini* ap* 
wiL^hodawny by Itia blood- * Ub, to gnu^ how 
gnnt A dubtor ! " Ituforo, liowmrr, tliM ('tian^:* 
t4x>k plaua, I felt dbMitbfit'd ivttli myMf]t, mu] 
sought to my blind bw.d«i« for dirwtion, 
ond to fL Btill more dili^rtt obcKiTAncc 
uf tbo trailitiona of tbo fotW* for comfoit. 
Fniliti^ iii luy ub!i;rvn.aL'ctH iw well n.t in tb« 
[wrfrtiTnunfe of mnntw^ wijiiSnt'd by thono 
to whom I hinl ti]ip)ftd for couiuhI, idv 
f(N^lmtC« of diwiiU^fucl ioii iiK'^'OM^dt and I 
bfgon to tLiiik ihnl Clif^Lv W44 HE^Tii^tbtri-r 
WAntin^ in order In Inio ii^Ti|itinn \vhirh I 
had novor jct Icund, My diltmion miiy b*r 
bettor ixmwii'ed thiui di?wnt)od, fur I bul 
tn iwaLuad Imtb with n mind iiwnk*>npd Tj> n 
ooiiM-ioimavnt of iu own ovil Uiidi*nci»« anrt 
with the ri'bukrn and rcmtiiwtiviiico:* <ii my 
piiKEkl for hlWiin; miTMlf Icj ){ivt? wny lo 
»iirh ll|iEiI'iLiiJ|^ tlu>tii;hU. ttk flipw rir^-iim- 
MoflOBM L bo^ii f^ indulge! & rccrcL mchnu 
tion to li*'l<in to thi> if|xnU*d ^ntrcatic^ of a 
dottj Cbtix['biik fnoud Ur Msitx'b iuU> llir 
TniT.Ji iif hill rnll^rm ■ T.hfl [iii^jiiiliwH nf tti* 
Jow now row up, and i foai^t U«t J should 
b# touifrtcd to fon!>ako tbri rrli^ioti of wy 
pvnplo, (Ujd w iui^iir Uio dinplri^u^iiiv' of lui 
iitigTy OikI, On fiirlbvr thonj^ht I f?lt 
pt^TVUadcd tlu^t I ootild tsuoti dirtctt ih& fnlnn- 
bood of C'brUtiwAity, and prove thiil. all 
^hi<.'l] i» Niid ill lift rnvoLir ii without mi}' 
solid ffiiindAtior. WIfli tbfuui fi-ttlifiga 1 
eeoiiuxl IX iittE« timo for wbtudo, nitd for Ibi.^ 
£nit ttiiio iLi my ]ifooi>«a«d the Kcia' TiKfk- 
niout. T felt nii ird«M:rih4blo cbill niriaiiijuf 
throu};h luy v^in* wb«n 1 cftEa» to tbi> njiiito 
of JofifJE': thiii. bLTWovor, dubmdcd, jind find 
icg nothirtg to c^Qulitv mc nl once tc^ pio^ii U 
mi i III post uri.', ] eontiriHpd hf, pnruuil. f 
wuK niarllinl by ihv minkdcfi wliioh it 
rMTOnlts ^■■t' liUribiited tbom to the kiicw 
leilj^e wliicli Jo>i]^ lubJ &CL|uiL'ed tif Cj^bbn-kkh 
or luyHtii." H'inuL'e, S(«<ij, bou'i'wr, other 
«cctua«&t« took pousMsioQ of my mmd, imd 

I begaa to think of Jcviid in a vtfjf dift^mmt 
light frt^u wbitt T hiitl bttb«i-io dono. 1 
rwi*oin-d ihii* witJj (Tijwlf t ■ Hviyt i* n man 
devoting bitn^tJI T't lb* valfaTu of hij; fr-tUiw- 
croatiutiAt willing to IIto poc-r a<id needy that 
he iiuiy prrfiiUEi acIa of bonevulonce. nvid y^ 
ropfliving nmrn nnrJ fflmtninpt in rBlum- 
Surdly motv huiann cotuio c^tild Ticrer hftW 
}innic the iwijirht of opprcuioii And cnieHy 
that wiiA beapcri upon hiiu," I now bnvime 
tnorn ivc\:rnriUHl U> nml fAaiilLhr itilh tlw 
Unguu^ of Uie Now l'««tiLin«nt, and b#giiu 
to rrgfird Je*iiH ft* a xtU'y prAlMvoKfajr 
L-lituiicL<-i\ Krum ibii^ 1 wiut Itnl to rtuJy. in 
oiinnfijfiti with it, thn jirophiviiA of Hik 
Htifrenn^And d«ath; Chii»t At kn^b (puiMsd 
the victciy emd bacaoMf toy Lord ftckd 

ThP ttotut hftd now itubsihled, thr mvninr 
oalm wrifr rcdotcd, and uU nature roniu 
^tppcAital to b« refrnhri. 1 vriut roattadcd «if 
tha mrying f-iperienm of tbo ClirMlJAu : Lia 
Koiil j« now ili^rk^oeil liy tbe clouds of un- 
belir^f And dTtpondenc^y, or b« is, iwltAp«v 
bof^etl to And fio by tho iiMfinf bfllovv of 
tenipt^itiori, »hiHj tbreuti^ii 9H]r«>Mly dostmo' 
t\cn ; bill. pt-eiHontly tbo douiU diiqionaa, tbA 
l)tltow» atmoc to TAfcc, and the beam* of bi« 
beftvridy Father'* countoniuico abiiic fortli ; in 
thf light of wbinb he i* onftbbd ta tvjtKC^ 
with A joy unfppftk.iblo nnd full of glory. 

Tbn riin cciLMr^. our littfc c-orapauy, vbo 
hud beoit llilplLJIig whb nppUYTut ujtf^'ent to 
thit itjiUariiHitA of my Jtnvi^fi friHiid, W;i,'nn to 
HOpar^iU*', and ah lie uL'-o win- iuixioljji to lio uii 
his wny, btin*; iNiwillini: to hwfi wbut 1 con- 
^ideivd tb<*MibMniii;e. or «>l'L^ cf bj* history, 
1 h*bi>d peiTnisiion fj» n^criinpnny hJin [wrt. of 
bin joumoy, wUioh ho grantoi, niid tbon 
coiitiriLiod ii* nurrntivc. 

" I now mw it my duty, in obniimcoto Ui* 
onlitiAnro of th» fiOrd Jifctin. to mAice n pn>- 
r^rvion it my I'Ailb, and to nubmit to tbo rite 
of ImptifiRi : thJB l^i] to &D inwnrd j<trug^, 
inv my fnuiily bad eApr^^ed tbeii' detvnni- 
tiiilinn to liHoiHb inn fmm thflir pmwnfv and 
iioui^e iP 1 cn't^n oontinn«>d to mr|uim conc^ro 
in^ tb'> Tmth of fbrntiAniiy ; and I could 
iiot Lib LiriHWA[-<r tlmt thEiy would isny Lhinr 
detai-minsition Into iminodiAto eOWt khouM 
I makrt A public piufo^on, 

" 'tUfr tUouijht of Lknitdiinonb from Ukmo 
wlirim 1 tcndurly lo^ni T felt to bu iiviir- 
wlLQimin^'. but tben the wot-dn ojtzne into my 
mind, '' il'-' tliAt luVL-tb fulbn^ror ruotJifir 
lEioiL' iliAii inc, ib nut woiiliy of mi-" I mM 
ti» Tiiy<flf, Oh t\\ni 1 bjid nevt-r bfvii lH>m 
a Jew, thai 1 iiAi bpcD tho olt'-prmg uS 

The Sti^ qf tfta Ootiva-BiTn of a Jew, 




ClirUtkn pmntA ; liow nliould I Hevvd vnlued 
tJi* pnvila^i and thpn, TiiorMiv^r, I fihcjiilil 
havo •ftcnpcd tbo timtbtv nnd nuxivty wbioh 
MTO now <^o]rji|i^ upon inL\ Ktifl 1 frit thiib 
JmiB munt be ulffij'cid and futlowed wLui*- 
HOfit'^r He IbaiI^, \t^ It l.lmtiL^rli pri'>K|M*rJiy or 
ftdverwty, tTinl or tprnpUtiDti, tfJii-ow or jov, 
{<«■! oovtld not recoivo IfimnHmT Lotd with- 
out doiii}£ tlii^ Mnrtj^s wliicl; 111! >4iyh : And I 
WRfl milcii comfrrlfld imd fvucoaiTififliJ hy thir 
tironiiBe» * When my father and mother 
lorvikc me* then the Loid will tiike aic up.' 
ThiiH fttroiigtb*^nMl. I <UiLtirmiii('il to j{o f'lr' 
wnrd, nod to comjiii-r through Him wh*> wil) 
bo moro to VM ihtin all uartlilv giKMl; btit 
till* mvlution vmn utAdo iu m^ own tilrac^tb, 
Will floOTi j^*i" w^y Lipfore the jK>wer nf tlic 
nMimyt )ui<l I f^urUi into ft t(tM» of fiiitiinonea*, 
in whifrK [ loitrnod my own ultcir holpleM- 
tiAA, I IjHil. iudeeil. )i.^vcil tit dn aII In the 
■nvngf.h of th" l^rd, biit soon foimd I hJLd 
not placed in Him thnt full eonfidtnu'© whk-b 
loftdd the mind to look habititaltj' to thu 
Btrong foi- fiti^eEigth- Detrplv ftrliug my 
vaiAcieat. I wdr^ ted nl IvTLf^i-h iifrv^Ii to tlit< 
Ihroo* oE ^fAM| mid L unk^l for ii>heA'«ii{ 
Btr^netli, whiL4> I iTi<iuifv>il, ti»:h J Ji^liI olt(*r 
dyi;^ wf uit*. ' Li>r"d, ivliiil wilt liin'ii }i;*»v im' 
to dot" The wmilii rf ^^riptiuro now njimp 
tomt hotiTt xvitli iri'*Bwl(bl» pow^r, '*Arvia, 

Aild W Impll/.cd/ 

" My niixicty l> nut IhO Im d«At'ii1ii^l- Th* 
limo had flvitlortly iirrivivl wh"n i pnhMc 
profocuoti of Uhrlitiamty wiu indinponinhl^, 
if 1 \rtnild hp indred ft difldplt of Jdus, niid 
bu tTtl^abliFthtN] ill thv fruth- J:**iil!y uiiiviiitied 
of rny Aitty. T ivwnt r. ih(* rhriwrmi) friend frt 
whom L hHV^ vilrwkcly roCon-ocI, nud tohi him 
iLc tin-i'i[i«tJiri^pj' 111 which I wnf* pt»<;«d> 
"Hv HiLlAmd into i;]y fexEiiif^s, re^ttvii^Ll iiinny 
of our Lirrl'n injiLnctionn with n^rd to 
■todfAjitn«»» aiid ur^tid tbd importancto of my 
dvclnriug my fjuth to the church and to tho 
wrsrld, t[< w^Lb a mliLvd umumnt ; my nlniM 
of mind VH'f mrh U4 iiC'iiv onn fully ivulijiv 
but thoH".' whrj JiftVL* vKpenercwl itn He who 
•i,e(itch»i the \i^''ti\. \niil Irietb llie i^iiLPn wiia 
ftlrnmr thn unly <on* vUio kiipw c.f my fnitli 
111 J^iii- ; f"V iinlika my ht-^thp»<n <d ukl, of 
i^'honi it waa i^iitd, ' TJitM pe^fih' iliitwi^th i\\%h 
unto inc with tUrir month, vhilo thHi hviiit^ 
HP* fw from inf/' my hiuiH wiut with Him, 
though my Tf>ngu(> nivmo'l unwilling lo con- 
itm it. But, on reading the o^vouot of 
l*hilip Ati*A bliP vuuuoli, l|j4* vrorJi ' Whnt 
doth hiiiiV-rT* HHftmeil n rehuk*- fKr'^twl tJi 
in«i fram ithov^, and I nnw imi^lvtd DO lotif^cr 
to «tAud uloof Ei^i) the oomfuit^ of the 

Go«[>el, ythkh ore only oiint whila in tli9 
|uiih of obrdipiico, A fid through UiviJie 
a^BUinot, to fklAtLil or fnll uiid«r tht.- Ijni)ti(kr 
of ('hriDt^ and to be lofidy to duflbr, if (hLIc*^ 
to LTi. fur Ilia lumti'rt Nikis 

■*Aft*r iJiii* I took tho fir*T fipporliinity of 
tfommiiiiKnttU); my wuh U> An «flt«omod 
minister, who for nytna tLmt^ l»d taken an 
intt^tvHt tu my ut^lfui'v, aivl undcj' wbu-« 
jit^lruntjonifl 1 had liAfii gradually tiLU^ht tliu 
dfx^trincwof Htm irhoi^ci ntiim^l cmcc r^g&rdad 
wit^li alKimiEUktioni btit ulioiu i now saw to 
bn thn rJiiiTf »imon^ iviu thmisuid, and alto* 

Sjthor lovoly. Tho dny mid hour w'ptv in 
no timt? tiin>d for tho nd mini stmt ion of tho 
Hicrcd orJJnam^a i niul when thoy cuuc, 1 
wiiK eiiriblwd, bt^fore n kirgv «»4^niblj, to 
dwfftro what thv Lorfl hnd donfl tor my wid, 
and how Hv bi^d opened luioo oyoa to fiw> tny 
dtiu^i^r, ?iud halt tftinbled iitn to floe to thd 
r'efuff<>, und e*<^p« wrath tnrnmir 

*'lt vrua A AoloRirk aMiflDin, 4 tuno whiob I 
hbriJl never forffct, and n dtroko which, 
tiitju^h it Hfvorod ute from kiudrvd liud 
frtendrL, uiiitnl mo more olu^i^ily to J^iim. 
Boing no LoOf^r uhkmod of Hiiti, I ffllt iik I 
never f<*lt before my ri'l^tionfthip to luid 
iiitri'v^l in }liuu 

•' My j»ari*jiU utA I'elfttlvpfl bi»rjimtt in- 
eruu^ntifity litnr to mt-, nnd my htmrt y<'nmfd 
for their ftnltntioii ; no in>j"7j'ttuiity <tcupvd 
witlioiit, Tuy |H)]ntin(c them, tlu-in^iii thw typw 
ATid ahadiiwfl of th« Mokjnic dUpcinxntior], to 
Hiui who WAH tci *takft awny mn by tlvft 
r^/tm-inco of HituHvlf.'^ On cntciing lb<< room 
milt morninji whiHf thny wero ailting, 1 fcur 
indignntion liopiotod in thvir i^ountfrnnnnw, 
and ^oon dJaoovorLNl th&t some oim hod 
jnformtil them of my baptutm, by their 
n^kinj- nif^ if it nr«re rtot n fftlne mport. I 
nn^w^rprl in the n^gAtit^^nnd waa proeMding 
to wphdn the motive hy which I bad b«*n 
led to Uk* ^iich A Jdop, when I wu HJlMio«d 
hy my faih^r, wlin row from bi:* soit, tuid 
j<ft«r bittor 4'Xcbiroation* ajiiinst .fwoa and 
His failowciM, rent hia pinuifnt, and 
jvddrn*-«."d mil in the moat nwful lAOjriiJtir^, 
giving mri ov4»rtn evcMmmrininkt.hiti, iiud to lio 
)i«rMiit«ir cjunijIpiYd ji* il^ad by orniy 
mMubor of the i'amdv ; at th« sntno timo ho 
obviii'vd m\^ of hi>« wUitLii£ii«84 to fL^rgivrr and 
to r»'tt,L>rfl m» U-* fiirnnflr pai*iiTv»l Itive if I 
would h^it ftk-unt. My moth#i, wb" t*II UiiM 
tinio hftd bocn icpictaiiij; hw cmotionn now 
bap»t forih iuio n dimd of tcnm, f^i|h>wii.ji 
T.hmn with Miph npr^wtioni' of niiiii auil 
contempt ai my fathm- hnd omilt*il, an^t yot 
expiTsiinjj bet wiliingncwtojoin witli him in 


Mfftn^&t of Go»pd 2WVmjVU amtn<ff the Joiw. 

f&i^ff nw Bgam « TT«lcx>mo U> the accuji- 

tOOM fhsn 111 h«^r hlT-cLiririE^ Tlio rtj^pinl 
m OArtthrpOR«rLifl ; if I Wnd liuen |x>4WMhI of 
woridft, &iid t)i4> pnrtinf; with thvin would 
h*VQ duU^ilU<J Ihmr Krivl. I tuirlJ iaaUv 
hnvn rAnoiincj^l thAm nil, Tltit mySAdoiir f 
itHt tc preciAUHi thAt it wib4 unnou^bl^ for iiia 
toiULCrifliw HiA lovo for a}\ tJio invitAtioiM And 
promirvji ijf cftrthly pjiivmU- Finding tJjnL 
l)ipy rrniM not nhnko tny atUfbiront l*> 
J«vnji> nnd thut thor wopo ud4>>[o to win m^ 
bft«k to what thoy tcrmoi tho rfili^on of ray 
faUuuvv U»?y JiscitnliHl uin, nnO furbniTi- loy 
^▼W entering iiit<i Mu^ir jTnwL'iicv iif^iii : dub 
ftmidvl Hill ihv ^rtica of Dod urovvd m}' 
Mipport, aiid £ l?nJ« adivu to kiudreiL and 
to »ll tllftt ttJUi rlrur Ui rii«^ Iti niV 
native ooiintry, f^»ntiiig it aj\ hcit^oiii- to 
rnitTor Tor Him wbo Jmd doiia >o marli for 


^*F™m thnnrvT l.p*v^llwi t*i , whein T 

wttlod for Kotnti timfi, A-od found initiiy datir 
Uhrirttiiiu friojulfl ; \\ui c-irvtimritancrai pcovm^ 
uikfftvu Limbic to my con Li nil Alice. I pri>iT<Hicd 

to I^D^liutd. And hvre> b^vmg bmt«d nt th«> 
end i.if my journir<y. I intHt bid yuii 
iftitfii. villi, hovorcr. rcjrjjniig in thtf fftith^ 
ful»c«e of a oovoixnur kwpiii^ Uod^ mnd 
on n rwievr of thv p«tli by itKk'h 
T hnvfi hAATi Itfd^ (tfAirin^ 1a raLM snotlwr 
slonA of £lwcL4rs«i- to Hu praif*. I Eoavo you 
with iho full itJ«iirflnD(^ ihat, Mvod by iLo 
■uiiH? piTiriouit IJooilf W9 hliiftll A^pun join cocli 
other nbovtf*, ^nd tioito in thA«cmg of hnftvon, 
'Worthy UtboLocnh.'" 

I CMUioi doHrnbr tii^ imprcmoQ wbicb 
thla ^Im)>1i.< Ii4rrmtiie uf the dvFilifLgk uf Gul 
with n Jewish li«iit prodtKwd 0:1 my vvni 
uimd. Tho Hcbtvw hloc stood ort^ befcrv iU4> 
■4 pr^euuncntty the ohjert of ChrjViinii 
\vm[mlliy hipI ucerUun : aint I wjia M hcAh 
Ui look biiclE u> tho tinifi wti^n Zi-^n Am] Il« 
iiihftl>itftDi« wptt^ emphatically tUo jo^ of 
thi* wiioU CArtli, And fnrw»iJ to th* predicted 
fUy whnn JttnruLlrin fthnll a^Jn lift up lu 
hc^d iu pioi^ and mnjwty, mid bo^jtt *jf ■ 
Kkifi whou Kpoptiv U n^'htiTOUAQCiw, and 
who»: jpjvtatiucHt b poACe. 



ItArt.f won iK^riL on the l?]»t of April, 


tio wufi d«*jix<nd(Ht, on hi» uiothor'n kkIi*, 
ficm th^ Jrwifth family of AbudienU* or 
<}id^>n. Thtt nm-PifoTs (f 8»ii]|iM'hh Oui*«m 
wert tlw AlntilWii'** rtf Hamlmi-g ftrwl Li*- 
hoa, who WiJiv cinmciit h« Tultnudii'tj' and 
LcA ico^m pi ii-i-{». 

Snmpftfin Oiclwm, jiin., mfttrlfld (l lady N*- 
lon^tkg to thtfi Ru^^lt^y frifTiily — a fainiLy 
on'^iuilly Tiiktit^i) L>f(<vrr, thon Smith, and 
i]wi\ KiinUii,VH liit\> iliMiEi^uifljri] family 
fflmc from Frflnoo in Ihfl time of Kltjoilvllj, 
and jjottbd at Jhidlry, in Middliuox, Miiry 
Koxdlcy-WiEtnol, n gi-cAt tinxii of Sir John 
EiiT'dIf»y-Wihnt>t, Nn-.imo Sariiiwiii'ii wife, 
from whom ho lIuHv^J h\n f>L^iitih< mvwv and 
muny ohcdco pouFMiotia. in 1^U:2 li<> vnii 
vrwkteil a buixunct, ut'toi- linrin^ held na tia* 
purlnnt (^>VMl'llnlt■nt iip|HuiiLtn«iit tii liidm. 

t^ir Culling Kardk*y, Ibo •-"ibJH't of o«p 
ekfrtch, WIU4 tin- only eon ut Hir CulUn^ 
Hoiithnftbr sw'otid Wronet), by Cfaiuli^tr* 
KIUaImiIi, ilifi MKN^nd i^AngUti*!' itnd <Ki-buii' 

of Sir ftampUMi Oideon, nftormrdK T,otd 
E&r^loy. Ibw titia bc€«mo extinct in 1S34» 
ai hlh lordship loft 00 ion. In 1839, Sir 
fTiilliiifl KivhIIc^ jumnniml to UlH fiitbnr'* 
baronc?tcyf iinii became Sir Culling EardU<y 
Smith- in )81T, on U^coinin^ tlio reprv- 
fcciitativp of the Eftrdley farijily and the heir 
to Ihr- Kiipili<y ««tat^ in 1 tH ite i^f hih motibei-'it 
righl. hv rlrojifitN) th« nama of Smith. Aticl, 
by iioyul THTniiLiti4on, IooIe tho f-urnAmo nnd 
arjupof Eniilk^. It ih, to ws mccoodinKly Ju- 
ti'i'io^tin^tltAt rhn difitin^iiiiJiitd Ji^i 8nin|wim 
(^id^n, tho fpwit Kto^icbraliorf who bocnuii 
S{rHnatpM>u Kitfdloy, Bart., and than Lotil 
Kaidh^ lh<» piuMiHor cd immcnfic wmlth, 
landad nttatn; and bir^utidt** workn ot art^ 
wa« tho ffmndfjktbcT of tiir Calling Kiirdloy 
Eonlky, Ucut,, who wu0 th« c»t««ined 
l>^'ii.%TiT iT of tbv Dni.itih ^otit^y for tbp Prt>- 
pn^ition of tb«4 C^pol rimong i,h» Jevrs, and 
om^oL^ tb«> fouiidorriftnd th« fimt Prooid^iat of 
Tbr Kvnng«UrAl Alliivn<*. HiRjowiAh dc^<irTtit 
wiiH ui him A loa^iii for duvont icmtiLiidv^ I0 
CM. which fixpttwod I'twlf in cNinnoctifin 
with th<j DcLiiah Six^ioty nnd tho Evanpoliml 
Allumt^ in pmyorful^ practSoal sympathy 
rig)it iin tu tha vciy cU»m^ of Ina ourthly lifo. 

Sir Qidlimg EordUtf hUtnili'it, Bart 


lie wibi odtuvkti^il dnt at Kton. aad then 
At Oriel L'ollegv. OiforJ, ttefuiw ttr |Muuiuk- 
cf the Rtf^orm IMW, lio 4fii>^l)t uuA obbiiiied 
PnrltrLm'<atkj-y lionouru. He n|trMGni«d 
Pgtliefnict, but it yrn* uu]y for a )^r)' Bhort 
tiuw. Ilia »illUhvjui<it(. pulitiud lUrfcmU we 
regard M triiimpnfi, tuflfimiich fL4 thny fira- 
pure*! Ui6 wmv fcr bifi ontiro oom^ecriitiou to 
the bi^litv«t objoclj^ of Ltfc. 

lira VAftRli-;E AVD W^TKi. 

Tbo tnarriji(io of Sir L'ullirp EjirJky with 
InnbcHn. J[LU^'lit«r *A ThoiribH Oiin', Etq.t 
ljji:tk |>1iife on tb*» 9Ui Febni-ii^-, IH33, unci 
wi\i folloA'Ml by lh« ]iappi#Ki roaiiltd, Hotb 

a TO lh<MTi«n]vw lo ell* LoriJ wbo Kncl %ivtti 
[mhvMior til em, nil '1 tlicii to tbe fiiiiber 
njidk of llfft rrtiiMf nmoiig Jnw* nml Opiktilfoi 
tiir*>»"ghfnjt tbo world- Tho motto of the 
Hftrdlfry fomily,* y^^u nrffnj' n^lvui {'* Net for 
tiiini«lTOc nbmc ") wlw oJitptod oa the law oJ 
tholl' nhrintirin lif*', Tbin lit Hh* Inw of thn 
li)iit«ria], ntid ouglit U> tw thv law of thv 
flpiritunl uiiux^mo, 

" A .ivdtt'tn uf boiiiitiiv and I'vciprui-vl mv' 
viee* rniiK r-hiniigli it II fbi8rbftin af rri.<iiri]n^ 
It u mit fi>[- Ibo ccKul of' th« olnytbntiu 
iioarifihinf: priricipl^ an fbibcmtcd. it u 
fnrning *'lint WkrT.b Atu\ b&Hi'(*Ti h*ivy givvn 
it jiilo iieew Inr pnwnn biff>ior np, It fai not 
tb* f£nL8«0A thjtt i.i«0(] thft fl^«t]8 of gnumts to 
live itjiciik It lA not lb« jl^LX timt iit>ecl« 
flitbpp lini'ti nr lin*rtH| nil. If. prBpnns thfl 
inat<»ria1 of ih*^ one ati'l ibo athor. Not for 
ounwivos. Appio tri'Vffc ^to not c^l fipploM. 
Cotton buiibtw da not vrwr miulm. Tho 
«iifn1yptMs doeM nob ftr«tL(l mul&rm. Thn ttw 

Cnt or lh^ lufT^ pLnnl uvoii no ni^rva ■Umu- 
C, Ko#v buntiiv nvk Tto pkfi^urv in rvd 
or white, iu vxi|amLr foi ta« or p^^mt ojuutn, 
Kitiiii tbt' iiLibu lip 1^ tJin mighty trei^ ov«ry 
ftJnnt rwifbcfl np fi-om iKi* ^iirth towardt 
bwv4>ri, li^riinf wi-ittfii fi|>oii tbi- *Jip of it 
3ljmI ill (ivi>j-y Jiiuli of it, tlio hiw Ibnl. Uii-y 
hhall prnvidft not only for thr<t]iaAU««, for 

* Tlia muttu jipt>«n in ihv hilli>iritiE ir>1dflD bvii- 
ti^aep "f ri("M, «iil AFiui liitrRinodfroDirifitit ;— "Soil 
<|UiMilAm (ill |inT^ci|jifQ vti^ptimi t4t n PUVjod., Nmi 

Vindf nf . [HkTt'rEil udilL^i : \i,U\iti\ jit, Li[>uvtSri<inflj<tii<i4 
Iti tvnit MW^i^ifi^i* ul unim h-nniiiuin omiiLn cmrl. 
Liioiiit* mibMH hijajiDiiTc DftuiA tmc ipm^ruUiru nt ipi 
iutei BL*, fclli* ftlh iJroilcaac |hiaaciii , io hiKi r»tiEtAin 
(iulitfibUH 'luooEii ■x^iLi, ounnDiriicii (idbUff* id me- 
diiiin vlTUrrv. miit^itiuiMiirfBiiirinim^ iltii'li^m-iiiiLinilif . 
Tiim ^tnhijiL, mm n(h*rl^ lurn fHCiiHulHrn* ititmoirb 
hoininiini inUr finniliiu iocIrtAii>hi,"— i~tff>E^ i. J- 

tbnir own mitrition Jtml ivpuiihirtion, but 
nlinli minlMtci' to IL* iranl <»( hiffbcr thiHgH.'* 

Thi> Uw foiiml somo of it* nchoti illimtwi- 
tion* in Ukj diHUteiifwttiJ lirr** of Sir Oullinjj 
nnd LaJv Kunlley. A* tlw roml itii«<i4. 
dowa in 'tho iltplbt^ o( or^ftn, Iniihl nrrt fnr 
thcmwK-w tbt^ir U«iLtif«il ntnit-tur^* "P* 
vnaU iovni-'U Ibc li|(bt,hi down in Uk^ <Ufk 
dt»jflljti of tli<< w^flnn rtf lifp '><ir frit^mU 
Ljiboitn?() 1-o^cthiir for oth<^, ftiid ftlw»yi :n 
th*.' Jirectima of iM ^mil lloavcn, 

A« tllkwi^rm* do not. *toy id iLw cocoon* 
vrhidi thsy form, but biir*t out Tvom theia 
ruid tiiio wHnjj, not fcr th*i"«*»l^**, **> onr 
fi'iviids iJ"t f^tintifid with th*Tlr pn*t philun- 
thrThp^ ftnd rdiglouji MttiininetiiA, kft tb«m 
bf-bind, and profi«0(l on niict up tii the n^hi^^t 
nnd bftrt. Thom for nt>o«it rJU ywuv. Il^*7 
were Hpaz'T^d to »piti toircthor the «dkoQ 
thr(.<nd of 1if« wfp4f»ly nn<f wirII, ni>t fur LtH-in- 
Holv^tf alotiu bujt for otlwoi:, not f<w timo 
merely but for oUmiity- Then Ludy Kardlfty. 
Iirr hPHTt tbrohbiiLf to t'hrir*t. the ivujmon 
(wntiv, WRK ItfWMl mjjfJirr: Iben, HfWr tho 
short tomiration of three yvan, Sir f'nllinjf, 
nt t!ji> Mofltor'v call, nwended U* thO onjoT- 
nifTTit of *r rverliMtiug rv-iuiioii i:i tho 
Pflradiio of Truth nnd Lovo. 

lETK nrf.fl' Axn uivi' hbkviceb von Tns 


At lb* firJi Prihlir Mi»oHr|rof iht» Stciety, 
bv)d on Moinljiy nvoiinCf llio '2M)i of AphI, 
1«43, 8ir Culliuie Eflnfio)** njime wbo roncl 
out as II piPTTihpr of fommiltev. Tbenn uft«r 
ft f*w yonrv hftd foinennd gone, he wrtn*lwT,«l 
TrwiAUT-or, and I'LTojroiatd on I'lViid^Ht. 

Th* SovantMititb Anniinl Meptin^ wn* 
hijid in Krcomiuon«* Hull, on Friday ovnning^ 
the 27lh of April. ifdO. Sir OnllinK Eftrd- 
l«y pre^idcnl, und dolivere-J llm following 
liddre^ which |iriivi'i.l t-i W hi« lo-^T ^ tin 1»- 
bnlf of (he Soriuty :-- 

** Lndien and Centlv^uu'n, 1 hfcvo *o np«b>- 
^Ihi* for ln'iii^' Hitniew^Tiit Utf^r in my iitt4>iid' 
Aucn t\\iij\ I Irit^nilfd, b«t I h&uiv ynu, ^k itli 
tho jri"<*iM.t «irjc<»ritVt that it i< not fi-om 
wnitl of iW(i mid ilLMllinjf interfvl in ^lio 
(jii'^iinn T.lmt bvii;p» yoH r.o^-iher thiw pvoii- 
itig, which iLflu b&xHno oin' oF the pT^nt *|iu»* 
tioQB of the dny in which we livfl, naBioiy, 
tbo iHurn of Israel to thL' Oml of IjtcwI, to 
Him who if* the Hopn *if iHrftid, >VbiUt 
your Kt'port wu* heiuu i&»d, in whirh n'fer- 
vnoo iii UNi'ie to the dttrtny of thoJe»*t* 
be tht* p)¥tiL'heiB uf ChriMl uilty thnmshout 


M«rnori«a oj Gospel Triumphs anumff the Jeu's. 

Iho woi-liU in whicli 1 most fully ftod cordi- 

it,\\y tj«)i<tT«, U ljrt>U|e^^ ^^ ™T miud.a acctit- 

IiIimL I witD«H«i) 190100 FovT ytar^ Jigu in tlie 

Oity fif Roma, I wiu Htiiug hy th** tide o* 

Dr, Kjcitbf tJio gvfAt writer on prophocv, 

li^^tcainif U> the i<[)crch» whioU ftr« mihlv 

Annually cm (hi^ fvowt of iliu tlpipiiALiy dl. llitt 

CtoUvj^ of tli« I*fup»gxniU in Knnii>, wh«i« 

youn;- ^tudcntu frum s[l [wrU of lltovi'orUt 

Dom^ loivzLnl tj uLLku un(1'Li>a)t In blieir nft- 

tiTft bn^itn^t>^^(ul 41 vi^ry flrji* im.DlW'tuul 

i*xlkiti1icin ii Ih, ftltlioajfh totally dtivoid of 

uiic-tii^n or nriy loikl nOiiiiniid dhiutLcFfr. 1 

ivtu»<ujUT Dr, Kollh ^rtyiiirf. flffcct we Wl 

Irfien hhTening In i-pmrh nfu-r Ji|iwfli, not in 

tlio 'iVutonic 01" m the Scythinti toii^u*, bui 

in Icin^UA^ itll derived fium ibo old l-it4n» 

''True, it iff ifc wry iiixo txkMiMn of Khv 

powpr of lniigimg4<, but it ih mithin^ to uhAi 

wv tdiiill h&VL< whoa w« gL^t the J«vfc to >«iii< 

brAC^ Cliri^tuutiiy ; tAwu wo ^lall liAvn thcut 

liHxcluug tlia wLult- of th<.^ OAtiou^ of tho 

(*rirlL" I Hni Tior, a ffmxt prnjihat, iMrithnr 

do 1 Aar \tov Mjch And ^uch tliitipi nro to bo 

nat}iD|ili«lied( hut I bolii>(rQ, iDokiufi to tho 

iin>ciJii^ i*vi(mIa i>f ouj' day, that Ulu jtr^a will 

ho niii« ; thnl God intnndjt to niu* tlitm ha a 

mix^l'y mnc^hinc for tho otrnvtftviou oE thin 

wgvid til Chnrtt- 1 vm nbo a good deal in- 

tonvt^ hy tbu ^tatimimit iu tht B*^|kh-L. tliat. 

tha Jovn in Fiirin hEi\'Ci bot'ii of Intt* luiich 

ubirrcd up bytbc pruwrt uutjip^nibiij t^buwn 

to tim i^kpacy>^ I luynelf vua ottiiQnu tlut 

KtRto[Dr^t, tb^t nut iirily in Piiriri, Irut in 

miuiy otliftr pai-b^ of Chi-ltlendom, rlii^ J^wd 

f^l in tbi^ UMi^ vrAJt "^^^ ^1 ^^^' <''^*S r<^anL 

tliu riaiuij fvrltiii; iiti;OD^"t tb^^ Jr»h AtfiiiunT' 

thw mpiify lis rorreipnufling with what is 

Mtd by Fftul in tho eleventh pbapter of tto' 

ittanH' Paul is ^pcrUiin^ to the Uhiiatian 

Chnicb. and waruliii; th^in ogiuuAt jdeioIoucp 

to thf JpWE — he Is teTliikjT IIk'hi tliAt hk by 

tho cutting qEI' of tho Jt-Wf; iJii-y nt/n- i^iuflod 

ID ; ^o let UhridlmnB IxTWftTO, ]fnh by tho cut- 

tJTig off of Chrihtiixni*, the Jwwp lie jji'nftoJ 

hiit^k H^ftiti inicth^ir own pla«*l/i^njoy thpir 

HEiciout pi'ivi]«^^i^. It \a ti rt^mikrk&ble fact 

that lliAt wfiniiu^ its iiddi^a^<Ml not to Co- 

towdftUH 111' I^phii>iaiis, but to Roiuaiib. Th 

does teem to m& to indicate u. possible pui'poBt> 

In the minJ of Uod that, it le by tEiat ^"eat 

hwe\v, which haa it* centi© at Rome* Iwing 

ovjri.linmii, tliiit tjie ih'W* pi™ to U* iimte- 

rioUy heljK'd to («i>iiii> to th*? Truth of thf? 

Co<T)*>l, Tht inU'rprotntioii of tbut prmwi;^ 

in IttKiinrL^, whi:'l<h4.'L' it Ih' a pound 'tiia vr unL. 

ttUliMt 4'Ka(itly with wbui' in now ljii[>pe]iiri^'. 

^othmj;, 1 thiati tinkm tho J«we ao umoh 

throitfibfriit Kuropa uft tlii? cviifont UMung 
awiLV of r-ho p^jiol powci-. [ have haA iii4ny 
iiimvtuyniUyiiii with (liftni, onrl tbey onci itnd 
all connftot that fori, with ihp prMpiwt oJ 
i^mo ffnut i?hjin^c th:it in ^oinjc to happen to 
thont»elro). Happily thr fftrhiij^. ^a irjcnitb 
thn pjLtf^iiig ftway iif lln" pnpory, hoK bnpn co- 
Emridcnt with ioL<raAMHi tand*mfvs,*yinpathy 
iLtid kJndiium on the port of Firototto&t 
L'brlfitinnM. The two ituncfa am worlung 
top-Uifr, ^x\ii^ biinil in bond, an it wm, 
'rh»y HM> tho V^^^ ^*^S down on tb^ ono 
hnnti^ tboj BO* Frat«rt«nto tr^ntinj- tbrin 
witli kirHlnMS,«yiupHtliy luid ttindunintft on 
thnotbpv- Tl^njin two pHnriplMi w(<i>» htrongly 
il]tiPiT-Ato<l in tho cruD of MortAtn ; rtol t^y 
thc' boy hintxrif, but bifi fotlwr, hnd tUmr 
JiT^urt^ oj>oiiL<il to thi? rcHTDpUon of evanirrticftl 
Ttuth>i liy thn oirctiiii^tiinns of C^hnictiuiu 
ooming forward to protuict the child. Tl^ 
ffttiier of thttt little hoy aa% with mc f<»r tb.i«o 
qutii'l«i» of nil hiiur nt my houw iu llie 
nrinTirTyp ihlking ov««^ tji^ ptiibj^vt of ChriMti* 
unity with nn **vidont ilowro U> examine Ut« 
qtji^htiou- I ui'j{ih1 ut>on biiu this vi^tv of iIl^ 
troit!«r — rJtiLt it uai- nrrt foi' thi< iiit^lVHt n| 
ttny hroibiT nmonjpit na to Imvn hiA mind 
occnpieil by qiieetionii of prafotudoii. 1 njud 
to hiu;, ^'YoLi arc rather younjrov tban iBc* 
bnt wo ImVQ mitliitr of un pmbnMy » grtM, 
tunny decndw* to li^'o; it jt worth onr wbilo, 
as wo know not. one day frcon another when 
WQ niiky bi? Cflltrd upon lo p> intxi c^ifmity, i*t 
let oiiniolv*M 1>p divort*^! frcjin «"itml n^oion- 
ing hy Lhfr ipii^tion of V'bi.»tl»i3r we i*r* to 
BtAodlijoMr proft^'^ion or to Wtt- it? It 
not Cln z>itJfLiL)lj ^fLi!i' Jill n epilation of f&ct t 
Hfriu It or doM it not ivduivi iMwIf in on«i 
flinglo f Art i Did or did not n t^orUkin indi- 
viduj^li whwo rxi»tcnto both you and I Adoait* 
nlt^hnu^li you ituution ill'^ Divinity, diti ftad 
tint a^LiTk ? It i« n <|nn(t]ori of fact i nfajp 

should not you ojid 1 look ut that with «Utn^ 
ntsB'i U 1 nao wrong argument^i, I'ofiito 
theiu. If 1 Uho jighl uiiivt. Ia it not to yoar 
ioteroflt, I will not njiy to l#-f>mH h. prCK4.dyt« 
to Hir> but iH it not a matl^r of i^Aiu or loaaf 
TlmrefoiT, 19 it not deeply t^ yoMt intcmeib 
U, exHtnitie 1b« ipiwtiim f If T mn right, nn 
you not in sv ft^firfnl ponition in vojootin^ 
llim for whom U<mI wrought ihm j^rvat 
niiLiirle f If 1 nut wi-gij^', nil 1 dc»ii^> i^ ihaL 
yon will sibnw me I nin ffmnp." fVrtsiinly, 
foiuo teit yctniv a^o, 1 ojnil'l not h»Vo ^t 
otKi^r?i« witli wh'jm I lind /"itniiru- ooiiveiJift- 
lioiiff. ttj tiilk tflj mc with tlw' miiuq caliLiii*r»4« 
itpun (ihiN rtubjcvt. thpif 1 hnv*- lH«-n ivft^vTing 
to. la thia groat motropolu*, at ODo of Iho 


Sir Cuiting Eardlty Sardlt^, Bart. 


tb^ti'M which U now I'pvn vv*rjr 8ifnilH^ for 

it-K. Ilo i^ to Inf found tbt-it^ vtmk ftfter 
wwk, ommin^ the box Jour*, |r>ltin^ in jwi-' 
K0iL3> to riaar tho iqieftobing, niail in»iiifef<tiiiff 
a very <:otiHidcnihlV intvrofib In it iiixb^oK, And 
lia« jJion'ii it liy tbo jMircLiL^w of the Si^rij.- 
tuiw. I Imvp hrtii kovoriil cvinVfrr&ilHioTiii 
with that iDdividndr and 1 cnn iw«itii) )'0U 
thnt tho Jiinjirlc ea^Doi MortArn han dmcio mc^ro 
t<> jii*edif*iiON* him Jiiul mniiy ctht'iri t*j \h^i<*ii to 
CtirLHtiuiiiEy Lhrtti ariythiiif thiit. hjik liLifi|4iiioi] 
for EuiLtiy yciiTf, 

I Bboiild Dot do juAtifv to tuy own fcelinj^ 
if, b«rur& sitting duwtj- 1 did nut BiiJtavDiir 
to eK[irtf«Ji how ik<-p1y t ThjI th«t iq^M-fwl we 
ull hnx'^ tG (III* ^uoHtiou b«fon? \m tiiia i*von 
tt)^'. If w« ail? iiigtrumoattil itj Gud'a h»nda 
in (Xinvvrtf[iK a Thiiiwe or Hiniltxj, or niiy 
othpr dAMg 01 nfiTw>n8 tbrmighout t^ie wovld, 
th(^r« iff DO ChmtJAn who will not he mtint 
^AUjfixl to (W wLo hu9 porinrtteJ him to bn 
#0 ; hilt th«rn Is nn tIrss of people with whcMn 
wilvnticn our intort^its are more bonad up 
hud united thftn tho^ of tho Jews, it in 
iiu|x>»ibli» to n.M»d th.^ K^htli- lij tbo UomnD*, 
ntui note tliv ('iiTiirn'ctn.ncYW in whiirh the jvjii- 
vi^i'Epion oF Hut JuwAf aad ot maihkind at iQi'l^^s 
arc pbv<d. witliout swiDu^that ihf^ couvttHion 
of ijur tiwii ™iiutiyHn»n in thi* ij*UnJ. which 
w to lArguU' bcooiniii^ iilto^ther 
and totiJ]y(-'h(-;fi.ti[Ln id riict,1litL cotivcmt'ii 
ol til? whole iHpLv cf tnankiiLil. iti tu OO |.iiv- 
^eded hy the tonvj^n-ioti of The Ji^wk fnim 
JudniHtD. Wi* ^lAve no need of nny uddi- 
tiorifti niotiro ho^idcfl our 8iiv[*>ur'fl gimy, and 
^lii^ wiiHJJr.iUMiCM of ftLiduvuurhi^ to nctvi* 
Hlmrpfk thft hcwt nf niiv flhillty. But w^m 
itny Eidditionnl inatiri< witntcd to lond tan to 
picrt oumoWo* for the coiiTciidon of tho 
Jnwi, it BUi-ely Wniilil Im cncTiixh for l\n Ut 
fe«l thrLt not i>nly the Siilvittion of our (^uvm- 
Irymccii our nmi^hUoui-s^ thocu maoagt^ wboiu 
wc li^fr, but (lint of tho world nt Intno, h* 
huuiiil tip with lAiv vimwnioLi of Lh« Jt^vvt^. 
I oaunot fl.vijid ^xiiT^H-iin^ a i'Ohvir-tion of my 
mind, lo which I huve very reooutly Ik*oo 
hi-oiight, that if llip Holy f^nd ifi ever to ho 
reft^ih^l Ui thft dt^i44ndAnU( of thos^ whn 
forniei'Iy pof^i^^Bsed it—^nnd there eoem to bo 
T^ry «troTij;f jodifntionftiTi hotbtheOldAbdthr 
New Teftt-micnt tlifLt *Ui?li will Ik» the ranc — - 
I lielhive iL will lifl prp-eminently juvom- 
pLiab^ by ChriKtiiUis who hnvb been ton- 
vorted Jowpi (our frirnd, Mr, JEeTnchpl], will 
jjcirioik mu foi' Mjinj; thif*). not by Hii«>n- 
vortcd JowK. I HIV brought to thin rdiioKi' 
uou byaluvt thtLt bod wiiw to iny knoW' 

ledge very i«c«iTitTy — th&t wHhin flic U«t few 
months there biie hvon a, pf^gntiation p^inf; 
on butivevo Bom<j irf the tuoftt cmuieDl Jow» 
i}f Fmui??, Engluiid Kird Amencn uTid the 
TiM-ic^^h tlovirrcicueiil' A ^<nUviiiuu vf con- 
i^iJenkblc tiitlM<'iK^«iQ London bn« bcpn the nv- 
votiJitor belwetTEi chu }mrti4?K. Thi- TurkieL 
(EovemmAnT, ofTVrfuI lo («vTJk(n wj^lUiy Jr>w« 
wiy quantity of lonii ia Pnl^^tino whioJi tbcy 
I'how to purchimn, witlvjiit nny re»trictif» 
ciHiditioiin Atbiehiv] to [(» hichidin^, jia I wn^ 
in^jkT. pf*iti»'o!y iusuhhI yp^UiJtiy^ thn noiDiil 
nitn OT iho Mo«qHo of Uninr ; po thnt, if thty 
jilrrtwdn th^y mijfh:. Iwt^omo pofari^od wf tho 
vi'iy spot iiti whii'h thx-lv iin<"i<-nt 1\»nif>le 
ntwd' Tbosv Jv^n who bud tnkc^ tho ;niti;j 
tiTo in tho matter tmfortnnntdy found loo 
littlo itTil ttinouBst thtii' own puiiple to vnny 
it out, iinil tlify wert* armbl<* to fmd the rp» 
t^uitiitv fund*- 1'> prcKnin.^ ft ^etOeuicnt of the 
baTiTAin, ci' jiervout^ who would 1:0 out M 
vuiigmiitfi' After nil, I tun foruxl Ut uume 
tn t^A r^i^nhtsinn ihATp whniAvftr iimount of 
blct^Lii^ thi>ro luity b« in tho <'ld trecr, it Li| 
but A dorn:tEi]it hlcMinir, whirh will not bo 
fiiuiid ofTi^otLTO lentil tiu^ tnni hnoK forth 
fmit fo tbo gloty of Christ- I think it i* 
not tbc nTiL>onvcTtijd Jowi who arc dostmod 
to woik Sixai tbicipi for throwelt«-^it io 
the rmnTiti'd Jnwn wh£> are tlc^tim'ii towork 
out the ^piriCiud good of tho J4'wi^h imtion. 
Von will pAi'don uiy troubling you by allusion 
lo what Kvm^ tu mo by no meauii nn unim- 
porUiit miitt^T ivi (y>nni«t&'J with tlip miIvjl- 
lion of OLir fc»llow-tueii , find aUow inn to 
(onchi<ie ly nwuriD^ you of my moftt rftmcwt 
uud dfi^Li itit4'L«6l in tho prouiotion of tbiit 
ohji^rtiwliinh hAfi^imoght hk topcthur to-ntght, 
fcuil how much 1 hcl thnt the nfoomplith- 
ment of that objoct i^ int«TWoi'?n with tho 
HAlvntioTi of unnkind iind tht; fbry of uur 
Ixtf-d and Biii'imir." 

Ills iJLST tirrKii victj^Kii' Xl.noO. 

Thn fn|lt)wing was the kind ptupuMil of 81r 
UuningE. E*rJI#y:^ 

My doiii" Pir,— Your etat«»eLit ftlont tlw> 
Jt^txh* Hrx-iAiy in ilfvply hit^rtiMtin^. 8<i nni 
Jettora from' Dr< M., eont mo by Mr. H«i- 


I think I am ImunJ, nA Trwi^urrr, to givo 
yon alUtla h-^lp; and itshnll bn piopfittioin'i 
to wlint othori^ do frnm tkiiK timo, 

1 will Add XIO to ovcry J;ID0 promised 
from Mii\ nftfir thi^ rcccript tif thialijUvr, up 
to XlpUOU, If yoa oiLii get promiH^ of 


MeJtiorie^ of Go»pd Triximpht avuonff tJu Jew^. I win gUe -eioo. ir jrsoo. it wai 

bo X50. If nm, it t»i11 Iwonly £10. 

1 vi»h 1 oouM do mor&> but [ »liii gtnd to 
do thif. Il is A dwpiv iiiltm.'&tin|r ^tdto of 
Ibiii^*— Itvlivve lUUt t'liilJifLillj >'<jijr>, 

C. Kh KAlllkt-KY, 

It IB vilK unaffottod rolcicWinoft that vro 
Hud i>ai^v«4 cblij£(id *H> fjvuiii.iijily lorrfer 
romAtternof finanrw. Itin^vn nro ji*»rMiBd«l 
tlnit ftU true frsondK of Ifli-tui will ron*id»r 
thiit, not only the Rtatc of mir fundn. but tho 
Mid iiUeruatif-^ of nu ii>iido([unle supplv uf 
nunns— uiirnvl^, thv withdrawm'^tit nf tnii?- 
hmrtod, d^vi>t«i luboiir^n from tho EJvMii 
■* wbitt* bj ihc bHi-vpflt/' wbhlieT ilio l^jid i>r 
the hJirvHit hiilb h-ijI> Uioui-^niiiply Jiuilit)*F« 
rvit^niltnn of npp^hiDil ^liLt^Thi^nT. A rhhifi 

]*rovii!i>iilUkl i^vL^]it.A^ iiit'l friiEiJ i]u> itL^tn rtf 
tiiidni ami tho Urpo dnmandd mitde thiK yetf 
tor othor ^oikt roIiatoikA niovoinorjtH, It iri 
U'fl' the first timo that wo linvn, a* ^ Sotrjety, 
niBt jvilb nnfupi^rhti difiii-tiltii^-i, nud wn d*> 
tnittniid bfllipvfl ihni Ilewtio iivpnst 
tb into th*> lif^^'tf* ^f 11*3 people to 
counc fmwftrd with Lbi* ii'tdod suci5>iirs will 
not frtr»ik»* UK [lo*. Ni^-pr1lip*lcvt. (o Fiv<*rt 
thothiuHtencd uiHL thtrv uim* utgcntlj" uiwbxl 
tbo ■* Inbc-iurinp in prjtjirr," the pt'iwuuil «X' 
miiioii Uf oljlinlu fi^t^ati bu^puHem nnd iJciuui'*!, 
tllA ulf'dtkniul ikriil th(t fuiiKi*<>rHtion rif ^tflA 
to II cft'iw which ^mphwlkinliy ix Ifie i'hiisp <jf 
Hini wlio is tUo liri'thrr <'f tLr Iiinn>Utjeix 
^)\(H^ Aiid llii^ Kiii^ uf r^he JnwM^ jih v«ll o^ a 
Wftking up lo th» rlAUDK of Jurish miwioiii' 
on tho pnrt of tbo Chuicli of Uhnst, suet ns 
Ima n<it yet b**iii witnc«w^^. 

Wi'iin? Uin^kfril M» verord that, to their 
powt*r, iiii-i bvyund tb^ir powur, n. ^^Wy 
bond *^ biivo ht^on wlllJug of (lLfM[isi?Lv<tH;" 
tliiit we ii?(*PLt^ ubcL-ricig rcpijiU of incre;!^^^! 
fiilUi, r»»viv»-il E(«fl[, rtinl jidvnnniii; lilwnlity 
from tbt^ df^iiitnti^mt u'iio \uw^ v\hih>'\ iiit- 
ftirout p*ii* iif tilt* i^^mjitry, It nmj m1*o bo 
pitiited tUjii nttm,ts lA tiur m[f*iwiituie> ^r* 
dfiim wj^ nnd oJhflr it^enrri of tbi> Sori'^T.y u-m 
o1T«ruig to giv* up poM.ij>iiH of thoir sitlniit's 
towju-dv mwtina iJio oiacrgcijtT. 

Without, liljeral aid we ai^ at this moment 
dnpriviil i.\f n-ny rnar^ijij ani\ are nttprly uu- 
iil»li' tti t-rtvad operations, whit'h have, not- 
*ith»tfttidmj5 all oureffc*ita. been Ictmentflblj 

Umit«iL AJiMf tberv nromillioiuof JcwB wlu3 
^irlctff tn cnui^trifi* n'bi>re Grtirk m Romifib 
HjiporHtTtiannikdidolELtiyprvvuil— hiivf< nt-voT 

y<"t Imd tbn Scriptu™* put iDto tbfrif Imlidfi, 
noi cuft* Ijcftiii tiir )f>yt\i\ Bound «« 1o Uiq 
UiMb«*mi'i', TOrlix'i^riu- High Pnwl. rr"pli«t, 
and Kin^r wbo Li " mi^bty ti> tAV^ " 

We tako counigii whMi nv look bnck OU 
tue fflith, pntyw, Utwui'* »4itl t«ir* of tlioM 
whr>, t.weuly jtfara BjWi fi'iMudeil thin ^odottr. 
\Vc think idw of tlio npA uliwtvrii &1n«ajr 
gBiberMi;of tbpiii*titutioiiof JtiblcttttdTrtM 
spirit of inrnitry now pn-^-^iIins iv* lynuion it' 
HoLf, Aj< woU n« iiL foreign Unds; of tbd n^r^- 
Ii;ii9 bl<vrtLiijiCft voucbftjiff^d to tbo futhful band 
(if inb^L>iiftririi (><hI Imtb irivtai uniobOagtb^ 
llatiAU Jitwn : und of the ffLCt fA/tf riir« iAoh 
trighUtn Ji^ivirvd Jm^ U.xvo Joyftilly o«rHpd 
nwny firun the Jliblc-Maud nl KcwiriKton, 
during (our tuoutlts, copied uf lbi> New Tc*- 
taiuont, Uciipt^ls Pvilinn nnd ivjriinnjs rt// ii» 
llcbi^w- /Jirw^ ;iouverxioiiM hkVo, vro truift, 
M^cctnlHl iliiF. 0<lTc>i tn Biit who thikll oftitoaio 
rb<< ftiCtii-H n^Kitlls (if llio j^otHt seed of tllA 
ktrgdoin, thuA (tho SrripturoH Lnng tiik«Q 
BW7iy ti> tb<*ir ht»mfl* by Jc^c <i bimotl 
U4tii.^ij) »o vii3^1y ^o:v^n 7 Ob, Ixod tlii^ 
Spfrir^ wflT4»r it 1 fliiii nf rlfrhipouxiintt, villi 
Th} bH^bt wfHTTo beiLiutt, fiHnt, ftFifl 4|uklc«ai 
tJjr jimiL>nj* M>ed of the Word, tJUkt it cnAf 
bi-iiii: fiath fruit uulo life ^^ttro;!! ' 

PS. — Wi hnv*^ re<M»i\i'»i a winjiamiivcljr 
»ianll iimount nt yot in r«^pons» to tbr pro- 
ptftwil of Kir L'ulling KHiiU'ry, odp Trt^i*urvr» 
Onii gtntltuuAii wiit-Pft t" u**, offl<irin(C nn «*1- 
ditioEial donation tm Mton nii n pprtiiih Hum n 
made uu, und BUt«« that b« m one of Ui 
wbo Mny by in ^fcfTfl," needing to th^ 
lifxxtolii^ pixi^pt nikd primitive eiAinple. 
Will not othflm who nel on ihnl mcdel "lay 
by" forfA)N.jiUdo? 'Vhk\k of tb» DM««itliC 
01 thi.* ptiinhinjc Jpwn: IlftT* tli*y D0l»O 
iirgprit, if not- a ]»riniary. tlrtiiu? Surolyi 
fiMm tbin tioH' up tcMbpcloprtAi^f <nir flnaiujftl 
yoar. (mftllor or Wpor ritiinn rnifthi bo dtdi- 
imt'il moathif/ to our Speci»l Fund. Tbo 
lunergfflii-y, we truKt, in but !j>ajporiiry ; but, 
iE uot mt!t A{>^0i]jly. w« ft^pont that i& >^ 

Til IE ituctr 

The r?<pi.ui*HH t''^ thfi Tr*»nnurfti''* oflbr nn< 
tbc [ibovi? up|ioiil w^i'i^ slow but imroH Ho 
pnwetl ftwny ou the 21-t of May, 1853, but 
this e rent diti iu>r, [uvvut bt* lout (ffTort to 
htflp tby 8ofi*iy from *til! e<intiinuufc' to lM*r 
fruitn lothetfmi/ci for April, 18t»4,itvfMiui' 


Sir Oulihig Eardley Sardiey, Bart* 


noanntHl Uiat n tnoivA ot th^ Jqvei lu&d glv«a 

uiH (TiiHJimjia i^jhTmiLmiT. 

TZiij lion, UiLtutK.'!, \\aa tlit* duof iJifiUuititEil 
hi ««cting h tiiit*rtiULrv iioHr Toirqunjf to wLiyli 
iDiM(iWt« at (UUvjingcJioald^ucimluiitiunK wctf< 
w«JcoQi«. 11« buill tknvlhtfr &t bis ijwu cx- 
^nwon hit' ioiUt* Mt IVlvHiloris Krif.k Kent, 
m whidi li* f>lAc«d a bnpti^tr^ And a ftiQl, 
Inhere he hopd th^t ('Onfoi-Dciiat adJ Ncn 
conformuit, CViMEli^t mA Armetn^Ot Pwdo- 
B«f')UHl and [lof'tJHt wniiUl b« Mp to nii^et 
Anj iinitu thoii' lumrtfl togethei' m Chri*tin.u 
worship nad nork, ficrvifv and aiciiiicc, 
ThaLcliurtli nt Ik-lvi'^ifrti nup D|*nird ty uur 
friend, <}iu Rtri'. 'rhoirmrt Hmiioy, LL D., of 
th« Kijtg'fc Wfti^li UuuH> C'lmpcl, Ltn^cluri. 
&ir Oultuig KnvdUj foaMiR<^d thiit widu 9j:l- 
pBtljj wiiiuU iK lliw i-iiie (if imrruw-miiidtHl- 
(Mvw, thnt B^mpnlhy wh&c-h King llnvid »iii\ 
9t- Paul had tu <]<iiAfL ftiltifiv^ DkpuI, in 
looking ikWAy Vrficlc to tlif icWJoua d^liviiiru^ 
iif tilie C'Uildcejj of IniiU'l ut tim lliii St^N^ 
idonlifiod him^l! with tlicm on itt tiliorot^ 
and NHJg, *■ There did n-e rojoioo iu Him/' 
V^Kilt in looking ilvaj on in tfin i*nd rjf limn, 
idflntifled limi««lf nitii thupi^TplRof the l/n-i] 
on the raiiirreplion mom, mid oKcUimcd; 
*' ll'r aluill not all fllocp, but tf>e nhiil! alJ bt 
cbati^'pd," Ac- U wna UiiftB|ririt iuciinint«l 
in tbu K'n\ Hii|]i>y hml Mni. HtfM'hHL, iti 
I'UlLing iLiul Lidy Kaj-lUi^Vt uTtd uiMiy 
holy TnPii niA wi.ini(<ri whidi li>d to Iho 

PuinlJLm lutil 4-xU-iiMuii of thuH* dwo i^nuid 
ChrJsI.tnii I fu*t] tnlJotis — tbi* UrilUb Society 
for IIm Jovr And tha ijI^nngolicAl Ailmnen. 

nifl unouM o:< iiKiiALr or the o!*rntn*i£D 

'^ Thvn- v<*™ Hiiiny oi!L!is[on* nu whidi Sir 
Ontlin^ «iitvrt^l witli gic-At turnvBttUPA into 
the public ^raii^^ dodoto liberty. tuhuniJiiuty 
nnd to rvli^toii, Olid t*nd«vciiLtvJ toj'vdi'uti 
th^ii. Tt ^viFt iir>ti (4^ ttoon fui-guttuti, fvir 
vxminpli^. Iiow lifk miinfld Ih* rinit>try ibmngh 
tlie nmnidpAlitiw*, l>i^j;] lining with th<* City 
uf London, ii|£uiiiitt Ur* ntrui^ioiife Hit <rf tliti 
Pftpury in kftlnApping thn Jowfsh ddld Mor- 
toTA, on tho pni>tAXt tlmt it bnd iHion bih[»t:'(«d 
by itfl nurao. llu whole tmtiire Wrnco witb 
iiidignAtion — u-s vrhut l^rjiioitmbht ictjiu'h did 
tjct?— lit lilts diif^itioii.t violikf ion of Itnmnnity 

linif EArtlli^y EunUvj, iWt-"— Aiiiru/rZuv-/ Atifj'isint^ 

and ][jBtic«; while iiei f«lt, At the Mrno tiiiWt 

di?i<p ddmiw of henrt thnt C'lirfiitliinity vJkould 
bo tLuwduhrtnoiir«l hsforctbo Jnwifib nutifFC, 
At tho tijiio of tlio Syi-ijin moHUicrtfji bo 
forujtid » ri.r]uuiitt4« And nujwd Ifugo ooikti'i- 
hutlons for tbr* ni&brHTs, uniting; with Un? 
Uni]ioi-Al rtthsf nlTorfl«i, lh« fommtion «f 
inHUlutioii* to pi-omotc tbi^ir pcimaavnt 
ttoi^inl And rcliKii^ti^ improitnirnt, 

*' Tho Inxt pttblio UlKitir in wbirh ba va> 
goijcd. nnd vlidu piaH><?Liting ^biob Lo vnn 
»o tincipocit-diy t^Jcrn from ti^ wci» one df 
biT^t.herly \ov<* Iu Lhf* ptj>i:c(il4<d uud iiii- 
pi'iMmoil fierv'Aiifii ol I'hrifit. Thp tidi* if 
HpnuiiJi iiitnkrHnc* yxcit^d bioi to p«i-flavor«, 
in thiT fact^ uf lUuch fipjai^iiLicji, in lhcinPcfiVH» 
wliirb (kill fiO gr>LiTiiin'^]> pitjAjwjui] ta Liii^ 
Ijbtintion of ita vittiroH. U« iidthor rtvt^d 
hifui^t'tf, nor wonid sut^Vr otliorh tc itat, unUI 
tlii^ i'4w:iliition wnat (aWi-il by the EvanpilifAl 
Alliarift* 111 mimmoTi a lar^o and iuflaLmLihl 
Pafnitfition fp3tn a\\ pnrl-i id Knin^v* in 
Moi^lrid- Hd yvaii pxcmU-^i'* on birt dying Iwd 
bfifoio thry hod all A^?*:►ulbW in UiuL oily; 
nnd thfi Inxt i<pjirk of uni'^nixiH oLtthly ^iii«t- 
cneo bfld vxpitud \v-i tbmi kji iioiin* vbwi 
the tclcgiupik brought to hut LoivhO thf» ^liuL 
Lnl4]|lIg<<iiL'e of Lhijit biiLscoift. 

'^ Ah a prvtNimtumary m^i«im ngAJiiFt 
MiiaU-po^ip wliit'li liikd AtU'jktd ou? iif Lhr 
wi'vaiiti*. he bud b)iti>L']f mid nil Iiim Jior;*!-' 
hfild vArc'i[i»it(<i1 ^ Ai;d to liim 11 hum fnUl. 
Thi.' vvry iiK^n^ na^ for pn'>j>i-viiig hfc 
[leHtr^pyinl it. Hi* jh>Moiu ^ivaji /dtiwtdy in 
All ^^tliAiiMfd KlALn, rijio for ]Uno«* In a Hp- 
grM uni^aiipa^tAd baWohaiid. and tha lAtont 
niiubi^f, brouf^ht into iimli|n>Ant develop- 
ment, with ri;j>ii] i-tndni hurried him in thi? 
grA^i>- From thv fiml Lhom (<iiiim*d gtfjit 
prtmtriLtion : und, bcfurt^ l^^g- fever, inflAm- 
mAtion, Aiid otiittr nt'tiv** forme of disr&M? 
rt?i|iiiriug tviH^lfLl Fnui'gicul o|jt-ralioii}!i, io\- 
(«TVi?d. Hrt did not oi^nfWi.1 t.h(» darigrf-i- friiin 
bimMclf, bill iitlIiI nMir th« r]o»i> did rjot 
sportk of it to lliojs' lif^ tovctl. ni* wiork wji* 
done, and rpHli/Ein); Ibci fn<;t fhooni>r tb,-ri 
othpTft, Uo eoenniktrrt Mimelf wilb wi^mc Aud 
implint cron^d('Q(4! to the bAnd> of IliH 
lloftvc^nly FntLtT. HonpukiT of \iip Ai»nii\l 
bti|4' in ("bmt, ami cif tUa work in vihii'h be 
bud ^M^a liitt I'UgLigetb Ho recent loving 
tnowjiGcri to iho J.^^'pTifiLiion tn Kprnui c^-cn 
tUoii^^h ofipn i^dndirnn^ fiuin mrrfuaing 
WNikTit>'W, nnd olTeird nji liijrL* fhiin viit* 
»rn*st priLVi-r for "■ tbfl oD* thuivL/ 

*' Hia palivnce tiftvor failed him, not hia 


Hemorks f^ ^o^P^ fl^finrnphs mntyn^ ihf Jeu^. 

tha lint fow <)ny«, oir av»n to lint^n, «ic«pt 
occuioiiilU^ whil<i a brnan or % {wilIid waa 
n^od t(> him. But iv£«n MinrliDicn roiiwd 
hy an irnfitiij-, hn imlil ihnr hn 'hn<! not, a 
wi*h or A Mtw/ and apoko ot tho llnavoi^ 
thikt Wttfiop^suinp upon Mm, Thus hfti-wniu-d, 
vritlicut aoxittj' or nt*rjn, tbi? ftjiipuvitLinif 
fitiul mnnri-tit. No finvlM^itin^ nf thi* in 
vidbtu futuiv 4.Udtrva<vl him. iiur any drvud 
of tho coiutn^ omfiiol willi ' thfi liut c&ciuj/ 
Hi< kiivw ' ;vliuiii he Wl bcrticiA <k1/ nijd li« 
now coiLliKflil r,ht* Wm<lfir, Ufthfiil, ouiTiipott^rit 
lo^oiil hiti Sttvicui- 1<\ Yi^At liLiu tnuiLipfiitittlT 
throitf^h' AltiKMt liiM Wt <Xfii«ciouB wurtiA 
wore ill luuJWHr tv Om iine^iUoii ulietlier the 
LoH Juitii^ g**^ ^^^ pMuvt Htk i^fpliail, 
wLtih dwp CAlpL^oeis, 'J'juray^, tf/ iiU m^an^.' 
TliUH, til fulitlmcnt of HI^ pmijiiwi to JIia 
pf<op1«v <h)d *mt«i)c!fii peac^e r^ hirn like jl 
rivw/ unci on the bivod wnUm of th»t 
IEIdtIouh f.trpain ht vntci\^J j^Dntly wad caitaiy 
iDto tho haven jt eternal rest. 

** Hi* lnfMltiinl his l*LSt nbodl thni* o'^'lin^k 
cm ThiiixJny luuiniri^. the 2lftt of Muy» 
i^G'A, having tiurvivt<[] bu Gfty-Mvruth birlh 
lUy »xai:t<t> oiw luuiitL ; ami Lis iikoriul sv 
" LiriH wflm iTiT,4irr*«i, amirUr rlio lifirrows nf 
*Dut moiv kn tho fiLinLly vuuJt in the pminh 
churcliyiii'd uf lUn>Ti<!oii, iivtir hiu Bti&t nb 
Bedwdl P»ik, iu nurtfunlbhini/' 


It wjLK my jirivklc^ lo ««& inucli of Sir 
Gulliug Enriiloy dHciuy Unn earlier yejui* of 
my voimoclion with the AIIUtkv; tha 
Sooitity ^vjiA tli4>]i nbout t«t) veAiit nld. Sir 
Oulli^^! Eiirvll-'y wa* oii iii&J Pnj«H<'iit, 
Hh Hid not KJraply UxVa tli** chuir at *p<sriHl 
m«fltt[igB, but WHS re^nlnrly pn***rit nt C-uro- 
xaitteo meetings, qolI nit^ gavo il voAt amount 
of time aiiil attention to the o]'frfLiii/,^i 
vhifh ho Imul tjikcii vuoli n Ini-f^^ rihiiiiT in 
forminj^. As |JiVKi<lt»iit of tha (.'otifoi^OPef of 
th« AlUanct, hifl '^'^v^ not oiily n diptint-t unJ 

powerful |lDl^lOtl!iUty. but lit? t-Xtl'f^UuJ JL 

miirki*'! iiillDPnfCi ovi*!' pupultir H*H*DiblitH!i, 
tbod^b b(« would [»o1 ln> iNklU*d iku onitor. iii 
muiy a cibfO, buvrt^vi^r, liis wihiWui uekI tiict 
prev'f iitt^il mihliikfth l>Hiri|^iriftdo:nid dillieult,ii*i 
(Tri!>«t«d. FeT'hqi^ it w/ia in 1.V>mmitt«« thikt 
Sir CuJliDj^ Eftrdlcy vaji ^eo^ nt his bcMt. 
lie UT;deiT4UH>d cvory pc'Jtit tlijLt wiia biou^bt 
fcinvard, for the t^iniple nvL^on that lie wnn 


iit ilftlty fttit4^d&BC8 A^d fji <nii«UQt tooch 
with tho >taff enrryin^ on th« (ioE4t» wcxk 
of tho Allinnofk It wa« oftou a nutlar of 
vurprlwto mo &■ a yoiin^iiifw that he tdioiuM 
dnvf>tj^ Mt many hour* narh day to Altcuduioa 
at tho c6i» of tbo AJliAiioo. H«r» lii« 
prcnoQCo wiL* iiUTi I liable, for he aiw uid 
cunfoTTwl with mont of the pTii]ci]ial visitor* 
fram rar[oiM |ULrtii of our ixnjiitiy nDd All 
portct cf thv world, vho cmne to coiwult, 
ra^rdin^' thu tMituc of Cbridtmn UmOQ. Iti 
L'OuiuiiUw, wtivii dlJlEt'ult (|iii?it.ioii» ik^otv 
HTub-r <liiu^iirtf*ii^rfc, and leading men rflpf*- 
wntirjft varioii" ti><rtionH q\ tin? l.'hti*ti«tt 
Cburrh woriT invijlvfld in iiitrtcui4> pn-bLcnui, 
Kir ('Mllirjg Krirtllt^y would, by a tv*i wi»m 
wordfl, KtMr tho nu4tin^ rlanr of difflcniltJiM^ 
and vhon thtp toomod to bo impomblo, iM 
would AUCipOftt, with nil the giuoo nod fervour 
of his iLUlutv, thiLi at Huub a point il vr^ui 
mo«t e«Mntrtt1 tbiiV wi» ribould bv tindvrtfafl 
i*iiiiULiirHi of tbu il^ly Sptrit, and thcr>orov% 
b« ptopcwi^l th'it w« pboiilj kncv^l ciciwa Uttl 
[iray for ^pMlal gitid«]K-e and hi*lp^ It b 
n^lcoH XC »y- that on Hiiob oirahiondlilBcu]- 
tiiwvore&iirEiiouDt«d in tbui^piHtof lortand 

ArtothfT fpatiiTfl in iht» nrtivB Ufa oS Wr 
Culling K^irdV-y,a«FreAid«Qtof th« AlliaoM, 
inny Ijc lai^nttotiod bore. It waa hw nif^m 
dining t)Lo l^ndon vfAMon alvnya tci roMd* 
in tonn for uimo montha, and hii bona* in 
the W*it-eiid wft* cutmiAntly open, not odi/ 
foi' tho rc<:cption of honnuivd (^orta frota Iho 
cnntitkent uf Enropi^ And fmxn America, hat 
alao ftir n ruTy impot-tant iTinoiiLtinn, aa it 
waa then thoncht, in m;unl lo Chriatian 
Trork- U*? "Would invito, from timp to ttmi-, 
(.'hriptirtii ]tt*op]v frcm nil the 4<hiin:bM to 
itieot aI ivn i>v«niiif^ ^ithmiiu lu hittdnivf ng- 
room, ^hcTi ftom<f distinguished friond from 
»bjvad wonlJ $iv« AH Account of th« work ai 
i*rt(l with whEr-h h« wna mnrp ImTnadiAtid/ 
!iK-fifmt«d. Suob ni4>atingh nt th« tiAe y^r^ 
tin\t\\if., ami vci^ tlio pnx^nff^ri of tlie 
dr)iwi]ij<'iEiom iiimtiMi; uimdrimiit of Uin 
prpi<i>Tit day. ft in impoviblr to i-tUtniLlo 
tlip amount of pooU thui nocompl whwl iti 
thirl diicction aWo by thin honL>uml BervAob 
of tihri^itn Wir Ciillini^ Ecirdk-y. 

I mrty btf pnrdotitrd for m«iitionitig ■ 
tonal mutti^rn Ji 8ii' Cullinf; unl 
who brought mo iat-j connection with Um 
Kvait^litml AlMimr^. >{& y*Kuit atfi^i. »iu| ia 
doing ttf>, T r«iui.-ml>L^r h\H Introdnoinff mo to 
tho then S«c-rutary {thv Kov. J. P> Dobsonl 
a* "the future* S^eci-oLiiiy." of the E^'j 
AllJuuco. Our SocWty hiia groiwn 

TU iUnu mU RffL\ BwpLU NttvL 


of Sir Uiilliiig Kiinll^y U M.iH cherihh^l *nj 
flfttl bo rtivt\nil until 1W timi> when tbero 
it&all L)^ thu ^^ir-ul Al1in.iji.« ot a11 Iho p<H>plo 
of <!!o«t ntiiffT hnirhrnr nml hitppi>r Hri'Uni- 
Mtniit>»(i, 8ii- I'ulkDg Enrdloy ^w branches 

IhjL Jiow Huch hTHQcliea niiv tn be foiiLid in 
nlmfwt rvm- Innd wlwiro tliwre nra Evungcliaii 
Chririlmnfl. Ho nXaO lived to Bet* tlif first 
fo«r of iho ffreat fntcmational Couf€iTtioo& 
of tho Allimicis uuil it ifl tiwtllcss lo eiiy lie 
tOdk un ftL'tivt |mrt in i-ncli ; biti t.lifir^ fi?ive 
ram no Imh th^n live of Ut(w< 'KLnitiiuEMciii 
fUHombUcA Binco thai tiuK*: Mid D.V., Ui« 
Kvn[i^(*lit:3i] Alliance will cel&lirHUr iu JLihjl^n 
in 1»3G, 

In rtit|^rd to ono of thdud enrty conf cronco«, 

thiit »t Btiiliu iu Ififi", Sir Culliog E»rd]ej 

jhftdK mofft finpnrtftnt nliAre in hriiigiTi^ th» 

t;AnPMng9BiaQt4 tO ft micoes^fu] k^ue, SlnTij 

It K^^^ difficult]' had to be mirmotintad, but 
\m WAA imt a mnji to W faaiLj i^Minted, ITa 
vidttatl Fnimifi, nnd bud nn inf^rriew with 
tho king I Ktudi-ri^'k WilEinm the 4r.h\ wbn 
became much iatorrttcd in tlio propOK'd <.V>D- 
famtics. ihiid t'c.ptitrLbuiuJ £]7i* lowririU thi* 
viici^^l fund hf(*il«d to mfii^t t,hf« r'xppriMm, 
U'ht'u th4i Curdwenoo wha IwJd, tho King 
mid Qii(!un nnd fitbrr mf:mbiM> vf thr> Pnia- 
ifin Itiyiil Kftiuil> (umi-iH); tjifttu Princi* 
WilllHiin, \v\\*i snli«mTiflntly bpcyimo thn 

HErt M)ijf»t7 ain {DvEted the [m'nclpal mtitn* 
b»rv or thfi Oofifvnnc^ lo hU Vnb^w nt 
PotAdoLDi, whnr* Bomo ItSlJU Ti'rn* poyniy 
«]it«rlfi£D«i^. Jtfniiy oiKit datH.kl^ rc^mOing 
thfl rhriitijLn a^f.ivltj- of Sir CnlUng l->nlliiy 
miffht bo ^ivan did tpico permit. It mnv be 
ftddod, Lowo\vrj that ono ^irikin^ fontuiv cf 
bin ehn I actor wiu thut he ca(k&<v]4t«d alt hit 
tfi1«iilK, iiu*bli]ing wtiikh and sorbil imniijoii, 
lo tbo Aorvico of Uhriiit. lli£ ririntocrjxtic 
ocriinoKiona ^^"o hitu i^pat in]]iLVD(H.i in 
diurc^b iind Hl^ttir; bui poli-kljcd iiud miavv 
mnnnffr ni*u!^ Iiiiii h pfrttfttn ffnrfu with 
Ar<ilibiKhoi»p Aiid Dignilnriua of tho Ctmi-cii 
nti lfv« tluin with th« at?it««aiCi:L of the dny : 
yBt hit* humility a^Ttt\ gwxtle, flT*cioiui leitring 
tiiwnrdH avATi tri0 poomtt ftna nafinrLwti infuio 
him tini<r4^r?uUy ho loved and ropnlnr. 

[^r Cnliin^ l^rdlsy maao n lEi'Aiitl ^*- 
cfJV"ry when he loimd A- J, Aftiold, Kkj., 
ttud MCuiwl bun for the Socrotnrint of tho 
Kvaopelicfll Alliance. AH Iht* ycnrii thot 
hare iMiled »w'jiy nine© then bnvo Abundantly 
Jollified the vi^lfini of iho rhnifo. t»rig 
mny otlf b^]ovi<d nnd hoiioun.^1 brotJiur tH 
HpfinMl ti> murntnm find uxi«[ul Ujo vroric oo 
w«ll b«^uti in Ibo yiiir of giTHV It-lti- nud 
iTiEhy thn JnhiWi toon Ui 1ia iH*1c)^ifif i< t. )iHp 
to hn«loD on th{* iky vrhon tlic (.l^iirclj on 
tvirbli nnd tbu Church in Ho/ivnti th*\l form 
OTL« viHible hud libwfii) comiuuiiiou, radiant 
nji thd «tin with tb« b«nurl«ft of bc4lD«»!— 



THK Hon, and Rov. Wriothedoy Nool, 
M.Ahp wiu bctrnAt l.oithmont, Scotijind, 
(.utb(> UTth of July, nyi), IJe wft* the 
idevt-nth srm i»f f^ii' (ti*rriM Xo(»J, BniYinetp 
nnd hT-otli«rof thvfu'»t KuH uf (juinbboroiigb. 
ito Wnmo a etufknt of 'IViniCy Cutfogt.^ 
riLiuWiUf^, whure lie wuiktid b;ird aud mm 
ibftdfl^ffirtf M A. Hftvinp ri*(i('iw><l {.irlinu- 
tJcin, (iiid an iiivitftlioii to St, JobnVCJ^urt^h, 
Bodford liow, Ilq ticcopltid it, and lw|c&a hti 
miuiAtiy iWv iu I3S8, IliH vinwH tjn Hit* 
ITnitm betwrepn Church nnd State, UaptUin, 
Jue., having ohanjzod, on thi> ^frd of i>ocGiQlH?t^ 
ldiS>hobAde farcweli to hi^ people (it ^t. 
John'ft, und sepjimted himself fnim tho 

£AtdbliAhad Churob. On lh« ?lb of Augiiat, 
li*19, br wad bnpliWi" John *^troet CImpel, 
oticnpti«1 acAll til thu prtiilomlr, iiTid InbuiiTV^] 
tb<n« M-itU mjiny toki>nii ot tho T'lvin^ 
blesiing fur xjtiarly l'l)yr«w. On tbi? i^Oi-Jinioo 
cf his rotircimmt. ouv v;ibiuii friend Mr. 
ililu'll^ Mn-rtiii. on hcbftlf of thp f hiir-c^h, 
piy-wnti-lMr. Noc^ with Xl,i»OU*i* a lok*-!! 
<if ** Ihoir pryfoijud iPj^^ardl.'' Tboujjh frood 
fruia tLe pUfitDml tii^, be did nut ronjubx idl>r. 
)[ii want frurn pln^i* to pbu^r* in fCn^Und, 
hlcA All Ang«l of mtroy, prmchiit},- '*lhc 
gioricniHfJoftpfiiof the bttppy Ucid," with tho 
lichfTAt r04iklC«. 

TIi# connection vixh th» Britb(}i ^odtttj 


MrJniiritA of flflfl/W Triumpim nmoTtff tttf Jnrw, 

l«^-AD ill Jjiiiximj ]tf4dH oud raiiliniiccl vmtil 

}je -vttin lifted tiight-t', rm tL« 1 Hh of 

ran iiwi. a>i> jiiv. ■AiTf^r xu*.i^ 

j\KiTiui-i']os rsiiiuvicij p^ a MniuHLt rtitLitr 
w joiis *TKicirr mupici-, uri>rOKik Hoft, 

Tin lIomLJi AM) Rnp. 


Kiir nrnrlj iwnfiie y"iir«^ 

TL<> liniiiiLirwL kuJ bufofnl FudioT 

\M btiD Cliuiuli wijrthi]i|iiii>: \u UjIh ploce^ 

H» n?tijv<l ftiiiii Uiv ]iiuitiMiLi(i ill Ju],v. lirtpi. 

Aiiil niiMjreit Lni/' rrwi. ^'u 1Dth Juuy^, IST^. In 

Mb 7£t]j ^mr, 

" Tlu'V Uiht W ri'iM'rlinll iiliJiiL' a" ilm Liilvlittifn 
■■r thir fi'iiiHtiiruUiuiiHlji^y tliHt tiJtli imilij tci 

L^ui. nil ». 

K^n» OF >ii4 ADtnns at ths teviie 

AM y LAI. HEin'lXii. 

At tbo TmUi JlnoU4il Meeting, IkIiI ou 
April :!9tb, lE^di Uv maved Uio wiuiiLiuLj uf 

tbo R«|iort &ad tU« afpointmtmt uf t 
olBcen of thv Sotrief^' fi-ir thf ^i^ht cuHiiiug, 
H« uid U ibe lUjXiH whrcli ihe^ ^wd juat 
hoard witA faoinf; i^on3 il must buvu nvrokco 

thnt iho fttaUonfi of tha Sot^ii>Tj ^v^rci impor- 
titnl nnd w«U chQ««n ; th&l tho nimt who 
hnd bocD appointcil ah Mbvioii&rJte w«ro 
(^aniE^Kt nnd faitliEiil lutjui^iiav in Lho Lord** 
viuoyard; ajid tlut in thn worVthp/ wtto 
proKVcatinte tbi-ro wu wtxt ftpparait blowng 
from <iod» whiali no pcnoa cmld pn^pcrly 
i]i?D^, hud tbAt Lhu Ilifl^ uf liitrour luuong tbo 
Jrivr« v-&« <diTliiiiHly i::tU-ii<tifit- beforo Um 
vi«v of UbiUtt&Dft. Wiut Eot a fi«Jin^ of 
r«;r«iako |)n>diioM in llio mmda uf doohj, 
n> it hnil l)H(4r] in VU owi^. Oiiht ili^y bad done 
i-n liUlo U'X fhifl cAi]M>, nii'i ihftt tto mttoh 
I'omjLLDod to Ui ncoomplLHlii^if ikcccmfuitieii 
with A doternkinntion Ut do moi-f, »iid A» 
i^^vnimt di^kim Uwkl niimbnni mlghT' fori n 
doopcr and moiv rnltghtoiusd intorttt in tfao 
proppedinjc* of thia Intlilution 1 Now, if 
the IWjJurt bod xvnWy ndtcd tliTft rovliiiK* 
in Uieir iiiiTiflh wju nut thu tfa« br«t proof 
thftC it u-oiibl bhvu th«^ TJLinv oflfict upou tbo 
inindtf of th<iir f»ll<>W'incEi if it ^boidd bo 
^it«l 4iml c!jvulHt«i] ? Bu)i<-iiiijL' tbal U 
WRM W&I1 f4rlfipt«d Ut jirckiEiitn rhft (>nilA for 
wbidj it in <le^]^ri<k), li<4 movo<l ivith 4!Oflifi^ 
deiHic tlio jiduption <if tJint vfry iT^btnictiTv 
And iul^rt^^ting dot'unicnu Witfi lJi«ir )' 
ini*v"ifln, mnrnrtJ^r, ho would, for n b 
ponod, in iho Npint mrokod bv tbo C'luir- 
mnn, nnd in the trmjii^r whirh bo h^d coon- 
muiiitpd <vch uiii-* of tiinni to FJietiiih Uif« 
et'cniu^. iind«Avour to rt^oull to hicuttlf, ftiid 
meatiun to tbo audioncc, Mmo of thMO 
I'wuunB uLicb iitttiijlil luuko tbo fricutb of 
Truth iui>r« Ihlvri.'ht^d in tliin chuw, and mora 
£*<uloi]h for iu pviuJACTitfoii. An t'bruUauia 
tht<y »or(i (jid>^b[i>d to tbo I^rd Jdfub for 
lb<^ii iiin>|Niit» Hiid hop.w fur »*tvrnity, Ua 
niw thnir lM«t fHnnd, Jtnd In Ifim. if x\ 
knew An^thin^ of llu Koodpou, they muvit' 
wi#h to bo confrc^ iitcdk Miut it not lie 
pIcAAiEig to Iliiu thfti tbi^y £bould T-iidtruvour 
to promote* \,\\^ ixmvrrhion of tlip Jo 
mUliunii troTn tJt«ir jnvntfnt vtote of jgriointi 
ond di^gmdution io » Hjivinjj; fjvitb in ilitn 
ns tb<*ii' Loix] ? tt vijui cumputttii tLot Uitm 
w^iv hIhxiE, i>t^]ili iniLlirrtti of ^fvey in Uio 
wuHd ; find conld an)' cuiii wbo f^nir j^;rnt«-ful 
lo tho JiOfd Jcmifl fi:^ liiH irvt^HjUhttTi^ b^ippq- 
nt^i^ fluiibt fur u uioment tliAt rvfry tdlo 
whit^b can \>t\ tnnd© to bring Hi* el 
Iwfojo Ibo mmdc< ct (hcr^ immortnl Mm 
Iuu^t br pleiuiing to the tiaviijur ? Uut 

JV((? Ifoji. fiiui Jifr\ B*f}if^)it Sa*'(. 


'hici\ E^^iLTirtlly commcntleJ it to thoir jittoii' 
Ik'Mj Tliti TfLt^l of «^ht irxilUoiJK of mmi, of 
ivlirtTj*i>*r I'liiiinrltT iiiui ImV'iUf Iwifip in fy?ril 
of lofliug lM»*ir jiioiilK niuni ii<-4*(Ik px<.'it<' Uir 
iMin jiOH^ioTiAt* >^(mI of ClirifttictiLfv. but there 
%vi.'r« Hjuiv ciiTiimKUihuv^ wljioli umdcf iWm 
look upon bhiH tinniU'r of Jvwk iviUi [Wt'uliiii' 
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